Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Ease up on the Gettleman bashing

Gettleman does moves that are unpopular but correct. The Josh Norman and Landon Collins moves were unpopular. In hindsight the Redskins vastly overpaid for declining talent. Gettleman moved on from Westberg and Pugh not based on performance but on injury concerns and he has been proven right.

Certain signings get a pass. Remmers was a body just an experienced guy who works cheap. Solder is an expensive mess.
Getting rid of Olivier Vernon for anything was a plus. We had bad cap situations and are looking at some space.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

We are in Dreyfus territory

The level of naked hypocrisy of big Tech, Elite Media and the far left is in overdrive. The level of non stop hypocrisy by the usual suspects is now at Dreyfus levels. There is something decidedly wrong when a group of elites think they can sabotage an elected President.

There is no whistleblower in the impeachment proceedings. A common sense review of the facts in any sane standard shows a political operative with selective morality abusing his position. Furthermore, any sane review of the biography of this individual shows he should never have been hired at the CIA.

Lets go into some facts

1) Hunter Biden is hired by a Ukranian company for 84000 a month. He has zero experience in the energy sector.

This is a textbook ethics violation. The standard is appearance of impropriety. This is an eye opener.
2) Joe Biden pressures the Ukrainians to fire the prosecutor looking into the company that hired his son.

This is a radioactive ethics violation

3) The whistleblower was well aware of these actual violations but did nothing. Furthermore, he was invited to functions with Biden that a government employee with his status would not attend.

4) The whistleblower coordinates with Schiff and then files a complaint about Trump looking into the actual ethical violations. The same ethical quagmire, he ignored.

The actions of the whistleblower are not consistent with a whistleblower. If this were a whistleblower then the ethical dumpster fire of Hunter Biden should have been reported not the investigation into the ethics violations.
The actions are that of a political operative who has clearly violated the Hatch Act and should face prosecution.

The President is well within his authority to have actual crimes investigated. The role of this individual is to provide information to the President. In fact given the levels of malfeasance the role of the Obama team including this political operative. How many people knew about Hunter Bidens job and Joe Bidens abuse of power.

When one goes into the bio of this elitist circus clown it points to a cultural problem in the CIA. How does an elitist fringe protest activist leader get hired for a job that requires personal restraint. This is the same agency that has discriminated against Jews. Were this individual leading a pro Israel protest they would never get interviewed. It is zero coincidence that Valerie Plame referenced articles that were antisemitic enough to be on Stormfront. The agency needs to rethink who it hires and needs to deal with a culture of antisemitism that rivals the British labor party.

Big Tech has protected the alleged whistleblower. Any videos, tweets or mentions of this charlatan get pulled from the web.These Tech Giants are violating legitimate First Amendment rights and preventing an actual discussion of the merits of impeachment.

Twitter, Google and You Tube should be under intense scrutiny. Moreover, they should reimburse all blogs with a readership of over 100000 for pulled content or face legislation. These Tech companies are defacto utilities and a range of legal measures can remedy the violations of American political discourse.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

We are all Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones is every man. Other than Mel Kiper, Rex Ryan and Gil Brandt there was a non stop hate fest on his selection. He even got booed in Yankee Stadium. Through all of this Jones said nothing. Had an outstanding preseason and the usual suspects made excuses. Okay the Giants lost games but Jones played well.

The latest bit of buffoonery is Todd McShay and PFF. The elites are still trashing Jones. This makes Jones more appealing to regular folks who quietly deal with slings and arrows daily.

We are all Daniel Jones

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Not Mgtow

I am not Mgtow but I believe in 90/ of their points. How to meet a good guy. Forget dating apps because like you they are shallow.

The truth is many of us decent guys over 50 have just quit. Bad marriages, trips to family court straight out of the inquisition and crazy mind games take a toll. A person asked if I hate women. I love them like lions in a safari. They are breathtaking from a distance but in the car they would devour you.

No I don’t preclude anything but I am unconcerned, been there done that. Here are some general pointers. I am likely at a sportsbar or local restaurant at the counter. Try small conversation but be positive. This is not your place to vent about men. Try listening and demonstrate you arent self absorbed. Pick an activity that is affordable like miniature golf or ski ball and say its more fun with company.

Your job is to show you are positive, down to earth and not looking for the stars now. Even if it doesnt work its hard to be a creep while doing something fun

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Negligent Media

There is an alarming situation that may escalate into an old fashioned gang war. Muslim patrols grabbed a 16 year old kid for being disrespectful to a Muslim woman. The kid in question is apparently the son of a Bloods member. A standoff was allegedly broken up by police. The neighborhood apparently backed the Bloods. Supposedly, the Bloods beat a person outside the Mosque badly enough to require hospitalization at a nearby Jewish hospital.

Where is Bill Deblassio? Where is Al Sharpton?

This can get ugly fast. No doubt NYPD is likely reading both sides the riot act behind the scenes. This is what proactive healthy law enforcement does. Leave law enforcement to the professionals. Community patrols should assist law enforcement not supplant them.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Moby Dick and Theology

I sat with a friend who is a Catholic Priest. We discussed the theological aspects of Moby Dick. The larger picture is obsession consuming Ahab and those around him. Moby Dick was oblivious to Ahab and reacted in self preservation. He remained just a whale.

Is what we obsess over genuine or is it just a mindless beast. Is that which consumes you more a product of your own internal demons than a tangible reality.

In reality it is sad but true we are faced with Ahab vs Moby Dick. Most of the tome we seek vengeance it wont make us whole. It is smarter to move on and not be Ahab. Had Ahab killed Moby Dick he would still be empty.

Yes vengeance feels good for a moment but it is empty thereafter. Moby Dick met the challenge and moved on. Ultimately the beast was freer than the human. Our greatest prisons are the ones we build for ourselves.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The end of the left

There are those predicting gloom and doom. Two of the three leftist sources are growing weaker. Big media is shedding jobs and academia is going to have to change its ways or go broke. Big tech remains an obstacle but Trump will have a response to their arrogance.

In reality most of us wouldn’t entertain socialism if the costs are defined. That being said big education needs to trim its cost. Medical care has been worse than ever since Obamacare.

Trump, should literally run against the whistleblower. This corrupt simpleton, had no business working in government except the internal political perversions matched those of the Obama insiders. The whistleblower was a far left protest leader with situational ethical myopia. He saw zero wrong with Hunter Bidens shady employment and Better his father trying to cover it up. About three minutes of Ted Cruz questioning will end this. The GOP needs to hire Gowdy to cross examine the whistleblower. Unlike Blasey Ford there will be no kid gloves. This will be a beat down. No plea
deals trial and maximum sentence. Let the candidates defend a privileged saboteur. I would pay to see Liz Warren distance herself. Only Bloomberg gets off free

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Stop the Press

Black Racists execute a cop and Jews. Obviously this is the fault of BLM and Linda Sarsour. Every time a mental health defective kills blacks or Muslims the same crew blames Trump. This is inane when the media blames Trump for every nut off his meds. Yes Blacks and Muslims commit hate crimes.

