Sunday, November 30, 2008


A few fellow officers joke about the careerism journeys we take. The most ambitious of us go around the globe to advance their careers. A friend with unlimited potential
decided to move to the Midwest with a girl from Vermont and build a life. We spoke of that Wanderlust that drives officers to go to every hot spot.

I volunteered for Katrina and was a candidate to go abroad. I sought to be on the front lines. I wasn't pulled by the career so much as for the sake of adventure. For me
it was another exciting chapter in a long book.

I have lost the need to be at the front and the pining for adventure. I have no need to
be larger than life moving from challenge to challenge. I am not John Wayne or any other archetype. I am a flesh and blood man and my place is near my beloved sunbeam and my family. Let the younger officers follow their wanderlust. True love is greater than wanderlust.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Terrorist pathology

We all live with the image of the last attack as the new model. What we know about terrorism is that they thrive on uncertainty. We can not predict their new modes, but we need to look at what it is.

Extremists of all type cheapen life. There is a reason that such horrible acts are produced by extremists. An extremist is a wasted soul who thinks he posses the key to
the ultimate knowledge. All things are disposable to serve the divine idea. Thus a Communists idea of socialist paradise or a jihadis 72 virgin pipe dream are the escapes from the present reality.

There has been a profound change in my life, it has altered my thinking. I used to think of these extremists as assaulting that which I love and law and order. Now with
the changes in my life I see these foul extremists assaulting humanity and the natural order of life. The natural order is for people to respect life and live for
the loving relationships of soul mates, children, parents, siblings. The natural order is to see the divine truth as an extension of love of life. Junglemom serves with her family as a celebration of a healthy expression of the divine truth. Her family serves the poor not for power but as a calling from the above. Many of our religious readers understand and live this calling.

I think of my relationship with Sunbeam and am reminded of the natural order. It is natural for couples to love each other. I can't even begin to appreciate the sacrafice of military families. There is no greater sacrafice than that of a military
family especially the spouse. There is no greater evil than the love of a mother who
celebrates her son's death.

What sort of sick twisted person needs 72 virgins? A virgin does not know what she is doing and this is an ego trip. It is an impractical teenage arrested development sex
fantasy. A man is only complete when a special person is there sharing his life.

What sort of person needs socialist utopia? A loser who thinks he will create paradise with the empty rhetoric of long dead fools. Utopia does not exist and it is a fools dream and the despots tool. The empty words are usually said by sick twisted
types who deceive in order to get power. When was the last time you heard a commie talk of healthy love of anything or a respect for life. Kulaks, class enemies are mere human cattle or acceptable losses en route to power.

There are times men who are well adjusted have to kill. Such men serve to protect their country they love to protect their families and yours. They do not serve for 72
virgins, they do not dream of utopia, they do not do it for the pay they serve out of duty and love of country. Their dreams are of returning home to loved ones.

We can not predict if the next attack will be like 9-11, Madrid, Bali and so forth. More than likely terrorists will test the new administration and we will get hit again. We need to respond quickly and decisively and never forget the difference between us and them.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Coming Attractions

I will be going to the book stores to purchase Stealth Jihad. I will try to do some reading and review the book at a future time.

The new person in my life will be referred to as sunbeam. She brings warmth and humanity into my life. I consider myself to be blessed and very lucky. She understands
the subtle art of being a woman and I listen to her wise consul. Suddenly, I want to use some of my vacation time to spend the day in her company.

I am going to try and call AOW's show as today's guest is Warren.

I am one of those people who is naturally funny without trying. Last week I interviewed
a family and had to send the wife upstairs to pay the penalty fee. I started the interview without her and got a phone call from the officer at the front desk that she had returned. I stopped the interview and said "Pardon me I have to pick up your wife".
The entire room burst into laughter at my expense.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pretending the problem doesn't exist

Part of our problem with understanding Islam is the monopoly of egghead policy wonks
and University clowns. All of the above are fed a diet of Marx, Marcuse, Fannon and Chomsky and their maleducation often leads to a Mickey Mouse version of what Islam is and its history.

The current mantra of blaming all the regions violence of Israel is laughable given the
nature of the regions problems. The Marxist types have a myopia when it comes to the history of Islam and its treatment of minorities. This cartoon vision is politically convenient for the promotion of the grand alliance of nihilistic power mad Marxist and their bug eyed crazed Jihadi allies.

The terror attack in Mumbai should come as no surprise to any of us. The crazed cowardly killers view human life as worthless and kill civilians by design.

You will see no apologies for such barbarism from Stephen Schwartz of the Center for Islamic Pluralism. Schwartz is a Sufi and an American Patriot and as such his viewpoints on the gratuitous waste of life would be the same as our own. Sufism in short is largely a mystical spiritual expression of Islam. It has more or less an internal debate about the larger questions of life and as such tends to be tolerant
towards other faiths.

There is no excuse for the terror in Mumbai.

