Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shocking Far Leftist Caught Spying

Once again one of the far lefties caught spying was journalist who was noted for her vocal support of Castro and Chavez. This should come as no surprise to any student of history. Far leftists are exponentially more apt to be traitors, spies and terrorists than the general public.

Of course the media is very quiet about people caught spying for Cuba. There have been quite a few in recent years.

Perhaps Putin is looking to get people nostaligic for the days of Julius and Ethel.

Its entitlements and growth of government stupid

One thing that has become obvious in the economic meltdown is that the problem in many countries without significant defense spending is the growth of entitlements and luxurious retirement packages given to government employees. Of course this lesson is lost of the Marxist Duck who was last seen in a commercial with Ben Afleck.

What is shocking and surprising is that the Obama administration has yet to offer buyout to older workers. This would reduce the size of government somewhat. When my agency went on a hiring binge two years ago we asked where is the work? Of course the answer was it will be there. When it gave decent raises and promoted many people not ready for additional duties, we asked where is the work. The work still has not arrived and years latter the agency finds itself overstaffed. Now some of this is being lessened by natural attrition but it is not where we should be.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Once Again Benedict Arnold to the Rescue

I am up to the part in Rabble In Arms describing the Battle of Valcour Island. While General Arnold is widely known for his later treason, his brave battle against a superior fleet in Lake Champlain is generally considered by most historians the first action of the United States Navy. Arnold lost the battle but delayed the British into delaying their offensive for another year. This allowed the Northern Army to get stronger and was a key factor in the eventual victory in the Saratoga campaign where Arnold once again plays a key role.

If you are in the DC area the Gun Boat Philadelphia that was sunk at the Battle of Valcour Island
is prominently on display.

When one thinks of the great battle fields in NY one thinks of Saratoga, Forts Ticonderoga, Stanwix and William Henry. However, Lake Champlain was also the site of a decent sized battle in the War of 1812 The Battle of Platsburgh. Lake Champlain in Colonial times was an important waterway for trade.

Good step now lets look at Chavez's agents

The United States Government has arrested Russian agents. This is a good step by the administration. The previous administration seemed to place too much faith in Putin who acts strangely for a nation with its own problems with terrorism.

Do not hold your breath waiting for this administration to prosecute Americans for acting as agents for a narco terrorist criminal state in Caracas. Americans who receive subsidized foreign travel should have to register as foreign agents. As this administration is loaded with Marxists do not wait for sanity.

Commies also feign ignorance at the continued sale of drugs by FARC. FARC is armed, directed and funded by Chavez. Of course commies are quite thrilled with their clown Hugo shipping drugs to America's inner cities. Whatever BP did was accidental, but remember if you buy your gas at Citgo you are funding terrorism.

I will proudly buy my gas at BP.

Monday, June 28, 2010

What is Educational Literacy About Anyway

The comments of Poultry aimed at authors he has not bothered to read are typical of an out of touch elitist clique. A typical complaint is that people stop reading after school is finnished. This is because our educational system run by hardened left idiots like Bill Ayers place zero emphasis on making reading fun.

There is an elitist arrogance that says reading must be drab and provoke idiotic discussions. For
example a commonly assigned book is Upton Sinclare's the Jungle. I read this while working in a brutal sweatshop shortly before I became an Officer. It was my way of protesting the working conditions. I was not at that employer very long and told them to keep their check rather than cross a picket line. It was a moment in time where even though I did not have another job lined up, the principle of safe working conditions was more important than a check.

Of course people like the Duck have a bias towards mediocre hacks like the author of the Jungle as it is written by a fellow commie. The book while important in a historical sense is not one that
would inspire people to read for the love of reading like Roberts, Michner or Wouk. Maybe, the day has come where educators need to consider installing a love of reading first.

Of course far left commie types would have fewer chances to abuse and indoctrinate their students, so placing enjoyment first will not happen. Actually, I would like to see historical fiction
books accompanied by notes of historians. The version of The Jungle I acquired had notes from a professor before and after. I am thinking of how much more enjoyable reading Last of the Mohicans would be in a similar format that likely exists.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Welcome to the 2010 Era

The old ways of throwing money at problems and uncountable government is over. The sole discussion for the future should be "is this the job of government and how can we do this more efficiently".

Unlike most of the readers, I am a social liberal. I do recognize the need of government to intervene in a national crisis and to help the indigent. I also recognize learned dependency and having to motivate people to get back to work at less glamorous jobs.

Amusingly, those on the left fail to see their handiwork in the economic mess. The lesson of the mess in country after country is that one can not hand out unlimited entitlements. News item the mess Hugo created is far worse than that of the USA.

All of us need to realize times are different and endlessly droning on about hope and change while offering the same bad ideas as Jimmy Carter is not the change the country needs. Obama can not lead, he has no vision, his judgment is poor and he needs to be replaced in 2012

Protesters arested for violence

The media fusses about angry Tea Party activists while ignoring or rationalizing violent criminal activity on the left. In fact the media made a huge story about members of the Black Congressional caucus being called the N word and Barney Frank being called a Communist Homo. Frank oddly seemed only to complain about the gay slurs. Amazingly zero footage of these slurs occured in a town with wall to wall cameras.

Once again anarchists have violated the laws and will likely get a slap on the wrist. We recognize the right of peaceful protest even by demented commies. However, once this becomes a riot the full weight of the law should be invoked including jailing people for years.

Switching up Reading Lists

After I finnish Kenneth Roberts Rabble in Arms, I will switch to Michener's Poland. This is interesting in that the Editrix likes this book. My father who is a fan of the author was critical of this offering. His point was that the absence of Jews in the book where they were a large part of the population is glaring. He does read a surprising number of the books I have finnished.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Importing Criminals

I am not a big fan of bringing foreign criminals to trial in America. The curious case of bag wig wearer Christopher Dudus Coke is widely known in legal circles in NYC and Jamaica. In an ideal world Jamaica takes care of its own criminals, but the world we live in is far from unique. No doubt a subordinate will merely take over the criminal activities of this thug with dreadful taste in hair pieces.

When one considers the small size of Jamaica it is amazing he has been able to evade justice for so long,

America needs to step forward and get nations to take back their criminals. In many cases we should merely drop them off and leave them there and let the chips fall where they may. China is a country with a growing economy and can afford to jail its own citizens.

