Friday, June 30, 2006

Boredom warning Taboooooooo

I may use this time to post on some exotic subjects. I will try to read more of Stephen Schwartz masterwork From West to East.

Sex Harassment Follies

Sexual harassment is a serious issue and women do have the right to work in peace without being propositioned or having their looks denigrated. However, the definition of what constitutes sexual harassment is a joke. The sad part is that a small minority of women make up the vast preponderance of complaints.

The first question is that in a multi person grouping certain people are just not going to get along with others. The fact that a man and a woman do not get along may have zero sexual issues. The assumption that this conflict has a sexual or ethnic component is absurd.

There is a common denominator with the complainers. Most of these complainers are fairly far left. The most notorious one feels that it was her mission to educate the world of the evils of sexual harassment. Consequently wherever she went this zeal followed her. I was not surprised when she went out on assignment with thirty other people but came back a month early. An incedent happened away and she was rushed back
to her home office. The question that some started to ask was how does one person find themselves in so many of these situations. Was she guilty of not getting along well with others? Did she use it as a crutch to avoid having her work scrutinized?

The problem with sexual harassment is the definition has been so watered down that anything can be desscribed as sexual harassment. The current wisdom is that the accused is guilty unless your last name is Clinton. The accused are not allowed to know who has leveled the charge or the specifics. Nor is the accused allowed to know how many other times this person has made similar complaints. The current system does lend itself to potential abuse and unaccountability.

The sad part is that these complaints seem to be a career booster. Most of these serial complainers will settle out of court and get advancement their work or skill did not warrant. Ruining other lives to promote ones own career is vile behavior. This mess is a perfect example of the real life consequences of allowing far left insanity into our legal codes. Sexual harassment is a real problem and is trivialized by constantly lowering the bar.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky failed to remember his line for AFLAC, 167 a ratings flop, Uptown Steve still upset about Huggy Bear and John Brown ridiculed by fellow radicals.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Coulter on Abortion

Unlike most on this blog I am pro abortion. I do not mingle words like choice or play absurd word games. I loathe the procedure but it has become part of our culture.
The exisiting law up to the first trimester is fine by me.

Coulter correctly describes the Democrats abortion obsession in her book. Rob Bayn who is on the left has also noted this obsession. The entire fate of civilization does not rest on any one issue. The current definition of the Democrats view of women's issues is abortion. The entire notion of womens issues itself is condecending. This liberal notion that security is not a womans issue is sexist. Jihadis bombing Americans anywhere effects all of us.

Coulter is 100% corect on the horror of partial birth abortion. Partial birth abortion is infanticide and barbaric. Do we want to live in a country like China and India where this practice does occur. FYI when infanticide does occur in many places it is often due to sex selection.

The entire notion of abortion on demand for spurious reasons such as sex selection is an attrocity. The notion will change if and when a biological agent for homosexuality is found. Will Democrats defend aborting children who might turn out gay or become gasp Red Sox fans?

The notion that the right to abort is a sacrement is absurd. A school can not give a minor an asprin without parental consent but abortion is peachy. Why does abortion alone have the distinction of being the only medical procedure without parental notification?

Coulter like Levin describes Roe as a dreadful legal precedent. The notion of a zone of privacy is a myth. This notion only exists for the right to abort and commit sexual acts. Do I have the right to build an atomic bomb in my bedroom of course not.Does John Brown have the right to take illegal drugs in his bedroom? We should make an exception there if Brown promises to overdose. Even Brown himself seems to dismiss this notion with his recent post on Rush. However Brown and Ducky talking about a sexual performance enhancer is akin to the fish and bicycle analogy. One would need to have the social skills to have sex in order to understand what Viagra is used for. Ducky may have seen some sex in a French film and the clueless Brown probably thinks the word means gender.

I support abortion in the first trimester as a practical solution to a historic problem. I loathe the procedure and do not think that the fate of the free world depends on it. I do make exceptions for our troll abortions but our moonbats do not agree.

Lets see John Brown is an unwanted life form. He is loathed by civilized humans and serves as an excellent example of a wasted life. Even genuine Communist and Anarchist
lunatics think that posts about New Orleans genocide, Muslim Goblins and alCIAda are fecal matter of the deranged or an attempt by a dedicated anti communist to make them look insane. I am in favor of breaking out the shop vac and removing this unwanted life form from our midst. Ducky is still trying to find the answer to this in Fannon or a Felini film.

Mr Beamish in 08

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

General News

I have been reinstated at Bad Eagle by Dr Yeagley. I will link new interviews there in the Jewish forum. I will see if I can coax MZ into a special Bad Eagle interview.
This interview will be mostly on Jewish themes. I rarely delve into religion as MZ and the beloved Rav Roov are more suited to those themes. I will try and do a second Rav Roov interview when time permits on Bad Eagle as well.

I am still trying to arrange interviews but the new most wanted list.

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mustang
3 Farmer John
4 Mark Alexander
5 Amil of Bad Eagle
6 Pims Ghost
7 Elijah
8 Cubed
9 Ecology of Bad Eagle
10 The Editrix

Monday, June 26, 2006

Brown as seen by his peers

I went to Union Square Park in NYC to meet with the Commie Anarchist fringe. I took along a couple of John Brown posts and asked genuine radicals what they thought of Brown.

First of all nobody there has heard of Brown or his blog. The radicals viewed his work and pronounced it the cookie cutter musings of a wannabe. It seems that even genuine Commie finks have a low opinion of Brown. Despite the free publicity he gets for writting substandard hack opinion bits for NYIndy ( Commie) Media he attraacts no readers.

Second of all the Commies themselves viewed Brown's writtings as a parody. Brown's efforts were judged by his peers to be a satrire produced by someone like me to discredit radicals as stupid and psychotic.

Now Brown has started parodying himself but his posts are of such poor quality that is impossible to know if this is satire or the musings of a psycho. My guess is that Brown is a talentless nobody and his lame posts seem to back my claim.

Quick reminders

If you are having dificulty seeing the road pull off at the nearest exit or rest stop. Visability was so poor I pulled off the road at Saratoga. I filled up ate lunch, read the local paper until conditions improved. I left early in anticipation of trouble but had clear sailing until a Albany.

There are times when we should rush but driving is not one of them. The Ticonderoga pass was not so bad because only the stupidest driver was there namely me and I took my time.

These rules do not apply to Communists who are encouraged to do double the speed limit in adverse weather.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

On the road

I should be leaving at 5AM for my return to VT. Curtis and Kuby will keep me company until Albany. If the weather holds I will use the Ticonderoga Bridge.My trip is through the NY State Adirondak mountains. The Vermont side is fairly boring.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Back at home R&R

I drove the 400 miles in around seven hours with two stops for gas. I di well until I got off the NJ Turnpike. The traffic was backed up for miles going to Staten Island. I was stuck for well over an hour.

The weather did not help my plans. My trip to Union Square will be delayed.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Sexual harassment and tyranny

The governments insane sexual harassment policies are the most absurd totalitarian and arbitrary rules I have ever seen anywhere. I am against genuine sexual harassment but the definition of what constitues this has been so watered down anything constitutes sexual harassment. Most of these minor issues could be resolved with a simple I do not like it when you do x or y.

The situation does get worse as one is not entitled to know who is making the complaint. How does one answer a complaint if one doesn't even know who the complainer is. A friend was accused of whistling at a worker. This same worker doesn't know how to wistle so the charge was obviously false. The accuser had a record of making dozens of these complaints but this is moot. This same accuser is the one who complained about me because I stated sample size in the fashion industry is size eight and use your cocanut. I always thought a cocanut was shaped like a head obviously I must not be with the times.

I am against genuine sexual harassment. Women should not be propositioned or degraded due to their sex. Foul language is not a sexual harassment issue unless it is aimed at women or individuals. The notion that any disagreement between male or female workers is sexual is absurd. Somewhere in America a male and female coworker are arguing about tastes great less filling and this is not sexual but opinion.

This may sound odd but a handful of people make up the lions share of complaints. This same person was sent on a detail after a series of complaints and had more complaints on the detail. At what point does the question get asked " Are some of these complaints frivolous? Does this person making the complaint have a problem getting along with others? Is there a political motivation behind these complaints?
How is it that other females worked with person x and never had a similar complaint?"

The problem of sexual harassment is genuine but the remedies are almost worse then the initial harassment. Careers have been ruined and mediocre workers have made spurious complaints.

I am traveling to NYC so I will post your Comments later

Beamish in 08

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Communist record on Jews

The familar cries of McCartyism by the far left attempt to detract from a record of lies and deception. Communists go through a series of deception to hide their loyalties. Thus while far left types like 167 talk about dual loyalties of Jooooos they neglect their own lengthy history of subversion and treason. Based upon history no group has commited quite the plethora of crimes against this country as the far left.

Most of us are familiar with the Rosenburgs whom the left claims were victims of anti semitism for decades. This comes from the same people who often write about Jewish cabals to blow up the WTC or invade Iraq. We now know that they were in fact guilty and deserved their fate. The Venona project has confirmed their guilt.

The Communists went to great lengths to spy on Jews in the United States. The Jewish Telegraphic Service was in fact targeted by Commie spies. Commie did attempt to infiltrate the World Jewish Congress. While there is a stereotype about Jewish Communists their masters in the Soviet Union made sure that they were led by non Jews. The official Communist Dogma was that Blacks and Jews were not genuine Americans and the official leader was Earl Broder a " real American".

The official Communist position was that Jewish nationalism must be surpressed but all other types are fine. Philip David was critiqued for " bourgeois nationalism" for a speech recounting the Jewish role in American History.

Communists were also fond of insane charges that Jews were traitors. A perfect example of this was Ion Yakir a Jewish Communist who was charged with spying for the Nazis. Communists have plenty of their own cases of lynching Jews who were in their service Heyndrik Erlich,Victor Alter, Solomon Michaels and Feffer. Feffer attempted to tell his good friend Paul Robeson about his impending death. Robeson said nothing and toed the Communist line that the Jews were fine.