Beakerkin reviews Australia

Word to the Duck. My boycott of Hollywood did not last long due to altered priorities.

Films are best reviewed when not in the company of a romantic interest. However, I did manage to observe enough of the film to say it was a decent film. Nicole Kidman is a total bore who is wooden and not very interesting. Her alleged love scenes are a labor to watch.

The film is very good despite hackneyed writing. The Wizard of Oz references were corny and cliche. The film does a wonderful job displaying the landscape of Australia. The standard cliches about the all wise aborigine and the evil colonists are there. The film does touch on the terrible treatment of the mixed race children that ended in 1973.

This is not a classic film in any description. It does manage to be enjoyable in spite of itself.

The rest of the evening went well. The company was magnificent and I am a very lucky
person. If the right person talks then you need to listen.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just when you thought......

Many of us stumble through the mundane tasks that make up our life. There is always the next task or challenge. We go through a series of obstacles ups downs fail and overcome. You change a series of unknowns into the known and been there and done that.

Suddenly, I am not tired anymore. A gentle breeze is behind me.

The tasks do not seem as vital and the chores do not seem endless. They are a means to an end, but not my life.

Take a few minutes and enjoy a sun beam.

We aren't here for ever.

Never be so certain that you know what is on the next page ........

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I want to talk of family, friends and lovers.

On Thanksgiving it is time to look about and around at all those who bring joy into our lives. Naturally, we look at our family and most of us should be thankful for them even if they are less than perfect. There are those without families and with truly dysfunctional families, so be easy on your own.

I am thankful to all of you out there. You are like an extended family and I enjoy the time we share together. I could not ask for a finer group of friends and consider myself lucky. To list all of you by name would be endless and most of you know who you are.

I talk lastly of those of us who are blessed with that special person in your life. They are not perfect but we love them as they are and sometimes in spite of who they are. The moments are never enough and they bring joy into our lives. In the end, it is this that makes days special. To that special person in my life I thank you more
than words can ever express.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Feeling Goooooooood

I am ready and fired up to go to work having apparently traded food poisoning for a more manageable head cold. Part of being an officer is answering the call of duty.

I do not look forward to going to work today as I expect some difficulties from the recent changes in my life. People will have to learn my priorities have changed and being a good friend does not mean servitude.

Midway through the day I should be the recipient of pouting followed by guilt. I would sooner take a two by four to the head than have a woman do the former. I am certain if Justin is reading this he is probably laughing me.

Do any of you other guys have to deal with this?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Around the NFL

The Giants played a decent game without Jacobs and Burress. A monster game by Hixon saved them. Don't look but Boss has more TD's than Shockey.

The Cowboys are back, but do not get to excited with a win over the Niners.The Chargers are dead and whoever hired Norv Turner should get a cyber wedgie. The Eagles are dead and Reid looks to be DOA.

Arizona may not be so bad in a bad weather game as assumed because it has big receivers. Tennessee looked over matched against the Jets.

Washington has corrected the ship. I look for Washington to play a similar version of the game played by Arizona against the Giants. Portis will be a big factor if he runs well the Redskins have a chance.

If I am Bill Cowher the following jobs will be open Det, StL, SD, KC, Phil, Sea, and Cin. I take San Diego as the easiest turnaround. Spagnulo likely gets his choice and may end up in Phil. If I am the Lions I do whatever it takes to land Schottenheimer.
He has multiple draft picks and builds a smash mouth team.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The human side of all of us

I was sitting in the office with some gung ho officers and I am not alone in my reluctance to drop the hammer. All of us walk this line at work as for the most part we are dealing with decent people chasing their dreams. Crushing those dreams is not something a human wishes or desires to do. Kicking out criminals is an entirely different matter for which I would even don steel toed boots.

Those of you I talk with off line know the new challenges that lie ahead. The joy of our days is the unknown that lurks around the corner. How I respond to these new developments remains unknown. Other than the nasty food poisoning I feel better than I have been in years. There is more to life than dedication to work, reading piles of never ending books and swatting Communists. A breath of fresh air has entered my life and it is far better than I deserve.

I would not expect the readers to see a gentler kinder Beakerkin. You may see some Beakerkin about the town posts as I will be spending more time enjoying life and less
time reading obscure titles.

The Hammer Drops

Obama has promised to create jobs by building infrastructure. The idea has limited viability because these trades often employ illegal aliens as subcontractors. Of course
we could get good jobs by drilling for oil in the USA but that would upset the green/red Obama base.

This sounds like more hot air and smoke.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Very Stupid

I take the job very seriously, perhaps too seriously. I use Friday to solve old cases and these families are counting on and expecting me.

I got sent to the aid station with 101. The blood pressure was excellent 111 over 70 but I am constantly thirsty. I am on liquids for the next 48 hours and confined to bed.

