Monday, June 30, 2008

It is Much Harder to Disagree with a respected friend

Long term readers know my respect for Justin and Rob whom I consider friends. The same readers also know my deep respect for deeply religious Christians. This is a respectful dissent unlike the more familiar back hand treatment given to communists.

Rob and Justin are valued friends who just happen to be gay. In NYC one meets many people of this type and it is a reality of daily life. Several times I have been mistaken for gay by Vermonters
whose sole contact with gays is a rerun of Will and Grace. I do not consider such an error to be an insult as I know many decent people who are gay. However, I got more offended by lefties who assume that as a NYer I share their idiotic views.

I want to preface my remarks by stating homophobia is very real. One should not even bother trying to deal with confirmed bigots. I do not waste time with rabid anti-semites. A disagrement with a Rob or Jams is another matter. One can respect those sorts as decent people one disagrees with. This is simply not possible with commies who are pariahs.

I disagree with Justin and Rob on Gay marriage. For me, marriage is a religious term and all religions have strict rules about who may marry. I want black robed Marxist freaks like Ruth Bader Ginsburg as far away from a House of Worship as possible. Justin sees the matter differently and I respect that.

I certainly disagree with the bunker mentality radicalism that fails to reach out to individual Christians. Gay rights will never progress by creating a bogeyman out of evangelicals. We have held many discussions on this issue and I have never heard anyone advocate genocide for gays.
About the worst form of torture I ever heard was forcing someone to watch the Detroit Lions. I have never met any evangelical goofy enough to want to place America under theological law. Nor have I ever encountered anti -semitism from a real Christian, any form of Liberation theology is a communist peversion of Christianity. The claim that Nazis were Christian and that evangelicals are of a similar stripe is absurd. The quotes from individual lunatics may be true, but as a whole this is dead wrong.

In general most of the religious Christians I encounter are of the same opinion that they respect
the division between Civil and theological law. Most of these same people with rare exceptions favor Civil Unions. Moreover, the dominant religious position is love the sinner and hate the sin.
Similarly, I am as likely to get a chiding over out of wedlock relations as a gay would receive. Homosexuality is not the sum of all sin in anyones definition.

I find myself in the odd position of defending Christians as a non Christian against the inflamed rhetoric of disgruntled Christians.

1) There is no "dark side of Christianity" . The Crusaders commited crimes against jews but otherwise these were defensive responses to Muslim agression that lasted hundreds of years.
2) The crimes committed against Indians were the product of what inevitably happens in the past. The notion that aboriginal people have rights and should be respected is a by product of Christian thought
3) The demise of slavery is largely due to Christianity.
4) Nazis in no way are Christian. They were a progressive movement that was Utopian in nature
and one of many that turned up around the turn of the century along with the equally as obnoxious communism.
A person that has as many written words as Hitler said many things. What we see in Hitler is often more a projection of one's own bugaboos than the content of Nazism. The action of Nazis were evil, but the source of the malady is the notion that an enlightened elite could create Utopia
on earth.
5) The gay community like any other is best served by reaching out to individual evangelicals. Demonizing themwill set back the cause of gay rights ala the act up crowd's failures.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dinesh D'Sousa Says it best

D'Sousa states my own point about Communism and its propensity towards butchery on 221

"In other words, the atheist blood bath is the product of a hubristic modern ideology that seesman, not God, as creator of all valu the truth. In rejecting God, man becomes scornful of the doctrine of human sinfulness and convinced of the perfectibility of his nature. Man now seeks to displace God and create a secular utopia here on Earth. In order to achieve this, the atheist rulers establish total control of society. They invent a form of totalitarianism far more comprehensive than anything previous rulers attempted: every aspect of life is under political
supervision. of course if some people - the Jews, the landowners, the unfit, the handicappe the religious dissident and so on- have to be relocated, incarcerated or liquidated to achieve this utopia, this is a price the atheist tyrants have shown themselves quite willing to pay. The old moral codes do not apply, and ordinary atheist functionaries carry out behavior that would make a church inquisitor quake. The atheist regimes, by their actions, confirm the truth of Dostoevsky's dictum: if God is not, everything is permitted."

D'Sousa states my points as to the inevitability of communist butchery quite well.

Beamish in 08

Friday, June 27, 2008

Ren's flunky makes more sense than Ren

Arguing with people about communism is like pissing in the wind. I won't indulge it any more especially when it is led by people who see history as a body count except for the body count of capatalism and its buddy funamentalist religion.

This statement is exactly the genocide denial and Christian bashing that I refer to. Lets see commies want to reject their own history of genocide and point the finger at Christians. The truth is that commies are more fundamentalist, bigoted and narrow minded than the Christians they castigate.

While Junglemom aids the poor as her calling and many of you serve your community what do communists do? They form alliances and practice entryism with the naive and similar extreemists ranging from Nazis and actual blood crazed jihadists.

