Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mr Big Ego

It is odd that as I depart one of those I trained has forgotten. I left the train at the station when the new
regime was appointed. Being a gentleman, I provided the script for the training and the focus. I recommended a group of people to assume my role. I was clear that I was unwilling to aid the new regime in any way. I would do my job and follow orders, but no more.

Imagine my surprise when one of my students bragged to me about his role in training the new officers. I recommended him for the role and wrote much of the script. I don't usually mind his bragging but this one is humorous. Finally, I reminded him he has the role because I passed the baton on my way out.

The new regime was so upset at this that they demanded my banishment to another unit. When the top boss informed me I told him it's just another mountain to climb. I have much to learn and it will be a while before I am contributing in any meaningful way.

What I find interesting is my upbeat can do temperment is considered a major plus in this area. I will be working with the Kingmaker. The top boss and I went over the numbers. I was surprised that he appeared to be a fan of the core theory. I developed it years back when looking at what we actually do. The theory provides maximum flexibility and a minimum core proficiency.

Oddly an odd topic came up. A peer who has not produced historically is now producing solid numbers. I explained that I threw out conventional methodology to teach this person. Most people don't take the time to see why a person failed. They repeat the same instructions and hope it kicks in. In this case the problem was mental clutter. I decided to use a technique I call anti instruction. Pick out the basics and reduce the task to smaller parts. We learn by doing more with simple guidelines. Work basic cases for a day and build confidence. Then add on as needed and build up. It was more a case of lack of focus and confidence. A can do attitude comes later.

The agency is seeing me in a different perspective. Much is expected of me in the new spot. In the old
Days I was an outlaw. Now I am welcome almost anywhere as someone who can contribute and help achieve goals. More public relations and leadership is expected in this role. The numbers crunching is
and logistics not being forgotten.

Friday, January 30, 2015

The Tank

I was banished from my area to a new section. I have been through multiple changes in Chiefs and survived. The first one was easy as that regime made my reputation so bad escape was impossible. Now during regime two my reputation started to get rehabilitated. In regime three I was a key member of the team. There is a new regime and my entire team was banished. What makes this unusual is this is the actual crew of the person promoted. We have watched an ignorant, lazy, incompetent butt kisser get promoted.

In my case she tried to flex her muscles at my expense. The result was a beat down of epic proportions. It was hoped that removal of those officers familiar with her incompetence and laziness would get a better team. I pointed this out and warned that this person is short of ideas and shorter on details. Writing a mission statement is empty rhetoric. Solving problems and development of staff is much harder. The students I left behind will need to carry my baton.

I am in a new unit. It is good to be somewhere where it is run by functional adults. The new boss has always asked for me to be transferred as he thinks I have a lot left in the tank. I cautioned that I am here to learn and it will be a while before I am functional. This is a different area and my public speaking abilities will be ultilized. Normally, I would write the speeches for others. I was floored when the bosses had me perform my own material. Then again I did not have to read from a page as I
Crafted the words I could look at the crowd.

My skill set is fairly unusual and was not really noticed until now. Part of the problem with bullying is that even after it ends you are never rehabilitated. I was denied opportunities that my performance warranted.

Several younger officers I trained when they passed through are looking forward. I reminded them I have much to learn and am up to the task. It is ironic that when the changes I fought for became the norm I was banished elsewhere. My blueprints are on the training, but it will be left to my students to make those visions reality.

Logically, I was supposed to return to a former boss. This boss told me that I would not be on clinical work. She wanted me back on the front lines leading and dealing with the operations. She didn't like my being assigned to warehouse style work. The new boss in my old area killed that idea as I would likely lead projects and initiatives that would be involved with her people.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Just incredible saying goodbye at work

I am in the process of saying goodbye to friends and peers that have been a part of my life for eight years. Perhaps it is easier because I left the office known as the Sky Palace around six months ago. People who were a part of my life for years were moved around a year ago.

