Friday, April 30, 2010

Anyone can be a racist

I guess the part that is difficult to accept from the days at the other site is of some Native Americans being racist. I have been in NYC long enough to see plenty of Black and some White racism. Much of the Black racism is thinly disguised Marxism and it flies under the radar as "Black Liberation theology" ala Pastor Wright.

Many people have either one side of the coin or the other when dealing with Native Americans. Either they are the all knowing wise men or the brave warrior. Yet neither view is really productive and even the tribal casinos doesn't really convey an image to most. Certainly Indian CPAs, Carpenters and Lawyers exist. Maybe the time for true progress will come when one can think of Indians as just the oldest residents of the block.

It is important to own up to our historic treaties and deal with our historic wrongs. That being said as those wrongs are evil in American history they remain evil when done by Marxists in Latin America. When those who want to lecture us about our history sanction identical crimes
or support regimes that commit these crimes they deserve the rhetorical back of the hand.

None of this nor the fact that someone with a few degrees can be so painfully wrong about America, Race, Theology and History. When one is beholden to warped ideas usually Marx or racial kook theories one can not give rational analysis. Thus it does not surprise me to see how central deception was to Communists and the creation of international terrorism in today's FPM.
Nor should it shock us that Marxist activists would anoint themselves as saviors of the planet fake research and contrive global warming. Given the record of communist countries on the environment this is a warped joke at best.

The problem is not really with Native Americans as they have been themselves for hundreds of years. The problem of dualism is attributable to the romance of the noble savage myth. In reality this critique is more of a rejection of the present society than any genuine insight into Indians. Native American history should be respected and the treaties should be honored.

People can have different perspectives and views and this remains part of our process. Thus when Mr. B, AOW or myself write we are writing from the perspective of American Patriotism.
When the Duck writes his words are a reflection of a mindless death cult. Americanism is an open
table to all those who believe in the concepts of the founding fathers, respect others, respect private property and are not beholden to hostile foreign ideaologies. In the case of the Duck he is an apologist for an idea that has been proven deadly in every application, seeks the destruction of the USA and has no respect for private property or individual rights. In the case of the failed pundit he has zero clue about what it means to be a patriot or Christian.

It is important to know that we do not need idiots to tell us about how to live with people from different cultures. Americans do this each and every day and have done so since our founding. We welcome those who come legally and obey our laws and pay taxes. Those who wish to create
world socialism, califates or racial seperatist states would do all of us a favor if they headed for the exit. Commies like Madea Benjamin tried to live in Cuba but were to spoiled to live in the statist tyranny they support.

What did Gordon Brown say that surprised you

I am quite amused at the reaction of those who were surprised over the comments of Brown and even Obama about God and guns. The truth is those on the left with rare exception are self righteous and arrogant. Those moments are reflective of how they think.

We see these moments on this blog when the bombastic Duck reveals some narrow minded bigotry aimed at those who enjoy Metal music, popular films like Smokey and the Bandit and enjoy Renoir.
Sorry, but I would rather look at Renoir than go abroad to look at doodling in Saudi Arabia.

Those on the left live a lie that they are reflective of the people. In reality they think those who work for a living and do not go to cocktail parties need their betters to think for them.

Lets do a simple man of the people bit

1) What beverage of choice is with your dinner

A) A Beer B) Kool Aide C) Soda/ Seltzer D) The appropriate Wine E) Bottled Water

2) Can you name the starters on your local baseball, football and Basketball Team

3) Do you consider Cirque de Solelil entertainment?

4) Do you think taxing gas, soda, beer and cigarettes is an appropriate societal function.

5) Do you think tax payer money should go to the arts?

6) Is immigration a right or a privilege?

7) Is your car older than three years old and do you take public transportation?

8) Should Unions stick to workplace issues?

9) Is consumer choice a bad thing?

10) When people disagree with you are they incapable of knowing what is best for them.

1) I have a diet soda with my meals. Lately I am into Seltzer or diet Ginger ale. If you are drinking Kool Aide you either have a lot of kids or are stretching the food budget. Beware of Marxists serving Kool Aide. Jim Jones is a role model to many far left types.

2) Yes. I am familiar with the players on my local sports teams.

3) This is probably a far left substitute for water boarding. Extra credit for anyone who has absolutely no idea what Cirque de Soleil is.

4) Regressive taxation is an abomination and an assault on working people devised by lefties who
are obnoxious. Don't tell a woman what to do with her body if she wants to have an abortion, but tax the crap out of her is she wants a beer and a smoke.

5) Only for serious artist exhibitions at Museums. The Chardin or Renoir exhibits are fine, but narco artists for Hugo or Pseudostine are not.

6) Immigration policy is determined by the American people.

7) Yes and yes.

8) Yes especially in a bad economy.

9) No I am happy with 200 varieties of chips. I had a rough time finding dried fruit at the sundry
shop and had to settle for a small bag of cashews.

10) No. This thought is arrogant Statism and typical of Marxist morons.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Gay Obsession of the Duck

We have this amazing odd obsession of the Duck with trying to out people who are closeted. The Duck cries when people do the same to him. As a friiend of this blog who is gay stated one only knows if someone is gay two ways if they tell you or they slept with you. Of course the Duck can kindly let us know how he knows the person in question is gay. Does the Duck posses "gaydar" that works over the internet or is he hanging around with the idiots at a psychic friends hot line.

Ok the person in question is a racist. This must be amusing as the Duck is a certified anti-semite and apologist for every Communist regime on the planet. Moreover, contrary to his flights of fancy Nazis were a leftist phenomena and there is plenty of anti-Capitalist rhetoric in Hitlers speeches. Hitler allied with Communism and then turned on his allies because he perceived Bolshevism and Capitalism as "Jewish". Leave it for a person who is a communist sympathizer and a clear anti Semite to point the finger at someone else.

Lets go over this again. Who defended a nation quarinting AIDS patients? Who praised a health care system that historically placed gays in mental hospital and practiced lobotomies long after
the practice was dropped in the West. The reason these practices stopped is that Castro's daughter got involved. Too many of Casrto's apologists were being ridiculed over these barbaric practices condoned by folks like the Duck.

The amount of gays placed in mental hospitals by Pat Ronertson 0. Sorry, but the writings of the usual suspects show zero evidence of any comments about the Castro policies or the persecution of gays in Zimbabwe. There is also zero comment about the fate of gays living under Shariah. The grand alliance of Jew haters must make sacrifices.

Immigration Bigotry???

There is much talk about immigration and bigotry ranging from Arizona to the Comments in the UK.

Lets start off with that placing immigration policy off the table itself leaves room for fringe groups like the KKK and to a lesser extent the BNP room to breathe. The problem with mainstream parties is that they become addicted to getting votes. They make the political calculation that showering benefits on people boosts their numbers.

Another problem is that every action has unintended consequences. The VAWA Act had some very serious and noble goals. Nobody should be forced into remaining in a domestic violence situation for acquiring residence. I met lawyers who specialize in this area the other day and I can say their integrity and zeal is a credit to the profession. Yet even in an area as serious as this there does remain some fraudulent cases.

The problems in the area of asylum and refugee cases are even more pronounced. Few people would have issue with allowing immigration of people who are persecuted like Christians in the Middle East and Tibetans. Over time this lofty program has come to add Chinese Family Planning as well as female genital mutilation. Legitimate questions if these issues really fit the intended purpose of the plan are not bigoted.