The Black Hebrews are on a roll. They racially taunt school kids. Then the media blames the kids for remaining silent
When a deranged fake Vietnam veteran lies again and get in their face. Anyone familiar with this crew knows they are prone to hurling all type of verbal abuse at anyone in proximity.

Now we have a tangible crime.The crime is the responsibility of the criminals not connect the dots to whomever.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Get Well Poultry

We want to wish the bird brained Duck a speedy recovery. A quintuple bypass is no laughing matter. He likely would have only had a triple if he weren’t smoking pot. He is likely complaining about hospital foods and going off on the quality of the produce. You expect us to get better eating this. Power to the people and pass the beets

Get well soon Poultry

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Fredo the Fool

CNNs house Jester is at it again with an inane rant against Stephen Miller. Lets see quoting the SPLC on what is a hate group is amusing. I do not accept anything written by a thoroughly corrupt and ethically challenged joke of an organization. They will point to anything right of center while ignoring BLM and Antifa.

Stephen Miller is criticized on guilt by association. This does not seem to be an issue with Democrats hanging out with Farakhan. This does not seem to be an issue when Obama sat in a racist anti Semitic church for two decades and hung out with Bill Ayers and Rashid Khalidi.

Fredo seems to think Richard Spencer is worse than Farakhan, Communists and terrorists that Democrats regularly associate with. For the record David Duke has praised Ilhan Omar. Obama was endorsed by the communist party. He endorsed BLM and OWS linked to terrorism.
Fredo also knows plenty about guilt by association as Bill Clintoon joked that his father sounded like a mobster. No doubt his path crossed many crime figures. However, this does not nor should it infer anything by itself. That is classic guilt by association. Who knows or cares about who Mario Cuomo was neighbors with.

I am not particularly bothered that Miller knew Richard Spencer at Duke. We do know Bernie was praising Castro, Chavez and so forth.

Fredo is the laughingstock of CNN. That is a genuine achievement considering the whole network is a joke

Predictably three far left Jewish organizations asked for Stephen Miller to be fired. Lets see he read a controversial website and was acquainted with Richard Spencer. Do these clowns want to play the same game with Michael Lerner, Rabbi Rick Jacobs or any imposter preaching social justice instead of the five books of Moses. Did you censure Jerold Nadler and circus clown Rabbi Rick Jacobs for their support of the Iran deal.

The substance involves the abuse of immigration programs. TPS is supposed to be a temporary measure for certain unique scenarios. It was abused into a program that lasted decades in the case of the Central American countries.
The T in TPS stands for temporary not decades. Furthermore, if conditions were so bad, how and why allow multiple advance paroles into and out of the country with the problems. Left wingers are quick to scream racism but dont get around to discussing facts.

Do we want to go down the record of Michael Lerners behavior, comments, associations and reading lists. How about any
so called Rabbi who is involved with J Street or has met George Soros or Madea Benjamin.

These so called organizations represent nobody. When they show a similar standards for associations with Farakhan, known criminals like George Soros maybe we could take them seriously.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Grow Up

I dont like or use racial or ethnic slurs. They are a low class idiotic expression that are fallback options of those with. limited intellectual capacity. How we react to them should never include violence.
We have an athlete assault a peer with a helmet and a week later he explained he heard a racial slur. If that were the case it is unlikely he would not have stated it immediately. I respected Garret when he took ownership, but lost it with this.
Even if.it were. true, hearing.a slur.doesnt give.you the right to assault

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Kap follies

The story has changed to a media circus. I want to point out that this issue is not addressed by kneeling and antagonizing the fans. Serious discussion with Mayors and police is an answer.
Kap is a cliche who doesnt do interviews because he is a moron. The comments about Cuba are a prime example of his fantasy world.
The truth is Kap does not want to play. Teams are concerned he is going to be a distraction. He goes full diva and wears a Kunta Kinte shirt. Kunta Kinte was a fictional character and it is clear so is Kap.
The truth is there was always something disturbing about Kap. Okay, there are ample characters in the NFL. The era of the Black QB is settled. When one looks at Russel Wilson or Dak Presott on sees leaders. Lamar Jackson and Mahomes appear to be decent team guys. There have been Divas like Cam Newton and Randall Cunnigham. Baker Mayfield is a diva. Rothlesberger is kind of an on edge type but team oriented. Kap has always appeared creepy and divisive. He is more Jeff George or Cutler in a creepy way. There is a reason he went in the second round. It was partially the level of competition. The other part is that he has never read defenses. Now some QBs run around to extend a play and their
ability to read a defense is not an issue. Kap was never the most accurate either. The big issue is leadership and having a passion for the game. Okay Newton and Mayfield are divas but they are about the team. I was a critic when they moved away from Smith whose professionalism is under appreciated. Intangibles matter especially at the QB spot. Aaron Rogers arrogance is the reason many teams passed on him. Green Bay had a river boat gambler type so it was prepared.
Ultimately, we can measure speed or arm strength. Yet we can not measure leadership. In essence the Gmen made many errors but Daniel Jones is a leader and is committed to the team. Talk to the greats and there is a passion Kap lacks.
There is another QB with similar issues to Kap but with a brain. By all accounts Josh Rosen is brilliant and unlike Kap can handle himself in any conversation. Yet like Kap the question has been is he about football or something else. Miami will likely trade him and the next stop maybe his last. Even though politically he is way on the left, I
think he deserves a shot in a situation like Denver or San Diego.
I want to point where Steven Smith and the critics are right. Nobody owes anyone a job. Kap is not particularly intelligent. In. the NFL either you are on board or not. Kap is a distraction and there is no collusion. He wants to be a victim. The only victim is the rest of us. I would rather read about Russel Wilson or Tom Brady who are football firsts

A sham by any other name

There is a grade F student pretending to be a modern day Jesus crucified by the racist NFL. This circus act is amusing once the facts are known. The fraudster who is biracial was fined for using the N word in an altercation way back.
The circus clown who pretends to be a victim wore a shirt that read Kunta Kinte. He draws check from a corporation that has a well documented issues with sweatshop labor. I will not even go near marketing expensive sneakers to lower income kids or that criminals love their products.
This joker wore a Fidel Castro shirt. The Castro regime discriminated against Blacks. He then makes insane comments about incarcerations in the USA.
This is more Beavis and Butthead than Civil Rights

Monday, November 18, 2019

Ending the educational mafia

Elizabeth Warren has a plan for everything except controlling the higher educational costs. I do have a plan to reign
in costs.

There needs to be an actual end to the culture of worthless research in academic journals nobody reads. These papers
are largely self congratulations for elites. The end of publish or perish and unaccountable tenure. Professors will be hired on their ability to teach. They will be expected to work 40 hours.

