Sunday, December 31, 2006

Its Mr Beamish's New Years Party live from The Sunni Triangle

Bealerkin: I am the spokesman for MZ Jewish Conspiracy Productions. Dick Clark like all great entertainers has fallen victim to father time. We need a more fitting celebration. Droping an Apple in NYC has become passe and predictable. However, dropping a Daisy Cutter in the Sunni Triangle is a more usefull and skilled venture.

We have our crack logistic staff and Liberterians working on the calculations as we speak. This also provides another marketing vehicle for our merchandise.

This special is brought to you by our new sponsor LL Beamish Cothing for Americans who kick A#$%$%.

Now Here is a word from our sponsor.

Ducky: Your daughter wears gas mask and combat boots.

Elmer: Yes she does and she is good with an M-16 in urban combat

Ducky: This is so reactionary
Beakerkin: No it is LL Beamish fashions for patriotic kids that kick #%$#%$%

Mr Beamish: This is Mr Beamish your host of this party. Now this party would not be complette without draging tha asses of evil from around the globe to the Sunni Triangle.

We send you now to our team in Australia where Felis is hunting Janice the retard.

Felis: It wasn't hard to capture Janice as there are not many people in OZ and the number of actual retards are small. We found her with a der sturmer and Hezbollah coloring book and shipped her off to Iraq.

Mr Beamish: Thank you Felis. We now send you to Canada to our Man Elijah who has captured notorous gay communist anti- semite Simon Jones.
Beakerkin: Jone's works are featured on an actual Crank dot Net site. He blames the Jews for polution and claims there is more evidence that gays are the chosen people.
Chosen for what belongs only in the mind of the insane Jones.

Elijah: We got Jones by creating a fake add for a live video event featuring Norman Finkola of DePaul. He isn't a manly type and went into the crate.

Mr Beamish: We had to send a super secret stealth team to the UK. We were searching for the flaming anti-semite Gertrude.
Beakerkin: This was a case of the UK teaming with Gay Communist anti-semites. We captured Gert, 167, Mark J and Craig B in a gay concentration camp role play event.
Gert is still screaming that he only was there for the free cheese dip.

Mr Beamish: We ask our UK observer what on earth is going on in the UK.
Mark Alexander. Well unlike the states we do pay for condiments in resturants. But this cheese dip bit seems far fetched.
Beakerkin: Mark don't these idiots know Jihadist kill homosexuals.
Mark: Communists and anti-semites are not as you Americans say are the sharpest tool in the shed.

Beakerkin: A reader from the West Coast wants to know is real cheese dip was involved in the capture of Gert.

Mark Alexander: Well there was some of the dreadful Cheese Wiz. However, I leave it up to you to decide if a man would go to a Gay Communist Roleplaying event for cheese wiz, it sounds improbable.

Mr Beamish: We had no great difficulty getting the Weazel out of the Finnish mental hospital. The Finns were only to glad to turn Weazie over to our crack European Squad
led by Kuhnkat and Beakerambo.

Weazie: Captured by an imbecile who runs around saying me all day.
Kuhnkat. HAHAHA YOU MORON the sons of Quisling were glad to get rid of you. It seems you are drain on society and above all else a MORON.

Weazie what is 12 1/2 and headed for your backside you MORON HAHAHAHA.

Weazie: Is this more of your Judeofacistic homophobic humor? I do not find this amusing.

Kuhnkat: Trust me you will not find the answer amusing. It is Beakerambo's size 12 1/2 steel toed boots headed to your behind.

Beakerambo: Mimime stupid antisemitic mimimi midget
Kuhnkat: Beakerambo you were off to the left try again.

Mr Beamish: A special crack NYC team led by Jason Papas and the Urban Infidel had little problem finding Superfly John Brown.

Jason: Now there are many people that do attempt to move illegal commodities dressed like a pimp. However, using superior Liberterian logic we eliminated all those who were lucid enough to run an actual business.

Urban Infidel: We found the subject screaming at park benches about Vanilla Sam in Union Square Park.

Jason: Using Liberterian logic we threw some Mad Dog 20/20 and some government cheese in a airfreight container and the rest is history.

Mr Beamish: The last member of the asses of evil is the Marxist Duck of MA, Previous attempts to deal with him were not sucsessful. Dick Cheney was trying to eliminate the Duck while he was on his Texas vacation.

Mad Zionist: Unlike Cheeney we decided to seek professional help. So we hired a Native American tracker to help us catch the diabolical Duck.

Yeagley: This was no task for a true tracker of dectective. The suspect was found in the art film house watching Mission to Moscow for the 937 time. He is a University Duck and not quite as intelligent as his bird brained peers.

Mr Beamish: Now that the asses of evil are in the blast radius it is time to drop the Daisy Cuter.

Freedomnow; The plane is on its way from the east



Beakerkin: I wish MZ wouln't argued with the pilot over price. The daisy cutter blew up an oval.

Warren: Guys there are some really creepy dudes coming on the horizon
Jeff Bargholtz: Lock and F%&^Kin Load
Nanc: Beakerambo put down John Brown's Jawbone. He has spent too much time in Bible Study with TMW.

Mr Beamish: Guy those creepy guys arer not who you think they are. Those are Raiders fans who have come to play Slob Bowl against the hapless Detroit Lions.

Justin: Watching the Detroit Lions is almost as bad as being captured by Al Queda. Where are there fans??????
Rob Bayn: Don't look at me I jumped ship.

Beakerkin: I think we spoke to soon there is a huge angry mob. My Arabic is not good
but it sounds like Detroit Lions Go Home .

Spokesman: Take your stupid and useless Detroit Lions back to America. We want an Iraqi Nascar style race and our own Lee's Fried Chicken franchises.

Warren: What makes you think you Iraqis are ready for NASCAR?

Spokesman: Have you ever seen an Iraqi car without dents. Our people are ready for Nascar.

Mr Beamish: NASCAR and fried chicken in the Sunni Triangle Americanism is infectious. Happy 2006 and on to a Kickass 2007.

AOW: Beakerambo come out from under the jeep the Detriot Lions are not playing.

Beakerambo; Mememee me Lions suck me me beat the Cowboys me me.

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Still down for the count and I pushed myself too hard. I went to work for seven hours when I should have been in bed and I am paying for it. With luck I should be able to rest until January 03. That is of course unless we run out of beer for Northwind.

I should be able to make a couple of trips to the market and recoup.

While I am resting I may do my own satire of Dick Clark's New Year Celebration.

Mr. Beamish blasts the New Year in kick ass style.

We do not drop apples in NYC no we drop half a Daisy Cutter in the Sunni Triangle.

Join the familiar cast of charachters

Flavius Josephus joins the zionist conspiracy????

The demented world of Marxist illogic has idiots like the Duck trashing genuine indigenous people like the Kurds while railing about Psuedostinians. One can see the demented Duck bash the Kurds who have a far greater case than the Psuedostinians to nation status. In fact even the people of Texas have a greater claim to nation status than Psuedostinians along with most African tribes and most Native American tribes. The Psuedostinian claim in actuality ranks up there with the Nation of Brooklyn and the Hakawis in the real of cheap comedy.

The fairy tale of the left is the Pseudostinians have been there forever. They are descended from Phillistines wait they sometimes claim to be Cananites and next week the claim will be new age space aliens. How is it that Josephus fails to mention the Philistines as a modern people if they were there the whole time? He mentions them in the same context as the kings period but definately not as a modern people.

In the wacky world of the left

1 Josephus and every other historical contemporary must be in on the Zionist conspiracy Centuries before Zionism. Dr Brown and Marty McFly must be involved and Brown could be a Neocon.Michael J Fox played a Republican....

2 We should throw out all coherent notions of what constitutes indigenous people because world revolution requires illogic? A twenty second Arab state is needed for what reason other than an Islamonazi need for Judenfrei land.

3 We should also spit in the faces of real indigenous people like the Basques. Lets see the socialist vermint of France and Spain cede land to a people with a greater case than Pseudostinains. Let the Syrians, Iran, Turkey and Russia cede land for Kudistan and the Iranians should also return sections of its land to Azerbaijan and a new Baluchi republic. Jim Belushi will serve as the Baluchi leader.

This Psuedostinian idiocy gets more absurd by the moment. Lets see the current residents of Brooklyn must be Canarsie Indians. They have no biological ties to the Canarsie do not practice the culture or speak the language. Even their leader Spike Lee wasn't born in Brooklyn. This sounds familiar, and it is obvious a lie repeated often enough remains a lie.

How did Josephus join the Jewish Conspiracy way back when? Was Uncle Martin involved or was it Gertrude's favorite charachter the flaming Dr Smith?

Commies do not study history. They may rewrite it, but they haven't got a clue.

Now a Word from our sponsor Mad Zionist Jewish Conspiracy Productions

Why watch an apple drop from Times Square when for $340,000 you can drop a mini daisy cutter in the Sunni Triange? Celebrate New Years with a bang in a manly Beamish fashion. You can sponsor your part of this history breaking moment as Mr Beamish creates new lanscaping options in Iraq.

Call Now

Beamish in 08.

TABOO!!!!!!! Those of you easily offended skip this post

While recuperating from this illness I have read parts of a book by Alvin Schmidtt. I know that some of you have read his more popular book The Great Divide. I strongly recomend that book to those of you who are religiously inclined. Schmidtt recounts the differences in the lives of Jesus and Mohammad and points to the direct impact of Christianity on what we enjoy today as Western Civilization. Contrary to the idiotic fulmination of the Communist Waterfowl they did not live equal lives or reach the same message.

I was unable to read Veiled and Silenced from Chapter 1 but I did read chapters five and six.Some books are best picked up from the middle anyway.

Chapter five is the comedic classic about the near universal taboos that occur with menstruating women. I was well aware of the writings in the old testament and in religious Jewish culture, but there is a larger picture. Schmidtt is a serious scholar who does point out the inequities of Christianity in this regard. This is what seperates a serious scholar like Schmidtt from Commie dopes like Fanon. Schmidtt
also depicts the numerous myths and practices of third world people on the same topic. A Commie like the Duck glosses over the evil practices in Islam and the third world while highlighting those in the West for political expediency.

Now some of the taboos are over reactions to PMS. I always knew when it was safe to come home by what my live in girlfriend was watching on TV. When it was on Lifetime movies it was easier to head for the hills.

Chapter six deals with the basics that in most socities women were property. This may not be politically correct or a case of placing current values on past societies.
However, Bill Clinton can blame Jesus for leveling the playing field on adultery. Prior to Jesus adultery depended on the marital status of the woman alone. I do point out Bill Clinton because when he got himself in trouble he made a big production of carrying an oversize Bible. Jesus was the first to point out that a man can be guilty of adultery for having sex out of wedlock.