There were plenty of Jews who remained loyal to the Communists even as they formed an alliance with the Nazis,killed Jews on trumped up absurd charges and sent others to the gulag. " In 1928 and 1929 and 1929 the GPU was still conducting " significant work for the liquidation of Zionist organizations...... During WW 2 Zionism would again become a major concern of the Soviet security and intelligence aparatus.

Thus despite the talk of Duncy Communists have a rather lengthy history of anti semitism. Yet Jewish Communists line up in droves and continued to rationalize Communist abuses against other Jews. The truth is that one can not serve two gods and
call themselves a Jew. Thus once again history shows that Communists sell out their country, ethnicity and even own families in pursuit of a pipe dream Utopia that is about as real as Sponge Bob Squarepants. It is hardly surprising that the leading propagandists of the enemies of the Jewish people are all Marxist vermin Chomsky, Lerner, Finklestein, Koevell.

The book Venona Secrets also shows Commie finks also spied on several Catholic organizations as well. This record of spying and serving their masters abroad is quite lengthy.

Next Payola and Spying by the American Communist Party.

There are plenty of places that Communists should congregate such as mental health facilities, prisons and Gitmo. John Brown visited Gitmo recently and three people opted to meet Allah rather then read his deranged post. Brown has turned on the Commie Fatah and has now embraced the Nazi Hamas movement. Anti Semitism does erode the critical mental facilities of its advocates. The only exception is Uptown Steve who is the worlds first internet vegtable. Repeated Cat scans of Uptown have shown no brain activity. He was classified as a Zucinni but protested he is not Italian.
After much debate he was reclassified as a Yam.

New Logo Ideas

Due to the theft of John Brown we will have to recreate the Beakerkin logo.

The ideas.

Classic Beakerrambo
The Grim Beaker
Darth Beaker
The Beakinator
James Beaker 00167 he only kills commies

Beaker in a Klingon outfit or holding a chainsaw are also possibilities.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Due to some unforseen medical problems I will be returning to NYC for the weekend. The problems are not serious but do require a visit. I will post from NYC but there will be delays in your comments appearing.

Having a thick skin and satire is a salute

I am hardly bothered by the two blogs dedicated to spoofing me. When one builds a large blog community one has to expect this sort of thing. Each and every day our community discusses the issues of the day. We have a wide audience and some are envious. I look forward to seeing the names of familiar friends and poultry on the threads.

We are starting to face some of the same problems faced on larger sites such as FPM and Bad Eagle. There will always be those who do not get along well with others. I find it comedic that all my critics at FPM have ended up following me here. This does prove the point about who is obsessed with whom.

Socrates does visit each and every day from CA. His game of posting under hundreds of aliases will not be accepted here. We respect the ideas and opinions of our many brilliant female posters. He is still smarting from the loss of his prize alias Prof Meathead. He spent years creating an alias that took me all of two seconds to figure out. Hank Snow claims to be a scholar but was readily fooled by a prison English teacher. This kind of makes us wonder about how Snow failed to recognize a fake.

Snow has created a blog dedicated to spoofing Donal and myself. Snow has no talent for comedy and his posts are largely you mispelled this or that. I am glad that Snow is seeing the many faces of Soc and why he is loathed by all. Snow is another Marxist with his head in his backside. He would like to lecture a NYC native who has lived in four out of five boros what it means to be a New Yorker. His views are quite arrogant and racist as it excludes the West Indians and East Indians of Jamaica, Poles in Greenpoint and many others. His NYC consists of a Commie bastion in Union Square where I lived. Snow has a gift for being clueless and overestimating his own mental capacity.

Uptown is the voice of uneducated anger that is not the authentic voice of the black community. African Americans are Americans just like the rest of us. Most have the same exact problems the rest of us have. They do not sit around a keyboard claiming Michael Savage and the authors of the Bell Curve are Jooooish leaders. I respect low wage earners as there is zero shame in hard work. A person who workks hard deserves respect. Uptown likes to talk about the wealthy blacks while ignoring those who have not done as well. Those who have not done as well sometimes have themselves to blame . Do not use drugs, stay in school and wait until you are married to have children. Those words apply to everyone and there are people of all races who need to listen to those words.

John Brown is a failure in every aspect of life. He advocates a discredited genocidal ideaology that has produced death,repression and mayhem. His insanity includes rants about WTC conspiracies,Muslim Goblins, Head Coffins and every other post contains an ethnic slur. Railing about the history of blacks while calling others Sambos is a poor joke. Brown has started a blog spoofing me but here is the irony that he fails to note. His satire of me is more coherent then his original blog that has one reader. Maybe he should give up Savage Justice as a failed readerless incoherent blog and dedicate the rest of his worthless life to spoofing me. This may be as close to greatness as a looooooser like Brown is apt to get. He may call me Toady but he seems to hang on my every word. He still can not answer the basic question Where are your readers? Are they in North Korea, Gitmo, prison or a mental health facility? Even Ducky and Veggietown do not visit your blog because he is a talentless bore. Thus Brown has reduced himself to the court jesters role. Keep up the lame attempts at satire you will not be back.

I have never been bothered by satire or comedy at my expense. In fact we even have cyber roast dedicated for that very purpose. Sadly, the two clowns who satire me do not have genuine talent. I guess that as this blog grows we will attract a more talented group of comedians. Those who lack the social skills or talent are quite envious.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Where Do I Fall on the polical spectrum You decide

Many people assume that I am far right because I lothe Marxists of all stripes. Marxists are the enemy of America and Western Civ. Most are mental patients like John Brown who are codled by the system. Even the Duck who I like is missing a few cards from his deck. Ducky should be given a luxury suite and cable at club Gitmo.

The far left has made the war on terror and abortion its litmus tests. As a Jew I am concerned about thocracy. However, it is not likely to come from Christians who recognize the division between Civil and theological law. In fact I have never been the recipient of any anti semitic abuse from Christians who have welcomed me as a friend into their homes and churches as a Jew. The groups most likely to impose actual theology are the deranged accolytes of Marx and Jihadi lunatics.

There is a global problem with the followers of Allah being unable or unwilling to get along with others. If you are viewing Islam through the prism of your own religon think again. Does your religion advocate global hegemony and Jim Crowe? If you are Ducky the answer is yes but for the rest of us the answer is no.

Lets go down the list


I am for a Jared Diamond type approach of sustainable and responsible use of resources. Lets drill in ANWAR but use the reasonably safest approach to minimize risk to the environment. The notion is sustainable development and hunting is a part of the process.

Safety net

I understand that some are unable to work due to disability. Most welfare recipients are children. Drug and alcohol testing should be required to maintain benefits. I support workfare as more humane then welfare.

Government Regulation

I support regulatory agencies suck as OSHA, EPA and FDA. However I would like to streamline rules so that the average person could understand them. The notion is balance between government and the private sector.


I am a Union member and support the right of workers to unionize. I would chane the laws and require officers to have worked at least a decade.I would also like to reduce political contributions to one percent of Union dues. Unions are a public trust and not a slush fund for far left nuts.

Health Care

I favor the creation of tailored default national insurance. This would allow people to buy policies suited to their needs and would end the state by state mayhem. I do not need aroma therapy and am willing to pay for a policy that excludes that option.


I favor legal vocational based immigration from countries that the US has historic ties with or are crucial to our future like India and China. The notion of family based immigration is no longer optimal.

Gay Rights.

I favor civil unions but am against marriage. Gays should be entitled to respect and human dignity like the rest of us. I define marriage as a religious term and I do not want Ruth Bader Ginsburg deciding my religious terms. I use the term respect rather then tolerance. All humans deserve respect except for Utopians whose lunacy endangers all of us.


I loathe nanny state taxes on gasoline, tobacco and alcohol. Regressive taxation is an abomination.

Second Amendment

I am against gun control as disarming the population is often a prelude to genocide.

Foreign Policy

I would like to see a more Pro Indian US foreign policy. India,Canada, China and Brazil are part of our future France is part of our past.

I will answer more questions as they are raised. I have always been an anti Communist Liberal. The problem is that term is now the home of John Kerry who has a record of appeasing Communists. I do not negotiate or work with Communists and believe that they should be placed in a suitable environment such as an insane assylum. If Commies break the law they should be denaturalized and deported even if they were born here.

Beamish in 08

Actions and reactions

When I posted communism and mental health some of you thought I was exagerating. My point was that there is indeed a mental health pathology amongst many of the far left. The Duck may be missing a few cards but his behavior is not criminal. Uptown's post to La Shawn certainly was sexual harassment.

This brings us to the world class psycho John Brown. Brown has a blog that nobody and I mean nobody reads. Even Ducky and Uptown do not waste their time their. Brown is a failure as a blogger and as a human. His posts are incoherent to the point of comedy. I suppose with some cheap alcohol classics about the genocide in New Orleans might become comedy classics.

Some of you have allready seen the posts of a cloned blog stating that I am a pedophile. This crosses the line from disagreement to stalking. Each day Brown grows more desperate. Today he was banned at Freedom Now for these spoof posts claiming to be me. He has poted them on the Mad Zionist, Long Range and Elmers Brother. If you have not allready done so I urge you to ban John Brown entirely.

We have a fine blog community and as we grow in size with new members there will be
people who wish to infiltrate. In the case of Brown he lacks the social and writing skills to create a blog sucsess story as most of you have. The key to a sucsessful blog is to have a great community and indeed I am blessed with a collection of fine
friends and one odd poultry.

When Warren and I started this community we never anticipated how large and popular this site and his would become. The key to this formula is to respect your audience
have lively posts . We do not shy away from debate and disagreement. Yet we do expect our posters to have some basic intelligence ( this excludes Uptown) and to be reality based ( this excludes Brown and to a lesser degree Weasie).

I encourage all of you to maintain our commitment to high standards.

Monday, June 19, 2006


I want to talk about some common stereotypes. I see people as individuals except for Utopians who by definition are mental midgets. Most of us are grouded in reality and stereotypes are for people who lack the skills to see people as individuals.