Those I talk with off line should be expecting some interesting developments.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Very Ill

Food poisoning

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obama improves NY

If Hillary accepts the position as Secretary of State NY will finally have two senators again. Hillary has done next to nothing for NY in the senate, other than promote herself. Hopefully they will sell the house in Chapaqua and leave NY. Hopefully, we will be spared another stunt like Barbara Striesand running for Senate.

It is best to keep your enemies where you can watch them.

Whoever is advising Obama is quite shrewd. This was a brilliant move as the Clintonistas were potentially dangerous foes.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Open Thread on Gays an interview for all readers of this blog who are not banned

I want to understand how the Average American feels about Gays. Perhaps my life as a New York City resident who spent time in the fashion industry has led me to a different
perspective. In my book it has always been a private matter of little or no consequence. I am puzzled at the extreme hatred of gays and of some gays for Christians
who see a more originalist view of sin.

I am going to try something new. I will do a ten question mass interview. I will answer
the questions first and would like readers to do the same. I request that communists with hold their comments until later, AFLAC.

1) Should gays be treated with dignity and respect barring other information?

2) Do you favor gay marriages?
No marriage is a religious term. I favor civil unions as a practical alternative.

3) Is homosexuality a private matter?

4) What does a persons sexual orientation say about them?
Not much

5) If your neighbor is gay how does it affect you?
It doesn't

6) Do some gays hate Christians?

7) Would you eat lunch in a public restaurant with a gay friend?
Yes. I have done so several times.

8) If you accidentally found yourself in a gay bar what would you do?
Probably finnish my beer and leave. This is unless the bar was playing Barbara Striesand, Abba or Bette Midler music and then I would run.

9) Do you feel that the mass media portrays gays in an almost missionary manner?
Yes. The Ellen show was a bore. The Will and Grace show had excellent writing with characters who happened to be gay. The show dealt with issues but didn't take itself to seriously. Will and Grace is the exception and the rest seems ham handed.

10) Would you listen to musicians that you knew were gay?
I have listened to Queen, but not the Village People. I don't care for disco music.

11) Would vote for a politician you knew was gay but you agreed with?

12) Do we make too big of an issue over a private matter?

Lets see your responses.

More NFL notes

The Giants demolished the Ravens and face a Arizona on the road. Warner is a great QB
but he does fumble when hit. The evil Cowboys won the game with defense. They have mortgaged their future on Roy Williams and the gap between the Giants and the Cowboys will grow greater. The Eagles hit rock bottom and need to think about next year.

The Jets will play the Titans next week. The three key performers will be Jenkins, Haynesworth and Farve. The Jets are quietly getting good play from their TE. The game will boil down to Farve vs Colins and Farve has a better supporting cast.

Turn out the lights in Detroit, KC, Oakland and St Louis. Sadly Edwards has some type of plan and given a year or two he would have built something special. The next coach will get credit for his sacrafice.

The Dophins have over achieved and have shown what superior coaching can do. Atlanta
is playing over its head but is improved.

The most under rated team is still Carolina.

Norv Turner, Wade Phillips and Del Rio need to face the Axe.

Onto MLB

No pitcher should ever get a contract longer than three years.

Prince Fielder gets traded to a big market club and makes himself hated.His father was loved by the media and fans until he left NY.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Temper Tantrums

There have been strong protests from the gay community over set backs on election day.These protest actually have a negative impact as the loudest most irresponsible voices usually play for the camera. It is very easy to throw a temper tantrum, but ultimately it gets one nowhere. Results are made by building bridges with responsible people, but the process is long and slow.

I am and will remain opposed to gay marriage. My opposition is based on the fact that marriage still remains a religious term. I favor civil unions as a practical solution to a fight that is pointless and inane.

Gays should be able to live with dignity. Needless fights over jargon do not suit anyone.

No doubt the bird brained Duck will be by with his standard rants. However, the actual record of communist countries on the subject of gay rights has been historically poor. Muslim countries have poor records in this area as well, but the bird brained poultry sees no evil.


In other news spineless Rowan Williams recently praised Marx. This should come as no surprise given his prior sophomoric statements on a variety of subjects. His leadership has been a disaster and a split in the Anglican Church looms on the horizon.

Jewish Role in the Armenian Genocide

It seems like the usual bigots have worked on overtime for this bit of insanity. The charge is that the young Turks namely Kemal Attaturk was a descendant of Shabetai Zvi.

The charge is baseless and in insult to people capable of coherent thought.

Do people blame the Chinese for the actions of Mao? Do people blame Georgians for the actions of Stalin?

The mental gymnastics of rabid anti Semites never ceases to amaze me.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Bolshevik Media CTD

Joe the plumber is and remains a private citizen whose life was placed under a microscope. As a private citizen publication about details of his life remain a crime.
Government information is only provided on an as need to know basis. This invasion of privacy needs to be addressed and the employees responsible terminated. I do believe the story of one such source who was directed by her boss to do a search.

While Joe the Plumber has had his entire life turned upside down we are left with scores of questions about Obama.