The problem with law in general is incrementalism. Nobody in their right mind should ever criticize the intended goals of programs like VAWA and the Asylum law. Protecting mostly women and children as well as persecuted minorities is something all of us should agree is a societal goal. Yet the reality is that every noble action does produce a counter action of shady cases and scammers. I also want to make clear that the legal arena is open to novel ideas. At a certain point the argument will be made that women in the USA whose husbands force them into polygamous unions or accept a second wife are also covered.

Placing the subject of immigration policy off the table for discussion creates bigotry. The obviously flawed system allows marginal types from the KKK to LARAZA breathing room.
We are going to get some type of immigration reform. The question is can Obama do it now while he has a stronger hand or later with a weaker hand. The case can be made that after the health care debacle we want Obama to be weakened so a better bill will be passed.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am not amused at the class warfare games of blaming Goldman Sachs and crying about the Arizona immigration law. The desperation of the Obama administration knows no bounds. Rather
than grasp that America wants limited government he is trying to be Hugo Chavez lite.

Payback is in November. Flush Obama and his Marxist minions.

Laughing at Batty Ann and Yeagley

I want to point out reasonable people like myself and Ray can disagree on a topic without being disagreeable. Naiche and CM are always family and welcome wherever I hang my hat. I have been
away from Bad Eagle for months. The place is a colossal bore. Yeagley needs to tell Batty Ann to take her meds.

CM, Ray and the rest are welcome here and are viewed as friends by all.

Naiche writes above Batty Ann's IQ level and she needs to take out a decoder ring to decipher his writings. If you take every fifth letter multiply is by 27 and then divide it by twenty two and convert the numbers into Hebrew letters that correspond with the numbers and translate back into Hebrew you will find the secret message. Obviously her degrees are probably from thermometers placed where the sun doesn't shine. Naiche is a true genius.

Free Speech and You

I am not a fan of South Park. Nor do I purposely like sticking a middle finger up at Muslims or anyone else for no purpose. The writers of the show probably could have been more subtle and creative and got their point across.

That being said the first amendment covers speech that is sophomoric. The only speech that is not covered is criminal acts and treason. In the work place speech is also curtailed by many other factors. Unfortunately, these rules are frequently ignored or used to persecute people for office political reasons.

The creators of the show had a right to say their piece. Muslims had a right to oppose the episode by the same free speech protections. However, those who threatened physical violence should be arrested. Unfortunately, we have to endure odious speech as part of the deal. It would be nice to tar and feather Truthers, Holocaust Denniers, KKK types and commies, but doing so would make us too much like Hugo Chavez.

The truth is many Muslims are more upset over the reaction and free publicity the counter reactions had. Thia plays into odious stereotypes and in truth most Muslims who live here want to work and are too busy to worry about stupid cartoons.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Enjoying Instrumental Rock

I am enjoying the instrumental rock. The Vegan called it elevator music or the sound trak from Pulp Fiction. I like the sounds of the Ventures, Dick Dale, The Surfaris and Duane Eddy. Someone objected to some of this fare saying it is inbred red neck music. How this style of music which contains tracks by several Black artists became red neck music is beyond me. In some ways this music seems to flow from R&B directly.

I will be listening to the twangy guitar playing a personal favorite Tuxedo Junction. Tuxedo Junction was written by a friend from my younger days Erskine Hawkins. My father loved his music and was happy when I introduced him to Erskine. Erskine was a modern man and like many artists forgot he recorded certain numbers. In this case my father taped some cassettes and gave it back. Side B in those days were real fillers and forgetable. However, nothing Erskine played was ever forgettable if you heard him.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Recovery

Some signs that a local recovery are in their earliest stages are visible. The recovery may only be relative to the steep drop. Many good people are out of work and are annoyed because Obama has no plan. I expect him to start a program to alter immigration. It will likely be an effort to court Hispanics because his numbers are low. The midterm elections will have a few nasty surprises but the Dems knew that Obama's mania about a stupid health care program would hurt them.

The Obama NYT assures us the recovery is under way. Of course the paper has never printed a single critical article about Obama.

He is just clueless, but better than Biden. Biden is even dumber than Col Bernie Sanders who walks around in a fog. One Sanders supporter said it best "Bernie cares, just at times we can't figure about what".

In other news academic clown and Marxist stooge Gnome Chimpanzee is worried about the far right in America. He compares the atmosphere in the USA to Nazi Germany only we are blaming Blacks and illegal aliens. We are still waiting for the millions dead from starvation in Afghanistan that he predicted. He has a great track record of calling eye witnesses to the Killing Fields liars based upon reports from obscure Communist publications in Australia and supporting Holocaust Denial. It is time for MIT to ask this clown to retire and he can spend the rest of his wasted life doing bong hits with Bill & Ted. Bill & Ted appear more reality based than Chomsky, despite being fictional characters.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Local Politics and the rest of us

I want to point out that most politics is local. We are in a new era that will be different from the past. There was a concerted effort by the far left to own local school boards and to claim ethnic authenticity of every group save the beloved Cuban American community.

The Tea Party Movement is a reawakening of the other America that was too busy working when Marxist hacks and their allies attempted to alter our country. The arrogance of Obama has created a back lash. I am not comfortable with the role of Ron Paul in the Tea Party Movement. However,after many up close encounters I am confident that the spirit of that movement does not knowingly endorse the lunacy of Ron Paul.

There are impostors in my community who pretend they are the voices of Jewish authenticity. They are not Jews and are actually followers of a death cult that infiltrates movements creates
fake groups and subverts anything it goes near. If communists want to participate they should do so without the creation of fake names like Code Pink. Let them call themselves the Marxist Ladies Senior Citizen without meds association. Of course if they ever did that many of their willing dupes would flee because they are not communists.

In a discussion about another group people conveyed that people they knew were not communists. This is almost certainly true, but communist use these alliances with non communists to further their own purposes. This is why if ever a commie would agree with me on
anything I do not allow my efforts to be tainted.

Most issues in our lives are strictly local. The Tea Party crowd needs to focus on local elections first. Taking our country back wont be easy, but it can and will be done.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Talking about Immigration Again

In general the public should know that benefits are determined by one agency USCIS and enforcement is managed by another. The situations vary according to locality, but man power is limited.

In an ideal world we would have a system that works. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system is also over burdened. At a certain point we need to reconsider sections of our current law.

1) We need to change the section of law that makes anyone born in the United States a citizen. This should only be awarded to children whose parents are here legally.

2) We also need to streamline the appeals. Cases going on ten years or more benefit nobody. The appeals can be made abroad.

3) Local judges need to be more aware of the immigration consequences of plea bargains. If more resources are needed to avoid this than make it available.

4) Denaturalization of certain criminals made easier

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Social Contract

I want to discuss immigration in abstract. In the days of my grand parents there was an implied social contract that was understood by immigrants. There was no need to state it as it was understood. What has changed is that we have an entire profession dominated by Marxist hacks who have decided to alter what has worked for decades. If you think this is a joke seriously head over to your local University and ask for a list of classes required for an MSW.

1) Immigration is not a right. It is an honor bestowed upon selected people who follow the rules as determined by the host country.

