Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gay Straight Black White and everything in between

In an earlier era we could remember when women were elegant and refined.  Unfortunately, in the new era they can be as coarse and angry as the rest of us. Nobody, loves to be dumped and yes it sucks but at least there was a time where at least women moved ahead.

Previously, I spoke of the very cruel notes to law enforcement about former lovers. You never see the numbers or really nasty stuff in the snitch letter sent by men. The other day I had to sit in and listen to yet another story of a former girlfriend attacking the current wife of a man. You seldom if ever see these stories in the paper.

If you are wronged show difficulty move ahead and never look back. Don't return the calls of the person and move ahead. They will probably call you sooner then you think and a polite hangup feels good. Sorry, just not interested you were unreliable and just quite as good as you think. This sounds funny but when you fight
and play the game you give them the attention that feeds the ego. Be firm and just state they were a bore. There really is no comeback from that.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


I am sometimes floored by the way rules seem to exist only for those of rank and file. Management holds workers to impossible often arbitrary standards and holds itself to none.

The federal government badly needs anti nepotism laws to be enacted and enforced. There is no need to have immediate relatives in the same agency. There are plenty of other federal agencies to work at. The same manager who was promoted swiftly through the ranks will lecture you about imagined appearances of impropriety just happens to have a relative high up the chain in management.

Under the Obama administration EEO actions and ethical practices seem to be out of control. There are tight rules and regulations that govern what officials can say to each other. For example if another agency wants a record there are lengthy sets of rules governing this. It appears the folks at the IRS violated this rule multiple times. Had this been a low level employee this would have been serious consequences.

I was discussing locker room culture with a female coworker. There have been a series of crazy personnel moves that appear odd. A couple of old Jurassic types have used their power to get into close proximity to attractive females. The actual performance of these females has ranged from good to abysmal. Yet the young attractive females never seem to be held accountable for even the most profound errors. Older workers are held to impossible standards of quality and performance.

I have been mentoring many new officers. The amount of time I spend varies, but one complained that I don't
make myself as available to female trainees. I tend to spend more time with an officer switching sections then a new hire. The new hires have recent training. I have never turned anyone away who asked for help. I did make more time available for those who asked.

I tend to be very tough on the Jurassic managers. Both had infractions that were swept under the rug. Yet they were crazy disciplinarians on often trivial matters. Take off your tie on a hot day in your office and you could be suspended but sexual harassment didn't exist.

My wiser female coworker pointed out that some of the targets took advantage of the situation and were semi willing. I am just amazed that even after repeated incidents these dinosaurs just never learn their lesson.
I remember when I got a stern lecture after allegedly offending a female coworker with the statement "I find womens sports boring". I don't watch the WNBA along with all types of sports of any gender. I avoided this person and was careful not to speak in her presence. I then got an even more pointed lecture about shunning
this person. I stopped talking to anyone and it was a female friend who told me to stop being absurd. The 
charges were absurd and that anyone who knows me grasps I am more preoccupied with the next meal or getting a cold Diet Dew then anything else. 

Some of the younger female workers were perplexed by the complaints. Guys were told to stop talking about car parts and lawn care because it made a certain female uncomfortable. Would I really care if a group of females discussed shows they watched.

It comes as little surprise that a worker with some toxic views is employed by the government. Now some of those people wanting to fire this employee should be careful. Did these objectionable views impact their performance? No doubt these views are vulgar and toxic, but do we want Obamanuts looking under every
rock for someone who might have been a Tea Party rally or listened to Rush Limbaugh. I remember being taunted if I don't vote for Obama I must be a racist. The notion that I could disagree with his policies or just did not want to vote for either candidate just sailed over this employees head. All kidding aside these views are beyond foul or even poultry.  


Thursday, August 22, 2013

RIP Slim Whitman

Rest in peace to a talented entertainer whose song Northwind was the inspiration for the pet name of a former girlfriend. Many a person laughs at the stories of Northwind who managed to mix alcohol and firearms and not kill half of Vermont in each account.

Sadly, both Whitman and Northwind are no longer with us. Northwind was many things drunk, stupid but above all things she was never boring. Northwind lives on as long as people yearn to live life free.

RIP Slim Whitman

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Welcome to the Obama Peoples Temple Now serving Obamaide

We wish to open the Obama's People's Temple of Stupidity. The temple is open to all of you believers of the sainted mendicant of high incompetence. Kindly place your bong down quit reading the Obama People's Temple press arm aka Huffington and gather for Obamaide.