Of the people leaving at least four preceded me barely. This is a clear move by the new chief to rid herself of critics. It is no mistake, her first attempt to flex her muscles got spanked. In the end this move was a face saver. She had no idea I was leaving and the decision for me to join the rest of my team was a last minute action. I went over her head to get out. She was so annoyed, she made zero eye contact.

The top boss asked me and I pointed out that one can remove those who know the incompetence the best, but the basic facts remain. How does one accomplish nothing, leave tons of work and get multiple EEO infractions and get promoted. Top management will often ask about history. I gave a terse response about floor leaders. New ones will emerge, but the old ethic of solving things in house quietly is gone. 

I pointed out that the new boss has a propensity to step on toes. It takes a bit for me to act. When I act it is measurged and behind closed doors. Oddly, I discussed this with a dolt whose trivial complaining 
led to the massacre. I pointed out that when faced with a far greater issues I handled matters in house.
The notion of involving management in personal issues is something I don't do. I am noted for fair play and respected by my foes. 

I was clear that I had no intention of mentoring the new class. I would not perform this role for the new regime and suggested replacements. My opposition was unyielding and the best this person could do was get me to follow orders. My mentoring the new class would be endorsing the changes in management. I handed the script off and allowed others to add to it.

I will miss the vegan who has been the best of friends. I miss so many others who were good friends and peers. I will be rejoining a few peers who made the journey earlier. I don't grasp why this is seen as rounding. There is nothing I am being groomed for. I just get it done wherever the wind takes me.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

With an Outstretched Arm

I was formally moved to another section. Normally, a person is promoted and members of their team form the core of the new management team. In a development that is bizarre, the entire team was moved to another area. How does a supervisor with such an adversarial relationship with their employees get promoted.

I had hoped for a better ending. My tenure in this unit ends with a banishment. My team was warmly welcomed in our new area.

The top boss said its a new chapter. I just want to vanish.

Absurd Criticism

There is no reason to criticize local government for over reacting to the storm. After Sandy and previous storms diligence was warranted. The clean up effort was very smooth. We have plenty of issues with local government, but this wasn't one.

There is something about snow days that create lasting memories. Perhaps if they were more common we would forget them. In a way, they are unscheduled holidays without the pomp.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lasting Memories

I arrived home in the storm with a bag of groceries and a bucket of chicken. No sooner than I walked in the door the girlfriend yelled about tracking snow in. The daughters best friend was there. I asked the girlfriend what she made. There is enough there. How she knew without looking I didn't know. The dog has been sick  I try to discourage him from sleeping with me in the cold room. I never need a blanket but must use one as the dog needs to be warm.

The adult daughter returns with one of my grandkids. She is already mumbling about gummy bears and watermelon. I left enough comfort food for everyone. My stash of Combos and Cheez Doodles is located. We made hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.

I woke up at one in the morning. I fed the dog some deli meat and went out to shovel. The dog followed me and jumped into my arms. I placed him on my coat near the space heater. His hair is way too short. He loves following me because I treat him like a little buddy. I share my food and take him on my rounds. It's better than being smothered by the females in the house.

I went out early in the morning. I found only Dunkin Donuts was open and got a box of munchkins. How the girlfriend knows I have a Boston Cream donut is unknown. I played with the grandkid in the snow. It was her first storm. I had some Campbell's Chunky soup with Goldfish as croutons and slept.

I awoke to my girlfriend yelling about some odd items. She put them into a wet Indian soup with the remainder of the bucket of chicken. The girlfriend was screaming at me not to touch the bag. I had General Tso's Chicken in the bag. She portioned it out and we all shared a meal. The dog seams more like himself sneaking the chicken out of my soup.

It was a pleasant day with many warm memories. These are family times that many will remember. My daughter still talks fondly of our first storm together. We walked home from school with the dog.
We had to warm him in the sink because his fur had ice.

