Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pointless Death for its own sake

I am going to say what Obama lacks the courage to say. Once again violent religious extremists have pointlessly killed innocents in the name of Islam. These crimes against humanity cause more damage to Islam than the actions of any blasphemer. It is incumbent on Muslims to stamp out these criminals who make a mockery of their faith.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Harry's Place and Brexit and the hypocritical Gene Zitver

The webs greatest hypocrite and laziest blogger Gene Zitver asks now what. A smarter man would understand the moment. As a charter member of the Obamarhoid Cocktail party he is part of the global elite. No person embodies the tone deaf, clueless, incompetent and imperially arrogant Obama.

We are at a point where people are fed up with aloof leaders more concerned with the opinions in their elite cocktail
Mixers than that of those of us who toil. I don't need Obama or any other figure to impose policies on me. Government
Exists to serve its constituents. There are many people in power who treat those they govern like domestic animals. Who decided all these refugees need to come here. Who threw the immigration doors wide open at a time jobs don't exist.

I don't like Trump. He is more qualified than Obama was to be President. What is he going to do send the IRS after political foes, annoy our allies and make stupid policies. Funny, Obama has allready done this and knowingly lied to
The American People about Obama Care and the Iran deal.

We saw a people fed up with rule by an out of touch elite. Some of these new parties will be much scarier than Trump. It is the first shot in a wave that wants government to serve the people, not the other wAy around. These rightist parties should be viewed individually.

The political monoculture in media, academia and on the left went too far. Government should respect the people and remember they are there to serve the people. If you want an example of arrogance listen to Obama spin why he does not mention Islam after terrorist attacks.

Without the arrogance and incompetence of Obama, you don't get Trump. Don't hold your breath for the elites to look in the mirror.

Passage of Time. A word about Dr Yeagley

Dr Yeagley was a complex and brilliant man with some dreadful ideas. In private correspondence he was warm and personable. All of us are mash of logic and off the wall stuff. What makes Yeagley tragic was he badly misunderstood
the essence of the things closest to his heart.

All of us have hang ups. He had a genuine fixation with miscegenation. He himself was the product of such a union. He
Was roughly as White as Barak Obama. In his world Black was inferior. Mixes between Blacks and anything else were evil.

I don't tell others how to live. I have certainly miscegnated plenty of times with various types. In NYC all races live and sometimes do form relationships. I really don't care how the next person defines love so long as all parties are consenting adults. This goes straight to the concept of pursuit of happiness.

After the election of Obama, he really started to become unglued. There are plenty of reasons to despise Obama on policy. It is also a fair critique to say he plays the race card too often. This is quite different than the race based stuff the Dr was writing.

From any basic reading and in private conversations the Dr was a serious Christian. He seriously embraced the teachings of Jesus and was knowledgeable. Yet for all his vast knowledge, he was very mistaken about a core concept of the faith he loved. He certainly understood that Jesus was the fulfillment of the Judaic prophecies. Accepting Jesus as your savior allows the non Jews to be part of the prophecies. The teachings of Jesus are inclusive and open to all regardless of race. It is a faith that welcomes people of all types to join and respects life.

He had a similar deep but flawed view of America. In any basic reading it is obvious he was a patriot. This was even more so in private correspondence. Yet he also seemed to miss that we are a nation of shared values and are different from most nations.

I consider Yeagley a friend who was tragically wrong about the things closest to his heart. The older I get the more perplexed I am about love. How does such a brilliant man get the essence of the things closest to his heart. Love is not logical and if it were we would have balance sheets instead of poetry. As love itself is not logical, perhaps we should not expect humans to be robots. We form our own mental blind spots that alter logic.

In the end we are all human. I hope the Dr has found salvation, grace and peace in the next world. He lived a tough life with some bad breaks. Wherever he is, he is always my friend first and foremost. The tragedy is one can likely write a similar post about me and you. It's just part of the human condition.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Real stupidity

I am not a fan of banning words. What makes this one annoying is the rather absurd inclusion of Shariah on the list.
This is such an over reaction it isn't funny. Should we also ban Talmudic law and Napoleonic code. There are plenty of legal contexts where that term comes up.