Lets look at the common gay stereotypes. Gays railing against religion and loathing team sports while spending all their time in art museums listening to Broadyway musicals. Rob and Justin are Christians with another view point of Christs message. Both follow team sports and enjoy watching them just like the rest of us. The last two are perplexing because I do enjoy Broadway and Art museums. This often comes as a shock to far left types who think that they own culture.

Christians are portrayed as ignorant and homophobic. Many of the objections of Christians to homosexuality are based in their interpretation of scripture. Do note that none of the conservatives supported the gay bashing assault in NYC. A surprising number of the posters here including myself favor civil unions. Most recognize the insanity of theological law would make us as insane as the people we fight in Iraq. The concept of Civil law and individual rights protects us. I am not a fan of tolerance as it implies inferiority. Respect is due each and every person until they prove otherwise.

The notion that Christians are uneducated is wishful thinking. The posters of this blog are well read in a myriad of subjects. I could go down the list but it would be endless. Even the Ducks views on films drew some amazing critique from Felis.

The notion that blacks are savages and prone to anti social behavior is also a myth.
This description does describe Uptown who is more Red then black. This description does not fit the black coworkers and friends of all walks of life. They have the same concerns as most of us jobs, family and making ends meet. Yet unlike Uptown I do not disparage low wage earners of any race. My friend Jerome works two full time jobs and his wife works nearly sixty hours. No thinking person disparages those who try and do their best each and every day. There are black entrepenuers and professionals but few sit around blaming Jews and righties. These people like professionals of all stripes take advantage of opportunities.

People are individuals but it is the far left that turns them into cartoons. Native Americans according to John Brown should all think x. Blacks according to Brown and Uptown should all think Y. Here is a creative concept for the far left think for yourselves.

People are not stereotypes but we do have stooges that visit this site. Ducky plays the Moe Role as the cerebral apologist for genocidal Marxism. Brown does not have the apptitude for stupidity and plays the curly role. Then there is Uptown who is todays curly stupid and lazy. Some of Uptowns mistakes are comedy but it is from geting his ideas in snippets on the web rather then reading books.

Let us all remember that people are individuals.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Coulter on Education

Ann Coulter takes on the mantra that educators are saints. In any profession there are dedicated professionals and hacks. The media went balistic at the evils of the Church pedophelia bit yet said little about similar cases involving educators.

There are plenty of dedicated educators like AOW and Mustang. However I am sure they are aware of some hacks. Yet this is to be expected in a large profession. Does a corrupt police officer imply all cops are corrupt?

The problem is the far left has wasted to much energy in brainwashing the youth. There has never been a need for Marcuse victimology in the classroom. A simple reading selection or two on respect as a value is enough. The peversion of history is another matter. The very people who should be bombarded with PC guilt trips are absolved of evil. 1400 years of Islamocolonialism/Jim Crowe with a turban and 100,000,000 dead via manifestoshould be placed front and center.

The public educational system has under performed for years. Lets allow the private sector to compette but keep licensing a state function. No profession should be regarded as saintly. Lets get the PC out of the classrom and focus on turning out a high quality end product or at least a better one.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Freedom of Speech and Blog Ownership

I am commited as ever to freedom of speech. Yet each and every one of us owns their own site. Most bloggers will honor basic frredom of expression to disagree. A clear point in matter is that vulgarity is not freedom of speech but an abuse of speach. Thus people being called the N word or gays being called the familiar f word is not acceptable.

Posters should not post more then the actual blog host as a rule. Nobody complains about real spirited debate on topic. Thus I have zero problem with Rob or Justin advocating their side of an issue on the rare post on gay themes. Most of the time I tend to agree with them to a certain extent.

However having a board filled with the same posts over and over is not freedom of speech it is abuse of speech. Since banning John Brown he has taken to the creation of a site that depicts me as a pedophile. I join the ranks of Dr Yeagley, Michelle Malkin and others in having more then one parody site. The real crime is that the satire is so lame. There are many posts to be satired on this site but satiring a post on a gay bashing crime was more odd then funny. However, Brown has no skill and Hank Snow has never been known for creativity or wit. Snow is known to have the intellectual capacity of your average sea sponge on his best days.

The bottom line is that as this blog and others grow we should expect attacks. The posting of Ducky is not an attack but an on topic dissent and we support the right of dissent. However I disagree because of............... is another animal the the ranings about Muslimgoblins and head coffins.

Uptown is a special case and is banned due to his own promise. We hold posters to their word and Uptown is no exception. Uptown sets the standard of stupidity everywhere he goes. He has posted and interacted with me for three years and still hasn't figured out the difference between a Cold War Liberal, a conservative or liberterian. We do not post on race here as blacks are Americans. Unlike Veggietown many blacks serve their country each and every day. They do not sit around with the attitude this country owes them X,Y or Z. They work hard for their families like any other Americans. Nor do I look down on low wage earners who struggle. My friend Jerome works more then one job and does the best he can every day. Jerome does so as an American just the same as you and I. Uptown has always been more Red then black. When dealing with Uptown think Frankfurt School clown too lazy to read the text.

Genuine posters are always welcome but as our community grows one should expect satire and nut jobs like Brown to target this site and some of yours.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky hiding from Elmer, 167 a ratings dud, Uptown now classified as genetically altered produce and John Brown to a mental health facility nearest home.

Friday, June 16, 2006

While we are waiting for the main event

I will perform a rare ask Beak segment. I will turn the questions over to you and you get to interview me.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

In the Hot Seat with Jeff Bargholz

This is aq rare opportunity to visit one of the contributors to Rocco Dipippo's excelllent site antiprotester.blogspot. This is actually the fourth member of that site I have interviewed Dr Yeagley, Freedomnow and OrangeDucks have sat for interviews. Many of us aspire to posting in front of a larger audience. Jeff, Orangeducks and Freedomnow have proven that sometimes high quality posts will be noticed by larger sites. I am very thankful to Dr Yeagley for posting a few of my posts. I hope someday Rocco will consider Possum as a possible addition to his site.

There is much ground to cover and this interview will be slightly different from the standard format.

Moonbat Central memories

1 I am a huge fan of Rocco's new site but I miss Richard Poe. Poe had a rare combination of wisdom and fortitude. He also was the best troll killer I ever saw.
What were your impressions of Richard Poe.
2 We have asked this question before. Which Moonbat Central poster would you want next to you in a foxhole?
3 Are there any Moonbat Central Posters who are still MIA that you wouldn't mind seeing. Nanc and I have excellent memories of Redbeard?

The transition from poster to columnist

4 I find that it is a different experience being a poster on a site like David Yeagley's on line Journal? When I am posting in my own site I expect a community of familiar friends and Ducky. However on a larger site there is more unpredictability.
If I am not mistaken there was some hostile feedback to your post on the Duke post.
Is defending your posts on a larger blog harder then you anticipated?
5 Is it fun to kick back as a regular poster and let someone else have the headache every so often.


We have a wide array of pests that haunt cyberspace. We have the vulgar Socrates who I outed as Meathead with your help. Socrates was known for posting under dozens of aliases, predatory behavior and being a bore. John Brown is famous for spam and vulgarity. Uptown is just a clown act waiting to happen.

6 Who is the most vile out of the pack of trolls you encountered? Socrates would win hands downin my book.
7 Is there a troll you like to swat around? Dana from MZ's blog is tailor made for this type of abuse.
8 What are your thoughts on Ducky? I have limited respect for the Duck because he is original?
9 What do you think motivates these trolls? Warrens theory is they are modern obscene callers. I think some like Socrates are failed writers with mental defects and zero social skills. Others like Uptown are street punks who come looking for a fight.
10 I think Dana's last claim blaming the allies for the Holocaust is the prize winning most ignorant troll comment. She could top that by blaming slaves for not running fast enough to avoid capture. What is the most absurd troll comment you have seen?

Bonus question I am familiar with Socrates writing style and history. What tipped you off to the fake Professor Meathead saga? He ran that scam for years but lost it
as soon as he was outed.He can not provide details about his creations as one of us would trip him up in seconds?


11 Is there a larger conflict with Islam that extends beyond the Middle East? Why do some fail to see a larger picture?
12 Has the plight of Christians and other religious minorities living under Islamic hegemony been swept under the rug?
13 Are human rights in Muslim countries ignored by the left?
14 Some have complained that democratic movements would result in a more agressive facistic movements like Hammas and the Islamic Brotherhood gaining more power. Is the push towards Islamo democracy a possible mistake?
15 Should we tilt our policy and be more pro Indian? India is a reliable ally and a genuine democracy.


16 I tend not to use it myself, however do people like Ducky, Brown and Veggitown deserve four letter salutes? All of the above use it frequently themselves.
17 Does the use of profanity make us seem undiciplined? Am I old fashioned?
18 There seems to be some dispute to the boundaries of free speech and sexual harassment. At work two men were told they had upset a coworker when they laughed at a tie in the newspaper? Uptown seems to think free speech includes the right to call Donal by her private parts or question La Shawn Barber about sex in motels with White Boys. Has the definition of what is objectionable become too broad?

Victimology group rights

19 Does it seem like every group is a member of an official far left victims mode except Jewish or Christian white males? How does a colonial people with a 1400 year history of Jim Crowe practices rise to the to of this victims pyramid.
20 Group rights and social Justice are antithetical to my vision of America. Is group rights a totalitarian concept?
21 What does the far left mean by Social Justice? I see this as a pretext of theft of resources via social engineering.


22 What brands of beer and alcohol are you fond of?
23 Should students study the classic Greco-Roman writers of the past?
24 What films stand out in your mind as under rated classics and as over rated bores.
25 What type of music do you listen to?

Bonus questions

26 Who is the most annoying celebrity?
27 Is there one person you would like to drop on a remote Island so they could be out of the MSM news? Cindy Sheehan is my choice


We will post the much anticipated Jeff Bargholz interview ahead of the Blogger shutdown. Jeff will respond when he can and blogger permits.

