Friday, March 31, 2006

Murder of a Nation by Henry Morgenthau part 1

Americans tend to hold up Turkey as an example of a potential Muslim Democracy. The standard arguments fail to note that Turkey is an ethnically cleansed society that is 99% muslim. The Turks surpress and mistreat a large Kurdish population.

I found my copy by accident at a local book fair it is a short book around 130 pages.
The sad part is that there are those today who try to blame the Armenians for their own genocide.

Morgenthau describes the Turk's treatment of its Christian population in familiar Dhimmi terms. The Christian ( Not Just Armenian, Assyrian and Greek & Jew) are held outside the system due to arrogance. PC types like to praise the millet system but it was one of the aparthied features of life under Muslim rule. No doubt Anum or 167 will point out that Morgenthau was a Joooooo and his observations tainted by Zionist tendebcies.

Morgenthau describes the Turk as the most cowardly of people. The Turk in Morganthau's word are humble when being lorded over by Europe but reverts to form
when the boot is lifted. The Christian minority was mistreated and abused in ways that seem familiar to those that study the history of the Jews in the Pale of settlement. The treatment of the Christians in Turkey was actually worse because
there were no raids of girls for Harems and theft of children for Janissary corps.
On top of the brutal mistreatment of the Christians the Turks expected loyalty from a people they brutalized.

Morgenthau attributes the massacres to the notions of perserving a crumbling empire and pan Turkism. The Ottomans had been tossed out of the balkans. The notion was that
had the area been ethnicallycleansed and populated with Muslims it would still be part of the empire.

There was a brief period of false democracy where the young Turks promised the Christians peace and harmony. After the failed Galipoli campaigns the Turks reverted to form. According to Morgenthau the Turks acted in charachter and began a final solution to the Armenian problem.

Morgenthau's first chapter looks as if it had been torn from Jason Pappas's blog. The excuse of the Duck and others is that Mooooooslims were victims of colonialism and that the later Marxist studies are more accurate. In fact historically Mooooooslims were more apt to be the Colonialist then the Colonized. Even today dolts like 167 fail to grasp the nature of Islamocolonialism while railing about Ameician imperialism which seems to be the proliferation of McDonalds and Coca Cola.

Beamish in 08, Ducky still gets second billing at Disney and Looney toons form NAP
National Association of Poultry and 167 is still irrelevant.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Beakerkin on Trolls and Troll Hunting

This is a refresher of an early theme of my blog. There are many types of trolls and they come in all types. A good troll like Ducky brings about serious debate. He has some off the wall ideas but on the whole he sees things differently. He does not come in with a set of imaginary credentials. In my own way I look forward to the Duck
who is the official troll of this blog a coveted position. He does not cry except when the Redsox lose or John Kerry talks of imaginary players like Manny Ortiz.

People who have been long term readers know that I am a trained investigator. A troll
has several motivations but the foremost is a need for attention. Thus they invent personas that are versions of who they think they should be. Sometimes they will invent personas to fawn over them or attack people who do not buy this charade.

How does one spot a real troll ?

One can change personas easily but writing styles are hard to change. I could write this post as Guyana man in Carib patios . However, my style would still be the same over time. This is because humans have one brain and it is hard to change styles. A classic example of this was a creation of the vile Socrates Shanghai Charlie. This persona is supposed to be a Chenglish speaker with perfect punctuation but missing pronouns.

Anyone can make a series of claims on the internet. However members of groups do have insider knowledge. Thus if I talk with a peer we can describe the internal workings of our profession. Thus we have an example of an alleged Israeli woman who has some odd behaviors. Real women with children do not mock infertile women, they have a compassion for their peers. Such behavior is more likely a man pretending to be a woman . We also have this same Israeli that can not correctly pair basic items of our culture. I can write the Mad Zionist Dovid Melech Yisroel and he can complette the phrase. Even though I am not religious there are common denominators we can discuss.

Trolls try to inpress people with phony credentials. However their language and posts
are void of these insider terms. They provide as few details about their lives as possible. Thus we have a whole range of Professors who do not describe the inner workings of a university. A real Professor or Grad Assistants blog like the Disgruntled Chemist is laced with insider terms and talk of procedures. The fakes do not have the terms and any examination of the posts show their absence. If I were to discus 0027 with you I would get a set of mixed responses. My coworkers know that 0027 as a section that deals with name change issues.

I did offer to interview the popous vile Weasel. The chance to interview the criminaly insane was tempting. The Weasel is obsessed about his identity and with good reason, his loathsome views make him an easy target. The Weasel is another person who often boast about his alleged credentials. He declined the interview as he was worried about his identity. The sad part is that those who know him best allready know he is a moron and a psychopath.

Trolls often have the same set of obsessions or look to settle scores. Thus the mere mention of key names causes them to go out of charachter. The mere mention of my friend Donal's name caused an alleged Professor to go on a tirade. I never mentioned the bloated Socrates but this alleged Professor went on a night long temper tantrum on FPM. The post in question mentions the Weasel, Ducky, Alain and Uptown Steve but our alleged Professor picks out Socrates. The reason is that Donal was the relentless obsession of Socrates.

The reaction of trolls reveals plenty about their persona. If someone were to accuse me of being a fake Jew my reaction would be Okay. I was accused of being an Assyrian and an Egyptian Copt on FPM. My reaction was laughter as this is amusing but I do not get excited. This same fake Israeli accused Northern Steve and myself of being fake Jews. Both of us had a good laugh and forgot the whole matter as it was absurd.

The best thing to do when you encounter a troll is to walk away. Troll Hunting should only be done by those who are determined and enjoy a challenge. Remember trolls invest alot of energy in these personas and will fight dirty. However if you know their makeup , habits and weakness one can deal with them. This is not a pastime for the mild mannered.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Fenway and 167 to have a mental illness named after him.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Post Number 500 Time for a Beaker Roast

Many blogs die after a few months but this blog is going strong. We are constantly adapting and evolving. Part of being a good blogger is offering fresh material and doing new things. The interviews have been excellent and I am always looking for good guests to interview.

This blog has grown from its early days to a much larger venture. We constantly get new readers and surprises daily. I was joking with Felis that all I get is Commie trolls and a Jihadi plops into my lap.

Now it is time to let the quips fly and reflect on the great adventures we have had along the way.

Let the comedy begin. Will Mr Beamish put his familiar logo in a tux ? Felis's logo is allready in black and white and was dressed for this a month ago.

Post Number 499 Jihadi Toy Story

When we last left the story Hassan was jailed for violating McCain Feingold and our hero the talking Mr Beamish action figure was sent along as evidence.

Hassan: This is an outrage look at all this mail a plastic action figure gets and all I got was this letter from American Crusader. He wants to know if I can get him a Mr Beamish action figure autograph.

Look at this a letter from Mariah Carrey to the Mr Beamish talking action figure.

Mr Beamish: I'm the star and you are just cheap labor. Now lets go to the yard for excersize.

Hassan : I am not your donkey. Ouch Oh Ahhhhhhhh Okay I carry you just realease me from this pain.

In the yard

Hassan : For the love of Allah do not say anything to Raw Meat Randy.
Beamish: Why do they call him Raw Meat ?
Hassan : The police sent a German Sheperd after him. He ate the dog alive and they took him in after he got tired after a big meal.
Beamish: Another Roadkill fan.
Randy: You are sitting on my bench ?
Hassan : Praise Allah we move
Beamish Sit down .
Hassan : I want to live.....
Beamish : I'll deal with you later .
Randy : You talk tough for a shrimp. But I eat shrimp, dog, cat, bufalo, racoon, possum, skunk
Beamish: Lets make this simple what don't you eat ?
Randy ; Tofu that stuff stinks.... No civilized person should eat Tofu.
Wait a second aren't I supposed to be killing you.
Oh you droped a roll of lifesavers.
Oh ahhh eeeeeekkk Ohh aeiiiiiii
Mr Beamish : Do you see this it is your spleen.
Hassan: Now you've done it Beamish every guard in the place is after us.

Guard Ok you its off to solitary. Ripping out spleens is frowned upon.
Hassan : But I didn't do it . It was the kick $%$%^ Mr Beamish action figure. Noooooooooo
Boyle: Sir that makes you the Boss of the joint
Beamish: Hmmmmmmm that gives me some ideas.

Hassan: This is Hassan saying do not mess with the Mad Zionist he fights dirty.

Tune in next time for the continuing Jihadi Toy Story.

On deck Tommorow A Beaker Roast

I am aproaching post number 500 and to mark the occasion we will do a cyber celebrity roast. Those of you old enough to remember the Dean Martin roast get the idea. I think this is post 498 so if there is a 499 it will be the Jihadi Toy Story
sage. Will the Mr Beamish Kick $#%$% action figure escape from the slammer ?

You are all invited to bring your sense of humor and sense of fun and join the festivities. Glenn Camel the Pakistani country music singer will send a message. Will Jason Papas and Farmer John show up ? Will the Duck send one of his crazy messages. Will Justin Morris and Rob arrive in a stretch limo ?

Beakerkin steps out of the Semitic Closet

There is a rather odd charge that Anum and other racial power kooks have made. I do not hide the fact that I am Jewish. This is an absurd charge and is most often made by leftist like a clown that post under the name of Andy Carr on Rob Bayn's blog.

Normal people do not obsess over the ethnicity of other bloggers. I do not pick and choose blogs by ethnicity. I have zero idea of what ethnicity American Crusader or Always on the Watch are. I know that they have interesting sites and are good friends.

This obsession comes with the standard bit that Jooooooos are manipulating the country. Both Anum and Communist 167 readily use the term Zionist media. The fact is one finds fewer mentions of Joooooos at this blog then at the site of 167 who spends almost 1/3 of his site on Jooooos . He even now uses the term Faggins in a recent post about two Jooooooish business men. If any of you point out humorously that this was a typo and he meant Fagins well you are just a homophobe.

I want to invite you to look at the latest FBI hate crime numbers. 167 has proved he is unable to read a basic chart. The number of hate crimes against Jooooos in the latest report 2004 was 900 plus vs 700 plus hate crimes against Gay men. The Mooooooslims he is sooooooo worried about reportled a measly 180 incedents. Oddly around 80 of the anti Moooooooooslim bias crimes were commited by blacks. This fact is at odds with the medias portrayal of a love affair between the black and Moooslim community.