2) While here legally remember the following.
A) Obey all laws of the host country. If you want to have more than one wife please remain
where you are.
B) Remain gainfully employed. Do not abuse the social safety nets indeffinately.
C) Respect others. If you do not like gays, Jews, Blacks or whatever keep it to yourself.
D) Learn the local language and familiarize yourself with the local culture. You should not
expect services in your language. While you need not participate in local culture you should
have some familiarity. For example hunting and Maple Syrup production are part of the
local lives of residents of Northern VT. I respected the traditions of the locals and
supported their right to hunt, while not doing it for personal reasons.
E) Make sure your children attend school. Do not make excessive demands on the local school
district. There is nothing wrong with bringing your own lunch if need be. Above all try to
show respect for your teacher.
F) Show some loyalty for your host country. You do not need to agree with all of the policies
and if you are a citizen feel free to speak up. However, if you feel compelled to criminal
activity or treason kindly depart.
H) Cultural Issues do not trump public safety. If you want a passport or drivers license you
need to be photographed. If you wish to get services this is expected. It is OK to cover
your head or wear a hat for religious purposes. Covering the whole face is a public safety
issue. In rare instances such as burns a person may wear a mask for medical reasons.
These are the exceptions for obvious humanitarian reasons. I have not suffered from
seeing the face of Lynne Stewart whose face would be improved with a veil.

Most immigrants understand this. However, merely stating these things in this day and age is passe.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

About Blogging

There are many subjects which we seldom veer into. I seldom delve into the subjects because they would interest only myself and probably bore the daylights out of the audience.

Here is the list of ten topics that I would like to do but have placed on the burner for one reason or another.

10) A joint blog post with Jams on the subject of immigration. This might be a unique post as Jams was a former immigration officer in the UK. It would be interesting to discuss the trade with a peer from another country.

9) A discussion of Education. Readers are to pick ten works of lit to assign students.

8) The Implied Social Contact of Immigration. What is it? Does it still apply?

7) Rape of the tax payer by lefties. The vulgarity of regressive taxation by people who claim to be for working families.

6) You're a guy and you screwed up. Surviving the dreaded if you don't know what you forgot than I am not telling you.

5) Slobs vs Snobs on film. This was inspired by Mr. Beamish's joke about having the Duck discuss
watching Smokey and the Bandit.

4) Reflections of life changing events. Long term readers know what events I write about that changed my perspective.

3) Guys behaving badly on road trips. Take a few Mountain Dews in the cooler ( I can not find Code Black) , an oversize hero, surfer instrumentals on the radio and what happens.

2) Did you ever tell an obnoxious tourist to shut up. Is this ever called for.

1) Things we need to demythologize.

Welcome brother Naiche

Naiche is another ex Bad Eagle poster who has dropped in on a few of the threads. His brand of acerbic wit are welcome wherever I hang my hat.

I am somewhat amused that Batty Ann thinks Naiche and I are the same person. Last I checked he is an Apache and this would likely make me more Native American than Batty Ann or the good Dr.
Or this would mean that Naiche has become Jewish from listening to Lenny Bruce. Perhaps listening to Alan Sherman records played backwards.....

We live in a funny age and one that is somewhat sad. I never thought I would ever see non White White Supremacists. Of course students of the history of the KKK vs Native Americans would be floored by this example.

My bio has remain unchanged. I remain an ordinary Jewish resident from NYC and the Editrix has my age exactly correct. AOW or TMW can attest that contrary to the delusions of some I am
not Black nor aged.

To those who remember Naiche a kind hello to an old friend is always welcome.

Who is okay with this????

If you have AIDS the government should quarantine you in a velvet cage. Most of you would guess
someone right wing. Of course many Americans including myself would oppose this.

It seems that the Duck is rationalizing the behavior of Cuba. For a person who regularly brings up the subject of gays in odd places this is strange. If gay rights are important to you than backing governments that use official sanction to persecute gays is fairly strange. The PA does persecute gays who flee to Israel for safety. Cuba did quarantine AIDS patients in what I term soft prisons.
Cuba did place gays in mental health facilities. The latter practice stopped only when folks started subjecting Cuban apologists to ridicule and Castro's daughter intervened.

As far as outing the Duck feels fine when calling Dr. Yeagley Gay Eagle". There is zero actual evidence that Yeagley is gay. This rumor started when a disturbed follower Batty Ann started to call Yeagley gay. Yeagley has stated he is not gay and as far as I am concerned it is a non issue. Of course the Duck objects when Mr. B speculates that he is gay. As our friend Justin says one never knows who is really gay unless they tell you or sleep with you. In and of itself we really make too much of a big deal over being gay. When someone says sick and twisted lifestyle I think of Red Sox and Dallas Cowboy fans. How can anyone root for Tony Romo who should be selling ribs next to TGIF. Abnormal and deviant describe people who think people like Noam Chomsky or Norman Finkola are fonts of wisdom.

Of course the Duck wants us to move heaven and earth at every goofy statement of Pat Robertson. Sorry, but he never placed gays in mental hospitals.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just another mixed bag.

I have been spending time rethinking Native Americans and Colonials. The subject is interesting
because the reason many of us were attracted to Bad Eagle was the myth of its creator. All of us wanted to believe in a persons right of self definition. The concept I thought of when I went to Bad Eagle was a Native American embracing the ethos of the founding fathers and celebrating Americanism.

Most readers are aware of my ethnicity. Jewish people have their own history. I do not hold grudges against Germans, Russians or any other nation for its past abuse of my people. Germany made amends and moved ahead. It is important to remember the Holocaust and Nazism from a historical perspective. The left cheapens the real history of Nazism by comparing anyone they do not like from GW Bush and various Pope's to Hitler. It has been suggested that I hate Poland. I am not a Pole but it is apparent that some Polish and Ukranian blood is in my DNA and perhaps in the residents of Poland as well. My family fought for Poland in 1920, but as Jews fending off a great evil. They left to come to a country where they could worship as they chose and be a part of Americana. You could talk to the immigrant generation and they would tell you with pride of earning their citizenship. Even my curmudgeon Holocaust survivor Uncle ran to take the test and was proud of his achievement.

When we talk of history we need to remove some of the Marxist crap. The story of America is not about class warfare and victimization. It is about a nation being founded on a set of shared ideals. Most of the difficult chapters in American history are from failing to spread those ideas to
its logical conclusion.

I want to point out the difference in the common American Patriot as typified by Mr Beamish and the Europhile apologist for totalitarianism Ducky. Ducky unlike most commies is relatively well rounded and can be personable.

A common rant of the Duck is complaining that freedom to most Americans is having 50 brands of Potato Chips to get obese. The reaction from the Patriotic Mr. B is who are you to determine what is best for America and pass the Barbecue Kettle Fried Chips.

Make no mistake in that when you are dealing with a Marxist you are dealing with a cultist who thinks he is in possession of the divine truth as stated by a mendicant unemployable philosopher. They are more fundamentalist and doctrinaire and less reality based than the folks at the 700 Club who they mock. They are also as bigoted as the KKK. They merely focus their obsessions on Jews merely using a code word or two.

This blog has plenty of readers who are genuine Christians. They would not dream of telling you
what food should be in your cupboard or taxing a Whopper. There are some who home school their children to avoid the Marxist indoctrination of our educational system. It would be far better to take the political agitation out of our educational system and get back to basics. Perhaps one day, parents could opt for a more traditional school program. A parent could choose if he wanted a more classical English lit program and traditional history as opposed to Marxist drivel. Maybe someday the folks in big education will grasp the damage the leftist activists have
done to their profession.

When you hear the Duck rattle on about Cuba making excuses about a regime that has been gone 50 years. It is a sign of progress that Cubans can read exactly what communists tell the unwashed masses. Hailed Cuban health care included the use of placing gays and political prisoners in mental hospitals. Aids patients were placed into what amounts as soft prisons. One could only imagine the reaction of the demented Duck if anyone suggested this in the USA.

With this divide noted lets look at history again


Slavery was a given in all societies. The question of if the practice was barbaric didn't get considered later. The notion that slavery was an abomination was largely a Christian concept. The generic Marxist apologist view that somehow slavery in Africa, by American Indians or in Arabia was somehow less odious is political correctness run amok. Moreover, Marxists practice Neoslavery in gulags in the current era.