Communists are more doctrinaire than the Christians they lampoon. While commies want to talk about every imagined crime of Capitalism and Christianity they want to remove their recent crimes from the conversation. They attempt this by outright denial of reality and logic by Ren's flunky or by shell game claims like those of Ren claiming that Trotsky is somehow divorced from his own history. This is akin to claiming Hitler had nothing to do with the Holocaust

Sorry, but what you have witnessed is a different type of Holocaust denial. Those who claim that deaths of 100,000,000 and climbing are on a par with Holocaust deniers. Would any of us accept or entertain similar claims from Nazis? I would hope that rational thought and logic would lead the rest of us to reject that.

I also want to point out that commies like to point to the crimes against Indians as Christian. In fact Indians are frequently very religious Christians and do no harbor such absurd thoughts. Junglemom knows hundreds of religious Indians deprived of her family's ministry and help by a Communist tryant who oppresses the same Indians. Dr Yeagley has a Ivy league PHD in Divinity
and is certainly not anti Christian. One can sit at Bad Eagle and see almost no anti Christianity except for the odd Commie passing by. The crimes against Indians belong to Indians who can speak for themselves and do not need self appointed elites talking in their name.

Commies have a mania about Indian Christians. Commies portray "Black Churches" especially communist Black liberation fronts as the bedrock of their community. Yet they turn around and claim some type of imperalism or ethnocide on the same concept involving Indians.

The truth is that communists can not withstand any real look at their own history so they must resort to the following techniques.

1 All previous communisms had nothing to do with version 2.0
2 Form grand alliances with nazis (LWB) anarchist freaks (Gambone) and oddly Kahanists. Kahanists are more worried about Messianic Jews than Commies who form alliances with Jihadists, Nazis and demonize Jews via frequent word games.
3 Claim that nobody is a communist. Mugabe is and will always be a communist. Kim Jong Ill is a communist. Hugo is a cocaine abusing communist lusting for more power.
4 I do not understand the logic
5 Rationalization of the crimes. Does anyone here call themselves a Shermanist, Francophile (Franco not France) or claim Pinochet as the messiah?
6 Legalisms claiming class genocide is different from eugenic killings
7 Blaming butchery on individuals like Stalin, Mao.
8 All foes of communism are Joooos er Zionisist agitators except for Kahanists who are marshmellows when it comes to communists.

Sorry I will stick with the founding fathers and genuine Christians (not the BS Marxist peversions of liberation theology) over Marxist morons any day.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pardon That Genocide Please and a Helping of Coleslaw

Communist Renegade Eye seems to think that there is no connection between Communism and genocide. Commies frequently resort to legalisms when they do not have facts or logic. Thus Ren forgets the accepted term is class genocide. The notion that the two words are placed together to form a well accepted meaning eludes the brain impaired commie. The term class genocide also is commonly accepted by most except for communists and their lackeys.

Most of us understand classic genocide with your evil Nazi goon with a warped theory of eugenics.Eugenics is a far left idea, where a self described elite decided they should determine who should breed. The Nazi idiocy is the most extreme version of the malady championed by Margret Sanger who wanted to eliminate Blacks and met with the KKK. Sanger's brand of stupidity was opposed by those pesky evangelical Christians who commies castigate. Abortion has moved past this racialist past but even Jesse Jackson who opposed it in the 70's noted its effect on Blacks.

The record of Commies in genocide even on strict ethnic terms is also quite evident. Plenty of ethnic groups found themselves targeted by commies under Stalin. The Sandinazis targeted Indians and Ren submits an article claiming this was a "misunderstanding". Even good old butcher Pol Pot did pursue some ethnic groups as well. Oddly Muslims were forced to eat pork once a week and died at lower rates of starvation.

Ren starts with a basic lie that tries to pin all of the crimes in the Soviet Union on Stalin. There were ample crimes that precede Stalin and many of them are directly at the feet of Trotsky who
who Ren views as his Christ. Even insane Anarchist Emma Goldman was well aware of Trotsky's
record. Commie's like Ren shrug it off, perhaps Goldman being a Jooo was a premature Neocon.
Trotsky is and remains a war criminal with a record that is worse than Saddam. The notion of Trotsky being different from Stalin is wishful thinking. In reality more people would have died as Trotsky was intent on spreading the evil abroad. Domestically, there would have been more neoslavery via Troskyite idiocy on labor or creating perpetual war. This idiocy is not too far removed from the house of war and peace foolishness of jihad.

Communism, Nazism and Jihadism need the other to survive. The other is the force to blame when utopia fails to arrive. The glue of this grand alliance is anti-semitism. Thus it is not surprising that Ren wails about phantom ties between Nazis and zionists, claims Jewish opponents like Hitler while actively courting a genuine Nazi recognized by Stormfront. Thus Ren tries to hide his anti-semitism with code words like neocon, zionist and so forth. His partner Graeme sees all US politics through the prism of AIPAC, recently he backed off this mania.