I am bewildered how it took Anum sooooo long to deduce that I am Jewish. To all the anti semites out there I have these three words AM YISROEL CHAI. To all the Anti American Commie traitors I have these words GITMO is calling.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to be smoked and 167 to Special Ed where he can learn to read a simple table.

Monday, March 27, 2006

The First Lady of Front Page Forum Donal

I want to congradulate Donal on her up comming nuptuials with Paul. Donal was one of my first on line friends when I was still a poster on Front Page Forum. I started to build this blog from humble origins . The site gets almost 100 hits a day mostly from the USA and Australia with a tad of UK and Canada.

Donal and I have had our experiences with the troll from hell . We will not release Fat Boy's name but we know where you are Lard Butt. There are also generic troll types. Today Donal will teach us a lesson in trollology. When Ducky is around we can ask him if he was also the Amazing Kreskin.

1 Describe the difference between a run of the mill troll like Ducky and the evil predator Socrates. He would steal identities post under fifty aliases. He would take names of non active posters. However he had such a distinct typing style that my nephew Drummaster was readily able to pick out his aliases ?

2 Now lets go to or standard troll types . The arrogant know it all Leftist who is above everything and has credentials that are imaginary. An example of this is Hank Snow who claims to have two blogs and is an expert on everything ?

3 Then there are the racial power goons like Uptown Steve ? I would like to get him to sit for an interview. He is your standard anti semitic black nationalist type.

4 Then we have the vulgar Weasel who seems to be a world class lowlife ?

5 Then there are the obnoxious white power types ? There was a kook named Alain I think ?

6 Lastly there is the rare Anarcho Liberterian incoherent Anti semitic type . The last one I remember was named Murray Rothbard . He was running around with the Jews blew up the WTC. Mike and Mahdi got him all steamed with a theory involving Klingons ?

7 Are there any types I missed ?

8 Is the freedom in the blogospere tempting to an FPM poster. Why deal with a moderator when you can make your own rules ?

9 I rarely mention my blog on my trips to FPM . However, Hank Snow and the Fat Boy seem to have an obsession with this site ? Why don't they just build their own site and see if they can get ratings.

10 Do you recall a strange episode where an FPM poster accused me of being an Assyrian or an Egyptian Copt ?

11 How many times has Roberta banned you ? I am banned on Bad Eagle where my posts are featured on Yeagley's blog ? This had zero to do with Dr Yeagley. What famous names have been banned ?

12 I always wanted to see a Northern Steve or a Mike blog. What FPM poster would make an interesting blogger ?

13 Are the people in DU unhinged ?

14 Who is the funniest poster on FPM ? Impertinent is a friend who is a funny guy ?

15 Is Tricky Blaine the last patriotic liberal on FPM ? I have not seen Norm Chompski
who was also close ?

16 What authors visit FPM ? Dr Yeagley , Gamliel Isaac , Lawrence Auster have posted in the forum section.

17 Do you miss the Stephen Schwartz articles ?

18 Excluding the evil one where does Ducky rate in the troll department near the top or bottom ?

19 If we could get Uptown Steve to sit for an interview would you read it ? Ducky had a decent interview but he is far more intelligent then Uptown Steve ?

20 What are your views on the environment ?

21 What type of music do you listen to ?

22 What are your views on Nuclear power ?

23 What are your views on free speech ?

24 Is there a particular poster who has left FPM that you miss. I miss Fiona and Connie both were classy and articulate ?

25 Can we expect a Donal blog in the future ?

On Deck comming up next is Donal

The next interview will be Donal from Front Page Magazine. This interview promises to be interesting. I am caught up in the interview department so we should resume normal postin regularly. The Dr Yeagley interview is in the works but I am working out a schedule.

Who would you like to see interviewed ? Place a post on this thread and we will try

Now a word from our Sponsor Jihadi Toys

Fed: Mr Hassan Miah you are under arrest for violation of Federal election law. The use of talking action Presidential Action figures is against the McCain Feingold Law ?

Hassan : I am not marketing a Mr Beamish kick $^% action figure. I was marketing Jihadi Joe ..... This Mad Zionist set me up....He outsmarts meat every turn.........
I want a zionist lawyer..........Call Ron Kuby er wait he won't help me because I didn't blow anything up.........I want a good zionist lawyer not named Kuby....

Fed : Son I an going to have to take your Mr Beamish kick &^&*&* action figure into evidence.



Fed: Who said that

Hassan : It is that darned Ann Coulter doll. Take me far away from her anything please......

Hassan : Its okay Dad I have another kick !@#@$ Mr Beamish action figure. The Mad Zionist sent one over. Here officer Mr Beamish will watch over Dad in prison.

Mr Beamish : No jail can hold the great escape artist but it helps to be one foot tall. I got the top bunk because I am the star.

Hassan : Jail is bad enough but place me in a cell with a mad killer but must I get second billing to an action figure even in jail.

Mr Beamish; Hmmmm I wonder how many cans of beer I can get for selling Hassan as a wife. Remember I have the Kill Devil Kung Fu grip if you get out of line.

Hassan : Noooooooooooooooooooooo
Fed: Cuff em.

Tune in next time for the adventures of the Kick @$#$ Mr Beamish action figure and Hassan. Will Mr Beamish escape or will he be the king of the cell block ?

Hassan : Do not mess with the Mad Zionist he fights dirty

Long Overdue Felis in the Hot Seat

This blog has experienced a surge of growth and much of my growth can be directly traced to Felis and Democracy Frontline. The posts in Bad Eagle and Always on the Watch have also contributed to the growth of this blog. The change in format has also created more interesting content. Felis has single handledly broadned my readership base and my blog is becoming more global.

The Communist Follies
1 You lived under a Communist regime are anti Communists like myself exagerating the evils of Communism ?
2 Does Communism have a religious base or theme ? Why do its advocates keep on rationalizing failure and piles of dead bodies ?
3 Is a delusional elitism part of the persona of a dedicated Communist. We hear boasts of fictional IQ and intellect. Communism seems more akin to a theft by an imagined self appointed elite then a coherent system ?
4 What did ordinary Poles think of Western Revolutionary pilgrims who visited Communist countries on guided tours ?
5 Was there any truth to the claims that healthcare was readily available, no crime,
no homelessness, free education and superior working conditions for labor.

Polish History

6 The Nazi invasion of Eastern Poland is well known. However the invasion of Western Poland by the Soviets is dissmissed and swept under the rug. My Uncle was in Lvov and remembers round ups and executions by the Soviets well before the larger exterminations of the Nazis. Was the Katyn massacre an isolated incedent or part of something larger.
7 What happened in the Communist years were Poles swept into the Soviet Gulag or was there a local set of prisons that served that function.
8 Can you remind our readers of the famous role of the Polish knights in halting the advance of Islam through Europe ?


9 I am not the first or last to note the similarities between Islam and Communism. Does Islam remind you of Communism ?
10 I have numerous friends who are refugees from Muslim countries. They all seem to say the exact same thing. If you want to understand Islam read the Koran. You have an excellent grasp and have devoted much time. Is this good advice ? Should the average person spend a few days and read the Koran ?
11 Is radical Islam a global problem ? I see Islam in conflict with every other religon on the planet. Jews and Christians lived in peace in India until guess who shows up.
12 Are you against altering the laws of Australia to accomodate Islamic practices such as on domestic violence ?


13 Americans have a sterotype of Ausies as fun loving and rugged ? Is Mr Beamish a natural Australian ?
14 Is there a fine arts Museum in Sydney
15 Americans love the adventures of the Crocodile Hunter is that show popular in Australia ?
16 What is Vegemite ????
17 What type of wildlife do you see in a short drive from your home
18 Is there an Australian term for road kill


19 Who are your favorite authors ?
20 Is there Conservative Talk radio like we have in the USA
21 In real life Charles Bronson was a Pole. His last name was Buchinsky . Can you name the two films where he played a Pole. Did he do a credible job ? This is a tough question.
22 Italian vs Japanese food pick one.
23 Have you driven a motorcyle ?
24 Are you a fan of a particular painter

25 Are people that talk to their plants eccentric or bored ?

Sunday, March 26, 2006

On Deck Felis and the first lady of FPM Donal

I am preparing two interviews one for our familiar friend from Down Under Felis. I get a huge amount of hits from her Blog Democracy Frontline. Felis is a dedicated pro who knows her stuff so listen and take notes.

Donal is the first lady of FPM and was an early visitor to this blog. She is known to
Nanc, Warren, Ducky, Drummaster but will be new to the rest of you. She has gone undercover at DU and has battled the most vile of trolls. This promises to be an ebtertaining interview.

And now the continuing misadventures of Hassan Miah in Jihadi with out a clue.

Hassan: It is time for your beating take your beating like a good jihadi.



Farouk: I-I-I don't want to be a suicide bomber . I want to be cool and loved by America like my hero Mr Beamish.


Hassan: Who said that ? The Mr Beamish action figure is over there.

Farouk: That is Mr Beamish good Buddy Warren the Axeman. I have a Beakerambo but he keeps complaining about royalties and writers fees, What is this thing he keeps on asking for Maneschevitz.

Hassan : Is there no end to the humiliaton a good Jihadi must endure.


HASSAN: OO%&^%& THE pain please Mr Beamish allow me to die with honor. Release me from the kill devil nija grip. I will bring you your beer .

Farouk: Mr Beamish Rocks and do not mess with the Mad Zionist

Hassan: Being a jihadi in America is hard work and humiliating. How can I compette with the Coolness of Mr Beamish and Company ?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

In the hot seat with Why Palestinians Get It Wrong

Our next guest in the Hot Seat is a new blogger Why Palestinians Get It Wrong. New bloggers face an uphill fight to gain audience in a crowded marketplace. One of the reasons I do not write about Israel is that so many people do a much better job like our guest. Those with talent like our guest , MZ , Esther and Pam of Atlas Shrugged write about Israel. Those devoid of those talents do interviews and Mr Beamish themed comedy skits.

This blog started out as a comedy blog and only recently have we resumed the comedy.
I was attacked from the start by an arrogant bunch of anti semitic communists who just happen to be gay. My best friend in the blogosphere Warren and I kicked #%$ and it was a problem for months. However as soon as new friends Jason Pappas and Mr Beamish showed up the commies fled. Liberterians scare the hell out of commies , so always remember to have a few Liberterians freinds handy.

