Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Odd talk yesterday

I was talking with a friend about the same sex marriage cases. It's been a while and they are no longer novel. In general with rare exception they are not something I give thought to. It's just another case and unless someone has a
Strange vocation they don't stand out.

While I did expect some bigotry, I was shocked by something unexpected. I was prepared for locker room homophobia and
Just plain ignorance. Gay people live in NYC and it isn't really something one notices as it is a constant. If one did have issues long ago they would have to grow up.

I am a tad baffled why minority heterosexual females would display such naked contempt for gays. One of these females is quite open with her idiocy. She will stay up nights to contrive racial angles to anything but use terms like faggot and bull dyke openly. My mistake was to try and speak reason to the unreasonable. Hate is never logical.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Obama the moron Il

Obama keeps proving he is far and away the dumbest person elected President. His latest stupidity is comparing the American Revolution to the Communist Revolution in Cuba. I am starting to believe the reason you don't see articles, transcripts or published articles by Obama is because he is a blathering imbecile. This is strictly grade F material and even Fidel Castro stated Obama is stupid.

Sorry, but Washington, Adams and the founding fathers respected imdividual rights. They did not create a dictatorship
And rule by tyranny.

There is no reason to mince words or be repentant about a economic embargo. Cubas economic mess is strictly the result of Castroite malfeasance. Moreover, Castro has exported his brand of criminality beyond its borders and is guilty of stoking political criminality and causing needless deaths beyond its borders.

Castro gets no apology from any real American

Obama the moron

Once again Obama proves he is stupid. Even if one agrees with the move to open relations with Cuba he has botched this and continued to look stupid. He failed to use the occasion to free political prisoners or return criminals to the USA. Obama fails to grasp the moral failures of a thug regime and the USA. Sorry but the Castros are not fit criticize the USA. A real man would have told the Castros off. Obama has great difficulty with his judgement. He wanted the corrupt Lula to run the world bank and his best friend is becoming tyrannical in Turkey. There are those in Egypt and Israel who find Putin more reliable than the
Pothead failed President.

The religion of Peace has struck Brussels. Of course the EU has been sufficiently antisemitic and these attacks are merely part of an intollerant strain of the faith. Once again our mentally defective left fails to grasp immigration
Is not a right. The same demented Euros are more frightened by the rise of the far right parties in Europe in reaction to the obtuseness and imperial arrogance of the EU. The problem with immigration is just a symbol of the disregard for the imperial left.

Once again Obama will lecture citizens of the U.K. and Israel about their internal policies while saying zero to Castro and Hammas.

Continuing an earlier thread BDS is not even Pro Palestine in focus. It spends its time harassing Jews and those who
Disagree with their warped view of the world. They are entitled to protest and have speakers. They are not entitled to harass Jews or Conservatives. It is time lefties grasp that if they want to ban the confederate flag, the hammer and sickle and Kefiyeh should go.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Sanders is culpable

The media has given Bernie Sanders a pass for the lawless behavior done in his name. Sanders is aware by now and has
Not dealt with this issue. The media ginned up fake stories about Trump and the KKK. However it remains silent on Obama support from racists and communists.

This behavior goes beyond heckling. Trump speaks a basic truth that many of us are fed up with left wing criminality and would love to beat the crap out lawless punks. Lefties do not tell the truth about Vietnam protesters. There was plenty of support for the guardsmen in Kent State. This was followed up by the hard hat riots where construction workers beat up lefties.

Trump speaks to a fatigue with a privileged class that wants to violate laws with impunity.Protests should be peaceful and leftist ones seldom are.

Sanders needs to come out and state he is against political violence done in his name. Furthermore if the Trump crowd were really riled the commies and anarchist vermin would need the people they call pigs to stop them from being lynched. I have zero sympathy for a lefty who violently disrupts first amendment rights of those they disagree with.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

How much is Bernie Sanders culpable for the violence of his supporters

At this point not very much. However going forward he has a duty to denounce political violence done by people who support him. Don't expect courage or sanity or intelligent thought from Bernie Sanders. He lacks courage and the candor to explain political violence are wrong.

