Saturday, March 30, 2013

Finished All 58 Episodes of Tour of Duty.

The show needs to be viewed in its historical context. At the time when the show was on TV the portrayal of Vietnam Veterans was largely a product of media elites bashing their betters. As a young kid one was familiar with the anti war rhetoric on All in the Family and MASH. 

The show is excellent viewing even 20 years later. Some of the second season story lines were a drag.
Lee Majors does an excellent job as a tired old cynical soldier. Carl Weathers really captivates the audience in the last season.

One thing the series did not do is really discus the disgusting behavior of the self absorbed so called Peace Protesters. If anyone was left useless and caught up in time it was the treasonous, self absorbed hypocritical protesters whose wasted useless lives are summed up with I did a lot of drugs and aided Communist butchers. The truth is the freak protesters are more caught in their time warp of loserdom then the men who served with honor. 

You can find these jerks spinning lies 40 years later at OWS camps and at every Communist front gathering. They spin fiction and pretend they were noble. However, it is quite different for them to spin their tales to people of my generation. Unlike the kids of today my generation was there and we know exactly who the heroes were and it was not the drug abusing protesters.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Immigration and Gays

Right now the immigration reform bills are being bogged down by the least toxic part of it the gay marriage bit. I am not troubled by extending benefits in states that recognize gay marriage to gays. I am more vexed by failure to close many familiar immigration scams. The H2B program where workers take seasonal jobs low paid low skill jobs needs to go. Students who arrive and don't set foot on a campus need to go. Making the schools liable or post a bond would go a long way to eliminating this fraud. Elimination of student visas for language mills and test preparation classes.

The administration also needs to crack down on frivolous filings. People who file without an attorney should be charged extra. People who file second and third applications should also be charged extra.
The fee should be an extra 10% for each additional filing. No fee waivers for citizenship unless the person is in the active duty military.

The government also needs to crack down on unlicensed preparers who frequently charge more money then competent lawyers. Anyone who thinks that these unlicensed preparers are more honest or skilled then attorneys should be certified insane. There are bad attorneys, but the odds you will get ripped off by these agencies who are clueless is far greater.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Immigration and Higher education

The Obama administration has turned a blind eye to higher educations willful disregard and abuse of immigration laws. Students enter the USA on F1 visas and frequently do not attend a single class and then marry a US Citizen.

There has been plenty of discussion about business and illegal aliens. Many of us are outraged at a time of scarce jobs fed by a disastrous Obama Care blunders companies continue to hire illegal workers. The jobs aren't great jobs but in a train wreck economy thanks to his arrogance one needs two bad jobs that don't exist instead of one due to part time employment.

There has been zero discussion on the liability of higher ed for students that do not show up. Joke language mills and test prep courses also are frequent routes of scams. Making these mills and Universities liable for students who skip out would bankrupt shady scam education mills and provide a benefit to the consumer.

Watched Tour of Duty Episode 44.  The show is interesting despite its cliches. It was a show that fed a generation of youths disgusted with the abuse of Vietnam Veterans by the media and leftist vermin classic stereotypes. Yes there were soldiers on drugs. There were plenty of radicals also on drugs and committing crimes that had nothing to do with Vietnam. Oddly we see this in Forrest Gump where a retarded drug abusing leftist abuses his girlfriend and blames Vietnam. Of course the slow Forrest Gump beats up the leftist moron in the highlight of the film. Leave it to the folks at Hollywood to not get the meaning of that gem.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Passover in the Catskills

My parents are off to spend the holiday in the last Catskill Resort Kutshers. Part of me wishes I was there to see old friends and remember the Concord. Kutschers is up the road and the Concord is just a heap of rubble.

I remember how special the dinning room was made up on that day and the Seder. I am only kicking myself because it never occurred to me to take pictures  Maybe its better because I miss those days and years of hope.

I think of the Obama world my daughter will inherit when I am gone. College used to be affordable to almost anyone who had a dream. Now those dreams are gone thanks to a lousy economy and never ending tuition rises. Your fat cat radicals created a future where endless debt for worthless paper is now the norm.

Yet I remember the couple of hundred I made while working those meals meant a down payment on a some of my classes.

I will perform Catskills style humor at work with the good cases. It is my way of remembering those lost days. I was thinking back on my life which is nearing an end in the next twenty or so years. We changed many things but not for the better. The world of my parents was like the last waltz. Couples stayed together and raised kids and remained together no matter what.

In the end my twilight will not include trips to a hotel to spend a moment together. My last moments will be in a foreign jungle raising rubber plants and wandering into the possibilities. For all the talk of feminism it really meant many would marry their careers and work for a retirement of nothing.

The good news for the rest of you is that although we can't ever recreate the Catskills you can recreate
the food. I hate to admit this but for those of you who can't find a Bens Deli if your Costco offers Meal Mart pick it up. The items are really close in substance to the fare at a Catskills resort.