The New Retirement Paradigm

Retired Professionals should be required to mentor younger peers for half a day one day a week.
The lack of dedicated mentors is a serious problem in many high skill jobs and should be encouraged as a way to improve government services. The retirees could also transition easier into retirement and would be given two extra years credit for their retirement pay.

We will be losing many skilled officers and role models in the current year. Those who are behind them may work in their jobs but can never and should not be expected to carry on their legacy.
Those officers will create their own legacy.

In my case, I am grasping a role that I never intended experienced role model. It would be good to see the old retirees for a short time each week. Retirement should be more transitional going to fewer days a week so that the retiree can better transition to post work life socially.

Who was that Gasmasked man? More bad satire

At work I found myself in trouble for the mess we created at Gitmo. Poultry was no help even though he benefited from nepotism to get a Civil service job.

I found myself up on charges of being a member of a Jewish cabal to control the government, abusing jihadis by feeding them the worst American consumer goods and using a slow motion version of capital punishment. Poultry being a fink claimed it was my idea to show blood thirsty obese jihadis Broke back Mountain and triple the cholesterol content in the buttered popcorn.

Luckily I had a great union defender who saved my job.

Unfortunately, Obama decided to send me back to Gitmo to clean up the mess made by hungry Cubans who raided the place and ate all of our canned ravioli cold and went after the tins of barbecued shredded beef. The folks at the UN declared GITMO a toxic waste dump.

Before I left my buddies at the Babalu blog arranged for my supplies. Little did we know that hungry Cubans would raid the place for food. The folks at Babalu placed anticommunist messages in the bottoms of the canned goods. Before we knew it the people were rising up against Castro so they could get their own canned ravioli.

I was ordered home by an angry Obama for not following instructions. An angry mob of one hundred jihadis and commies were waiting to lynch me for my role in having Castro overthrown.
All looked bleak when the sound of Hava Negilah played surf rock style. The Jihadis and Commies were frozen with fear as a black van arrived on the scene.

Two men jumped out of the van. One looked very familiar as he appeared to be incoherent from
years of steroids abuse blatering about something that sounded like mee mee mi Meep. He grabbed John Brown's jawbone and started beating the commies. The other was clad in an army uniform with a gasmak. The new arrivals made short work of the commies and sped off.

A beaten commie tossed at my feet asked "Who was that gas masked me".
I told him "the Ultimate American patriot".

Beakerkin as Mentor

I find myself in the unlikely role of being a mentor for junior officers for two weeks. I really do not
see myself in the role and do not like doing this. One of the reasons I prefer not to is that I learned
somewhere else. Many of the skills and techniques I learned there allow me to do certain parts of the job too quickly for trainees.

The first part is to love your job and being a civil servant. We are working in an important job and placing a smile with service even when we say no is important. We also need to lose the kick the can down the block mentality. If you love your job and serving the public it shows in your work and is infectious.

One of the things the younger workers spotted was my relationships with the attorney. I really do not believe in adversarial roles. Our job is to convey what we need with a smile. If we can not provide what they seek explain why. Then if the attorneys have a point we listen and weigh the factors. In most cases our interests are common and the attorneys are happy to provide what we

I am also mindful that I am a member of a local union and am amazingly considered a Union activist. I remind the junior officers that one can easily find themselves in crazy situations where
fake or dubious charges are made up. Do not expect help from your peers and the Union will be the only ones in your corner.

I also point out that peers who self promote are in fact not as good as many of the quieter peers.
When my peers come down we good naturedly joke that the other one is a better officer.

I spent time with one of the junior officers on system checks. Before, I knew it I had a crowd of
junior officers learning some basics that had never been covered. We spend too much time on rote memory in general and not enough time on learning how to use available tools and solve problems.

When I was a junior officer I was blessed with a few good mentors. I never saw myself in that role and am amazingly in it now. Time goes by quickly.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Limits of Freespeech and the Workplace

As public servants we really do not have free speech in the workplace. No doubt the General was
frustrated by the clueless Marxist Obama promoted way over his ability. That being said one can not trash your boss to the public. The media did not see it this way when a clod at the CIA perjured
herself before congress, violated rules of nepotism and created a fake media story about Niger. Ideally, Plame should have been immediately terminated the same way the general was.

A civil servant has limited speech in what we can say about policy. Most of us have have to grin and bear it at times and deal with silly policies that come from a distant office.

The general's first responsibility is to the men he leads. Maybe this scandal will push Obama to govern with some competency. Then again if he were competent he would not be the man we elected.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The bird brained Duck is at it again

The Duck does not think a six year old can differentiate between still life paintings in dark colors
or paintings of people done in rich color. Any six year old I know can tell the difference between
a bowl of fruit and a gathering of people.

Moving onto the question of use of color. The beloved Sprite tends to use very bright colors for her own crafts and similarly can differentiate paintings in bright colors from those in drab colors.

As a parent, I must sometimes endure things I could care less about. I really do not bother looking at tapestry or crafts and would sooner go off looking at the the works of the ancients. However, as a loving parent there are things one does for family.

Is the Duck so removed from life that he thinks a six year old can not differentiate between images of fruit and people.

Family time is important to parents. The walks in zoos and museums are part of lasting memories that all of us carry.

Perhaps the comments of the Duck show how out of touch with family lives commies are.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ultimately Deranged

Those on the left who prattle on about poverty and terrorism must realize that the Times Square bomber is once again a spoiled rich kid. The idiotic leftist narratives of poor oppressed terrorists
once again show a spoiled poor student sent to Western schools and a failure in business.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bad Satire Beakerkin and Poultry go to Gitmo

The other day I was shocked by my new work assignment. I was being assigned to Gitmo and tried to make the best of it. True I would miss my commute and traffic jams.

I arrived at sunny Gitmo and was made the activities director. With my limited budget I hired my friend Poultry. He liked the idea of working within commute of his imagined workers paradise and in this day jobs are hard to find.