I want to take this opportunity to clear up a myth. Many people have a mistaken view that Communists were pro Jewish. In fact the Commies did spy on Jewish groups long before Israel was created. Moreover time after time when the communists murdered Jews
or signed the pact with the Nazis their loyal followers repeated the party line. In fact the only time anti semitism came up is when the Rosenbergs or other clowns were prosecuted for their crimes. Commies in Moscow who called the shots for the treasonous American communist party echoed the sentiments of Stalin who felt that Joooos and blacks were not American. One can look at the Commie ID papers and see that the official position was that Jooooos are a nationality. Then when the Jooooos get their home land the party does a 180 and a flip flop and changes its view.

Now that we will do a Jeff Bargholz interview the current most wanted list is

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mustang
3 Mark Alexander
4 Farmer John
5 Editrix
6 Amil of Bad Eagle
7 Woman Honor Thyself
8 Pims Ghost
9 Elijah
10 Cubed

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More Stupidity on display from the usual suspects

The hysterical rantings of Commie John Brown and Veggietown about the history of Commies and blacks is mildly amusing . There were plenty of black Communist clowns notably Paul Robeson and WEB Dubois.

Dubois however did have some interesting words for the dynamic dunces. Page 389 of Venona Secrets by Breindel "The Communists . seiezing leadership of the poorest and most ignorant backs(clearly describes Veggietown),head them towards inevitable slaughter and jail- slavery, while they hide safely in Chatanooga or Harlem. American Negroes do not propose to be the shock troops of the Communist Revolution, driven out in front to death, cruelty, and humiliation to win victory for white workers".

Somethings do not change on the neocommunazi hit parade of lies. John Brown has allready found the dumbest man in the black community to be his yes man.

Most wanted list

I have gotten away from the interviews that our readers enjoy.

The most wanted list

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mustang
3 Farmer John
4 Mark Alexander
5 Jeff Bargholz
6 Editrix
7 Amil of Bad Eagle
8 Russet Shadows
9 Ecology of Bad Eagle
10 Elijah

If you have a blog and would like to promote it you can ask for an interview.

At some point I want to do a promotion of Justin and Robs new blog Capitalpill. I want to do a more freestyle fun type of interview. Capital Pill does deal with Pop culture and sometimes sports. This is more of a fun type of interview. We do hard political content and sometimes it is fun to joke about pop culture and odd topics as riding motor cycles without helmets.

I also want to do a discussion of the New Testament and Old in film and art. What do Christians themselves percieve as the best representation of Jesus on film? What do Christians think about religious paintings and sculpture. What do Jews and Christians think about song and prayer? How about the Old Testament in film the best and worst.

The John Brown/ Uptown problem

John Brown has zero to risk in this battle. His blog has one reader and other then Renegade Eye nobody goes there to read his posts. Spamming a blog with 100 plus comments and a silly fake allias H-ass-an is annoying.

I have zero problem with dissent as Ducky has never been threatened with a ban. He does not repeat himself and keeps the vulgarity to a minimum. Even 167 has never had a single post deletted and he also posts under at least two names. Warren and I caught him as the Low Loader.

Uptown Steve is a moron and we will not provide special ed classes here. Moreover he made a promise to leave and we hold people to their promises. The entire world knows about the Nazi- Soviet pact except Uptown. Uptown demands proof of a point in an a post we give it to him but he doesn't read books. In cases like the fake Rabbi Lerner he was given a series of links. He doesn't read them and says I don't believe it.

This blog is really not about me. I provide the setting and some interesting content but it is part of a community. We hear the wit and wisdom of Mr Beamish. We can venture deep into the philosophical and theological questions with Justin, Farmer John and others.

We do not seek out these unwanted guest. I have been off FPM for several months and Socrates is still crying. I am not entirely convinced Hank Snow is not an alias of the bloated one. I hadn't thought about Uptown for months as I moved ahead. The next thing I know he is here with the stupidity, commie perpetual victim bit and his trademark anti semitism. Weasie to his credit has a couple of readers and has kept himself content. Soc has reduced himself to fecal humor. Amazingly 167 is still crying more then a year after my last comment on his site and has out posted me ten to one. He has taken to calling himself 167 in a comedic tribute.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Death March

Among the piles of books I have read are Knox's account of the Bataan Death March. I have also read stories of death marches of conentration camp survivors so they would not be liberated. Imagine a Bataan death march where the marchers were women and children and the elderly. On the real Bataan death March brave Phillipinnos often risked their lives to aid a GI. On this death march the sons and duaghters of Allah raped and murdered the death marchers.

Yey there are some who try and blame the Armenians and deny the barbarity of the massacre. I have read acoounts of the Bataan Death March and even those in the Holocaust and have not read the depravity inflicted upon women and Children in the Armenian genocide. These accounts come from clergymen, nurses of mostly non aligned countries.

Cry us a river

John Brown is crying up a storm because someone gave him a taste of his own medicine.
Over the last few days I have had to delette well over 300 John Brown posts. Brown is vulgar, repeats himself, is off subject and is stupid.

Regretably, we had to take down our comments durring work hours. Uptown lied and failed to keep his word and is off topic and above all stupid. The blog is not called Uptown's Sandbox or John Brown's Commie Gulag. This blog is called the Beak Speaks and my readers expect posts on topic and not about head coffins, Indian Killers or Uptown's stupidity of the day.

I have been very generous and cut John Brown plenty of slack but enough is enough. If I say Uptown is history guess what it is my site and none of Brown's business.

The following people are banned

Uptown Steve
John Brown

Brown you have your own blog to polute so stay away from this community. Find your own readers and have a good lie. Maybe Florian will let you post there but your days here are over.

Comments are down

Vegietown and John Commie Brown are just going to have to go and play somewhere else today. Most of us have gainful employment and do not have the time to post hundreds of spam like comments on a single blog. In other news commie 167 has been running around like a chicken with no head. I have not posted a single comment on his blog for well over a year. His desire for a persecution fantasy includes an imagined threat by your truly to bar him from the USA. That is not the section of DHS I work in . Moreover it is next to impossible to bar someone from the USA in actuality. There are rare exceptions in criminal or terrorist cases. A law on the books does bar Communists and Totalitarians by name but is not enforced.

Enjoy the posts and commenting will be active later when most of us who are gainfully employed are free to comment anyway.

See you later

Mr Beamish in 08

Monday, June 12, 2006

An eerie pattern

I am starting to see a point Richard Poe made in the book Seven Myths of Gun Control.
Utopian types of various stripes are not especially brave. They depend upon an unarmed populace to commit thei attrocities.

I have been reading accounts of the deportations from the Eastern Ukraine. Commie types deny the liquidations that were later dwarfed by greater Nazi attrocities. However at least 1,500,000 Poles were deported to Siberia. A great portion died enroute as people were given half an hour and told nothing about where they were going and to bring their own food. Yet our three stooges of Marxism deny these attrocities and have the nerve to talk about other groups imagined ethnic cleansing.

I have started to read some of the hair raising eye witness accounts to the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocide commited by the Ottoman Empire. The book is not the easiest to aquire and is quite pricey but my hair is standing on edge. At the end of the Holocaust the Nazis often took prisoners on forced marches to nowhere.
This is how the Armenians died.

However the Armenians genocide followed a pattern that was identical to the Polish attrocities commited by the Commie finks. 1 Disarm the populace 2 Imprison the leaders and execute them 3 Use deciet at every opportunity and lie about the master plan 4 Reduce a population deprived of leaders via genocide.

This pattern was used by the Ottomans, Commies and Nazis. Yet the flat eath types deny the commie attrocities.

Richard Poe pointed out the disarming of the populace is an essential first step towards Utopian genocide. There is a reason Ducky wants you disarmed. A disarmed populace is easier to selectively cull for his commie fantasies. We can not have noisy Beakers who might become counter revolutionaries so disarm kill or send to the gulag is the commie pattern. This pattern repeats itself in China , Cambodia and everywhere else it is tried. However Ducky seeks to demarxify these attrocities.

Cleaning the house

Our two lowlife pests who are not gainfully employed have spammed this blog for the last time. From now on durring working hours I will turn comments off. I had to delette over 100 comments from John Brown alone. He raises zero points and is vulgar and has no audience of his own.

Uptown steve is a mix between a cartoon charachter and produce. He is a proven liar that weaseled out on his word. He sexually harassed La Shawn Barber in his own description and tried to go back on his word. Most of us honor our wourd but what can one expect from a communist vegtable. Make no mistake Uptown is not black and does not care one bit about his community. His comic book victims studies Marxist produce act is laughed at by real black people. FYI he hasn't explained why his signal is coming in from Fairpoint NY when he claims to be in DC. Something doesn't add up.

People come here to read my posts and have an intelligent discussion of points. Any discusion of intelligence would exclude communists who by definition are dunces.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The interview with The Merry Widow

I have gotten away from the segment that is most popular with the readers of this blog. Even my critics enjoy these interviews because they are a change of pace from the usual format. I think I have now done around thirty or so interviews . I am waiting to get a date for an interview with Russet Shadows and perhaps I can get Elijah to sit for an interview.

The Merry Widow is a frequent visitor and guest of this blog. She does not have a blog of her own but is frequently seen on Bad Eagle or Antiprotestor. She remembers me from my short forays into Moonbat Central. In the early days it was myself Red Beard, Mr Beamish and an off beat guy who ran a blog called rant farm. I was more of a Bad Eagle poster and then spent more time on this blog. Warren also posted on Moonbat Central even less frequently then I did. The Merry Widow is upbeat and a positive person whose grace and dignity are rare amongst the more familiar bomb throwers Mr Beamish, Ducky and myself.


1 You are a fairly religious person . The misperception is that anti semitism is driven by the religious right. In fact my experiences are the exact opposite that any
time I experience anti semitism it is most often an aetheistic far left commie type.
Is it logical to love Jesus and hate his people?

2 There is a movement amongst the far left to claim that Gods covenant with the Jews was replaced by that with Christ. The late pastor Zola Leavitt was a critic of this and called it progressive dispensationalism. This is almost always preached by the religious far left. What are your thoughts on this topic ?

3 Our local blog waterfowl seems to be fond of an ad hoc fusion of Marxism and Christianity known as liberation theology ? Is this a corruption of Jesus's mesage ?

4 What are your views about artistic paintings of Jesus and Old Testament figures ?
Does art and music detract from worship or enhance it ?

