Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obama will win

 The media has done its usual protect Obama from scrutiny routine. While we despise Donald Trump, the amount of secrecy about almost every aspect of the anointed one's life is a bit much.

In fairness, Obama should not be blamed for terrorist attacks. We live in a nasty world where there are religious nuts who are intent on killing us and will make up excuses after the fact. My problem is with the administrations refusal to address the problem by name. His Cairo speech was a disgrace.

This is the speech he needed to give

The United States has core values and the right to worship freely is one of our guaranteed rights. However, our rights also guarantee the next man the same right. This arrangement for the most part has allowed our country to be free of the strife and totalitarian abuses familiar in this region.

There are those who blame the West for colonialism. However, Muslims have their own history of colonialism and abuses of ethnic and religious minorities. History does not start in 1948 because you deem it expedient.  It is time for Muslims to respect the rights of others and live peaceably.

There are shrill voices who seek to provoke a clash between Muslims and everyone else. The days of terrorism are over. Allowing war criminals in your midst can be hazardous to your health. Even if we don't bomb you to smithereens history has shown them to be abuse vectors.

The choice is up to you.  If you wish to live in peace welcome, if you raise the sword you will die by it.


Ducky's here said...

The United States has core values and the right to worship freely is one of our guaranteed rights.

Unless Muslims want to build a center in New York. Then we show our colors and grovel in front of the pig Geller.

beakerkin said...


Lets do this slowly as you are a Marxist Moron. A Mosque has existed in the area without fan fare on Warren Street. It was there well before 9-11.

The foreign funded mega mosque was way too close and over sized for the community. Geller, like any other American has a right to peaceful protest.

Funny the people at OWS should learn how to have a peaceful lawful coherent protest from Geller. Unlike OWS nobody was doing drugs
or starting fights with the cops.

When can Jews fund a Chabad house in Medina or Mecca?

Ducky's here said...

Don't straw man, Beak. It's NYC not Medina.

Way to close? You make that determination along with the pig Geller?

beakerkin said...


Unlike you I work in the area. The Muslim community has been to the North before 9-11. Even you can walk along Church Street and find businesses such as the Pakistan Tea house.

The problem with the Mosque building is funds from dubious foreign sources. If the community raises its own money for a Mosque appropriate for its needs nobody cares.

A huge Mega Mosque two blocks from Ground Zero is legal but in very poor taste. Geller has every right to freedom of speech and I agree with her on this issue.

Medina and Mecca are the issues. If Muslims want to castigate the USA while living here then their own practices are up for scrutiny.

If the best you could come up with was the NYC Mosque you should look into the abuses Coptic Christians have in their indigenous land Egypt.