Monday, January 26, 2015


So much for the mild winter. A blizzard in little Guyana looms on the horizon.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lawyer Culture in NYC

It is easy to dislike Sheldon Silver. He is quiet and manipulated the system for his own benefit. Silver is a part of a problem when we let lawyers rule machine politics. I don't know that Silver is a genuine progressive. More than likely he runs in a far left district and says just enough to feed him moon at constituents.

Silver did wrong and should be accordingly punished. Of course the larger problems will remain long  after Silver is gone. Machine politics in a one party state  seem to encourage this type of arrogance.

I am for letting him resign admit his guilt and a very short stint in jail. The problem is larger than one man.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Final Battle

There comes a point where fighting is pointless. You win a battle but there is nothing left worth salvaging. I object to power without morality and talent. I object to nepotism and idioticracy.

A minor personnel matter was blown way out of proportion by a new manager. The matter should have been covered in seconds. Instead I was subjected to a string of over the top verbal abuse that had
Nothing to do with the original matter. At a certain point there is no more fighting.

I stopped the exchange and replayed the highlights. You have labeled me a problem employee learn from an experienced executive what you do with problem employee dump them. I pointed out that I would rather she do it than go up the chain of command. She asked if this was a threat. I pointed out I play fair and want out. Where I go matters not, just out. The previous boss thought this would blow over and tried to communicate. Over the months I kept the communication non existent. I declined multiple attempts to communicate.

I spoke to the big boss and repeated my desire to be moved. I got no desire to fight, but i am willing to go wherever to get away. A new boss has her own people and at best I made my point about my desire to leave. The final battle had little to do with the minor matter at hand. It was the ham handed attempt to vent and put me in my place. I served the previous boss and gave my best out of respect and admiration. These are things that are earned not by the chair itself but by the respect of the person
Who sits in the chair. The chair alone can attract flunkies, but I am no flunky.

I have won my freedom. I will be rejoining a friend who has wanted me on his team for a while. He has earned my respect and best efforts by being a sound leader who respects the public. I am in a new area and have much to learn. My part is to do the best each and every time.

The top boss asked about a former peer promoted. I pointed out while she was part of a crew that did a lot of bad things she never wronged anyone. She did not say this is wron, but it isn't really to be expected. I pointed out a basic truth I learned. One out of three people will be amoral. The second out of the third will have selective morality. Lastly there are those who are bound to hold tight to their beliefs. I learned where I am for better or worse. I pointed out I wasn't smart enough to be flexible. The top boss asked if I would do it again. Look at the price I paid for those beliefs and how the story ended. Your story isn't over quite yet and there are many chapters ahead the rest is up to you. Never regret those fights. Oddly even those you fought have a grudging respect because you always fought fairly and reluctantly.

A new start and a chance to write new chapters is more than most of us get.  I will be serving in a place where I want to be.

Friday, January 23, 2015

No go zones USA

Those on the idiot fringe, mindless lefties, are worked up about the term no go zones. Back in the 80s visitors from the UK described them in the USA. There were high crime areas but the risks were hyped in the foreign press.

The obnoxious Euros talked about high crime areas as "American conditions ". Now they have their own slums and high crime areas. Are there high crime areas in America with mostly Non white resident? These enclaves exist and are only eliminated when a worse crowd invades, hipsters.

What happens when Euro hipsters move into the slums on Europe is unknown. Of course you could end up with hipsters making a type of beatnick jihadi type.  As hipsters never get the substance of anything right we could end up with something comedic and creepy.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Silence of the media

A prosecutor dies under mysterious circumstances in Argentina shortly before a report critical of the deranged leftist government handling of a terrorism case. The situation is bizarre, but note if this had happened to a person investigating Isreal or NYPD the media coverage would be 24/7.

