Tuesday, February 05, 2013

I am reading Prisoner of Second Avenue

As I get older I want to read the plays of Neil Simon who captured the era of NYC in the late 60's and 70's in his plays. Prisoner of Second Avenue is especially poignant in the Obama train wreck economy where hope of better days is a pipe dream.

I will write my own Beakerkin spoof with the mighty Beakerkin Art players called Prisoner of Union Square. Union Square is gentrifying and techno hipsters are replacing commies and gays. An aging Communist film professor finds himself laid off in the Obama economy. There will be all types of cameos by A listers and perhaps even an appearance of Beakerambo.


Always On Watch said...

I love Prisoner of Second Avenue!

Neil Simon plays -- those were the days!

Ducky's here said...

Have mercy, if you are going to remake anything try Woody Allen from the "Annie Hall" days.

Neil Simon is a hack. If you want an effective portrayal of life during a garbage strike try Lynne Ramsay's "Ratcatcher". "Prisoner of Second Avenue" is just a small notch above Mel Brooks' "Borscht Belt" junk.

beakerkin said...


Neil Simon is pretty funny.


Audiences disagree with you.

Ducky's here said...

He had a couple early hits and pretty much fizzled out in the late 70's.

Pretty much depends on how you feel about The Odd Couple. I'm neutral.

Of course he can't be forgiven for taking "Nights of Cabiria", a Fellini masterpiece and turning it into the schlock "Sweet Charity".

Always On Watch said...


Ducky's here said...

Hey, Beak, Sandy's back at Trout's.

Why not visit, we miss you.

Always On Watch said...

You haven't posted in nearly a week. Power outage? Illness?