The food was better than the federal cafeteria in the place I worked at and the meals were free. Poultry was constantly complaining about the lack of Grey Pupon mustard and cheap imported NY State wine. The jihadi prisoners seemed to enjoy fresh Baclava and the cafeteria offering. Being a foe of terrorist everywhere as well as an entrepreneur I arranged marketing deals with consumer products companies. The companies were more than thrilled to be the official product of Gitmo. The companies were more than happy to supply ample free product. In no short time we had a score of junk food addicted terrorists with off the chart cholesterol levels. A few died and we then had a problem some religious types started objecting to potato chips being a Zionist plot. I suspected that Poultry was behind these rumors. With great ingenuity I offered
incentives for ass kicking of religious instigators. It is amazing how some people will kick asses for a case of Buffalo Wing Chips.

The job was quite thankless when I had another problem on my hands. It seems the Jihadis objected to Poultry showing Brokeback Mountain. Reluctantly, the guards rescued poultry through non violent means. The played the Mister Beamish Daisy Cutter Explosions set to familiar patriotic themes and the Jihadis surrendered. The offenders were made to watch Yentyl while the ungrateful duck prattled on about Zionist conspiracies in Hollywood. Poultry was even complaining the Ten Comandments movie was Zionist propaganda and that the Jews needed God because the US taxpayer was not around to subsidize their colonialism.

Days later a feeble lynch mob of junk food addicts threatened to kill Poultry again. It seems the inmates objected to the Ducks choices of macrame and origami as activities. Against the advice of Mr. B to bomb them back to the stone age we negotiated with the terrorists. The terrorists reduced their demands for his release to 4 cases of store brand Twinkie knockoffs. The USA doesn't leave even its most ungrateful and least worthy citizen in harms way. To ensure good will we also threw in a few copies of back issues of MAD magazine translated into Urdu. Of course the popularity of that offering led to violent confrontations between the inmates. We did manage to acquire load of subsidized back issues of Mad for yet another endorsement deal/

I did get a visit from the budget office looking into the books and found that despite of saving money with free food the increased medical costs due to heart disease and high blood pressure were through the roof. Apparently socialized medicine was more expensive than a dangerous facility of homicidal maniacs. I got a cut in pay for my efforts.

In order to cut costs the Obama administration decided to release the most sickly patients so they could die in their home countries. Imagine my surprise at the chants of "Hell no we won't go. Give us Ben Stiller movies, free nachos, socialized medicine, back issues of High Times in Urdu, Pashto and Arabic and Boxed sets of the Golden Girls or face jihad. I once again ignored the advice of Mr. Beamish and gave into the demands except for socialized medicine and sent the jihadis back home where they soon died of heart disease.

Unfortunately, the ensuing media scandal caused by the Ducks friends in the Bolshivik MSM had some nasty consequences. Desperate Cubans tried to get into our facility to get a decent meal as well as use the free theaters, libraries and macrome. Poultry was trampled by an influx of desperate anti Communist Cubans. He was screaming about don't believe the lies in the Zionist MSM this place is a concentration camp.

A perplexed President Obama visited and realized that there were no longer any Jihadis as they had either died of heart disease abroad or inside the facility. The remainder were trampled by the consumer product deprived Cubans on their way to get servings of barbequed shredded beef. Obama declared a campaign promise fulfilled and closed Gitmo. I barely escaped on the roof of the facility. Poultry's surgeons at Bethesda are still trying to figure out how to remove volumes of Marx places in places I would care not to describe. Apparently his attempt to get Cubans eating barbecued shredded beef to read Marx instead were not exactly received well by the Cubanos.

Unfortunately, we created a bad precedent and now folks from Somalia, Venezuela and Zimbabwe are looking at promising careers in terrorism to get into Gitmo Mach II. Of course I got another bad performance review and cut in pay.

I look at what is left of my career and have learned the errors of my ways

1) Listen to the wise advice of Mr. B who preaches give the jihadis what they want and send them packing to allah via daisy cutters. It is really not eco friendly but effective.

2) Be more selective in hiring flunkies for Gitmo Mach II. Even though the Duck was inexpensive labor hired by nepotism he was ungrateful and bad mouthed the previous facility.

3) When the folks from the GAO come by grab a bullet proof vest.

And then there was none

I want to point out that standing for nothing or kookiness can ruin a site. The familiar site of the gourd warrior is finnished. It is time for me to play Quincy

Blogs live and die to to content, social skills and energy of the host. This patient failed to create a site that intelligent posters wanted to visit. The bomb throwing racial fare caused the best and the brightest to depart. The social skills of the host were very lacking and he failed to manage conflicts.
The patient is still showing signs of energy much like poultry that has been decapitated and has finnished its last gasp.


Monday, June 21, 2010

What is the role of reading

I amooks quite amused at the cultural arrogance of the Duck towards an author he has not likely bothered to read. Kenneth Roberts is not read widely and is not apt to be assigned as "high school" reading.

This site does discuss many books that we have read on a variety of topics. The Roberts books are the first deviation from the mostly historical books we tend to read and discuss at this site. No doubt the reaction of the Duck would be far different if we read and reviewed commie approved The Jungle or The Hairy Ape.

There is a bias in our schools against popular historical fashion. If the goal was to install a love of reading, basic litteracy and impart facts than Michner would probably do a better job than Arthur Miller. The value of fun sweeping epics would do more for basic education than reading that is a chore like Silas Marner.

While the Duck prattles on about "being a man of the people", he watches obscure foreign films
and views doodling as a serious art form. Sorry, but I see the value of well wrtten historical fiction as a great form of entertainment. I allready have read many books on the subjects Roberts created. I also stick with Renoir and can live without doodling.

As for those who waste their time with mendicant death cult philosophers go ahead waste time.
My focus is on history and facts. If gassy long winded theories floats your boat fine. I will stick with our founding fathers and doccuments.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rabble in Arms by Roberts

I am about 1/3 of the way through this excellent book. The book shines when Benedict Arnold shows up. Roberts lets you understand the brilliance of Arnold. Arnold does get fooled in the first book but you see a human quality. One also grasps the inside politics club of the early revolution.

Before reading these two books I really recommend reading With Musket and Tomahawk and Through a Howling Wilderness. Those books provide excellent groundings to appreciate Roberts.

Roberts was definitely way ahead of his time. Benedict Arnold as a brave visionary was really not something the nation was ready for. The real hero of the first book is the Abenaki Nattanis. In an era where Indians were portrayed uniformly as sex charged savages Arundel stands out. Nattanis is mentioned in the second book but has not made an appearance. Then again the lovable frequently drunk Cap Huff provides the role as lovable rouge stealing food, learning from his bigotry and loyal friend.