Lets celebrate and pass out the Obamaide.

1) Lets talk about phony scandals that involve actual dead people and abuses at the IRS that are Nixonian cubed. Who needs Hugo when the IRS can bring the spirit of Chevezmo here and abuse all opponents of the Obama People's Temple.
2) Lets talk about health care savings under Obamacare. Take a double hit of Obamaide and ignore your eyes and swear your premiums are staying the same.
3) Lets look for the Yeti, Bigfoot and full time jobs. The reality is all of us are more likely to date Lindsay Lohan even if you were not inclined then to find a full time job under Obama.

Full time jobs under the Obama administration is an urban myth like glow in the dark Mountain Dew.

Even the followers of Jim Jones were more reality based then the Obamunists.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dangerously Ill

There is a flu running around my office. On Thursday night I was lapsing into and out of hallucinations that were vivid. Oddly, I was transported in time back to the late 80's. I ran into people I had forgotten about and one I did not.

A close friend from the time period was shady on various levels. Yet, he was my friend and I have had to deal with the oddity of having a friend who on many levels was amoral. I try to distance myself from the revelations that have been unearthed subsequent to his death.

As I passed into and out of this surreal blur between sleep and psychosis punctuated by bathroom migrations. I was frozen and then hot and frozen.My mind saw stretches of light and again I was transported back in time. Restaurants and places that were long gone and this friend as in reality  was present.

Oddly, I woke up relived but never want to journey to the surreal again. I guess our visions are reflections of us. Some people get philosophers and I get dead insult comics,

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Obama Cult

Ordinary politicians get satirical abuse as part of the job. For the Obamunists who are familiar with serial comparison the furor over the rodeo clown is a bit much. I personally would like to do my own satire on SNL about the Chinese hacking the teleprompter and placing out absurd lines like phony scandals or blaming Benghazi on a video.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nobody Line Dances in my office

At any level the IRS scandal is fairly obvious.

I have seen strange things in government offices but nobody line dances at my agency or dresses up like Spock. The training with rare exception is done in house. Sometimes they will send managers or a handful of officers outside. However, we don't dress up or play Captain Kirk.

My office is like a sweat shop and officers bust their backside with impossible cases.

In general the congressional inquiries are a joke. The people leave out details like I have multiple deportation orders.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Feel better finally exploded

Sometimes its better to explode then to hold it in. Had this relative said " I get on your nerves bear with me"I would have been okay. Instead he attacked me in the most crude manner and I was angry not because of the words but because he just didn't put his hand out. It was the sense of entitlement, that your feelings don't matter. The words meant nothing, it was the failure to put out the hand and acknowledge my humanity.

Rather then get defensive and fight, he should have said I know bear with me. It was not the toxic words that angered me. It was the inability to hold out his hand and say bear with me a tad more.

It takes no skill to fight. It takes more skill to be humble and give the man a finger. By bottling up this anger I did not help the situation at all. This relative needed to grasp other people matter. It is easy to fight, but it was not needed.

I work a brutal job. Yet among the misery and pathos, I rise up and am the gentle smile that welcomes people to our door. Workers in my agency don't dress up like Spock or line dance. We don't go to conferences every minute. My agency is always last in employee satisfaction and my office and section until recently were the worst out there.

It is the toughest beat in the worst area in the worst location. I am the gentle hand that says welcome or try again. Up until this boss, I never got a kind word or thank you. I mentored dozens and pulled my weight and that is no fat joke. Serving the public is enough and seeing a heartfelt thank you is enough. Saying welcome to a person who has overcome adversity is enough. My hero is a modest woman from Jamaica working two brutal jobs to support her adult developmentally disabled daughters. If you felt sorry for her she would slap you and thank God for her lot.

My job is a hell hole. I work in a place that is rife with cronyism and treats Jews, Gays and anyone over 40 like excrement. Like the Jamaican woman, I must learn grace and dignity. Yes, management sucks for it is stupid, rife with nepotism and incompetence. In many ways my relationship with my job is like a battered spouse. I love the public and the work I do. Sadly, it comes with a set of clods who lack humanity.

I am thankful that I was allowed to see the ray of sunshine and humanity of the top boss. She can get more with a smile and the words Beaky then all the fear and bullying.. I would march through hell and back for her a million times only because she has confidence in me and treats me like a human.

We live in a world where there isn't always right or wrong. I had an oh my God case and she said "Beaky you and I know the past stinks. That was twenty years ago and the couple is together. Treat the family with respect or at least get them out of the way fast". She said it with a smile and I knew she was right and had faith in me to get it right. Having a boss that believes in you is a blessing.