5 Do aetheist seem in a near rage 24/7 ? Contrary to the stereotype I see more angry
godless people then Christians.

6 Should parents get tuition tax credits for sending their children to private schools?

7 I have seen some nasty stereotyping of religious Christians as ignorant. Have you experienced any arrogance from the secular types due to your faith ?

Blog mania

8 I am a huge fan of Dr Yeagley. Many people do not understand he is a deeply religious man with a doctorate in divinity. Do people who visit Bad Eagle seem to miss this aspect of Dr Yeagley and concentrate on the political message ?

9 There are many fine Bad Eagle posters such as Ecology, Tsani and Mark Winters. Is there any one in particular you would like to see interviewed?

10 I remember some rather interesting Moonbat Central posters. Most of the more interesting posters are now found here or at anti protestor. The Moonbat Central person I miss the most is Richard Poe who is a genius and Redbeard who was a friend.
Is there any particular writer at Moonbat Central who was your favorite.

11 What do you think of Moonbat Central's sucsessor Antiprotestor? Rocco has put together quite an impressive cast of old favrites like Prof. Plaut and new ones such as Freedom Now, Jeff Bargholz, Orange Ducks and now Nora. Does antiprotester capture much of the essence of Moonbat Central?

12 Other then this blog what are some of your favorites?

13 Are trolls mostly attention seekers or masochists?


14 As a Christian do you watch religious films? What are your views on the Last Temptation of Christ, The Ten Comandments and the Greatest Story ever Told?
15 Have you seen Ben Hur? What are your thoughts of that film?


16 Do you have any favorite TV shows from the past that you have a fondness for?
17 Has the quality of prime time TV gone down?
18 Do you have a favorite cable channel?


19 Are high gas taxes a problem in your area?
20 Do you notice all the hidden taxes in your phone and cable bills?
21 Would you prefer a National sales tax instead of an income tax.

General Mayhem

22 Are people who talk to animals and plants creepy or comical?
23 Is there something loveable about clumsy people? Jerry Lewis made a career out of this concept.
24 Have we outgown the concept of campy type of humor? I do not see the style of humor from the original Batman TV show or Lost in Space in TV or film.
25 What type of music do you listen to?

What is the matter with NYC

I was hardly surprised to learn of a gay bashing crime in NYC. The crime took place in NYC most far left locale. Violence against people based upon the way they dress or their choice of lovers is evil. This is the type of behavior our enemies partake in.

I know the locale quite well and lived not far from the crime sceene. Most likely the band of culprits came from alphabet city to the East. I guess the problem is not solved by a Marxist educational indoctrination. Most students are force fed a diet of PC tolerance from the earliest grades. I guess this may be anti PC but if they aren't bothering you leave them alone.

There are plenty of well adjusted gay people who just want to be left alone. Justin served this country with honor and deserves respect. Rob Bayn is a welll adjusted person who tries the best he can to make sense of a mixed up political sceene like the rest of us. Yes there are demented far left types who make jackasses of themselves but every group has them . Is Noam Chompsky and the Rosenberg finks reflective of Jews,of course not.

The culprits of this crime were not religious zealots but common street punks. No doubt the familiar screeching voices will claim otherwise. I hope the victim recovers and the punks who did this caught. This crime did not happen in a bastion of conservatism either.


I will try and schedule an interview with Russet Shadows this week. Those of you who were Moonbat Central hands should be familiar with Russet. The interview segments are widely popular and other then one deranged subject have come out fine. Uptown Steve lacked the class to answer the questions one by one like everyone else and spent the day crying. At some point we should have offered The Merry Widow an interview. Hopefully she will sit for an interview in the near future.

I want to talk about one particular nutcase . John Brown posted well over 200 times all deleted on this site. The problem is Brown wants your reaction and as Warren has pointed out is more akin to an obscene phone caller then a pundit. He has a site that nobody reads. On his average post he has zero response and his posts are comedic
such as New Orleans genocide. The constant themes on the Commie far left is a loathing of America and anti semitism. Brown is banned for life and his other pen name H-ass-an is banned as well.

At some point in the future I will try and work out an interview with Florian at his site. The following ground rules will be established no questions from John Brown or Uptown Steve will be accepted. They have not earned the right to ask questions due to chronic misbehavior. I did have a segment where I answered questions from the readers.

Let the readers decide if they want another you get to ask the questions post or a formal interview at Florian's is what you want to read. Either way John Brown and Uptown remain banned.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Coulter speaks a basic truth but her tone is a bit harsh

I am a bit tired of the " Jersey Girls " myself. I salute their husbands bravery for which they have been compensated but it is time to exit the spotlight. The media likes to latch onto far left spokesmouth and ignores the vast majority of us who feel diferently and have gone on with our lives. Who says that their view is any more authentic then any other group most of whom feel way differently about 9-11 then this crew as evidenced by the sick attempt of the commie far left to pollute the ground of 9-11 with anti american art.

The prime example of the medias arrogance is all the hype that the ghoulish Cindy Sheehan has gotten out of the death of her son. Her sons behaviors contradict every
statement that the mentally unstable Cindy Sheehan has uttered. Her association with a Communist Front group Code Pink and anti semitic statements are ignored in the media. The media tends to gloss over the actual communist organization of the Peace and immigration protests.

If you think that Coulter is rough you should get an earfull of what Commies say to 9-11 survivors in NYC. The abuse and mockery of that day by far left Conspiracy clowns like Commies John Brown and Weasie are typical. Ducky to his rare credit does not buy into the conspiracy angle. However it did take him two days to name the actual perpetrators on FPM. He is worried about what hatefull righties will do to innocent Mooooooslims.

Coulter is not a diplomat but she speaks a basic truth. Ladies your 15 minutes of fame was up days ago count your cash and move on . None of you are experts in anything and you weren't even there. Your feeble attempts at blaming Bush for 9-11 and endorsing John Communist er Kerry stink of crass oportunism and show the medias obsession with the creation of far left spokespeople who only promote themselves. We salute your husbands bravery but standing with the people who have made a mockery of that day is enough. Go on with the rest of your lives and live in peace. Do remember
that Ann lost a very close friend on that day. Do remember the haunting memories of witnesses like myself who are haunted by visions we would rather forget. Do remember those of you who watched in horror as our nation was attacked by a group of religious lunatics acting in the name of Allah. Blaming Bush for an event that took years to plan is just off base as he was barely in office when 9-11 occured.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to marked a new brand of cheap alcohol called Wild Duck, 167 still with zero readers, Socrasleaze having to resort to potty humor, John Brown still incoherent and Uptown looking for some crayons and for his NOI coloring book but only finds red in the box.

Friday, June 09, 2006

The point of this excersize

The reactions of our three communist stooges show who is obsessed with whom. John Brown posted here at least well over one hundred times all deleted. No points were raised much stupidity was mentioned by the apologists for genocide.

Most of you are unaware but I actually use the same tactic that Brown, Zinn and other Communazis use. Zinn is the father of indict a civilization by its history. However when we play the same games with Islam and Communism our apologists for genocide freak out.

Every single charge Commie apologist and Jihadis toss at America and Israel they themselves are in fact guilty of . So Commies lie repeat the same thing or in Uptowns case act stupid, wait that is no act. Make no mistake Uptown is the biggest fraud he wants to scream from the highest rooftop about racism but says zero when actual Communists use racial epithets like Aunt Jemimah, Uncle ..... or Sambo. His strong black man act is a university victims studies crude immitation of black rage.

We have proven that when Brown is given his own medicine he freaks out. Ducky tries to rationalize red genocide but apologists could repeat Ducky's lines about Nazism and Slavery. Ducky is just as insane as a Holocaust denier but it is the red genocide he denies. Uptown is just too stupid duh Ortega was an Indian. It did not stop the helicopters from mowing down the Indians in Nicaragua. There is a positive for Uptown being that he is so stupid he does not have to rewrite history as he never picked up a book in the first place.

Now I empathise somewhat with Brown and Uptown being banned. I am banned on Bad Eagle which features my work and Front Page Magazine to which I donate. However I do not waste time crying . I built my site from scratch to a size where even my loudest critics must visit. I do not seek them but they need to be here. If these critics weren't so lazy they could build their own site. Brown is good at comedy and his post on the genocide in New Orleans was the funniest thing I read in months.

Communists are all ofense but freak out when placed on defense.

Honest dissent and apologists for genocide behaving poorly

I want to start by noting that all blogs have a focus. The focus is reflective of the
hosts interests. Thus Esther and MZ tend to devote alot of space to Israel and that is fine. AOW and Jason Pappas devote space to the evils of Jihadism. I have been and always be anti communist and make zero apologies for it. Marxism, Anarchim and the undercover greens are a menace to our country and almost always anti semitic. In fact
one can meet Muslims in the USA who show class and dignity. However a classy commie or anarchist is non existent. Being a traitor and a bigot does tend to preclude one from classy behavior as well as infantile behavior.

Now people are well aware of the fact that I disagree with plenty of people who post here. Rob Bayn and I frequently disagree on a range of topics most of them not serious. However I do note that Rob is proud to be an American and is civil in his discourse. When he posts that he is against the war it is a patriotic dissent. He believes that this is not in the long term best interest of the country. He stays on topic and his posts are well mannered even when some of those around him are not. Above all Rob is my friend and we may disagree on some things like should men over twenty five watch American Idol . Yet the basic respect and courtesy is there.

Yesterdays visit from the Editrix is a case in point. The Editrix whom I have always respected as an intellect came on to thank me for my praise of her posts. Uptown has no clue as to who this person is and starts trashing her. Unlike Uptown the Editrix regularly kicks racist bigots of all colors. Uptown being a low class clown started
his usual trash talking about an individual with whom he has zero knowledge.