The other needs to die so that the faithful will accept its monopoly on power. The masses must kill the kulaks who are to blame for communist malfeasence. When the Kulaks are dead we merely move on to the next group. This is the functional framework for repeated class genocide.

Thus if one starves whole segments of the population according to the mindless Ren this is not Genocide. Thus the behaviors of commies Mugabe, Kim Jong Mentally Ill, Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao and so forth are swept under the rug. The repeated links between Communism and starvation
are factual. Of course Starvation does happen in non communist countries but this is typically related to extreeme weather or population. Zimbabwe was a dreadful place that exported food.
Add Communist mismanagement and surprise we get a starving populace. Ren also denies that Mugabe has any communist credentials. Commies play this game with Pol Pot as well.

Commies frequently play games claiming their new version has nothing to do with historic crimes. The little game starts with all previous communisms were state capitalists or that Trotsky is the savior of communism. The latter argument is comedic and vulgar considering the actual record of Trotsky. Commies like to pretend that words are the basis for judging Trotsky.
Hitler also has his apologists who like Ren can take any of his lengthy words and interpret them creatively. However, Hitler is still correctly judged by his actions agressive warfare and idiotic vulgar eugenic genocide.

Eugenics springs from the same idiotic mindset that Communism,Greens and Jihadis. A self described elite as heirs to whatever sacred truth are the sole authority to act as God on Earth.
This is the warped mindset that says morality is whatever the party or group think claim it to be. Thus Commies like Ren will rail about food speculators, kulaks, land owners of various sizes .
This self described elite will act in the name of Marx or his agent on Earth and decide who will live and die and get what resources. Greens act in the name of the planet but are ultimately communism via another angle. Some commies like Kovel make a thin effort to hide their communism. Others like Norman Finkelstein abuse the term to escape being called a commie.
However one does not have to look far to find Green writings calling for the infanticide of some children. One might wonder how much of the Green idiocy is the result of entryism or because the warped amoral view lends itself easily to such a similar crowd of fools.

Commies like to castigate Christians who are clearly their superiors. How I spent my summer by Junglemom and Ren. Junglemom probably would describe serving a community via education and health care. Ren would probably describe stealing property he didn't own and directing the unwashed masses. Communists are elitists who as God's surrogate and as such they will decide who will live or die and how the rest will live. I contrast this with a Christian who values life and offers spiritual guidance. A priority in Christian orders has always been those unwanted children
that many Greens would let die.

The problem with Commies is structural. Scientists and Technocrats have been proven less able to run societies and less moral. There were plenty of deluded elitist types who launched the reign of terror, class genocide and the Holocaust. Even the Spanish Inquisition does not come close to the those recent attrocities. In a Constitutional system man's impulses are balanced against a fixed framework. This if often why Marxist freaks like Bader Ginsburg resort to foreign law.

Every thug in history has had his apologists including Hitler, Stalin , Mao and Pol Pot. The cult of Trotsky is no different than the other cults. Moreover every bad idea including Nazism, the Confederacy, Jihadism and yes Communism. Just as we can not remove the Holocaust from discussions of Nazism we can not remove class genocide from discussions of communism. In reality Communists may be self righteous but given the historical record this is a delusion of grandeur.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Anti Semites Beat Jew In Paris

The media is fairly selective in the stories it chooses to run. This story seems to be buried and part of a larger pattern. Some of what gets chosen in the media is on the basis of moving papers. So if a pretty female is missing it will run for days. Thus aspiring criminals who are publicity shy should steer away from attractive female victims.

Some of the media's attention is directed at political stories. Imams acting unusual on airlines will
get media attention. However, where is the media coverage of the Paris hate crime? Where is the coverage of the Seattle office hate crime trial?

The media will report certain hate crimes even if they did not occur such as the Duke Lacrosse team snafu or the Columbia noose idiocy. The reason for that is all of us should object to KKK types of racist hate crimes. That type of story fits into America has not moved past its racist past mindset of Bolshevik media clowns fed diets of Marx, Chomsky and Menchu at an academic gulag.

The media will do several stories on gunmen shooting up schools. The stories will last for days
but those are often gun culture stories. Interestingly, the media never seems to do similar stories when a Muslim soldier kills his fellow Americans or a Jewish office is targeted in Seattle.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

End Ostructionism via Green Goons

Hopefully this election will be the end of the crypto Green/Communist obstruction on energy.
The United States needs to drill everywhere and use coal gasification and oil shale. The jobs that are created pay well above average and we shoud keep them here.

The biofuel debacle has merely raised the price of food to those who can least afford it. Greens are not known for their compassion to humans. One can find plenty of Malthus in some of their writings.