The exception to this would be in the hard sciences. Psychology and economics would be given passes. Business can pay
for think tank research and consulting as needed. The revenue will be used to defray costs. Prof Poultry is hired as a consultant on production values in a company that makes art films. He draws a salary but his fee goes to the University.

Absolutely no loans for degrees not leading to employment. If you want to study Shakespeare better be prepared to have educational credits leading to an educational degree.

No more sabbaticals

Hiring and staffing will no longer be political decisions in star chambers. All decisions will be made by the Department chairs subject to executive veto. The days of hacks like Joel Kovell are done. Actual professors complain about the reputation of their college being defined by vapid politics that were more Cheech and Chong than thought.

The University itself needs to have a financial responsibility for the lifetime career of its alumni. It should co-sign 20/ of all loans. How does a degree in Peace Studies lead to a job. Better find one or the University is on the hook.

Antagonizing the fans

The great fraudsters is at it again. I want to point out the NFL is a business and it needs to respect the fans. Kneeling was an arrogant way of antagonism against the fans. He was never an all world QB and a marginal leader.
A QB is a leadership job where the team and fans need to onboard. One can not do this by picking fights with the fan base.
The media did a lousy job of covering this. Assuming there is serious concern about police brutality, why disrespect national symbols. Big city mayors would be very happy to discuss and do media campaigns. Olivier Vernon played his way out of NYC with his lousy arrogance. I can tolerate bad football, but refused to endure this toxic middle finger.
The keelers were not brave. They were ignorant and ineffective fake activists.

The media coverage is usually incompetent and malicious. I will point to the facts in the Eric Garner case. How does an on site NYPD sergeant avoid charges for a patrolman she supervised. Did we mention the sergeant who was present was a Black female.

The tragedy occurred because a career criminal who was well aware he was going to pay a fine refused to cooperate. If
you feel wrongly treated by any government official there are multiple methods of redress. Physical altercation are dangerous and stupid. Pay a ticket or fight with an army of cops. Garner had greater odds of hitting lotto than winning that fight. As a career criminal, he is familiar with plead guilty to disorderly conduct and pay a minimum fine.
That being said Garner was an untreated diabetic mess. Public assistance for his condition was readily available. Diabetics understand that temper tantrums can be fatal. Garners behavior caused his death. The racial angle is false given the supervisor was black and mysteriously not charged. The sole question is why the media continues to ignore fairly simple facts. Even without a Black supervisor why didnt Garner take a ticket and the pay a fine.
These cases are more complex any genuine activism belongs at City Hall not sporting events.
The NFL is a business. Talent alone does not factor into personnel matters. Player A has a world of talent but doesnt follow directions or has legal issues. Player B has less talent but is coachable. B gets the job. I also dispute Kaepernick was anything more than a system quarterback. He is disruptive and requires an offense tailored to his skill set.
There are ample examples of athletes with major issues. Johny Manziel had coaching issues and lifestyle problems. Winston and Mariota have coachability concerns. Josh Rosen has had concerns about fitting into a system and personality concerns. I would give all three a chance before a coach killer. I dont even think the criticism of Rosen is fair. I would be happy to see him on my team even as a project. Before the season no sane observer would take Daniel Jones over Baker Mayfield. Yet I would be certain 70/ would take Jones now. Mayfield has time but is no given
star. He is closer to being kaepernick than Dan Marino.
On top of his marginal skill that is closer to Trod Taylor than Russel Wilson. We add the off the field foolishness that riles up the fans.
Once again he was given a chance to audition but goes into diva mode. Are you here to play football or posture. By the way Nike is accused of unfair labor practices. It is involved in multiple scandals with financial support. The ethics of marketing prohibitively expensive mediocre footwear to largely underprivileged kids is more apt to cause genuine financial problems with the same inner city people Kaepernick claims to champion. Michael Jordan is apolitical and gets a pass. Showing up to a job interview with a Kunta Kinte shirt and a hairdo straight out of a blackspoitation film for a job interview is proof he doesn’t really want a job. He wants to be a victim without a clue.
I want to point out the ethics and optics of the corrupt Nike corporation being behind and in bed with this farce is call for the rest of us to wear anything else. I found their products overpriced and poorly made by sweatshop
I want to point out why even Fitzpatrick gets calls. He is a competent professional who will help Groom younger players and creates zero distractions. He will play in your scheme and work with coaches. He is more or less Manziel with better marketing than a serious QB. I wasnt on board when he was handed the job over a more professional QB.
Simpletons will reduce this to race. Nobody questions Dak or Wilsons professionalism. This criticism is levied at Baker Mayfield and Manziel. Ability to get along with coaches is also discussed with Aaron Rogers but his professionalism is not an issue.
I want to point out that the NFL is more than talent. Ray Rice did a stupid thing. His family is better served by league mandated mental health care than suspension. Is the goal to protect and provide help for troubled families or make headlines.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

An apology to the Bush family

Many of us are dealing with elderly relatives. I have sat with horror and watch Parkinsons diseases turn decent men into Bill Clinton. The media was amazingly difficult and inhuman with an unfortunate episode late in life. I have been extremely depressed and apologetic. That is the part of Parkinsons we dont ever discuss.

The caregivers know and are trained but it is just painful.
No I didn’t beat up on the Bushes. I am ashamed of the media
for not understanding this painful part of growing old

The Globalist Elite arrogance

I want to point out full disclosure. I have had ample arguments with the alt right. However, the Globalist elite times has double standards. We have a plethora of Black politicians who have a history with Farakhan. We have politicians who praised Castro and Chavez.

I disagree with Richard Spencer on everything. Yet I agree with Steven Miller. We need to get the fraud and criminals
Out of the country. This has zero to do with race. It has everything to do with a broken system that needs overhaul.

Are the Globalist elite in favor of a system rife with fraud and abuse. Even Obama says the party is too far left on immigration. Asylum and Refugees are rife with fraud. Any honest observer discerns this quickly.

The media leaked some emails. When do we see Obams grades, his exact relationship with Farakhan, Rashid KhAlidi.
The media pressnts what it wishes.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Sports and Assault

The incident at the end of the Browns game was an assault with a weapon. Fights do happen in the NFL. This is an unfortunate part of the game. At this point a small fine and ejection are warranted. Swinging a helmet at someone’s head is a criminal matter.

A severe penalty is well deserved. No fines for the Pittsburgh linemen for their reactions to this egregious conduct.
This is unacceptable and the entire Browns organization should be shamed.The reaction of the Steelers coach says it all. He didn’t need to discuss such a vile act

Saturday, November 09, 2019

He wont win but is worth a listen

The prospect of Mayor Bloomberg is a genuine choice. Unfortunately, the Democrats are too beholden to a Marxist anti American Bernie wing. I did have hopes for Mayor Pete but he has aped the rest. I want to hear Bloomberg on healthcare, foreign policy and especially immigration.

Unlike your average politician I respect his integrity when I disagree with him. Consider him the anti Beto candidate for people who think only.

Let left wingers commence Jew bashing.

