Wednesday, November 09, 2016

America lost

Some of you think I support Trump. This is not true, as I would have rather seen a more responsible man win the election. No doubt the elephant in the room is Obama. His arrogance and incompetence will be felt long after I am in my grave. The part that angered me the most is weaponized government where serving the people and accountability are quaint. Obama has turned my country into Venezuela.

Where does Trump start to even fix this. Obamacare is a train wreck. The Iran deal needs to be revoked and corruption needs to be dealt with. Which of the media elite that promised to emigrate will do so.

Hilliard lost for one simple and baffling mystery. Why did she fail to step away from ObMa.


Always On Watch said...

IMO, America would have lost even worse with HRC in the Oval Office. The SCOTUS, for one thing.

Why did she fail to step away from ObMa.

Might not have mattered. All the Dem women whom I personally know did not vote for her. The hinckies.

Ducky's here said...

Venezuela? Not much for hyperbole are you, Beak?

1. They've had time, why haven't the Rethugs proposed an alternative to the ACA.
Fact is, they'll just repeal it, along with Medicaid expansion and let millions lose insurance.
What do you care? You have a "cadillac plan" that you get for coming in an filling out some forms.

2. Undo the Iran deal. Then Iran develops nuclear, Saudi follows and you have two nations with nuclear capability who can reach Israel. Do you ever think?

3. He'll probably appoint Ghouliani as AG. That should help with corruption.

Face it, America has made a grave mistake.

Warren said...

She didn't step away from Obama because her political machine was hoping for the mass black turnout that helped put Obama over the top. It didn't happen and the ones that showed up didn't vote in percentages that carried him.

For instance, in Florida Obama showed 95% in exit polls, Hillary 85%.

Warren said...

Black voter-ship was down 11 % nationally.

Mike's America said...

Hillary couldn't walk away from Obama's failed presidency. She already had enough trouble with the black vote.

Though it might have helped her hold on in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania where the economy has remained so weak during Obama's eight years.