Monday, February 04, 2013

The Jeep Ad

Isn't great for a vocal Obama supporter to rail about bringing the troops home in a Jeep ad. The left undermined the war effort and cut the armed forces and wraps themselves in the flag.

Welcome home to an America where you have been downsized after your efforts. Welcome home to a nation where jobs are like leprechauns and Obama is looking to legalize millions to compete for those jobs that don't exist.

You could go to college on the GI bill except Obama's University fat cats jacked the price up. When you get there expect verbal abuse from Obama's cronies in higher ed. If by some miracle you find a job
your paycheck will go to Obama care that was supposed to cost less.

America will be back when Obama gets another job.

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Always On Watch said...

America will be back when Obama gets another job.

He's gonna get a job?

I watched the Jeep ad this morning. Talk about divorced from the reality on the ground! Sheesh.