Schmiddts analysis of ancient Hebrews is somewhat incomplette as it was not a typical patriarcal society. Jewish Identity is confered only to those born of a Jewish mother. Nor does he mention the stigma that illegitamate children called Mamzerim carried.

Schmidtt does point out the Jewish version of law was more humane than that of the adjacent people. Amongst the Assyrians women suspected of adultery were tossed in a river and those that drowned were presumed guilty. The Judaic version of a bitter water test precluded capital punishment unless two witnesses could be found for the test.

Schmidtt does point out that the marriage of twelve years old in ancient times was to ensure virginity. Schmidtt does also ommit that lifespans were much shorter and that also played a factor. One can readilly see this in a Muslim marriage licence a Nikah Nameh where the status of the bride is placed on the top.

This is interesting reading but those of us who would benefit the most from reading this material are hooked on Menchu.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to North Korea and John Brown to take the Beamish equivalent of the water test. Brown is to be dumped into the center of a stretch of the Amazon known to have Piranna

Friday, December 29, 2006

The Dementia of the Duck

One of my favorite examples of the histoical idiocy of the Duck is his claim that getting 20,000,000 citizens killed was a great sacrafice by the Soviets. My Beamish points out that a large number of deaths were due to Commie incompetence. This figure also incluses 1,500,000 Holocaust victims and many killed by Stalin in his paranoid fits of idiocy.

The Duck also ommits the presence of large contingents of Hiwis. It seems that Communist misrule angered many of the locals who had been starved to death via Marx. There is a great misconception that these Hiwis were all anti-semites and some were. However, many of these people had enough of Communist tryrany to accept any change no matter how odious it was.

We should be greatful for the communists for killing 100,000,000 people. Ducky is always quite fuzzy on this number but the 20,000,000 is burned (Gomer Kerryism) into his bird brain. However, there seems to be no social stigma to hiring acolytes of class genocide in our Universities. Univerisities have even hired Communist Terrorists and Convicted felons. Noam Chomsky aslo made Hanoi Jane type treasonous statements from Vietnam.

If one learns anything from this blog we know the following

1 Communists have zero knowledge of history. They rewrite it every few days with odd excuses such as the " Rosenberg's had a different kind of Patriotism".

2 Communists know nothing about markets

3 Communists like to talk about escalating educational costs. Paying six figure salaries to Marxist Couch Potatoes to teach worthless classes does add up. Many of these revolutionary couch potatoes work in the teens. The drastic over representation of communists in accademia is far more pervasive than any claims of racial bias. What percentage of Americans are Communists and how many are employed as University faculty.

4 Communists are anti-semitic to the core. A post about Gerald Ford elicits a response about Israel from the Duck.

5 Communists will side with any enemy of the USA. Saudi Arabia isn't so bad they have great caligraphy. The fact that the Saudi Kingdom is a genuine theocracy with religious and sexual aparthied is just inconvenient.

We take our food too seriously in NYC

I was quite amused to find a story in todays NY Post about a woman who assaulted a convenience store clerk because he did not put whipped cream on her Hot Chocolate. Now I prefer marshmellows but violence over bad service is a tad uncalled for. Who knows what this woman would do in a resturant that forgot crutons or gave her the wrong salad dressing.

When I go out to eat I am known for being very patient and freindly with the staff.

Sir Step away from that Chalupa

I have been violently ill since returning from NYC. Drummaster and I did go to Taco Bell in NJ. I am now up to soup and missed parts of three workdays. The moral of the story is do not push your luck.

I would like to say Northwind was a help. She has her moments but this wasn't one of them. " See Drunks like us never seem to have these problems. Have a cold one and the alcohol will kill what ails you." There may be more truth to her wisdom then one assumes. She never does seem to get sick or perhaps that when one is a drunk it is impossible to tell. Most cold remedies are twenty percent alcohol and I do not keep them around for obvious reasons.

Iran to be an Oil importer in 15 years

It seems that the bluster of Iran can not hide its failure to manage its resources.
A growing population and a regime that scares off foreign investors and experts has has created an RX for disaster. Communist waterfowl seem to think that oil grows on trees. However, in reality keeping oil fields productive requires investment and expertise.

Coal gasification will make these Islamonazi and Cocanutcommie regimes irrelevant. The reality is the market will react to threats and disruptions. The Saudis were well aware of this and tried to keep the disruptions to a minimum. However, Cocanut Commies are economic morons and forget that the private sector will react to market disruptions.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Caracas where he can blame the crime wave on capitalism and John Brown to star a Superfly 2 the progressive drug dealer. "The people need to be stoned in order to understand Communism."

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Gerald Ford RIP

President Ford had a Homer Simpsonish quality as he never seemed at ease with the hand he was dealt. President Ford was dealt a bad hand a war in Vietnam, fellow travelers in the Senate obstructing the war effort and the trumped up Watergate scandal.

Any comparison of Richard Nixon's crimes and that of Bill Clinton reveals Clinton was far worse. Filegate alone was far more serious than Watergate and there is no evidence that Nixon took any money such as selling pardons via Hugh Rodham. Yet the media would do a 180 and cover up Clinton malfeasence. In the end Ford pardoned NIxon and it was the right thing to do.

Out of office President Ford got involved with Amway a major wrong. However, he is lucky in that Jimmy Carter and Bill Clintoon have engaged in odious behavior. One need not look any farther than Jimmy Peanut to see a disaster in the Whitehouse.

In many ways Ford had an everyman quality in that he appeared to have a next door neighbor quality. His falls and his bumbling were somehow endearing. Rest in Peace Mr President and you were a far better President than anyone ever gave you credit for.

Beamish in 08

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Eurotrash insane obsession with Pseudostine

There is a deranged myth that the Muslim nations will be placated with more stolen land. However, the Arabs allready posses a plethora of stolen land allready. More to the point Muslims are never satisfied demand more land and do not leave when these new states are created.

The creation of Pakistan did not bring peace to India. Moreover 200 plus Muslims remain in India and Pakistan and Bangladesh are ethnically cleansed. Even after being given a state they demand more land and have lost wars to India.

Muslims created a new fictional people Kosovars to demand yet more land from the Serbs. Muslims do not seem to get along with Russians, Philipinnos, Chinese and other areas as well. Placating perpetually angry Muslim Nazis whose lines are written by Marxist is an RX for global disaster.

Tony Blair and the left find imaginary links to Israel in the Iraq conflict. These links are of a dementia produced by Marxist illogic. Moreover, the insane rhetoric of
Eurotrash leftists is clearly anti-semitic. A typical demented Jewish Israeli reaction is that of Greg the superball of zion. Faced with a host of anti-semetic remarks he rationalizes the Elmer Fudd like idiocy of Gert that includes a blog devoted to criticism of Israel and Jewish blogger and frequent Jew/Nazi comparisons.
The Latin Americans would tell an American or European interloper to mind their own business, but we haven't progressed that far yet.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Return Home and one last adventure

I had not anticipated my staying in VT beyond January. This leaves time for an adventure or two. I ventured to the NE Kingdom, Maine and the breath taking Dixville Notch in NH. In the spring I will head towards Franconia Notch.

I do not anticipate returning at VT for a visit. I enjoyed VT and the people are great but I belong in NYC.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

New York Pace

Many people who have seen me shop are shocked at the pace. I move through the store
in rapid pace skip aisles. In a resturaunt I never look at menu and when we sit it is all business. I stil move at a NYC pace much to the bewilderment of my stunned friends in Vermont.

I was at the local grocery store and people were moving at my speed. There was an announcement in over the speaker system " You buy, You bag, You Go Home". Now that is shopping with a NYC attitude.

Back to Brooklyn

I got to visit with the beloved Rav Roov but talking with him is difficut as his wife and kids get in the way. My nephew Jacob is going to Yeshiva High School and he had to go through some interviews. Uness the kid is an idiot much of the interview depends on how well one learns the Talmud. I was never into the talmud or religion and asked to return to public school. Unless one is going to Yeshiva University or a family business the skils one needs are found in the world out there.

Ocean Parkway is a busy Brooklyn Street with more cars then the state of VT. Unike the Jews of VT or Montreal the locals are stand offish. The Jews of VT are so rare that even a very orthodox person will take time to acknowedge a drifter like myself.
Here the very religious have their world and I have mine we pass but do not interact
even in the same space.

The enegy amd vibrance of a Brooklyn street is a sight to behold. Vermont is a wonderful place but it is not home. I was born in Brooklyn in a hospital that is now abandoned. My accent blends right in as do my mannerisms and accent.

There is ethgnic food everywhere and even Kosher ethnic food. I can't find a Knish in VT but suddenly they are at an arms length. An elevated subway train rides away in the distance. A relic of the past as an Italian kid who seems lifted from Sha Na Na is worshiping his car. His suffering girlfriend is chewing gum and has gravity defying hair and makeup that is probably removed with a blow torch.

Suddenly I can not sit in the resturant. I yearn to take my place in the Brooklyn landscape. The speed and the pace are a marvel to behold. I meet a Guyana man and talk in Guyana patois seamlessly much to the amazement and laughter of the person I am talking with. The vocabuary and sound are correct but it is still a Brooklyn delivery.

I have a scrawl in my cube and there is an element of truth. Poulation of VT 632,000
and population of Brookyn 2,400,000. Brookynites pay far more in taxes and get back far less in return than Vermont. Al the immigrants are here why do we do our work in Vermont where the locals may never meet a Guyanese or a Dominican. The answer is political patronage and it how Washinton is misruled. Dairy farmers in VT have one Senator and a bumbling incoherent socialist who is often mistaken for a homeless man.
NY State is represented by one pro and an interloper who has abused our state for her Pesidential ambitions. The truth is a quaified female Representative was poised to run, Nita Lowey. Charles Rangel imposed Shrillary Clintoon on the NY dumbocrats.
Shumer is one of us despite his liberalism and media hog personality. He knows how much a subway ride costs. He has almost certainy eaten at Nathans and rode the Cyclone. He has walked the streets of Chinatown and does not need an Army of handlers.

Brooklyn is a state of mind.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Be a good house guest

I am leaving Drummaster's before the drama queen arrives. The drama queen needs salted butter, Yardley English Rose Lavender sap, Charmin Ultra, special tooth pate and he nly drinks Tropicana range Juice. It would be great if he took these items with him or at least the funds. His trips always coincide with my visits and I refuse to get up a 3 am because the drama queen needs salted butter or skim milk.