The United States went through a Civil War largely to end the practice. Today the best discussion of slavery starts with it was a product of an earlier less enlightened time and hardly unique to America. The mistake occurred by not being including all people in our standard of individual rights and liberties. We discuss the wrongs of the era in its proper context without the Marxist malfeasance of indict a civilization by its history. Oddly when I use this same technique
on communists they cry and do not have a clue how to respond.

Our nation does not have second class citizens. An American is a person with a shared set of ideals and values embodied in our founding documents. Thus one there is a wide difference between myself and Mr. B but we both respect the founding principles and respecting the give and take is within our traditions.

Communists typically describe themselves as "citizens of the planet". Their dogmatic replies and mania about nationalism are not American in spirit. Thus someone like the Duck may be born here but he wants to alter this country into EU#2. He has no respect for our traditions or the actual views of the people. In his opinion all of you are living a false consciousness because you reject his faith.

With these notes in hand, watching the exchanges between the Marxist Duck and a Nationalist liberal make more sense. Also remember that when I am discussing issues with Mr. Beamish, AOW or Warren on the right it is a different conversation.

Every Now and Then The Duck Reminds Us Of His Warped Values

The Duck has finally found a celebrity he would like to shut up. Now the Duck is quite critical of my boycotting films because of the presence of outspoken leftists such as Sean Penn, Vanessa Redgrave and Michael Moore. In general the Duck seems to think that outspoken morons who are
not paid to be pundits have a duty to remind all of us that they are political morons.

The Duck has found an athlete he would like to shut up. Did this athlete rape a woman or misbehave in a topless bar? Did this athlete do narcotics or abuse steroids? Did this athlete father a string of kids all over the country? No..

Meet Tim Tebow, an excellent role model, college QB and prospective NFL player. Tebow is an outspoken Christian who takes his religion seriously. He loves and respects his mother who was a gasp missionary dedicated to helping people without Marxist malfeasance. Tebow was home schooled by his mother. His mother was ill during pregnancy and doctors advised her to abort the child to save her life. The child grew up to be a star QB and an even better role model. He addresses all of his coaches naturally with a yes sir.

I do not know if he will be a star QB in the NFL. However, if you are Jacksonville or Buffalo and selling tickets is a problem and you need a QB I would draft him in a second. He is coach-able and willing to learn and unlike Jamarcus Russel has a solid work ethic. He will be an asset to whatever community he goes to. Bad news for the Duck is that Bill Belechik of the New England Patriots is a fan of Tebow and has multiple opportunities in the second round to draft him as a successor to Tom Brady. Tebow unlike Brady, will never end up in the tabloids for gallivanting with actresses and models. The Duck would then have to root against the Patriots as Tebow would just be too much for the Marxist Duck.

The Duck was having a field day because Tebow scored relatively low for a QB on his intelligence test. The Duck forgets that Tebow's score exceeds the general population. It is a safe bet to say he is smarter then Shaun Penn who can't string a sentence together. We now for a fact he is more educated than Barbara "barely got out of high school" Streisand. He is saner than the late Harold Pinter.

No matter what happens in his career Tebow is a winner. After football, he will likely marry have kids and be the next Merlin Olsen.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Discussing Music

I am amused by the conversation going on at other blogs with the Duck about music. The Duck has a disdain for Heavy Metal. I have been known to listen to AC DC while driving on the road.

One of the great pleasures I have at work is listening to Music while off calendar. I used to listen to
Pink Floyd but this became passe in my office. That group is listened to by a cross section of late 50's to early 20's. I played some Blondie, but she is very much beloved in NYC by a similar cross section. Oddly, my office is near the best music store in NYC. One of my best pleasures is picking up a compilation tape and hearing songs that were forgotten over the years.

Over the years I have started to like the Ventures. Most casual music lovers in the states know this group from the classic TV theme of Hawaii 5-0 and Walk Don't Run. They should have special appeal to our audience members whose first language is not English and are huge in Japan for that reason. They made wonderful instrumental versions of other groups classics notably Wipeout, Telstar and Apache.

It is a great pleasure to listen to forgotten music like the Bumble Boogie or Beatnik Fly on compilation records. Sometimes the whole album stinks like the Instrumental collection of the 70's. Other times I find I like one or two songs like Mr. Moto and the Lonenly Surfer. Almost all of these songs are on You Tube. I have yet to find a compilation album with the Raunchy Twist,
but it is probably out there.

I was pleasantly surprised at how the young Kids still like Alan Sherman. I am sure the Duck probably has RAT FINK somewhere as Commies venerate this term.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pop Culture and NYC

NYC has been the back drop for many classic TV shows. This NYC Native will list his ten favorites.

1) The Odd Couple
2) All in the Family
3) Kojak
4) McCloud
5) Welcome Back Kotter
6) Barney Miller
7) The Honeymooners
9) Bewitched
10) Just Shoot Me

Rethinking American history

The more I read about colonial history the more I am convinced that our fashionable cartoon versions are out of date. For years the narrative has fluctuated between the super patriot myth
and the Marxist born in sin cartoon.

I want to point out that there were real crimes committed against Indians in the founding of the country. However, the Indians were not proto hippie commies who lived in ways similar to Mazzola commercials. Like us they had their own issues and were capable of crimes against weaker tribes.This is not intended as justification of the crimes, but to view events in a more realistic light.

Native Americans societies acted in their own interests. The Algonquin had their French Allies led by Champlain attack their enemies. The Iroquois attacked smaller tribes and wiped out a few. The Oneida took in the Tuscarora refugees. The Mohawks and Joseph Brandt were ties to the Crown by both family and financial ties. Both sides committed atrocities against each other.

The true history is of people with motives and tribes acting in their own interests. The colonials and the Native Americans were more like us than we presume.

Clinton warns of the creation of right wing terrorists

I am quite amused and perplexed by Bill Clintoon's concern that the Tea Party protests could foster the growth of terrorists.

There are a bunch of losers and freaks who talk about revolution in America as the answer to all of societies problems. They are more doctrinaire and fundamentalist than the folks who watch the 700 club whom they mock and their Muslim allies. Their statements are virtually indistinguishable from Nazi type of bigotry.

The government seems oblivious to hate when it is expressed at so called peace protests or in tax payer supported Universities so long as it is sanctioned by Marx or Jihad. Of course Clinton is not honest about the true source of 90% of the world's terrorism. However, he did have a rare good moment when he told off a 9-11 truther in uncharacteristically direct terms. Of course Clinton has not deduced with rare exception truthers are from the far left and those who are not
merely ape the rhetoric about Jews from far left sources.

Clinton was a lousy President. However, unlike Obama he was clever enough to know how far to push the envelope to the left. Obama is clearly clueless and those who wish him ill should consider that Joe Biden would even be worse. We would be stuck with a series of Obama mythology that would be on a par with the JFK mythology. The midterm election will send a message, but will Obama listen.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Russia is right

Actually, I would like to see more countries ban international adoptions. There are two types of adoptions. For the most part there are the orphan adoptions. These cases are very regulated and are usually real orphans going to deserving families. The process is long and costly and should be so. For the most part these are real families and genuine adoptions. Countries should do a much better job of regulating this area. Children do not come with warranties or a fresh leather smell.

The other type of adoption is almost always done by relatives to skirt immigration law. This should be discouraged unless the family can establish some compelling reason. This reason should have nothing to do with country conditions with the rare exception of persecuted religious or ethnic minorities. The excuse that conditions in country x by itself is not sufficient explanation.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The NYT discovers who the Tea Party Protesters Are

Of course had the folks at the NYT been at an actual protest the fact that the participants are more educated and wealthier than the general public would have been self evident.

