Monday, February 04, 2013

Making the NFL Safer

Contrary to popular opinion the risk of concussion is not exactly where people think it is. Defensive players who lead with their heads especially safeties and LB who run up and tackle  people  headfirst bear the brunt of the risk. Changing kickoff rules for players who seldom play is not the answer.

The NFL has to rethink its head gear and type of game. As deep posts and high impact hits are the norm the problem will get worse. Those looking at Earl Campbell should take note. His ailments are not concision related they are orthopedic. Walter Payton died way to young to evaluate his health. It would be interesting to see the impact on Running Backs, WR who tend to fare better then defensive players.

The NFL is a great game but it needs to rethink its equipment.

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beamish said...

They need to tear down domes and play in the snow and mud more often.