Too Late

One of the reasons I came down now was to say goodbye to Drummaster's grandmother.
She has known me my entire life and will not be with us when I return. She is no longer responsive and the sun is setting.

I am a changed man since my dates with history. I know that the simplest of trips can lead to the end. I try and enjoy the moment as one never knows when the final chapter is written. Maybe someday I will write about my non PC thoughts of that day.
Maybe the time of honor, duty and self sacrafice are passe in todays world. After the holidays I might return to that subject

All most of us can hope for is to go with honor and in Peace.

I will make the best of my time in Gotham even if my intended purpose did not quite work out. Those of you who are friendly with drummaster can leave a note at his blog.

Merry Christmas to all the members of my blog community.

I should be back in VT Monday.


I am in New Jersey after a brutal ride with one stop. There was a storm with freezing rain and fog The sane go at around 50 mph.

Friday, December 22, 2006

The Christmas Meme

Three things I want for Christmas.

Jewish people tend not to celebrate this day.

1 My own disect a Commie kit. Where is John Brown? Save a lab animal use John Brown instead. It might be his only gainful employment of his life.
2 A gas mask an Army Hemet and a M-16. The Mr Beamish Makeover kit on sale from MZ productions for $2,500.00 each
3 The Best of Jeff Bargholtz rants collection. Read as John Bargholtz kicks troll, commie,jihadi and racial power kook posterior.

Three things I do not want for Chistmas

1 Caligraphy from anywhere
2 Obscure foreign films
3 Any books written by Fanon, Marx, Chomsky.

I will let Ducky respond on this blog to the above meme.

John Brown and Weazie can respond only if its clean.

Do not blame India or China

Many people seem to have a somewhat hostile attitude toward Indian and Chinese IT workers and engineers. The reality is both countries understand the value of human capital. University educations are not as prohibitively expensive as the are in the west and most are state subsidized. The enterence exams are competative and the institutions of those countries produce fine engineers, doctors and business majors.

Our Universities are a jobs program for lazy Marxists who contribute no useful scholarship. American students are burdened with a mostly useless 64 credit liberal arts base. Indian business majors learn cost accounting and ours read Rigoberta Menchu. In fact a greater case can be made for graduates with useless degrees to have a business base than for business majors to have a liberal arts base. A degree in sociology prepares one to do what, flip burgers, study caligraphy in Saudi Arabia
or watch obscure movies.

Our students leave the Universities with worthless paper and mounds of debt. Meanwhile companies who want workers with valuable skills and training turn to India and China. Their colleges somehow manage to turn out fine hard working graduates who are well prepared and understand teamwork. Even Iran does not add as much political
garbage to their degrees a student takes one or two courses in Islam and that is it.

Human capital, stable governance and respect for law are the key factors in economic growth. India is an example of a rising economy due to the investment in human capital. China's growth has come mostly by ditching Marxism. The political hegemony
is still present but that is due to the fact that Marxism itself was a thinly guised theft scheeme with useless flowery rhetoic. The politicos have entrenched and enriched themselves by ditching the economic bunk while retaining the classic party
cleptocracy. The key to China's growth has been stability and human capital. An investor in China knows his investment is protected by law. There is little such protection under Comwad Chavez and people and investments are fleeing his misrule.

American companies are reacting to the low quality graduates by hiring H1b candidates. Our universities have failed to respond to the global economy by reforming the Liberal arts base and making Professors work for their lofty salaries.

If we do not fix higher education than the Indians and Chinese are more than capable
of providing high quality graduates. Do not blame India for reacting to the global economy and undersdtanding the value of human capital. Those who do not adapt to changing conditions become fossils.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo and Superfly John Brown to Bellvue.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Yesterdays news

I have been extended through the end of September. The center where I work has a hiring freeze in effect. However, the other locations are not impacted by this freeze. The reality is that as a GS-9 I have little or no shot at the other jobs. I will apply to all of the openings but it doesn't look good.

I will be adding a link to Sonia Belle. She is a brilliant anti-communist who runs and adult oriented site. Her grasp of economics, history and art are superior and do not let the naked pictures fool you.

Rethinking Pakistan

Mst of us have some misconceptions about what Pakistan, Iran and most of the Arab states in the middle east are. Pakistan is a post colonial creation and an amalgamation of several people within an ethnically cleansed state. Muslims were given a state but around 200 million chose to remain in India at the same time there are few non Muslims in Pakistan.

India is an upstart economy that is growing at a rapid pace. It also has stable governance and relies on the creation of human capital. India has a series of colleges and Universities that are as good as any in the world. IIT is known for producing some of the best engineers on the planet. MIT is known for a crackpot marxist linguist and intellectual fraud.

Pakistan has clearly not developed the robust growth of India. Both countries have a wealth of expatriates who go abroad to develop businesses. However Pakistan is clearly more dependent on these transfer payments from abroad than India.

When reading VS Naipul's wonderful descriptions of Pakistan one should change their prism. Pakistan is not a coherent nation but it is an artificial creation of colonialism. The seperate distict people lumped togerther illogically is almost a mirror of the mess in Africa and the middle east where states were put together illogically by the English and French.

Pakistan and Iran also are burdened by Islamoeconomics and the problem is quite similar to Marxist stupidity. Pakistan is burdened by Islamoeconomics but the Koran is not a rational blkueprint to building a modern economy. This is also true of the brain impaired Marxists who insist that a deranged 18th century philosopher provides
a viable economic or political model. The paradox of both is no matter how many times Islamoeconomics or Marxism fails the true faithful always point the finger at the person implementing the system rather than the system itself.

Over the next few days I will post Naipuls account of his journey to Pakistan. I also will be returning home to spend some time with Drummaster and the Beloved Rav Roov. I will try to get Rav Roov to sit for a Bad Eagle interview. Those of us who read his last interview know many of his answers are more comedic than theological.
If you want a dour and austere Rabbi this is not the right interview.

I want t thank many of you for the prayers and kind wishes on the thread below. The hiring practices and the maze of the Federal Gvernment is quite tough on the soul.
I have been living out of a suitcase for a year and a half. I am greatful to serve the country I love but the drawn out hiring process and hoops and rings can be depressing. Many of my friends took pay cuts to avoid the Ups and downs. However, most of them were 11 and twelves and well positioned when the jobs become available again.

Beamish in 08

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Half a loaf

The meeting went better than expected and I was extended until the end of August in 07. This extension of time will carry me to the GS-11 Category and place me in a grouping with attorneys, PHD or experienced hands. The odds of a hire at the GS-11 level are much improved. Sadly there is a National hiring freeze and there are no jobs to compette for. The old school was that those who passed the writing test were assured of a job. This is the first time there are mre candidates than jobs.

The news was even worse for sme of the clerks and information officers. Ten people in my office will be let go on the end of January. In the meantime I will be saving my hours for a whoping severance in August. I should depart with a 6200 dollar severance check and be well positioned when jobs open again.

I feel sad for the clerks who work hard and make almost no money. The competition for those jobs are much fiercer than mine. Most of them have no hope of returning and their story ends on January 30.

I am still in VT until the end of August.

I do not buy the Judy Regan anti semitism flap

There is a small scale battle in the media over the firing of Judith Regan. I have always liked Judy Regan and do not buy this one. Regan has been walking a tightrope and her latest book does a hatchet job on Mickey Mantle. Mantle is much loved figure and in no way deserves this type of abuse. The new Simpson book was certainly in bad taste but Kitty Kelley has made a career on such fare.

Regan is said to have blamed her firing on a cabal of Jews. When people are fired they sometimes say or do stupid things. Regan has no record of this type of behavior and allegedly was a hellion to work for. Having worked for similar types this is not a crime. I do not think there is substance to this charge. If she said it, this is not the reflective of a classy brilliant business woman who should move ahead and form her own company. A smart venture capatalist would be wise to get involved with an independent Regan books.

I do want to point out the media does have selective standards on this stuff. George Allen's comments from twenty years ago were relevant. However, Hillary Clinton's widely reported anti-semitic remarks drew no reaction. I do not buy Hillary's claim about embracing Mrs Arafat after her remarks about Israelis poisoning Psuedostinian drinking water.

Here's hping Judy Regan moves on to bigger and better things.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo and the new John Brown Superfly the Progressive Dope Dealer headed to the blogosphere.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Big Day Tommorow

Those of whom I talk with off line know tommorow is a huge day. Thse of you who are religiously inclined should wish me luck. 2500 people will find out their fate tommorow.

I have enjoyed my adventure in VT and for the most part 99% of the people here are great. The rare exception to that are the PC jerks and ass wipers one can find in most jobs. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve the country I love and make things right.

I am sorry a debacle kept me out of New Orleans durring Katrina. My boss told me I earned my stripes at the WTC twice.

If things do not break my way I have back up plans and am currently being considered for jobs in Cleveland and Seattle.

Beamish in 08.

Beakerkin disects an Eurotrash Anti-Semite

I am posting this here so that my readers can see my points demonstrated about the arrogant Jooooo obsessed Eurotrash Marxist mental dementia in action.

There is great reason Greg, MZ, Kahane Loyalist and myself should frequently write about Israel. We would not complain of Greeks writing about Greeks or Blacks writing about their own Community. However, Gert is a clear example of Marxist Eurotrash who writes about nothing else other than anti- Israel hit pieces. Currently, he has an odd fetish with Pam of Atlas, but as his proclivities are in doubt it is unlikely sexual.

The question again turns to if this Psuedostinian identity exists.

Kahane Loyalist tells a different version of the story. However, Gert ignores the history of the region and has his head in his behind.

Prior to 1967 the war cry was drive them Jooooos into the sea. The context of the war was Pan Arabism, another ethnically cleansed all Muslim state. There was no talk
of Pseudostinians because the goal was Arab unity. Commie bufoon Nasser realized Pan Arabism wuld sit well with Eurotrash Marxist types so they created the PLO and Pseudostinians. Do not take my word for it read the PLO charter and the words Arab Unity and Palestinian Arab are all over the place. A rational peron looks at the map and sees 22 Arab states allready are on the map with 90 times more real estate than Israel.

I will take you to the quotes of the demented Gertrude.

"No serious Jewish, Isreali or other historographer cnsiders the existence of the Pseudostinians an issue worthy of debate, not then, not now. Crocs like From Time Immemorial have been shown to be no more than opportunistic hoaxes, belonging in the same filing Cabinet as "the Protocols of the Elders of Zion",the trashcan that is. But I guess you guys know better than an army of peer reviewed and respected and highly professional scholars".