Sunday, November 03, 2019

Not a whistleblower a common criminal

I want to point out that there are laws preventing what this imbecile has done. A true whistleblower acts in the public interest not political expediency. This hack was not bothered by Biden and John Kerrys stepson making a mockery of Federal ethics regulations. This selective outrage over heresay is typical for a party out of control devoid of integrity and going down to defeat.

Now there is ample outrage at Trumps comments about the whistleblower. The comments are understated for this individual has forsaken his sworn duty to light the fires of a near civil war. One keeps waiting for the voice of sanity to come from the Democrats. It is a party out of control destroyed by Obama, Sanders and Clinton.

Obama sold out the party to pass Obamacare. He knowingly lied to the American people and saw a backlash. Not content with selling out the American people he handed a criminal regime that sponsors terrorism billions and nukes. The ever
idiotic Obama created a mess where the Gulf States and Israel now work together in secret against Iran.

The whistleblower is the latest in the deep state elitist crimes against the people. Obama was protected by a compliant media. Had the pictures of Obama and Farakhan been published his campaign is over. Instead we were fed fiction about a post racial President. Really is this the one that grew up in a white communist family, attended prep schools and elite universities. Obama benefits from affirmative action but might have endured a bad stare. There are
likely many reasons we can not see his grades. A newspaper is still withholding a video of Obama honoring Rashid Antisemitic Khalidi. It took a left wing historian Garrow to untangle the self serving biography.

Once anointed by the media elite Obama ruled with zero respect for the law. The IRS illegally targeted political opponents ala Hugo Chavez. Elijah Cummings was part of the circus that allowed Lois Lerner and Holly Paz to obstruct Justice and abuse their positions without penalty. Obama knowingly and illegally passed DACA with the full knowledge it was unconstitutional. Now it appears the intelligence and law enforcement elite planned a coup to reverse an election they did not like. How much of this goes to Obama may not be known

Sanders is not a Democratic. He is a Bolshevik style Marxist with a history of praise for the Soviet Union, Castro, Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez. He is Jewish in name only. Jews including some surprises protested to free Soviet Jews
while Bernie laughed with their jailers. Then there is his wife’s educational Enron. He hires one of the nations most
well documented antisemies as a spokesperson. Lastly, he has transmogrified the Democratic Party into the British Labor Party. Chuck Shumer is looking like a bastion of reason in an insane asylum. Of course the media/ academic elite never get around to discussing the lawless left.The TEA Party didnt even litter and they got worse press than spasticated Ninjas assaulting people such as gay Asian reporters and verbally assaulting 9—11 widows.

The Clintons were in a tine warp. Bills sexual predation was a throwback to an earlier era. There is way more evidence he raped Broderick than the Kavanaugh sophistry. The Clintons benefited from a compliant media that handled
Hillary with kid gloves and ignored their financial misdeeds.

Against a stacked deck Trump crashed their party. Other than immigration, Trump is governing from the center and unhinged opposition is going off the map. He has boatloads of cash. A unified GOP and a Democratic party that is losing moderates and independents. This defeat may not be Reganesque but off the Coasts Warren is toast save IL.

The elites couldn’t beat Trump fairly so they are trying a legal coup. Only they know it is dead in the senate so the idea is to smear a candidate they can not beat.

Let this political criminal reside in history with scoundrels such as the Rosenbergs and John Walker Lindh.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Extinction Rebellion my <>%^€**

The purveyors of mass starvation are suddenly concerned with human suffering. They peddle a fiction we are all going
to die in a mass extinction. Yet every single instance where their ideas have been applied the result is starvation and despotism

As flawed as our justice system is, lynch mobs with fancy names are even worse. Yes this is how such experiences such as Kristalnact and the lychings occur. These are crazy ideas that will increase human suffering.

Communism had its day it failed and needs to be extinct.

Hillary is insane

I have never been a Clinton fan. However, she has become Elmer Fudd. Anyone who disagrees with her is obviously a Russian asset.

Donald Trump is many things to many people. Hillary loses and her deep state buddies run a disinformation campaign trying to undo an election. There is way more evidence that Barry O spied on Obama than of this Ukraine non story.
Federal ethics laws point out in basic training the appearance of impropriety is the standard. The money given to the kin of Kerry and Biden are inexcusable. The ethics of the Clinton foundation should have disqualified her.

Now Hillary is railing against fringe candidates. Yes incredibly she is calling an active member of congress and the military a Russian asset. Making this looney toon lunatic nonsense even more bizarre is she makes the same accusation
against Jill Stein.

Hillary is obviously deranged and offered no proof. Jill Stein is vile but not a Russian spy

Who is next to be named as a Russian asset.

It is time for Bill and Hillary to disappear. Bill would not survive Me Too. The ties of Hillary to Harvey Weinstein
Unlike the Russian fantasies are real

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Bernie is DOA

The health issues and the rise of Liz Warren spell doom for the socialist Labotmy from Vermont.Real Jews were protesting for the freedom of their Soviet brothers while Bernie was honeymooning and making cringeworthy comments. Oh yes they have clean subways. Jews arent allowed to worship and cant leave. Cuba has increased literacy but you are only free to read what the government says you can. Dont call him a Communist. He just pprsises them until their human rights debacles become too blatant.

Antifa sinks even lower

If you thought a mass attack on a ninety pound asian homosexual reporter was low. Antifa is harassing ninety year old ladies with walkers. They are just lucky bikers did not witness that. Any law enforcement officer should have immediately intervened

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Eliminate six months visas

The USA should reduce the visa length from six months to three. Any use of medical facilities with unpaid bills
should eliminate further visits. Example Mama Guyana arrives in the USA and visits our emergency room. If she doesnt
pay her bill no further visas.

This is an anti freeloader bill. It will help families plauged by houseguests that return every year. It is a profamily bill designed to curb freeloaders who return annually and abuse our social services. Mom has a heart attack in New Jersey. Unless the bill is paid no additional visits.

The rare exception is with a 5000 bond. It is forfeited for overstaying and or use of social services or unpaid medical bills.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Children in politics

The far left has abused a generation of children. Wanting cleaner air and to protect endangered species is noble.
This is different than scaring them to death with global Armageddon. Thunberg should be viewed as performance art. It
is creepy and exploitative.

Friday, September 20, 2019


Its not something I ever did. Even back in the 70s there was an understanding about how inappropriate that was. Somehow I wore my LT jersey with pride or black face. Some of the guys wore lamp black. A single black line under the eyes was a common practice. It isn’t racial just a stupid baseball thing.
Somehow I sung all manner of song without makeup.
It is just dumb.

The Canadian Prime minister should retire.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Beto vs Rambo

This is what our political scene is. Its either a spineless, whiny jerk versus people of action. Sorry, but even as a
Classic liberal the Democrats offer nothing

Most of us arent for open borders and respect private property. Lets also be blunt about the left. They scream about imaginary racism but see zero wrong with dark skinned anti Semitic lunatics and violent homophobic clowns. A Christian says something stupid about gays every newspaper runs it. Muslims preach violence towards gays they spin it into intellectual twister.