This matter needs an international investigation and an autopsy performed abroad.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I am not a fan of Martin Luther King Day. I would prefer it be the center of a day focused on Civil Rights. On this day too much focus is on one person rather than the larger stories. This is not a criticism of MLK, but he is seen as the sum of Civil Rights.  There were other chapters as well and the story is not limited to one person. Perhaps lost in the King worship was a central part of his message of inclusion.

The important part of the message of MLK was inclusion. King understood and courted those outside the community to impact change. Peaceful protests about equal opportunity is quite different from using the deaths of thugs as an excuse to loot.

MLK challenged society to live up to its ideals. We tend to forget this part of the message in our celebration of the day. MLK day should be about or at least include the larger ideals. Perhaps fifty years from now our grandchildren will view our time as quaint. The nation didn't end because of gay marriage. We live in a society where workplace bullying is an accepted practice. We live in an era of pothead intrusive goverent that is incompetent. We live in a world where merrit is frequently secondary to political agendas and nepotism.

We should spend the day thinking about a nation living up to the words of the founding fathers on MLK day. We should discuss freedom of opportunity and individual liberties and responsabilities on this day. The notion of Civil Rights is larger than any one person, albeit an important one. Lets remember the messages as much as the man.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Still crying about Norway

The treasonous left is still crying about Norway. At no point have I ever described this as just. The killer was a deranged lunatic who stumbled upon a leftist equivalent of a Hitler Youth Camp. Normal political parties do not hold brainwashing camps.

The camp was promoting breaking the Gaza blockade on behalf of actual terrorist group that advocates genocide against the Jewish people. In a twist of ironic fate those that advocated on behalf of Hammas got a taste of the terrorism they advocate against Jews.

Lefties are full of excuses for terrorism when a fellow leftist or Muslim commits a crime. Kill a cop and should stupid Marxist slogans and flee to Cuba and you can be an icon. Blow yourself up and take out a townhouse and you can demand a faculty job.

The left makes operas about Muslims tossing American Jews in wheelchairs off ocean liners. They pretend the animals who slaughtered Jews in India and France have some sort of legitimate grievance
and rationalize the crimes. The lefties repeat materials lifted from the Protocols, actively promote blood libel type of media coverage and justify Joooo hatred by attempting word games with Zionist and Joooooo.

As these Muslim crimes against humanity against Jews, Christians, gays, cartoonists, Americans and Europeans are becoming more frequent the left is resorting to hashtag and stupid slogans. They want to pretend they are suddenly outraged by barbarism they endorsed and enabled.

Obama is a typical moronic lefty calling his opponents terrorists, while describing actual terrorism as spontaneous protests and workplace violence. He talks about terrorists when they kill cartoonists loudly and remains silent about slaughtered Jews.

Given the crimes of the left, I am surprised that these attacks are not more frequent. Fortunately, with rare exceptions attacks on the left are rare and almost always involve deranged types. Those on the center right respect laws and rights. Unlike lefties we don't hail cop killers on death row as visionaries.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

I will pass on that one

The Hindu tradition of cremation is one I will pass on. For obvious cultural reasons I am not allowing
my remains to be barbecued or the ceremony taped. If it is up to me there will be no words said. Just a simple musical number.

Junk Food News

Long term readers know I love my Wise Chips. They are increasingly more difficult to find these days. I also share a space with multiple females. The Pringles and Lays canned chips are easier on me. As the kids open them and can seal them. I still like the taste of Wise products better. I just can't find them and the kids prefer the Pringles or even better Lays Stacks.

My favorite salted food is Cheez Doodles by Wise. They are in a class by themselves up until now. The puffed Goldfish by Pepperidge Farms are almost as good. I was pleasantly surprised at the vastly improved taste of the Goldfish products. Maybe it's a product of me aging, but suddenly they appeal to me. My daughter asked for them and they are oddly popular with the toddlers.

Since the rest of my family is Hindu, I am limited on the deli products to poultry. The Turkey Bologna is pretty much purchased as a snack for the dog. Unfortunately, the toddlers like it as well and the dog can taste the difference between brands. He goes crazy for Butterball and will only accept
other brands if he is very hungry. He will nibble on cheese and seems to like mozzarella.

