Saturday, February 27, 2016

Stick with the push cart

Being a fan of junk food, I tried the Burger King hot dogs so you don't have to. Burger King was very cheap with with the chilli and cheese. This is inferior to the street cart. The loaded hot dog was more interesting although oddly cheap with the mustard and ketchup. They were not cheap with the pickle relish and chopped onions. Now if Burger King
Had genuine vision they would have had a New York Dog with sauerkraut pickle relish and deli mustard. If you are in NYC there is no reason to stop at Burgerking for a hot dog.

Now the extra long butter burger is a pleasant surprise. It is worth a try and is fairly distinctive in a crowded Burger Market.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Roger Waters still crying

The increasingly inane Roger Waters is still crying in the media about being called a Nazi. This is quite ironic for
A person whose obsession with Isreal borders on a mental health pathology. Waters brings this reaction with his constant publicity stunts. He hasn't done anything noteworthy in years. His airheaded remarks are the sole reason he has been in the media.

Once again his comments are amusing considering his support for judenfrei real estate. There are plenty of ethnically cleansed real estate in the region the question of how much real estate Arabs need from people they historically mistreated eludes the brain impaired Waters.

The war time service of his father does not protect the increasingly inane Waters from the Nazi charge. His lifetime of stupid comments on the subject are indeed Nazi like. His alleged victims in Gaza have spent large sums of money on tunnels and rockets. Has Waters demanded the Pseudostinians spend their absurd welfare checks on items such as building a viable economy?

Waters obsessive rambling on Jews and Israel are Nazi like. Does he place Arabs under any similar scrutiny for failing to make genuine efforts at peace and ceasing violence aimed at Jews who are not even in Israel. Has he said a word about Muslims killing Jews in Paris or elsewhere. Has he understood Arabs ethnically cleansed Jews from their lands and confined their own to refugee camps.

Waters is a cartoon whose ramblings were skewered by Howard Stern. Once again he pretended to be above the fray but Stern at least has an actual career that is current and is not living on past accomplishments. Stern knows he is an entertainer first and does not pretend he is a moral beacon. Waters still doesn't grasp he is merely an entertainer who hasn't been entertaining for decades. He is known for music and has zero claim on any intellectual or moral icon.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The BS logic of Duckenstein

The Duck is in full blown hypocrite mode. In the past he has been critical of efforts by various types of organizations in the USAbto keep an eye on Muslim terrorists. However, he backs the socialist government of France raiding mosques.Basically had this action been carried out by NYPD under Bloomburg or any other responsible adult, he would be screaming about fascism.

Unfortunately, the truth is that in the case of public safety we need to strike a balance between respect for traditions and bodies in the street. I would like to live in a world where terrorists respected houses of worship and
did not plot crimes there. Unfortunately, this is not the case with our current terrorists.

Sadly we are led by a rather pathetic university Marxist drone who has been socialistically promoted way over his limited ability into the White House. In his lame brained view of the world Muslims are always victims and he can not
even mention that these crimes are committed in the name of Islam. He usually gets up after every latest crime warning Americans about Islamophobia and the criminals have nothing to do with Islam.

Oddly, this argument is not even made by intellectually honest Muslims like Stephen Schwartz. Schwartz acknowledges that these crimes are committed by people acting in the name of Islam, albeit an extremist view of the faith.

The argument that never takes place is what is historical Islam. Are today's religious types venerating a mythical past of their imagination or something more tangible. This is a familiar concept in the Jewish community, where sometimes heated conversations do take place about the merits of Chasidic culture as being veneration of ghetto culture into mythical Edens or something more substantive.

Of course many faiths really need to have this conversation internally. However, there is no place in any serious conversation about any subject with Marxists. Rational adults can discuss matters intelligently and disagree. They also negotiate and work out compromises with the other side. Barak Obama is a poster child for Marxist arrogance, failure and incompetence. This is why a Michael Bloomberg who is an honest liberal with integrity can work with all types of people and Obama the drone can not.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

European Bullshit

I want to point out our political elites are full of crap. France has raided Mosques and found weapons. This was done by a Socialist government to media yawns. Of course this is the same group that Obama lectures us falsely has always been a part of America. Obama seems to forget that if slaves adopted Christianity and regularly hyms with the theme of the Exodus.

There is a demented view from leftists that Blacks and Native Americans should hate Christian because their religion was imposed on them. In fact when you meet either they are frequently the most devout Christians. If you speak to an African Anglican you are likely to find zero nostalgia for Islam and no obsession with Palestinians. In the case of some the obsession borders on a mental health pathology. If we had depoliticized mental health the obsession with Jews and Palestine would be treated as a mental health defect.

Now some of us have met knuckle scrapping racists. The oddball idiot who blames every ill in America on those darn N word. They also blame Jews and those gays for every other problem in America. Lefties are one step removed but very similar to cartoon rednecks. They frequently espouse the one percent rule for Blacks. Yet Jews are transmogrified into Europeans with any miscegenation or bizzare Crank Khaxar theories.

Lefties rail about Israel as an apartheid state. They do this while foisting a fake ethnicity creating judenfrei enclaves run by Jim Crow sharia law. Of course if you discuss any of the actual historical colonialism and abuse of minorities by Muslims you are some kind of Islamaphobe.

The truth is none of us would have problems with Muslums if the entire faith were like Stephen Schwartz. An Islam that respected others and was intergrated into a wider world. Unfortunately we have certifiable lefties who stoke bizarre victimization theories and anti history by lefties. Muslims themselves are not served by a steady diet of preposterous victim hood especially with a people they have historically abused.

Then again lefties turn a blind eye to other regions where Islam is in conflict with other faiths. Those same Hindus who lived at peace with Jews, Christians and others magically turn intollerant when Islam is added. There are plenty of regions where Islam comes into conflict with other faiths. How do members of a religion that does not respect others and even has bloody conflicts within the faith become victims in leftist fantasy land that is less real than Dungeons and Dragons.

If lefties were really genuinely concerned with Muslims they would celebrate those like Stephen Schwartz who respect others. The essence of Western Civ is simple. Have your own ideas, respect those of the next person and don't take crap that isn't yours. On all counts Ducky fails as he favors Statism. Of course now that the Socialist government of
France has raised Mosques and found weapons we will get some excuse.

Sorry but Islam has created new issues for society. Religious sanctuary no longer can exist when a faith uses houses of worship to store weapons and incite criminal acts of violence. If anything the findings in France back those who favor law enforcement scrutiny of these same sites. Civil rights are not a suicide pact.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Bernies bait and switch

Bernie Sanders does talk a bit about his time on a Kibbutz. He leaves out the part that it was a Stalinist one. He takes all the dances with Cuba and his entire history of dances with Cuba and transmogrified himself into a philo scanda avian socialist. We see this two step every time we deal with a hard leftist. Maybe Bernie didn't join the Communist party but a pro Stalin Kibbutz.

I want Bernie to lecture the Cruz family on the wonders of Cuba.

Bernie is a total joke but Obama is worse.