Thursday, January 19, 2017

Batak Obama worst human ever elected President

On his way out the door, the clown President behaved like a child. He pardons an unrepentant terrorist. If you don't believe lefties are mentally disturbed look at the reaction of Bill Dibozo to a man who bombed NYC and was involved with a group that bombed NYPD HQ. The President commuted the sentence of a transsexual traitor who gave away secrets.
He sticks it to Cuban Americans and Jews with last minute moves.

I can tell you that those Jews who supported Obama are in for a lifetime of ridicule. The clock wound down and people like Nadler and so called Rabbi Rick Jacobs are deserving of scorn. Their support of Obama makes them lower than Kapos who had no choice. I will use the term to describe J Street members and will not hold back. This term is not used for rank and file Obama lovers, only ones that stuck with him after the Iran deal

Note to Booker who had a decent relationship with the Jewish community. Your vote on the Iran deal killed any good work. You will not get any credit for past actions. No amount of verbiage explains that vote. He will run against Trump and would be an improvement over Obama.

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