Sunday, August 30, 2015

Laughing at myself

There was an arrest in my office and I was injured. Naturally people assumed it was in an altercation with the aplicant. Not only is that not true, the applicant who was later arrested was a perfect gentleman. I was pinch hitting with my new boss who made the arrangements. Had I pulled out of the interview the arrest would have been compromised. I took a Motrin and did the last two interviews.

The top boss asked why I waved off removal to the nurses office and continued. In seven years I have never failed to complete an assignment. No matter how sick or in pain I would hold out till a review day to rest. Even in the CSU I made my assignments until the boss there told me to take a five day rest. Formally, I was on call in case of an emergency. There have been days where I was off except for a strategic meeting to wrap up a case and got a full day's work thrown at me. In one instance I told the boss, my guy first then everyone else.

My place is especially brutal but I earn my keep and make things entertaining. Oddly I am losing my reputation as a boss killer.When one of the bosses went haywire my response was caustic but muted.My response was if I took out a leger pad you would see this slight is unwarranted. Alas I have too much class to cross words with you over this matter.It was the mildest rebuke of about eight fights that supervisor had. The Director laughed at my measured sarcasm. I told her I am too old for much more than a quip or two.

Obama lectures Jews

The antisemitic clown in the White House created the Nadler mess. Obama needed to pressure a real Jew Nadler into going along with his insane plans to have Israel annihilated in a nuclear war. Nadler was immediately and deservedly
attacked by his constituents as Kapo. Unlike Election Day frauds Feinstein and Boxcar Bertha in CA, Nadler was the genuine article. He is no longer the genuine article and chose loyalty to a power mad Nero president over the will of
His constituents.

The Obamaphiles need to pay for their perfidity and a Hitler salute followed by a shunning is appropriate. Lefties feel perfectly fine calling Schumer a real Jew all sorts of names. The failed messiah if he were a man would apologize to Nadler for ruining his reputation in his community forever. His failure and turning his back on his community will have consequences for the remainder of his days.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Gay Black Killer Huge Obama Fan

Every time there is a mass shooting the left tries to tie the crime to Fox or talk radio. Well now we have a gay rainbow flag waiving Obama fan as killer lets extend the inane Obamunist logic further.

This particular nut was so race obsessed he thought serving watermelon was a hate crime. We serve the stuff daily in my house with fried chicken and okra. Okra is a major vegetable that is everywhere in Guyana and enjoyed by all regardless of race.

Following this logic my boss who isn't Jewish is racist for serving Chinese Food and Pizza at our meetings. He made references to Kool Aide which are obvious code word for dumb Guyanese even though only stupid Americans drank the stuff and died in Guyana.

I want to point out Gays are far and away the most discriminated against in my workplace. Yet amazingly Black people who go to far lengths to bash people for imagined racism are among the worst offenders dropping slurs and gay jokes that are mean spirited. Nor have I ever seen an instance of gay people being hyper sensitive to inclusive humor. Inclusive humor are those jokes intended to laugh at human nature. Coworkers were joking that the man always gets stuck with the check so gay men pay twice as much to avoid fights. There was a picture of a smiling Bill Clinton in between two gay men at work. I pointed out he never smiles like that when Hillary is around. Coworkers of all descriptions were on the floor laughing. Gays were looking forward to the skit where I was mistaken for gay in a training video.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Advice for the serious candidates

The Trump numbers reflect an electorate tired of Obama. They are tired of excuses and making deals with Obama. They reject the policies of Obama. They are tired of the mindless Obama policies and hatred of all things American. They are tired of pretending Obama is an effective leader when it is obvious he is incompetent.

You get the Trump voters by attacking Obama.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Inside The Curtain

I am not a fan of Donald Trump. That being said the NYT piece gives a peek at the workload of Immigration Judges. They are overworked and there are a range of factors. This is the reason I avoid sending marginal cases there. There
is always time for serious criminality and statutory cases. However, I try to send people there only after all the evidence has been considered. Judges never complain about that drug dealer, gang member or sexual predator on their docket.

In fact our investigators have no complaints about going after sexual predators. They typically are more than happy to get them off the street. Assuming Trump wins, ( big if) he probably should provide an incentive for ICE Officers to work 25 years instead of 20. Trump would need to boost staff at the airports and USCIS as well.

On the plus side, Trump is known for results. He will hire only the best and hold everyone accountable. Anything would be welcome from the Obama malaise.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pothead Mayor gives up on Carriage Horses

The increasingly unpopular ignorant oaf Mayor has decided to quit pestering hard working tax paying Central Park Horse carriage operators. It was a stupid position that was widely ridiculed especially in a city where nothing works.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hacked from Israel

My email accounts were hacked from Israel. There is nothing of value in those accounts as I do not bank or trade stock on line. In this case it was wasted efforts. I still would like to torture credit card thrives and computer hackers. A nice round with a tazer gun followed by jail time would feel good by violates cruel and unusual punishment. After sex criminals they are amongst the lowest of the low.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Market correction

All of us took a bath today. The China blues and other factors are leading the sell off. It is not a bad thing and I took the opportunity to buy a tiny position in B&G foods. I live the products and the company and decided it is another company I want to own.