The attack on the book From Time Immemorial was done by none other than noted Communist anti-semite Norman Finkelstein. Respected and highly professional are not terms that are used to describe the twice or thrice fired scholar whose book was compared to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion by the NYT book review that can not be claimed as Conservative, unless one is a Stalinist. Moreover, the mere fact that a persn is a Communist casts doubt on all scholarship. Benny Morris, Novick and whose scholarship Finkelstein uses have also been highly critical of Finky, whom Gertrude has defenned.

Gertrude could sit and read the book himself but he is to lazy to even create his own posts. How Gertrude is an expert on a book he hasn't bothered to read is a mystery.

MZ provided a quote one of hundreds about the fake ethnicity game. Gert's response is
"As all conspiracy theorists, you'll drag in anything and the kitchen sink into your body of evidence as long as it leads to your desired conclusion".

Gert is 100% correct in that he will ignore history, logics and fact in order to justify his Commie Joooo obsessions.

Then Gertrude goes into anti-semitic overdrive and the superball of zion Greg does zero.

"You KL(and to some extent Gregand of course "Mr Zero Clue" Cuntenstein) are simply trying to fight a rear guard fight that was lost a long, long time ago. With no evidence appart frm hearsay and a few measly quotes, you,re trying to uproot an enormous body of evidence thats been around since Zionism started to organize itself.
Appart from some new arrivals in Israel (usually right wing American Jooooos and quite a few Kahane supporters) , some Israeli non-Jews ( usually American too) and a plethora of non-Jewish Israel Firsters ( This means Nanc, TMW, Warren, AC, Beamishn and many others), most of which are influenced from the "Time Immemorial school f thought, no serious person accepts the empty Palestine croc or its derivative there are no Psuedostinians, as anything remotely valid.

He spends alot of time on books he has not bothered to read.

Kahane Loyalist also points out that in the Arab world a majority of people believe the Holocaust was a Jewish production designed to steal Eretz Yisroel, popularity of an idea does not make it so.

This is not a majority view held in the Arab world, but there is indeed some ignorance regarding the Holocaust amongst Arabs. (Gert doesn't read MEMRI and he can find Holocaust denial in textbooks and official state controlled media. Yet he is sooo concerned abut Pam of Atlas's Kebab story)There are reasons for this the Holocaust was commited in Europe, not the Niddle East. (The great Pseudostinian leader the Grand Mufti planned a concentration camp in Nabulus)In the first few decades there was considerable ignorance regarding the Holocaust i the USA, for the same reason. (This is a lie as it was well known )US support for Israel starts after 1967 as a bulwark against Communism.

Gert gets this one wrong as well. The Commies had cast their lots with Nasser. De Gaule sold arms to Israel as a way to get back at Egypt for supporting the Algerian independence. The Commies then created the myth of Pseudostinians to replace Pan Arabism as the context and built the PLO with an Egyptian Commie lackey Arafat.

" You lack historicalknbowledge and perspective.Context doesn't matter to you, only what you can see here and know"

Gert is 100% correct if he is talking abut himself and his ignrance becomes comedic.

1 Who was the first king, President, Prime Minister before Arafat( who himself was Egyptian).

Gerts answer there was no nation of Palestine, nor was there a Jewish state prior to 1948. Neither statement means in any way the Pseudostinian people, nor the Jews(as a people) didn't exist.

How is it that Greek, Roman, Mesopotamian, Assyrian scholars all mention a nation f Israel. Where is the mention of these Pseudostinians in Josephus? How do these people just vanish from Greek accounts of the era. Every Archeological search finds plenty of evidence of a Jewish nation in Israel. Even Gertrude's beloved Soviet Union lists Jew as a nationality.

Where were the Pseudostinian Coins and Capital.
Ditto above

"If Psuedostinians are a seperate people why do they consider themselves Arabs who are from Arabia"

"Scottsmen,Welsh and Englishmen are all considered Brittish, yet consider themselves seperate people. The same is true in the Arab world Syrians, Iraqis, Pseudostinians are all Arabs, yet they consider themselves different people. MZ may resent the thought but besides being Jewish he is a member of the American people. You are confused about the meaning of words Nation State, Ethnicity and Peoples."

Gert shows how stupid he is as his example disproves his points. Scotts, English and Welsh all had history of self rule and linguistic traditions. A correct example wuld be the people of Brooklyn. There never was a nation of Brooklyn, a Brooklyn language or religion. Brooklynese have no biological connection to Canarsie Indians and are no
different from the people of Queens or Staten Island.

Gert also shows his ignorance again as all the states in the area were created by a Franco- English treaty of 1920. There are no Syrians, Assyrians are a Christian people who live in Northern Iraq and unlike Pseudostinians have a genuine language and historical identity. There is no Iraqi people and the region was Sumeria, Mesopotamia, Babaloynia and it is populated by Kurds, Turkomen, Assyrians and Arabs
mostly Shia. It is not Kahane loyalist who is ignorant of history and facts it is clearly Gertrude.

" If Pseudostinians are real why do they have no language seperate from Arabic'

"If Americans are real (they are) why do they have no language seperate from English? Why are most of their surnames European"

Gert fails to understand England Colonized and harassed the native Americans into reservations. The Arabs invaded in the Seventh Century and dispresed them Joooos . Most of the time the area was unter Ottoman not Arab rule. The Ottomans and other Islamocolonial nuts oppressed Jews and other indigenous people for 1400 years. The reason Pseudostinians speak Arabic like the adjacent people is that they are colonial invaders and are not indigenous.

"What is it like belonging to a near extinct group the Palestinian Deniers".

This is another of Gertrude's frequent Joooo/Nazi comparisons. He tries to tie the belief of a lack of Palestinian ethnicity to Holocaust denial.

More hysterical anti-semitic Gert diatribe. Where Greg the superball of Zion when Joo/Nazi comparisons are made is unknown. He is a zionist in the same manner Snaglepuss is a lion.

You can do a better job of refuting my proof than: you have not refuted one iota of what I wrote, you have not dismissed it, you have simply ignored it, like you will anything that doesn't fit in your narrow, religious fascist doctrine. ( This is as opposed to Gert's Commie talking points and anti history) In this as a Jew, you stand alone. Good luck your wet dream fantasies will never come true( like Gertrude's Communism)but some of your opponents will use your case to show exactly how beligerent and closeminded you some people can be, ( clear case of projection) in your case as a fanatical Jew, ( why does he mention MZ's ethnicity several times, this is the same person that claims Jewish cunt is not anti semitic and Greg backs this nut)frankly as bad as those who wish to destroy ( except you want to destroy a whole lot more, including quite clearly modern Israel)Well let the worst man win.

Here we have yet another anti-semitic outburst. Gert compares MZ to Nazis and highlights his ethnicity several times. Jews can speak for ourselves quite well. We do not need Marxist Eurotrash with gender issues to form our opinions. Gertrude ignores Muslim terror, threats to wipe Israel off the map and is clearly ignorant of history and what is presented in Arab media. Two posts critical of Pam of Atlas and zero on Iranian Holocaust denial.

Houston we have a pathologicsl anti semite. What is with Gert's fixation about endowment? This is a sick one note blogger with no audience and no social skills.

In the words of the great scholar Mr Beamish " Get off my planet asshole"

Beamish in 08.

John Brown the Progressive Friend of The Drug Dealer

Most of us are very familiar with John Brown who is more mental patient than Marxist. Brown's low class behavior is even noted by many of his peers on the Commie Site Renegade Eye. Moreover, Brown's posts were booed by Communist vermin when I read them in Union Square Park. It seems that even the deranged Marxists think that Muslim Goblin's is a stupid subject.

Brown likes to rail about the plantation and call those who keep his filth off their blogs Klansman, Nazi's and Pedophiles. The fact that a demented Communist would lecture an actual Native American about how he should feel about his country is amusing. While Brown rallies about the plantation many of those people he is railing against are in fact at least part Native American including Warren, Nanc and Mr Beamish. Justin Morris,Freedomnow and Florian are Hispanic but the albino white cartoon commie has not figured this out.

Brown uses a red variation of the Hezbollah flag as his symbol. Hezbollah is a Narconazi outfit that supplies heroin from the Bekaa valley. In fact it is more than likely one of the reasons they demaned a cease fire is that the Israelis could have sent troops into the Opium kingdom of Nassrallah. How does the demented John Brown rail about the Black man while venerating drug pushers who make life miserable for the working poor. Brown is a cartoon communist and is not required to have a coherent thought.

Brown also supports FARC a well known Narco Cccaine outfit in Columbia. He rails against the Columbian government but it is in fact FARC that protects the Cocaine dealers. Brown also is a big fan of the Taliban another narcotics distributing outfit. Brown also is fond of the Black Panthers who were more Super Fly ( If you remember that movie shame on you)than community activists. This is recounted in Paerson's book Shadow of the Panther. The Revolutionary BS of the Black Panthers was mostly for PR while Newton and Company shook down drug dealers and pimps. They did not remove them rather they demanded their cut.

One can probably find John Brown talking to garbage cans about Revolution in Union Square dressed like Super Fly. However, Super Fly held an organization and had a coherent thought or two. Brown's commie idiocy is funded by his parents who have sent the trustfundista to New York so they can have peace and quiet. In short a stay a a Brooklyn Commie Commune is cheaper than a full time stint at a mental health facility.

Look out Superfly the white boy John Brown is on his way and he is stoooooopid. There are plenty of heroes in the inner city including parents who work two jobs, clergymen, police officers and some of the social workers. None of those heroes deserve a lecture from the Marxist Superfly wannabe John Brown about the problems in their community. Maybe in his fantasy world of Dementia he dreams himself to be the star of Superfly 2. I bet Brown even has an outfit or two modeled after Priest in Superfly.

Ducky, no lectures on the cinematic qualities of Superfly. I think maybe six people other than John Brown remember that film.

Beamish in 08.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Old Book Capsule VS Naipul Among the Believers in Iran

Many of us read the same or similar books. VS Naipul offers two interesting looks at the conquered people. Amil does mention that the Mullahs are not Persian. Persian's venerate the rich legacy of their historical achievements and culture. According to Naipul Islam is the worst sort of colonialism where nothing is sacred except the sands of Arabia. Islam amongst the conquered people is alienation from ones own history and culture. If this sounds familiar to readers one is very perceptive. This also happens to be the dementia affection Communists like Ducky, Gertrude and Weazie. John Brown has mental pathologies in addition to being an acolyte of class genocide, theft and drug dealing.

