Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Political Speech

Okay the Schlossberg rant was rude. However, it was political speech and yes the First Amendment protects the rights of everyone. The only part where he is off the reservation is the part about ICE. That part could be considered a very lame threat.

The larger issues of customer service and English are real. There isn’t a single NYC resident who hasn’t been bothered by this on some level. It can sometimes be frustrating but that is far from the rant. You step into a business and find the staff doesn’t speak English. Sometimes it’s Chinese sub dialects or various languages from India or Arabic. The question is where am I. If I am in Chinatown then this is to be expected. However, Chinatown
Is a tourist spot so usually there will be bilingual staff. It is less common in Flushing or Sunset Park. However, if I am going to a Chinese Bakery for sponge cake it is likely a family business serving the local community.

This was not the case in the ill advised rant. Hypocritical lefties do not seem bothered by business that employ 100 percent Latinos. It would be nice to see a black person employed at these places. The neighborhood is covered in the rant. In general most of the people who can’t communicate in English are apologetic about the matter and are trying.
The rare exceptions almost always are Spanish speakers. There really is no issue if some basic customer service standards are done. Respect for the customer and if you can’t help direct the person to someone who can.


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