Where are his college transcripts? We have heard the left deride George Bush as a chimp but his grades indicate otherwise. In fact his grades were better than Gomer Kerry who is not ever abused in such a manner. Obviously comparing Obama to a chimp
would have odious racial over tones, so I will compare him to a house plant. If his grades were stellar he would have released them.

Where is Obama's birth certificate? This is not a major deal except that it is a prerequisite for the job. I am not one prone to conspiracies but as it is a job requirement it should have been presented.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Trying to placate the Clintons

Obama is working 24/7 to try and bring as many functional adults into his administration to reassure the markets. The Daily Konstipation crowd and the professional anti-semitic Marxist may get a Malley or two but that is it.

Obama knows that if he places Code Pinko clowns in public places they will be a cancer
and guarantee a one term disaster. The best Obama can do to survive is to blunt his Marxist roots and try to govern center left.

The Markets are buying this act. Stay tuned......

The New York junior varsity squad defeated the football team from the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts. Despite being coached by the greatest coach in the league there is but so much managerial excellence can cover up. Do not send out the funeral wreaths for the Patriots just yet.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dershowitz misses the mark

Alan Dershowitz does an excellent job in the case against Israel's enemies on most levels, but misses on one.

Dershowitz, correctly points out the difference between liberals who are on the map vs rabid radicals who are not.

Finkelstein, Chomsky and Lerner play a rather silly game for lucrative rewards. They are confirmed communists who play up their Jewishness to further communism by attempting to put a smiley face on classic anti-semitism. The religious roots of communism have been mentioned by others notably Toynbee. We do not consider Jews who convert to Islam or Christianity to be Jewish and communists in reality are members of a death cult.

Finkelstein pretends he is just an ordinary Jew with survivor parents. He does not inform his readers that he is a Maoist and as such considers histories greatest mass murderer a credible font of ideas. This fact makes any analysis laughable as anyone who ever venerated Mao is incapable of coherent thought. He plays up his parents bio for lucrative speaking fees while concealing his own bio.

Michael Lerner is not a Rabbi and knows nothing about Judaism. Hillary Clinton learned very quickly that he is a pariah in the Jewish community and distanced herself from him quickly. He is yet another Communist masquerading as a Jew while pretending he is a religious authority. He has no authority and is also a fervent communist who serves a death cult.

Noam Chomsky is not a scholar and even liberal Schlessinger nailed him on use of made up Truman quotes long ago. He also presents phantom US-Nazi alliances while ignoring
actual communist - Nazi alliances. He pretends to be an anarchist of some odd school
while merely serving to advance the death cult or obscure its record.

Dershowitz, walks around the margins but never spends the time to examine the realities of communism. He does point out the anti-semitism of Marx, but does not delve into its implications. Fealty to a death cult would call ones judgment into questions. Does communism have religious overtones and if so does it render people like Finkelstein into non Jews.

We have seen an apologist for Chairman Finkelstein do Linda Blair type contortions when confronting his saviors Maoism. The reality is such a fealty to a peverse idea renders anything produced by Finky into garbage.

Divided Country

Contrary to popular opinion the nation has never been as divided as it is now. The blathering Obamaists are quite vocal, but the discontent is greater than ever.

There are those who are in for a very serious rude awakening. Obama is an elitist and is quite the dullard. Leftist always overestimate the intelligence of their own and Obama is devoid of new ideas. He has gotten this far only by hiding who he is withthe aid of a complicit MSM. This will end very soon and each day will reveal yet another
campaign lie.

There are those who naively think that the hostility to Obama is racial. The hostility comes from the kid glove media treatment of a mediocre inexperienced dullard who never says much beyond hope and change.

Obama has no answers for America other than those that have been proven failures elsewhere.

His arrogance and poor judgment will become apparent to all.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bad Ideas

In the USA we already have civilian control of the military. The call for yet another
type of security by Obama harkens to Brown shirts or Cuban block patrols. The United States does not need another organization of jack booted clowns doing God Knows what.

There is talk of expanding a range of agencies. Big government is not the solution to
anything it is the problem. A government job for mindless ACORN clowns is perilously
close to a Cuban block patrol. I can just imagine some clowns from Code Pink trying to annoy Cuban Americans or Jews who support Israel. I might start wearing my steel toed boots for the first clown that tries to void my First Amendment rights.

There is the Obama apologist explanation that he meant enlarging Vista and the Peace Corps. In real parlance it means government jobs and power for unemployable radicals
out of ACORN, Code Pinko and every other freak group.

Is this the one of the so called "new ideas". These are not new ideas and they should be correctly termed "bad unAmerican ideas".

What America actually needs is DHS reform. There are way too many appeals and the system of endless motions and appeals needs to be ended. One appeal absent some misapplication of law or precedent should be sufficient. We also need to crack down on asylum fraud/abuse, phony adoptions and fake marriages.