The paralels between Commies and Khomeni's Islamic revolution are not accidental. Commies worked with the religious zealots who borrowed their techniques before disatching them with extreeme prejudice. This proves that a broken clock is correct twice a day.

Naipul's guide is an Iranian communist with a Stalin fixation. The signs of Marxist sloth abound in Naipul's rich description. The workers who do almost no work can be found in Cuba, North Korea or in a Social Science department in the USA. The revolutionary slogans and political speeches on the radio are also reminders of Communist misrule. The religious police are dressed like Che Guevarra.

The most interesting part of the story is the interpreter is finked out by a railway worker. This could have happened in Cuba or any Marxist thugocracy. Their crime is that he is playing cards with his girlfriend who seems to have stolen one of Hillary Clinton's pantsuits. The Commie interpreter goes on a tirade about the ruling classes needlessly flexing their muscle. That he would readily do it to you and me in the name of Communism is lost on all, except Naipul.

At the end the Communist paper is closed and the workers are beaten. The Mullahs are in the process of consolidation of power and their useless idiot Communist henchmen are no longer needed. The Communist left still has a great affinity for the Iranian theocracy but that is mostly due to the fact it parrots its own Anti-American and Anti-semitic idiocy.

Readers of Naipul are treated to a skilled writer who is a craftsman. Much of the information he conveys is subtle. However, unlike me read the books in the correct order Among the Belivers first and then Beyond Belief.

Beamish in 08

Sunday, December 17, 2006

One of those dreaded Next Posts

This is where we discuss rando topics and do the most wanted interview list.

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mark Alexander
3 Farmer John Part 2 on Science
4 Woan Honor Thyself
5 Urban Infidel
6 Batya Of Shiloh usings
7 Zinla
8 Elijah
9 Pim's Ghost
10 Cubed

I am kicking about a special Christas Post. What is your favorite Christmas story and why? We do not talk of Christmas stories and movies as art forms or as litterature. Maybe we will see if we can get our resident popular culture guru Rob Bayn to adress Christmas movies. It will be an interesting change of pace. Ducky, Mission to Moscow and Battleship Potemkin are not what we have in mind.

A New odd holiday Happy Heineken?????

The locals in the North Country are great people. I have experienced no bigotry but many of the locals are unaware of Jewish customs and holidays. A nice local wished me a happy Heineken, with no malice.

So in the words of the great Mr Beamish

"Have a happy Heineken and a new beer"

The situation in Gaza

We may be using the wrong frame of reference to view the events in Gaza. The participants are not Jeffersonian and are more or less street gangs. The brutality and senseless violence exceeds what is even seen in most of our organized crime fueds. In a classic mafia altercation children and family members are left alone. The targeting of a Fatah suporters children does not shock me.

Fattah is a corrupt Communist creation that has no legitamacy. Much like traditional Communists its real purpose is kickbacks and the perpetuation of the gravy train. It frequently resorts to violence to solve internal matters.

Hamas is an Iranian and Syrian creation that is battling for turf. A certain amount of violence is to be expected when street gangs battle over turf. Much of Fatah's problem is that its Communist Couch potato leadership was too lazy to assert control.
Now the problem has grown much larger and this may escalate into a civil war.

Do not be shocked if Hamas wins again as Fatah was never intetrested in real governance. It was a fake Ponzi creation of a Communist stooge Nasser as was this mysterious Psuedostinian ethnicity. Hamas is not any better but the Commies of Fattah have allready failed in Jordan, Lebanon and now the PA.

Do not expect them to go quietly as Commies never do.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Greg the Superball of Zion keeps bouncing

The ever mecurial boy wonder of zionism has bounced again. One almost needs a score card to figure out where the boy wonder is at any moment. One moment he is denouncing MZ and myself to placate far left Eurotrash anti-semites. The next moment he is kissing up to MZ and Freedomnow.

How does Greg explain why he is so sure of a peron whose blog consists of little else besides Israel bashing and uses the terms Jewish Cunt and frequent Jew/Nazi comparisons is not an anti semite. We do understand Greg and MZ writing about Israel with great frequency. We would even understand Saba writting with great frequency. What is the logic of a man in the UK probably living an alternative lifestyle writing about this subject 24/7 We have entered into Elmer Fudd type of obsession that is entirely appropriate for a person who is more like a cartoon than a coherent human.

Greg had a decent sized audience but catering to a troll as well as some ill advised temper tantrums killed his audience. Why should anyone trust a person who ends up retracting posts all over the place? What type of Zionist defends a pathological anti-semite whose behavior borders on criminal.

Will he be in temper tantrum attention seeking mode next week? Will he be quotimg Noam Chomssky the week after? Will he try to out flank MZ on the right?

One can not be all things to all people so be yourself.

A Civil War in Pseudostine

Recently there have been a series of clashes between Hamas and Fatah. Somehow the news fails to be concerned when Hamas executes family members of Fatah supporters. These stories get little coverage but should any of us be surprised at the level of violence.

The John Brown types have turned a blind eye to reality. They make excuses for lynching of alleged colaberators, persecution of gays, narcotics traficking and refusal to build a viable economy in the PA. These types do a 180 when Latin American types decide to protect themselves from genocidal Communists and cry about death squads.

This mess will get worse and Fatah has only itself to blame for the current situation. However as Fatah is a communist creation its members are concerned with payola, graft and sending abroad. The money that Arafat stole was not invested in Pseudostine, it was invested abroad. The far left seems to ignore the theft of the Arafats, Castros and Kim Jong Mentally Ill types.

A full scale Civil war may be on the horizon and the genuine attrocities will pale beynd the Paliwood media creations.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Is this News Muslims threaten violence

On Yahoo is another news blurb about certain people seem concerned about possible violence due to the deteriorating health of convicted terrorist Sheik Rahman. Sheik Rahman and all the other WTC 93 bums should have received capital punishment along time ago. The political classes worry about the rage in the Muslim street. The rage is fueled by weakness ad appeasement. If it is not Sheik Rahman it will be cartoons, comments by the Pope or who knows what else.

I would add that Rahmans willing partner in crime is none other than Communist Lynn Stewart who willing broke US laws to aid her client. The Communist left sees this verminous woman as a hero and she belongs in a cell with Rahman.

Bullets and Beans For Iraq

The solution to the current problems may be the Bullets and Beans redux. The often criticized program worked and proved deadly against Marxist vermin in Central America.

Civil Wars by nature are deadly matters and this part of the formula is forgotten. Communist foreign supplied and trained mercenaries impressed and extorted the local civilians. The left discounted numerous assasinations and acts of terrorism with familiar excuses about colaberators, class enemies. This obfuscation of reality only works on College campuses where doctrinaire Commie thugs live in tenured positions.

Back in reality where General Rios Montt lived the policy was to arm the local populace so they would not fall victim to Communist aggression. The locals are in a position to know who is supporting the acolytes of class genocide and defend themselves. This is opposed to Cuba, Cambodia, Eithiopia where normal misrue caused fatalities.

Let the locals defend themselves from Jihadist vermin in Iraq. Arm and train ordinary citizens so when the Jihadist vermin show up they are slaughtered. The spate of kidnappings depends on an unarmed populace. Those that are anti regime easily find weapons so arming the locals is just an effective countermeasure.

Training the Iraqi army itself remains job one. However, training locals to protect themselves against Jihadist and criminals should be considered.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Overdue links

I added a whole bunch of new links and I am in the process of placing a few additional links.

The only names that may be unfamiliar to some are Amil, Possum and the Solid Surfer.

Amil Imani is a friend from Bad Eagle. He is an Iranian Dissident who yearns for his country to be free of the mullahocracy. I am frankly sick and tired of all the leftist jerks who spend three weeks in Iran and proclaim themselves experts.

Possum, The Solid Surfer and Russet Shadows all have under rated blogs.

I moved Florian's link way up near the top. I can't do all the interviews by myself and he has been gracious to help me out and reinterview some classic guests.

Adding links in alpha is much more time consuming than beta. Adding links in beta takes seconds.

I want to call attention to the idiot Comwad Gertrude. He seems to be worried about Pam of Atlas Shrugged because she wrote a post from a UK news site that had a story about a missing school girl being turned into Kebabs. Gertrude totally ignores the Jews killing Christians for Matzah shows on Egyptian TV or Iranian TV that runs movies with Israeli doctors stealing Pseudostinian girls eyeballs. He then trots out the excuse I didn't know Pam was Jewish. This is a game Gertrude plays as he focuses almost 100% of his blog on criticizing Israel from a typical Commie stance. Then he trots out the I am pro Israel because I Co-authored an article that said Israel should not be compared to Nazi Germany. He does compare MZ to a Nazi regularly. He also plays the game of dismissing genuine attacks by Muslims on Jews as the work of a few while going into overdrive about every imagined Commie foible written by Jooos.
There are plenty of Muslim threats to exterminate Jooooos and Holocaust denial is a routine topic in Muslim media that is state sponsored. However Gertrude does not say a single word about that while going into overdrive about Randoids with funny Kebab posts.

Lost in this mix is Greg who is looking more absurd with every idiotic pronouncement from Gert. What type of Zionist provides cover for an blatant anti- semite with an Elmer Fudd type of Israel obsession?

Special Ed For Comwads

Commies are comedic creatures that are to be despised just like Nazis, Jihadis and racial power kooks. It is so amusing to hear an acolyte of class genocide rail about the evils of liberterians. Did Randoids send anyone to Killing Fields, Gulags organize terrorist groups or betray their country?

Israel is an independent country and as such sets its own policies. The far left has this myopia that if the US tells a Commie thug regime to clean up its act it is medling but the same dolts insist that we meddle in Israels affairs. Israeli citizens should decide their own policies based upon their needs just like any other country.

The far left also has this obscene obsession with Joooo Israel and dual loyalty. None of us would criticize an Italian for writing about Italy or advocating pro-Italian policies. However, commie vermin like to talk of Jooooish Americans as "Israel Firsters, Neocons or tribalists". In fact if there is any group that had a virtual monopoly on treason and serving the interests of every enemy of our nation it would be Communists themselves.

Do not bandy words with ANSWER, Code Pink and UPJ types. They are communists and as such should be verbally abused. If one is stupid enough to make common alliances with Communists one gets what one deserves. In the demented world of the poultry there are no such thing as front groups. The act is that these groups were created by Communists and led by Communists.