Roberts points out the parts of loyalists being forced out and sometimes the revolutionaries are opportunists. He points clearly to the arrogance of those in England who didn't grasp that maps
and reality are different. Reading a map in a parlor in the UK is quite different than a trek across the Champlain Valley. Parts of it are still a howling wilderness today and the folks in England had a very poor grasp of this. What is truly odd is that this should have been well known as the area
in question was the scene of many battles of the French and Indian War.

I am still trying to locate the last three Roberts Books. Lydia Bailey uses the first Barbari War and the Haitian Revolution as a back drop. His take should be excellent.

Beakerkin's recomended Historical Fiction list

10 Caravans
9 The Hope
8 Winds of War
7 The Haj
6 Mila 18
5 Arundel
4 Drums Along the Mohawk
3 Caribbean
2 Centennial
1 Texas

One day I have to get around to reading The Source and Poland. Michner really is the best at this type of writing. I think the only other Michner book I have not read was Space. All of his work is pretty good.

Why this blog is in moderation

The reason this blog operates in moderation is that Communist types get so unhinged by what we write that at times we do get threats of violence, invasion of privacy as well as repeated spammings.

This is behavior is quite typical of commies who by definition are ignorant mental health defectives.

On the site of Pagan Temple some far left imbecile is talking about a Civil War and calling me a traitor. He has mistaken me for a Conservative which means he is either off the political map or is illiterate.

We had the cartoon 167 threaten to visit me in Northern Vermont. As the locals are seriously homophobic ( 167 was openly gay) an outsider asking questions would likely end up on the wrong end of a beating by locals having nothing to do with me. We had the clown John Brown make similar threats. As a comedy act I read his posts in Union Square to real commies and pretended I was John Brown. The Commies concluded that John Brown was too stupid to be a commie and was a government infiltrator. The real John Brown never showed.

Violence and threats are what commies do as they are simpletons who are easily frustrated and have no resiliency.

Hair Raising Reading in Wild West Magazine

Real history is more complex than TV shows or movies. There is much discussion about the portrayal of Native Americans in cinema. On the one hand there is the image of the hyper violent
savage familiar from many Westerns and on the other hand is the Mazola ecogreen retro Marxist fantasy of Native Americans living in harmony with nature.

Native American cultures were diverse with practices that were in some ways good and in other ways not so good. Plenty of societies practiced slavery and aggressive warfare. Raids are excused by anthropologists as stealing food possessions from your enemy in order to ensure group survival.
Sorry, but cutting through the blather depriving another group of possessions, food, territory is a societal crime. Oddly the Marxist critics of these crimes fail to note that the notion that this is not a way for civilized people to behave is a Western Construct.

In the August 2010 issue of Wild West Magazine the subject of the most famous captive ever taken by Indians Cynthia Parker is discussed. For those who are familiar with the history Cynthia Parker was a nine year old white settler who was abducted in a brutal raid by Comanches. Over time her relatives were raped and slaughtered, but she was adopted into the tribe and came to see them as her people. She married a brutal warrior and gave birth to the most famous Comanche in history Quannah Parker.

First off the Comanches of the past would be perplexed with the odd racialism of Dr. Yeagley. The earliest members obviously were more interested with who can lead or will make a dutiful
wife who will have many children than kook racial purity. The fact that Cynthia Parker and her half racial son were accepted is largely a historic rejection of the Yeagley kook theory of racial purity. The Comanche were in many ways a merit based society.

Moving onto the raids of Nocona, these raids were brutal and horrific. It is true that many crimes were committed against Indians were inexcusable. However among the highlights are gangrapes, torture, mutilation and abduction of children who were sometimes adopted and other times killed.

Now we have heard plenty about the evils of Christians and wanting to blame them for some very real abuses. However, not all of the cultural practices were peachy and there were many
missionaries who devoted their lives to serving their communities. Yes the cases Ray speaks of
as abuse of clerics vs Indians are also very real.

We need to have a more balanced view of Indians. The tribes had vibrant cultures, but like our own they were far from perfect. No Indian ever tiptoed through the tulips. If an Indian walked quietly through the woods he was likely looking for game which he killed.

Indians like other groups sometimes had poor leaders who made bad choices.

When admiring the culture it is important not to turn a living culture into a myth for political purposes. We need to get to an era where we can say Indians are the Oldest members of our American family and honored and we really wronged them. There were really nasty crimes committed on both sides. However, we need to honor our treaties, respect (not Disney, nor Freddy Kruger) the cultures and history and live up the best of our ideals as American citizens

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Buyers remorse with Obama

Obama has a core of loyalist who will believe him no matter what. He also has a set of critics that will blame him for anything and everything.

I am amused at his far left supporters at European sites like Harry's Place The cartoon like views
of some of the self proclaimed "America experts" is at time nauseating and others comedic.

Lets start this off with some basics

1) I support off shore drilling.
2) This is a risky activity
3) Government's job is to regulate

Lets start off with another fact Barak Obama did not create the Oil spill or is in any way responsible.

That being said when we elected Obama we wre getting a person who has never held a real job
in his life. He is an Academic Marxist who does not grasp how to get things done in the real world. At least McCain was in the military and grasps delegation and chain of command.

When a disaster strikes it is the job of government to take control. This is done all the time in mining disasters. Obama has surrounded himself with authors, academic flunkies and political extremists like himself who have never held a job in their lives. While the Oil Spill and the economy was burning Obama let BP take responsibility. It is not in the public's interest to have a company cover up its errors. The US government should have been leading the effort and directing BP.

Obama is a failure as a leader and as a President. He was elected as a symbol of a post racial America. However, endlessly droning on about hope and change, reading a teleprompter and a
knock off Pepsi Logo does not create a President. His approval numbers are dropping like a rock and the economy is going into another tailspin.

In November there is going to be a huge Tea Party. People fed up with Obama and his arrogant
contempt for the American people will speak. We are Americans and we have our own history and value. We do not want to be EU West or Canada Lite. The one moment in the campaign where we saw the real Obama was the snide remark about guns and God. Obama is not one of us in any description.