Its time for adults on the left to just say no. Let AOC run against Schumer. Let Liz Warren run against Trump. The far left is not popular ecept on Twitter. Most of us are tired of having to announce pronouns and are not bothered by gendered language. We support law enforcement in general and dont do mental gymnastics after terrorist attacks.

Trump is political Rambo. He laughs at political correctness. Pocahontas is polite considering the naked fraud dome by Warren. Fake being an athlete to get into college and your parents can go to jail. Fake being a Native American and you get a faculty job and a Senate seat. Did we go into the racist pow wow chow. I havent even started withAOC claiming crypto Jewish ancestry to deflect her support for vapid Jew haters.

Trump leads and gets stuff done.

I will gladly take Rambo over Beto. Sadly both are cartoons but nobody told Beto yet

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Tired of the ICE bashing

America should listen to Tom Homan. I am sick and tired of idiot Democrats lying about what ICE does. Are those morons too stupid to realize they arrest pedophiles and gang members each and every day. AOC is really stupid if she doesnt grasp what ICE does. Maybe we should run an add with crime scene photos of MS13 victims and thank

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Damn 18 years

I want to point out the attacks are a part of my life story. They are an important part but not the sum of my life. I made changes to my life and dedicated it to public service.
There is a myth that I will debunk yet again. The first people nakedly politicizing the attack were the far left. The buildings were burning in the distance. I passed the funeral for the first known victim. A gay Catholic priest died while delivering last rights. He is every bit as heroic as anyone else who died that day. He could have ran but a higher calling was his mission in life.
Most of us were wondering who was dead. Yet the far left gathered in Union Square and held a Nuremberg style rally blaming the Jews. Our country had been attacked and the left did not wait until the smoke cleared to blame the Jews.
Over time a myth has formed that the right used the attack to stoke Islamaphobia. Years of romanticized human rights abuses came home to roost. Terrorism was portrayed as the desperate act against the powerful.To this day the left still does this toss an American senior in a wheelchair off an ocean liner and lefties will write an opera and cry when you cancel donations or burn tickets given as gifts. Then they drape themselves in the flag but fail to grasp
the consequences of their stupidity. No doubt a similar opera about Emmet Till doesnt get staged and for good reasons.
Now as the years pass progressives spin rationalize and trivialize the attacks on our country. Al Queda isn’t funny.
A certain congressional moron should know many of us speak of it in the same tones reserved for Nazis and Communist

Sunday, September 01, 2019

Respect and stupidity

I think all of us should aspire to respect others. That being said, the antics of the Democratic Socialists show why rational people want nothing to do with them. I am not introducing myself with pronouns nor do I care about gendered language. If you want something specific fine but I am not using contrived pronouns. Respect is fine but not to the point of confusion. If I mistake your gender point it out politely.

I find the Jazz hands bit stupid. If clapping triggers you too bad. Respect is fine but I am not walking on eggshells
for your inane political quirks. Maybe everyone should just go by first name. Sorry but SJW are just self righteous hypocrites without a clue.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Goes Without Saying. Real Americans support ICE

I support ICE and the valuable work they do each and every day of the year. I work with them and appreciate the task as dedicated professionals who do their job each and every day. They take public safety very seriously. They put their safety on the line each and every day. They do thankless work protecting the public. They go into dangerous territory without fear.
When big city progressives refuse to cooperate with ICE they are playing dangerous games with your safety. The safest apprehension are those in jails and in our offices. These pickups are safer for all parties. Never play political games with public safety.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Tread carefully Democrats

Your rank and file remember you selling out the Jewish community in the Iran deal. The greatest crybaby of them all was the cowardly turncoat Nadler who cried after being caked a Capo. The people are watching your next move.This is not a call for violence, but feel free to give him a Nazi salute. He is nearing the end and his relationship with the community is frayed. Feel free to turn your back on Booker and Gylebrand.

Bernie Sanders is not Jewish. He is a communist and his lifelong record of supporting communist despotic regimes while railing against Israel. He did spend time on a Kibbutz. It just happened to be one that celebrates Stalin a well known butcher of Jews. He sat perplexed when a left wing NPR accused him of being a dual citizen. Any response from the left should get boycott Vermont. Sanders is not Jewish in any meaningful manner. Just greet him by the name Cumwad Bernie Zombie Senator from the people’s republic of Vermont. Sanders has been brain dead since the 60s

Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Protocols of Bernie Sanders or Pot Use makes you a dumb ass

Bernie Sanders has never met an anti Semitic lunatic from the left. Being a so called socialist who obfuscates any time his history of support for despotic regimes is discussed.

Bernie will cry antisemitism if you discuss his wealth. His wife’s educational Enron antics should have disqualified him. Yet Bernie who claims to be a moral figure gets a pass.

Now Bernie invokes his alleged Judaism to protect far left lunatics. No sovereign nation has to admit outside agitators. Of course Bernie would be singing a different tune if Ted Cruz we’re handing out food to starving Venezuelans caused by his brain impaired socialism. Bernie swears he isn’t a Communist. His record praising despotic regimes in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela is abundantly clear. So will he support Ted Cruz handing out food to the starving masses whose policies he supported.

The Democratically elected leader of the sovereign state of Israel need not be bothered with the deranged ramblings of a pot impaired socialist who thinks the communist manifesto is a sacred text. He goes further by singling out Israeli aid if it doesn’t admit far left anti Semitic circus clowns.

Should this happen consumers should boycott all Vermont products. Let’s boycott Ben and Jerry’s, Cabot Cheese,Bolthouse Salad Dressings, Green Mountain Coffee and Vermont Teddy Bear. Did you say that the employees should not pay because Sanders is a brain impaired socialist thief. Socialism is theft with a paper thin political cover.

Bernie is neither moral nor particularly Jewish. He is the lowest form of political hack who has never met a left. Wing antisemite. Bernie has one claim to fame in that he is smarter than Special Ed Beto.

Where is the special prosecutor for his wife’s educational Enron?

Friday, August 16, 2019


Israel did the right thing. Freedom of speech belongs to citizens and residents of countries. No country should put up with foreign agitators on its soil. I have yet to hear these same clowns protest the ban of Michael Savage from the UK.
Do those of us opposed to the criminal regime of Maduro have the right to pass out food to the starving. No doubt Omar would be the first criticizing that.
I reject the claim that a pot headed imbecile from Vermont speaks with any moral authority because he is Jewish. The Democratically elected leader of the sovereign state of Israel speaks for his country. Bernie’s I side with every left of center anti Semitic lunatic is clear. His personal ethics with his wife’s educational Enron make his ethics a sick joke

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Let the investigators do their job with Epstein

Good riddance to bad garbage

Let the investigators do their job. Unlike TV sometimes we don’t get definitive answers.

