Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Political Speech

Okay the Schlossberg rant was rude. However, it was political speech and yes the First Amendment protects the rights of everyone. The only part where he is off the reservation is the part about ICE. That part could be considered a very lame threat.

The larger issues of customer service and English are real. There isn’t a single NYC resident who hasn’t been bothered by this on some level. It can sometimes be frustrating but that is far from the rant. You step into a business and find the staff doesn’t speak English. Sometimes it’s Chinese sub dialects or various languages from India or Arabic. The question is where am I. If I am in Chinatown then this is to be expected. However, Chinatown
Is a tourist spot so usually there will be bilingual staff. It is less common in Flushing or Sunset Park. However, if I am going to a Chinese Bakery for sponge cake it is likely a family business serving the local community.

This was not the case in the ill advised rant. Hypocritical lefties do not seem bothered by business that employ 100 percent Latinos. It would be nice to see a black person employed at these places. The neighborhood is covered in the rant. In general most of the people who can’t communicate in English are apologetic about the matter and are trying.
The rare exceptions almost always are Spanish speakers. There really is no issue if some basic customer service standards are done. Respect for the customer and if you can’t help direct the person to someone who can.


Friday, May 18, 2018

Non News

Let’s see a Trump supporter makes stupid comments to restaurant workers about reporting them to ICE. It his highly dubious that Trump knows this clod. The point about workers in a non Spanish area talking a foreign language on the job is one bandied around for at least 30 years. I don’t have an issue with a foreign language, but I acknowledge the larger issues.

Meanwhile Obama has a personal friend who compared Jews to vermin. Obama was never once asked about the comments of Rashid Khalidi. Obama has never been asked about the comments of Khalidi. Nor are the comments about infestation of government related to Palestine. They are literally lifted from Nazi rhetoric that as a so called academic he should be cognizant.

Obama is given a free pass for sitting in a Church two decades and not knowing the pastor is a weapons grade bigot. The media also hid photos of Obama meeting well known bigot Farakhan. I am starting to wonder if the reason Obama hides his grades is because he is an
Duhhh, I sat in a Church run by a Black version of Archie Bunker and took two decades to figure it out. Duh Rashid Khalidi is just uses flowery rhetoric that Nazis would recognize. Duh Bill Ayers is a neighbor a washed up terrorist
I barely know.

PT Obama must be laughing between Bong hits.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bullshit Progressives

The newspapers have some stories about the inferior joke of an edgy offered at ultra religious Yeshiva s. This does not refer to my relatives who sent their kids to a modern orthodox Yeshiva that does a decent job. The Yeshivas in question belong to various cult like sects.

Our alleged progressive mayor shows more interest in carry iage horses than in humans. Our governor Chico Cuomo has a memory issue and breaks bread with Rabbis who call child abuse victims whores from the pulpit. Child abuse is sadly known in all types of religious faiths. The Satmar are unique in protesting in favor of child molesters and harassing victims. Of course cowardly joke Cynthia Nixon could point this out. However, only Hollywood exceeds the arrogance of this group, by venerating clowns like Polanski.

The time has come to force real reforms. Workfare and mandatory classes for aid recipients. Let the Yeshiva bochers
Either learn a trade or dig ditches.

I will say this to the circus clown freaks. All of the founding fathers had jobs. This cycle of sloth and hypocritical self righteous morally obtuse lifestyle has made a greater joke about of our traditions than a antisemitic obsessive types ever could. Note these are the same Jews that progressives hold up as icons when rationalizing their Jew hate