The bait and switch games continues. Lobyists may now be on the transition team so long as they are not involved in the areas they worked. Next will come the tax increase on people making as little as 50,000. Do not believe the 250,000 number as like everything else with Obama it is a fraud.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dissent Types

I want to point out the difference in my dissent and the standard treason that the left passes about. My dissent is aimed at Obama and his allies in the MSM, unions and big academia. Unlike the far left drivel I remain a nationalist and one will see but one flag and one document by my side. My flag is still the American flag and the document is the Constitution.

The MSM has anointed a crypto Marxist because they were tired of getting flak on their visits from their Euro salon types. Obama is a Marxist replete with a communist mentor a crackpot racist communist pastor and he socializes with communist terrorist Bill Ayers. If he is not a Marxist and has practiced some form of reverse entryism he is not to be trusted.

We can wage this battle in standard mode. However, it is the time and place to fight against his green and big educational allies first.

Eliminate student loans for Social science majors. Demand overhaul of the liberal arts base and hiring reform. Lets drain the Marxist swamp of its feather bed jobs.

Lets keep up the fight to drill for oil everywhere. Repeated polls show 70% of America favor this position.

The media anointed messiah has no answers other than those that have failed elsewhere.

That Didn't Take Long

Rabid antiSemites have come up with a new term Zogbama. ZOG is a favorite acronym of bigots who refer to Zionist Occupied Government and combined with Obama created Zogbama.

True to form the Obama camp has sent a rabid anti semite with a communist lineage to Syria. Robert Malley has a proven record as a far left anti semite. Of course durring the Obama campaign we were told he would play no role in an Obama administration.

Never trust or turn your back on Obama. After one term of Obama meglomania some of us will think Bill Clinton is ethical and moral in comparison to the messiah.

There are only two worse words than President Obama and that is President Biden. Expect
a disproportionate showing as payback when Ted Kennedy dies. Obama is going to have to
repay Ted for knifing Hillary in the back.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Rape of the US Taxpayer Starts

The media is ignoring Obama's blatant caving to Green radicals over the carcass of the
US consumur. Repeated polls have indicated that Americans are in favor of expanding the areas where oil companies can drill. Obama plans a side run around procedure by executive fiat. We can not count on a global recession holding gas prices in check forever. Domestic oil production also creates good jobs for American families. Obama has just proven he cares more about the opinion of bug eyed treasonous anti American radicals than consumers or domestic job creation.

Those of you who live in PA or other coal producing areas should be concerned about the messiah's jihad on the coal industry. This is just another example of Obama just could care less about jobs for American families.

The media is in full apologist mode and is ignoring the rape of the tax payer. This recession is going to be prolonged by the malfeasance of Obama catering to bug eyed activists.

The open ballot for unions is an assault on freedom. I say this as a union member who
has always been pro union. The right to vote for a Union and union elections need to
be protected by the same respect for privacy that civil elections are given. Open elections are subject to coercion and payback and keep corruption in place. This is
exactly another type of payback for a minority interest at the expense of the consumer.

The messiah has made and will make no effort to control the ever increasing costs of higher education. The Bolshevik creation of academic gulags where no actual work is done and sham social science research is foisted on the public needs reform. The reforms should be aimed at lowering the cost and improving the quality of education.
However, this is another area where Obama caters to the interests of bug eyed radicals at the expense of US consumers.

"Send your kids to IIT instead of MIT and save money at get better quality and fire Chomsky who embodies mediocrity".

Obama will attempt to breathe life into the dying MSM. Look for the messiah to reimpose the fairness doctrine on talk radio and blogs. Newspapers die daily and it is largely a fight against father time. Classified ads are drying up and readers get
their news on line. Fairness to the messiah is a few egghead Bolsheviks all educated
at the same journalism school by Bolshevik professors ( including one who swears the Rosenberg Traitors are innocent) determining what you will read and see. Talk radio and the blogosphere is a practice of the First Amendment. Talk radio is also ratings driven and more interactive than the imperial MSM that marches to the tune of a few select Bolshiviks who are out of touch with America.

The Bolshevik traitors are screaming bloody murder over the Emmanuel appointment. Emmanuel is a Jooooooo who supports Israel but unfortunately will not be placed in an area that will blunt the deranged radical madness. Look for Carterite retreads and University radicals to be placed in those positions. Obama is clinging to hope that appointing moderates like Emmanuel who are on the map will reassure the markets.

I am making another lifestyle change. All big ticket items will be purchased at Walmart.

I do not miss the lesser networks. My sole concession to the boycott has been Football. There will be no other watching of non FOX programming.

Will the folks at FOX kindly do America a favor and fire Troy Aikman. He is almost bringing back memories of James Lofton. Perhaps his abuse of the laws of grammar was caused by serial concussions. Can someone dial the phone and find Matt Millen? I hear
he needs a job after wrecking the Detroit Lions. He was outstanding as an announcer
and should have remained in the booth.