I want to point out the only word that seems to be out of the vocabulary is the dreaded N word. We should come to a time and place where calling gays the F word gets a similar treatment. Slur words have no place in the work place and Shariah is not a slur.

Sometimes political correctness is more stupid than anything else.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Clearing up some misconceptions

Okay I am now diabetic. A well meaning, but out of control relative killed the days of chips and Popeyes chicken by screaming to take multiple tests. The condition can be controlled with a bland diet and excercize. I can live miserably on that diet another 30 years. Hopefully, rather than endure life without taste I get hit by a moving vehicle or done in by a deranged junkie.

My lifestyle in some respects wasn't terrible. I despise alcohol and hate being pressured to have one. Now I can refuse firmly. I never smoked at all. I never touched or went near any illegal drugs.

Okay, I got a bad break and in time it will kill me. Most of those people who lose limbs do so from being stupid. As I despise alcohol and hate tobacco the most likely avenues for limb loss are not likely. Now I get to say no to all those people who insist I drink. Sorry, if I get kill myself better I do so with a few pieces of Popeyes than idiotic alcohol.

I saw many scary things at the hospital. Looking at heroin and pain killer addiction up close is an eye opener. Young kids strung out so bad they can't feed themselves. People with pain issues that require mind blowing doses of prescription drugs. I want to talk about the latter.

This is a real tragedy, because it turns wonderful people into a handful. My second room mate was a delightful person
With a real issue. When the pain talks, he is difficult. It is a tragedy that some injuries can cause so much pain it comes to this. It is important to understand, this still is a great person with a much greater burden than mine.

I wasn't a bad patient other than loud snoring. The staff of the hospital said they enjoyed the comedy and my personable manner. What idiot walks around in a bed sheet at 2am as Mr Philosophy. It allowed a person in pain to laugh and brought a smile to workers having a rough day.

At first I was mortified that I offended a genuine hero and good man. I was relieved to know the only issue was my snoring. Had I been placed on my side minimal issue. I was blessed to spend as much time with a genuine hero and world class guy as I did. He makes you think differently. I am slightly involved with a company that sells indestructible shirts. Throw an iced tea at it and it kicks the stain back. I wouldn't dream of wearing one, but he asked me why. I had no answer and he was right. Why shouldn't I wear one. We had a conversation about flash vs subtle. It is the old Carlo Gambino vs John Gotti manly issue. Carlo dressed and lived modestly as to avoid attention. John Gotti was a brash clothes horse. The shire may be more expensive, but they are not brash. As usual he
was correct. He is a briliant man who is steps ahead of most. Can't say how lucky I was to spend time and pick up some wisdom. On another level he appreciated my humor and was there when I got the news about diabetes. His message was you can do this and it meant a lot. He is everything I wish I were but am not. I am a world class officer, cited for my dedication, intelligence and wit. Yet I miss the poise that this man has in abundance. Poise is a wonderful thing and if I had it, I would go far.

I get back to the horrors of pain. Diabetes is bad, okay some day it will kill me. However, it isn't such a bad break
in the greater picture. Okay, I get to eat a specialized diet and a lifetime of pills. I can now be open and out of the closet about my disdain for alcohol. It's okay for you but please don't push items I hate on me. My condition will not make me difficult for others. I will not suffer anything other than boring food, but I am still me.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I am out of the hospital with a nice bonus dibetes. It is in the earliest phases and can be managed. One relative kept screaming at my doctors test test. I tested multiple times and was fine. But after multiple tests I failed one. Now I have more tests and a lifetime of misery. A fatal heart attack is better than the diet.

I was lucky to share a room with an actual hero. It was my honor to learn from a distinguished professional. I wish I didn't snore so badly that he switched. I said goodbye on my way out and he was all class and honor. He is the best of our city and was modest.

The next roommate was a nice guy with pain issues. Horrible pain is a terrible thing and I am glad I avoided it. I separate what is the pain from a great person with a huge heart. How the staff did not kill me for dressing in a bedsheet and calling myself Mr Philosophy. Everyone had a great laugh including my rookie in pain. The staff enjoyed my humor. It gets people out of a bad mood and brightens a day. I passed two Priest on Father's Day and I asked if this was a message from upstairs or bingo night.