Now Uptown doth protest my description of him as red. Lets look at the his record of stupidity and find out. He defends the Soviet Unions record of attrocities and feels that any discusion of history is a distraction from the war. He defends people who call themselves Communists , Socialist of varring duplicity, Greens or Anarchist.
He does not mind people being called Sambos, Aunt Jemimahs or Uncle as long as a Communist like Brown or Ducky is doing it and the target is to the right of Stalin.
His PC version of disposesed people who are owed something is a constant. No Uptown's real color is red his ignorance is hardly unique. WEB Dubois and Paul Robeson were Commie clowns and Jackie Robinson loathed Robeson. Uptown also sees zero problem with Cuba. He also feels the need to exhonorate the KGB from gay rumors
about J Edgar Hoover. Now that the book and source was listed perhaps Veggietown can tell us what diference Hoover and Roy Cohn sexual orientation have to do with their status in history. Can we say low class Commie bigotry ? You can also add anti semitic clown like behavior. What does Roy Cohn Jewish heritage have to do with anything. Uptown is a victim always seeking a hand out blaming the Joooooos 24/7.
While Veggietown is at it he probably missed Malkin's article on the DC Sniper who he complains we picked on because of his race . Who even mentioned his race or for that matter Hassan Ahkbar's. For ever low class Uptown there are plenty of blacks who serve this country in the armed forces, businessmen, police officers, teacher, clergymen and medical professionals. While Veggietown insists he is a "strong black man" this strength only exists in his own delusions in cyberspace.

The bottom line is both trolls come here looking for eyeballs. Brown's readership is a fraction of this blog and the others in our community. I did not seek Uptown Steve out and could care less whether he lives or dies. Both camp on this blog for hour at a time behaving poorly and above all boring the pants off of regular readers.

Florian has offered them both a new home and I wish them well. Adios don't write and do not visit. Uptown get your own blog wait one would need a coherent thoughts and some social skills.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

House cleaning

I have made the decision to ban John Brown. I tolerate dissent quite well but the issue is vulgarity and stupidity. Brown was warned about ethnic slurs but used the term Sambo on Mr Beamish. Uptown being a fraud did not object to the term. The truth is Uptown is far more Red then black. Racial eoithets like calling black men Uncle are fine so long as it is Clarence Thomas or the Commie Duck calling Condi Aunt Jemimah. No doubt if I had made the slightest remark Uptown would be screaming racism which he does without me saying a word.

Uptown was banned earlier for violating his word. He promised to leave if it was proven that he had harassed La Shawn. What La Shawn's choice in men has to do with the Duke rape case is unknown. The statement as made by Uptown was a 100% personal attack that was sexual harassment.

What reperations and Israel have to do with the death of Zarqawi is unknown. However Uptown is incapable of behavior and intelligent commentary. Uptown does not know the basic material of the stuff we post here and we respond to questions that most of AOW
students could run off in seconds. The other thing Uptown forgets is this is my blog
nobody comes here to read his thoughts nor does he get to set the agenda. His behavior with the Editrix is typical of his low class behavior. He has no clue how the editrix feels about race and she has nothing to appologize for in that area. I have seen her pummel all type of bigots.

Florian has generously offered to take in the dynamic dunces. My blog is for those who are articulate and honest dissent is welcome.We do not need or welcome low class
half wits .

Adios and don't call us.

Somewhat sceptical about Zarqawis death

The death of Zarqawi will not end the terrorist problems in Iraq. I am somewhat sceptical as this has been reported before. Yet if it is true it is good news to all except for John Brown who will go into mourning.

We are dealing with a pathological problem in the middle east. The problem is not related to Israel, the USA or Europe. Radical Islam just does not value human life and this failure has created a paucity of jobs and development. Why should companies invest in building plants in areas where terrorist violence is common.

The mouth of Chavez may reduce investment in Latin America. Political stability is greater in China and India then in Latin America. The key thing is companies do not invest in unstable violence prone areas.

The death of Zarqawi or even Bin Ladden doesn't change the pathologies we are facing.
We have to look at Commies and Jihadis and evaluate the realities of what we are dealing with. Rebuilding the Iraqi army is a great first step but factories may prove to be a daunting task. However the euntrepenuerial skills of many Iraqis should not be discounted.

The Poles kick Commie tail and Save Europe from Bolshevik Hordes

Felis is undoubtedly aware of Communist attempts after WWI to invade Poland. Chapter 6 of Katyn has some interesting history that most of us are unaware of . Poland like Israel, Greece and Spain did not exist of a while. Yet after WW1 the Poles fought for independence and initially had great sucsess.

However the tides of battle turned and there is some interesting history.Communist were imperialist from the beginings of the Bolshevik era. Stalin initally wanted no part of a communist invasion of Poland." It would be easier to saddle a cow then establish communism in Poland" Stalin. Yet Lennin dreamed of Polish peasants flocking to Bolshevik misrule.

Polish intelligence had made some important discoveries. A university of Warsaw Mathematics Professor Stefan Mazurkiewicz broke the Commie codes. With this information the Poles were able to kick Commie tail in a battle known as Miracle of the Vistula. More then 100,000 commie soldiers were taken prisoner of war. Contary to modern delusions early Bolshevik soldiers were not known for fighting spirit. They were fair weather soldiers who quickly surrendered when the battle did not go their way. Obviously the folks at NYU and the New School for Communist subversion are still trying to revoke Prof Mazurkiewicz credentials for his patriotic duty to defending his own country.

Chapter six of Katyn by Allen Paul does go into detail about the realities of the Nazi - Soviet diabolical alliance to carve up Central Europe. The Gestapo and NKVD did hold meetings and coordinate their efforts to oppress the Polish people. 1,250,000 Poles were deported to Siberia in a series of moves that clearly were ethnic cleansing. Yet these same Marxist feign ignorance of their own history and point the finger at Israel for crimes they commited. No doubt John Brown will deny the etnic cleansing of Poland and placing Mooooslims in cattle cars. Ducky will blame the Russian people and claim this has zero to do with Marx and Uptown will say Duhhhhhhh before I delette him. The meetings between the gestapo and NKVD are mentioned on page 65 and took place in Krackow, Lvov and Zakopane.

No doubt the three stooges will now go into spin mode. Communist were alies of the Nazis and this is not surprising given that they are both amoral ideaologies. WEB Dubois was effusive in his support for Nazism but this is airbrushed today. In the words of Daniel Flynn Communism was not the polar opposite of Nazism but merely its rival.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky and Ernie to wed in MA yech, 167 still with zero readers, Socrasleaze aborted, Uptown rated less intelligent then produce and John Brown to go to Gitmo be beheaded and have his IQ raised,

Prediction the three stooges wlll spin this coversation around to Jooooos and Israel. They can't help themselves as they are Marxist Elmer Fudd anti semitic types.
When will Veggietown figure out that this blogs major theme is anticommunism. I have been firmly anti Marxist for at least twenty five years.

Good News More of the Yeagley interview is on Bad Eagle

Part two of the Yeagley interview is on Bad Eagle in the Jewish forum. There is an excellent assist from our friend She Designs on question nine. The origin of the Sabeans is an interesting topic. Sadly Islamic tendencies to view archeaology negatively has resulted in a pausity of archealogical surveys in Saudi Arabia . The age before Mohammed is called the age of darkness.

Feel free to drop in and everyone except Uptown and John Brown might learn something. Brown defends actual Indian killers in Nicaragua but that is besides the point.

Most wanted interview list.

1 Jason Pappas
2 Farmer John
3 Mustang
4 Jeff Bargholz
5 Mark Alexander
6 Storm
7 Amil of Bad Eagle An Iranian writer with some interesting opinions
8 Pim's Ghost
9 Cubed
10 Ecology of Bad Eagle

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Today's Excuse from Commie Stooges.

I will rehash lessons from yesterday. We asked a simple question , why were the Jehovas Witnesses put in jail. We got lets blame the Russian people except Communists built and ran the gulag. Then we got true communism has never been tried.
Then the morons of the far left reflexively went into Israel and the Joooos. The far left stooges can not help themselves as anti semitism is at the heart of their twisted faith.

Yesterday we touched on the topic of residents of the gulag. The myth perpetuated by the stooges is that the workers are treated better under communism. However the reality behind the rhetoric is that the authoritarian state runs the means of production. The plant is apt to be run by a political hack who should be in the DMV.
This is not my description but the description of a former boss who was an engineer in the USSR.

In a free market business has to compette for workers. The problem with illegal aliens is that they lower the playing feild and unscrupulous businesses like Tyson Chicken connected to the Clintons will exploit these workers. In a functioning labor market companies compette for skilled workers.

Yet in the Soviet Union we have a series of interesting crimes. If one is twenty minutes late for work twice you can go to the gulag. This happened to General Ledbed's father. If you take office suplies home you could be sent to the gulag. Most of the above are treated by personnel departments but leave it to the Marxists to exploit people worse then the capitalist ever did.

What were the gulags in actuality ? The common misperception is the gulags were prisons. No the gulags were neoslavery where the state exploited people for crimes real or imagined. Mining , Making musical instruments, lumber are not labor needed for the upkeep of the prison.

Then there is another more curious resident of the gulag. Spouse of the enemy of the people were sent to the gulag. Your husband commits an act of alleged Communist apostasy or falls out with the current clique you could be sent to the gulag along with your relatives. The constant need for purges in the ranks of Communist systems bears an uncanny similarity to organized crime. However organized crime has a more efficient business model .

Let the excuses begin. How do workers end up in the gulag for being late or taking a pencil ?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Great News The Yeagley interview is in Bad Eagle

The first part of my interview with Dr David Yeagley is running in the Jewish forum of Bad Eagle. I encourage all of you who want to know more about the Commanche to take a look. The Commanche are an interesting nomadic people who have a distinct unique culture.

I want to welcome any Bad Eagle readers who followed the link. My site is a mixed bag and lately we have been running WWE style posts due to the preponderance of Marxists who have decided to visit.

You may find some familiar names like Warren, She Designs and The Merry Widow. Many names will be new to you but are extreemly interesting. Be sure to click on the links to the right and visit Democracy Front Line, Long Range, Always on the Watch and the hysterical Mr Beamish.

Why did the Soviet Union jail the Jehovas Witnesses

Our resident Commies have not come up with a basic excuse for whole series of behaviors. Yet placing Jehova's Witness in the gulag along with other Christians and scores of Jews remains a fact. Why were the Jehovas Witness sent to the Gulag ?

