Thursday, February 18, 2016

The BS logic of Duckenstein

The Duck is in full blown hypocrite mode. In the past he has been critical of efforts by various types of organizations in the USAbto keep an eye on Muslim terrorists. However, he backs the socialist government of France raiding mosques.Basically had this action been carried out by NYPD under Bloomburg or any other responsible adult, he would be screaming about fascism.

Unfortunately, the truth is that in the case of public safety we need to strike a balance between respect for traditions and bodies in the street. I would like to live in a world where terrorists respected houses of worship and
did not plot crimes there. Unfortunately, this is not the case with our current terrorists.

Sadly we are led by a rather pathetic university Marxist drone who has been socialistically promoted way over his limited ability into the White House. In his lame brained view of the world Muslims are always victims and he can not
even mention that these crimes are committed in the name of Islam. He usually gets up after every latest crime warning Americans about Islamophobia and the criminals have nothing to do with Islam.

Oddly, this argument is not even made by intellectually honest Muslims like Stephen Schwartz. Schwartz acknowledges that these crimes are committed by people acting in the name of Islam, albeit an extremist view of the faith.

The argument that never takes place is what is historical Islam. Are today's religious types venerating a mythical past of their imagination or something more tangible. This is a familiar concept in the Jewish community, where sometimes heated conversations do take place about the merits of Chasidic culture as being veneration of ghetto culture into mythical Edens or something more substantive.

Of course many faiths really need to have this conversation internally. However, there is no place in any serious conversation about any subject with Marxists. Rational adults can discuss matters intelligently and disagree. They also negotiate and work out compromises with the other side. Barak Obama is a poster child for Marxist arrogance, failure and incompetence. This is why a Michael Bloomberg who is an honest liberal with integrity can work with all types of people and Obama the drone can not.

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Ducky's here said...

This has all the Hallmarks of a Beak Rant.

It's true that I opposed the actions of the fascist NYPD under Bloomberg. Unlike the French, they acted without probable cause. Maybe Beak can see the difference but I doubt it.

Then there is the obligatory reference to Schwartz who is a nothing in the current environment. He is a complete apologist for Israel which is the reason Beak likes to feature him in the Beak Rant. Schwartz also thinks Wahhabism is a threat.
Wow, that's a freaking unique opinion.

Then there is the use of exaggeration so common in a Beak Rant. This is most apparent in the Beak Rant's discussion of Obama.

I think the hysteria of the Beak Rant indicated an overdose of junk food and Diet Dew (pure crap).