Saturday, November 19, 2016

Curse of the Frummies

The atrocious behavior of the frummies never ends. They have no respect for anyone and feel that their bizarre lifestyle gives them the right to annoy and inconvenience others. Of course when decades of punctuality issues and an inability to work well with others causes the other party to get upset they fall into holier then thou bs. Nobody yells at Frummies who are gods favored people. When this tactic doesn't work they can be expected to twist its words around into Talmudic knots. They also lie about basic facts and convey information in manner that is akin to a Mad Magazine parody. They have no consideration for other people. When you walk away they follow you hatassing you bringing up ancient history and relatives who are appalled by their throwing their names into fights that have nothing to do with them.

After their latest atrocity, I blocked every phone number associated with that family. They have been given an official contact. Any attempts to circumvent the chain of command will result in non communication with the offending party.

I will not be attending family functions going forward. It is easier and more practical to ban myself. They can not be trusted to behave and not create additional problems. As they do not respect schedules and others I can not even visit my parents due to their propensity for causing conflict with their boorish behavior.

Any comparison between gays and Frummies is an insult to gays. Gay people pretty much do not bother people with their
Lifestyle. The Frummy lifestyle intentionally divides families and creates strife. Their lifestyle trumps the rest of the family and it comes from God.

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