Bill Clinton for all his narcissism and ethical lapses understood the limits of office. He moderated
his worst tendencies and chose survival. Obama is the worst President in modern history finally out doing Jimmy Carter. Of course when one criticizes Obama his cult like followers cry racism.
Indeed there is a tiny percentage of the criticism that is racist. However, to paraphrase Clinton
"It is the economy stupid".

Polls are not relevant in Europe. Some of the folks in the EU especially those in the UK are having buyers remorse.

Obama has sank so low, Oprah was in tears defending him. There is no defending a person who
can not lead and has contempt for the American people.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Life is gooooood

I will be out most of the day with the Tranquil Sea and the beloved Sprite. Once again it is a local Hindu holiday and it means that the Sprite and I will dine alone. I just may break out the KFC as
the Sprite loves KFC and little Rex mugs me for his cut. He sits at my feet waiting for a drumstick or two. He knows I am a soft touch except with my buttermilk biscuits. There is also a Popeyes nearby but I do not allow little Rex near that.

It is my first father's day. I know of no greater pleasure than the family moments.

Asking for a beating

In general the concept of free speech is a good one. However, it doesn't always infer that it is the wisest option or prudent. There was a near riot in the UK provoked by Muslims taunting returning soldiers. The crowd reacted angrily and much of the focus was on the EDL. However, it is not certain that all of those who were annoyed had anything to do with the EDL.

The EDL is easy to hate as it appears to be made up largely of soccer hooligans who seem to be more in love with beer than anything else. I would like to point out that throughout the history of the USA there have been movements against immigration. However, with the small exceptions of organized crime and terrorists most immigrants do try to live in peace.

The Islamo fundamentalist caliphate goons and their collectivist mentality are going down a dangerous path. If they proclaim any troops on "Muslim land" is an attack on all Muslims. Then the converse of collective guilt of Muslims for 9-11 is applicable. This is not logic I would care to go near. I also want to point out the notion of Iraq as "Muslim" land is interesting because Assyrians who are persecuted lived there long before Islam.

In the USA we are lucky because our immigrants are largely from Latin America, Philippines, China and India. Other than some predatory drug gangs and organized crime most of the people who come here share our values. The exception to this are the communists at Larazza who preach violent revolution. I did enjoy a recent video of communist mendicant Ron Gochez taunting Cubans. Gochez was there on top of a huge hill with a bullhorn shouting slogans with a Cuban flag with an image of Argentinian incompetent butcher Che Guevara. The Cubans climbed
the huge hill tore the flag. Had Commie Gochez not been protected by the police he would have been deservedly tarred and feathered. There is something twisted about commies who call cops "pigs" being saved by cops. The irony is lost on Gochez who as a commie is ignorant by definition.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Roberts Rabble in Arms

In the very early stages of the book it does not pick up as quickly as Arundel. However, after page 40 it does get better. Characters from the previous book reappear and some interesting new ones appear. The discussion of the medical crank who uses a dowsing rod is quite funny. Roberts for all his brilliance did get sucked into junk like this at one point.

Sanity in California

According to newspapers on the left coast the MSU has been suspended for one year. The University has become infamous for a pattern of tolerance for a hostile atmosphere for its Jewish and conservative students. The extreme antics of the Muslim students union and boorish behavior of its see no evil Marxist sympathizers has rendered the university a joke.

Its most famous faculty member really belongs in a stand up club. In an ideal world the students responsible for the boorish behavior get jailed for their actions. Sorry, but threatening violence and throwing objects at speakers are criminal acts.

In general educators should be held to similar ethical codes as other government officials. An officer can be fired for a DWI which has absolutely zero impact on their job performance. A University like other businesses are negatively impacted by the outrageous behavior and conduct of its staff. In a real job Prof Chomsky would have been fired for disgracing his employer long ago. A recent meeting with two faculty members at Bard University highlighted the frustration of real scholars who are tired of clowns like Prof Joel Kovel damaging their reputation. As soon as the otherwise delightful people saw my eyes roll when they mentioned where they work; they were aware of the reason. "He got fired... I am sick and tired of everywhere I go people thinking I work in an antisemitic joke of a college".

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Communist boorishness

Have you ever gone over to a person you did not know and make nasty comments about a book you did not bother to read yourself. Welcome to the crazy world of NYC where people feel a need to
comment on books they have not bothered to read.

Predictably the most obnoxious responses came from publicly reading the Rosenberg file in NYC.
Sorry, but the pair were guilty and deserved execution. Of course reading the Case for Israel, most David Horrowitz books anything by Michelle Malkin or Ann Coulter will get a nasty reaction.

This last episode happened in VT. A far left coworker was upset about my reading the Covenant. The person mistakenly identified Michner as Jewish and was upset at the name given to a hyena in the book. The name of the hyena has nothing to do with the familiar Yiddish racial slur. The name in the book is derived from Afrikaans which is derived from Dutch. I do not recall any Jewish characters in that book at all.

Now Duncy will claim that Conservatives who want to stop subsidies for the NEA are indulging in censorship. Sorry but there should be zero subsidies for political art of any type. What makes the commie art so notable is its poor quality. A photo of an object in urine doesn't qualify as art.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Colombian heroes rescue hostages

Buried in the headlines is the rescue of more hostages from the Chavez funded and directed terrorists of FARC. The usual suspects pretend an abundance of information from captured documents is merely just inconvenient annoyances. It is abundantly clear that Hugo Chavez is funding, directing and arming terrorists beyond his borders.

He needs to be tried and hung with the same rope as his friend Saddam.

Regime Change in Caracas NOW.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kicking Ass is Racist

This is the most comedic of all the Obama apologists claims. Kicking ass is a state of mind that embodies men and women of action like Mr. Beamish, The Editrix and many others who are combative no prisoners types. It in no way refers to Obama who runs from teleprompter to cocktail parties with the annoying Pepsi Knock off logo.

Obama has no leadership or charisma and appears arrogant.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Review of Arundel

This is an excellent book if you are not expecting James Mitchner or are a fan of the NY/NE Revolutionary War fad. You probably are better off with Drums Along the Mohawk and ditching the rest of Edmonds. Roberts spends alot of time on a positive portrayal of Indians and the very real prejudices they faced. It is well written, but predictable. The portrayals of Benedict Arnold and Aaron Burr are likely very real.

I am reading the second book in this series. It is longer with two different main charachters, but all of the major charachters from Arundel appear in this book.