I actually don't bake and items like baking powder are unfamiliar. As a joke I purchased some Ajax and the girlfriend had a great laugh. Sometimes she doesn't recognize things and if a product doesn't advertise on Wheel of Fortune she doesn't understand. I purchased some Tide laundry Pods because I am way too lazy. She figured the use of that product quickly and rarely uses liquid. I was old school with the powder.

Now I tend to buy stock in the companies I buy consumer goods from.  There are a whole range of excellent companies. Sometimes when brads are sold I own both seller and buyer.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Collective Blame

I do not blame all Muslims for terrorism. I do blame the Marxist political elite for stoking and rationalizing terrorism and verbal abuse of Jews.

The media led by a far left band of baboons has stoked the political equivalent of blood libels against Jews and the planets only Jewish state. There is no such ethnicity as a Palestinian. If you don't believe me listen to the folks at ISIS. They may be bloodthirsty and psychotic, but they are more honest than lefties who contrived an ethnicity to advocate Judenfrei real estate.

While I don't blame individual Muslims for terrorism, it is abundantly clear what the terrorists were motivated by. The terrorists were not screaming pumpernickel for all as they committed crimes against humanity.

In reality the left is worried about largely imaginary Islamophobia while creating a Nuremberg type of atmosphere for Jews. There is zero excuse for badgering individual Jews at every meeting. However, if lefties insist upon this then Jews should respond by behaving similarly. Still making excuses for Castro and so forth.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Protocols of Poultry

Our antisemitic friend Poultry has a new rant. I am more concerned with the Jewish victims than those at the magazine. The Jewish victims were killed solely because they were Jews. The terrorists were fed a snuff film version of events by the far left media elite.

The victims at the magazine maliciously baited Muslims with the full knowledge of the outcome. The
Material was nowhere near poignant or had any Artistic merrit.

Didn't make it to the new office

I will not be switching offices. Unfortunately, we lost some key personnel and I was not allowed to leave. I will switch floors and be reunited with my old boss and peers. I will be mentoring the new officers. My time will have to wait. It is good to be among old friends.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Little sympathy for the French

It is hard to find a French politician who does not reflexively loathe the USA. Sarkozy was an exception to the pattern of obnoxious behavior. Israelis face this type of mayhem daily. Meanwhile the French championed Arafat.

The cartoonists in question  were not champions of free speech. The cartoons were profane and deliberately vulgar. There is a difference between well crafted satire and a gratuitous attempt to inflame various groups. The cartoonists did not deserve to die, but they are not heroes.

France and many in the left play a stupid game with Jews. If you disagree with Israeli policy this does. not legitimize abuse of fellow Jewish citizens. You leave the old world garbage behind when you emigrate.

Now there has been plenty of bs about Islamophobia. There are idiotic campaigns not to blame the Muslim up the block after every terrorist attack. Most of us are polite enough not to need this advice. I pointed out to a Muslim coworker these stupid attacks damage Islam worse than Pam Geller.

It is time that the rest of us tell lefties and their Muslim buddies to grow up. You don't have a special license to annoy your neighbors. Just like it is bad form to bait Muslims after every attack, the left needs to learn basic manners.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Stephen Schwartz is Right

What do Muslims get from pointless violence other than a bad name? These are cowardly acts that are commited against unarmed  civilians. Exactly where is the Jihad in tossing senior citizens in wheel chairs off ocean liners or shooting school kids in the back.

We live in a different world. This is a photo op and sound byte world. These crimes make Islam look bad in the eyes of the world. Exactly what is advanced attacking cartoonist and super markets?

These attacks hurt the name of Islam worse than Pam Geller.