The best way to build an audience is to join a community of Bloggers. Our little family has grown into a decent sized group. Hopefully, you will visit some of their blogs and visa versa. This is a good way to promote your blog and introduce yourself.
In the prehistoric days we had a segment called the electronic bar where we would introduce bloggers to each other. One blogger Always on the Watch has grown huge and her recipie of high quality posts with wit and charm is one for all to emulate. I am
thinking of renaming this segment the Electronic Bar.

1 I have read some of your responses and the level of venom surprised me. I am used to venomous anti semitism and have dealt with it on this blog . Were you surprised at some of the nasty over the top comments ?
2 Do you read the blogs of some of the more nasty commenters ? I have read some dreadful blogs but the worst was one call Jedi Master B^&^ch from Canada. That blog
was a written by a Commie Star Wars fan. Warren and I visited that blog and just shook our heads. Have you read the blog of Janice ? It is the most incomprehensible blog I have ever seen.
3 What stategy did you use to raise the visability of your blog ?
4 Is your goal to have a steady readership, active comment board or something else ?

Zionism and other ism
5 Do you find it odd that genuine Communists and Anarchists have tried to turn Zionism, Nationalism and Patriotism into dirty words ?
6 Have you found that Anti semitism is mostly on the far left ?
7 My experience is that Jewish opponents of zionism are mostly Communist and anarchists ?

8 I have talked about the paradox of Islam. Islam encourages terrorism and violence
the violence causes investors not to create jobs. The lack of jobs breeds more terrorism and some emmigration . Why is there a lack of economic development in Muslim countries. I seldom pick up something that reads made in Syria or Algeria.
Is there an economic component to the conflict with Islam ?
9 Will you devote some future posts to the treatment of minorities under Islam ? I did a post about the government sponsored abuse and harassment of Homosexuals by the PA.
10 Is the conflict in Israel part of a much larger conflict ? Islam is the overwhelming common denominator in the worlds religious strife.

Palestinian follies

11 What is Pan Arabism and who were its proponents ?
12 Are Palestians Arabs ? The PLO charter has the words Palestinian Arab and Arab unity all over the place.
13 I look at doccuments from all over the world for a living how do two Egyptians in Gaza have a child with a Palestinian ID card born in the same city. I have also looked at people born in Nabulus whose papers read Jordanian but whose kids are born in the same city and are called Palestinian ? Is this an example of bait and switch
and the big lie ?
14 What constitutes this alleged ethnicity Palestinians speak Arabic, have the same history , religious affliations as Arabs in adjacent land. I can make a better case for a Nation of Brooklyn, Arkanstan or a Comanche nation then that of the Palestinians.
15 When did Islam and Arabs first arrive in Israel ? How much later did they arrive then the Jewish people ?
16 Jews seem to come in all races so the Zionism is racism game is a fraud ? Has the left crated new terms where it is convenient ?
17 Do other nations have a security fence for protection ? Do note Communist countries required fences to keep people from fleeing ?
18 How are gays treated by the PA ? Is being Gay in the PA a sure way to become DOA ?
19 If conditions are so bad in Israel why don't Israeli Arabs leave ?


20 Who are your favorite authors ? Have you read Bat Yeor ?
21 Name your favorite movies ?
22 Have you ever shot pool or played ping pong
23 Do you have a favorite painter
24 Who would you like to see be the next president ?

25 Do people on the far left seem to be in a perpetual temper tantrum ?

Bonus Do you have any questions you would like to ask our more experienced bloggers ?

Postscript our friend Kurt of Kajando is active again . Those of you who have been to his site remember his excellent post and great humor.


I want to thank the Chemist and Orange Ducks for their excellent interviews. If you get the chance the interview with Orange Ducks was worth the wait. I am preparing two interviews. One is for a new blogger with excellent content Why Palestinians get it wrong ? The second interview is for our good friend Felis. Both promise to be very informative.

Now a word from our New Sponsor Jihadi TV

This is Hussein Miah and I want to show you how a nice Muslim family lives. Anima stay in the back room I will beat you later. If you make a good meal you will get the Abu Gharib treatment. Beating your wives is in the Koran but in the words of President Bush it takes hard work to beat your wife.

Here come two of my children now. There is my daughter Fatima and my son Farouk who I am raising to have a great vocation suicide bomber. Fatima what happened to Bhurka
Barbie. Oh no it can't be nooooooooooooooooo.

We will kill their leaders and convert the rest to...............

Daddy I want to be smart and beautiful like Ann Coulter.

Fatima go to your room for a beating if you were older an honor killing would be in order. You have displeased your father.....

Farouk let me listen to that music AAAAAAhhhhkkkk it is Matisyahu in my home. This is no way for a good suicide to prepare for 72 virgins. Let me get a look at that action figure Nooooooooooooo its..............

I'm Talking Mr Beamish kick %&^%&^ action figure with the new and enhanced kill Devil
ninja grip. YOU will bring me beer.

ohhhhhhhh the pain. W-w-w-w-w-hooooo turned out the lights



This is a badly beaten and disheveled Hassan Miah reminding viewers Do not mess with the Mad Zionist, he fights dirty.


Please no more pain I Hassan will bring you your beer. Somebody please call my agent
I get a smaller dressing room then the kick $%^$%^ Mr Beamish action figure.

One more interview scheduled

The new format has proved to be very interesting. I want to thank Nanc for the excellent interview with Orange Ducks. Take the time to read the section about the State Department. The Chemist should be by later with some interesting answers. We disagree on everything but the bulk of the interview was fun.

I have a few feelers out for future interviews. An interview with Dr Yeagley is being scheduled.

The following is the Beakerkin top ten list of candidates for interviews.

1 Jason Pappas
2 Farmer John
3 Jef Bargholz
4 The Missing Link
5 Woman Honor thyself
6 Esther
7 Mike from Mike's America
8 She Desins ( from Bad Eagle) Brilliant Conservative Eithiopian Woman New Blogger
9 Avenging Apostate
10 Donal from Front Page Magazine forum section.

We should be back to our standard format starting tommorow but the Hot Seat will remain a regular feature. Anyone with a blog can request an interview.

Beamish in 08 will Ann Coulter be his VP, Ducky strangely silent and 167 a ratings zero.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The Disgruntled Chemist in the Hot Seat

The Disgruntled Chemist is in the hot seat tonight. He has a rather large blog in Ca and disagrees with almost every position most of us have. However, in real life people disagree and move ahead. The Chemist is not known for his sense of humor but he will give it the old college try. The Chemist is a Grad student at UCI in California.

Blog related
1 You have a huge blog but it seems to be mostly Grad Students and the college crowd . Describe your target audience for our readers ?
2 You have a couple of interesting posters. Is Rob as funny and cool in person as he is on the web ?
3 What type of reaction do you get to the picture blogging and I pod posts ?
4 Do you think that the stereotype of scientists as humorless is correct. Rob is certainly an exception to that rule ?


5 Is beer making an art or a science ? Is there a chemical formula for good beer or does it involve a human touch ?
6 I enjoy some odd beers that you may have never heard of St Sixus, Black End Voodoo
( Haven't seen it in ages) and Tusker Lager. Have you heard of any of these brands ?
Name some premium beers that you feel excell in taste ?
7 Is light beer watered down beer or beered up water ?

No Class Remember the Chemist is not in Social Sciences.

8 If I went to your class and you were talking about free radicals. Is it safe to say that this is a non political discussion ?
9 What role should the private sector play in Science ?

Danerous Turf Energy
10 What are your views on gas taxes ? Gas alcohol and cigarette taxes are unpopular in rural America ?
11 Should we drill in ANWR ?
12 What are your views on nuclear energy

13 Are you bothered by public displays of religious symbols in Parks ?
14 Are you a vegetarian ?
15 What are your views on the use of lab animals ?

16 Have you been to a toga party in the last four years ? Did someone show up in a Power Rangers toga ?
17 Have you tried driven a Snow mobile or a pick up truck ?
18 Do you still listen to Michael Savage ?
19 Have you seen any of the Revenge of the Nerds films ?

20 Why do you hate the NY Yankees ?
21 Do you watch football ?
22 What sports do you participate in ?

23 Should the military be allowed to recruit on campus ?
24 Where do you get your news ?
25 Do you think my chants of USA USA USA are hate speech ?

Extra credit Did you think I was going to set up an ambush interview ?


I am working on getting the Disgruntled Chemist into the Hot Seat. Barring any future interview request Pakistani singer Glenn Cammel should be tommorows guest.

Now a world from our sponsor Hassan Miah of the Jihadi Toy Company

This is our newest product for your daughters who we must sell at a loss. Burkha Barbie comes with a black Burkha that is always fashionable. Her outfit hides her identity so well that you will never know if it is Barbie , Janet Reno or 167 cross dressing. Your little daughter will..........

UNHAND THE BABE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!

Jihadi Joe what has happened to your outfit . You are wearing US army clothing and a gasmask.

JIHADI JOE is history. He has been replaced with the Mr Beamish Kick $#%$ action figure.

This must be the work of the nefarious Mad Zionist. The Joooooos are every where I can't even do a comercial. .... What happened to Burkha Barbie she is dressed in Levi Straus Zionist Jeans and a tube top .

The Burha Barbie doll has been replaced with a cooler Ann Couler Doll.

We will invade their countries kill their leaders........

This is Hassan Miah of the Jihadi toy company saying it hard to be a Jihadi business
man. Never mess with the Mad Zionist fellow he is one tough customer.

A special interview with Orange Ducks

Orange Ducks is an ex Moonbat central poster who arrived after my time. In the earliest days of Moonbat Central the commenters were Redbeard, Mr Beamish, Myself and an eccentric fellow with a blog caled rant farm. I started to spend more time on Bad Eagle and then on this blog.

Orange Ducks has graduated from the ranks of poster to contributor. His posts will run on the Autonomist alongside Prof Plaut, Rocco Dipippio and another graduate Jeff Bargholz. I have graduated and have a few spots planned for the new and improved Bad Eagle.

Orange Ducks is in Iraq as a civilian contractor. This interview promises to be interesting but it may take time for Orange Ducks to respond.

Moonbat Central Memories
1 Do you miss the old Moonbat Central ? I like the Autonomist but I miss the wisdom and brilliance of Richard Poe ?
2 Who were some of the more interesting posters ? Did you encounter Red Beard who was a true class act ?
3 How does it feel to graduate from poster to Columnist ? I felt honored when it happened to me. Posting on a thread you have written is a different experience ?