Why I would march through hell and back is she understands people are not numbers. If we have to throw the book, at least pick the right people to throw the book at. Grace and glory will come to you here without making mountains out of molehills.

Oddly, I feel whole and I am no longer angry. Bottling it up was worse then fighting. It is easy to hate frummies. They are self centered, they don't understand other perspectives, they are cultural zombies, they really just don't understand hard work and they have Gods authority. If I can find forgiveness in others, I should forgive the frummies for what they are not. The sense of superiority and entitlement got to me. Of course had this relative said " I know it sucks, but we'll get through it I would be fine." It was the failure to acknowledge me as a human that did it.

I still abhor frumkiet. It sickens me and is a mockery of actual faith. Work hard, take care of yourself respect others and the big guy gets it in the final chapter. My love is that which I swore an oath to. My love is that which surrounds me. I am American in content and substance. I am a Jew, but it is but a detail in a larger picture. I celebrate and enjoy those things around me. I do not seek to separate myself with quirky dress. Nor do I look upon the ghettos of Europe with a tear in my eye. Life was hard and aping the customs is as absurd as starting a cult around Sanford and Son, Gilligan's Island or Alf.

For all the boorish piety and absurd clothing frummies miss the part about hard work and dignity. Studying the talmud was done for 90% after work. Even Maimonides had a day job and never asked for a crumb.
Nor is following cult like ethically challenged cult Rabbis part of our traditions. These Cult leaders make themselves out to be king and need to be prosecuted under the RICO act in many cases.

Part of this is my fault for not exploding sooner. Merely, telling this relative show some humility should have been said long ago. Those words were really hateful and vile, yet in the big picture they meant nothing. You get further in life with we are all in this together then haughtyniss.

Oddly this relative has an incompetent relative that cost me $900.00 dollars and my car. I told her change the plates but as a useless incompetent and after feigning expertise duhh I got to change the plates,. If my car did not move for six months it is not your business. The fact it was given to me as a gift is not your business. I owned and maintained it well. Your car breaks and you ask for mine like I owe you something with no regard and you feign it doesn't really belong to me. What part of it was a gift given to me nine years ago eludes you. What part of show humility did you forget. Why when I told you to change the plates did feign expertise pretend it is not my car. How much incompetence and boorishness must I endure.
Why am I the only one in this place that ever gets shit right the first time. If I married that idiot I would kill myself to get away from her. How much incompetence, stupidity and boorishness must I endure. It is the incompetence that gets to me.

I can't hate this relative, but his wife and bratty kids are another story. He needed to learn humility, to respect me as a human. These relatives are very easy to hate especially his wife who can't get a thing right and knows everything. The kids are obnoxious uncouth. In my days Yeshiva kids in my day understood that hard work and respecting others meant more then ceremonies. The sense of "we are the center of the world " arrogance really gets me. I was a college graduate and on the first day the boss tossed me a broom. I did my job with pride and didn't have the attitude it is beneath me.

My only wish is when my hour comes to return my soul to the jungles of Guyana. I want my spirit to rest among the trees and animals. I do not wish to be reclaimed into a faith that has treated me poorly and I chaffed against. Being Jewish has never been a source of happiness for me. It has always created conflict  and pain. My pain was in my battle to define myself on my own terms. Much like a gay man being in the closet I lived a lie. I never felt religious and chafed at having to fake it. It was not as if I stepped out of the secular closet as I shouted this is who I am. Nobody accepted my secular lifestyle and there was always the belief I would return to the path. Sunbeam was a psycho, but she was right about one thing I can't fake my disdain for long. Something primal inside me rejects having to feign faith I never had.

Be yourself, be proud of what you are and live.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Volunteered to go to Iraq

Rather then deal with the frummies intrusions and disgraceful lifestyle I have volunteered to go to Iraq. I am sick and tired of all these visits and forcing their disgusting lifestyle on me,

If these relatives are broke it is because they accepted a lazy wife feigning piety when she should have found work 20 years ago. I am sick of this couch potato piety on my dime. Hey asswhipe tell your lazy useless wife to fucking get a job. Buy your own car and its not your business if I barely use my car. I am not buying another so these circus clowns can repeat this.

If my parents were not still alive I would convert to Hinduism for spite. I am tired of these visits and I told these relatives I will not attend any more functions with them.