The evidence of far left bigotry and redneckism is quite clear. Ducky calls Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah and hides behind Harry Belacommie. Uptown Steve calls people such as Donal, Pointman , JBaumgaurt and Hispano JEWS. Gertrude is quite fond of Jew Nazi comparisons, Jewish Cunt and Donkey of Zion and John Brown calls Native Americans Samboes and Jooooos Mullahs.

Gertrude is the most comedic of the entire lot as he cries so much. We have had the brain impaired Weazel come on this site and accuse me of being gay. My reaction was so what it isn't a big deal. Gertrude appears gay in the eyes of most people he encounters. In reading the thread where he slanders the Editrix several people made the same observation. This observation is also corroberated by his obsession with my genetalia when he writes under the name Beakerpoop. He rails about MZ's alleged homophobia but throws a crying fit when people call him gay. If he were so enlightened his reaction would be similar to mine. Moreover, a person who is stupid, bigoted, has no social skills and has an Elmer Fudd like obsession with Joooos and Israel has greater problems than any stigmata assigned to his sexual proclivities.
Calling a person a Jewish cunt isn't anti semitic..... may be the stupidest comment on the blogosphere. Even his good friend Greg the superball of Zionism readilly assumed a person who compared the Talmud to Mein Kamf was Gertrude. Greg may mouth the words Gert is not an antisemite but his actions in that episode reveal he may think otherwise in his heart.

Gertrude had another comedy classic yesterday. He is railing against my friend Pam of Atlas Shrugged for writing a post about a shop that allegedly made school girl kebabs. He claimed that if a Moooooslim made such a claim against Jews there would be UN resolutions. Egyptian TV has produced programing where Jews are accused of making Matzah with the blood of Christians. Iranian TV produced miniseries with Israelis doctors stealing the eyeballs of Pseudostinian children. These are official state sponsored media and not the works of a talented blogger with a wide audience. Did we mention Pam was Jewish? Why does Gertrude direct all his scrutiny on dem Joooooos and none on Arabs. Do not worry about actual beheadings commited by Muslims chanting Allah Ahkbar. Worry about Jewish Randoids writing about creative meat substitutes in Kebabs.

The Duck is another comedic genius with no grasp of Military history. Commies were the Allies of Nazis until the Nazis double crossed the Commies. Losing 20,000,000 in WW2 is more a testament to Commie ineptitude than sacrafice. The often quoted 20 million number includes 1.5 Jews in the Holocaust and people killed by Stalinistic purges. The Duck also forgets who supplied the genocidal commie thuigs who got their behinds kicked by Poland and Finland.

Mr Beamish in 08

Ending the Malaise Starts with you

Each and every one of us can stop this malaise. We are Americans and our history and achievements are the envy of Commies and Jihadis who have achieved zero. Commies like John Brown and Ducky are parasites in out system. They suck the blood of our great economy and provide nothing.

Some of you spend too much time placating Commies, Jihadis and Eurotrash. Do we care about who rules France? France is a has been country that makes alot of noise but is entirely irrelevant. The Eurotrash left obsess over whom we select as our leaders and our policies. We Americans do not care what jokes most of you elect. Our attitude when these types start flapping their gums should be screw you. Unless you are a registered voter your opinions of our leaders are entirely irrelevant.

The question is where do we go from here. The only politician I see that is offering leadership and a can do attitude is Rudy. Many of you will have to decide if you can deal with his social liberalism. However, recapturing our American can do spirit is beyond those petty concerns.

We are Americans our essence is can do. We go out and get things done while Eurotrash
(Socialists, Marxists, Communists) make excuses for failure.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo and John Brown to be denaturalized and deported to live with Kim Jong Mentally Ill.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Great Malaise

Over the last few weeks many of us have been in a malaise that reminds me of the Carter years. However, we must remember that Americans are a can do people. We look at the United States and our blood thirsty jihadist enemies and are xasperated. It doesn't help that many of you have forgotten we also have a domestic enemy the treasonous commie left. Many of you have failed to get out there and fight on the domestic front. Our verminous commie left has done what it has always done historically side with our enemy and betray our country.

Some of us on the right are going to have to ask ourselves some tough questions. There is no Ronald Reagan available but the qualities that made Reagan special were his can do attitude, vision and leadership. We do have a leader with vision and a can do attitude and his name is Rudy Guliani. Some of us are going to have to ask ourselves if his social liberalism is something you can live with. This is no problem for me as I am a social liberal. I am not bothered by civil unons for gay couples. Nor do I obsess over abortion but I would like partial birth abortion eneded. This country needs a leader with vision optimism and a can do attitude. In real life excuses get us nowhere.

I want to point to Israel's problem of leadership as a microcasm of our problem.
Olmert is not and never should have been selected as a leader. At best he is a number three man in an organization. The problem with Israel is it used to be a Beamish type can do country. However, Israel has far too many Greg types who want to be liked rather than do the right thing. I want to point out the difference between
Greg and Mr Beamish. A person who is obsessed with your country and bashes its people 24/7 is codled and defended when the whole planet knows the fool is an obsessed anti semite. I may not like Chirac, Livingstone and a whole bunch of Eurotrash fools, but I do not lecture Europeans about their affairs. Greg waffles and defends this clown even after remarks like Jewish Cunt. Mr Beamish on the other hand is a can do role model and summed it up nicely "Get off my planet asshole". A Mr Beamish type attitude is the correct can do response.

When you deal with a Commie, Eurotrash or Jihadi think can do and cut loose. We are Americans and we are a can do people. Europe let the far left paralyze them into oblivion. I retain the can do spirit, do you

Beamish in 08

Trolls disected

Trolls are a pain in the neck for those of us who blog.Most of us have them from time to time. They come with psychological illness onto your site and try to steal something they did not create, your audience.

This is not to say that we do not enjoy dissent. We do have a range of issues to discuss and often we discuss them. I am a social liberal and as such sometimes disagree with some of my readers.

Trolls are human failures and attention seekers. The first example is the retarded girl Janice. She roams from Jewish site to Jewish site with her stupidity.Obviously, she is an outcast as my nieces do not have the time to trade barbs with adults. Moreover, like most teens my nieces are interested in boys, idiotic music and have many friends.

The second example is John Bwown who has caused sites to go into moderation. Brown has his own site with no readers and even with placement of articles in Indy media
no audience. It seems that the market place has spoken and even his fellow far lefties at Renegade Eye judge him to be insane. The lefties are happy in their own universe, but Brown doesn't have the social skills to build an audience there. In fact he gets more traffic parodying me than his own site.

The third example is Weazie the master of cut and paste. He built his blog and nobody cares. He may get a few comments from the failed writer Socrates, but only if I show up. His clumsy flirting with Nanc is quite funny because he is sooo inept.
Cut and paste articles, predictable content and zero social skills add up to an empty board.

Example number four is the unmanly cowardly Gertrude/Beakerpoop a real lowlife. Gertrude has an odd obsession with Joooooos and Israel and writes exclusively on this topic. There is nothing wrong with a Jewish writer doing so. I also see nothing wrong with a Pseudostinian writer writing their perspective. Why does the probably gay Gert who lives in the UK feel a need to comment on dem Joooos and dem Jooooos 24/7? The reason is that he is an anti-semite with one odd friend the idiotic Greg who is often smarter than he looks. An unknown poster compared the Talmud to Mein Kamf and Greg blamed Gert. Greg has even admitted that Gert is obsessed with Israel.
Even Greg doesn't waste his time with comments on Gert's site.

Example number five is the Duck who is clearly more skilled than the rest. He has a few social skills but is also an attention addict. I am fairly certain that I will place a remark about a forgotten film Harry and Tonto and he will give us a long winded lecture. It may be that he is the only person who cares about these obscure films and moot points like how comwad Robeson says the Nword thirty times in the Emperor Jones and is politically correct.

Trolls seek attention like a narcotic. They come to this site because they have a fantasy that they can get a point across we can not deal with in two seconds. My advice is set your standards and enforce them. Posting on any blog is predicated on good behavior. One may create their own blog, but the motto of build it and they will come doesn't work.

Beamish in 08

Warning, anyone who remembers Harry and Tonto has dated themselves

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Greg the Nebish does it again

I predicted that sooner or later Greg would have a serious problem on his hands. One can not be all things to all people and sometimes we have to make choices. Gert has a history of making hit and run attacks on Greg's blog and cring like a bitch when someone holds his stupidity up to scrutiny.

MZ and Greg made Peace and the outraged Gert rushed to attack MZ

One can see the quotes on

Gertrude: I see you're now singing to the tune of the Mad Ps*ch*p*th, the Islamophobe par excellence and polite wannabe mass-murderer.

Since 9/11 equating all Muslims with the radical fanatics from Al-Queda has really become bon-ton ( Fwench words make people sound feminine)in the underbelly of the blogosphere, the dregs where exterists like MZ, Nanc TMW and consorts mirror there foes with equally rubbish "strong talk" ( ah the 101st -cyber warriors how brave they are!)

Lets see I know TMW who is known by most for her love and grace so this depiction shows how deranged Comwad Gert is. Nanc is not an extreemist in any definition and has a host of loyal friends. MZ has never engaged in criminal activity like Gertrude has himself.

MZ's little theme tune to that cyber tabloid of his, is nothing more than an extreeme manifestion of xenophobia, which if leveled at all Jews would cause an uproar, previously unheard of.

The above proves that Gert is a retard as MZ doesn't have problems with foreigner.
The correct term is Islamophobe, but Gert is a moron par excellece, in Gert's unmanly lingo. This is also quite amusing for one who used the words Jewish Cunt and Donkey of Zion and claims they are not anti-semitic.

Then he confirms his gross stupidity in the next paragraph. This is what happens when one reads only commie hacks instead of genuine scholars.

"First you're forgetting that through the centuries persecution of the Joooos culminating in the Holocaust, is mainly a predominatly European Christian phenomenon, not a Muslim one(See for example Unholy War by David Kerzter).

" Muslim anti-Semitism is much more recent and is more related to the creation of Israel: I support Israel but there can be no denying the event was traumatic for the whole Arab World and the Palestinians. Much of the hatred in the Arab world is a direct consequence of the Isreali/Palestinian conflict,surely you can see that? Please do not drag Al-Queda into this they have nothing to do with Hamas, Al Aqsa,Islamic Jihad PFLP and other extreemist Palestinian groups"

Gertrude is quite ignorant of 1400 years of continual human rights violations against Jews and other minorities under Islamic misrule. The argument that well the Christians perpetrated the Holocaust so that excuses 1400 years of Islamo Jim Crow against Joooos is flawed logic. Gert obviously has not spent much time learning about the lives of minorities under Islam and present his ignorance for all to notice.