Now that I have that out of the way. The attacks against the cartoonists were cowardly and loathsome.
Yet I want to be blunt that these cartoons were created to offend and should not be confused with more erudite expressions of rational thought. The cartoons in question are not poignant social commentary. They are more akin to political pornography. Pornography is a legal expression under the law, but not one that is highly admired.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

The Paris Massacre and Society

After the tensions from this crime have receded it is really time to discuss immigration, free expression and defing deviancy down. This is probably not a conversation many of you are ready for.
However, much of the blame  belongs directly on the far left.

Immigration is not and never was a divine right. It comes with a set of responsabilities and is predicated on obeying  laws. The first and foremost duty as a member of society is to respect others.
Freedom of expression is part of our traditions. It allows some really nasty types to say very offensive  
things. It protects the rights of loathesome types like David Duke, Al Sharpton and Mayor De Blassio to say stupid things. One may respond to the offensive speech with many legal responses. However, any type of violence is unacceptable.

The reality is that Muslims really need to ask themselves if they can live in a society where freedom of expression is as sacred to our values as the Koran. You are free to practice your faith, but you must respect that others have rights as well. If you can not accept the rights of others to think and live differently than please leave. There are ample places where you can reside under religious law but not
in this country.

The left has been particularly irresponsible. For many years it has blurred the line and rationalized unacceptable behaviors from terrorism to incitement. There is no excuse for chants of Dead Cops.
There is no excuse for violence if you dont appreciate the content of a magazine.

The time for rationalizations and excuses is over.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Maybe it's us

In the media there is another dec scandal that may or may not involve Bill Clinton. There was a time and place that the image of a sexual predator or a sex addict was humorous. The sex addict stereotype was the jogging suit loser guy who was never quite sucsessful. He was upper middle class and you see a cartoon version of this with Quagmire on the Family Guy.

Sadly over time we have seen religious people in all types of communities fall prey to this problem. Some of us kidded ourself it was a gay thing. There are certainly gay sexual predators but they have no monopoly on sexual misconduct. As story after story in the newspapers have shown even adult women can prey on minors.

Perhaps all of us should look in the mirror and start to understand this is a human weakness that can impact anyone from a President to the homeless guy on skid row. The notion that sexual predators are all cartoon comedic figures is a myth. One would hope in a normal workplace that this would not be true. Sadly, my own experience with EEO aspects on the job has been less than stellar. Management protects the popular and uses the same process against those who are pariahs for lesser charges.  Just looking at the people fired and the people promoted is a real mystery.

The one that hurts the most are the accusations against Cosby. He was loved by almost everyone and seemed to have a healthy fondness for being a dad. None of the allegations involve young children and the women seemed to be at least of consenting age. The message of Cosby was that being a father was fun and it wasn't always easy. He just seemed natural and to really enjoy just being dad. I never thought I would enjoy being a father until this role became part of my life at 40. As I watch my daughter grow and spend time with the step grandkids Cosby comes to mind. When I sleep early the kids cry. It is kind of silly spending time feeding the small dog turkey Bologna with a toddler but those are family moments. The little dog likes the stuff and apparently so do the little kids. I guess my
sharing my food with the little dog is not such a bad example. It shows the value and fun of sharing.

Yet at the end of the day we as people have to ask is it possible that the same person who imparted the joys of fatherhood to millions could also have another aspect. If this is all true it says more about us than Cosby or Clinton. Even when a person is loved by millions there is a destructive impulse within us  that may involve sex drives or illegal substances. Even if this information is one hundred percent true I will still love Cosby as a combination of the human condition of greatness and weakness in the same person.

A sexual predator can be anyone. They can be well loved icons or social pariahs. It is sadly part of our DNA  to self destruct. Just the same the Quagmire figure just doesn't seem funny in an age where Even loved icons can be flawed in some cases far worse than most of us.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Really Angry

I sacrifice all year for a two week vacation. The girlfriend lost her job and I have pitched in. My sacrifice meant I would not go on vacation. I would spend it at home with my family.