Stay the course look for opportunities and wait in a down market.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Homelessness worse in NYC than in Guyana

Diplomats have noticed the determination of the city under Mayor Pothead. Pothead claims he is a victim of bad press.
The city has become a great toilet under the socialist imbecile. A diplomat from Guyana stated homelessness is worse in NYC.

Winter should be brutal and there should be plenty of disease. These were the conditions that led many to flee the city for suburbia. The pothead socialist needs to go.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lerner cries victim and spouts ignorance

Once again the arch criminal Lois Lerner is crying victim. If the new documents uncovered by Judicial Watch are accurate this conspiracy spread to the DOJ and FBI. Lerner should be looking at RICO charges and jail without the possibility of parole for her crimes against the American People.

Her comments about Abe Lincoln are even stupider than the garbage usually said by Ron Paul lunatics. Her idiotic comments that Lincoln should have let the South go so we could have a left wing utopia.

Lerner is crying about her treatment at the hands of those evil Republicans. Every utterance reveals a lack of remorse or comprehension of the magnitude of her crimes. The crimes exceed anything imagined by Nixon and a RICO trial would last well beyond the Obama administration. Those that conspired with Lerner should not be spared.

There should be mandatory retirements at the IRS and the culture needs overhaul. There is zero room for abuse of authority at any level of the government.

Trump polls and Sanders numbers are a reaction to Obama

I am not on the Trump bandwagon. I did take the time to discuss the phenomena with those who are on Team Trump. After
Eight years they are frustrated by Republican timidity to oppose Obama. They are tired of apologizing to every group on the planet. They are tired of a leaderless dishonest President who call opponents of his programs terrorists and refuses to call Muslims who attack America terrorists.

They are tired of a jobs market that gives jobs to illegal aliens, high crime and Obama care.

Oddly, the true voice of anti Obama sentiment would be Ted Cruz or Gov Walker. The latter causes lefties emotional pain. However, I share this frustration with the GOP. I would be less inclined to vote for Rand Paul than Trump if he were the nominee. Rand Oaul needs to come out once and for all and state firmly that none of his fathers kooky followers will be in his administration.

Disgusting Hypocrites

The left does beat up on some companies. However, it gives a largely free pass to Amazon and its Neanderthal tyrant for conditions that are a cross between a mental hospital, a sweatshop and a gulag. Sorry, but maintaing a system where employees can snipe behind the backs in the shadows lends itself to workplace bullying. There is reasonable work hours and commitment to a job. Pretty much Bezos had created a high tech plantation. It is okay to demand excellence and dedication, but giving people less challenging work because they are parents or have cancer is
inhuman and illegal.

I will not spend a nickel at Amazon. Bezos represents the worst of aspects of Capitalism. He is pretty much a sociopath with a corporation. Had any of the working conditions described happened at Wallmart the left would be storming the gate. Pretty much the response is Bezos is a jerk now lets get some more goodies.

I have known plenty of people who worked for Donald Trump, Bloomberg and had anyone else displayed such arrogance and
inhumanity it would be in the papers 24/7. The people I know describe demanding but fair bosses. Bloomberg would never dream of coming down hard on an employee for taking time off to care for children. Trump may pop off with the mouth but he treats his people well.

Amazon is at the stage where the Federal government should step in. Either Bezos treats his employees like humans or
The fed breaks up his company into smaller pieces.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Stupid Pothead Marxist Mayor Booed By Dominicans

Add Dominicans to the growing list of people annoyed by Mayor Pithead. He took it upon himself to interject his opinions on internal Dominican policies. Most countries have firm immigration policies. Poor countries can not afford
Unlimited amounts of illegal aliens to drop in. Casting the matter as a racial issue is a progressive mania. Immigration is not nor was it ever a divine right. The need of the Mayor to comment on extraneous overseas issues is just Pothead Progressivism.

I am somewhat disappointed in Col Bernie Sanders. He certainly knows how to verbally dismiss crackpot lefties. He should not be paralyzed by fear by Soros agitators. The Black Lives Matter is a fraudulent group that quotes cop killer Joanne Chessimard. Sanders has no need to apologize to this sort and should have denounced these interlopers as bought and paid for by Soros and Hillary.

These paid clods want to disrupt Republican campaign rallies. We support the right of families to get jobs in a growing economy. We support law enforcement officers who need to be accountable but not crucified for every imagined
Slight.A group venerating a washed up cop killer hiding out in a country that has had Black political prisoners is more a punchline than a serious group. Leave it for Marxist Moron Chessimard to overlook the Black political prisoners in Cuba. Leave it to Obama to avoid having Chessimard repatriated as part of his new Cuban policy.