The creation of Israel was a traumatic event for a people with a 1400 year continuous record of colonialism and abuses against the Jooos and others. This is akin to blaming Native Americans for demanding to much land from Americans and traumitising them with casinos.

The stupidity continues

"The mistake you are making is to taran entire group of co-religionists (Muslims) with the same brush, for the crimes of a relatively small number of Jihadists. For this the purpose of the entire cottage industry has sprung into being, including a myriad of "book" putting Islam in a bad light by misquoting and deliberately pulling out of context from Islamic texts. Paradoxically, this is what Jihadist do, for their own political purposes. Try not to fall for it....

No Jihadist read the Koran and anyone who has done so hardly needs any help. The first thing Christians and Jews who have lived under Islam will tell you is read the Koran. Those of us who havetaken the time like Felis and other find this laughabe.

It gets more insane.

And (What type of moron starts a sentence with a conjunction?) what of Jewish extreemism? Kahane and his cohorts to name a few( all seven of them) to name a few.
Should the world judge the whole of Jewery and Judaism by the intentions( note the dummy doesn't say actions) of these few whackjobs? (To be clear this is a rhetorical question and the answer is No!!)

Lets see did Kahanists shoot kids in the back at Beslan, blow up Joooish houses of worship in Argentina, Tunisa and Turkey. Did Kahanist smack planes into office buildings and toss seniors in wheel chairs off of ocean liners. This is typical Communist moral equivalence where no such equivalent is coherent.

But I could be wrong about this,as it would seem that Brittish Muslims are nowturning our school girls into Kebabs. ( This may be PETA approved)Of course this has been banned from the MSM by our "appeasment goverernment, but you hear it first from this interpid reporter...

He points to Pam of Atlas Shrugged who is a friend of mine and knows the name Beakerkin quite well. Pam also gets more hits in a day than Gertie gets in a year. However, he claims to be an expert in web development. Physician treat thyself before you lecture anyone else on audience building.


It's de facto impossible to have a debate with an extreemist airhead like you. Stay where you are Isreal doesn't need more fanatics. Don't try to plead sanity with me....

This is amusing because this whole thread shows what a total nut case Gertrude is.
MZ could care less if you live or died but you have demonstrated a Jooooo pathology.
This is equivalent to the Redneck who doesn't have problems with blacks but he bashes them 24/7 in an Elmer Fudd like delirium. Who died and left an anti-semite like Gertrude in charge of what is best for Israel. Do we Americans lecture Gertrude about his politicians?

"Mad Nuts

..... Have you worked out your Final Solution for the Muzzie question yet? How to Establish a Jooish theocratical Empire" What is it going to be gas or Nukes? You are not a racist,homophobe, you are a wannabe genocidal maniac and meglomaniac idiot to boot. And Frankly, ( Starting sentences with and is a sign of stupidity) I do not give a crap whether you're white, black ( Black people appreciate capitalizing B Comwad Gertrude)or a pink (Gert's color of choice) alien with purple polka dots : an idiot is an idiot (Gert is an expert on idiots being one himself) in your case a potentially dangerous one too...

Do it, chose your topic, you little blowhard extreemist..Should I add vermin to the list?"

Orwould you preffer me to drag up a list of Naziesque baloney that you come up with on that public lavatory you call a blog"

The Jooooo/Nazi comparison is the oldest one in the Commie playbook. Speaking of homophobes how come when Comwad Weazie called me Gay I laughed and you freaked out.
It seems that you are a homphobe yourself and almost certainly Gay. This is not my opinion alone but that of an openly Gay person who read your hissy fit. Gay or not, you are clearly not manly in any coherent description.

How is MZ dangerous did he commit a crime like someone who shall be nameless. How many brigades does MZ command? He might injure someone trying to get a beer on Sunday, but he has demonstrated more control and class than you.

Speaking of lavatories isn't that the term he used to describe my blog. However Gertrude has a fixation with toilets and Poop as he writes under the alias Beakerpoop. He has an odd obsession with the size of my genetalia that is plain creepy.

Lets look at Gertrudes blog with no comments and next to no original content.

12/12 an anti-Israel paste job shhhhhhh no comments
12/11 a post complaining about a post on Pam of Atlas site complaining about using girls in Kebabs. It was probably PETA approved and tastes better than tofu.
No commemts
12/10 Jimmy Controversial draw your own opinions but mostly more cut and paste.
No comments
12/09 Glick's remedy a critique of an article written by Carol Glick on the Baker commision. No comments
A patern should be obvious
12/08No Palestinians No Problem No comments or original content. No definition of what is the basis for this new ethnicity either.
12/07 Israel and Iran the forgotten aliance more cut and paste No comments
Patern should be obvious
12/06 Rub the Islamo facists face in the dirt more cut and paste No comments Complaining about an "Israel firster" at Israpundit. Gertie brings up the classic Commie cannard that Joooos are disloyal Amewicans. However Communists like himself have a history of treason Billy Ayers, Rosenbergs, Kim Philby are fine examples of law obiding Commies with a different definition of Patriotism
12/03 An appeal for an abandoned peope the people of Gaza more cut and paste no comments.

The pattern of Gerts Joooooo obsession is obvious. He posts on no other subject other than criticism of Israel the worlds only Joooish state. Comwad Gert rails against MZ for theocracy but he has not said a single word about the Jim Crowe Shariah laws that are practiced in Muslim countries. MZ is a homophobe, but he does not advocate killing Gays Iran and Saudi Arabia do that. The PA oficially persecutes Gays and so does the wonderboy Mugabe and Castro. Where are the Gay pride events in Mecca? The Gay people I know clearly use their head.

The real dope in this matter is Greg. Why does he permit Gert to slander people like Nanc, TMW, The Editrix and others on his blog? Why does he continue to defend a person who is clearly anti-semitic and obviously Jooo obsessed? For the record Gert thinks he is smarter than Ducky. I know Ducky and lets face it Gertie doesn't even measure up to the Duck.

I will leave this post with a clasic Mr Beamish quote to Gert " Get off of my planet asshole".

Janes Peanut Failed President and Anti Semite

Jimmy Peanut was the worst President in modern history. His inept bumbling and weakness created a mess around the world. The Soviets took advantage of Carters lack of spine and expanded all over the globe. Their over expansion and Reagan's backing of Rebels and defense initiatives bankrupted the Commie hell hole.

Jimmy Peanut has interjected himself into world affairs. He was seen in a better light when he was building homes for Habitat for Humanity. However, he has tried to rebuild his legacy outside the Whitehouse like Richard Nixon. Yet it remains clear unlike Nixon Carter does not show any inclination for working with US foreign policy.
Even Bill Clintoon turned to Nixon and not Jimmy Peanut for foreign policy help. Nixon was a pragmatist and devoted the last of his years towards Russian aid and improving Chinese ties.

Jimmy Peanut is directly to blame for many of the terrorist problems the West faces today. He expedited the fall of the Shah and did nothing except mount an inept rescue attempt. The American people were calling out for a firebombing of Quom but Carter did nothing. Part of the reason was the chronological closeness to Vietnam which paralyzed his kind. There was also a naive outlook where alies were supposed to be saints but we should forgive every left wing thug on the planet no matter how many people die from misrule and Marxist abuses.

Carter repeats a Communist screed often repeated by John Bwown and Ducky and calls Israel an Aparthied state. The barriers exist because Israel has to keep terrorists out. Now the Pseudostinians just lob inaccurate rockets loaded with plastic ball bearing dipped in rat poisoning in civilian area.

Carters first mistake is that he buys into the Palestinian lie that they are descended from the Phillistines. Obviously Josephus and Greek and Roman historians who make zero mention of Phillistines are in on the conspiracy. How is it we hear of no Phillistine rebellions against Rome or Greece? Carter has mistaken who the colonialists and the colonizers are.

Carter has been quick to blame the Jewish media for the backlash against his book. His smiling bumbling oafish response to a C-SPAN caller who kicked his behind was predictable. He went into the predictable "I am not an anti-semite bit .....Camp David...." He would like to obfuscate everything he has done or said since leaving the White House.

I would like to thank Carter and the anti-Vietnam war vermin for making me a Republican. In 1984 when it was time to register I shocked my family and friends by registering Republican. At that time it was unheard of for a Jewish teen to register Republican. However, Jimmy Peanuts bumbling and oafish Presidency and Tip Oneil's deffering Cold War policy to the advice of "Commieknoll Nuns" was enough. The anti-Vietnam protesters who fantasize about their popularity with the young were also Democrats.

Carter failed on every single issue as a President economy, foriegn policy. He seethed as America paid homage to the man who fixed his mess Ronald Reagan. The outpouring of love by the American people at the Reagan funeral is something Carter can only dream about. Early in my career a manager told me his secret follow an imbecile and you will always look good in comparison. Reagan seems to have followed this advice as Jimmy Peanut was the worst President and now ex-President in American history.

Beamish in 08

Monday, December 11, 2006

The great biased media and the death of Pinochet

Gen Pinochet died and the comwads are out in force before his body is laid to rest. It seems the far left dolts in the media have two sets of standards for dictators. Yahoo news seems to find it noteworthy that Pinochet ammased a fortue of seventeen million. This is chump change comared to the amounts looted by Arafat, Castro, Kim Jong Mentally Ill and Mugabbe. Even the 3000 dead by his rule in a civil war is a number far lower than all the above.

Pinochet was hounded by a series of lawsuits by communist agitators. These agitators seem to give leftist vermin like Arafat and Ortega a free pass. Helicopter massacres of indigenous people with Pseudostinian advisors are just peachy. When the Native Americans fight back the left calls them drug runners or Samoza's National guard. The current spate of Commie thugs will bring several coups in the future. Pinochet was a patriot who did not want his country to be ruined by Communism.

Has the media discussed Arafat, Kim Jong Mentally Ill and Castro's fortunes made off of coruption. The media barely discusses the Clinton shady book deals, selling of pardons and unethical campaign fund raising. Maybe Pinochet should have written his own book. No doubt his book would be less boring than either Clintons book. Moreover, Pinochet could probably write the book himself without Ghost writers. Even Wrestler Mick Foley apparently manages to write his own books.

We hear the platitudes from the Left about Cuban health care and everyone can read what they are told to read. There were no platitudes about Pinochet from those on the right. He was a Chilean patriot who saved his country from becoming another Cuba.
Any comparison of Castro, Mugabe, Assad and Arafat is an insult to Pinochet.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo and John Brown to North Korea with Kim Jong Mentally Ill

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Welcome to Psuedostine comwads

I have been looking around the web and one of my Beakerisms seems to be spreading beyond this blog. Psuedostine is a far left Marxist creation of commie stooge Nasser.
Prior to 1967 the Arab cry never mentioned indigenous people it was march dem Jooooos into the sea and annex the rest of the land into Judenrhein states. This commie creation was known as Pan Arabism.

