Saturday, October 20, 2012

There is a stench in the land

One of our Presidential candidates was a University Professor. He toiled for a dozen years without so much as a single published article. His class added nothing to those who took it. If he had the slightest ability he would have been teaching a core course. Don't hold your breath waiting for a review of the books and course work assigned by the nutty Prof.

You can't see Obama's transcripts or applications. The truth is amusing in that he was a political hire and in a time where we have fewer resources we need to cut back on cronyism.

There is a stench in the land that says if you work for business you are morally depraved. Those on the left rant about exploited aliens. Of course they are factually correct, that many businesses do flout immigration law. The left feigns amnesia about the student visa scams. Many students do not attend a single class and many of those who do attend for a year or less. The universities charge high fees for lazy professors who get paid six figure salaries for 15 hours a week of work. There is a myth that Professors spend time researching. What did Obama's research produce and why was he allowed to continue.

The students vanish into society until they find a spouse or encounter law enforcement. Those who don't even attend classes take entry level jobs badly needed in a tough economy.

I know plenty of business owners who pour their soul into work. I never saw one that worked 15 hours a week and accomplished zero.

The professors jack up their salaries and place the burden on families. The students leave with mountains of debt and worthless paper. Meanwhile the Professors sit around doing nothing except concocting more ways to do less work. The hiring practices in higher ed are dens of nepotism and political connections and bean counting count more then scholarship.

Surprise a very marginal student was given a visa attended a few class, took a menial job and plotted a crime. You can find scores of people who did the first two.

The student visa program needs reform and Obama represents everything that is wrong with higher education.

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Always On Watch said...

Remember Hamlet? "There's something rotten in Denmark." At the top of the leadership.