Greens are former commies who often make zero attempt to conceal their communism like Norman "Maoist" Finkelstein or Joel "Insane" Kovel. The idea remains the same as commie seek to control your life via another scam. It is the same routine with a bunch of so called elites deciding who does what in the name of mother earth.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The H1B debate

Todays Frontpage Magazine has an article commenting on the H1B program. H1B is the skilled workers program that is the basically a guest worker program.

Much of the problem with immigration is the outdated family basis of immigration. In the 1920 we could assume your son from country x could find a job and make a living. This assumption is no longer acceptable and crowds the unskilled labor market. There is nothing wrong with a HS drop out learning to install roll down store gates or sprinklers.

H1B visas are frequently awarded to foreign employees of the same company with contracts in the USA. If company x is awarded a contract in Iowa then it should be permitted to bring some of its own employees.

The critique of the H1b program does not recognize the reality that we compete in a global market and US companies should be permitted within reason to hire the best and brightest available. The article does note that 20,000 jobs are reserved for people with advanced degrees from US Universities.

I also want to point out that the vaunted numbers do not count job in higher education or in research/non proffits. Are we as a country better off that person X is being paid well below scale
to do medical research? Are Universities abusing this program and creating two tiered second class employees?

The questions are larger than the article presents.

H1B and the L visas are vital parts of assuring American companies remain competitive into the future. Many of the critics of this program do not understand that the software industry has evolved into a series of short term assignments that may or may not cross may frequently cross many borders.

Indian Universities are also not abused as a jobs program for unemployable commies like Bill Ayers and Angela Davis. Their students take more classes and somehow do the jobs without ever wasting time reading Marx, Fanon, Chomsky or Menchu. Even students in Iran take one or two classes on Islam and focus on their major. The communist featherbedding drives not only drives leaves the students unprepared to compete it saddles them with extra student loans for worthless classes that are superfluous.

We need to recognize that the IT industry and business in general is done differently than in 1920. We can argue if this is better or worse but we can not turn back the clock.

Beamish in 08

Renegade Eye claims I have turned him into a straw man. Communists are domestic animals and any comparison to straw men is an insult to straw men everywhere. No doubt farmer John will point out domestic animals also have nobility a feature commies lack. Commies can't even be compared to fecal matter in that fecal matter also has its uses. Straw men also have more spine than commies who frequently starve people to death to liberate them.

Commies like Ren excel only in lies, hypocrisy, deception, treason, bigotry and subversion. Ronald Reagan use to say scratch a commie and you will smell fear, but my experiences it is ignorance and bigotry.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Getting Old

I really since do not drive since I returned from VT. In VT I had to drive around 450 miles a week. I have driven around 600 miles since my return. Mass transit is cheaper and fairly convenient. I will probably be lending my car to my nephew for the summer.

This may sound odd but I prefer summer in NYC where there are no bugs to Northern VT. Unfortunately there are now deer on Staten Island, but they are confined to the South for now.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Duck's Question

The Duck wonders who will replace the European bases.

The truth is NATO has served its purpose and no longer serves any purpose. Europeans need to pay for their own defense. Who the enemy anyway Russia?? China?? Islamic Radicals??? The US should maintain individual treaties with reliable allies when appropriate with countries such as Poland, Italy or the UK. The treaties should be voidable by both sides so if a country were to elect a Livingstone type the USA need not be burdened by bombastic demagoguery.

European social safety nets were created on the backs of the US tax payer. The Europeans can pay for their own defense from whatever imaginary foe they face. The truth is that even within Islam people are starting to complain about pointless bloodshed. The mindless bombings in Iraq enraged the locals who turned on Al Queda. Pointless death with no results serves no purpose other than giving Islam a bad name.

US out of NATO

There is no longer a need for the United States to subsidize the defense of Europe. The alliance should be ended and the facilities closed and the troops returned home. The USA should decide bilateral defense treaties with nations on an individual basis.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Communist Authenticity Game

Noted Communist clown Retrograde Eye has proclaimed Jews are on the left. Thus in one week he has claimed I am a liberal and now on the far right. His feeble mind has not deduced that Rudy types are very much mainstream moderates.

Commies like to play the authenticity game with various groups. They ignore that those Jews who practice the religion tend to vote Republican. Moreover, continued anti-semitic idiocy and rationalization of Jihadi terror has moved even leftist types like Drummater into positions almost identical to my own.

Moreover, commies tend to ignore the reality of what they are. A person like Rob Bayn is a Democrat. He is proud off his own country and has nothing to do with communism. Sadly the leadership of the Democratic party has encouraged people who do not belong there into the party. Pro America social liberals have left the Democratic party long ago and formed the Rudy wing of the Republican party.

