Thursday, October 24, 2019

Extinction Rebellion my <>%^€**

The purveyors of mass starvation are suddenly concerned with human suffering. They peddle a fiction we are all going
to die in a mass extinction. Yet every single instance where their ideas have been applied the result is starvation and despotism

As flawed as our justice system is, lynch mobs with fancy names are even worse. Yes this is how such experiences such as Kristalnact and the lychings occur. These are crazy ideas that will increase human suffering.

Communism had its day it failed and needs to be extinct.

Hillary is insane

I have never been a Clinton fan. However, she has become Elmer Fudd. Anyone who disagrees with her is obviously a Russian asset.

Donald Trump is many things to many people. Hillary loses and her deep state buddies run a disinformation campaign trying to undo an election. There is way more evidence that Barry O spied on Obama than of this Ukraine non story.
Federal ethics laws point out in basic training the appearance of impropriety is the standard. The money given to the kin of Kerry and Biden are inexcusable. The ethics of the Clinton foundation should have disqualified her.

Now Hillary is railing against fringe candidates. Yes incredibly she is calling an active member of congress and the military a Russian asset. Making this looney toon lunatic nonsense even more bizarre is she makes the same accusation
against Jill Stein.

Hillary is obviously deranged and offered no proof. Jill Stein is vile but not a Russian spy

Who is next to be named as a Russian asset.

It is time for Bill and Hillary to disappear. Bill would not survive Me Too. The ties of Hillary to Harvey Weinstein
Unlike the Russian fantasies are real

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Bernie is DOA

The health issues and the rise of Liz Warren spell doom for the socialist Labotmy from Vermont.Real Jews were protesting for the freedom of their Soviet brothers while Bernie was honeymooning and making cringeworthy comments. Oh yes they have clean subways. Jews arent allowed to worship and cant leave. Cuba has increased literacy but you are only free to read what the government says you can. Dont call him a Communist. He just pprsises them until their human rights debacles become too blatant.

Antifa sinks even lower

If you thought a mass attack on a ninety pound asian homosexual reporter was low. Antifa is harassing ninety year old ladies with walkers. They are just lucky bikers did not witness that. Any law enforcement officer should have immediately intervened

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Eliminate six months visas

The USA should reduce the visa length from six months to three. Any use of medical facilities with unpaid bills
should eliminate further visits. Example Mama Guyana arrives in the USA and visits our emergency room. If she doesnt
pay her bill no further visas.

This is an anti freeloader bill. It will help families plauged by houseguests that return every year. It is a profamily bill designed to curb freeloaders who return annually and abuse our social services. Mom has a heart attack in New Jersey. Unless the bill is paid no additional visits.

The rare exception is with a 5000 bond. It is forfeited for overstaying and or use of social services or unpaid medical bills.