A note to John Madden. Madison Hedgecock has been an excellent blocker since the Rams
stupidly cut him. Unfortunately, he seems to have developed stone hands and has dropped four in a row as a receiver. Kevin Boss already has developed into a better blocker than Shockey. He has four touchdowns to Shockey's zero and is getting comfortable as a reciever. It is no stretch to see him end the year with six touchdowns. That would be a decent year for most tight ends and better than Shockey in recent years. Madden is a quality broadcaster and above all entertaining.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Reminder of this blog's policy

We do not permit comments from those who do not sign their name. We do not permit comments from those who fail to reciprocate the privilege. The sole exception to that policy is Justin Morris we would allow him to comment in spite of his voyage all over the map.

This blog does not allow or endorse criminality of any kind. Criminal threats will not be posted here.

Those of you who are upset about the election of Barak Obama should heed these two words JOE BIDEN. Biden is far and away the second stupidest man in the Senate and Bernie Sanders had to work very hard to take that title away. We do not want to become
cartoons like the Bush haters.

Even the one across the hall hasn't deduced that Bush won the military vote by big margins twice.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

More Ayers stupidity

Communist lowlife terrorist Bill Ayers complains about being turned into a cartoon.
Obviously Ayers has not read his own biography or has read his own comments.

Ayers is upset that his criminal activity including treason has inspired some threats.
There is great irony in a person who called cops pigs and participated in attacks against police officers having to protect his worthless life.

True social justice in the case of Ayers would be his denaturalization and deportation
to North Korea. Let Kim Jong Ill waterboard the Little Lord Fautleroy Communist Terrorist Jerk.

Paranoid Antisemites in Linda Blair Mode

Hat Tip Sonia

On a lark I typed in Rahm Emmanuel and Zionist in the news section and then selected blogs. The paranoid idiot of Marx, Hitler and Jihadis are in Elmer Fudd over drive.

Obama is and has been surrounded by Marxists his entire life. If you think that he discovered Pastor Wright is an antisemite after 20 years dream on.

A Chief of staff will have zero impact on foreign policy.

The Future

The United States will survive the brain impaired failed ideas of Obama just as it survived Carter.

Obama is trying desperately to regain the confidence of the markets. He is looking to bring as many established moderates as possible. However, a lifetime of devotion to Marxist class warfare is not erased by a few key appointments.

Guard your wallets.

Obama dupes believe the $250,000 idea but it will be revealed as a fraud. The number will be closer to $100,000.

Obama is basically a media selected clown with failed ideas and new packaging. He will be unable to deliver and his policies will exacerbate the recession.

It is a mere matter of time before the Obama scandals eclipse those of the Clintons.
However, when those scandals arise it will be the Clintonistas looking for payback.

Friday, November 07, 2008

The simplicity of the Duck

The Duck pretends that the appointment of a token Jew obscures a life spent in a cliched Marxist fog. Obama has gotten this far by hiding who he really is with the help
of the Bolshevik MSM. He is far closer to Ayers than he advertises and his life is intertwined with communists.

There is no indication that the irresponsible Obama is capable of running anything. He will veer into street populist rhetoric when his economic policies fail.

My lifestyle changes in reaction to the Obama era

1 I will get my news exclusively from News Corp. I returned copies of the NYT and the Daily News given to me by coworkers who think I am kidding. Previously, I read as many as five newspapers a day.

2 I will not see any movies until Obama is out of office.

3 No donations to higher ed.

4 All new investments will be made in Indian companies.

5 I will be very selective with my book purchases.

6 No Broadway shows

A few token moderates does not eliminate decades of dances with Marxists.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

"Get your paws of my wallet you Marxist Bufoon"

I do understand the importance of this election to some African Americans. However, those who are deluded as to who the real Obama is and what impact he will have on America are going to learn quickly he is a genuine disaster.

I am a simple man who lives modestly and to a person such as myself it will change numbers in a few bank accounts and little else.

A euphoric woman a few doors down did not even consider that she will foot the bill for this insanity. "I do not make 2500000". However as a woman who does make my salary works 20 hours of OT a week with an NYPD husband she will be bringing back 1400000 minimum. I pointed out that she will be paying for this madness and most of it will go to pencil pushers.

I pointed to a nutty woman across the hall and translated this disaster in terms she could understand. You spend more than you earn and there will be even less money for trips to Bloomingdales.

In a way I am glad Obama won because the violence would have been real. Among the idiotic comments.

These are some of the select quotes.

" White people tried to divide us all" (This is why the Black vote is over 90% for lord Fauntleroy)

"Obama brought out alot of new people to vote" ( Some of them may have even been registered legally by ACORN )

" After 2016 Michelle Obama should run, She is more qualified than Hillary" (Based on what remains unknown)

" The white people tried to surpress the votes in Harlem and cut off cell phone reception just like 9-11". ( A few long lines and dropped calls and it is a conspiracy)

No doubt Obama will fail because he is an empty suit with rehashed bad ideas. There will be a long series of delusions about (the man whoever that is) sabotaging Obama because he is Black.