Commies like to hold up a minority of kooks called Neturai Karta as representative of religious Jews. They also try the bait and switch game by trying to claim fellow communists such as Maoist Norman Finkelstein or Joel "Illucid" Kovel are somehow represntative of Jews. They do
this with Blacks claiming that Blacks who love their country and try to make a dollar like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Larry Elder, Leshawn Barber are Uncle Toms. They also do this with
Native American patriot David Yeagley.

Communists are not the arbiters of ethnic authenticity. Jews have known what and who we are long before the cult of class genocide was in its current form. We will also know who we long after communism has been placed in history's outhouse of wacky leftist ideas such as Nazism, the Confederacy and Eugenics.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Popular Culture

I want to thank the folks at AMC for showing the deleted scenes.are One can pick up exactly where they are by the sound of the voices. Eli Wallach and Eastwood did provide their own voices
but the differencho have is noticeable. A voice actor did Lee Van Cleef's lines. The extra 16 minutes does enrich the story.

I urge those who have seen this film many times to watch the director's cut and thank us later.

A friend in New York City pondered if I named my girlfriend in VT (Northwind) after the Slim Whitman song by the same name. This is not true, but it would be quite funny if it were. As far as finding Northwind goes she leaves a trail of beer cans and finds you when she is broke.

The music of Slim Whitman is something that I spoofed long before Mars Attacks. In college a close friend and I created comedic ch arachters based upon people we knew. A regular running gag was based upon the drugged sleazy Israeli womanizer named Dror. Dror was based upon a real person whose lame pickup lines were hysterical. We would have him striking out in bars singing The Indian Call of Love off key and forgeting the lyrics. Other sons parodied in those skits were Blue Bayou, Please Release Me, The Polish Prince, Suspicious Minds and a few others.

I am waiting for Dr Yeagley or any of our native American readers to say something poignant about the injustices of Slim Whitman's song. Dr Yeagley would propably point out that he has never seen any Native Americans yodeling in falseto even when smashed. Listening to the Indian Call of Love is probably punishment enough for its bad portrayal of Indians.

Now Communist anti-semites probably have a version that starts like this sung to Whitman's disasterous tune.

When I am blaming Joooooooooooooz
They will march trooooooooooooo........

I am starting to see the comedic possibilities of skewering Communist Anti-semites with a real version of this song.

Beamish in 08

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Barak tries to sound Conservative

The problem of out of wedlock births is a social problem hardly limited to the Black community. The problem is that we tend to absolve the mothers of all negligence and mind games. It takes two people to make a child and women who make poor selections should accept some responsibility.

Sadly, at work I often hear of children used as footballs in brutal divorces. I hear story after story
of children caught in the center of these fights. Perhaps I should count my blessings that there were no children in my marriage. When my ex called years later I hung up. This is a luxury divorced spouses with kids should never do.

It is easier to lump a complex problem at the feet of one party than to talk of the larger picture. It is good that Obama is urging men to be responsible. However, women need to show better judgement at times. Sadly, some parents place their selfish needs of revenge before their kid's sanity.

The Nazi/Commie/Jihadi common front of Dementia

Many of you think that my comments about John Brown/LWB being identical to the Nazis at Stormfront are jokes. The folks over at Stormfront can not differentiate the material either. This
should come as no surprise at the Jooooo obsessed commies like Retrograde Eye have been using populist anti semitism since their inception. Some of you also are unaware of the strident eliminationalist writings of early anarchists and then express shock and dismay at the musings of their spawn.

The folks at Stormfront seem to know their material quite well. It is utterly amusing that Ren and Graeme Striecher who frequently call people fascists are linked to an actual Nazi . There is not much difference between Commies, Nazis, Jihadis, Greens and Anarchists. Anarchists have far and away the lowest IQ in the special ed class of pariahs.

The mindless sons of treason and class genocide should ask themselves how is it that the folks at a Nazi site can not distinguish material they freely post on their site. Nazis certainly do not come
to this site unless they want to get abused. I could honestly say that these nuts can distinguish their material from that of a conservative like Mr B, AOW or Junglemom in seconds.

The senile Larry Gambone calls my country "my sainted America". His comments contain an element of truth in that it is "our country" and we are proud of it. The lunatics, freaks and pariahs are unamerican and do not deserve the honor of citizenship.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Obama getting money from Code Pinko

The Communist supporting Obama theme has picked up more momentum. The treasonous lunatics at Code Pinko have given Obama money. Obama needs to explain why he took money from people who gave money to our enemies in Falujah.

The more one looks at Obama's actual life the more absurd the talk of being a "uniter" is.

1 Being in a racist Communist cult church with a moonbat pastor for twenty years alone makes this claim absurd.
2 Working with Bomb tossing communist terrorist traitor Bill Ayers. Ayers is a loathsome criminal who should be pushing up daises for his crimes commited in the name of Marx.
3 His mentor just happens to be a notorious Communist in Hawaii.