Just as I am spending my vacation an annoying relative couch surfs. Most of the countrymen who pass through here are decent sorts. They help out and make the place special. Granny is obnoxious and toxic and to say I am pissed is an understatement.

It takes no genius to understand how she ended up here. She has a big mouth and zero social graces. She sees nothing wrong with crashing and ruining my vacation. My sacrifice was wasted as I never did get to enjoy my time.

Now some of you wonder if the Frummies are worse. The Frummies are far worse than any other relative. Granny may be obnoxious but she isn't a holier than though mendicant.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

The Pomeranian is gone

The girlfriend misses him but I don't. He was viscious and evil and would bite the hand that fed him.
He could not be trusted around family members and would attack without warning. He charged me from under the bed and sliced my hand. I was about to stomp him but he ran to the girlfriend.

From that moment  the relationship soured. If I fed the maltese I gave him scraps as well but the Maltese eats first. I ended the reign of terror by creating an impromptu boxing glove from a towel and
An ace bandage. He charged me three times and I sent him flying three times. After the third time he went under the bed. He would bare his teeth and I would reach for a towel and he would flee.

We have had various dogs including a pit bull. The Pomeranian was the only one I hated or attacked me. Usually they learn from the Maltese who sleeps by my side. I also protect the dogs from the small kids as I sleep. The other dogs would even sleep in other parts of the bed.

Somehow the Pomeranian is gone and I hope he stays gone. Let some other family endure this viscious dumb dog.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Not taking crap from lefties

I have decided to give lefties a taste of their own meds. In the case of familiar blogs the rampant claims of racism to anyone who opposes Obama have become absurd. These same claims are made by people who frequently describe Black Conservatives in Racist terms.

I am not nor have I ever been a Conservative. By most standards I would be described as a Patriotic liberal. Unlike today's liberals, I am second to none in my opposition to Communism. I also respect private property and don't care for endless entitlements.

I have never heard a bigoted word about Jews or anyone else at a TEA Party event. Aside from the odious Ron Paul types, there isn't much objectionable at a TEA Party rally. They respect police and don't even litter. Some may question if birtherism is racial. I don't see it in those terms, but that would
be as close as one gets at a visit to a TEA party event.

It takes zero effort to find Antisemititic themes in any gathering of lefties. Israel alone is held to absurd standards and scrutiny and other states are ignored. A typical exchange on another blog asked a commenter if he was Jewish. Another who cries racism about any criticism of Obama uses the N word to describe Carson.

In general I seldom even discuss Israel or Jews unless lefties insist on bringing up this subject or are making asinine claims about Conservative Racism. There is a small element that indeed does have issues, but they are not mainstream. In fact much the ethos of conservatism is individualism and a rejection of group rights garbage.

Pretty much every TEA Party assembly is concerned with domestic policies. As they are on message the group does not venture into foreign policy much. The media made a huge story when allegedly one member of the TEA party allegedly used the N word. The same media largely ignored repeated ties of OWS members to terrorism, display after display of crass anti Semitic rhetoric and now exhortation of violence against law officers.

I disagree with Conservatives about plenty but we share a respect for our country and its legal traditions. Thus when AOW or Mike and I discuss a social issue it is quite different in tone or substance with the Marxist Duck. Even on the rare instances I agree with the Duck my tone is very different.

The left is a disturbing and disturbed lot of political cultists. In general I don't visit foreign sites and lecture people about their leaders and policies.  We have an abundance of foreigners who think they are experts in American politics based on reading Huffington and the Guardian. A typical example of this is the mendicant Elroy who lectures two Americans very familiar with Ethics training about federal Ethical Standards. Anyone familiar with the basic training provided to all Federal Employees grasps the laws broken by Lois Lerner. The fact Lerner is a lawyer makes these crass violations worse, but our overseas experts know more than people who took the course multiple times.