I remember showing my daughter the Majesty of what a hotel dinning room table looked like. I sat the home for Thanksgiving in Hotel style. For her it was like being a little princess and it was pure magic.
For me it was memories of a lost world of which I am likely among the last to recall as guest and worker. Glimpses of that world take place in odd locales like making Cherry Lime Rickeys in a place where children have never seen such silliness. Telling stories of long passed entertainers like asking a strange cook to make my pancakes for a guest and not recognizing it was comedian Dom Deluise who just filled the order.

We can make better technologies and items, but I miss the magic and promise of simpler times.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Not Terrible Invitation to a Gunfighter

Yul Brynner was in many movies. You expect a certain type of performance that is nuanced. In many of the films of the 60's especially the late 60's Vietnam must be seen as a back drop. The movie is well worth watching even with dated cliches about class and race.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Found it

I am guilty of wearing a pair of shoes till the last possible second. Usually my niece will hide the pair or throw them away when I am not looking. The current pair served me for three years. Unfortunately, they developed huge holes so that when it rains the socks get wet. The cushion wore out long ago.

I only wear Rockport or SAS and in an emergency Bostonian. Unfortunately, the place where I bought my shoes went out of business in the Obama economic mess. It is painful when I go to a store and an told my size doesn't exist.

I walked into a shoe store not far from where I work and found an old school shoe man. I saw my old model on the wall I have been wearing for 20 years and was told do you want that in double wide. I was told they stopped making that size. Apparently, the lesser stores lie to customers to make a sale. I was told if they didn't have it they would order it.

A quick trip to the back and there it was my old model that I haven't seen in almost seven years. I have been wearing it as far back as the 1990s. When I can't get it I wear a similar Rockport model. I still have a white Rockport model. However, one of the management nepotistic bozos thinks it looks too much like a sneaker. I wear them only on icy or rainy days. I pointed out that Rockport does not sell sneakers. Those would be sold under the Reebok label. However, as this person is a know it all and is not even my boss she makes a federal case out of everything.

I was trained to wear Rockports as a young student. The podiatrist told me I could have my toes broken so I could wear regular shoes or simply just wear high quality footwear. Rather then endure painful corns on both feet I switched brands and no problems for 20 years. Oddly the same disorders that cause the foot pain actually causes me to be very balanced. If my feet were broken it would entail
month in a cast one at a time and learning to walk again.

My father uses only SAS shoe and my podiatrist informed me that the particular model is as good if not better for the conditions that ail me. I can't always find my model hence the odd Rockport. In fact I usually don't even ask as they are not sold all over the place.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Its too bad that Sonia didn't stick around for a protracted conversation about film. However, the Duck and I will bandy about the topic of B films. What element of an actors talent allows certain performers to carry a B film? Are we past the age when larger then life actors can do this.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Violence is not the answer

My daughter wanted to know if that was me in the old film The Viking. I explained that I only pick up knives and swords if there is some form of deli meat and mustard are involved. Solving your personal problems with swords or weaponry is not a good idea, unless your name is Mr. Beamish.

 Example I can't find a parking space and drive around for hours. Mr. Beamish takes out a LAW rocket and the nearest SAAB and creates one. Unless you wear a gasmask and define cool solving problems with violence does not work for the rest of us.


Pick the right answer and you might be a Dude


Your favorite NFL team is playing. Your friend has drank the last beer and it is the fourth quarter.

A) You watch the game with no alcohol.
B) Chuck your friend out the door and tell him to get the beer.
C) Switch to Hard Liquor.
D) Change the channel
E) Get new friends

Answers Explained

A) You are a nice guy and you will finish last in life.
B) Only Cool if your name is Mr. Beamish. If not you are a thug.
C) You are a Dude
D) You are a nerd and lose your man card
E) You are a creep

Tune in next week for more Dudeology
Unless you are Mr. Beamish and define cool, being a dude is the best for everyone else

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Painful Watching Taras Bulba

I often joke about my ethnicity being Guyanese. However, in reality it stems from the Jews living in the Poland Ukrainian frontier. Watching Taras Bulba and the mythical accounts of noble Cossack and criminal Poles and no mention of Jews was absurd.

Poles were quite effective cavalry men with a well established traditions. Polish cavalry would make short work of Cossack in a pitched battle.  Their abuse of Jews should be treated in a manner similar to the KKK. 

The film is an insult to the Poles and Jews of the region. Although Yul Brynner and Tony Curtis make the film watchable it should be treated as a farce. If you are a fan of either it is the only reason to watch this film.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


One of the oddities of the work I do is meeting people from different countries. Once again an old picture of me was mistaken for Tony Curtis. I find it odd that that image is seen so much in my office but at the time the comparison was usually to Christopher Reeves.

I am amazed at how well Tony Curtis is remembered in Hungary. Normally, Jews from Europe are remembered separately. This was not the case with Curtis who was remembered as a native son. In America we think of him as Bernie from the Bronx who grew up in a broken home and rose to fame and slept with everything.

The resemblance is strong enough my daughter asked if that was me with Fred Flintstone. At least I was not mistaken for Kazoo.

