Friday, October 19, 2012

Death of the dream

You live and grow up with certain expectations. Over the years you think of children being abused as something foreign. There was a time that it was viewed as something that happens to poor people. We see the nasty headlines, but every now and then a case like the Lisa Steinberg case changes the perception.

Communities and organizations we thought were safe turned out not to be safe. Who would have thought that in the ultra religious community this would be a problem. It turns out the problem is huge and the leadership of one vulgar sect has been harassing victims into silence. Of course the solution is obvious, but we lack the determination to fix it. As that community depends on charity turning off the spigot until molesters are turned in would work.

Churches, Boyscouts were among the places kids who had troubled lives could count on. Of course the question of homosexuality comes up but the abuser is not the openly gay male. Usually, like Sandusky they live otherwise normal lives. You wonder how well we know some people at times.

Of course we can't live in shells. The answer is to spend more time with your own kids and be there when they interact with community events. The days of blindly trusting philanthropic organizations to do the right thing are over.


Ducky's here said...

Who would have thought that in the ultra religious community this would be a problem.
Any normal person with their eyes open.

Always On Watch said...


It's tragic, really.

beakerkin said...


As one who defended the Catholic Church, my record is clear. However one with open eyes saw the potential
problems there long before the others.

Add this dandy to your anti semitic ckassics