Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Birthday America

Though you are fouled by an unworthy clown in DC our nation will survive Obama. After he is out of office we likely are going to learn the truth about the media elite selected charlatan. 

Our nation is one of individual rights and liberties. Obama does not respect these notions and his arrogance and incompetence have changed things and made everything worse. 2016 is not soon enough.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Don't Blame Muslims for the Geller and Spenser Ban

There are some of us who wish to blame Muslims for the ban of Geller and Spenser from the UK. The truth is that at the heart of leftism is an authoritarian streak that feigns its for your own good. This is the mindset that rails about imagined racism and ties to terror of the TEA Party while ignoring actual bigotry straight out of Der Shturmer and terrorist ties at OWS. The media campaign against the TEA Party led by the Cult of Obama HQ at Huffington demonized the TEA Party non stop. The crime of the TEA Party was practicing lawful First Amendment rights to organize and protest the agenda of the savior. Unlike lawful TEA Party events OWS events have no permits and drone on form months.

The President feigns outrage that his minions abused the TEA Party, Fox News reporters and other journalists and directs surveillance of ordinary Americans while avoiding Mosques. The government seems more interested in Mr. Beamish's beer runs and the size of my Mountain Dew then terror.

The left plays a funny game with Islam, It feigns outrage at crimes while looking for imaginary equivalencies.
Two lunatics chop a soldiers head off while screaming out we are doing this in the name of Islam does not require imaginary balance with the EDL, JDL or KFC. In this case the enlightened all knowing government clowns banned two bloggers who object to violence in the name of public safety. They do not ban academics who meet with terrorists like Noam Chomsky, actual terrorists like Bill Ayers or hate preachers who advocate and rationalize terrorism but take action against those who criticize the source of the violence.

I don't care what religion anyone practices so long as it is peaceful. Muslims need to grasp that if they want to live in the West they need to respect others and do not have a hecklers veto at speech they don't like. I f they can't grasp this then there are plenty of alternative places they can hang their hat.  The message is simple
but firm to all. Glad you are here, come legally, obey our laws, respect others, find a job and learn the language. The notion of America is a table of equals and as part of the bounty your rights do not trump the next persons.

Don't blame Muslims for the ban. Blame the faux public safety concerns from lefties who are at their core
anti law enforcement. Pam Geller has not beheaded anyone or terrorized anyone. One may not like the points raised by Spenser or the style but he does not advocate violence. These same lefties talk about the tone of Geller while praising Noam Chomsky, Norman Finklestein and others who have met with actual
 terrorists and praise their passion. They express no concern about actual terrorists like Bill Ayers and Susan Rosenberg.

Jokes on the UK, but don't blame Muslims for authoritarianism with a smiley face.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Building rant

I am working on a rant that has just built up over time. I want to discuss society and our duties and responsibilities.

very tired.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Obama Mirage

Those of you who thought Obama was something different were 100% correct. He has definitely changed the way Americans feel about government. While I do concede that a small  percentage of the Obama critics are racist, exponentially more of his support is based on his race. His blunders are legendary. His feigning ignorance at every misdeed of his cronies has worn thin long ago.

Much of the anger for the Obama failures belongs to the craven media elite. There has been no real examination of the life of Obama. He wasn't a law professor. He was a lecturer who had a job created for him and did not write a single peer reviewed article in 12 years. His job at the law review was a political one that entailed no actual work.

We were lied to about the costs and consequences of Obama care. We are being lied to about the costs and consequences of Immigration reform. Opening up the floodgates at a time the economy is going in reverse makes no sense. However, those young and Black voters who pulled the lever for Obama just voted to extend their unemployment for years.

The impact of the China credit bubble and the continuing slowdown in the EU will be felt here. Meanwhile Obama cronies do everything to prevent energy companies from creating jobs here.

Expect a GOP beatdown in 2014.  

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Spent some time with the daughter

I enjoyed fathers day with the daughter and the Maltese. The schedule at work has been brutal and being a mentor to so many has not hurt. For the first time I have a saint of a boss who really is a big help. She understands the delicate balance between law and discretion. We are almost always on the same page. I will
get some rest on Wed to Friday.

My daughter did well at school and like a good father's everywhere I will get her a gadget. She brings joy to my life as well as meaning. I wish I weren't so tired and had more energy but the work hours just sapped the life out of me.

I will try and go to Guyana in the fall. I might visit a friend or two in Haiti on the return flight. Delta dropped the Guyana run and I am somewhat cautious about Caribbean Air. There is talk Jet Blue may pick up a run or two. My friend is still at Port Au Prince working as hard as ever. We might fight to see who picks up the check.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Light at the End of the tunnel

This brutal stretch will end on Tuesday. I will be prepping tomorrow for the final stretch. I will be on standby on Wed and Thursday with some duties expected. I was the first on extended duties and the last off. I do not expect rest on the standby days as someone will call in sick.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Public Service Ethics and Hypocrisy

I want to point out there is no greater honor then public service. Serving the American people is the greatest honor that can be bestowed on a citizen. Public servants owe the public and themselves the best effort each and every day. We should spend limited resources wisely and do our duties as charged under the law.

While serving the public is a blessing working with management is a bane. The government is frequently run by political hacks and self promoters. The notion of counting a task and creating false numbers means more then doing our jobs properly. Management is rife with nepotism and cronyism at alarming levels. Given the levels of stupidity and nepotism in management it is difficult to give 100% but we owe it to the public each and every day.

There is a jerk who violated the essence of service. While working for the government one has a duty to protect certain secrets and techniques. Thus if I discussed the legal mechanics of how a fraud case should be constructed this is not violating a trust. However, if I discuss how the government gets data it is a violation of a trust.