The time to get back as the MSM and accelerate their death is now. I do not watch TV
other than those shows on FOX. The sole exception is some Football games and that is about it. I have not gone to the movies in ages and will extend this boycott indefinitely. I am also no longer reading any newspapers other than those owned by News Corp. I was known to have read four and sometimes five papers on my commute but
that space will be taken up by books that are carefully selected.

There are those among us who are upset with yesterdays election. The failures of Carter did lead us to Reagan and the Obama failures will have a similar effect. Spread the wealth and class warfare does not produce jobs, it kills them and sends them abroad.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Not so bad.

The nation messed up big time last night. They will quickly learn that Obama is a man who has gotten by with connections and has zero substance. The only thing he has going for him is that Joe Biden would be even worse.

Who is Barak Obama

Barak Obama is a fraud. He claims to come from the heartland. This may be true if you were in a University Gulag, a big media company or your local communist front group. Obama wants you to believe that repeated appearances with Communist terrorist Bill Ayers and long term relationships with a Communist Anti Semitic crackpot Pastor are just part of regular life.

Obama is the product of Prep schools and the Ivies much like Gomer Kerry. Unlike Obama Kerry still had to earn his way in. There is a reason Obama has not released his grades and the reason is obvious. Also do remember studies that prove University Professors give higher grades to minority students for identical work.

Obama is the ultimate illustration of the foolishness of afirmative action. Obama is
the son of a Kenyan exchange student bigamist and alcoholic. His sole relation to slavery in America was that his mothers family owned some generations ago. This is not surprising but the questions of this policy run deeper. Many of the beneficiaries
are West Indian immigrants whose family was not enslaved in the USA. Other beneficiaries include African immigrants who may have had some family members abducted or on the selling end. The policy is flawed, unjust, divisive and often fails to help those it was intended to help.

We may never know if Obama benefited from these programs. He may have gotten in on merrit, but hiding his grades strongly hints otherwise.

Obama has gotten this far by hiding who he is. He hasn't done much or even said much
beyond droning on about hope and change. His Bolshevik allies in big media have spun
his fables and in the case of the LA Times with held evidence.

He will not be able to hide who he is and the easy victory will embolden his Marxist
mania. Some of his supporters are already into Kim Jong Ill or Hugo Chavez great leader messiah mode. Obama is an elitist whose egomania exceeds that of Bill Clinton.
Clinton was smart enough to understand that he could get elected by hiding who he was
but his early defeats over health care and gays in the military brought him back to reality. He spent his time after impeachment in survival mode. Obama will have a rubber stamp congress, but this will back fire in time.

The era of big media that is unresponsive to the bottom line is winding down. Every day newspaper readership drop as ads go on line. In the internet era news will be ratings and profit driven. The era of a few radicals in alphabet channels setting the agenda are over. Obama can't rescue big media as the long term trends are irreversible.

Obama's University Bolshevik allies might gloat and receive a few more grants for worthless scholarship. Even an article in yesterdays paper about record attendances at CUNY in NYC did not point to the real reason. Higher Ed is largely unaffordable and CUNY is a bargain. The media is quite fond of stories about 200 toilet seats in the military budget. The insane salaries paid to worthless scholars, nepotism and abuse of core curriculum requirements to provide jobs for Marxist hacks goes under the radar for now.

In a cash tight future the genuine prospect of outsourcing and on line alternatives
will change the Marxist strangle hold in higher ed. Universities will have to compete
with India and granting positions to Communist terrorists and spawn of NYC communist
leaders will be more closely scrutinized.

There is a saying a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged. We are all about
to get mugged with big unaccountable government that solves no problems. A liberal
Michael Bloomberg type can get results because he is a real leader with skills and
proven life experiences. Barak Obama is not Mike Bloomberg, nor is he fit to sit in his shadow on his best day.

Things will get better in time because when the economy gets worse and people see their tax bills rising media spin will not work. These things run in cycles and every move right or left has a balancing counteraction.

Of course there is the odd chance that Obama may have learned that Marxism doesn't work and is unpopular for good reason. However, given his egomania it is more probable that Linsay Lohan will have a fling with Mr. Beamish or Sonia will become
the spokesman for a clothing line.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Selling out New Yorkers

The recent spate of Stadium Building in NYC has left out an obvious part of the formula
the fan. I used to go to eight or nine Yankee games but the new prices are just too much.

The problem with sports is that they have forgotten their roots. I remember watching the games in the afternoon in the summer and remembering the names of the players and all their stats. It was a great day or night when the family would pack up and go as a group. The same trip to the stadium would cost as much as a small vacation today and the food isn't even good.

Across the river football fans are being gouged with seat licenses that are basically
prohibitive unless one own s a business. There will be many Giant fans who have had seats for generations across many stadiums who can not afford the new seats.

