Monday, October 03, 2016

Still doing stupid stuff in colleges

I sat through the abomination of all men are potential rapists bit in college decades ago. I reminded the feminist drone that said this garbage potential is nothing till it is actualized. Potentially we are all jerks as well, but in your case you have fulfilled your potential and then some.

Now I am all in favor of telling students to act like adults, not named Clinton or Weiner. When drinking always watch your drink and try not to go to parties alone. Go with a couple of friends especially if there is alcohol. Try to limit yourself to two and don't drive.

When you are at that moment no means no. That doesn't mean you can't try a bit of charm. Still ultimately no means no. Now ladies if you say yes and the man is a creep, this does not mean false allegations of rape are acceptable. Feel free to label whomever a creep or fool. That being said rejection does bite the big one. The downside of equality is women have to deal with rejection too. Nobody likes it but tommorow brings new opportunites.

Of course univeesities don't use common sense when they can brow beat.

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