Obama seriously needs to adress his own views on Communism. Why do so many advocates of Class genocide and treason turn up frequently in his life history.


I consider myself to be a very fortunate person. I am blessed because my coworkers care so deeply
about me that they put up with my antics. Those who know me in my personal life know my nature
is much different than what you see here.

I work with a dedication to do my best. Unlike many other jobs I am very aware of the power and responsibility of my job. In many cases I work very hard to put things right that have been wrong for years. When my time comes I will know that I have changed many lives.

I have a special friend who works down the hall. She takes life a bit more seriously than I do. She noticed that in the heat wave my behcavior was very off. I had given a cashier a $20 and she returned change of a five. She claimed my responses were not close to norms and I insisted it was due to the heat. Sadly we must wear ties even in unairconditioned offices. I wasn't drinking enough water and placed the fan on my applicants.

The friend insisted I go to the nurse and was smart enough to not trust me to tell the truth. She
probably saved my life.

Many of us live with the quiet depression that our lives are empty. Sane religious people like Warren, Junglemom or TMW find purpose and sanity from their faith and family. The insane types turn the political into a warped faith. When I worked in the fashion industry or other jobs
I made good money but my life was empty. My life was a number on a balance sheet. If I died the names and result meant little.

Along the way I met many interesting people. I am not easy to work with as I am somewhat enigmatic, but most people understand that I am a good person with an odd mix of gloom and cheer. Yesterday most of my office stopped by to express their concern. Even people from other departments stopped by. I am touched that several of the interpretors took time to visit and expressed concern.

Ultimately I work for the American people. Few people get to serve that which they love with their heart and soul, perhaps Junglemom understands. I am blessed to be part of a team and being a regular guy is always keeping up your role. Even though I was under the weather I still kept up my pace.

I will have to rest for a bit and taking a day off is not easy. The ultimate call was made by my boss who put me on medical rest . I am not allowed to return until this matter is resolved. I
can't be angry at my special friend for watching my back. The running joke is that if you want me to do something just place this friend in charge. I never took lunch breaks and she makes sure I stop relax and do not eat the wrong things. I said those words that many of us never tell our friends in a soft gentle voice. I didn't think she heard but her smile and response indicated otherwise.

I am not an easy person to care for, but am lucky that so many make the effort.

Thanks to the many friends and readers who visit daily.

Take the time to thank the people who care for us even when we aren't so loveable.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sanity on Energy

If you are pissed off about gas prices place the blame where it belongs leftists.

1) Build nuclear power plants and build them now.
2) Drill in Anwar and every other spot.
3) Use oil shale and coal gasification
4) Make mass transit tickets 40% deductable.
5) Invest in new mass transit
6) Build new refineries

Communist Stupidity

Renegade Eye displays how little he knows abut Americans. He declares that I should be a Democrat. This would be true if the Democratic party had not been infiltrated by communists and people who do not belong there like the Moveon crowd.

The Democratic party should have deduced long ago that being soft on communism and allowing fellow travelers into the party was an RX for disaster. They have mutated into a band of unpatriotic internationalist who care more about opinions in faculty lounges or Hollywood cocktail parties than in Walmart parking lots.

Commies like Ren dream of a grand alliance with moderates like myself. This moderate will never allow commies into anything I am involved in . Commies, Anarchists, Jihadis, Nazis, Greens, the KKK and the anti Globalization crowd are the enemies of humanity. I can and do disagree with a Rob Bayn or a Mr B at times but understand the decency from the left to the right. As Americans we want similar things but differ on how to get there. Commies are not American and are part of an internationalist cult that seeks global hegemony.

I am above all other things an American. I do not tolerate genocidal lunatics slandering my country in various degrees of manifesto madness. My social liberalism is secondary to national security and will remain so. Todays Democratic party is too little Scoop Jackson and too much Jesse Jackson.

I want to point out that the natural home of anti-semitism is on the left. One does not have to look too far to find it on the Daily Kos or any other leftist site. The Democratic party needs to clean up its act.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Beak on Christianiy Messianic Jews and Communities

I am a non Christian, but I proudly live in a society that is the product of Western Civilization. I enjoy the freedoms and benefits that stem from being a person living in such a locale. My view is influenced by Prof Alvin Schmidt whose books describe the influence of Christianity and Islam on their respective developing societies.Unfortunately, along our path to the present my people the Jews have often been mistreated along the way. The far left version of ignoring similar abuses under Islam or rationalizing them with European behavior is false logic.

Yet for me to ignore the products of living in a society founded largely on Christian principles would make me a hypocrite. Similarly, for me to ignore the wonderful work done in communities by missionaries and organizations who dedicate their lives to the poor as part of their calling would be like being an ostrich. Churches perform wonders at the local level. My points specifically ignore the liberation theology crew as a mutation of true Christianity. Above all true Christianity is a life affirming faith that does not condone class genocide, theft of property and elevation of a great leader into a deity.