Onto the poll itself the NYT tries to inject race into the story. Of course when the economy is in the toilet Black Americans suffer just as much if not more than the rest of us. The NYT also ignores the impact of regressive taxation like the beverage tax which is a direct assault by Marxists on poor families.

The rest of us who have been at actual Tea Party events knew this information.

Perhaps the NYT will ask Peace Protesters the following questions

1) How many times have you been arrested
2) Are you a communist, marxist, anarchist, green, jihadi or generic Jew hater?
3) When was the last time you did illegal drugs, had a shower or were gainfully employed?
4) Do you think a cabal of Jews blew up the WTC, runs the media and or the government?
5) Do you support Hugo Chavez?

Of course the criminal activity and obsessive Jew hatred at so called peace protests is readily apparent to people who have witnessed these events. Many of the participants actually do sound like "Bill & Ted" gone psychotic.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Arrogance from Albany

The ethically challenged Gov. of NY State has passed a beverage tax. Not satisfied with high alcohol, tobacco and energy taxes the far left Dems want to rob working families under the guise of curbing obesity. The most disgusting part of this diabolical plan is the plan to tax powdered drinks.
Is this idiotic out of touch political hack so clueless as to not be able to grasp that very poor people
use Tang, Ice Tea mixes and so forth to stretch limited food budgets.

The real solution is for all state employees making over 70,000 a year to get a 5% pay cut. The problem is not revenue it is expenditures. Also if certain departments are understaffed there should be immediate hires. Paying policemen and other law enforcement officers absurd amounts for overtime needs to end.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

America's Favorite Frenchman

The book I am reading is Forgotten Allies. It discusses the role of the Oneida Indians in the American Revolution. I am familiar with the Battle of Oriskany from reading a few books on the subject. Amazingly, according to the author 12% of the Colonial forces were Onieda Indians. While the large contingent of indians fought for Brandt under St. Ledger the contributions of the Onieda
seem to be downplayed in accounts of these campaigns.

The book starts with President Monroe hosting the last surviving American Revolutionary War General Lafayette. America did lavish a large sum of money on Lafayette and he named his son after George Washington.

The story starts with Lafayette on Tour of America greeted by an adoring nation. Lafayette stops in Oriskany NY to be greeted by crowds. The general is greeted by a few veterans that he recognized. However, Lafayette asks where are the Oneida. The requests stuns the locals and asks to meet with the Oneida. The locals find a handful of Oneidas in the area. Lafayette remembers two of them on sight Blatcop Tonyentagoyon and Henry Cornelius. He granted the Oneidas something he granted nobody else a private audience. The Oneida told them how they had lost much of their land and could not even hold a great hunt. Many were moving to Wisconsin. The Oneida had a special name for Lafayette Keyewalla or Great Warrior.

Over the next few days I will be discussing some of the material about the Oneida and the American Revolution. In an ideal world European Settlers kill each other and leave Indians in peace unfortunately this does not happen.

The rest is history.

Lack of manners

I usually do not stoop to deal with the type of comments offered up by Mark Winters. Regular readers know that I am not a TSA officer. I have friends who do that job. Of course long term readers know where "Officer Blowhard" works. Then again we have not heard what type of vocation Winters works. We do know that at various times Yeagley was an educator and social worker.

I am a mainstream NYC style Republican. My politics lean more towards Rudy than the current Mayor but either is more capable than Obama. The John Birch Society is a fringe movement that more mainstream types like William F Buckley had little time or interest in.

Onto the Cold War, my position is relenting and unyielding opposition to Marxism. Unlike Yeagley I do not work with or associate with Commies when expedient. There is no wavering in my stance unlike Yeagley who seems quite absurd as a born again Cold Warrior who frequently will work with AIM when it is expedient. Sorry, but any reading of this blog is quite clear on that subject.

On a larger note. We respect the loyalty you have for Yeagley. However, each of us have decided
to walk away for our own reasons. I can not talk for anyone other than myself. Yeagley knows where I can be found and has acceded to my wishes to promote my own vision. My request when I departed was for no further contact.

I will talk only of my own experiences. I did not nor would I ever sign onto any type of racialist hate site. I too granted and argued with Yeagley about the differences between attempting to preserve a culture and racial purity. I really did not read much beyond the Jewish sections and Heat. I would read the brilliant posts of the Editrix, Amil, Kidst, Mac and many others. Over time I noticed some nasty comments about race by Yeagley. I took his spin, but in light of the constant Obama as a Negro bit this became too much.

I tried to have an honest discussion with Yeagley about what being an American is all about. Each and every time the topic was brought up his rabid developmentally disabled mongrel Batty Ann would veer into an attack, Ray Friggon would wax off about conspiracy of the week and Yeagley would avoid the subject. It has become abundantly clear that his vision and mine are vastly different.

Now I have many friends with whom I disagree on many subjects. However, I will not debase myself and continue to be associated with a site whose racial commentary is vulgar and offensive to my view of Patriotism. If you like I encourage you to ask the Editrix, Mac, Ray, Gator, CM, TMW and Warren why they left Bad Eagle. Yeagley has no interest in the subject and has moved on and so should the rest of us.

If you wish to walk with Yeagley that is your choice. I respect your choice, but it is one that is not
for me.

Officer Blowhard left a higher paying job to serve the American people after a series of close encounters with death at the WTC. It was not enough to be a number on a ledger sheet. I was too old to go to Iraq and I wanted to change lives. I signed on to work with DHS. My job requires an oath to uphold the Constitution which I readily took even though I could have affirmed for religious reasons. My job is to serve the American people and this includes people of all races, religions and national origins. In doing my job I have to display the correct respect for people who are different. One must perform the task at hand while dealing with cultural issues respectfully. The notion that I would ever treat people adversely due to race, religion and so forth is abhorrent to Officer blowhard.

Officer Blowhard is a Native NYC resident and has lived there most of his life. As a fairly normal NYC resident he is adept and appreciates other cultures. He has had serious romances with women who were not from his culture and lives a very ordinary life. In NYC one lives and comes
into contact with a variety of people. This is not the case of some NYC types like Rav Roov who is more traditional. However, Rav Roov interacts and appreciates people from other cultures. He is sophisticated enough not to pass judgment on others while being faithful to his religious principles.

The choice of any person to stay or go at Bad Eagle is entirely up to their own personal convictions. As much as I respect the Editrix, my choice to leave was when I could no longer look at the really hateful comments and disdain for the American ideals and justify my continued presence. If you do not make similar observations we respect that. If over time you see it my way it would not shock me. Some of us took longer to notice but have left for similar reasons.

Officer Blowhard writes about many subjects. He would kindly appreciate it if you would leave the subject of Yeagley to posts dedicated to such topics like this one. I really do not wish to discuss this subject on other threads.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Benedict Arnold Revisited

For those of us that are familiar with this subject feel free to skip this post.

Benedict Arnold was perhaps the most capable military leader of the American Revolution. He was
very much an outsider and despite all of his brilliant achievements a clique of lesser talents seem to get all of the promotions and credit.

While his treason remains a fact so does the brilliant achievements. There might not have been a successful revolution without the efforts of Benedict Arnold. The time has come to take a more balanced look at his record in total. He did do the wrong thing, but we can not dismiss his achievements.

