Saturday, June 19, 2010

Buyers remorse with Obama

Obama has a core of loyalist who will believe him no matter what. He also has a set of critics that will blame him for anything and everything.

I am amused at his far left supporters at European sites like Harry's Place The cartoon like views
of some of the self proclaimed "America experts" is at time nauseating and others comedic.

Lets start this off with some basics

1) I support off shore drilling.
2) This is a risky activity
3) Government's job is to regulate

Lets start off with another fact Barak Obama did not create the Oil spill or is in any way responsible.

That being said when we elected Obama we wre getting a person who has never held a real job
in his life. He is an Academic Marxist who does not grasp how to get things done in the real world. At least McCain was in the military and grasps delegation and chain of command.

When a disaster strikes it is the job of government to take control. This is done all the time in mining disasters. Obama has surrounded himself with authors, academic flunkies and political extremists like himself who have never held a job in their lives. While the Oil Spill and the economy was burning Obama let BP take responsibility. It is not in the public's interest to have a company cover up its errors. The US government should have been leading the effort and directing BP.

Obama is a failure as a leader and as a President. He was elected as a symbol of a post racial America. However, endlessly droning on about hope and change, reading a teleprompter and a
knock off Pepsi Logo does not create a President. His approval numbers are dropping like a rock and the economy is going into another tailspin.

In November there is going to be a huge Tea Party. People fed up with Obama and his arrogant
contempt for the American people will speak. We are Americans and we have our own history and value. We do not want to be EU West or Canada Lite. The one moment in the campaign where we saw the real Obama was the snide remark about guns and God. Obama is not one of us in any description.

Bill Clinton for all his narcissism and ethical lapses understood the limits of office. He moderated
his worst tendencies and chose survival. Obama is the worst President in modern history finally out doing Jimmy Carter. Of course when one criticizes Obama his cult like followers cry racism.
Indeed there is a tiny percentage of the criticism that is racist. However, to paraphrase Clinton
"It is the economy stupid".

Polls are not relevant in Europe. Some of the folks in the EU especially those in the UK are having buyers remorse.

Obama has sank so low, Oprah was in tears defending him. There is no defending a person who
can not lead and has contempt for the American people.


SecondComingOfBast said...


The oil spill would easily be solved, with aircraft carriers and Destroyers fitted to suction the oil already spilled. Nuclear submarines could guide the efforts from below, possibly even be fitted to transfer some of the oil from the source to a carrier above. Aircraft carriers are larger than barges and could hold a lot more oil at a time.

The Army Corps of Engineers working in tandem with BP could have already plugged the leak.

Obama knows all this. This could have amounted to a two or three year minor pollution problem at worse, though the pollution would have been considerable for maybe a half year. This did not have to be one third as big a deal as it has turned into.

Believe me, once the last couple of weeks of October role around, Obama will have taken complete control of the crisis, and by the time the November elections role around, he and his Democratic allies will have "saved" the Gulf.

CM said...

Come November!!!!

Does the Tea Party accept anyone NOT white? Are there different Tea Parties for different Nationalities?

SecondComingOfBast said...


That little cunt Shadowhawk threatened you on my blog, I'm leaving his threat up as evidence if you want to pursue it. He has a radio program, if I were you I'd call in and read the little cunt the riot act. Embarrass the shit out of him in front of his three or four listeners. He has a show on Blog Talk radio, but I can't think of the name of it. I think it's Pagan Perspectives.

He said there's a civil war coming and you can count on being among the first to go. Like I said, I'm leaving it up, partly as evidence, partly so people can see how insane this jackass is.

I don't think he gets it that you're a DHS Agent. He'd probably shit all over himself if you called his radio show and jacked his jaw, figuratively speaking.

beakerkin said...

The Tea Party accepts all nationalities and religions. The Duck as a communist is excluded.

Always On Watch said...

In November there is going to be a huge Tea Party.

Here in the D.C. area?

Always On Watch said...

The Pagan Temple,
Believe me, once the last couple of weeks of October role around, Obama will have taken complete control of the crisis, and by the time the November elections role around, he and his Democratic allies will have "saved" the Gulf.

I think such an attempt at propaganda will be made along the timeline you said. However, I'm not sure the spin will work.

Oh, the media will TRY to make the spin work. I can see the media laying the foundation for just such a propaganda war right now. But the media may be overdoing the stories. Day after day (Is this Day 61 now?), the BP oil spill is the lead story every damn day.

Always On Watch said...

This is an excellent essay on your part. I'm using if for my FEATURED QUESTION, along with The Pagan Temple's excellent comment.