Black lives matter to Progressives only if they are named Obama or are criminals. Poor people want good jobs, safe streets and schools that educate. On every count Mayor Pothead fails miserably. There is but so long that he can hide
Behind his mixed race family and the word progressive. There is nothing progressive about high crime, a poor local jobs market and incompetence in the board of Ed and their teachers union cronies. A better term for the reign of neglect by the Cannibas Commissar is Oppressive particularly on those he pretends to champion.

My being literally sick all year coincides with the Mayors turning the aggressive homeless onto the streets of NYC. I
Literally have to get up an hour earlier and take a different train. On the way home the entire bus had to crowd in the back because a stinky homeless person with a constant cough was sitting up front. In a city where many segments of the population have immune system issues this can be a major problem. How is it the two previous Mayors had this under control but it takes six months of Marijuana Marxism to return us straight to the Dinkins years.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

The Cowardly Cocktail Party Commisar Zitver shelves the Schumer break with Obama at Harry's Place of Obamunists

One of the oddities of the web is that every left of center antsemite is an Obama man. Most of these Obsma fans are foreign, but their obsession with Jews is predictable. The Bird Brained Poiltry merely mocking bird style repeats the lines of these morons because he identifies with every enemy of Americs while railing about Jews.

There has been no coverage of the Schumer Obama split. Last we checked a Semator is elected to represent his state and is not a vassal of the President. If any criticism is warranted it is against Democrats leading their party off a cliff. Note the verbose pothead Mayor who talks about everything is not saying a word.

The cowardly Zitver merely has fondue and cocktails while waxing off incoherently about Gore Vidal and how to spin a world where Obama has a clue.

Other than Michael Ezra and sometimes Sarah there is no reason to read Harry's Place as it has devolved into the Obamunist Cocktail Party under the reality impaired Zitver.

Friday, August 07, 2015

Sick and Depreaved Lifestyle

A ultra religious brain dead cultist freak practicing a sick and abhorrent life of sloth and stupidity on the dole stabbed a homosexual in Jerusalem. Gays serve in the military and are better people than the ultra lazy and ignorant religious zombie cultists.

Gays make better friends and relatives than freakazoid religious zombies waiting to glean the wisdom of a rabbinical Jim Jones wanna e Rabbi. Gay relatives do not cause problems for mm gay family members. It's time to tell the freak show parasites packing.

Commence Left Wing Bigotry

Our usual Left wing bigots shall commence ranting about Schumers vote against the Iran deal in their usual bigoted terms. I expect Mendez of NJ to be against this deal. Feel free to rant about Cuban Americans while rationalizing Fidel.

We need a real man in the White House. I am tired of pot smoking empty headed narcicists and accomodationist GOP. It's time for Bloomburg. I could care less about Social Liberalism. I want a man who can lead, accountable government
And an actual adult in the White House.

I want a leader who gives a rational answer even when I disagree. I want a leader that supports cops and doesn't stir
The racial pot. I want a person that has been gainfully employed. I want a leader who grasps using the IRS to punish
Foes is an inhuman abuse of power. I want a leader who has been in a truck stop and doesn't ask for arugula. I want someone who doesnt care what the faculty lounge lizards in the sociology dept think.

I want a person of action or the anti Obama.

I will stick with the Govenor who antagonizes labor.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Don't mess with Cheekie

no sooner than I walked in the door Cheekie was there asking for silly putty and Popsicles. I was fairly certain she had never seen a Mr Potato Head. I unpacked the groceries and in a flash Mr Potatohead was gone. Cheekie somehow figured out this was a toy. She played with it for hours.

What still eludes me is Cheekies love of opening packages. I don't get that one.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Black Lives Matter , just not to Progressives

Once again a far left group comes up with a slogan, but is short on facts. In NYC it did not take very long for Pothead DiBlassio to make a mess out of the city Bloomberg handed him. Bloomberg had his faults, but blatant disregard for public safety and alienating NYPD were not among them.

Stop and Frisk got the guns off the streets. It is not fun when police stop you, but it is the price we pay for safer
Locales. The tactic likely won't yield guns but I bet we might find more drugs than one assumed in rich areas. There is a world of difference between working class Blacks who are exponentially more likely to be killed in Street crime than by a bad cop.

Opening the immigration floodgates to compete for jobs that don't exist does not help the Black community. Refusing to deport anyone and sticking the taxpayers with social service bills doesn't help any community of legal residents.