Sorry, but this frumkite is all a scam to get out of working. If the Yeshiva bills are so high who the hell told you to send your idiot kid to study religious texts for two years,

Now my car is a casualty of this religious bull shit.

I would sooner risk death overseas then spend anymore time with these idiots.

Frummies are self centered lazy and obnoxious. Don't cry to me about money when your wife hasn't worked in two decades. Send the stupid slob to work in Walmart or any menial job. Don't tell me she is above such shit when I kill myself at work and you swipe my car and inflict these nonstop visits,

They promised me it would stop last summer. They lied and I can't take it anymore. At least jihadis are not lazy. Let me work abroad give me a sidearm and I'll take my chances with Al Quaeda. This laziness and obnoxious sense of self centered entitlement is enough.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Count me out of this one

Some of my peers have reservations about working gay cases. In truth many people have been working these cases for years and did not notice. The gay asylum cases are among the finest examples of proper use of that law. I actually look forward to those cases, because they are genuine.

I am a proud public servant. My job is to enforce the laws of the United States. All citizens are equal, save those who seek the overthrow of the USA. I have no moral issues serving the gay community. I am a professional above all other things.

There are claims that there will be rampant fraud. Anyone who thinks it will be worse then the other areas is out of their mind.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Share the moment

It may seem small or trite but if you have a good moment share it with others. I work with wonderful language specialists. When I reach the finale of a happy ending I ask if they would like to stick around for the finale. They always spend the extra five minutes or so because I endeavor to make these moments magical.

Don't be Ducky. Bring joy and happiness where you go, not when you go.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Media is at it again

The scene is familiar regrettably police shoot a 14 year old. The media shows pictures that make the child in question look angelic. However, the child in question had a rap sheet and just fired a gun. Are the critics of NYPD going to feign ignorance that stop and frisk does not prevent tragedies like this. Where are the media reports of the rap sheet and gang ties of the deceased.

It is regrettable anytime a police officer has to use deadly force. We should always give police officers the benefit of the doubt unless overwhelming evidence dictates otherwise.

Obama Narrative and Al Queda

There are those in the administration that delude themselves into thinking we can work with Al Queda  linked  fighters in places like Libya and Syria and they will leave us alone. There are also those that think we can capture these fighters and return them to prisons in their home countries. The recent prison breaks in several countries shows this does not work. Those we capture should go straight to Gitmo. Al Queda wants to try a mass breakout there, but the Marines and the adjacent security perimeter make this a much tougher task.

The embassy closures were due to chatter between Al Queda leaders. Those who think the Obama efforts to co-opt Al Queda or that Muslim radicals will love us because he is not Bush are deluded.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Lost Generation

The Obama years represent the end of the American dream. The media in its efforts to anoint a progressive failed to do basic scrutiny and elected an incompetent, People in their 50's were cast aside in the economic mayhem. While America screamed "JOBS" Obama responded with a job killing health care bill and attempts to do ill timed immigration reform.

The unions backed this health disaster known as Obama care only to have their own policies torched  by Obama. Now some of the unions are having second thoughts about Obama care. Obama talks about education but lazy political cronies have pushed the cost of a degree out of the range of affordability. Salaries at higher ed never get a fraction of the scrutiny that your average CEO gets. Funny the business people I know do not get sabaticals and work  15 hours for 3/4 of the year. Lets also be brutally honest about 90%
of the scholarship outside of the hard sciences is worthless and should not be subsidized by the tax payer.

The abuses of power exceed anything dreamed up by Nixon. The IRS scandal was directed by the White House and the Soros front groups are rationalizing the violation of ethics by a handful of cases where a left wing group were similarly mistreated. We have dead in Benghazi while Obama feigns ignorance that rationalizations about obscure films was the cause of a terrorist attack.

Obama now feigns he is an expert in Constitutional law. Actually, he was a political patronage hire at a local University who never published anything. He was never on the tenure track like every other bit of Obamas life is a mix of incompetence, stupidity and nepotism.

Lets compare Thomas Sowell or Herman Cain to Obama. Neither one attended Prep schools and both lived in Black neighborhoods and worked real jobs. Obama never worked a real job or published anything of note. His self serving bios are not accomplishments and are on a par with a D script in Hollywood. If he were Sigmund Johansen you would never hear of him. He would likely be marketing mediocre products. Obama's rise to fame was all nepotism and elite leftist paranoia about race.

The greatest scandal is the inability of the media outside FOX to hold Obama accountable for his failure to lead and ethical lapses.