Just the same I never want to be there again.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Time to step up

It's time for the American left to donate food for Hugo's mess. Prople are hungry over orthodoxy. It is time to cease the rhetoric and feed the hungry. Let the aid be contingent on reducing the size of the military. The first business of government is to protect its people. An oversized politicized military with no foe makes no sense. Columbia would win easily if it wished. Even the saber rattling with Guyana isn't a given. The area in question lends itself to irregular warfare. A handful of Guyanese could have body bags littered all over the place. With food riots such a stupid joke could cause a real revolution.

Of course the big Chavezistas are pretending that I did not warn them that Oil is a cyclical commodity. It does not rise linearly. Marxist idiots are economic imbeciles. It's time for the left to seek help for the pest holes they imagine are paradise. It's time for all of those idiots like Renegade Eye and Troutsky to go and feed the poor. I will give Ducky a partial pass as he should send one weeks cafeteria bill in aid. He isn't as morally culpable. While
he did do some spin he did not sell out.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

A non political post

I hate the way our future looks on every level. Maybe it's because I am old but I look at the way the world changed and don't like what I see.

Employment The nature of work itself is going to be project type work moving from assignment to assignment. The days of workplace buddies over years will be like the dinosaur. For those of us working low skilled jobs wave after wave of immigrants will make many people obsolete. Even mostly skilled workers are being under cut by cheap labor.

Domestic security will be heightened even worse as Extremist Muslim attacks grow common. Jews and gay venues will require more security. This is especially sad in a Jewish perspective. The tradition of welcoming travelers and strangers is a thing of the past. This is a central part of our culture rendered dangerous in the new era. A traveler
Could wash up in any Jewish house of worship and be treated as an honored guest. In some places in my travels the community made an active effort to welcome travelers and just people who drifted in. Have we got to letters of introduction or worse in the future. Will security tighten and gay clubs be more tame and selective about who they admit entry to.

Education will it become out of reach for the vast majority of working class people. Will technology force colleges to become leaner. I am not optimistic about any candidate reforming this in a meaningful manner.

Growth I don't see anyone creating sustained growth. As the EU disintergrates and China correct itself I don't see growth any time soon. I see chaos ahead on a global level.

Sadly, I don't see our lives getting better. As jobs are more mobile notions of real communities will be a thing of yesteryear. Marriage stability and family unity are becoming rarer. Are we happier than previous generations? I don't remember my grandparents being alienated from society. They were part of communities with families and had life long friends. I remember them talking about the future with pride.

If Trump is talking about making America great is he fighting Time itself and is Hilliary just a more competent Obama
Who will not get his free passes.

I don't like the world we are evolving into. Yet I don't see a way to have the best parts of previous generations with the way our future looks to be heading.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

House of Cards

I am in the hospital because I am not healed sufficiently. The infection is not going away and I can't sleep. I am doing better but my progress is slow.

I am thinking the world as we know it is finnished. The EU is going largely because of its arrogance. From an American perspective which does not apply the whole EU and even the Obama mess is a lack of accountability and arrogance. My country has just experience the worst case of homophobic violence. The killer is quite vocal what his motivation is. My Prsident wants to rail about guns but ignore the Islamic part of this crime. Moreover, he wants to vet US Citizen gun owners extensively but waive immigrants from countries where terrorism in with no checks.

Pardon me, I don't recall lefties rationalizing Baruch Goldstein. In fact the fact you can still name him speaks to how rare this behavior is. Yes there are rare cases and Israel does prosecute them.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of gun owners are law abiding. Does Obama show gun owners any consideration, no. The Orlando Assasin was not yelling Long Live Charlton Heston. Some of us are sick of the rationalizations and the arrogant lectures. Maybe it's time folks at CAIR feel defensive. I don't want to sound harsh, but I am tired of rationalization and spin. It's time for excuses to stop and respect for others to start. It is okay to believe whatever is a spiritual crime. It is never okay to serve as Gods high executioner. For reference there are plenty of
Other crimes that call for serious punishment adultery, onanism and abortion. We have civil law, so live and let live.

The EU goes and if Trump wins Soros kills the stock market. His rhetoric speaks to zero confidence in Hilary.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Of Gays and Guns

This is a hard post to write. The KKK style of Islamo Nazi attacks strike at the heart of my country personal liberty. It is a sad state of affairs that Islamo Nazis aided by their far left allies have turned our personal liberties into a joke.

