Sunday, August 20, 2017

RIP Don Rickles and Jerry Lewis

Brilliant comedians I met in passing when working in the Catskills. They were nice people off stage or at least that was my experience.

I want to use Gene Zitver of Harry's Place to illustrate the mental rot on the left. Nazis and Confederate apologists
are subject to the same first Amendment rights so long as they are peaceful. Our individual rights are guaranteed so long as the expressions are peaceful.

Zitvers responses to Questions reveals his rather shallow understanding of a complex subject. Left wing events are organized and led by militant communist front groups. He is somehow once again claiming the hyper violent BLM and Antifa are not reflective of the counter protesters. In the wacky world of the Bon Vivant a single person allegedly
taunting Elijah Cummings with the N word at A TEA Party event is somehow worse than the raw unhinged Jew hate and calls to criminality found at OWS or BLM gatherings.

Gene pretends the hate from the left aimed at Jews, Cops and so forth is quaint. Embattled Jews on campus get zero help from Zitver who pretends left wing antisemitism doesn't exist. The little help embattled Jews on campus get is from David Horowitz and Michelle Malkin.

I support the statement of Trump. There is plenty of blame to go around and despite the Obama support BLM is a frequent instigator of violence. ANTIFA is even worse in that respect. Unlike the Bon Vivant Zitver, I do boots on the ground work.

Zitver also rationalized Obamas refusal to say Islamic terror until Trump made him spin a convoluted word salad. He remained silent when the Obama administration described attacks on a Kosher Market in Paris as random violence.

If Zitver thinks BLM and ANTIFA are benign groups he is either senile or a Bon Vivant Cocktail hour shut in. One needs look no further than the shallow hypocrisy of Zitver to grasp how out of touch the big media elite is.

I want to point out I work at a facility where left wing protests are common. There have been idle threats of violence by bug eyed zealots who think making a new Haymarket incedent will jump start a revolution. We have had regular lockdown drills and evacuations. Some workers are contemplating holding the ground. I strongly advised against this as the first responders will have enough to deal with.