Friday, August 09, 2019

Going to annoy everyone

I am tired of the media whining about separating families every time ICE does its job. You entered illegally, overstayer,skipped out on a student Visa and created your own mess knowingly. The media don’t get around to talking about why they were picked up.

I want to point out if they have a. qualifying relationship they can go abroad and file a waiver. If they have a petition they can ask for a termination order and file waivers. If there is criminality see you. As far as children go most of these families send money abroad. The families should not get a free pass because they have children. Any
Separation is the fault of the alien. While I sympathize with the plight of The DACA kids this mess is knowingly created by the relatives who should be banned from the USA permanently.

Glad the media loves crying kids. It is time that someone asks did ICE create this mess or did someone break the law.

Sunday, August 04, 2019

The Difference

The desperate media tries to play connect the dots with every mass shooting except those done by Muslims or communists. When a Muslim perpetrated the greatest homophobic crime in US history the OBAMA line was it was guns.
The Killer didn’t yell long live Charlton Heston.

Unlike the left and ANTIFA, Trump wasted zero time condemning this crime. Do not hold your breath waiting for lefties
to condemn ANTIFA. Ilhan Omar literally thinks Al Queda is funny. Perhaps she should listen to our military vets say Al Queda. Guaranteed they aren’t saying it with respect. Furthermore, I would bank on them killing a terrorist here by any means necessary. Once an attack is underway whatever needs to be done.

The sad part is that the left and the country club republicans are somewhat guilty of creating an atmosphere where
legitimate concerns about immigration are marginalized. The result is The truly unhinged gather on extremist websites Where lunatics compete to be the shriller. This is also seen by the far left monopoly in our educational system. It is no accident that Antifa lunatics all seem to be involved in education. The monoculture leads to a race to the bottom. There has been zero action taken against the university garbage that published the personal information of government officials.

I will take it for granted that Ilhan Omar has threats. Of course so does anyone that supports the President, Is openly Jewish and supports Israel, supports Israel or is a traditional Christian. Yes supporting the 700 club would get more abuse than supporting Hezbollah on a US University.

Trump speaks to those of us tired of open borders and disrespect for our traditions. I work in Nadlers district where
Outside of a Federal Office you never see an American Flag. There are plenty of rainbow flags but nobody flies the American flag. Oddly the most homophobic clowns on the planet are the radical Muslims. Let Pat Robertson say something stupid it is everywhere. Let Farakhan say dumber things about gays and it doesn’t stop Obama, Sarsour and whomever from rationalization of that bigotry.
Trump calls it as he sees it. We do see videos of lefties harassing Ted Cruz, incredibly Chelsea Clinton but none of
these with Elijah Cummings or Ilhan Omar. Both Cruz and Clinton were composed and zero headlines. Yet a TEA Party person allegedly called Cummings the N word it is everywhere.

By marginalization of all discussion about immigration the left is perhaps more guilty of creating an atmosphere of paranoia. People are too polite to tell lefties open borders and social services for illegal aliens is insane.

Saturday, August 03, 2019

No Rules For Obama

The Hollywood elite want Michelle Obama to run. At least Hillary was a Senator and a Secretary of State.Trump would demolish her. Nepotism and Cronyism are serious issues in our political system. I have heard the name. Chelsea Clinton bandied for office. Her performance with screaming lefties in NYU was pretty good.
The media is in kill mode. Slay a sacred cow and you are an Assad apologist. Nancy Pelosi met with Assad. No issue. Can we get around to asking about Obama and Farakhan.

Thursday, August 01, 2019

Harris Toasted

That was an epic takedown at yesterday’s debate.Harris is really ignorant in that forced bussing was a bad policy. It had way to magnet schools. The Civil Rights era was modern history and yes segregationists were Democrats. Guilt by Association is typical except when Obama is given passes for everything.

Harris was demolished and should bow out.

Three countries vs USA immigration wars

There is a naive view that immigrants are little angels. This quickly disappears the longer one works in immigration. Pretty much the story is the three Central American countries vs the law.

Talk to any immigration professional and you are apt to hear frustration with TPS and Asylum. There were a legitimate series of natural disasters causing the USA to grant. TPS.No issue but the program devolved into a defacto Work permit. All types of Presidents allowed this farce to continue for decades. If there was so much trouble why the repeated trips on advance parole. We have this identical issue with Asylum. If you are so afraid why do you travel back multiple times. Trump decided to end the gravy train TPS abuse and the response was migrant caravans.

These same three countries also responded to the Obama illegal DACA scam by sending unaccompanied minors to the USA. Migrants started arriving as families due to legal quirks.

The left continues a false narrative. These are economic migrants with stories that vary according to whatever lawyer or NGO they encounter. Ultimately asylum must be overhauled.

Citizenship times should triple and travel back to the country or building property or business should result in revokation of Status.

All petitions from asylees get the longest wait times in this case Sibling waiting times. You cut the line and there should be consequences.

Now I want to address the leftist lies. Government workers are dedicated professionals. The critics have more in common with prostitutes than the dedicated pros have with Nazis. The trip is dangerous and costly. Then they have the nerve to complain about accommodations and demand asylum and welfare. Yes there are sections of the USA that have higher crime rates than the three countries.

In the real world immigrants react to our policies. Their exploitation by the shameless far left is disgusting.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Conservatives not understanding this one

Ilhnan Omar May be guilty of plenty of things but not bigamy. The United States only recognizes civilly registered marriages in the USA. If one of the marriages were religious it wouldn’t count.

If the person in question is a brother, lights out.

Just walk away

This post is addressed to my fellow Jews. It is time to leave the Democratic Party. There was a time where one could point to Charles Schumer and count on him. He oddly supported a Farakhanite for head of the DNC. He never met a microphone he could bypass. Suddenly after repeated anti Semitic remarks by the Freshmen, he is silent. Nadler, betrays the community with the Iran vote and remains silent.

Pelosi has done less than nothing while the Freshman trivialize the Holocaust.

The party is over it’s time to leave

Thursday, July 25, 2019

AOC Moron

I want to thank the Democrats for promoting open borders and economic insanity. I have always been a liberal Republican. Time after time the Democrats step off the deep end. It is a sad state of affairs when Col Bernie Sanders
Sounds reasonable in comparison to AOC.

Crying victim over anything Trump says when her squad calls CBP Nazis and Jewish government officials white supremacists is at least on a par with anything Trump said. Furthermore Rashida the dimwit from one of the lowest ranked law schools used deportation rhetoric herself. The funniest Trump line is the one where an unhinged Tlaib crashes a Trump event and is told by Trump to get a job.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Go back to where you came from? The produce aisle

The whole Erica Thomas bit was a sick joke and all of us have seen obnoxious entitled types in supermarkets with more
Items than they should have on the express lane. Why would anyone assume a black female wearing typical clothing is foreign. Perhaps this might be possible in a hijab.
Making this story comedic is the guy is 1/3 of her size. Claiming she feared for her life from that guy is like claiming Steve Urkel is going to beat her up. This was a shameless publicity stunt.