The saddest part of this scandal is how the public doesn't grasp the reality of the limitation of data. One would think that one could use this data to make more effective decisions. However, there are strict rules about fishing for data. The rule is do you have an official need to know in the course of your job duties. It is a common sense rule. Does my looking at the records of driver Maury have anything to do with my job as contract specialist. Unless Maury is bidding on a contact his privacy has been violated.

There are some that view the latest turncoat as a hero. Betraying the confidence of the people you were hired to protect is not heroic.

If you want heroes look in your community. The single mother working two jobs to feed her family is a hero.
The ex Wall Street exec driving a cab to make ends meet is a hero. The kids who take their studies seriously
and work hard are heroes. The truck driver delivering your produce, the merchant who greets you with a smile and person that gives you directions when you are lost are all heroes in their own way.

Live your life honestly. Respect others. Work hard with pride because there is no excuse for lack of effort.
Help others. Be a good friend and Citizen. Be a great parent and relative. These are the traits of my heroes

It is humbling when a person interacts with me and calls me a hero. I am just a dedicated public servant accorded the greatest honor in the country serving the American people.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Another brutal week

The first messed up annoyance is the return of the frummies. I loathe and despise the sick and depraved religious lunatics. I can endure them for a few hours, but not more. They haven't gotten it through their heads that I despise their lifestyle. They crashed for my birthday and ruined it. I spent some time with my daughter to salvage the day. The frummies asked what I wanted for my birthday and I told them to never talk to me again.

They come over and inflict their lifestyle on you. If my relatives were gay instead of frum it would be easier on me. At least gays live and let live and have better taste in music and clothing. They have the worst taste in clothing and entertainment. Even living with actual rednecks is not as dreadful as being around frummies.
Most rednecks at least know how to enjoy life and are interesting.

They stay out till all hours and do not keep a schedule. The idiotic obnoxious daughter, allegedly has Eptstein Barr because she falls asleep in class. With these incompetent baboons as parents and their ass backwards inability to keep a normal schedule the cause of the fatigue is jackass parents.

My brother has simply become ignorant and a cultural baboon as he got religious. His IQ is reduced to barely literate beyond theology and his job. His wife is painfully irritating. She hasn't been gainfully employed
in two decades, but won't shut her mouth with advice about your job. She is always on the house phone and leaves it in absurd places like the freezer or the washing machine. Anytime they visit something breaks and they just get on my nerves.

I didn't hate this family until the summer. I warned them that the damage would be permanent and they persisted. On my next trip to Guyana, I will buy a resting place far away from these frum asshats. These clowns may annoy me here but I will be far from them in the end. I explained that while I am ethnically Jewish, I want nothing to do with religious life.

Making matters worse they must remain till the last second so that their annoyance is maximized. Asshat, one
leaves at midnight and gets home after one. Before they leave they ask me why I am pissed off. I remind them if they went home it would improve my mood.

Marginally better is my niece the diva. She is getting married on a boat. I purchased my freedom from that farce for 250 a year ago. There is no way I am going to Florida to hang with a bunch of yokels. I have work
to perform and I won't lay odds that that union last more then two years.

Other then Drummaster and his sister these relatives drive me up a wall.

This means war

The Obama scandals have crossed a line. In previous scandals the government acted with honor. In general
even the rights of political criminals like Bill Ayers were respected. The government crossed a line of no return with the IRS Scandals. In general one did not harass rank and file members of groups. The government has resorted to tactics it would not use against terrorists.

I am not advocating violence or breaking the laws. I am all for legal political organizing and for hurling verbal abuse ( not threats) at Obama supporters. Outside of your job shun them and be blunt. Sorry, I don't spend my spare time with Obamarhoids.

At Public events boo all of his supporters or turn your back on them when they speak.

There is no excuse for the IRS scandal and it threatens the very core of our American values.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

This Sucks

It is no fun when people start emulating your mannerisms and quirks. Imagine my surprise when some of the junior officers started drinking Diet Mountain Dew. I do not drink coffee and am very ambivalent about tea.
I can be persuaded to drink diet Iced Tea if it is freezing cold.

Now some of the workers are starting to like surf music.

This act is fun when I raised it to a quirk. When other people do it this is no fun.

Monday, June 03, 2013

More then meets the eye

I want to point out a somewhat hesitant view on the situation in Turkey. The protest starts about the development of a park into a shopping mall. These protesters like the OWS clods provoked a counter reaction from a ham handed government.

One of the hallmarks of OWS is that many of its members seek to create casualties. I a couple of the meeting with some of the clods running the show. Luckily Bloomberg and the NYPD are professionals.
There was a plan to use a mass human wave to storm the court house in Foley Square. The plan was to get in the court and trash the records. I pointed out that that area has the largest concentration of armed officers in NYC. Fortunately, Bloomberg got wing of the riot and NYPD set multiple layers of barriers and guards.

These are not the students in China yearning for freedom. While yours truly understands the obnoxious nature of the Turkish government. The similarity of this group to OWS should allow us to view events with healthy skepticism. No this does not rationalize violent counter actions by Turkish law enforcement. However, producing casualties produces the media attention OWS seek and they provoke the over reaction.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Even more hellish then the last batch

I am going into yet another rough stretch. Next week will be brutal, The only good news is that the heat wave will not make things worse. My CD player is down so I am prepping without the surf music. I miss having Let there Be Surf or Bullwinkle 2 in the distance.

There are five acts on Monday the first is an oldie that will take up time and sail out. The next four acts should be mowed down with ease. If my boss doesn't assign me relief work for officers who fail to keep pace I should be fine.

I have already started work on Tuesday and have one out of seven down. The rest are somewhat easier. Any spare time will be devoted to local cases for Wed. Six hellish oldies but goodies poorly prepared. If I can stand eight more regular cases for Thursday.