Messianic Jews in my view are originalists who seek to get back to the basics. The original context of Jesus/Yeshua was as a culmination of the Judaic prophecies and not distinct from it.
It is entirely absurd for me to condemn people who seek a return to the faith via a return to its
original form, nor do I look down upon Jews who seek this path.

There are many things wrong with Kahanists. However, the ultimate hypocrisy of embracing communists who peddle Classic populist anti-semitism while pushing away our brothers and sisters is disgusting. Thus the Kahanists will entertain a person who calls Hezbollah "reformist" and rationalizes killing of Jews and populist Anti-semitism while pushing away Christians.

I do consider messianic Jews to be my brothers and sisters. That being said I am not about to join and prefer to remain as is.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Meanace in Europe

Claire Berlinski does have an entirely different take on the same Europe is in decline story. She is
far more tough on Britan and the Netherlands than she is on France. It is a very readable book but this subject is covered best by Bruce Bawer. Bawer is a superior writer and is at times quite entertaining.

The truth is that the most Eurocentric people on the planet are far left commies. Commies talk a good game about secularism but that in and of itself is almost entirely Eurocentric. One sees plenty
of religious Blacks, Indians and Hispanics. However, when one looks at a collection of commies it is almost as exclusive as a country club before integration. You might see a token Hispanic or an Arab claiming to be but the rest are simply all white.

I attended a funeral service in a Black Church in a poor section of Brooklyn. There was talk of Black on lack crime, fixing your life through hard work and more than a few references to Zion. It appears that the commies delude themselves about the Black Church. The Black Churches that I visited are not too far removed from the Evangelical churches they despise. Commies may point to a marxist freak like Pastor Wright but the smaller Charismatic churches are more common than commies assume.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Messianic Jews

A close friend has decided to embrace faith and call himself a messianic Jew. The term as I understand it typically involves Jews accepting Jesus as the culmination of our prophecies. In his case he was already a Christian, so this means something entirely different.

When I think of messianic Jews I think of the late Zola Leavitt and his search for an aboriginal form of Christianity returned to its original basics. I don't think his message or ministry was aimed at existing Christians.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The wonders of Christianity

One of the oddities of being me is some of the unusual places I end up in my misadventures. In today's version I ended up in a Black Christian Church in a poor area of NYC.

I want to point to the BS that commies talk about Churches. If the Church is Black and in a poor locale it is a vital community resource. If the same service is held in a white church they are hateful
evangelicals. If Indians have this service it is cultural genocide.

Christ is the great leveler of humanity. King and peon are held to the same rules. The service is a very interactive experience set to music with easy to remember lyrics. The entire service isl about accepting Jesus as the savior and redemption.

In this case a man was brutally murdered. In my case I am fortunate in that my simplicity does not bring me to the question of why? I understand humanity in different terms than most and why is connected to the selfish part of what we are as humans. We are capable of great evil and for me this is a given. The question of why requires faith in things we can not add or subtract like character, the heart and soul. I do not relate well to those things that can not be placed on a ledger sheet. However, I was struck by the focus on hope in spite of the senselessness of the depraved action. The killer was forgiven at the service, but the community and family stressed the open question of why? Even if the killer were to step forward and explain what happened on a larger scale the question of why can not be answered at our level.

The service ended with hope for the family and the community. Its faith and devotion was severely tested by an act of evil. Yet Christ is the enemy of tyrants and thugs in that hope and equality is possible under the eyes of the God unites those in spite of ourselves or our stupidity.
Maybe, it is best that the truth in certain cases of pointless crimes like this remain unknown because we never can answer why in the same way we can not measure a soul.

The wonder of the service at the community level is that hope, redemption and unity remain possible. Maybe I am too cynical to think that some are worthy, but I am glad to be the exception.

Timeless Wisdom from Mark Twain about an Anarchist

The wisdom and timeless words of Mark Twain describing anarchist killer Luigi Luccheni seem to
fit Larry Gambone perfectly. Gambone is always dottering off about how old he is, but the rest fits
anarchist fools perfectly.

"And who is this miracle worker who has furnished to the world this spectacle? All ironies are compacted in the answer. He is at the bottom of the human ladder, as the accepted estimates of degree and value go: a spoiled and patched young loafer, without gifts, without talents, without education, without morals, without character, without any born charm or any acquired one that wins or beguiles or attracts; without a single grace of mind or heart or hand that any tramp or prostitute could admire him; an unfaithful private in the ranks, an incompetent stone cutter, an inefficient lackey; in a word a mangy, offensive, empty, unwashed, vulgar, gross, mephitic, sneaking, human polecat".