Black lives matter is a slogan by a group of people who venerate criminality and have disdain for law enforcement officers. Here is a clue for ignorant lefties. If a law enforcement officer arrests you remain calm shut your mouth
And with a turnstile justice you'll resume your criminal behavior shortly. It's hard to sympathize with Eric Garner because he was a genuine pro at getting arrested. He was well aware of paying a minor fine was the likeliest outcome.
It is hard to sympathize with a person who has been arrested so many times create the mess that ended his life.

Black lives matter where a cop killer who fled to Cuba is venerated while Black Cuban political prisoners rot in jail
and DiBlassio takes a bong hit.

Monumental Stupidity

It is rare when a clueless sort gets jokes totally over their head. A former coworker reminded me of a classic exchange in VT with a local.

Z: Hey Beakerkin, we got a word for men like you that like theatre, read art books and worked in women's fashions.

B: cultured?

Z: No you moron its faggot.

B: I worked with enough guys with pinkie rings and ankle bracelets to discern the difference between a tough guy and a punk.

Z: Pinkie rings and ankle bracelets dude you're flaming.

B: A regular Mensa member

Z: Is that where your flaming friends meet

B: I will reduce this to your IQ level bag boy. Bag this.

It is absolutely priceless when a clod is so overmatched that the next sound out of his mouth is duh.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Ethics and Governance

Our left wing moonbat Marxist Poultry has shown why radical lefties are not fit morally or mentally for government service. The basic inability to perceive the magnitude of the heinous crimes of Lois Lerner and her pack of flunkies at the IRS. These crimes exceed anything imagined in Watergate and Lerner deserves to be severely punished. The refusal of the administration to honestly investigate this matter leads me to the belief that this scandal goes way beyond Lerner.

Federal employees undergo a variety ethics training. There are videos that get played to federal employees every year.Lerner as a top manager would have definitely viewed the basic videos and likely have had advanced training. As an attorney is held to a higher standard of conduct for these flagrant violation of ethics.

Federal Employees are deservedly held to high standards of personal integrity. When one accepts the job one understands the extra sense of obligations that come with Federal employment. If a federal employee takes a second job it must be cleared. Federal employees can be fired for crimes unrelated to their job. If there is any arrest beyond a simple traffic violations it must be reported to mission support.

On the job the employee must apply the laws across the board. Any hint of bias is dealt with swiftly. Bias is often not understood easily. I asked our expert about a real case. Two people were arrested for cigarette smuggling, one from Mexico and the other from Lebanon. On the latter, the officer must do additional inquiries as a pattern of crime
Is already well established. Doing these enhanced questions with no indication the person across the desk is illegal profiling.

The IRS group in question was not dealing with meaty issues of criminality. In fact the rare incedence that charities
are involved in criminality are some of the Muslim charities that were not targeted. Lerner targeted Conservative and
Pro Israel groups for additional scrutiny. The sole basis for this additional scrutiny was Lerner objected to the politics of those groups.

The abuse included illegal requests for donor lists. The donors were subsequently harassed by the IRS. Of course the
Duck who still whines about Stalanists being denied work sees nothing wrong with a government agency abusing conservatives and people who support Israel with IRS audits. The cases were held up for years by agency obstructionism. Contrary to the Obama excuse, resources had nothing to do with the abuses. The cases could have been easily approved with less expenditures.

No doubt the Duck would be screaming if the officers discriminated against gays or Muslims. The abuses of the IRS were motivated by the pure malice and lack of ethics of Lerner. She deserves to have her name placed on the same page
in the history books as Benadict Arnold. Abusing your authority to pursue advance a political agenda is a heinous crime.

Poultry has ignored the facts and made absurd claims that there was no crimes committed by the IRS. Not even the arch criminal Lerner would advance that claim. If this is true why awkwardly invoke the fifth amendment and go through games with emails. The pressure on the IRS is occurring from lawsuits from the aggrieved parties, notably Judicial Watch. A pattern of Obstruction of Justice is evident and one of the judges is contemplating holding the head of the IRS in contempt of court.

As these crimes are monumental in their scope and strike at the heart of the basic foundations of our government the reactions should be severe. A RICO case should be brought against Lerner and every member of the IRS division that handled the tax exempt organizations. If there is evidence that State officials conspired with Lerner they should be charged as well.

Lastly the employees of the IRS should be punished for the crimes of Lerner. Anyone eligible for retirement for the next ten years should be mandated to leave. Step increases and pay raises should be with held until employees testify against Lerner. Unlike the budget shutdown the employees should not be compensated later.

Lerner should have her passport confiscated. After all of this is done it is fairly likely that she would flee the country. Her pension and assets should be seized, but her spouse should be spared by divorcing Lerner thus he could keep assets held jointly.

If the prosecution of these crimes seems severe, the monumental nature of Lerners crimes against the American people
need to be considered. There is no excuse for the gross abuse of power of Lerneer and her cronies. The American people need to have complete confidence in the professionalism of all of its civil servants, especially those working
at the IRS.