I want to point out the hypocrisy of the media. If the roles were reversed and TEA Party members chanted Commie Commie at Sanders rallies you would have outrage. Of course the elite media are all trained by the same socialist professors at elite universities.

The protesters have let us know who they are wearing keffiyehs and waving Mexican flags. These are people who hate America. Let Bill Ayers lead a crew into an actual Trump assembly. The Veterans present might not leave enough to burry.

It is too late for Cruz. Rubio stayed in way too long and handed the nomination to a clown. However, Trump is more qualified to be President than Obama. When Obama makes multiple ignorant remarks the media shrugs while pretending outrage after every Trump remark.

A vote for Hilliary is a Vote for Obama, the Blumenthal jerks and terrorists everywhere. You want to bet Donald Trump
doesn't call a gunman yelling Allah Ahkbar workplace violence or call a blood curdling attack on a Kosher supermarket random violence. The gaffes of Obama are way beyond ordinary media cheerleading. We are still waiting for Obamas grades.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for Obama.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Took a bit for me to get on board

If Trump is the nominee, I am on board. The reason I have changed my mind is because the treasonous imbeciles at J Street funded by Soros are scared witless. I have not changed my opinion of Trump. My desire is to stick the middle finger at Obama Stooge alleged Rabbi Rick Jacobs who is more imbecile than clergy. Sorry, but for an Obama lackey to
Talk about dangerous policies is not funny.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs is really a comedy act masquerading as a Rabbi.

Let's go into people Obama has supported. His good buddy Lula seems headed for jail. The leader of Turkey seems more unstable by the minute.

I oppose anything connected to J Street

Monday, March 14, 2016

Barak Obama stupid and clueless.

Obama is the clueless President anointed by the media elite. He is quite stupid and was never fit for office. He never accomplished anything of note and has made a giant mess of the USA.

Obama thinks it is his job to lecture the citizens how to vote on the EU. That is an internal matter best left to the citizens of the U.K. . One can argue they are better suited to make decisions about their future than a country that elected the clueless one twice.

Sunday, March 13, 2016


We do not support Trump. Unlike mindless lefties we have intellectual independence. Trump talks but his notion of negotiating better deals than Obama is stupid. Zombies can negotiate better deals than the socialist special Ed poster boy for nepotism.

Trumps in your face style brings the likelihood of these types of violent reactions. Of course if one acted similarly
at an Obama event you would be shot branded a KKK clown and a conspiracy freak. I do not endorse anything beyond peaceful protest.

Lula should be a lesson for Obama and the rest of us. After he leaves power it is time for a special prosecutor to handle the IRS debacle. Heavy sentences and loss of pensions should start and people will turn on Lerner. Bonuses and Step increases for all IRS employees should be withheld until people step forward. Lois Lerner should be punished for her crimes against the Constitution.

Monday, March 07, 2016

RIP Nancy Reagan

I am not a huge fan of the First Lady position. However, in the case of Nancy Reagan it was obvious how much the Reagans loved each other. Nancy Reagan stood by and cared for Ron as he went into the long goodbye from
Alzheimer's. She stood at the funeral a symbol of spousal love that transcends politics. You can see the love in the way she spoke about her husband and their body language.

There are some who point out that this was not President Reagans first wife. Yet there was no doubt who was the love of his life and his best friend.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

May leave the GOP

I have been a member of the GOP as soon as I could. The nomination of Trump has driven me to the point of wondering what has become of the party of Reagan. Trump is an asshole and Hillary a disasterhole. This is a debacle of epic magnitude.

RIP George Kennedy

Thank you for many memorable film roles. He was always fun to watch especially in Cool Hand Luke or the Dirty Dozen.