Commies like to hail a genuine corrupt terrorist thug Yasser Arafat as the founder of this Pseudostinian movement. This is mildly amusing when one considers Arafat was born in Cairo and so was hack accademic Prof Said. What makes a person a Pseudostinian is a mystery as it is not language, religion, historical identity or any coherent fact. Commies like to point to Jews born in Europe and say so what. Jews in Europe had been part of a recognized culture and considered a nationality for thousands of years. In fact Commie ID cards from the Soviet Union list Jew as a nationality. Now the comwads of the left want to pull a Linda Blair and say it is a mere religion.

There is no Presbyterian, Methodist, Bhudist or Mormon language. There are Coptic and Syriac languages spoken by other people Colonialized and abused by the mery men of Jihad. Those people also have clear roots as indigenous people and historical identities that precede Islamo colonialis.

Does a Pseudostinian have his own language? No they speak Arabic with a regional accent less pronounced than Brooklynese. Do they have a historical identity or a connection to the Phillistines who were Agean invaders and lived in the Gaza strip.
No they have no connection to the Phillistines, Finlelsteins or Phyliss Diller. Recently, the far left has added Canaanite to the list of absurd claims. The area was conquered many times and Arabs rules for at best a few hundred years. European Crusaders, Greeks, Byzantines, Ottomans, Egyptians, Brittish, Persians and everybody except the Taco Bell mascot ruled the area.

The far left Comwads also like the Native American analogy except that is also false.
The Jews are the indigenous people living on the Israeli reservation. The Colonial Arabs allready posses an abundance of stolen land and want no reservation in the area. They want to resteal the land from one of several people that they opressed for 1400 years.

The left is fond of ignoring history especially its own with wascally Muslims who just happen to loathe homicidal Marxist tyranny. It seems Marxists liked to ship these troublesome people off to Siberia to die, then they rail about aparthied. The Chinese are more creative and they pay these wascally types a nice dowery to mary a hot Chinese woman and the children are not considered Muslim. Pol Pots attempts backfired as he forced Muslims to raise pigs and eat pork. Muslims eatinng pork died at lower rates than others who had no food.

What is a Pseudostinian and what makes them so uniqe from their Arab neighbors. Seventy percent of Jordanians call themselves Pseudostinian. So far we have heard idiocy about embroidery and folk dancing. The Bronx has a unique form of dancing so lets create Bronxistan with our ruler George Steinbrenner who is from Ohio. The Shakers had some unique needle craft and furniture so lets create Shake Rattle and Rollburg next to Pittsburgh and make Martha Stewart the ruler.

There is no case for Pseudostine and Psuedostinians are no different from Arabs in adjacent areas. The treatment of human beings as hockey pucks by Arabs is a disgrace. It is time the Arabs like every other people on the planet settle their own refugees.

Do not expect logic from Commies who have a lengthy history of turning people into farm animals and creating neoslavery.

Maybe I should start marketing Pseudostine merchandise. A big red flag with a question mark and a stick of dynamite. PT Barnum was right but you can dupe Comwads because they just repeat the party line no matter how absurd such as " True Communism hasn't been tried yet" or " The Rosenbergs had a different deffinition of patriotism".

Saturday, December 09, 2006

One of those dreaded Next Post

The current most wanted interview list

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mark Alexander
3 Farmer John part two
4 Batya of Shiloh Musings
5 Kahane Loyalist
6 Woman Honor Thyself
7 Pims Ghost
8 Cubed
9 Mike of Mikes America
10 Mark Winters of Bad Eagle on Humor.

I may want to do a MR Beamish special on Humor. Why do we find certain things comedic?

Comedic Spoofs

MZ productions are working on a new skit called Jooooooooney Tunes

Starring Bugs Beakerkin, Daffy Marxist Ducky, Wasckly Weasel, Transgendered Gert and
Brownie Pig.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Prof at BYU gets wacked for 9-11 conspiracy idiocy

Prof Jones of BYU has been suspened for his slipshod scholarship in advancing 9-11 conspiracy theories. The fact is that Professors have been abusing their authority in the guise of free speech. The reality is that these Prof. abuse their credentials with nutty speech.

Thus when Norman Finkelstein parades his anti-semitic vitroil at conferences with Hezbollah and cavots with Neo Nazis it reflects on his employer DePaul. DePaul is directly responsable for his statements calling most Holocaust Survivors "liars" and Ellie Wiesel a "Profesional Jew". His own abuse of other authors quotes such as Benny Morris and Novick bring all of his work into question. More to the point Finkelstein represents DePaul when he speaks at these Nuremberg styled hatefests.

The time has come for Universities to crack down on abuse of academic credentals. If Prof. want to invoke accademic authority for fringe causes then their University bears the responsability for their speech. 9-11 conspiracy advocacy and public support for terrorists is a poor reflection on their employer.

Do not forget your kids

One of the aspects that the government takes very seriously is forgetting to list your children on immigration forms. This creates a big mess and if it is a biological child it can cost six hundred for blood tests. If it is an adoted child the reality is that it can bar the child permanetly.

People do forget many things on the forms and most agents will pick their way through them. Sometimes people forget a birthday and we can look in the compter. Most annoying is when people forget to put their last names on the form. Sometimes they check the wrong relationship but a check of the paperwork remedies that.

I am surprised at how often people will forget their children, wives, exwives, parents names. Most of these people do pass blood tests later on, so I do not understand why this happens.

My dream is that someday there will be a denaturalization and deportation agancy. We could remove communists like John Brown and Ducky and should readilly do so. The reality is that Communists pose a security risk and have proven predispositions towards treason and commiting acts of terrorism. The mere fact that one is a communist is in fact probable cause for governmental scrutiny. When one violates the law by impeding foreign policy like the members of CPT or ISM the proceedings should begin. In reality John Brown is a security risk and should be cavity searched any time he does near an airport or government building. Brown and his cohorts live in a fantasy world where the true evils of the Cold War were those who sought to rid the USA of Communists. We do know the Communist party was directed and funded by a hostile foreign power. Its members had a lengthy hisory of treason in the USA. Most members lie about their associations and hide behind euphamisms,

The greatest mistake GW Bush senior did was failing to buy the KGb archives. The questions about if Bill Ayers, Tom Hayden and Gomer Kerry knowingly worked with foreign intelligence services could be answered. How many of the visitors to North Vietnam knowingly worked with enemy intelligence officers. The problem was Bush senior and many others thought the traitors would disappear with the Soviet Union. We are now stuck with Putin so the window of opportunity has passed.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Communist Tactics

In our travels we will exlore the deception deciet and tactics of noted Communist agitaqtors. The Communist lives in a fantasy world where nationalism doesn't exist, except amoung Pseudostinians that are contrived by Communists themselves. The essence of a Communist is alienation and the dream of being holder of the divine truth. Communists vehently deny what they are so someone should remind John Brown to stick to the playbook. They fantasize that they speak for the whle world, but in reality at best they speak for chattering classes.

The Pseudostinian issue has replaced the dreary impressioistic third world narco guerillas that were supported by the Cubans. Where they exist today in Columbia they are funded by Narcotics. There is far more evidence that FARC is funded by the Cocaine trade. Do not hold your breath for Gomer Kerry, Ducky or John Brown to say a word. Psuedostinians and Jooooos are an obsession amongst Commies and thus Comwad Weazie will proclaim " Nanc is a good woman who needs to change her position on Zionists". My statemet is Weazie is an asshole who needs to take his meds. The myth of a Psuedostinian ethnicity was largely a PR move by Nasser a noted Commie thug. Thus a new ethnicity with no history, culture or basis in reality was formed out of whole cloth to replace Pan Arabism. Nonie Darwash's father was the one who recruited the initial jihadis from prison to form the precursor to todays Pseudostinian terror
groups. Also easilly missed in the Darwash book was the herding of these fake indigenous people into the Gaza strip with entry and exit strictly contoled by Egypt.
The first riots in Gaza were against the Egyptians for their draconian rule.

Commies form a plethora of Front Groups to make common cause with non Commies. Genuine Liberals like Freedomnow, Possum and myself understand how Commies opperate and avoid them even when we agree. Communists actively seek to subvert and convert any institution they are members of. Thus we have whole departments in Universities with Marxist faculties. The exponential over representation of Commie in Universities is far more pronounced than racial discrimination ever was. However, the presence of star chamber hiring process reinforces the gulag.

1 Communist tactic deny what you are.
2 Everyone who disagrees with you is a Nazi or Facist
3 Hyperventilate about the problems in America and Israel
4 Ignore the same problems everywhere else
5 Ignore and rewrite history and the English language. Colonial invaders with a 1400
year history of brutality become oppressed contrived racial groups.
6 Communists also seem to think they are the arbiters of ethnicity. Commie stooge Paul Robeson, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are conidered authentic while Thomas Sowell, Walter E Williams and Larry Elder are not. More absurd is Ward Churchill is considered a Native American and Dr Yeagley is not. Communists like to point at fellow Communists like Noam Chomsky, Norm Finkelstein and Joel " deranged" Koevell as Jews when in fact as Commies they are defacto traitors and seek genocidal internationalism as their identity. The latest attempt is to hoist 100 inbred and moronic Neturai Carta as authentic Jooooos.
7 Exagerate the evils and dangers of Liberterians, Zionists and Christian and Jewish Zealots. If any group has a bear historic monopoly on treason this is Commies themselves.
8 Guilt by association is a specialty of the asshat Gertrude. Freedomnow is responsible for every statement of MZ, Jeff Bargholtz and the Editrix. The idiot then goes on to slander the Editrix as pro-Nazi. The fact that Warren and myself have seen the Editrix dimember Nazis and Stormfront types is an illusion.
9 Politically correct racism. Ducky calls Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah and says it is okay because Harry Belacommie does it. I wonder how long a conservative radio host that compared Charlie Rangel to Uncle Ben or Louie Armstong on Malt Liquor would be employe. John Brown calls Native Americans Sambos and Jooooos Mullahs, Nazis.
10 Everyone whom they disagree with is the Anichrist or Satan. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson are loopy and say stupid things. A Muslim Cleric writes about killing Gays and 167 supports a meeting with Ken Livingstoned while railing against Falwell. Pardon me but Falwell does not advocate killing gays.

This is just a starter.