From now on gay and Jewish facilities need armed guards. However, this is only the start where the usual suspects feel liberated to denigrate others in the workplace and in public. My response is take the fight to enemy. Don't allow these anti Americans peace. Should you encounter any harassment by Muslims or lefties step up. You don't belong
In my country because you don't respect Liberty.

As far as respect for Islam. The Nation of Islam has nothing to do with Islam it is a stupid racist cult. I will point out the Presidents church is not too much different from the NOI. As usual Obama is allowed to pretend he has zero knowledge of the racist, antisemtic and anti American garbage that is central to the ministry of Pastor Wright. No other candidate has ever been given such a free pass on an odious social life. He hangs out with communist terrorists, was mentored by a terrorist and spent two decades in a racist church.

Once again we have a hate crime committed by Muslims. Obama gets on the podium and fails to mention Islam and goes on a predictable rant about guns. Sorry, even the most insane of Christian Churches do not preach KKK style of hate. If you do want to see hateful Christians, he should look at the rhetoric from the far left churches.

Here is what you can do. Remind lefties and Muslims they Unamerican. They literally obsess more over Jews than a cartoon KKK jerk. Pull no punches when dealing with this crew. Do not stand by when lefties or Muslims denigrate Jews, Gays, conservatives. Remind lefties they are free to move to Havana and tell misbehaving Muslims leave. If you can not respect others and live peaceably get out.

There is a place for civilized discourse. Lefties do not respect the rights of others. They also fail to understand that first amendment guarantees do not prevent reaction to offensive speech. The correct response to BDS is to pull all research grants and student loans from universities where this takes place. Let lefties explain to their fellow students how their political idiocy raised tuition.

Part of America died in Orlando. It is a pathetic state of affairs where Muslims and lefties feel they own Anerican streets. I am not endorsing violence. I am endorsing survival. You want to protest fine peaceful or face consequences. Use your wits and tee off.

Just how are Muslims victims.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

There is no excuse

I grow tired of these rationalizations for a hate crime. Most of us see plenty of things we don't care for but don't slaighter people. Most of us see a variety of things that annoy us like Dallas Cowboy merchandise or a Vanilla Ice Cd. We grasp that people like stupid things. The killer was born in NYC and was familiar with gays. Gays are fellow Americans who need to grasp Progressives just threw them under the bus.

ISIS is Islam for losers. The killer could have left the country and become a war criminal. Instead he chose an act of cowardice and sneak attacked unarmed gay Civillians.

Just exactly how do Muslims become victims. Any claim that Muslims are victims given their history of colonialism and
Jim Crow abuses are sad jokes. Palestine is a communist rationalization for Jew hatred. In reality it is lefties who want to create apartheid states for Muslims. It is time we realize that rationalization of terror by the left is a crime. The presidents great buddy Ayers should be ostracized as the worst American ever. Unlike Benadict Arnold he never served his country. He aided and abetted a foreign death cult slaughter millions. His crimes had nothing to do with Vietnam. Furthermore if he lived in the idiocy he advocates for others he would be dead.

Progressives are ignorant heartless people who hate everything about our country and our traditions. Obama can't say Islamic RadicLism because Muslims are victims. He uses the terrorism word to describe people opposed to his policies and then sends his Mafia in the IRS after his critics. The Obama Clinton abuses need a special prosecutor. Let Lois Lerner face jail time in a Super Max and see if she is as tough as Liddy. My guess is she sings as she is a coward and bully. Time in a superman breaks her.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Who hates Gays

Sorry Mr President but you are an asshole. Now there are those against gay marriage. Only one group consistently calls for the death of gays. At worst Chrisians may make a stupid comment. The more typical notion is to love the sinner and hate the sinner.

The President lives in a fantasy land where every inexcusable behavior by Muslims has a rationalization. Muslims can't be trusted to behave themselves when they see two men kissing.