I did hear from older people I have met about the TV series the Persuaders. It is still remembered fondly by many. I took in an episode and Curtis is hysterical and a perfect foil to Moore's more Simon Templarish stoic role.

I will try and locate his books.

Friday, March 15, 2013


I am somewhat annoyed at a friend who has fallen down. She went to training to learn a trade and as soon as she graduated ditched her husband. She started with a new boyfriend who promised her the moon.

The jobs promised by the trade school never materialized. Her plans back fired when her husband got tired of the infidelity and tossed her out. She rarely if ever sees her children and is upset about it. Her husband's mother is raising the kids.

She is broken and depressed and has not had a job interview for months. Being a decent guy, I called up an old friend who runs a warehouse about 90 minutes commute by public transportation and arranged a job. At the last minute she backed out and said the travel is too far. I pointed out I left home for three years and went 300 miles to find work.

The truth is some people just don't want to work. There is nothing wrong with working in a factory. I would rather do that then work in a fast food outlet. The only job worse then a bad job is no job.

I also reminded this person not to ask me for help or bend my ear. I understand how hard unemployment is. I would have done almost anything for even a menial job just to get out of the house.
Even a failed job interview would have been welcome just to get out and do something.

In life there simply are stupid losers. Leaving a spouse with no plans is stupid. Sitting on the couch and talking to friends on the cell phone when a job is offered is stupid. Helping people who refuse to help themselves is stupid.

There are limits to my stupidity. No more enabling stupid people for me.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Painfully Blunt Immigration Talk

I seldom write about immigration and lawyers. I hope that somehow this reaches its intended audience.
The intended audience is the American people and those who want to join our family.

Prior to becoming part of the system I had my fair share of stereotypes about lawyers. The standard refrains are all lawyers are crooks in training. Yes, there are bad lawyers, but they are in the minority. There are plenty of bad teachers, policeman, accountants and immigration officers. However, the fact that there potentially bad ones out there should never deter you from getting proper guidance on a life changing event.

Lets also leave out the notion that immigrants are a saintly lot of ignorant people confused by the system. Many of them make stupid choices and knowingly take false paths to get a green card via fake asylum claims, temporary worker scams, fake employment cases, fake marriages, adoption scams and the fiance shortcut. When I get a huge file on my desk most of the time it is because some dimwit took a short cut or decided they don't need expensive lawyers.

A fictional example of a contrived case is person  Z from  the country Uncoutholand. Z entered the USA in 1992 and he found a shady lawyer promising to help him get a green card through a work  related visa as a mule skinner. There may actually be a plant that employs this type of trade, but is Z qualified or intending to do this job. Does the USA posses ample low skilled workers to fill this job.  Z is not specially qualified for the job and knows it. We allow the immigrants to feign ignorance for their
role as unknowing victims but the reality is more complex.

We think of the above as a victimless  crime but it is not. Z has cut the line at the expense of people who have played by the rules. His application is a waste of resources that delay other peoples cases. On top of this many people like Z have the nerve to file mandamus lawsuits and run to a local official. I have ample sympathy for those with ordinary cases who do these things. People whose cases have layers of fraud are the first to complain and complain the loudest.

to be continued

Friday, March 08, 2013

My experience with democracy

I ran for Union office and lost. Unlike the other candidates I did not campaign actively and chose to speak about age discrimination and workplace bullying at the debates. In fact I stated that my sole purpose was to raise awareness of these issues and challenge the real candidates to address the issue.

Unlike the other candidates I congratulated the winner thanked my voters and told them to support the winner. I would have had headaches had I won.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Hugo was a thug criminal who fouled everything he touched. The planet is a better place with his removal.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Stand by Our Allies

If the demented government of Argentina makes any military moves in the Falklands the US needs to stand firmly behind its ally. Any nation that gets involved in this dispute such as the one run by the nearly expired Hugo ,Infidel Castro or Iran should be subject to immediate US reprisals.

The planet will be improved when Hugo is gone.

Very Odd

The local newspapers did not list which group the members of the Chasidic couple who passed away belonged to.Tthis couple tragically died on the way to the hospital for prenatal care. It is a sad tragedy because according to media accounts this was the rare mensch in a community of jerks.

The Satmar Rebbe and his followers remain pariahs for various reasons. Their clown like leaders can go to hell. I am familiar with their tradition of visiting sick people in the hospital. I hope that if I ever end up in the hospital God should call me to the afterlife before one of their flock fouls my day with their presence.

The community has gotten away with too much gross behavior. It is time that the rest of the Jewish community hold the vile cultists accountable for their scandalous behavior. Gov Cuomo needs to send his investigators to Kirias Joel and crack down on welfare fraud and stop property tax scams used by this cult.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Who needs Al Qaeda for this

The latest news story says Al Qaeda magazine offers advice on how to cause traffic accidents. Given the normal bad driving habits of most Americans this is wasted magazine space. This is akin to the folks at Al Qaeda taking credit for traffic jams in places where they are endemic like the LIE.

Perhaps they will take credit for Obama making the State of the Union speech when NCIS was scheduled or for RGIII's injury.