Now lefties have been upset over my description of Communism as a religion. This is not a novel idea and the reality of this pathology renders all ties to citizenship and ethnicity moot. Marx himself had converted to another faith. One does not consider people who practice another faith Jewish unless
one is a Nazi and defines it in racial terms. Then again those who go looking for Jews everywhere such as Ruppert Murdoch have decided issues. The same people who rail about any hint Obama might be Muslim go through hoops and ladders looking for Jews in Murdoch's family.

Much of the canned response of lefties about the Jewish community is a melange of incoherent mishmash of terms that is comedic to a member of the actual community.

Response to claims of antisemitic biases of lefties.

1) Trot out Jewish communists or fringe religious cults who are considered pariahs in the community.
   A) Communists are not Jews once they sign onto another faith. Cardinal OConnor had Jewish DNA
But the Cardinal was not Jewish in practice. The Cardinal was a true man of class and would have treated the information as an honor to be closer to Christ.

 2) Question the patriotism of Jews and go off on diatribes about secret cabals and all powerful lobbies.
    A) Commies questioning anyone's patriotism is hysterical given their history.  After 9-11 the familiar Jewish conspiracies ran rampant among the left. Gather any group of lefties and inevitably they start venturing off into Jewish conspiracies. Even the naive David Graeber of OWS fame said the talk of Zionist Bankers was regrettable.

3). Insert Israel into anything or classic Zionism is Nazism

a) NYPD uses Israeli tactics as said by Donkey er Ducky. Throw rocks at any armed guy and it doesn't end well. Commies should have learned this at Kent State. Better yet go to Cuba and try this out and pray the vaunted health care myth will save you.

Lefties have ample bigotries of their own and should avoid calling others racists when their own bigotries are so blatant.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Spending the New Year with Felix and Oscar

We sadly lost Jack Klugman and the only people left alive from this series is Al Molinaro and Penny Marshal. I enjoy the show immensely. The antics of Felix and Oscar are pure comedic genius. We even did s parody on this site starting Felix Poultry. I recognize the buildings in outdoor shots it is a nice trip down memory lane.

I spoke to an old mentor from the resort hotel days. I am amazed that the season guests still maintain contact with each other after two decades. I check up on him from time to time. I really should have invited him here. In his case he was more than a member of the staff. He was part of these families lives as children grew to adults. I should have invited him for the new year.

The parties are rough on the small dog. He stays by my side all evening. The poor little guy is terrified. I was going to run out and get more food but  the little guy needed me around. Now I wonder who would eat the Turkey Bologna I save for him as a treat.

Happy New Year.

The hypocritical media

The media  has a blind spot with racism when it comes from non whites. It is entirely unacceptable to speak in front of a white power group. However, the media pretends that membership in a Black Liberation Theology church is peachy. The rhetoric of Pastor Wright is racist and anti Semitic. It is every bit as offensive as the garbage at White Power meeting do. The claim from the left that the military service of Wright protects him from being called anti American is false. Julius Rosenberg and Benedict Arnold served in the military and became traitors.

The left pretends whipping up paranoid delusions about police brutality towards Blacks is somehow acceptable. The President has interjected himself into every racial incident and increased the tensions. The Mayor reluctantly had to be dragged kicking and screaming into condemning the bridge assault on NYPD by leftards.  After months of anti cop agitation led by political surrogates of the President and Mayor a deranged punk assassinated to cops.

The media pretends membership in Communist or Anarchist associations is somehow different than White Power groups. The media usually uses the term activist to describe people who belong to these groups. OWS is linked to terrorist plots and  multiple other crimes. It is not a surprise to learn the clown professor in the bridge altercation was involved with OWS.

I support NYPD and the excellent work they do each and every day. There is no excuse for a mayor to trash his own employees. If Warren Wilhelm wants to lead the protests he should resign and allow a competent person to run the city. Last I checked Bill Thompson is still more competent than this clown and does not need to hide behind his sons hairdo for street credibility.