Thursday, April 03, 2014

Basic Litteracy

Our friend Duncy has failed basic literacy. The changes at work are not aimed at me. I am bothered by having to perform odious tasks due to the general incompetence around me. Officers mistreat cases because they have never grasped how to perform this job from day one and I am tasked with performing odious tasks to correct these errors. In fact all of the more responsible officers are left with the same anger.

It has been a long time since I was a pariah. In my area I am a healthy role model for the new trainees to aspire to. My denial rate tends to be lower because I understand the law and know when to stand your ground. My boss asked me Beak what do you think of this one. I told them its is a losing proposition and to cut it free and I did so. The folks who prioritize what goes in front of the judge appreciate my efforts. Oddly the person who does that is a leftist. She understands the judge is a last resort for cases that need to be there. She performs the mental calculus at the next level. When she wants something done she knows who to ask. Likewise when odd problems arise she usually covers my back. I had a classic one where I warned an attorney, if I can't solve this your client will either have to go back to a war zone or submit DNA. The attorney preferred my approach and with the help of the language lab no DNA was required. I understand the options and present the plans of action.

I am a survivor of work place bullying and live each and every day with PTSD. In my case, I was doing the job right all along and was a model employee. My abuser has remained in the rubber room for four years.
My points have been amply proven.


Duckys here said...

Basic Litteracy

Real basic.

beakerkin said...

As PTSD is in the news work place bullying will be discussed. I spend my days correcting the numerous mistakes of the officers who mistreated me. This is a lousy feeling because the whole time I was doing the job correctly. There are no consequences for these errors, mistreating the public and coworkers.

I understand the same union that protected me protected those who deserved to be fired, go figure.