Thursday, October 18, 2012

Obama skating through life with no actual work

Most of us go through life perplexed by the ability of some to abuse family connections to get jobs and promotions they did not qualify for. You sit amd wonder how some relative gets a job promotion despite repeated examples of pathological behavior. They take credit for things that they had almost zero to do with.

Barak Obama gets into an elite prep school that his family's social position nor grades warranted. While there he belongs to a group of stoners. Most of us like Shaggy from Scooby Doo, but we would never dream of placing him in Elite Universities. In  between classes Obama was probably solving mysteries with Fred and Daphne. He was probably so stoned that what he thought was a talking dog was actually a classmate named Biff.

How a Stoner gets into Occidental and has admitedly bad grades and then gets into Columbia is a genuine mystery. We know zero about Obama's grades because his transcripts are a more closely guarded secret than the recipie for Coca Cola. The most proble reasons for this improbable admission is some combination of affirmative action and family connections. Obama then goes to an even more elite law school between Scooby snacks and bong hits and mysteriously gets a job on the faculty of the University of Chicago. How he qualified or maintained a job without publishing any scholarly articles is another mystery.

Obama mysteriously hangs out with two others with bizarre resumes who were hired in academia Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn. Usually criminal activity disqualifies applicants from most jobs, but former 60's terrorists seem to have an Odessa connection into higher ed.  After 12 years of not publishing anything and teaching hacktivist elective courses Obama goes into politics. Only the multiply fired Norman Finklestein exceeded Obama's sloth in failing to produce peer reviewed articles.

Meanwhile Obama attends a racist church led by a crack pot.  Somehow he missed sermon after sermon of crackpot classics like the US Government created Aids, race baiting  and God Damn America for 20 years
and suddenly dismisses his preacher as a "nutty Uncle".

Obama does absolutely nothing to distinguish himself. His buddies in the media release sealed divorce papers from a foe at the last minute and derails his opponent. He gives an Okay speech that is over hyped by the same media friends and is turned into a Presidential candidate. His media and academic friends conspire to slant coverage during an election. Obama does little more than blather hope and change behind a Pepsi logo and stand next to a really stupid person making himself look smart in comparison to Joe Biden. Biden in a rare lucid moment asked Obama to please stop wearing the I'm with stupid T shirts in public.

The media examined every aspect of Gov Palins life while ignoring Obama's life. Palin was actually more qualified to be President than Obama, Biden or McCain. The media never discussed Biden's stupidity that is only exceeded by Bernie Sanders. I may not like Charles Schumer or Bill Clinton but neither can be called stupid.

Obama without doing an actual thing gets awarded a Nobel Prize. How one lives a life of sloth and does this is unknown. Perhaps the life benefits of standing next to really stupid people can perform miracles. If Hillary had walked around with Charlie Rangel and offered him the VP job she might be in the White House today.

How this race is even close given the train wreck economy is unknown.  If Romney gains in the polls Obama will start wearing the I'm with stupid shirts again.

Barak Obama is the Ultimate Slacker.


Ducky's here said...

You should talk about actual work.

Sitting around listening to surf music is generally not considered work.

beakerkin said...

Cases don't move themselves. Wish that your description were true.

Then again I am not President. However, there has never been a less qualified or capable person than Barak Obama on the job. Standing next to Joe Biden and looking smart in comparison is not enough to skate through life.

Rita said...

It was as if the perfect storm came through at the time when the nation contained a majority of incredibly stupid voters. Four years every young guy I worked with under the age of 35 believed in socialism, ranting against the evil corporation that was a family owned business that paid them a nice wage as IT developers. I can remember trying in vain to explain to them that if the moderate sized business that paid them was forced to pay more taxes, they would cutback in staff. They just didn't get it. But none of them are singing Obama's praises anymore either.