4 My brother in Kuwait complains about huge bugs and bad weather. Are there comprable conditions in your area ?
5 Have you met any of the beleagured Assyrian Christians of Iraq ?
6 Have you been to the Kurdish sector ? What are the Kurds like ?
7 Is there an eutrepeneurial spirit among the Iraqi people ? I have spoken to servicemen and they describe a series of new start up companies.
8 Is it easier to work with Iraqi labor then to deal with union labor back home
9 I am a mere 400 miles from home and feel homesick. What do you miss about home other then friends and family ?
10 Have you found the local food and products interesting ? Are there any notable ones Ameicans would love back home ?

Odds and ends

11 I am constantly frustrated in my limited dealings with the State Department. They seem to be from a culture of excuses and have a detached no can do attitude ? What are your thoughts on this subject ?
12 Journalist are annoying and mostly obnoxious and I had plenty of eperiences with them in NYC. Most are professional but they gravitate towards screeching voices that make good copy ? What observations do you have about the press in Iraq ?
( I almost got into a fist fight with a free lance French journalist in NYC after the election of President Bush. The interviewer did not like my answers )
13 Have you met any of the " Peace Activists " ? The ones I encountered in NYC are Commies and Anarchists. They are not peaceful and mostly incoherent in my experiences. Are these people as incoherent in Iraq ?
14 Iraq has a rich history , have you found anything interesting on the construction sites ? I often spend hours looking at Summerian and Assyrian artifacts in NYC.
15 Have you looked at the local newspapers ? Do they have comics like Garfield or Blondie in them ?
16 Has any politican visited your work area ? What were your thoughts on their visit.

Domestic Mayhem

17 What are your thoughts on the Second Amendment ?
18 Are you opposed to hunting ?
19 Are beer , alcohol and cigarette taxes too high ?

Personal Fun

20 Do you watch sports ? Are you a fan of any particular team ?
21 What are your thoughts on Armed Forces Radio Programing ? I heard they air one hour of Rush Limbaugh .
22 If you had to pick one Moonbat Central Poster to be in a foxhole with who would you choose ?
23 Pick one Tex Mex or Iraqi cuisine
24 Who would you like to see run for President ?
25 Are people who talk to their cars quirky or certified ?

Thursday, March 23, 2006


I need a little downtime but first thing in the morning I will prepare questions for Orange Ducks. The interviews with Justin and Drummaster were solid efforts.

I have landed an exclusive interview with Pakistani musician Glenn Cammel.

This post is brought to you by Longrange B&B studios. Now a word from our sponsors

Introducing the new doll that is sweeping the Middle east Jihadi Joe. What a great way to train your aspiring terrorist.

Jihadi Joe says five phrases 1 Death to the Jews 2 Down with the Crusaders 3 Bush is Hitler 4 I not a terrorist I just look and dress the part 5 Mr Beamish in 08

This must be some evil twisted zionist plot by Beakerkin. Jihadi Joe shall be beheaded for blasphemy. Prepare to meet your maker Hassan Chop

My scimtarit broke it must be that cheap Jew I bought it from ripped me off

Heh Heh Heh Heh Beamish in 08 Am Yisroel Chai I am cornholio

Never mess with the Mad Zionist

This is Hassan Miah saying this Job is tougher then it looks

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Drumaster goes to the Hotseat thanks you Nanc

Drummaster is my nephew and the brains behind this blog. I do all the fun parts such as composing the posts. He does all the work that requires brains such as fixing links and posting the Beakerkin logo. Those of you who want a link should talk to Drummaster.

Drummaster has two blogs to my one and several of our regulars have been on his blog.
You can often find him at the blogs of Mr Beamish or Warren. I have seen Esther and Nanc there. Elijah is a good friend I met through Drummasters blog. I have seen Nanc there and I am not certain if American Crusader has visited. Drummaster has a way of showing up when you least expect him. A classic moment was when Esther posted a blog on a distant relative who is an embarassment Barbara Striesand. I mentioned how it is true we can pick our friends but we are stuck with family. Drummaster showed up at the tail end of that one .

Blog Questions and electric mayhem
1 How did you start bloging ?
2 You read the original Dog eating post on Bad Eagle in the HEAT section ? To the best of my knowledge only Warren has seen the original. Was that this years funniest moment ? I think Mr Beamish's artworks are still this years comic highlight. What was this years comedic highlight ?
3 Is Mr Beamish the funniest person in our group ? Is it just cool to be Beamish ?

4 Who are the up and coming new groups
5 What groups stand out from the classic rock period
6 Is the macarena dead burried forgotten.
7 Did you know Rav Roov was a huge Debbie Gibson fan ? Can you name a single Debbie Gibson Song.

What Charachter is your favorite on the following shows
8 South Park
9 Family Guy
10 The Simpsons
11 Americam Dad
12 King of the Hill
13 Futurama
14 Out of the above list which is your favorite.
Contrary to what Rav Roov says Cornholio was not based on any of my misadventures.

More serious
15 Have you moved to the right a bit since we started blogging
16 Does the level of anti semitism we see still surprise you
17 What troll is the worst since we have started blogging.

Most serious
18 Fudruckers or Outback Steakhouse
19 What fast food chain is the best
20 Excluding your own whose Avatar is your favorite

For or against
21 Death Penalty
22 Abortion
23 School Prayer

24 What assigned reading was stands out as the most boring ?
25 How many works of Shaskespeare have you read so far ?

Into the Hotseat with Justin Morris with a bonus section Beakerkin to the Couch

I want to introduce a poster who should be familar to older readers. Justin Morris is a man who defies stereo types and is himself. He is a Chaplain and an independent conservative whose views are unpredictable because he is his own person. Justin is also a proud father of children he loves. He is a friend to all that know him and he is gay. However, one thing is for certain is that those who call him friend are lucky. I am proud and lucky to call justin my friend. A man is judged by his company so I am a lucky man and all of you have bad taste.

This next segment is for me and some minor issues brought up unintentionally by the interview with Anum Muhktar. Justin is a Chaplain and if Warren is around he also is a religious person. Older readers and Nanc and Felis can join in.

Bonus section Beakerkin mets the Sky Pilot

A Do the memories and sights of that day ever leave ? Am I destined to remember that day forever ? I used to kid myself that with time I would forget but it hasn't happened ? Is this my lot to carry for the remainder of my days ?

B I was not a hero but there were plenty that day and a number of villans too. There is no excuse for the depravity and carnage of those days ? If all I am was a witness what did I witness on that day ? The worst of man and the best of man in the same place at the same time?

C Are the answers to those questions just beyond our grasp ?Maybe there are just some answers that require faith in a god of compassion ? I pity those that live without it and look for answers in man and cheesy fad theories.

Thank you all for indulging the above


1 Is the term Sky Pilot Offensive to Clergymen ?
2 Does the military do a better job of dealing with race and etnicity then the civilian sector ?
3Is the old cliche there are no atheists in a foxhole true ?
4 Can a non military person grasp the bond of teamwork and comraderie military people have.
5 Is military food bad because the same items show up on schedule. My father cringes at the mere mention of chipped beef.

6 Is the Texas and Texas A&M rivalry larger then the Texas Oklahoma rivalry.
7 Do Texans have a greater sense of local history then that of other states ? Or do non Texans have a better grasp of Texas history because it has an epic quality ?
8 Have you seen an Armadillo ? Where do you find those rascaly critters ?
9 How do locals percieve the show King of the Hill ? King of the Hill is one of my favorites and the contract for an aditional 20 episodes was signed.

Foriegn policy International
10 Is China friend , foe, trading partner all of the above ? Has Communism yeilded to a culture of graft or is that all it ever was ?
11 Is graft and coruption a huge international issue ? Should we demand accountability and results for foreign aid sent to the third world ?
12 Is the joke we need an American desk at the State Department accurate. My dealings with them are a nightmare .
13 Do people overseas for a long time go native

Lunch and fun
14 Texas Mex , Cajun or Japanese
15 Do you watch sports and root for specific teams
16 Have you driven a snow mobile

17 In an earlier interview I describe a bond of kinship that Americans feel ? Do most of us transcend Old world tribalism ?
18 Is nationalism and love of country passe ?
19 Do the multi cultural types airbrush third world cultures and hold the US to ridiculous standards ?

Church , state and faith

20 Do public displays of religous symbols bother you.
21 What are your thoughts on school prayer
22 Are there religious components in Marxism and the environmemtal movement ?

Good Humor
23 Should Ted Turner free Speedy Gonzales ?
24 Sinatra or Dean Martin
25 Are people with lawn ornaments the epitome of bad taste ?


I am preparing the next segment an interview with Justin Morris. There will be a bonus section because Justin was a Chaplain. Warren is also a clergy man and a service man and there are some issues I would like to adress. MZ as a fellow member of my community your help will be appreciated.

NYC is my home and that day meant alot to all of us even if you were in OZ or the People's Republic of MA. I am a witness to that day and a survivor of 93. One may walk away but one never does foget.

Thank You for this rant.

In the Hot Seat With Kyle

This segment should be fairly interesting as todays guest is Kyle. Kyle has a relitively new blog that has a brisk quick refreshing style. Kyle is currently on campus and markets art from his blog. This will lead directly to five art questions and some minor humor.

1 A recent visitor has claimed that Renoir is over rated and unoriginal do you agree with this assesment ?
2 What Schools of Art are you a fan of ? Do you prefer individual artists ? Have you any thoughts on the newest artictic craze sweeping the nation classic Beamishism ?
3 How would you describe your style of art ?

4 Is the faculty in your college overbearing close minded leftist of the type Horowitz describes ?
5 Are there consevatives in the scool paper ?
6 Are students who are far left just yes men ? Have Conservatives stolen cool and hip from the left ? This charge enraged an accademic on Front Page Magazine ?
7 Are student leftist guilty of groupthink ? Is it important to be your own person ?


8 What sports do you watch ?
9 Do you drink imported or domestic beer ? Have you seen this odd beer He- brew ? We are looking for a brave individual to try this beer. This blog is not responsible for the probable bad taste of such a product .
10 What is your salted snack of choice ?

Blog related
11 What blogs do you read weekly ? Excluding this blog what blogs stand out in your opinion ? ( Hosts that seek yes man type responses are loathsome )
12 Is your blog style still evolving ?
13 Are ratings a big part of your goal ? Self promotion of ones own blog is part of what blogging is about.