Never been better

I want to thank AOW, TMW, Warren and many others. I can honestly say I have never been happier in my life. There were some potholes, but each and every day is a pleasure. Those who I mentioned and many others were friends in every sense of the word. I didn't arrive to this happy place without many wonderful coworkers, friends and family. No man is more blessed than I am.

The truth is I am blessed with a job I love. I get to serve the American people each and every day. There are those who love the criminal cases, national security cases, but for me there is no greater joy than seeing ordinary couples starting a new life or reuniting parents with children. I can think of no job I would rather be doing. I feel honored to share tis moment and let the first official experience with the US government be a pleasant one. In Vermont people would not even know who helped them and in many cases I went above and beyond the call of duty to find the missing piece of a puzzle. In NYC the people know exactly who you are and most appreciate it.

I may have conveyed this story so those of you who read it just ignore it. A serviceman serving abroad made an error in his application. His case went around in circles for three years. He wasn't able to get his problem fixed when his file was tossed on my desk. In my typical style I explained the situation to peers at the top and crossed my fingers. I was shocked when the serviceman and his attorney were at my desk. He was on leave from combat and I explained exactly how the error occured and what we are doing to remedy it. The attorney said for the first time in three years I feel confident. The situation had some minor glitches, but top bosses got me expert help in some areas. Top management agreedto cut some red tape as the person lived in an adjacent district. The top boss said " there are times that things become top priority
and aiding servicemen in combat zones when they seek our assistance is at the top of the list."
I recieved a letter of thanks from this serviceman. I forwarded it to my top boss with a memo
thanking him for assisting me with this project.

Most people hate going to work. For me it is a pleasure and a unique challenge each and every day. Other than the time I spend with the Tranquil Sea and the beloved Sprite I can think of no greater pleasure.

A Giant Has Left the Room

A much beloved coworker will be retiring soon. He was loved by all who he came into contact with. I had the luck of living not far from him and we had read many of the same books. For my peer this was a rarity as few people had read even a handful of the books he read. He talked me into reading historical fiction. In his honor I picked up my first book in the genre and have been enjoying Arundel. I used to read this genre but some lunatic leftistst oddly complained about two peers discussing James Mitchners the Covenant and we were told to leave the book at home.

I have never seen such a large gathering of high ranking people from many agencies paying tribute. It was my honor to be amongst such a distinguished group of peers. My peer walked me through some hairy cases. Most of the time it was false alarms. Even when I stated nothing is there at times they had to look to be sure. My peer would say Beaks let me take a short look it can't hurt. There were times I did find nasty stuff and he always wanted to know how I did it and he made sure to get my technique.

There wasn't a dry eye in the house and I sat with a legendary peer who will also be retiring within three years. She is loved by her peers but hated by attorneys as she is really tough. It is funny that we are good friends but tempermentally opposites. Attorneys with bad cases love for
me to hear their cases because I will listen to their points. My style is to look at the facts and state the case needs X or Y. I will also take the extra time when needed to deal with difficult cases. If a case can not be fixed I state exactly what the problem is unless there are confidentiality issues.

In many respects my peer who retired is very similar in temperment and ability. He had the good fortune to have great mentors and he credited those who were with him.

Our agency trully lost a giant whose shoes will never be filled. I was honored to learn from him.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Anti Brittish Sentiment?????

I do agree with those who are critical of the amount of anti BP rhetoric stated by this administration. However, the Obama administration has a history of beating up foreign firms in the press notably Toyota. Then again this adminstration has spent more time blaming Rush Limbaugh and Fox news for his poll numbers than creating jobs.

There is some legitimate anger at the BP. However, the anger really belongs directed at the Obama administration for not directly intervening and getting more involved with the efforts to reduce the impact of the spill earlier. In short Obama rather than getting the USA directly involved in the efforts to seal the leak passed the buck to BP.

That being said drilling for Oil remains a dangerous activity. BP is a respectable company and an assett to the communities it serves. I proudly buy my gas at BP and will not spend a nickel at Citgo even if it were far less expensive to do so.

The discussion of BP is in no way anti UK. Moreover, folks in the USA really don't care about the UK or comment about its politics anywhere near the level that its residents obsess about events
in America to an almost cartoon like manner. One can read American blogs and see scant coverage of events in the UK other than Prince Charles and Galloway are loons. I contrast this with the ignorantii at Harry's Place who proclaim themselves experts on all things American based upon a few trips to NYC, reading the Bolshevik NYT and the Huffington Post and accounts of events in their local media.

Examples of this

1) Whole threads on the Tea Party Movement from people who have never attended a single event. Tea Party events are in fact more peaceful and less hateful than so called "Nuremberg style so called Peace Protests". Even a basic glance at the wonderful blog of the Urban Infidel shows this in seconds.

2) Lengthy Diatribes about radio talk show hosts the authors have never bothered to listened to.
Sorry, but self proclaimed media experts should at least listen to a few shows before claiming expertise. In fact Limbaugh listeners are more educated and earn more than the general public.
Mark Levin is an actual Constitutional Scholar and his show is far and away more informative than anything on MSNBC. Sean Hannity has plenty of opposing views on his show.

3) Whole threads on Books the authors have never bothered to read. One should at least attempt to read Unfit for Command before commenting on it.

There is no such animal as anti UK sentiment in the USA. There is some anti French sentiment
that has been toned down by the friendlier tone of Sarkozy. There is plenty of anti Castro and Chavez sentiment in the USA based on the policies of criminal regimes.

The folks in the UK are quite off on this one. Most Americans really could care less about what goes on in the UK. This is not hatred, it is more irrelevance and boredom.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Obama wants to find some tails to kick

This type of expression works when one is a man of action like Mr. Beamish. This is a comedy classic comming from an out of touch government who has annoyed historic allies and blamed Rush Limbaugh and Fox News while the economy has burned. This administration may be the greatest collection of incompetents ever collected in Washington.

November is payback vote anyone who sides with Obama out. What is surprising is the failure of Democrats to recognize the handwritting on the wall. As Obama crashes the Democrats fail to move away from the disaster.

Perhaps Obama can do us a favor and kick his own tail.

Good First Step

The UK apparently has enacted a law that requires spouses to have English proficiency before immigration. This is a good idea and in theory is practiced by the USA for citizenship. However, in reality this is not applied and many times people granted citizenship can not speak English.

