Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Real Moron

I want to point out that unless you are a leftist saying stupid and bigoted things gets you in deep trouble. The NBA Clippers Owners comments are the bottom of the barrel. They are inexcusable and stupid. I will not listen to the self serving comments of Keith Olberman who should not toss rocks at anyone for stupid comments. Nor is the phony, Magic Johnson who feigns to be a nice guy who stabbed his coach in the back.

The NBA is a business. The business caters to most of America, but a large percentage of the audience and players are Black. If you have those dreadful attitudes this is really a bad business to own and operate. How do you get a successful team together, when one has these dreadful attitudes about the players and the fans.

Pro sports teams in general have a problem with owners who treat players like a slab of meat. However, the players show zero loyalty to teams and communities. I miss the days when Leon Hess personally took charge of a paralyzed players medical care. I miss the days when Wellington Mara paid off the contract of a new hire who was diagnosed with cancer days after his hire. Those days are largely gone.

We have gone from the days of owners with hearts of gold to the days of crass foul mouthed punks. Even
George Steinbrenner looked after players when they left his employ. He sent his plane to fly a former player
to Australia when his wife died. I cringe when I hear anything from Charles Dolan's mouth.

Now, I will be somewhat controversial and state that there is a problem with low class criminality and mental illness among players. This is not really about race as in the Martin Bullying case the victim was biracial and the mental defective bully was white.

Not every athlete will exude the class and charm of a Derick Jeter or Grant Hill. That being said smarter organizations really need to include mental health services if only to protect their investment. Some of these players need structure and treatment. In the case of Kerry Collins, the NY Giants treated his issues with alcohol. Tragically, they seemed to have missed the issues of Dave Megett and Mark Ingram Sr.

A recent example has a well known NFL player being cut for allegedly being involved with a street gang. If this is true the team is 100% correct. There are things more important than wins and losses.

There are things more important than winning. The ultimate losers are the Clipper fans. However, in LA they are a second  rate option at best.


beakerkin said...

The comments appear much worse in transcript form. In the actual tape
Sterling is being prodded by the other party. Given his advanced age and attempts to end the conversation
this has to be taken into account.

The comments are dreadful but the person goading these remarks is equally loathsome.

Duckys here said...

However, in LA they are a second rate option at best.

Not as long as Kobie's around.

beakerkin said...

LA is a Laker town

Always On Watch said...

Oops again! Forgot to check the notification box.