There is no excuse for this behavior. No this is not an indictment of an entire faith. However, to pretend that these are lifestyle critics. ISIS is Islam for losers. If sympathizers are found they should be dealt with harshly.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Obama hands Trump election

Obama is the dumbest man ever to sit in the White House. The second greatest hate crime in American history just happened. He danced around the subject of hate and Islam. The subject was obvious and his inability to speak to an obvious truth is beyond belief. Fifty dead call for blunt honesty. Moreover, the coward that did this had no criminal
Record or history of mental illness. As usual Obama grandstanded the usual rants about gun control. He did not note the area was a gun free zone with sitting ducks.

At a certain point this dishonesty about Islam gets absurd. The source of the hatred is obvious. Obama can spin rationalize and pretend this is an inconvenience.

I don't like Trump. However, his ability to state the obvious is refreshing. I wait for Hilliary to say something close, but she must be a graduate of the Max Blumenthal school of ignorance. Hilliary is not as stupid as Obama, but
That is no achievement.

Some of the Trump support is exasperation with Obama. Even as he is a lame duck, he just inflames those of us in the center. This arrogance and duplicity is not lost on Americans. Let Obama hang his head in shame as Hilliary will pay dearly for his folly.

Okay Einsteins

Notably absent from the mass slaughter of gays is Barak Obama. We are going to see spin to deterrorize this heinous hate crime against people for being themselves. We will no doubt get the self hating gay theories. We will get mental
Illness theories abound.

Lefties live in a fantasy world where Religious Christiams stupid comments about gays cause hyperventilation and Muslims spewing toxic hate is a cultural variant. There is no excuse for this hypocrisy and cultural ignorance.

I am an American. If you can not respect the next guy for being themselves get out. You do not get to bring your hate and ignorance here. You need to respect people who worship and live differently. If you do not grasp live and let live, leave.

I hope this imbecile just didn't hand the election to Trump.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Circus Clown imbecile Michael Lerner makes an idiot of himself

Unlike Muhammed Ali, Lerner has never grown up or done anything worthwhile. When one is an opportunistic publicity whore abusing a funeral for political theatre is inappropriate. However, Lerner is advancing in age and shall be off the planet in a few years. As he is a nobody, feel free to illustrate a life of failure, self importance and general ignorance when he kicks the bucket. Also feel free to visit and pee on his resting place.

Note there is nothing rabbinical when he speaks. What all of us should be asking whenever he ventures out is how would one know the difference between a Baron Sascha Cohen character and Lerner. Maybe Lerner really is a Jewish version of Borat. Has he been doing a lifetime of comedy and none of us are amused.

Time for Lerner to get into the adult diapers and spend the rest of his days in a rest home. His political career should be termed pre Imbecile. Has anyone ever seen class, dignity or intelligence from this nitwit.

Friday, June 10, 2016


I am not out of the woods. I was cleared for work on Monday. Coworkers spotted I couldn't walk at meeting. Later in the evening the problem was worse. I chose to return to my native community for treatment. My family is locally prominent and the Drs would know the name.

In the end my coworkers were shocked that I was gone so suddenly. Usually, my coworkers grumble about one of our own mailing it in. We just got the speech about coworkers about abusing sick leave. When I was ordered to report to the nurse, I quoted this. In unison three managers said that wasn't referring to people who were actually sick.

I returned from the exam and the boss who sent me there asked what happened. The nurse told you so what is the point. The boss wanted to hear me say it. Why I chose to go Staten Island was private. As the stakes were high let my time be spent in a place that means something.

The nurses at work alerted The hospital before I showed up. I was already triaged in under 4 min. When was the last time you ate and what did you eat. You had a Mountain Dew kickstart at 8 am and half a bottle of diet cola at two. No I am not thirsty or hungry. If I drink I pee and it's more wear on the legs I'll pee later. Apparently I was dehydrated and was given antibiotics.

Apparently, my act is familiar and nobody trusts me. I was only released with a promise to see my Dr in eight hours.
Had he been on duty I would never have left. So I spent the night singing bad ditties about ghonorhea. I even did an Elvis style number. Doc I haven't missed a docket since 2011. If I got to miss my duty at least give me a better malady. No gout or foot fungus is worse.

Well on Monday I return with little fan fare.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016


When life gives you lemons make lemonade. I will not be around for for a spell.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Muhammad Ali Comedian and human.