Taxes Taxes Death and Taxes in the Afterlife
14 Are Beer, Alcohol and Gasoline taxes too high ?
15 Are the above taxes aimed at rural and working people ?
16 Would you favor a tax on junk food ?

Church vs State mayhem
17 Do public displays of religion bother you ?
18 Are you in favor of prayer in school ?
19 Do advocates of secularism seem angry ? The ones I run into are in a constant rage.

The future or cracked Crystal Balls
20 Do the rise of India and China concern you
21 Is China an ally, friend, foe, trading partner and should Americans pay more attention to human rights abuses in China.
22 Are we seeing the decline of France ? Has France been in decline and not figured it out yet ? What impact has Socialism had on the recent riots ?

23 Have you encountered students on visa ? Do they enrich the accademic experience or is this just more PC foolishness ?
24 Are you prepared to throw the book at companies that hire illegal workers ?

25 Has Pat Buchanan become a populist ???????

Bonus Questions
Are people who wear body paint at sporting events an eyesore ?



I will work on Kyle's interview next. I want to thank the Rob Bayn and American News Crusader for excellent interviews. The interview of the Mad Zionist was a special treat that I owe a special thanks to Nanc. I wanted to ask the Mad Zionist myself but appear infrequently on his blog that I regularly read.

My wish list of interviews include
Jason Pappas one of my oldest friends on the web.
Farmer John a special poster
Felis A person I highly respect
Esther Class personified
David Yeagley I did ask but will see. Dr Yeagley is a busy man.

Anyone with a blog can ask for an interview. However we make exceptions for well known posters on this blog Nanc, Ducky and hopefully Farmer John. In general if I read the blog I can put together a good interview. Blogs that I am unfamiliar with I ask a day or two to do my homework.

I also will sit for a similar segment on your blog if asked time permiting if requested.

Beamish in 08, Ducky escapes the kitchen and 167 hits an all time new Low as we speak. The reason he is not being skewered is he has zero ratings. He is a total bore and a flop.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hard to Believe but Anum Muhktar in the Hot Seat???

This segment will be educational as I am not going to get into theology ? Quoting Scriptures is a big bore and all of us know where we stand ? A host invites a guest for an interview. My job is not to beat up the guest but there will be no softball questions. I ask all of my readers to endulge my attempt to learn some mundane facets of Islamic life.

1 Lets start with the basic are the following groups Muslims Bhai's, Nation of Islam ( Louis Farkhan's outfit ) and Alawites ?
2 What are Sufis ?
3 Muslims in NYC often are well aware of the Kosher symbols on food. Do you look for the local kosher symbols when you buy food ?
4 Describe the difference between a Nika and Mutah marriage ? I did reject an applicants mutah marriage contract a few months ago.
5 I have seen plenty of Nika certificates most dictate financial terms . These terms include the standard gold, domestic animals and oddly once or twice White Kola Nuts.
Who determines the terms of these contracts and are there bargain basement specials.

6 Do you accept the laws and standards of the West while you dwell here ?
7 Does the public display of religious symbols bother you such as a Christmas Tree or Menorah ?
8 Do you respect the rights of a coworker who eats a Pork Sandwich or is Gay ?
9 Islam prohibits alcohol but does it permit hashish, opium and Khat ?

10 Do you play or watch sports ?
11 Have you tried Ice Skating or Skiing ?
12 Have you seen the movie Lord of the Rings or read the books ?
13 Where do you get your news ?
14 Is state controlled media a problem in the Muslim world ?
15 Are there comic strips in your newspapers back home ? Would any of these Comic strips be familiar such as Garfield ?
16 There is a stereotype of Muslims having no sense of humor. Do any of our TV shows
stand out as funny ?
17 What American TV shows can you watch in your local TV station back in your native country ?
18 Can you get Western Music on short wave radios in your home country ?
19 Can you explain the system of Halawa to the readers. I understand interest is prohibited in Islam.
20 Have you heard of Stephen Schwartz or the Center of Islamic Studies ?
21 How do you feel about CAIR ?
22 Would you describe Zakhat as a tax or charity . My understanding is it is a tax.
23 Is corruption of government officials a problem in your home country ?
24 What do you think is the cause of high unemployment in Muslim countries ?
25 Would you eat in a Jewish Kosher resturant ?

Into the Hot seat with FB Jones

When Warren and I started blogging about a year ago we were a small group. Our circle of readers has expanded widely . I never imagined this blog would grow to its current size. Richard Poe once told me if your site grows your ideal and rules may have to change with the size. My values of open forum and free speech have remained unchanged.

Enter into the hot seat FB Jones a new member of our family. I am always anxious to lend a helping hand to upstarts. However the best model for how to build a huge audience is Always on the Watch. The growth of her blog manages to amaze me. If some of the missing family members ( Jason Pappas and Esther) could find the time to introduce themselves it would be greatly appreciated.

Doing an interview for a new blogger is a challenge because I do not have a large body of work or history to work with. If this segment does not meet your expectations the fault is strictly mine.

New blogger questions
1 Most bloggers wrestle with the issue of ratings vs community. I look foward to the familiar names and view most of my long term readers as a second family. Yet I am also aware that some subjects are ratings duds. Is your goal to have large ratings or to be part of a community ? Always on the Watch does both excellently , so it can be done.

2 Do you have a specific question or questions you would like to ask our more experienced bloggers ?

3 Every blog has a focus and some are always evolving. I started out as a comedy blog
and some of you think I never left my roots. The best advice I can offer is be yoursef and have fun. What type of blog do you envison and what type of focus do you plan on.

4 Describe your taste in music ? Is it a safe bet to assume we will not hear Johny Mathis on your blog ?
5 What sports do you watch ?
6 Do you hunt or fish
7 Do you drive a motorcycle or off road vehicle ? Drummaster will tell you I drive off the road because I am a lousy driver. We drove through a Cornfield and were surprised to find Corn in the center.

8 What are your views on Capital punishment ?
9 Are we serious about Corporate theft ? Should people who embezle companies and Unions serve as long as bank robbers.
10 Should we take Identity theft more seriously ?

11 Are you in favor of more domestic energy production ?
12 What are your views on Nuclear energy ?
13 Should we build more refineries ?

14 What are your views on school prayer ?
15 Are you bothered by a Menorah and a Christmas tree in a Park ?
16 Are you in favor of school vouchers ?

17 The locals in Vermont eat huge breakfasts I jokingly call a Toe tag Special. What do you eat for breakfast ?
18 Mexican or Itlalian food

19 Would you go to a family film like Shrek or The Incredibles
2o What Genre of films appeal to you ? Action, Western , Gangster films or other
21 Did you see The Last Temptation of Christ ? What are your thoughts on that picure ?

Way out there
22 Choice of one Corvette or Ford Explorer
23 Do you own a Lamb skin coat
24 Do you play a Musical Instrument
25 Are adults who eat Kids cereals normal ?

Beak in the Hot Seat

I have agreed to interview Anum Muhktar. This may sound odd but it promises to be interesting. I promised no scripture as I am not a theologan. Like with Ducky I will
not toss softballs but am aiming at information. It promises to be interesting and unusual segment. The only thing that could top this is the comatose anti semitic 167 demanding a segment.

I will grant a spot to anyone who asks. However I still want to hold a Mr Beamish Presidential press conference. This segment was built as a Mr Beamish vehicle.

FB Jones and Kyle will also be in the Hot seat.

Paging Farmer John the Hot Seat is calling

Beakerkin in the Hot Seat

The interviews were extreemly interesting and I would like to thank all the participants. Anyone can request a turn in the Hot Seat ? When a person is in the Hot Seat you have the advantage. My natural good host instincts take over for my normal WWE persona. If Anum Muhktar wants an interview he will get one . However, it is a safe bet there will be no golf questions.

We learned some interesting things Jason, Always on the Watch and Ducky have similar positions on Steinbeck. Rob is into team sports and supports Rudy G. The interview of the Mad Zionist is extreemly interesting. Mr Beamish came off as witty brilliant person. Freedom Now has an under appreciated razor sharp wit. This was not expected as Freedom Now is a serious blog. Warren has a cadre of dedicated fans and did an excellent job. Nanc seemed to enjoy her interview and got most of the jokes on the other interviews.

I want to give a special thanks to Always on the Watch for her excellent interview.
She was the first to step into the hot seat and did so bravely. I could have asked Warren but wanted a volunteer. The original concept was to hold the first Mr Beamish Press Conference and ask questions about Dynamite Fishing and the New School of Art Beamishism, I am a huge fan of Beamishism.

I will allow anyone to toss me a set of questions but remember as I am working today it may take a while.

I still look foward to American Crusaders answers and he is very interesting. If Anum Muhktar agrees to an interview that will promise to be very interesting. I would like to get Jason Pappas, Felis and Esther to sit for interviews in the future.
Anyone can request a segment even the dreaded 167. Someday, if we are lucky Farmer John will sit in for a segment.

There is one misconception I want to clarify. Ducky and I disagree on just about everything. However, he does have a role and does it fairly well. I do believe in denaturalizing members of Code Pink who have broken laws. The Duck has never called for the violent overthrow of the American government. I still have issues with his disdain for Renoir, the man was a genius.

Now I open the floor to your questions.

Barring any requests for an interviews I will do a book Review of Sowell's Black Rednecks and White Liberals tommorow.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Progressive car insurance and 167 RIP.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Special treat Bonus Interview with the Mad Zionist

The Mad Zionist has a huge blog that has a devoted casts of regular readers. One of the reasons I seldom blog on Israel is that others do a better job. Pam of Atlas Shrugs and our friend the Classy Esther of Ouside the Blogway cover Israel in more depth. The Mad Zionist has few peers in this category.

1 Is Judaism compatible with Communism ?
2 Are Communist and Anarchists of Jewish descent non Jews
3 Why does the left insist the Satmar is the authentic voice of observant Jews. They are not even close to a majority of the Chasidic Jews.
4 Can you explain for our non Jewish readers the differences between the Modern Orthodox and the Chasidic Community.
5 What is this new trend called egalitarian Judaism is sounds touchy feely.

6 My younger brother an Orthodox Rabbi loves the Hebrew Hammer . Have you seen that film ?
7 Is Matishayu big in Brooklyn ? I was driving my car and thought my radio was broken. I was hearing someone rapping about Mosiach but apparently my non Jewish coworkers kids do listen.
8 Is there any word if the Tomb of Joseph will ever be rebuilt ?