I want to also point out I have been on the receiving end of verbal bs about my own family and the culprits are black
females. My daughter is much darker than me. Invariably they make some sort of offensive remark about the racial difference. My response is obviously we have less racial hangups in my family than yours. This doesn’t happen in my local Guyanese community. My neighbors have never once uttered anything so stupid. A few times fellow passengers told the boor mind your business. These fellow passengers who chided the busybody were also black females.

Of course the notion of me making a video of obnoxious behavior is not something I would consider. I love my family as is and my family is not a political statement. The point is my family travels with me in all manner of places and
for the most part any comments would likely be about my granddaughters unicorn headband

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Tears of clowns

I agree with the President.AOC should go back where she is from and improve things there. This would mean she should go to Westchester and end this absurd modern day log cabin myth. She is a spoiled product of inferior education and can not stand against any moderate in any debate.

So it is okay to accuse Jews of dual loyalty, call Jewish government officials white supremacists, trivialize the Holocaust, mock 9–11 and throw the term racist at everyone including Pelosi.

Ilhan Omar’s Immigration history would be the proper subject of a special prosecutor. There is enough issues
including various frauds.There is certainly more there than the Russia probe. She should not be charged for stuff that happened when she was a minor. If she is guilty, she should be removed from the. House. If you complain about the political nature, what did you say about the Russia probe and the IRS.

This joke perpetrated by the voters needs to end. Either the Democratic Party tosses them or it becomes irrelevant

There is all of the gloom and doom talk with the GOP. The Democrats need to move to the center or become they are finished. When Bernie Sanders is looking like the voice of reason your party is in trouble. If there is any political
Figure dumber than Beto please let us in on the joke.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

ICE means safety Th

The media does a very poor job describing the work ICE does. They take public safety very seriously. Want to see an army of volunteers just see how sex offenders get to the front of the workload. They are the people who remove the violent criminals, gang members, drug dealers and sometimes terrorists.

Abolish ICE means abolish sanity.

I am very spoiled in that when they do the work locally it is done in a controlled setting. This is for safety of all parties especially the general public.

Next time you see a radical chanting abolish ICE. Who is going to pick up those pedophiles.Who is going to pick up the gang member.

ICE means public safety

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Best Animal Video on You Tube

I have seen plenty of animal blogs but the best by far is the entertaining Peter Caine. Most of the more familiar blogs are industry people. No keeping Iguanas is hard work and 90/ of people shouldn’t do it. Turtles are very hard work and should be treated more or less like aquariums for fish entertainment but marginal pets. The huge tortoises should be illegal or at least licensed and inspected.

The thing I like about Caine is direct talk. Most pet owners are not realistic. I met an Asian CEO who has a red Heeler pup in a NYC townhouse. Lousy idea unless you get a pro like Caine training. His talk of ignorance is brutal but but true. My daughter wanted a Husky in our small townhouse with a cat and small children. It is a dumb idea and I wanted a west highland terrier but she insisted on a larger dog. We have a greyhound Sheppard mix which she does poorly.

I would love to see what Peter Caine can do with a chihuahua. No doubt he is a skilled professional and will do an outstanding job. Yet I just want to see what can be done with the incorrigible breed, something has to give

What makes him well worth listening to is his no nonsense talk about how difficult caring for birds are. If it’s a bad idea he says so. Someone came up with the idea of using a squirt bottle on the bird. The Raven enjoyed the experience. His no bs talk on pets and calcium should be mandatory viewing.

I did tell the CEO to watch Caine and consider hiring him.

What makes Caine priceless is if something is dumb, he doesn’t beat around the bush. Be leery of animal blogs that tell you everything is easy. Honest people are rare and priceless.

Asylum myths

Asylum was set up for specific issues. It is not intended for economic migrants. The overwhelming preponderance of Asylum seekers are economic migrants. These migrants are well known fraudsters. Apparently, there are now reports off people faking homosexuality and countries that are actually deserving of refuge status notably Venezuela.
The system is broken and requires radical steps to repair.

Asylum seekers should be bound by the third country rule. In the case of Congolese they have passed through at least five countries. Are you seeking refuge or economic handouts? Why didn’t they seek refuge in the first safe spot? If they are to be believed they went through added dangers including jungles and gangs. Really you are looking for safety why not stay in Ecuador. Instead they continue a costly journey that is dangerous.

The following proposals need to be done

Refugees outside the USA need to be given advantage. Thus a Venezuelan at a camp in Columbia would get treated preferentially to a person who is from Central America on a caravan.

The third country rule should be enforced. For every country you pass through two years added to the waiting period for a. green card. During this time any arrests of a felony or drug related get automatic reset of the clock. Felony
arrest get the choice deportation and no return to the USA or maximum federal jail time. Sexual predators get maximum jail time.
If a person returns to the country they are fleeing for any reason the green card is revoked and they get a ten year ban from entering the USA.
Asylees are barred from citizenship for five years after receiving public benefits.

Gang members are deported

Any serious national security public safety issues get the choice jail or repatriation

Lefties like to talk about being more European. They recognize the system is broken and demand changes.

The following categories get eliminated from consideration. Crime and Domestic violence are not asylum issues. Fleeing family planning or FGM is not an asylum issue

Lets also do away with the impoverished bit. Most of these migrants raised money to make this trip. Some have fancy I phones and luggage. They need to improve their lives back home.
All remittances will be done by a bonded agent. The bonded agent will tax 3/ of the money. Failure to use a bonded agent will add five years to green card status or citizenship.

Now if these are real asylees they will take the deal. Economic migrants wont

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Entertainment for poor people

I want to go to the local buffet here in Queens. I have heard the food is good and there is unscheduled mixed martial arts when crab legs are served. I still think given the serious violence that actually does happen they should be delivered to the table three each.
Good food and unscripted gratuitous violence can’t be beat, pun intended

In Praise of Bidawee

I can’t say enough good things about Bideawee.
However in order for them to do your their job
you need to help out.

If you have children and teens bring them and see them interact with the pet. How the staff member did not howl with laughter at a six year old wearing a Unicorn headband and my daughter in a short black dress is beyond me. Families are complex dynamic organizations and matching the right pet just isn’t easy.

Be honest about other pets and get the right mix. Generally speaking make sure the dog will tolerate the cat.

Listen to the staff member as they have valuable insights. If you live in an apartment an Australian Cattle Dog might not be a great choice. Young kids and pit bulls are typically not prudent.

Read the dogs body language. Don’t expect miracles. I wanted and got a more reserved dog. She isn’t trying to win over the room. She is reserved with strangers but not unfriendly.

I can’t say enough good things about Bideawee. I went to both the Manhattan location and the one in Long Island. The whole family preferred the Long Island Campus. My daughter and granddaughter loved the space and the outside interaction area. They considered the visit a treat.

Now this dog is fairly athletic. I would like to see her at the doggie park when the bonding period is settled.