Simply Arnold stormed Fort Ticonderoga with the help of the Green Mountain Boys. Some of the Canons there end up breaking the siege of Boston. Arnold recognized the strategic value of the Champlain Corridor. He then leads a spectacular march across the wilds of Maine. One can fault him somewhat on the planning. Many of his men die or are weaken to where they can not fight.
They come much closer to taking Quebec than is commonly assumed.

The Brittish have to get the Colonialists out of Canada and spend time and effort there rather than in Boston. The Colonists gather strength and supplies and build armies. Arnold creates a mini Navy on Lake Champlain and thwarts a naval invasion down lake Champlain.

The next year Arnold relieves Fort Stanwix with some rather creative use of the mentally ill Hons Yost Schuyler. He rushes back to Saratoga and leads the toops getting wounded again in the pivotal battle of Saratoga.

Oddly Arnold's efforts impress the French who aid the Colonials. This is not exactly what Arnold desired. He isn't given proper credit or compensation. Some blame his much younger loyalist wife for the treason that followed.

I would like to think the tales of him regretting his treason on his death bed are true.

For those of you who prefer to read historical novels. He does make a brief appearance in Drums Along the Mohawk. If you can acquire the version with the literature professor's notes before and after they are well worth the extra money. I am trying to track down a more direct version in the Historical Novels of Kenneth Roberts. He is a portrayed in three books.

Been A Good Sport but now annoyed

Winters, I have defended our friendship. This is not Bad Eagle East Coast. Yeagley is a big boy and if he wanted to tangle with me I am not hiding. He was a former friend who failed his readers and his friends.

I don't know about you but I never signed onto a racial hate site. Had Yeagley been honest about his racial animus instead of hiding behind mock patriotism I might be more forgiving. I thought I was signing onto a Conservative site, not Stormfront lite.

While Yeagley can dismiss some dissent from non- Americans and that of the Communist Duck he loses in any tangle with me. Unlike Yeagley, who works with Communists when expedient I make their lives miserable. Unlike Yeagley I am trained in law and serve my country as an officer.

I am sorry for some of the sentiments said about Kidst, Amil and yourself as I consider all to be friends. That being said there is no rationalization for continued defense of Yeagley.

The way I see it is simple

1) He is a fake patriot and Christian
2) He is a racial arsonist
3) He is fairly homophobic
4) He is in no definition Conservative
5) He quotes books and articles he sometimes does not bother to read.

Those are the thoughts of an American patriot about a man I consider a disgrace. My thoughts were not influenced by the Editrix, Mac, Ray or anyone else.

Bad Eagle was a great idea. Unfortunately David Yeagley is a pathetic hate filled man who is deeply disturbed and not particularly bright. I don't know about you, but those of us who believed in the marketing of the idea have every right to be upset.

You want to post this rant on BE, be my guest.

The subject is closed.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Through a howling wilderness

This is a brilliant but short book. I describes a part of American History not often discussed in any lengths in our textbooks.

Benedict Arnold whose name is synonymous with treason is a complex person. He certainly was a man of great courage and charisma. Oddly he is everywhere mostly producing dramatic victories at Ticonderoga, Saratoga and after the Battle of Oriskany in the relief of Ft Stanwix.

Arnold had a brilliant idea. The problems were many. The landscape and timing of his invasion were not to his advantage. The route was unknown and Arnold did not rely upon Indian guides who could have gotten him through in one piece. The scouts that he selected hated Indians. Logistically the route was a nightmare. Even with space age plastic boats and more efficient foodstuffs this route would vex travelers today even with maps.

Arnold's treason should be tempered by his real feats. I too would like to believe in the tale that on his death bed he sought forgiveness for his treason.

The real face of treason should be Rosenbergs, Bill Ayers and Gomer Kerry. Unlike Arnold they
were neither brave and contributed zero to America while aiding a hostile foreign ideology.

At a certain point we will be discussing the Oneida and more of the self serving clown Trotsky who life of stupidity and criminality has been turned into a cartoon by his clown like disciples.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The idiotic Duck

I was quite amused by the moronic water fowl's comment to the Editrix that I see everything through the prism of Israel. Of course saying this to a Jewish American is bigoted. He would never
make an absurd comment like this to Uptown Steve or posters from India.

The moronic Duck has yet to figure out that I am first and foremost a cold warrior. My relentless
opposition to Marxism in all its forms does not need a history lesson. I am also proud of the folks at Bababalu for their exposure of Marxist brutality and hypocrisy in Cuba and elsewhere.

The mindless Duck can not differentiate between a classic patriotic liberal and a Conservative. Mr. Beamish is your typical Conservative and I am somewhere more towards the center. While the Duck talks about workers he has not deduced that I am a union member and active in my union. My local fights for the rights of the workers and does what unions are supposed to do protect the rights of the workers and improve working conditions. Of course the Duck can lecture us about worker rights in Cuba or the Soviet Union or unions as adjuncts of a corrupt government.

The Duck is a walking example of the reflexive mindlessness of the left.

1) Cuba has great health care that placed AIDS patients in gulag lite, gays and political prisoners
in mental hospitals and practiced lobotomies long after it was abandoned in the West. One would wonder if some of the Duck's friends such as Ren availed themselves to socialized lobotomies.
2) Gitmo has better health care than Cuba and its prisoners can freely practice religion and read what they wish.
3) Cuba denied water to a political prisoner and tossed him into a freezing room to induce kidney
failure. Sorry, but this is more flagrant than panties on the heads of Muslims or water boarding.
4) Cuba houses cop killer Joanne Chesimard and other criminals.
5) Everyone in Cuba can read exactly what the government tells them to read.
6) The Duck talks about mafia prostitution in Cuba while ignoring his mostly Euro lefties flocking to Cuba and exploiting the locals. Prostitution is alive and well in Communist Cuba and its far left patrons are engaging in local Capitalism.
7) How long are commies going to blame Batista for the failed mess in Havana.
8) Cuban workers vote with their feet and leave and the only Americans who go the other way are criminals like convicted Communist Cop killer Chesimard.

The Duck supports a system that has in repeated applications maliciously starved people to death while railing about 50 kinds of Potato Chips think Utz with Crab seasoning. Gays are persecuted as policy in his sainted PA and communist countries.

Sorry but populist Jooo hatred does not qualify as original thought. Moreover, there are plenty of Hitler attacking Capitalism quotes on record. Nazis and Communists allied to divide Europe before Hitler turned on his Communist allies. The oft cited 20,000,000 dead includes 1,500,000
Jews that had zero to do with the Soviet War effort. Moreover this includes Hiwis and people who fought for the Nazis and were executed by Stalin. It is also not a virtue to get your own people killed by incompetence. Furthermore without Western aid the Soviets lose. Unlike the USA, UK and Germany they were incompetently fighting a single front war.

Who were the Hiwis and why did they fight for the Nazis has been reduced by some as simple Jooo haters. This does explain some cases, but the brutal crimes perpetrated by commies is responsible for the rest.

Nazism is a disgusting vile ideology. However, every single crime and criticism of Nazism is also applicable to Communism and to its corollary Islamo communism.

FYI Duncy when you talk of crimes committed by commies against Muslims you are in comedy mode. An apologist for a system that placed Muslims on cattle cars to Siberia to die talking about
Pseudostinians is comedic. If you think your 70% number is high try 90% of Jews killed in Poland and the Batic areas. Jews do not run around shooting school kids in the back or tossing seniors in wheel chairs off ocean liners.

The only good Marxism is that of the Marx Brothers. Chico Marx is greater philosopher than Karl. Get you tootsie fruitsie Ice Cream.