Among the more interesting relevations in Applebaum's Gulag is more proof of my contention that Communists treat workers worse then private owners. The gulag was a place of contradiction . People who were not political were labeled political prisoners. Moreover, people who were labeled criminal had commited offenses that would be laughed at anywhere else. The father of General Ledbed was sentenced to the gulag for being 20 minutes late to work. The book describes a woman who got sent to the Gulag for taking a pencil home from work.

Yet our resident Red Genocide Denier will come here and bore us with posts that are off topic and boring. Muslim goblins , Head Coffins and Iraq have zero to do with this post. Nor does any of his stupid rhetoric raise a point much less win a point.
What has happened is that good old Beakerkin has unhinged the Commies . They can not respond so they stray off topic.

Why did the Commies jail Jehova's Witnesses ? Why does China persecute practitioners of Falun Gong ? Is this an example of the freedom the Commies wax and spin ? Or is it the freedom to do as I tell you ? They talk about freedom of the press and back states that have state controlled media. They talk about workers rights and sentence people to jail for being late to work. Communism is a lie wrapped in sedition and treason.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Uptown Steve Liar , bigot and out of here.

Uptown Steve is not a man of his word and likes to play games. His quote to La Shawn in his own words and La Shawn's reposting of it are classic sexual harassment. One can disagree with her on the merits of the Duke case. Uptown goes into a personal attack and asks if any white boys would take La Shawn to a motel or bring her back to their parents. In todays work place Uptown would be deservedly fired and posibly face civil penalties for those remarks. Yet low class and labotomized Veggietown thinks he has a right to sexually harass La Shawn because she is a right winger.

The proud black man has zero problem when Communist John Brown calls Warren a Sambo. He also has no problem when another Commie calls Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah. The truth is that while Veggietown talks about blacks he is either red or brain dead.

The quote about the KGB creating the myth that J Edgar Hoover was gay is on page 235
The Sword and the Shield The Mitrokhin Archive by Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin. The next game Veggietown will play is I do not believe it. A larger question is why should Hoover and Roy Cohn's orientation matter unless he is in fact a homophobe. The left is quite fond of throwing bigoted labels and Hoovers career and Cohn has zero to do with their sex lives.

Uptown made a promise to leave if there was evidence he harassed La Shawn. The quote as produced and even in his own version is sexual harassment. In the famous words " Uptown you are the waekest link Via condios adios puto ".

Traitors in our midst

Rehashing the crimes against humanity caused by Marxist would take vollumes. However, most people are well aware of the crimes commited by Communist against Jews who wanted to leave the workers paradise. However, the crimes commited against Christians are less well known.

Communists like Duncy, John Brown, Weasie and 167 have a huge problem with dissent. There can be no dissentfrom the official doctrine and thus we have oddities like indigenous people's rights are sacrosanct except when they are Jews or when we say otherwise as in the case of the Miskito Indins. Thus it is hardly surprising that a genocidal philosophy where children are encouraged to denounce their parents would produce Jooooos whose sole claim to fame is pushing the parties anti semitic agenda. Less well known is the blind eye turned by the practitioners of the peversion of Christianity called liberation theology. While other Christians were suffering in the gulag and having their children stolen by the state the practtioners of Liberation Theology did nothing.

The group that drove the Communists up the wall the furthest was the Jehovas Witnesses. No doubt many among us have heard the familiar appeals. Yet the Communists were clueless in how to deal with them. The denizens of the far left scream about impending roundups of Muslims. Yet they say zero about their own Muslim policy cattle cars to Siberia. Nor did they say a single vowel about rounding up Christians and Jews and stealing their children.

Yet we have the spectacle of actual Commies on this blog screaming Facist, Zionist or Kahanist at others. Zionism is the legitamate aspiration of the Jewish people to have their own nation. Israel is primarily a Jewish state much in the same manner India is a Hindu state. We do not question Spainards, Poles or Greeks right to have a state and all of their nations at one point did not exist. Jews have had a historical identity, language and distinct culture for thousands of years. Even if every single Commie charge were true about Zionism and even Kahanism how many fake Jenin Massacres would it take to reach 100,000,000. Yet we have the bizarre spectacle of Commies poining their finger at Joooos and denying them the right to speak in Universities.

The term Facist is loosely flung at any anti Communist. However true facism as represented in Musolini's Italy was odious but clearly superior in terms of human rights to Communists. Moreover a genuine proponent of Italian Facism should be insulted by a comparison to the repressive Communist thugs whose brutality was exceeded only by Nazis.

This is what you can do to annoy the traitors in our midst.

1 Call Communists exactly what they are. No word games like Progressive or New Left
just cut to the chase.
2 Bring up the history of human rights violations of Communist ?
3 Bring up the history of treason of the US Communist Party which was funded by Moscow ?
4 Bring up a series of lies that the party has repeated the Rosenbergs, Hiss etc were all guilty ?
5 Ask why are Commie Terrorists Dorn and Ayers teaching in our University system ? Can we say Old Bolshevik Network or Commie Odessa network.
6 Why did the Commies imprison religious people ?
7 Why were whole ethnicities deported ?
8 Why were whole classes executed
9 Why do Commies have to build fences to keep workers in ?
10 Why don't you leave the USA ?
11 Never apologize for being American ?
12 Never apologize for your religion ?

If you have performed well the far left traitors will be screaming blathering idiots.
In reality screaming blathering mentally defective idiots were what they were long before you took out the Beakerkin 2 x 4. Do not show any mercy and be just as rough on Commies as you would be on Nazis, Skinheads, the KKK, the NOI and hardened criminals.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Who is obsessed with my ethnicity

My critics take two amazing contradictory paths. Anum has accused my of disguising my Jewish roots. This seems amazing as even newcomers are well aware of my ethnicity.
However I seldom post on the topic of Israel because many do it better. The topic of Israel comes up when our Communists of low intelligence bring the subject up. The Ducks bizzare claim that I have denied the Ukrainian Famine is bizzare. Even AOW who is brilliant could not understand the illogic of the duck. Why an anti Communist would hide a crime perpetrated by Communists and that my family lived through remains a mystery except to those with bird brains.

I do point out a Jewish obsession of communists. Why did the KGB spend vast efforts to find imaginary Jewish roots of Zbigniew Brezinski and Scoop Jackson ? The reason is that anti semitism has been a key element of the party since its inception. The Communist party made the study of one language illegal ? Anyone care to guess what language that was. If you said Hebrew you were correct. The Soviet Union did list Jew as nationality on all its paperwork. Now the official communist position is that it is just a religion.

Thus it is hardly surprising when a post on art and Ducky's odd disdain for Renoir turns into Jews in the art world. Ducky has the typical anti semitism that goes with being a communist. Now Ducky's latest cry is stop posting about Jews you Khanist. I am still perplexed how an actual appologist for genocidal Marxism would complain about Meier Kahane.Yet the book the Sword and the Sheild on page 238 does show the KGB did have an obsession with Kahane. This obsession went to the point of forging pamphlets. The KGB did have a plan called Pandora to bomb a Black target in NYC and attempt to blame Kahane. How the deranged duck concludes that I am a Kahanist is another one of those bird brained leaps of logic we have grown used to.

The Duck also wants me to stop posting on anti semitism. Would he make a similar request of Rob Bayn to stop writting about homophobia ? Would he make a similar request to Veggietown about anti black racism ?

Veggietown is also another case in hypocrisy . It is okay to call someone a Sambo as long as the person is not black. It is okay for a Commie type to call Collin " Cancer" Powell or Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah. His attacks on La Shawn are clearly sexual harassment . Yet racial slurs and sexual harassment are okay as long as the target is PC.

I do not know or care what Possum's ethnicity is. I know she is brilliant and has a first rate intellect. I do know that Freedom Now is Puerto Rican and that has zero to do with his high quality posts. We have many fine bloggers in this group but the question is why is my etnicity always brought front and center by Marxist stooges .
The reason is quite simple in that in reality Marxists are obsessed with Jooooos.

More interestingly Commie types are historically homophobic. The rumors about J Edgar Hoover's orientation stem from a Communist disinformation campaign. The KGB spent hours looking for a homosexual past in Senator Jackson's history.

These episodes provide more evidence that there is and never was any morality amongst Marxists. Marxism is a criminal pathology with serious mental health overtones and issues. Marxists belong in rubber rooms and far away from classrooms or newsrooms.

Danger Will Robinson !!!!!! Captain Beamish clear the decks. Comander Warren send wommen and children to high ground. BEAKERKIN RANTS NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to thank our three stooges of dementia for this rant. This has been building for a while but now is the time and place for a John Brown decapitation.

Brown defines stupidity each and every day on this blog. He cries about racism and slavery but is an apologist for the two largest practitioners of Slavery Communists and Jihadist. He also uses a racist term to describe Warren as " Sambo" the indian killer. No doubt that if one of us used the term to describe Veggietown he would scream. Uptown is a classic joke as he ignores Ducky's use of a racist term to describe Condi Rice as Aunt Jemmimah as well as Brown's use of Sambo.

Lets see who was the last group to massacre actual Native Americans. It was none other then the darlings of the left the Sandanistas massacre of the Miskito Indians. Chomsky the supreme moron of the left still defends the Sandanistas today. Even Ward Churchill and Russel Means took up arms against the Marxist thugs . Guess which group sent mercenaries to aid the slaughter of Indians ? John Brown's favorite fake indigenous people were among foriegn internationale vermin serving as merceneries. The person who sent arms to the Indians was RONALD REAGAN.

Moving on to slavery guess what is the religion of those who practice it today ? That is right folks Muslims are still enslaving and killing Blacks today. Moreover, the Eastern Slave trade was far more numerous then the western one railed at by Veggietown and Brown. Both have little to say about the rampant history of Islamoslavery. Nor was Islamoslavery limited to blacks as Europeans were also sold.

Brown also forgets that his beloved Communists had their own variant of slavery called Gulags. Brown defends an ideaology that created a series of penal plantation slavery and rails about Rikers Island and Tookie Williams . Rikers Island is a tourist spot compared to the hell holes created by Marx. Many of the inmates of the Gulags were of the wrong class, ethnicity, political and religious prisoners but Brown is so worried about Mummia.

