Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Not a fan of Jeff Bezos

I am not a fan of the cult of the egomaniac Jeff Bezos and the 24/7 publicity machine. Examples of this endless desire for non stop publicity are the news stories about drones and paying employees chump change to quit. This egomaniac should be rife for all types of comedic skewering.

As Bezos is fond of insane self promotion.

1) Bezos ponders asking American to chip in 25 cents each to get him to quit placing these stupid stories in the newspaper
2) Bezos prints a special edition of a Christmas Carol where Scrooge is renamed Jeff Bezos
3) Bezos considers the possibility of the creation of robots to spray bathrooms fouled by people whose movements could be considered a cross between a landfill and rotting flesh
4) Bezos creates Amazonian apps to allow tech nerds without a life a chance to have an actual social interaction.
5) Bezos buys a circus so he can hang out with clowns.

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