Oddly if this were applied in the USA the usual suspects would scream racism. Yet oddly countries like Ghana, Nigeria, the Philipinnes and Israel would have little issues with this new law.

The reality of this law is that sometimes mothers of young United States Citizen children can not speak English. The other day I had to conduct an interview in French which was the persons second language because they did not speak English. This person has been in the USA since the 80's. Providing social services in other languages has not helped this person learn English. Nor has being a parent to multiple US Citizen children helped this person gain fluency.

If we had responsible governance we would start to look at this area. Americans should not hold their breath waiting for the Obama administration to do anything in the area of immigration until after 2010

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The perils of reading a great book on public transportation

I am still reading the interesting Arundel by Kenneth Roberts. Around page 290 I get to what is a high point in the book only to have to start work. I picked it up after work and went to page 330
where the story picks up.

The book is a historical fiction account of Benedict Arnold's invasion of Quebec. Much of the material was covered in the book Through a Howling Wilderness reviewed on this blog a few months back.

Some important notes.

1) Most of the Revolutionary War's figures were hostile to ambivalent to Indians. The notable exceptions included General Schuyler who understood the importance of good relations with Native Americans. The Oneida and Stockbridge Indians earned their respect many times over.

2) In the case of Arnold's march through Maine one of his greatest failures was to hire Indian scouts to guide his party through the rugged terrain. More than likely most scouts would have tried to guide him through at an earlier time of the year before winter set in.

3) Gen Arnold and Daniel Morgan were brave sorts who were natural leaders. In the case of Arnold his later errors should not take away from his courage and achievements.

Sleep Break

I actually got 12 hours of badly needed rest. Burning the candle at both ends is difficult.

Monday, June 07, 2010

A Reminder to all of us except souless Commies

Times are rough but even in the bad times we need to look around us and be thankful for what we have. In many cases some of us envy the man up the block for his good fortune. Yet by the same token we are not prepared for being envied ourselves. It is quite easy to look down the block and see those who have fallen on hard times.

Some of life is timing. I look up the block and see my neighbor with a similar degree who lived the Wall Street dream for 20 years. Great wife and kids but the dream died and it has been two years since he has worked. Men like that have a hard time picking themselves off the floor and doing lesser tasks. His fate could easily have been mine. I wonder if given different timing how my life would be different.

I am going to have my first fathers day. I will be making a short speech at the wedding of the older sister of the beloved Sprite. I have a loving stable relationship without much drama with the tranquil sea. I am a respected member of my adopted community. I am frequently at the charity events and am often approached for advice on various matters. In many ways I am a late bloomer.

The story of our lives are unpredictable although the ending is never in doubt. The twists and turn and plot twists are truly amazing. I used to laugh when entertainment frequently state they
want to portray me on film. Of course I am not vain enough to warrant such treatment. For the record AOW was there when one such query was made. It has been made many times. Of course the Duck will point out that his life has already been made into a film called Reefer Madness

Life is never quite as bad or as good as it seems.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

To be alive young and in a loving Family in NYC

I am looking forward to spending summer days having fun with the Tranquil Sea and the Sprite.
There is no greater pleasure than going as a family to Zoo's museums and playing video games with the Sprite. She is very sweet and has a lot of fun as I am very patient and loving.

While alive live.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

A day with the Tranquil Sea

I sent the day with the Tranquil Sea and the beloved Sprite. We brought in food and went shopping
and played WII mini golf. I also got her a new dance video game that has Blondie in it. I think the game has 19 songs but she had a blast.

I am on page 200 of Arundel. Kenneth Roberts is excellent reading so if you are Mitchnered out and are looking for something in a similar mode it is well worth the effort.

The Beak Proudly Shops at BP but not Citgo

We can argue over the errors of BP at a later date. They have worked to attempt to fix this problem. They have not pointed the finger at anyone else. Most of your BP stations are run by families in your community. They sell an excellent product and employ Americans at home.

I have never and will not set foot in a Citgo station. I will not spend a nickel supporting a narco terrorist state run by a crack addict.

I am off to get my newspaper and a diet Mountain Dew at the nearby BP.

Friday, June 04, 2010

The Sea Hag Helen Thomas Speaks

The far left mindless crone Helen Thomas has proven that she is not fit for employment outside of Stormfront or Counter punch where Nazi type rhetoric is acceptable. She stated that Jews should go back to Poland and Germany where they came from. This comment shows Thomas like the Duck to be illiterate.

1) The majority of Jooooos in Israel come from Arab lands and were ethnically cleansed. Jooos settle their refugees and commies direct Arabs to spend generations in refugee camp to create a myth of an ethnicity.

2) Few Jews came from Germany and 90% of Poland's Jews were wiped out. There are plenty of Russian Jews that fled Marxist bigotry similar to her own idiocy.

3) Arabs have a lengthy history of colonial abuses and Thomas conveniently wants to start the clock after well over 1000 years of Islamo Jim Crow.

4) Is it possible to smell formaldehyde through a web image. I think she has escaped embalming yet again.

The realities of free speech in the work place for the Editrix

The realities are that although Americans are protected by the First Amendment our speech is restricted.

We may not hang a picture of any President in our office except the current one. Thus we may hang a picture of Yogi Bear but not of Abraham Lincoln. The fact that Lincoln remains dead for over 100 years and is on our currency is not considered.

Our speech is regulated to the point that anything that considered by anyone to be offensive is considered grounds for disciplinary action. In reality it is a tool of far left and in an office of 200 plus people four workers made up 90% of the complaints.

Certain actions are offensive and should be met with a suspension. Calling a short Black coworker Gary Coleman or calling an Italian coworker Tony Soprano would get people a suspension.

In the recent election I was careful never to say a single word. Even the cryptic phrase said to a coworker "talk to me on April 15" was deemed offensive by a person who illegally played pro Obama campaign messages at work.

In reality these rules are used by people with a far left agenda to harass their peers and some supervisors to bludgeon their staff. The fact that this seems insane and flies in the face of common sense is just meaningless.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

The perils of a free press

I am starting to wonder if the media coverage of the rampage shootings such as VA Tech and Columbine play a significant factor. We learn all about these demented individuals and this does seem to play a part in the crime itself.

