Monday, April 18, 2016

Let the Left heed the example of Brazil.

Those on the left need to grasp the example of Brazil. Obama should be tried for his actions after he leaves office. There are limits to criminality and malfeasance. His conduct in the immigration area deserve a special prosecutor. The absolute willful neglect of law deserves a thorough investigation. The Justice Department has been unwilling to hold even the most heinous violator of public service ethics in history accountable. Lois Lerner should be tried civilly for her crimes.

Obama is growing increasingly bizzare when it comes to Islam terrorism and policy. If he weren't stridently anti Israel the left should be scratching their head. Most Muslims themselves have no issue grasping that the terrorist acts were committed in the name of Islam. Now I understand he does not want to provoke what he sees as a war of civilizations. However, to pretend that the context of these crimes is an intolerant interpretation is backwards.The Saudis clearly call Hezbollah a terrorist group. Egypt refers to the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist. Obama remains clueless. iSIS must be too busy laughing at Obama to take any major action.

We need to treat our enemies like Reagan. Iran is 51/ Persian and each of its minority groups have a superior claim to nation status than the Pseudostinians. Simply put you want to play this game you might not like where it ends up.
Countries that support terror will invite reprisal via contra groups. Palestine is a communist vehicle to stoke populist Jew hatred. Gingrich was factually correct and lefties can't deal with it. Basically Judenfrei real estate has an obvious historical lineage. Lefties use a phantom nationality so they can express their Nazi like desires with
Code words.


Ducky's here said...

And just what should the left heed about Brazil?
You neglected to mention any particulars before you went off on your standard incoherent Palestinian rant.

Let's recap Brazil in a nutshell:

1. Lula emerges as a leader of the Brazilian left through the trade union movement.

2. He runs for president several times but doesn't win until he forms an alliance with center parties and has to overlook traditional corruption.

3. He does improve the financial situation of the poor but fails to make the society wide improvements in health care, education, transportation etc.

4. The centrist parties decide they don't want to make even small concessions and go after the Workers Party.

It was a real stretch to hope a leftist party could manage a coalition and now we see what is more a coup than a scandal. The charges against Rouseff are particularly thin.

Or maybe you're simple not aware of the events in Brazil and just needed something to introduce your standard incoherent bigoted rant.

-FJ said...

Once more on Fair Schuylkill we cheerfully meet,
Our Sachems, our warriors, our (brethren to greet ;
The Great King above, has allow'd us again
To bury the hatchet, and brighten the chain,
Then your hands all my sons who for freedom have stood,
Who rescued my land at th' expense of your blood :
Such honors in history's bright annals shall shine,
And I glory to think such bold heroes are mine.

Kawanio che Keeteru, beak!