Monday, January 09, 2017

Dear Proctor and Gamble

My 13 year old daughter keeps stealing my body wash and deodorant. She claims that moms female products don't work as good. Now I have seen several girlfriends steal my Gillette razors and oddly my Old Spice shaving cream. However, it is a royal pain when the females in my home take my man soaps. Perhaps you can raise the quality of the stuff marketed to women. How about it's okay to love dad now step away from his man products. There is something wrong when a man can't enjoy a body wash and a shave without some female relative taking his products. No I simply refuse to use anything less than the PRoctor and Gamble products. Someone slipped my Axe and I kept scratching and felt unclean all day
Here is hoping your product geniuses can improve the female products so I can enjoy a solid bath and a shave.

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