The Democrats are a Joke

People ask how a person who is a social liberal ended up in the GOP. I am not a conservative but I respect and share and share a mutual love of the USA. I also respect religious conservatives. I do not want Marxist baboons in my party. I respect private property and the hard work of entrepreneurs. I support the Reagan policy of arming Contras
and favor this for Venezuela. I do not repeat idiotic cliches about Cuban literacy. These are criminal regimes that
Should be fought by any means necessary.

There are those of you worked up about some stupid comments by Rep King. Yes but at least the man respect private property. I will compare the GOP response to some stupid remarks to the rationalizations of Ilhan Omar, Tlaib and AOC.

I am not for open borders. I want the immigration laws respected. I also want hypocrites like Poultry who are crying about executive orders to remember I pointed out the illegal DACA action by Obama. I am not for open borders. I am against illegal immigration and want serious criminal to be stripped of status quickly. A sexual predator should be subjected to denaturalization and deportation after conviction and permanently barred. This would apply to violent criminals, drug dealers, gang members, sexual predators and serious threats to national security.

The Democrats tolerate anti Semitic verbiage. One can see on Mikes America flip remarks about Golden Calves and Concentration camps. Venezuela itself is far worse than the accommodations lefties are crying about. Ilhan “”witless for peace”Omar is a huge Maduro fan. Coincidentally so is Roger Waters but don’t point out Palestine obsession and communists just coincidencently share the same space

Trump is clearly preferable to the mathematical special ed Marxist comedic crash dummies debating the other day. Of course Democrats running an adult like Michael Bloomberg isn’t happening.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Real Picture

The picture of a dead father and daughter is meant by lefties to guilt America into sympathy for migrants. Once again
Lefties are well known for leaving facts on the table. They never show starving Venezuelans caused by policies they
Promote. They never show you Americans shot in the latest terrorist attack. They show dead families and screaming kids while lying about facts.
The family in question was not fleeing gang activity. They were unhappy with their pay at Papa Johns and a Chinese restaurant. There is no definition of asylum for low paid Papa Johloyees. In essence they were on their way to commit immigration fraud.
They pooled resources that could have been used to better their lives to take a dangerous journey to commit asylum fraud. They knowingly endangered the life of a toddler to use as a prop in an immigration scam. The child’s grandmother begged them leave the kid behind.
Was any of these facts ever discussed with the image. You hear refugees but from what exactly bad jobs. They could have used the money to get better job skills or build a business. Instead they followed a dangerous yellow brick road to commit asylum fraud.
Having gone through much adversity the family found the line to commit asylum fraud too long. It decided to commit a
different crime illegal entry into the USA. This is yet another dangerous activity and tragedy struck.

Now comes the army of lefties blaming Trump and treating this family as Martyrs. Of course if you point any of the
Actual facts well that makes you a monster. Lefties like to stand on top of dead at photo ops to manipulate public opinion. Where exactly are the photos of socialist starved Venezuelans. Where are the photos of dead Jews from Palestinian rockets that target civilians.

These are not refugees. These are economic migrants. Criminal activity and domestic violence are internal country issues not asylum issues. Asylum was designed for specific situations. Gays fleeing sharia law. Jews and Christians
Fleeing countries where they are mistreated. Democracy advocates in China.

Immigration is not a human right. Even Asylum is limited and public safety is non negotiable.

The images are akin to a lefty snuff film production. Show a genuine tragedy but spin the facts for the lowest. Types of self righteous Virtue signaling. The abuse of the dead by the left speaks volumes about their amoral fake news. All emotional bs with nary any facts or even adult conversation

Friday, June 28, 2019

New female in the home

We adopted a midsize mix breed from Bidawee. They were terrific with one exception. If a dog isn’t ready yet due to medical or whatever let the family place a fee and pick up in a few days. The staff is very knowledgeable and pleasant. It helps that I was concerned right dog for us.

We loved a black dog named Lauren but had no chance to evaluate her. My attention was drawn to a strange dog from Puerto Rico. The dog was happy, yet poised and dignified. Something told me this functional dog belonged with us. My daughter was a pill but in ten minutes it becomes her dog.

I gave her the name Serenity. She is a true lady. She lets you know how she feels without saying much. No dog can replace my beloved Rex. Rex was sweet charismatic and funny. I picked a different dog allowed her to be herself. Maybe when I am old people will say I want a dog like serenity. Don’t think that’s likely as she is more of a supporting cast type than a star.

She won the heart of my diva daughter who really watches her. She does well enough with the six year old. I told her
the dog had to adopt her. I don’t know what the staff made of the six year old. She is sweet but cries for reasons over my IQ. She learned not all dogs love little kids. I learned that much earlier with Max the mini terror. There were plenty of dogs that loved kids. Max was small mean and difficult. Good old Rusty was a God. He was big powerful and gentle with kids. He watched them protected them and never needed a leash

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Fake News Drowned Father and Daughter

While the images are disturbing and tragic, The media spin is nauseating. The reaction in the media is reminiscent of
The labotomized Obama responses to terrorism and school shootings. Commit the greatest homophobic crime in USA history while screaming religious verbiage let’s blame the NRA. Do the same in Paris at a Kosher Market and let’s call it street crime.

Some basic facts

Immigration is not a human right
Illegal immigration is a crime
Economic Migrants have zero basis to claim Asylum
Asylum is rife with all manner of fraud
Few cases other than those fleeing Venezuela or Gays are genuine
Fleeing criminal activity, domestic violence or family planning are asylum issues

Traveling to the USA via a caravan is a dangerous costly venture. The people taking these trips are well aware of these risks. To place any blame for the tragedies on the USA or anyone else is false. Life may not be ideal but the trip itself is dangerous and illegal. How about using the funds to make a criminal journey to improve your life at home.

Once again, I watched the most insane news source to see how this was presented. The words economic migrants never did get mentioned among the self righteous platitudes. Yes there was a tragedy, but standing on top of the dead sans
any facts is labotomized Obama politics.
Lets talk about some facts missed in the Young Turks presentation. These are in no description refugees. These are not Jews fleeing the Holocaust. These are not Venezuelans fleeing socialist caused starvation. These are not gays or Christians fleeting persecution. These are economic migrants making taking a dangerous expensive journey to commit immigration fraud.
The media treat immigrants like pure innocents and the reality is more complex. Lefties like to spin word salads for facts they can’t explain like persistent starvations every time Marxism is applied at a national level. How the folks in Gaza have a better standard of living and more freedoms than Venezuelans.

Crime is not a legitimate basis for an asylum claim. If so let residents of bad enclaves in the USA ask for asylum in Canada.
Domestic violence is a criminal matter and not the basis of an asylum claim. It is up to local governments to handle these situations.

There is a loss of life and a regrettable tragedy. However, this tragedy has nothing to do with the USA or Trump. A family made a choice to take a costly dangerous journey to commit immigration fraud. The reason the lines are long is because of a plethora of economic migrants making fraudulent claims often coached by ethically immoral NGOs and legal