Friday, April 09, 2010

US Dennies Visas to Israeli Scientists

The idiotic Obama Administration has reached another low. The USA is now blocking Visas for Isreali Scientists working at Dimona seeking to further their education. The Obama administration
seems intent on catering to far leftists.

November is payback time.

Democrats who ran with Obama need to pay the price.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Bruce Springsteen

This is an excellent example of a leftist self centered boor who the media portrays as a man of the people.

In general artists should just perform their craft as beyond their trade they are normally dullards and imbeciles. More often like Harold Pinter their political views are laughable to the level of cartoon network fare.

I personally stopped listening to his music after the 41 shots idiocy. The police in a tragic accident while looking for a rapist shot an illegal African Immigrant who misunderstood the situation or knowingly disobeyed an order from law enforcement to stop and produce ID. The situation was a tragic accident, and no real critic in their right mind thinks NYPD officers have nothing better to do with their time than to shoot street vendors.

In his arrogance as a celebrity, he is less obnoxious than Streisand whose music causes me to leave a room. It used to be funny, but when I lived with a socialite she used to brag of my distant blood ties to the boorish simpleton.

Of course Spingsteen has campaigned for Obama and deludes himself that he has moral vision.
Obviously his exwife whom he cheated on with a far less attractive no talented back up singer
would disagree. Starting an affair with a subordinate would get the average folk canned at work.
He did marry this woman to his credit. However, he does not respect her either as he was named
in a divorce suit for cheating with another mans wife.

Sorry, but this is another example of the far left saying do as I say not as I do.

On a different note it is time for the government to close the door on big education's abuse of our immigration system. Many of these students do not even bother to show up at the school they were supposed to attend. Many of these schools are second rate language training programs.
We predicted that Obama would throw pork to his University Bolshevik constituency. However,
costs of higher education are every bit out of control as obscene health care costs.

Just stupid

You are a diplomat from Qatar and you have been caught smoking in the bathroom of a plane .

1) Ask for a beer and a copy of Playboy to go with your cigarette?
2) Apologize and resume flying
3) Blame Phillip Morris
4) Make a joke about shoe bombing.

If you answered 4 you are officially an idiot. This diplomat who is very low ranking should be tossed out of the country. Terrorism is no longer a laughing matter.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Commies want to ban coal

Of course with the latest mine accident commies like the Duck are all for pressing the buttons on restricting coal. Of course sane people want reasonable work place safety rules and pollution standards. This is not the goal of the Marxist left.

The goal of the Marxist left is to do anything to keep Oil Prices high and prop up Hugo. Hugo has persecuted all of the business and professional class so now it is a one trick pony.

The USA has abundant coal supplies and should utilize this resource. The technology to burn coal cleaner today exists. We get decent union jobs for Americans and less money for Narco Terrorists in Caracas and our friends the Saudis.

Now if communists looked at repeated deadly applications of their madness with the same level of scrutiny they want to subject the Coal Industry to they would have to ban themselves as inimical to human life.

Winters some basic rules

If you want to be Captain Spaulding or any other fictional person this is fine. However impersonating blogers like Mac or Dr Yeagley it ruins the integrity of the site. I appreciate satire and one liners with the best however there are limits.

Tiki Barber Low Life and Clown

Older readers who read this blog know I am a fan of the Giants. One player has managed to annoy the fans every time he is in the news. Tiki Barber played the media for fools with the great guy bit.
His fumbling problems cost the Giants two whole seasons. Jim Fassel's refusal to deal with the problem and mistreatment of Ron Dayne cost him his career.

Tiki would do his crying bit on the sidelines week after week. The media ate it up as he blamed everyone around him and claimed "I am trying". Week after week the media kept pushing the Tiki tears bit and the fans started to get sick of it.

Of course the new coach let Tiki know if the fumbling continued he was out. Tiki largely solved the problems and had much better season. He responded to his coach by announcing he was retired in the middle of the season creating a distraction. He then joined the media and stabbed his former coach and QB in the back. Of course once this disgrace was gone the Giants won the Superbowl.

The fans have not forgiven him. He was loudly booed in a recent appearance in Giants Stadium.
His media pals did the poor Tiki bit. Instead he should have apologized for acting like a jerk to those fans. His media career died as America found out what Giant fans knew earlier Tiki is a self centered jerk. He is not charming like Michael Strahan or modest like Phil Simms or Merlin Olsen. He isn't even particularly knowledgeable like Chris Collinsworth, Dan Dierdorf or Ron Jaworski. About the only thing nice we can say is he is more eloquent than Troy Aikman who needs to get off TV.

Tiki abandoned his model wife while she was eight months pregnant for a skank that does not even look as good as his wife. He is lower than John Edwards and really needs to disappear. Tiki
being Tiki will cry and blame everyone else and his media buddies will try to put some spin on this.

Been there done that.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Taking a break from the political to discuss other topics

I will be continuing to discuss Through the Howling Wilderness over the next few days. I also will be discussing the history of the Oneida and the shameful way America treated its allies. I have read
several accounts of the Battle of Oriskany. Most of them deal with the Oneidas tangentially. They were key participants in the battle.

I will be doing some posts on Forgotten Allies by Glatthaar and Martin at some point. I will also be picking up the biography of Joseph Brandt and a book or two on the French and Indian War.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Amazing but Short Book

Through a Howling Wilderness is a short brisk journey into Benedict Arnold's invasion of Canada via Maine. Arnold was a man of brilliance and courage who unfortunately betrayed his country. In this day and age he would probably run for Senator in MA where this seems to have helped Gomer

The march through Maine is part of my readings on Maine history. I plan on traveling the route of
Arnold along the Kennebec River into Quebec City and the Plains of Abraham where the fate of Canada was decided.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Call Of Spring

I still have the call of spring in my blood from my time in Northern Vermont. On the first week of spring one takes their car out early into the morning into the unknown. I gather my LT jersey and a box of CDS and hit the road. The car drifts seamlessly across the landscape as exotic scenery passes by.

I can not grasp why but the urge to do this again has hit me strongly. Unfortunately, my nephew needs my car and I will have to settle for less. It has been five years since I went on vacation and my spirit could use some R&R.

I was planning to see route 210 in Maine, but by the time my nephew's classes are over it will be tourist season. I understand the economy is tough and he needs my car more than I do. I miss the days of taking out the car across the North seeking the unknown.

My passport should be there by then but the moment will have passed. It is more important to be a good relative. I will have to settle for adventure closer to home. I will be joining the Guyanese Church trip to Atlantic City. However, that is not exactly my type of fun as I enjoyed the old Atlantic City better. I miss the huge planters Peanut Shop and the amusement arcade and small aquariums.

Speaking of Uganda

I find it hard to believe people are still practicing human sacrafice in this day and age. In general the AP is fairly reliable. Of course the University Marxists seldom criticize anything other than Israel or America. If you get into any discussion of slavery in Africa you get long winded rationalizations that it is somehow different from slavery elsewhere.

It is hard to believe that these practices still exist.


Militia Leader was a Ron Paul fan. Those of you familiar with the presence of 9-11 Truthers supporting Paul need no further reading.

The militia kooks were more Bill Ayers than Bill Ayers. Maybe Ayers will reach out to them and offer to convert them to Communism. Maybe these militia men should apply for jobs as professors in Berkley or DePaul.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Rowan Williams Clown

The never ending antics of the Marxist Clown Rowan Williams have come full circle. In a Church split by his dogmatic attachment to Marxism he questions if the Catholic Church has lost its authority due to the pedophilia scandals.