We do live in a free society and the media is unrestricted. We get the media we deserve at times
and the lack of critical coverage of Obama outside of Fox is a joke. Our country is in a recession people want to find jobs and there is a real sense that government is out of control.

I am quite amused by commies who parrot the imbecile Noam Chomsky who waxes idiotically about corporate media. Commies create media events that often end in violence like the idiotic Gaza convoys. The notion that this was organized by terrorists and Communists as a media event and that the supplies were not needed is lost.

I am reminded of an event that was rather amusing at the RNC convention in NYC years back.
A woman screamed hysterically at Republicans you killed my brother. The cameras focused on a woman who was out of control. A veteran who was anti war asked the details and it was apparent that this persons brother fell off the aircraft carrier and the aircraft carrier had nothing to do with the Iraq War.

Terrorism is a publicity stunt largely perfected by commies with Red Brigades and Pseudostinians killing people for media coverage. Of course we can't and shouldn't ban coverage of 9-11 type of atrocities. However, maybe we need to rethink article after article on the lives of criminals and terrorists.

Unfortunately, the stories do sell and that is what drives publication. The media is merely guilty in those cases of giving us what we wish to read. They do this with everything except their sacred cow politician Obama and to a lesser extent Hillary.

The First Amendment is a great thing, but it comes with a price. The media wouldn't print those stories if we as a society didn't demand them.

Maybe a larger story should be can you still name the Columbine Killers or remember the details about the VA Tech killer. The fame is fleeting and they ultimately return to irrelevancy.

Communist Double Talk with Terrorism

Our friend Duncy pretends that Communists have nothing to do with terrorism. They make these claims that Code Pinko and Ayers and the Red Army are just anachronisms.

It turns out that the organizer of the flotilla is a terrorist organization linked to Al Queda. It just so happens that commies Bill Ayers, Dorn and Evans are active in the Free Gaza movement. The pattern of law breaking and aiding terrorism continues until the present.

Has anyone asked Obama about the continuing support and fund raising for terrorism by Bill Ayers who has broken laws previously? If we had responsible governance the leaders of Code Pink would at least be answering questions about when did they know they were working with an organization affiliated with Al Queda. Ayers never does seem to be held accountable for his actions.

The reality is that when one is a commie one is never held accountable for their actions or their history in the USA.

Logic of the Duck or Bird Brained Marxist Moronics

Yeagley Is Eeeeeevil because he dares to call Obama a negro and highlight his race. However, the Duck thinks it is perfectly acceptable to label Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah. Of course the Duck feels racial epithets are perfectly fine when said by Commies.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Disgraceful coverage by the Bolshevik NYT

The New York Times of Duranty fame proves once again why it is not to be trusted as a news source. The paper did not mention the presence of foreign communists in the Gaza ship fiasco. The paper did a very poor job of discussing the actual terrorist record of Turkish organizers.

The Israelis do not and should not apologize for defending their country from a terrorist state. There is no starvation in Gaza and when the thugs in Hamas provoke a military response the same Joooo obsessed Communists go into Jooooo derangement mode.

It is time for a different ship to set sail. Americans should gather meat and fresh produce and set sail for Venezuela. The ship should be manned by foreign anticommunists and hand out leaflets about the crimes against humanity of Chavez to recipients. Unlike the folks in Gaza who can readily find high quality meat and produce Venezuelans and Cubans have acute shortages.

Of course Cubans who have tried to rescue their family members by sea have been killed. The usual suspects approve of these abuses and talk about literacy and health care. When encouraged to relocate to Cuba if it is so great the bird brained Duck makes excuses.

Perhaps some intrepid Israelis should take the next boat and deposit it off the coast of Venezuela. The Israelis should then take the passports of the Commies and let Hugo deal with them. Let the people of Venezuela where the economy is in by far and away the worst shape of the region excepting Haiti and explain why the Gazans who lack for nothing need additional aid.

Those who were inclined to be Joooooo obsessed at the drop of a hat will continue to blame Israel
as in this case. One can not reason with Communists. They belong in mental institutions or prisons where they can pretend their paradises exist and the genocides they created are somehow rationalized.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Who loves America

I want to point out that a certain person who is quite clueless is proclaiming that they love America.
In fact this person does not understand what makes America unique.

Most of the readers here love America and one does not even have to be a US citizen to love America. In order to love this nation one must embrace the ideals as expressed in our founding documents. Our nation is one of shared vision an ideals open to all who share this vision.

Now a certain individual has wrapped themselves in the flag while denigrating Black people. Sorry,but Blacks have served with honor in every aspect of American life. This should come as no surprise as they are very much a part of the American family.

There are reasons to oppose Obama. He is more egocentric and arrogant than Bill Clinton and is amazingly less competent. He has spent little time trying to create real jobs for America and ran around promoting lousy ideas. He has gotten a free pass from the media without having any idea
of how to get people back to work.

None of the above has anything to do with race. In fact criticism of Obama on racial grounds goes against the ideas expressed in our founding documents.

The American ethos embodies individual rights and respect for property rights. The Duck is also
unamerican because he is beholden to death cult statism. Theft of private property under the
verbiage of Nationalization and class warfare populism are typical of this malady. Poultry regularly sides with every enemy of America and wants the tax payer to subsidize his obnoxious
views. People like poultry frequently call themselves "citizens of the planet". I would like them to
act upon this and renounce their citizenship.

The Duck also pretends that communist Larazza is fiction. The Duck will pretend that the racist
seditious group has nothing to do with communism while its leaders hail Chavez. Sorry, but the only things communists like Duncy excel at is treason and sedition

One can not be a patriot while castigating fellow citizens on the basis of their race. This person is merely misguided. Communists, seek the destruction of America and want it replaced with statism. They are unamerican and should do all of us a favor and join Hugo permanently.

Ban the ISM and prosecute its leaders

The ISM is a group that aids and abets terrorists. The recent episode at sea is the latest example of
Communist and Anarchists violating US law. Those members of the ISM should face criminal prosecution upon their return home.

The folks in Gaza are not starving and are in better shape than the people of Cuba and Venezuela.
Of course a ship delivering fresh meat and produce with anti Communist messages would be sunk.
Cuba has killed people for trying to help people escape Communism via the sea while the Duck waxes nostalgically about their health care and repeats cliches about literacy. Everyone is free to read exactly what the Communist government says they can read.