Giant fans are unique in that one may be a fan of the Giants and never see a game in person as the seats are sold out for generations. I will never get a chance to see a regular season game. However, this doesn't stop me from sympathizing with a fan whose family has been there for many decades and now can't afford the new seat licenses.

I am just amazed that even with the worlds second lousiest product and high prices people still pay it to see the Knicks. Maybe it is like watching a car wreck, but there are much better things to do than watch the Knicks such as watching pedestrians
try to doge homicidal cabbies.

A mess we can all share

We are about to elect a stealth candidate to office. The media has done a terrible job but ultimately the economy will have its revenge on the media. The era of the newspaper
is drawing to a close and every year more papers die.

The fragmentation of the new media via cable and the internet is a good thing. Obama will have a tougher time than Clinton because he lacks Clinton's skill and to be blunt
intelligence. Clinton was smart enough to toss the left a few scraps and govern from the center. Obama's intelligence is vastly over rated except when compared to Joe Biden. He has gotten through life based upon his ethnicity and his families ties to the very far left. He has never held a real job.

The question of detaching health insurance from work is actually not as bad as it seems. The reality is that rising health costs do saddle companies with an unfair handicap relative to their foreign competition. The solution should involve free enterprise and tax deductions for insurance. The new playing field should have one set of national rules, so that consumers have a wide variety of choices. The new system would avoid the onerous cycle of government hacks deciding who gets what.

We are about to elect a disastrous egomaniac into the White House. Change for the sake of change produced Jimmy Carter whose blunders we still deal with today. Once elected the stealth deceptions will end and the tyrannical nature of Obama will emerge. There will be a honeymoon period for three months, but he will be tested. Obama may surprise some of us and over react because he must. He is perceived as weak
and must react swiftly to a challenge likely from his friend Chavez.

We are likely entering into a time of deflation and it may not be so bad if you have
a secure job. If one is looking for work times will be rough. In times like these companies compete for fewer dollars with great deals.

America will survive the Obama mess. Obama will be a disaster as a President on a Carter scale.

Monday, November 03, 2008

The Reality

We are going to have to endure four years of an egomaniacal pretender. Obama is the
problem and not the solution to anything. Our nation has endured buffoons and bumblers such as Jimmy Peanut and the Clintoon years. What makes Obama dangerous is his meglomania and detachment from real lives. Obama has never worked a single hour on a real job and has been handed life on a silver platter.

Many of you out there assume that because Obama is biracial he has experienced rejection and discrimination. He might have been refused membership in a country club
but that is about all. He has gone to elite schools likely aided by his racial identity and his white families far left connections or a combination of both. Obama has not released his grades because the obvious questions would be asked.

Obama serves as a perfect example of why affirmative action is a terrible idea. Obama's sole relation to slavery in America is his mothers family owned some a few generations back.

The Obama cabinet will likely be full of University Bolsheviks who have never done a days work in a real job. His appointments will make Sandy Berger look competent by comparison.

There is a good outcome down the road, but that is four years away. When people see the bills for the imperial government and the job losses people will react just like
they did in 1980. Jimmy Carter was a lousy President with miserable ideas and was booted out in one term. Carter never thought he was God or had the insane egomania of Obama whose arrogance is greater than Clinton's.

Bill Clinton led a charmed life because those who chose to believe ignored the truth
behind a man who was basically a slacker. America will not be as lucky this time, but we have survived Carter, Civil Wars and worse than a second rate University Marxist is likely to cause.

Beamish and Beakerambo in 12.

PS Beakerambo is supposed to be making an appearance on celebrity death match against
Rosie ODonnel. Rosie has backed out claiming Beakerambo uses performance enhancing drugs.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Crime and Joe the Plumber

The invasion of privacy of Joe the Plumber is a serious crime that deserves criminal prosecution. Governmental access to private records is a serious matter and people are
deservedly fired for abusing their position to snoop. The government should prosecute those responsible for the invasion of privacy.

Acquiring governmental records is a serious matter and should only be done on an as need to know basis. In the offices where I worked unless dictated by procedure this is even done in consultation with a supervisor. Many times these requests are turned down
as there is a difference between probable cause and a fishing expedition.

Fishing person X is a Dallas Cowboy fan and that means he is proven to have bad taste.

Reasonable Cause: The accounts are inconsistent and a look at earlier versions of the same events may clarify the actual record or dictate a proper course of action.

Joe the Plumber had his privacy invaded by Bolshevik media clowns. He is and remains a private citizen. This disturbing trend was also clearly violated in the case of the release of the media records of Linda Tripp. We are also familiar with the Clintonian
abuses of FBI files of political opponents.

It is time that the existing laws of privacy were enforced. To paraphrase the fake victim husband of a non event Valerie Plame " I want to see a leftist media thug "frog marched" into the big house.

The First Amendment does not cover criminal acts such as invasion of privacy.