9 Do you watch professional sports
10 Can you explain to gentiles the differences between Askenaz and Sephardim
11 Where does this term Mizrahim to describe North African Jews come from ? I never heard this term and it is not in the encyclopedia Judaica.

12 When did Arabs invade Israel
13 I remember folktales linking the study of Kaballah to mental illness. Was there a rule that Kaballah could only be studied in groups.
14 Is Michael Lerner a genuine Rabbi. He seems to know nothing about Judaism or anything else.

Popular Culture
15 Were you a fan of the Odd Couple
16 What films did you enjoy


17 Why are the Clintons regarded so highly among secular Jews but disdained in the Orthodox Community ?
18 Do you remember Eric Briendel ? His column calling the Crown Heights Riot a Pogrom changed the way that many felt about that incedent.
19 Does the secular Jewish community look down on the more religious

20 Are you bothered by School Prayer
21 What is your position on School Vouchers
22 What is your position on Capital punishment
23 Would you vote for Rudy Guiliani or Condi Rice in a GOP primary
24 Who is your favorite talk show host ? Have you heard of Mark Levin
25 Have you read Bat Yeor ?

On the Hot Seat with Rob Bayn

This segment promises to be interesting as in the hot seat is Rob Bayn. Rob is an independent Gay activist and he disagrees with me frequently. However, as with the Duck he has bravely entered the Hot Seat so lets applaud his courage.


1 On a recent post I was surprised to find out you are sort of a football fan. I say sort of because the Detroit Lions just haven't been interesting since Barry Sanders retired. Is the perception that gays do not watch team sports just a stereotype ?
2 What stereo type about gays annoys you the most ?
3 Is the Bette Midler and Bernadette Peters worhip an oddity of the local NYC community ? Middler is annoying and Peters is okay on Broadway.

Group rights
4 You and I differ on this subject. I see all rights belonging to the individual. However you feel that groups should have some rights ? Can you elaborate on that?
5 What are your views on affirmative action and Quotas ?

6 Have you ever driven a pickup truck
7 Have you ever tried bowling ?
8 Does any group wear tackier clothing then golfers ? When I see them it looks like a nerd envy thing
9 Do you watch horror films

World Issues
10 This readership is aware of the lack of human rights for gays in Muslim countries.
Are there any countries that persecute gays that just slip under the radar that we should be aware of.
11 What are your views on free trade ?
12 How do you view China ? Is it a friend , foe ?


13 Readers will be surprised that both of us support the same Presidential candidate ? What led you to the Rudy camp ?
14 Is leadership an important quality in a President ?
15 Is Joe Lieberman missing Charisma ?
16 Do you feel your choices in health care are limited ? Do you wish you could buy health insurance tailored to your needs

Pop Culture
17 I watched Will and Grace and it is funny but I found Ellen not funny. Is the quality of writing a part of the reason Will and Grace was a sucsess and Ellen was a flop.
18 What did you think of the show Friends ?
19 What do you think of Simon of American Idol ? I can't stand him and would love to watch a show who gets to kick Simons butt. There are plenty of people who disagree with me.

Radio Show
20 When is your radio show on ?
21 Should I expect to be skewered ? It is okay as I have a sense of humor
22 What is the format of your show ?

23 Do gay people sterotype heterosexuals ?
24 Do you find Jerry Seinfeld funny ? I find him annoying and prefer the rest of the cast.
25 Who is your favorite cartoon charachter ?

On the Hot Seat with American News Crusader

New York

1 Do you feel a certain energy in NYC ? Is NYC a special place for you
2 Do you enjoy a wide variety of ethnic enclaves in NYC like China Town and Boro Park
3 When you leave NYC do people notice the accent? The other day I was in a bar and a hot woman asked me to say " I'll cap ya".

War on Terror
4 Were you in NYC on 9-11 ?
5 Do you feel a greater urgency because our city was attacked ?
6 Has this war started before 9-11 and we were asleep ?

General Blog Related
7 Did you expect your blog to be as big as it is now
8 What advice would you give a rookie

9 Have you ever driven a motorcycle
10 Chinese or Jewish food
11 What sports do you follow

12 Can a legal comodity be overtaxed ? Have cigarette taxes just reached the point where smugling is big business
13 Are user fees and larger fines hidden taxes
14 Are you in favor of a flat tax ?

15 What are your views on racial profiling ?
16 Do we take identity theft seriouly enough
17 Should we impose capital punishment on pedophiles

Group rights

18 Do rights belong to individuals or groups
19 Are you for or against affirmative action

Big Media

20 Has big media lost touch with the average American
21 Have movies gotten too expensive


23 Do you prefer Gangster movies, westerns or standard adventure films like Raiders of the lost Ark
24 Who is moe annoying Sean Penn or Barbara Striesand ?
25 Will we ever be rid of the Clintons ?

On the Hot Seat with Freedom Now

I have to apologize for the delay but long term readers know I deplore the abuse of children. We have an off again on again spots on child abuse . It is rare that a poster would cause me to lose my temper. However when a poster writes " Children belong to Allah" that does raise my ire.

Bravely venturing into the Hot seat is Freedom Now. Some of you do not read that blog but a link is on the right.


1 Has the problem of Child abuse gotten worse ? Was it there the whole time and we just swept it under the rug ?
2 Does the statement that "Children belong to Allah" indicate a devaluation of human life under Islam ?
3 Should the role of parent be held in higher esteem ?

4 Are you prepared to toss the book at companies that hire illegal workers
5 What responsabilities do immigrants have to America

6 Italian or Japanese food ?
7 Phil Collins or AC DC

Energy Policy
8 Should we drill in ANWR ?
9 Sould we build more Nuclear Plants and Refineries
10 Is part of the war on terror reducing the price of Oil ? Can we whip the Saudis by finding alternate energy resources.

11 Is Ameicas future tied more to India and China or France and Germany
12 Is the spate of riots in France a symbol of the failures of socialism ?
13 Is much of Anti Americanism rooted in anti Capitalism
14 Were the peace protesters aping European anti Americanism or visa vera

15 Do you have a particular artist you are fond of ?
16 Who is your favorite talking head ?


17 Is the multicutural airbrushing of history a problem
18 Is everybody a victim in multiculturalism. Are nursing generational grievances healthy for societies.

19 Where are the Scoop Jackson liberals ?
20 Is there a condescending elitism that eminates from the liberal elite ?

21 Do Libertarians scare Marxists more then Republicans
22 Do some people really need a saftey net ?

23 What sports do you watch
24 Can you tell the difference between a Yam and a sweet potato without looking at signs
25 Do people who send their pets to psychiatrists need special help ?

On the Hot Seat Roast Duck ?????

I have to admire the Ducks courage for doing this segment. Folks maybe somewhat disappointed with this segment. My natural good host instincts are in conflict with my WWE persona. A good host does not cream his guests . However this will be interesting.

The Duck is a staff member at this blog. He is the official troll of this blog. A good troll stimulates articulate points of view from all sides. This 25 questions will be in a much tougher format.

1 What is the real story with your views on Renoir ? Renoir painted women as individuals with excellent use of color. Would you honestly rather look at a Chardin then a Renoir. Dead Fish , Rabbits and fruit painted in several combinations is a bore. Would you honestly rather look at a bowl of fruit or a portrait ?
2 You seem to have a special dislike for Randoids . What are your views on Rand
3 How many Bat Yeor books have you read ?
4 What are your views on Energy Policy ? Is the failure to drill in ANWAR exporting pollution to the third word ?
5 What are your views on KFC and vegetarianism ?
6 What are your views on the Kurds ?
7 Is human capital more important then Natural resources.
8 What are your views on geneticaly altered crops ?
9 What are your views on Falun Gong and Tibet
10 Are Child soldiers the ultimate form of child abuse
11 Do you think the persecution of homosexuals in the third world is a problem.
12 Who is this Manny Ortiz player John Kerry mentions ? What position does he play ?
Do you think Kerry was faking the Red Sox fan bit ?
13 Do hunters and fishermen have cultural rights that should be respected ?
14 Is Louis Farakhan a racist ?
15 Is there a elite snob factor in the art and film community ? Why is there a critical disdain for family films ?
16 Did you watch the movies the Sand Pebles or Planet of the Apes ? Was the social commentary of those films less overt then the ones produced today.
17 What are you thoughts on film adaptations of Broadway musicals ?
18 Have you eaten sea weed in Japanese resturants ?
19 Are the works of Steinbeck and Upton Sinclair dated ?
20 Why has the labor movement gone into retreat ?
21 Should countries with historic ties to the USA like Haiti, the Philipinnes and Liberia be granted special status for trade and immigration ?
22 What are your views on free trade ?
23 Do you see India or China being the next dominant power
24 Which do you prefer Mexican or Greek cuisine
25 Are people who treat their pets like children creepy or quirky ?

Round 4 In the Hot Seat with Nanc

Nanc unlike our previous guests does not have a blog. However as she is on several as a comentator she can provide unique insight. She is familiar with the cast of FPM and the Autonomist. Someday we will try and get Farmer John to sit for an interview.

Front Page Magazine
I started off as a front page poster and am familiar with the cast. I moved onto Bad Eagle and started my own blog. I was a semi regular Moonbat Central in its earliest days.

1 What Front Page Forum contributors would make interesting bloggers? I have always wanted to see a Northern Steve blog.

2 I have noticed that the majority of left wing types have a need to boast about credentials real or imagined. It seens that with the exception of Tricky Blaine ( a decent man and a patriotic liberal ) everyone is either an accademic or a professional writer. It seems that David Horowitz attacks on the failings of higher ed have them angrier then usual. Have the left wing types become unhinged over attacks on the Ivory Towers ?

3 What trolls on FPM stand out as particularly nasty ?
4 Is there any poster at FPM who is close to our friend Mr Beamish in the humor department ?

5 What is a razorback ?
6 Did you listen to Tom Jones ?
7 Do you prefer Italian or New Orleans (Cajun ) cuisine ?
8 Have you eaten Catfish ? If so how was it prepared.

9 Are you in favor of the line item veto ?
10 Should we demand that students who use government loans study subjects that will lead to employment ?
11 Should the government demand that research grants be used on relavent areas of study ?
12 Are you bothered by taxes on beer, tobacco and gasoline ? Does this seem like a life style tax ?

13 Do you watch figure skating ?
14 Did you watch the Winter Olympics ?
15 What sports do you watch ?

16 Should immigration be based on job skills or family reunification ?
17 Are you in favor of the current law that allows members of the US military to aquire citizenship quicker ?
18 Should we throw the book at people who employ illegal aliens ?