Colonialism is another area where Brown needs to buy a clue. Veggietown has a labotomy and has an excuse. The greatest practitioners of Colonialism are those wonderful people of the religion of rest in peace. They have invaded a series of land and occupied wide swaths for 1400 years. Indigenous Jews, Christians, Hidooooos, Bhooooodists, Zoroastrians and Pagans were treated to Jim Crowe, Ethnocide, Slavery and Sometimes Genocide all in the name of Allah. How this group with its history of brutality becomes the prime victim remains unknown to all but Marxist clowns.

Speaking of colonialism the Soviet Union had a nasty habit of invading other lands. This habit was also repeated by China who have their own mess in Tibet with a genuine indigenous people. Communists also trained a cadre of thugs and started insurections in a host of countries.

Other wonders of Marxism liberation of the people by planned starvation in the Ukraine and Eithiopia. Who can forget Killing Fields or Boat People ? Or the first nation in recorded history that built walls to keep people in. Lets see Brown rails about the Israeli defense wall but is an appologist for a system that built walls to keep people in.

Moving ahead to ethnic cleansing a topic Brown loves to talk about. Who put Muslims on cattle cars and deported them to die in a frozen wastland. The wonderous commies starved Ukrainians and sent Poles, Balts and a whole series of others to die in Siberia. He points the finger at Israel but ignores a Judenrhein and increasingly Christofrei Muslim states. He also ignores massacres of blacks by Arabs in Sudan.

Brown is also part of the growing contingent of the flat earth society. His former Soviet Union listed Jew as a nationality. Every reputable version of history has Jews being the indigenous people of Israel except . Brown seems to think Arab invaders are indigenous except that they arived around 1400 years ago and have plenty of real estate allready.

What we have seen here is the total hypocrisy of Brown, Duncy and Veggietown. Slavery , Colonialism, Ethnic Cleansing, Jim Crowe and Human rights abuses are OK when sanctioned by the Koran or Manifesto.

The best use for Browns head is as a Bowling Ball as he hasn't used his brain in years. Maybe some of his buddies from the religion of rest in peace will help him out. Sing it Abdul Allah Ahkbar Baby and slice away Brown will even blame the Neocons and Zionists as you chop his head . Who can ask for better service then that ? A beheading in Browns case qualifies as an improvement.

Comming up next round two of Communism as an Alternative Lifestyle featuring 167, Ducky, John Brown, Robert Lindsay with a special guest cameo by Uptown Steve.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Breakout the Roadkill, Foster's, Vegemite, Dynamite and firearms it is the cyber roast of everyone's favorite Aussie Felis

This is the segment where bloggers come to honor their peers in comedic tribute. Now Felis is a friend to all of us and runs one of the largest sites in our community. Felis is always way too humble and gives plenty of time and exposure to new bloggers. Felis has a sharp eye for talent and has helped many of the people who interview at this blog gain a wider audience such as Florian and hopefully Possum who you should read.

I regulary read his site for material I would not know otherwise. His links contain valuable stories on such under reported stories as East Timor. One could spend a day reading the high quality sites just linked to his site except for this Beakerkin guy.

I am always amazed our resident Marxists are so dismissive of a person who lived in an actual workers paradise. Who are you going to believe a Univeristy clown who may have spent a summer in one of these societies or a person that spent decades in one.
I was floored at the ignorance of Ducky and Uptown who forgot that Western Poland was invaded by the USSR.

Moving ahead Felis is a huge fan of roadkill. Everyone seems to think that they invented Roadkill. Mr Beamish has perfected this ancient artform with the invention of mesquite flavored tires. No doubt Anum will claim some Muslim invented roadkill. John Brown and Ducky will attribute it to ancient communists.

When people think of Australia they think of wide open spaces and rugged men. They think of Crocodile Dundee , Steve Irwin and the Gibb brothers, two out of three aren't bad.

Aussies are known for enjoying their alcohol. Now we in the states have a secret brew that has saved more marriages then any other MD 20/20. Cheap alcohol with a halucagen has kept many homes in NYC together. Whenever I go no NYC the locals always ask me to bring some back. I am also told with Commet it makes your bowl shine.

Now remember a cyber roast is number one to tell some bad jokes . The other purpose of the roast is to salute a friend . So if you don't have any jokes just salute the guest of honor. We are also trying to get feedback on the Mesquite flavored tires.

Let the roast begin

This blog is not a special ed class

I was very patient with Uptown Steve before I decided to ban him. The reason he was banned is his never ending word games and general stupidity. We expect our readers to
have a general level of education. How Veggietown is unaware of the Soviet Nazi pact is beyond me. A typical stupid rant was complaining about the race of the DC sniper. The race of the DC sniper team was never mentioned in the post. His insane comparison to David Berkowitz was so absurd that it did not warrant the excellent response of Mr Beamish.

Veggietown likes to call other people Liars . This is fairly common on the far left as 167, Veggietown and many others do this so often they project their own behavior onto others. When you enter my blog you are entering the Beakerkin electronic bar . If you don't mind your manners out you go, hint to John " Demented " Brown.

Uptown started playing a series of word games. Prove this.... and when you do he ignores the evidence anyway. Thus this game was prove I harassed La Shawn and I will leave. His own description of La Shawns looks and inability to attract men is text book sexual harassment. The quote produced by Florian was exactly the quote I saw on La Shawn's site and indeed mentioned a group of White Boys in a Hotel room. This clearly was sexual harassment above and beyond all legalism.

They Veggietown and Ducky start crying that La Shawn hates black men. Number one I am not La Shawn Barber. Number two this is speculation at best and probable slander.
Then Veggietown starts to cry about right wingers. La Shawn is an American writer and as an American she can write whatever she pleases. If you don't like it start your own blog or dissent like a gentleman on her blog. Veggietown did neither and behaved in typical low class manner.

Being that Veggietown did not honor his word I honored it for him. As my friends in Union City say " Vaya Con Dios Puto and don't hurry back".

Thursday, June 01, 2006


This weekend will be a cyber roast of everyone's favorite Aussie Felis. Nanc will be serving as hostess. Mr Beamish is in charge of cheap booze. Warren is in charge of Roadkill but no Possum for this event. I hope everyone will join us in a cyber roast of a familiar friend. All Uptown Steve and John Brown posts veering off subject on the cyber roast thread will be aborted.

Most wanted interview

1 Jason Pappas
2 Farmer John
3 Mustang
4 Jeff Bargholz
5 Mark Alexander
6 Amil of Bad Eagle
7 Ecology
8 Morgan in a few weeks
9 Mike of Mike's America
10 Dana You Moron from MZ's blog

I would like to do an experimental type of joint interview with Justin and Rob to promote their new blog Capital Pill. How all of us sit down and have a three way interview is unknown.

When Justin Morris returns I want to do a metaphysical post on Does man ever redeem his sins ? I will start off philosophical and Justin , Warren and MZ will add the religious elements and the rest will be mayhem.

Duck season

"Be vewwy vewwy quiet we are hunting Marxist Malards. Hunting mentawy ill defectives like John Bwown has no element of skill . Hunting pwoduce like Veggietown Steve is no chawenge. Therefore we will dispence with the woooooosers and concentwate on Marxist Malards"

The above sums up the dealing with the far left. We have a cartoon Duck, a mental patient named John Brown and something that passes as produce Uptown. Our set would be complette if the rat who fancies himself a weasel would drop in. We could also study the first known commie labotomy the illucid , unmanly, 167 who redefines stupidity each and every day.

Among the many stupid comments is a classic by the Duck. He differentiates the political aspects of Marx from the economic aspects of Marx. This is absurd and if we substituted Nazism or slavery into that sentence we would get howls of laughter.

The Duck is trying the new Commie tactic of compartmentalization. The notion that there is nothing wrong with Communism and gulags, planned starvations, piles of dead bodies that mysteriously appear everywhere that Marxism is implemented are just a coincedence. Even Orwell must be laughing at the Bird Brained Malard we will free the opressed by killing as many people needlessy is a logic that escapes me.

Slavery was a historic injustice known to man long before the modern era began. Yet there were those who looked back with romanicism at a historic injustice. Contrary to the lunacy of Uptown mooooooslims were trading black slaves long before and after the Europeans got into the act. Veggietown also likes to talk about alleged Joooish role in the slave trade while ignoring the Muslim, blacks and many others who owned slaves. The entire notion of a special Jewish role in the slave trade is anti semitic. Do notice there is little focus on anyother group such as Hugenots, Speech impaired midgets or albino slave owners. This attack eminating from Mooooslims like Louis " spaceship" garbagekhan is comedic fodder worthy of SNL.

Nazism was defined by the Holocaust and agressive war. The wholesale industrial mechanical factories of death remains unique . Nazism is forever tainted and dicredited by these events. Yet we have forced famines, ethnocide, genocide, gulags , boat people , killing fields, reeducation camps, placement of political opponents in mental hospitals, persecution of homosexuals in Zimbabwe and Cua, surpression of religious freedoms and the outlawing of the study of one language in the Soviet Union Hebrew. I am sure I missed plenty of communisms greatest crimes.

The Duck's entire notion that we can compartmentalize Marxism without looking at its
history is akin to Holocaust denial in its insanity. Most coherent people have figured out after 100,000,000 head coffins oops testemonials er victims that Communism remains a bad idea. Actual Communists like Weasie and 167 try and hide their communist sympathies. However it is readily apparent upon even a simple inspection of their posts where they fall on the political spectrum.

Do note that in all of John Brown's and Weasie's conspiracy posts about 9-11 nobody
has pushed them to name suspects. No doubt Jews, Zionist Media, Neocon Cabals, the Likud, Haliburton, CIA, Larry Silverstein and Richard Simmons are the usual suspects.
Scratch a commie and one will find mental illness, antisemitism, treason, ignorance of a plethora of subjects , envy and greed .

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky hiding from Elmer Cheeney, 167 No readers and Socrasleaze aborted.