There was a problem in the Catholic Church. It was inexcusable, but being dealt with. One can readily find similar stories of abuse by public school teachers. However, the feeding frenzy in the media is absurd. The Church does great work for millions and is a credit to the community. I am amazed at the brilliant and dedicated work that goes on each and every day in my community.
Perhaps caring for the poor and troubled and providing some excellent legal services is lost on media Marxists.

Rowan Williams has suddenly gotten around to the plight of persecuted Christians. Of course he does not get around to explaining who is doing the persecution and why. If Christians are being persecuted in Egypt and Nigeria who is doing it? Perhaps it is martians??? Williams also should be asked why his peers are supportive of a movement that has historically persecuted Christians. What did Williams say or do for persecuted Christians in Cuba, China and the Soviet Union?

Williams is and always will be a Marxist Clown who is a disgrace to his Church. Perhaps Williams should dedicate himself to his actual Church instead of making a series of idiotic political statements that are often on a par with the worst of Hugo Chavez. If he were not Marxist he would be as lampooned as Pat Robertson. What ever ails Pat Robertson is not attributable to adding a genocidal manifesto to scripture.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Experts on America Not

I am quite amused at the antics of the so called experts on America at Harry's Place. It is abundantly clear that David T is at times off his rocker on certain subjects. He vastly overestimates his knowledge of America and at times is comedic.

There are those in Europe who feign to be experts in America. They read the NYT and make a few visits to NYC, Disney and LA and attend a few cocktail parties with the arts and croissant crowd and that is the extent of their knowledge.

In general the rants of these so called experts merely parrot our Europhile far left. This group tends to be a very small percentage of our population. It does not nor has ever represented the spirit of our country.

I do live in NYC and want to point out that the Editrix is largely correct that the issue with rude tourists is a matter of class. In my 43 years of life in a tourist center I have never encountered
a rude Japanese or Korean tourists. They ask questions and I am more than happy to direct them with a smile. In general most of the tourists are okay with the exception of some very boorish Europeans who are of the mindset of David T.

I spent three years in VT and was beloved by the locals. I never criticized the local culture or expressed an opinion on local Vermont issues. My point was that Vermonters themselves should decide their local concerns without nosy NYC types mixing in. I respected the local traditions of hunting, fishing, skiing and boating even though I rarely took part in any. I visited the local fairs and was a good sport if humor was directed my way. I do not claim to be an expert on VT, but enjoyed myself thoroughly.

I will contrast this with the highly obnoxious Euros that come to NYC. They come in and lecture
the locals about our elected leaders and local politics. I am sorry if you do not like Bush or our foreign policy, but we didn't ask for your opinion. To be blunt I really do not care who your leaders or policies are, nor do I care to visit your countries. I would rather see parts of my own
country that is much larger than your country. If I did visit, I certainly would show more manners than to start badgering the locals about their elected leaders, local media or foreign policy. The worst offenders far and away are foreign journalists.

As usual David T starts off with his latest rant about the Tea Party movement. He points out the irony of leaders of the movement being unemployed. He repeats familiar cliches about the Tea Party movement. One could and should ask similar questions about members of Code Pink, ANSWER and UPJ that seem to Jet set with no discernible employment and behave like a cross between Grateful Dead Fans and Neonazis. One could also add in plenty about taking grooming tips from homeless people. These quips are not based upon the NYT, but upon personal observation.

As for these arrogant remarks plenty of good people find themselves out of work. They do not want handouts or health care. They want jobs and they see an arrogant administration with a 24/7 mania about a health care program the American people do not want. They want the government to create policies that will foster job growth. Those that are unemployed include many people who were at jobs for more than a decade of all political leanings. The message of the Tea Party movement is get back to our basic traditions, smaller government, sane taxation and promote job growth.

David T's cohort Gene points out that the Obama stimulus plan saved jobs. This is a debatable
contention and folks like Mr. B would point out the pork and waste were not as advertised. How
this plan made matters better is a matter of speculation and conjecture. What is known is that the American people are growing increasingly angry and frustrated with Obama and find him arrogant and out of touch. Whether, it is fair to blame him for the mess is a different story. The American people in poll after poll are starting to react negatively. Of course David T repeats the NYT cliche about an inept candidate in MA. John Corzine in NJ was certainly not inept and well funded and was burned by Obama and the economy. The facts are independents and Regan Democrats are walking away from Obama.

I pointed out that the peace protests do resemble Nuremberg style rallies. Truthers, Conspiracy Kooks, Commies and antisemites are noticeable in seconds. One has to look hard to find similar types at a Tea Party event. I actually did go looking for such types at a huge DC rally and couldn't find them. I asked him how many Tea Party events in the USA has he personally gone to. The response was predictable in that he accused me of getting all my news from FOX. This is a worn cliche and in my case amusing as I get my news from Google News. I seldom watch TV
or have time to listen to talk radio. I have in the past, but commute in NYC and it is not cool to listen to talk radio on a head set on the bus home.

Unlike David T I have attended plenty of Tea Party events and plenty of Nuremberg style so called "peace protests". A simple look at the brilliant blog of friend Urban Infidel shows what is obvious upon any actual attendance of Tea Party events and so called "Peace Protests". Why would I need Fox News to tell me what any NYC type who has witnessed these events could describe in seconds.

David T is also a self described expert in our talk radio shows. How he managed to gain this expertise without bothering to listen to the shows over an extended period of time is unknown.
He might also be an expert on books he hasn't bothered to read as well and do some amusing card tricks to entertain guests. Three Card Monty would qualify as a job skill in this dreadful economy albeit an illegal one.

Another commenter posted links to pictures clearly pointing out deranged antisemitic peace protesters with hateful signs. He made a quip about guns and the alleged racial and homophobic epithets hurled at some very ethically challenged members of congress. Of course CNN reported the story, but no video footage was released in a town with more cameras than Dubai. Even if these episodes did occur they would be regrettable but no worse than the General Betrayus, Bush= Hitler, Antisemitic smears aimed at Joe Lieberman and so forth that we see with exponentially greater frequency from the far left.

David T seems to believe some anecdotes about Tea Party members with guns. I never saw any except for those on the law enforcement officers. If this was a reference to the militia story it would seem that these clowns were imitating Bill Ayers, Chesimard and blathering incoherently about revolution like some familiar cafeteria commissars or bathroom Bolsheviks. To paraphrase Ashton Kutscher "Dude where is the Marxism"? I also pointed out a google search of protester arrested shows one minor story about people possibly linked to Tea Parties and multiple examples of leftists in their natural environment, jail.

The story gets more bizarre as David T sees a sinister racist plot to disenfranchise blacks by not granting DC statehood. A fellow blogger pointed out the historical context of how the Federal District was created. Perhaps David T is unfamiliar with James Madison, George Washington and our history. He should also be aware that many states pay in more taxes than they pay out.
Historically NY and NJ subsidize states like New Mexico. DC is not underfunded in any description. As for ascribing political motives to the Republican effort to block statehood, one can argue that a move to alter our traditions was a brazen attempt by the left to grab an extra three seats. Interestingly David points out that more people live in DC than Wyoming. However if we were to look at land many of the leftist NE states are over represented with no land mass. For the record I oppose altering our traditions to reduce the number of states.

David T was unable to even discern who he was dealing with. Contrary to popular opinion I am a traditional liberal. If you want to meet a Conservative I know and am friendly with plenty. We have zero patience for communists, anarchists, theocrats, truthers and racial hygiene nuts but that was the position of traditional Democrats up until the 70's.

While we do appreciate opinions from abroad it would be nice if folks like David T would make a minimal effort to familiarize himself with the subject matter.

That being said we do appreciate and respect his other posts. He is clearly a bright person who just too often takes the NYT as gospel.