19 Are you in favor of tort reform ?
20 Should the government consider lifetime sentences for Pedophiles ?
21 Are you bothered by the public display of art with religious themes.

22 Have you ever driven a stick shift vehicle ?
23 Have you ever seen the mysterious yellow watermelon ? Some Vermonters think I am making this one up.
24 Do you stop by roadside stands for produce ?
25 Have you ever been in a cave ?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Round Three of In the Hot Seat By Popular Demand Warren

This site has had several request to do a Warren interview. If I could not get volunteers I would have asked Warren as he is family. Most people know that Warren is my closest friend in the blogosphere. In the early days it was Warren and the Beak vs an Army of anti Semitic Marxist trolls. I still pay tribute to the early days with my jokes about 167 at the end of each post. Our critics have long gone and this blog and Warrens are larger then our critics. Our critics fled as soon as Jason Pappas showed up. Communists are afraid of Libertarians for obvious reasons.

Warren is a popular blogger whose readers have one complaint, he doesn't post enough.
However, each Long Range post is an instant classic. Before we begin this interview, I will plead guilty to the rash of house pet food jokes that are sweeping our familiar blogs. I started this joke as a cheap shot at multiculturalism. However, Warren seems to have perfected my premise and thus it has even spread to the blog I am a Worm.

This is a bonus question for our readers.
Bonus ; Why has the Dog and Cat eating bit proved so popular ? My nephew was in stitches at the original Bad Eagle segment ?

Fiscal Policy
1 Are you in favor of a line item veto
2 Do social engineering nanny states taxes on tobacco, alcohol and gasoline disproprtionately impact working rural folks.
3 Is lack of productivity and accountability part of the escalating costs of higher Ed ?
4 Should the taxpayer demand productivity from public employees.

5 Have you ever driven a tractor, construction equipment or a tank ?
6 Do you own a Chainsaw ?
7 Are you fond of a particular art form ? ( The Beamish school of Art is excluded as it is universaly popular) Has fine art devolved from works that everyone could enjoy to Art for the sake of a detached elite ?
8 What are your views on hunting and fishing ?

Second Amendment
9 Should women be trained to use firearms ?
10 Should gun safety and marksmanship be offered along with Driver's Ed ?

Foreign Policy

11 Are you in favor of more domestic oil production to reduce dependency on hostile regimes ?
12 Should Foreign aid come with some responsabilities ? Is the problem of graft and corruption being taken seriously at the State Department
13 Is France an ally or a foe or something in between ? Is the problem the current Government or has it moved beyond that.


14 Has the Woodstock crowd over estimated their popularity ? I was very young but clearly remember the loathing of even liberal Jewish NYC types. Drummaster was not arround for that era so his knowledge is based on TV and books. What should Drummaster know about that era ?
15 What were your favorite movies and TV shows from the 60's & 70's ?
16 Do you think shows like Sanford and Son and Welcome Back Kotter could be produced today ? Has PC hurt the final product in popular entertainment ?


17 Who is your favorite talking head ?
18 Are there any current politicians you admire ?
19 Is happines found within you or outside of you ? Can someone else make you happy or is it our own responsability.
20 Are Anarchists crazy, creepy, stupid or dangerous ?
21 Who is your favorite corporate mascot ie Tony the Tiger or the Pilsbury Dough Boy

Blog Related
22 How does one tell honest dissent from a troll ?
23 Did you ever expect your site to grow to its current size ?
24 Is there a topic you would like to cover but haven't
25 What advice would you give to a new blogger ?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Round Two of in the Hot Seat With Mr Beamish

This segment is where our blog family gets to discuss those topics we ordinarily do not cover. Our first guest Always on the Watch set a high standard. In the Hot Seat is our Presidential candidate of Choice Mr Beamish whose wit and wisdom are are beloved by his huge readership. Mr Beamish's blend of fact and comedy make him a daily must read.

Fiscal Policies
1 Should government eliminate agricultural subsidies ? Does protectionism hurt the American consumer
2 Should we eliminate the NEA ? Why can't the rich pay for their own ballet tickets ?
3 Should public funding for NPR be eliminated.
4 Are regressive taxes a form of cultural snobery by Urban Elites? Who gets hurt by Gas, Alcohol and Cigarette taxes ? Have the Democrats lost touch with Rural America ?
5 Does overtaxation reduce growth.
6 Is economic illiteracy a major problem in our school system

Pop Culture
7 Do you own an AC DC CD ?
8 Did you watch the A Team ?
9 What musical group will perform at the Mr Beamish White House

10 Should future immigration be family or vocational based
11 Should immigrants from countries without documentation or with confusing name structures be required to submit fingerprints and DNA evidence of relationships ?

Blog Related
12 Will there be holiday music on the Crankfiles ? Patriotic Music on the fourth of July or Memorial day ?
13 Is unpredictability part of the Mr Beamish Charm

Legal Issues
14 Is tort reform on the Beamish Platform
15 What type of Court Nominees can we expect from a Beamish administration.

Sports and activities
16 Is off road RV driving more manly then wind surfing
17 Are hunters and fishermens rights in the Beamish platform ?
18 Have you ever gone to a rodeo ?

Authors and Pundits
19 Who are your favorite professional pundits
20 What pundit is the most incoherent
21 What has happened to Pat Buchanan

22 Would you rather drive a Humvee or a Porche ?
23 Do Vegetarians seem miserable or creepy ?
24 Have you ever played air hockey ?
25 What President do you admire the most ?

The First Episode of In the Hot Seat Always on the Watch

This is a new segment where we do a Beakerkin style of interview. The questions are a mix of the serious and not so serious. Some of the questions are on topics we do not cover. Most blogs have a focus my blog is book oriented with a focus on the radical left. My guest Always on the Watch has a huge blog that focuses on militant Islam. However one can often find the superior work of her students.

1 Is the culture of low expectations a problem in education ? Will students rise to the ocasion if challenged ?
2 Would School vouchers have a potential positive impact ?
3 Can a secular school impact values sans religion ?

Now moving onto popular culture
4 Did you ever own a Neil Diamond album
5 Did you watch Canon or Barnaby Jones
6 Has the overall quality of TV and Films declined since the seventies ?
7 Who is your favorite professional pundit ?
8 Do you have a favorite talk radio show ?

On to the dreaded personal questions
9 Have you played pool or ping pong ?
10 Are people who talk to plants creepy or funny ?
11 Do you prefer visual art, poetry or theatre ?
12 When you get lost do you ask for directions ?

13 Do you enjoy watching wildlife in your travels ?
14 Should we place greater emphasis on producing domestic energy ?
15 Is hunting and fishing a cultural practice ?
16 Is there a utopian subset in the environmental movement ?

Health Care
17 Do you feel government regulations drive the cost of health insurance up ?
18 Should consumers have more choice in buying policies tailored to them ?
19 Should there be a cap on malpractice lawsuits

20 Should Immigration be family based or vocational based ?
21 Should countries that have long term historic ties like the Phipinnes and Liberia
get more visas then countries with fewer ties like Ghana
22 Should the government throw the book at people who employ illegal aliens ?

Blog Related
23 Has your blog been visited by Jihadis ? Mine was visited once and Jasons was visited for a while.
24 Do long term readers almost become a second family ?
25 Do you create certain posts with specific readers in mind ?

Take your time responding as some of these are complicated questions.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Important Readings

Lee Kaplan takes us inside the fake Jews who are the typical poster boys for the anti semites. Kaplan notes as I have that a special effort has been made by the ISM to locate and promote Jewish Communists and Anarchists to their cause. Communists are not Jews in any coherent definition. Anarchists are the Mickey Mouse brigade of the deranged utopian brigade. They are not Jews in any definition and are not reality

Typical of this dual game is a clown called Mark Elf. He runs a blog called Lenins Tomb and wonders why he is called a Commie. Obviously reading comprehension is not Elf's strong point. He does attempt to provide cover for the more pathological antisemites. The game far left anti semites attempt to play is to hold up a Communist like Elf and say but he is a Jooooooo. Sorry, Communists are not Jooos and never were. Trying to create Utopia in this world goes against the faith. Cooperating with Nazis and Jihadists also goes against the faith and common sense. There were jewish Communists who did defend Stalin even as he murdered Jewish Artists in the Soviet Union. The same Jewish Communists want us to forget that they supported the Soviet Nazi treaty . The same voices screaming about AIPAC also want you to forget about the Rosenbergs and a host of other traitors. These Commie Clowns
masqueraded the truth about the Rosenbergs with fake Charges of Anti semitism for years. Nor were the Rosenbergs alone in their treason and our government made a severe mistake by not prosecuting more of these traitors.

Kaplan's article in the current issue of FPM takes you inside the ISM. It is run by Fatah and aids and abets terrorists. I hope Kaplan's story about the security cameras
filming the death of Rachel Corrie is true. According to Kaplan Corrie was in a trench and not visable to the driver. However, I shed no tears for the deaths of ISM and CPT types. They place themselves in harms way for their dishonest far left fantasy agenda and deserve their fate. Do notice that CPT teams do not help Chistians in Sudan or Bhai in Iran. Nor do these clowns help Tibetians or members of Falun Gong. I would love if more of these Kooks would go to China and meddle there. Then again members of Falun Gong and Bhai are peaceful.

It is time for the US government to get serious and start prosecuting these law breakers. It is time that Colleges learn that student loans and research grants can be eliminated from Universities that do not clean up their act.

Sowell on Education of Black's the dirty four letter word WORK

The dirty little secret is that our schools have been failing . The failures are linked with the rise of a political Teacher's Union. The failed educational theories of Marcuse have yeilded students who can't read. This is evident in my own family where my test scores for reading were at college level in the fourth grade. I was reading the New York Times in second grade. My younger brother the Beloved Rav Roov was reading at a third grade level before he set foot in a school. One would think my neices would have some of the ability but it is sadly wrong.

The failures of the system are most evident in minority schools across the country. Yet throughout the country there are schools where minority students beat the odds. Sowell shows a variety of methods do work but the common denominator is hard work.
Washington's famed Dunbar school was an example of excellence. Yet is was turned from a special school to a local school in the era of social engineering. Now Dunbar is just another failed inner city Scool.

