Saturday, February 08, 2014

The Farrow Follies

I want to point out that the NYT is a disgraceful disgusting paper at certain points. Over the last few years Mia Farrow and her brood have been continuing a media vendetta against Woody Allen. Woody Allen was never married to Farrow, he never lived with Farrow and employed her in many of his films.

It is probably a very stupid thing to start a relationship with the daughter of the woman you are dating. In this case it was a stupid and inappropriate thing and Farrow had a right to be angry. At this point the couple in question has been married over 15 years and Farrow needs to move on.

Farrow has poisoned the relationship between what was his purported biological son and adopted daughter. This is fairly common when divorce or long term relationships end.

It is very hard to make the at times loathsome Woody Allen appear sympathetic. Shame on the NYT for printing this spiteful garbage years after the fact. The story is long over and there is more credible evidence in the Juanita Broderick story the Times ignored than this garbage.

Time for Farrow to grow up and move on.


Duckys here said...

It is probably a very stupid thing to start a relationship with the daughter of the woman you are dating.


beakerkin said...

In the case of Allen it was stupid behavior. However, there comes a point to let go. Two decades of a vendetta is enough.

Farrow has spent all this time on an Ahab like Obsession with Allen. Other than this obsession what is she known for since it started.

One can argue that Allen was her meal ticket nobody else cast her for anything. She has had ample time to get out there and get headlines for her work. Instead she has kept this garbage up for two decades.

Another part that shows the despicable nature of Farrow are her weaponization of the children.
Using her children as cudgels against a former relationship is
low. Allegedly Farrow is the all caring mother, but this behavior
is about her needs and stoking her crazy obsession.

This despicable behavior is quite common in divorces. Women initiate
most of the divorces weaponize children and then cry victim while demanding huge sums of funds. Then they go on to vent about it and wonder why men don't want to stick around.