Thursday, October 11, 2012

Been away with my daughter

I have been spending time with my daughter as she just celebrated birthday number nine. Being a father is my favorite role and I love the kid. On my own birthday, I take the day off and spend time at an amusement park or museum. In general the time I spend with her is the most fun time in my life.

I don't talk much about those matters because they are so ordinary. I don't grasp the fun part but on the rare occaision I cook it is a big deal to the daughter.  She sees her mother cook each and every day and the results are predictable. I go in and create a Roast Turkey or lasagna and she wants to know how I did it. Making a lasagna with Turkey products wasn't easy and it was superior to the resturant up the block.

The family has come to expect a Thanksgiving feast, but in reality only the little dog and I eat much of the turkey. I keep promising this will be the year I make two chickens but it never happens. I also do not like to make a second one on Christmas. The poor Maltese had his paws around a massive drumstick that was almost his size. I didnt see him for a few hours and anyone who went near the drumstick got a nip.

There isn't much to say about politics. Obama is a joke, but the joke is on us. When he falls on his face in a debate it becomes the moderators fault. The truth is Obama is not even in the same galaxy with Bill Clinton or even GW Bush. He has been socially promoted on the basis of family connections and race. We hear about his days as a Professor but he taught a political class and published nothing of note. In relations to his peers he underperformed.

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Always On Watch said...

I don't talk much about those matters because they are so ordinary.

It is the ordinary matters that feed our souls.