Sowell points to the missionary spirit of some of the early black schools. The mission was not about books and learning it was about building men and women. That type of education continues in select public schools but mostly in the parochial schools. These schools are unburdened by PC imperitives and demand results. Yet the notion of vouchers is denied to the kids the most by the Democrats who are in the pocket of the Teachers Union. Hillary Clinton made an odd gaffe when she spoke of potential " Church of White Supremacy or Jihad Schools". Her entire focus is on protecting a failed system run by her donors in the Teachers Unions.

Sowell has found the RX is hard work and high expectations. The Marcuse based educational crapola ebonics, afrocentrism were not practiced at Dunbar. Students at Dunbar learned Greek and Latin and excelled in the highest levels of higher education without quotas.

Yet the notion that hard work and high expectations should be the key to sucsess at anything should come as a surprise to none.

One more chapter of Sowell and onto either Horowitz's Hating Whitey or The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam.

Newsflash Nixmarry Brown's father has emerged from the shadows. He is a Pakistani man who played zero role in her tragic life. He is suing for several million dollars
over the loss of his daughter who he never seemed to spend a moment with or support.
He is doing this in the name of all the kids out there, yeah right. Where are the fathers of all of Nixmary Brown's siblings ?

I am looking for a Brave soul to sit in for a Beakerkin interview. 25 Randomly selected questions on topics you do not cover on your blogs.

Possible Questions include Mr Beamish on Dynamite fishing. Jason Pappas on his views of Art. Justin Morris on Sports , Always on the Watch on Bowling , Farmer John on the politicalization of Art or has Rob Bayn ever drove a tractor. This is a great way to promote your blog and there questions will be geared toward the comedic fun.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to seek employment as the mascot for Coco Puffs and 167 RIP

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sowell's History of theGerman people

Thomas Sowell goes into the history of the German people.Sowell points to the large specter people place on the Nazi years. The Nazi era was a shameful era but we do not single out other groups. Do we hold the Russian people accountable for Communism. In fact creepy anti semites hold the Jews accountable for Communism. Lately, I have heard several attempts to blame the Holocaust on Jewish financiers.Do we hold Chinese accountable for actions of its Communist government ?

Anti Semitism was an is a fact of European life. Today it is a far left disease and dementia with Ancient roots. Jews were persecuted middlemen minorities and Sowell points to several other groups suffering similarly in history.

Now the far left and a few critics of this blog have acused the author of being unfair to Communists and Muslims. Communist history is sprinkled with treason and dead bodies. There is no reason any rational person should apologize for its failures. Even its adherents today go to odd lengths to distance themselves from the label. 167 plays word games but his real orientation is fairly evident. However, he prefers to stay in the Bolshevk closet while pretending he speaks for the world. Maybe this little rally cry will help him. We are here and red, lets have a few million more dead.

The story of Islam is fairly simple. Islam should be judged by its history and the recent actions of its adherents. If the Colonialism, Slavery, Genocide, Ethnocide, Jim Crow and theft in Western Civ is evil the exact same behaviors in Islamic history are also evil. In fact they are worse because even today Indigenous minorities are colonized on their own land centuries after invasions. We hear cries about Colonialist Jews on their own indigenous soil. Arabs arrived as invaders 2600 years after the Jooooos. There is zero connection between Phillistines and Palestinians.

Are there peaceful Moooslims living among us ? The majority of Mooooslims are peaceful . The problem is that when Mooooslims get onto a college campus they get spoonfed a whole bunch of BS from Commie professors. It is time for a comprehensive Black Book on the history of Islam. In reality rather then lecturing the West about Colonialism they should be taught about what the Moooslim invaders did to Indigenous people. This self righteous anger in the Unversities is feeding the problem at home. It is time to end victims studies and to purge our Universities of Marxists. Marx is a failed Philosopher and teaching Marx is equivalent to teaching the world is flat.

Now onto more serious news.

If you would like your blog linked just put the name of the blog followed by the URL
in the comments section and drummaster will try to create links.

We will hold a contest for a slogan for the Mr Beamish in 08 Bumpersticker.
My Entryis Beamish in 08 Do not send a politician to do a real job. Lets show some creativity and wit.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky in deportation proceeding and 167 new cause equal rights for labotomies.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New Links

My Nephew Drummaster handles the links. He has two excellent blogs to my one. My nephew needs the blog name and URL and he adds it.

We owe links to American News Crusader, Democracy Front Line, Kevin of Amboy Times.
FB JOnes Specify what blog you want linked.

If anyone else wants a link place it in the format and it will be done.

Our Jihadi visitor is not John Brown and I am 90% certain he is in Florida. My hunch from reading the blog is that this could be an impostor. Mutah is not a subject that Muslims would tend to post. Moreover the WTC angle is too coincedental. I will check Papa Ray and Pims Ghost.

How should we deal with Domestc Enemies or Deport the Duck

Part of the Commie game that the far left plays is the dual loyalty charges aimed at American Jews. 167 and the Duck get very testy if any of us hint that Mooooslims might have loyalty issues. Yet they have no problem labeling supporters of Israel traitors. The fact that Israel has been one of our most consistent Allies is just a minor detail.

The far left has a lengthy history of treason in the United States. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg remain their gooood Jews but they were not alone. An entire mythology about irrational fear of Communism has been created. Fealty to a Genocidal movement
that killed 100,000,000 is a mental illness akin to anti Semitism in the words of Joel "Deranged " Kovel. He then turns around and claims anti Zionism is not anti semitism. Beakerkin is an evil Joooooo a Kahanist because he supports Israels right to exist and points out the ethnicity claim of Paleostinians is crap.

We have moved away from prosecuting sedition and treason. However it is time we as Americans reconsider what Communism and Jihadism is and what we should do about it. The notion that Free Speech includes criminal behavior is false. Nor does it permit exhortations to violence. Nor does the notion that American Citizenship can not be removed have a basis.

A perfect illustration of how this should work are former Weatherpersons Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn. In a country that function correctly these two would have been executed or denaturalized is we were Charitable. Today both terrorists are paid cushy
salaries at American Universites.

Another Example of a group who should have its leaders in Denaturalization proceedings is Code Pink . Code Pink gave money to our enemies in Falujah. The members of CPT who meet with our enemies in Iraq and protect terrorists in Israel should also be denaturalized. One CPT member was sentenced to death and tortured by the Supermen of Islam he was sooooo worried about.

Any call for Domestic Jihad or acts of violence against the US government should be met with Denaturalization hearings. People like the Duck have already demonstrated probable cause for Goverment surveilence. Communism is and always will be a movement dedicated to the violent overthrow of the US government. Merely being a Communist is probable cause in itself. When the Duck crosses the line off to North Korea where he can end up in a Pot. Any Call for Jihad or association with known terrorists is also probable cause.

One does not have a Civil Right to Commit Treason and Espionage. Nor is the Ducks cry about violence warranted for deportation and denaturalization. The way we are going now I can see Columbia granting a Professorship to John Walker Lindh or some midlevel Al Queda types. End the insanity and get the perversity out of the University.

Beamish in 08, Ducky Denaturalized and 167 barred permanently from fouling our soil. Communists are allready barred from Citizenship.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sowell On the Real History of Slavery

Thomas Sowell takes on the loathsome subject of slavery. The vast majority of readers of this blog agree that slavey is odious. The sole exceptions are Ducky and 167 who endorse its modern equivalent in Gulags.

Sowell points to world wide concept of slavery. Africans, Asians, Native Americans and almost every group under the Sun owned slaves. Slaves were a part of mans ancient history. Most of the time slaves were of the same race as their owners. Unlike popular fiction the TransAtlantic slave trade was often carried out by Black and Arab raiders who did the actual capturing and sold the Slaves to ships on the coast of West Africa.

The Arab slave trade lasted far longer and was far deadlier then the familiar translantic period. Castration and journeys overland produced high mortality rates. Nor was the trade in slaves limited to blacks. Muslims had plenty of slaves from the Caucus and other white areas. The notion that slaves under Islam or African areas were treated better is fiction. This is akin to the ancient myth that slaves in the South were part of the family.

Thus today we have the modern day know nothings of the Nation of Islam concocting a myth that Jews ran the slave trade. There were Jews and every other group involved in the Slave trade. There were plenty of blacks and Native Americans who also owned slaves. The fact that the NOI focuses on the role of Jews alone is more proof of the pathological Antisemitism of that group. Yet Farkhan and all the black followers of the NOI turn history on its head and ignore the Arab role in slavery. In fact where slavery exsists today we find the Sons of Allah reverting to form. What do the PC left define as racism . Israel a multi racial and religious solciety building a security fence to keep out terrorists. The black Sudanese sold into Slavery by Moooooslims gets scant notice except by religious Christians and Conservatives who have been complaining since the mid 1980's. Nor did the left say a word when Uganda expelled Indians and stole all their property. It does not saw a word when Mugabee steals white farms and lets his population starve.

The left has gotten a free pass on slave labor for too long. Gulag prisoners were modern day slaves created by Marx. The high mortality rates often produced worthless projects. Today Marxists avoid any discussion about Civil rights of gulag residents.
W-w-w-w-w-ell we were for civil rights for blacks in the 60's and against the Vietnam war. The fact that more people died in SE Asia after the USA left was just a minor detail. The fact that SE Asia remains a mess and a human rights cesspool is also a minor detail. We cared sooooooo much about the Vietnamese people that we ignored their failed attempts at Utopia. This Utopia is sooooo great people fled in boats risking their lives to get away from it. The similar fantasies about Cuba and the great medical care are common myths. Cuba is sooooo great people do the same. Communist societies are like prisons that require walls and guards to keep the slaves in.

The time has come where we should end our genteel treatment of the far left. We do not treat Nazis, Racial power goons and criminals with kid gloves. Jihadists and Communists deserve scorn contempt that we fail to heap on them.

Myth number one is that sedition is protected free speech. Sedition is a criminal act and not protected. Calls for domestic Jihad and revolution should be treated as sedition and dealt with apropriately.

Myth number two is that people can not be denaturalized. They can be denaturalized and deported as alternatives to incarceration.

Myth number three immigration is a right. No immigration is a honor the American people can grant the fortunate.

Myth Number four Free speech in the workplace is a right. This is also a myth as educators have a specific charge . Failure to perform is malfeasence and cause for termination.

Mr Beamish in 08 the Georgetown elite are packing for Canada, Ducky to the Chopping Block and 167 relegated to oblivion on a site with zero comments

On Deck more Sowell on the real history of the slave trade.