I encountered the quote in Claire Berlinski's Menace in Europe. The book is interesting but has a
few sections that are off. If you are interested in that theme stick with Bruce Bawer who treats the subject with much greater skill.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

UK doesn't quite get it

According to the UK Telegraph there has been money approved for psychiatric care for violent religious fanatics. This money is a good start but would be betterthink of spent on providing mental health care for members of the SWP.

The folks across the pond never quite get around to the reality impaired anti-semitic and anti American communists who stoke and rationalize this homicidal violence. Moreover, if one is merely advocating class butchery or rationalizing treason or class genocide this must be acceptable. Then again if one thinks of Trotsky as some type of secular Christ figure you should be on meds of some type.

My family just came back from Russia. I am glad that I did not join them on tour. They were told that 27,000,000 died in ww2 and that they won the war. The 27 million figure includes 1,500,000 Jews who died in the Holocaust and who commies continue to abuse. This figure also includes those butchered by Stalin. Moreover, these reality that Commies and Nazis were allies
just never sinks in. The reality that this number also includes Hiwis who enlisted in the Nazi cause largely because of the brutality of Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin also gets forgotten as these same Hiwis and POWs were all butchered after the war and lumped into that oft cited number.

The fact that the USA and the UK had to resupply the commies is also lost. Moreover, the USA and the UK also had to deal with Japan with almost zero elp from the commies until that was decided and even then the commies stole real estate.

My family brought back a T-shirt with the hammer and sickle. I intend to burn it at the first available moment. I would have liked to visited to piss on Lenin's Tomb. However, pissing on long dead meglomaniacs is not quite as fun as pissing on their brain impaired apologists. Of course this Disneyfied tour did not include a trip to the Lubyanka prison where commies practiced butchery or a trip to the Gulags.

My family's discussion of the semi barbaric customs procedures was quite vivid. It would seem that Russia has not lost its authoritarian brutality. Unlike Israel that has been at war for 60's years Russian visitors have to present their passport and itinerary at every stop. It would seem that of Communism is not entirely dead and the present government has opted for some sort of Chinese compromise.

Onto more recent news.

I am perplexed how every useless social science major assumes they can work in government.
Reading Marx, Menchu, Chomsky and Fannon does not prepare one to flip burgers. Moreover, if one has been spoonfed those authors by the Old Bolshevik Network of psycho professors their
view of duty and professionalism is seriously compromised. Moreover, with one notable exception far left types are a serious liability at work and are either incompetant or are law suit whores. Two men talking about car parts or power tools does not constitute a hostile work attmospere and the person bringing that complaint should be in some sort of therapy.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Clinton Curse

When the final obituary on Hillary 08 is written part of the blame lies in over handling. The truth was Bill Clinton was an embarrassment and a liability. Hillary did her best when she was less choreographed.

The Clinton's waited too long to counter the Obama momentum. The Clinton's depend on the Black community for support and were late to respond to Obama for fear of weakening that support.

Obama is heading to defeat, but he has to look in the mirror. He never quite understood that a "uniter" really should not be fraternizing with Racial arnonist pastors or bomb throwing commies. Obama could have come clean and discussed this ow the as an error of youth.

Those on the left do not understand the rest of us view the hate America rhetoric. Many of us waited for Gomer Kerry to have a I went way too far moment. Kerry's Sgt York act coupled with fronting a communist group with fake veterans was way too much for many Americans.

Obama needed to have a heart felt message explaining his youthful anger and quasi Marxist fellow traveling. Americans are not going to elect a President who views his country as evil. Many people have stupid ideas in their youth and then grow up.

The bottom line is that the Clintonista media machine abandoned her for a fresh face albeit one that has zero substance. You waited for Hillary to adapt but it did not come until it was way too late.

What is the legacy of eight years of Clintonian self absoption? Clinton fatigue is a very real factor
and fancy media campaigns did not breathe life into Hillary. Hillary's few moments came when she emerged from a cacoon of handlers and went out to the people and into hostile forums like the O'Reilly Factor. For Hillary, she hit her stride too late to make a difference.

Beamish in 08 is looking better every day

UCU Fascism Old Bolshevik Networks and Theft

The recent move by the UCU in the UK to subject Israelis and Jews to a litmus test is classic Bolshevik fascism. The notion that a math professor should face a Marxist litmus test based entirely upon his religion, country of origin and ethnicity should offend all fair minded people. If Universities were professional a Mathematics professor would be judged solely on his ability to impart math and there should be no discussion of politics whatsoever.

Moves like this in higher ed and the hiring of communist terrorists show a serious need for reform.

The Beakerkin University Reform

1 No student loans or research grants unless tenure is eliminated
2 No research grants or loans for social sciences except psychology.
3 A serious examination into political manipulation in the hiring processes

If Universities want to participate in political activities than they should do so on their own dime.
Normal employees are terminated for abusing their jobs for advancement of political. I am not even allowed to display a picture of Abraham Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt on my desk. If universities are reliant upon the public dole than there needs to be accountability.