Lets go into some facts. The real Cassius Clay did more to help Blacks than the NOI. He was a dedicated abolitionist and was frequently violently attacked. Cassius Clay was no slave name, it was a tribute to an abolitionist with human flaws. Unfortunately, few people ever challenged Ali. There was little talk of his symbiotic relationship with showman Howard Cossel. They used each other and made millions from
a silly clown act.

The NOI that Ali converted to was and remains a racist cult. It should not be confused with traditional Islam. Lost in the mix was both Malcolm X and Ali went to a more mainstream version of the faith. Islam like any other faith has
It's pros and cons. No version of the faith believes in mad scientists creating white people. The alleged founder of the faith is more mystery than fact. Nobody knows where Wallace Fard comes from or went including the FBI. The son of Elijah Muhammed tried to move the faith towards a more conventional view of Islam. Louis Farrakhan embraces the racist, anti Semitic cult past. Ali did wise up and became a Sufi. What the NOI said about violence is debatable and claims of pacifism hypocritical.

The real crime of Ali was the circus clown act. He had zero reason to be disrespectful to Joe Louis. He could have done his acts without calling good men Toms and gorillas. Ali demanded attention and hype and did not care who he hurt. In later years, he made peace with ode he slandered.

The greatest crime of Ali was to step in the ring with Larry Holmes. That needless pummeling should have been avoided. Yes he wanted a last gate, but it was shameful.

In fairness in later years Ali embraced peace as a Sufi. He came from a cartoon cult to a point of embracing a higher principle. I did not need Ali to say he rejected terrorism. Even in his goofy NOI days nothing he said in jest could endorse the crimes against humanity committed in the names of Islam.

If you want to tell the Ali story it is not completed with understanding how he grew as a man. In growing to be more respectable and mainstream perhaps there is a Muhamad Ali in many of us.

We should celebrate the athlete who grew more wise as he aged. Sports is a business and showmanship to build a gate was part of the job

Friday, June 03, 2016

Consumed with Hate

I almost feel sorry for this person. When a person hates so much that they can not think straight they become a human cartoon. Hate is never logical. The idiocy of blind hate against people who have done nothing to you personally makes you into a human cartoon. I was prepared for locker room style hate of gays. Nothing I could have seen prepared me for minority females hating gays and quoting the bible.

Firstly, even serious Christians realize we hate the sin and love the sinner. Thus while people like AOW, TMW me Watren take their faith seriously there is zero hate in their heart. I am certain all would knowingly share a loaf of bread without question if a gay person or anyone else were hungry. The ethos of Christ or even the Abrahamic version
Of Judaism stressed hospitality. If you read the story of Sodom word for word it about gang raping strangers. Even if you don't read it that way you lover the sinner and hate the sin.

Admittedly I had way too much fun with the hate of gays. I treated the absurdity of it with humor breaking down my files between breeders and cool people. The person threw a hissy fit. I told her there were places that banned miscegenation so if I expressed my undying love for her I would be breaking the law. She didn't get it.

My mistake and this was a doozy was to appeal to her feminine side. Love is too central to our lives to deny any consenting adults a chance at happiness. People need to be themselves Live and let live.

I lost a friend over that last part. I am sorry she never moved past her hate. Even though she hated me, I was sorry to see her leave over a personality issue having nothing to do with me. Make no mistake this person hated me to her last moment for no logical reason. I expected her to wise up. It never happened and I feel genuinely for people who hate people for being themselves.

I hope she finds the love to fill her days with. There is nothing more pathetic than a person living an empty life without love railing against those who found love on their own terms. Perhaps if her days and nights were filled with
Love she wouldn't be so hard on gays.

Live and let Live.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

It's official I live in a dumb city

The city arrested a man for beating a criminal to death with a tire iron. Did we mention the criminal as well as the
Victims were black so race is not the issue. A criminal assaults and attempts to rape a mans wife. The husband did what comes naturally, beat the criminal to death.

There is something wrong with my city.

There is something wrong when scores of people are more concerned with a gorilla than a three year old child. Yes male gorillas kill infant gorillas. It is a regrettable but understandable choice and those questioning the actions are purely insane. I love wild animals but saving people comes first unless there are extraordinary circumstances.
The person being beaten to death by the gorilla is a member of ISIS.