Monday, November 28, 2016

Harry's Place Unhinged

The planets laziest blogger has come back to reality. Gene Zitver, fake American, and charter member of the elite Obamunist airhead cocktail party has chimed in on Trump. Trump is a hypocrite for speaking truthfully about the tyrant Castro while speaking favorably about Putin and the nut in Turkey. Gene must have gottten this memo late because great leader Obumer considered the nut in Turkey amongst his best friends for much of his term. Putin has done more to contain ISIS than Obama.

Gene is so divorced from reality he doesn't grAsp that Israelis have more trust in Putin than Obama. This might be because the only Israeli he seems to talk with is an American halting Obamas lover, who is actually an expatriate lefty dimwit from the UK. The ever predictable failed writer Goldberg seems to be a more incoherent Zitver ventriloquist dummy than human. Gene will probably write a press release from the Obama cocktail collective of bon vivants if he ever has an original thought

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