Friday, February 15, 2013

A Note To Harry's Place Visitors

This blog is basically a diary. There are sometimes political posts or comments on the times. The topics
are varied and there is everything from book reviews, satire and personal stories.

The intent of the blog was to do comedic comments on the political scene. Amazingly, at the start we were attacked by Gay Palestinian Activists from the UK. The blog grew more political and found a niche.

There are very few rules here and you will notice the blog is in moderation. It was placed in moderation because a criminal leftist spammed this site, violated my privacy and threatened the family members of my friends. You are free to do as you like as long as you respect the privacy of others and refrain from criminal threats. You are free to comment whatever attacks you like so long as they stay within those rules.


LanceThruster said...

I have had comments blocked that didn't violate your rules so you're being untruthful right out of the starting gate.

How surprising!

beakerkin said...

Actually, the fact that I print this
waste of space is more unusual. Try not to turn into Cornholio again.

Ducky's here said...

Why not let Lance post?

beakerkin said...

I have no ideas what he is talking about. I post all of his comments.

Anonymous said...

Ah. That explains alot.

LanceThruster said...

Ducky - when he's called out on facts, he seems to choose not to allow my posts to see the light of day.

I'm not surprised he does not remember the incidences. Gatekeeping means never having to say you're sorry.

RightWingRocker said...

Happens all the time.

Some moron wants to try to prove something that isn't true, so they assert that you are deleting comments they aren't really making.

Since they allege that you "deleted" them, there is no evidence they can point to to prove the comments were ever there.

Annoying to say the least.


beakerkin said...


Not true.

By the way did you steal that handle from a porn site. Hahahaha

LanceThruster said...

RWR - He's done it that way before (posts the complaint about posts not going up to "prove" he doesn't gatekeep.

Beak - You get your name from Toucan Sam? Mine is in the illustrious tradition of Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon. There's already been sci-fi stories written with characters of that name as well as a cartoon within a cartoon on "The Fairly Oddparents" (part of the "Crash Nebula" comics).

And only someone with serious issues/denial/or of the same sex persuasion would take any allusion to male plumbing and instantly think gay sex.

Good to hear you were outed, btw. It's not as if you didn't pull the exact same crap yourself.


LanceThruster said...

Beak is such a small fish in a smaller pond (he's never to the best of my knowledge ventured over to to share his scary compelling views [cough] with the big fish) so I had to think back for a concrete example of his gatekeeping. It is then that I remembered that after posting multiple comments to his thread on me (that did not go up); I wrote the last and final one to him directly as I at least felt sure he was reading them. I indicated that it was difficult to defend myself against his moronic accusations unless my replies got posted. IIRC, I indicated that I considered him a coward for failing to allow me to respond.

Don't remember that Beaky? Maybe you block out all painful or embarrassing memories, eh?

The fact that you pretend to be so magnanimous shows that you chafe at the thought of allowing any opposing views into your bubble.

That's all. Just wanted you to know that I know, in addition to everything else, that you're a liar. Not much else to say.

beakerkin said...


Unlike you I have a real life. I spend very little time blogging. Philip Mono Weiss is free to visit Harry's Place where I regularly visit.

As usual you are off in fantasy land
after one of those great pot smoke ins. I have not blocked any comments
that follow the simple rules.

Lance demonstrates his rather banal
antisemitism when he calls Ed Koch
Israel's mayor. This is standard dual loyalty charge is rather humorous coming from a Marxist whose
creed embodies treason.

Now onto the gay bit. If I were gay
I would state so openly. It is not a
big deal for a NYC resident. Now if I walked around all day in a pot induced Marxist stupor like Thruster
it would be something to be ashamed of.

In this case I didn't mention a gay porn site so in your case your obsessions with gays are evident.

The name Beakerkin is quite simple.
Being Thruster is obsessed with Jewish stereotypes like most Marxist
clowns he assumes it is a comment about big Jooooooish noses.

Readers of this blog know my pen name is an inside joke. My younger brother's nickname was Beaker. He resembled the clumsy hapless character. He was tired of being in my shadow. Thus I created a pen name
with the roles reversed relative of Beaker. This is all above the IQ of

Lastly, I respect porn stars who generally work hard unlike Thruster
who still has not landed a real job.
Some of Ducky's best students go on to promising careers shooting porn in Van Nuys. Any comparison of porn stars to an "atheist chaplain" is an insult to porno professionals.

LanceThruster said...

beak - I'll at least give you that in this round of exchanges, you've posted everything I've written (albeit several days after the fact for some).

I used to go to Harry's Place, but got banned there as well for doing nothing more than backing up my assertions in response to the codswallop they routinely spew.

Why is it that bloggers of your leanings dislike bringing facts to the arena of ideas (a fair generalization AFAIC)?

The longer your histrionics, the less sense they make. If there was any content there worth responding to, I would.

You clearly are out of your league when it comes to defending your arguments with anyone other than your tiny band of sycophants.

Have a nice life.

beakerkin said...

If you have a disqus account you can post at Harry's place. If you want to bandy ideas there go straight ahead.

You really don't have ideas and on a blog where Israel is seldom discussed your propensity to seek out Jews is evident. Those who are obsessed with the issue 24/7 imagine they have ideas.

As stated I don't blog much. As someone who is gainfully employed I lack the time to do so.

LanceThruster said...

It's always about the money with you, isn't it Beak?