Sunday, July 31, 2011

Now that some tiime has passed

The far left cabal of media morons attempted a hit and run with the facts in the Norway massacre.
The killer was not a Christian in any meaningful sense. He did not belong to any Church and admitted this in his ramblings. When the El Al ticket counter was shot up the media claimed the assailant was Latino at first. When most of your typical terrorists behave in criminal fashion the media seldom describes them as Muslims.

The media attempted to portray the killer as being motivated by Robert Spencer, Pam Geller and Bat Yeor. Funny, but when Bill Ayers and his loser SDS and Red Army types use Marxist tracts to rationalize their crimes. The difference is the Norway Killer will pay for his crime and Ayers and Co. got away with their crimes.

I want to point out that I am not nor should I ever be described as a Conservative. In actuality I am the rare nationalist liberal who is disgusted by spineless moderates. Sorry, but traditional liberals did not need to be lectured about the evils of Marxism and anarchism. Unfortunately, after the Vietnam war the inmates left the asylum and headed to the center left parties.

As a Jew, I view Marxists in the same manner as a Black man views the KKK. We are familiar with the stereotype redneck talking about the n word in every third sentence. Marxists behave
in a similar fashion with Joooooos and with rare exception are never called out for their obsessions.

The Norway Massacre was the act of a demented unemployed loser. His mental illness and narcissism is clear upon any look at the fact. He used legitimate complaints about the left to attempt to rationalize a crime. There is no rationalization for butchery by this person or SDS idiots who belonged in mental health care facilities or electric chairs decades ago.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rot in the hells you advocate

The treasonous blog of Capo Ren has announced it will end. The Capo will be going underground and establishing a new alias in parts unknown. When a tad of light is shined on vermin they tend to scurry into the sewer where they belong.

The cartoon character will comment from time to time. But the loser from MN who rationalized threats against his political foes is DOA. Sorry, but the threats to the children of Junglemom and Elmer's Brother were supporters of his site. The role of the blog host in those events should have been clear this is unacceptable. The Capo said nothing and likely encouraged this bbehavior with his is off line comments to his supporters.

His site does resemble Stormfront with Farmer John and Pagan playing the role of reality.

The Norway Terrorist unhinged lefties nahhhh

I want to once again point out how ignorant and hateful our cliche leftist the Duck is. No doubt had a series of similar gaffes been made by the legendary Mr Beamish, AOW or Z Ducky would be up in arms.

1) I do not follow or read Debbie Schlessel and I have zero idea how this person became a favorite blog of mine in the mind of the Duck.

2) I bumped into Pam Geller in NYC and said hello. I also similarly am on a first name basis with almost the mail man, bus drivers, store owners and barbers. I have read that blog from time to time but then again I read Troutsky's and Capo Rens dung pile of a blog as well.

3) The Duck who is supposedly enlightened and above bigotry tosses gay slurs fairly regularly. If Dr Yeagley were gay would it change his writtings.

4) Dr. Yeagley was a friend of mine. We had a disagreement over his views on race and America.

He lists his critics as the members of the "Beakerkin Group". This group is so secret even its leader was unaware of its existence. I was quite vocal in my opposition to his views on race. Then again his Elmer Fudd antisemitic poster who cries about Jewish communists and was in fact an active member of a well known communist front group is a comedic classic.

5) Threatening a public official for merely posting on a blog. As I have commented on Capo Ren's

and Troutsky's commie sites as well gleaning politicial views by association is funny. Unlike McCartyhism where naming actual communists was done, poultry uses an imaginary version where he claims that as a former friend I must share his views. This is quite amusing from commies who share views with Jim Jones, Mao, Stalin, Ayers and the war criminal Trotsky who

cry when we draw these far more accurate comparisons. There is zero difference between Jim Jones and Capo Ren except the former got off the couch.

6) Frequent Jew/ Nazi comparisons are cliche forms of anti Jew mania the Duck is so famous for.

7) Frequent claims of my being a Kahanist. As a person with Hindu family members this is just more stupidity on the part of a rather sophomoric joooo obsessed Marxist moron.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why do they hate us

Any time a psycho killer strikes Jews or Americans the left shrieks " Why do they hate us" and stress an arrogant need to understand psychotic killers.

I will nor should anyone else justify the evil crimes in Norway. What you are hearing in the web is alot of hatred for the extreme left and much of it is justified.

Why many hate the hard left

1) The far left has a well established history of treason and then lying and rationalizing their crimes.

2) Siding with every enemy of the USA

3) Paranoia about Fox and Talk Radio. Sorry but Fox News didn't make a snuff filmthat was proven to be false in court. To date nobody has been fired and the left shrugs its shoulders after each new scandal. They comment as experts on shows they do not bother to watch.

4) Hiring domestic terrorists and unqualified Marxist hacks in Universities. Sorry but those who think Bill Ayer's crimes are somehow justified need to drink Jonestown Koolaide.

5) Arrogance on a scale that is amazing. How people that praise Hugo and rationalize the butchery of 100,000,000 claim to be moral arbiters of anything is a comedic classic.

6) They are more fundamentalist and dogmatic than the folks at the 700 club and less based in reality.

7) They are bone stupid and repeat cliches that are stupid and idiotic. A classic Saddam was the CIA's boy armed with T series tanks, Soviet advisors and MIG jets. The USA does not make those weapons and the left is well aware of the Soviet and Socialist French role in aiding and abetting Saddam.

8) There are more bigots on the left than the right. People on the left ramble on about Israel and Jooos like inbred KKK folks in the 1950's.

Feel free to add your own rant.

I do not excuse unthinkable crimes but most of us have valid reasons to hate the far left. Unlike the far left we respect laws. However should the left ever resort to actual violent revolution I would waste zero time responding appropriately to the treason.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I wish to address arespected critic who is letterally besides himself over the News Corp Scandal.

1) Newscorp is a diverse company with many units ranging from National Enquirer types to more conventional outlets. The serious infraction with phone hacking a terrorism victim appears to have been done at a National Enquirer type of tabloid. In a large conglomerate unfortunate things like this do happen and the appropriate people will be dealt with by the company.

I could care less about any antics involving the royal family. As an Amaerican egalitarianism is one of my core values and royalty is something I would rather not read about. Unfortunately, older females have an odd curiousity that the media here caters to. I turn the page as Royals are a bore and the notion of any President bowing to any royal offends me. I may not like Obama but I will respect him and the office more than an inbred loser who is a relic from an earlier age.
I understand folks iin the UK see this as a symbol of the past and it is a rather quaint harmless oddity I do not grasp.

2) As bad as this scandal is lets place it in proper perspective. Media in France made a fake snuf film and accused Israel of masacaring a child. Nobody was fired and the organization that commited this fabrication did not suffer in any way. Terrorists did rationalize their subsequent crimes based upon this fiction. Had this fiction not been created they would have invented other reasons suck as a rise in the price of tabouleh or bad airline food.

The NY Times has published classified doccuments a few times with no penalty.

The Guardian organized a letter writting campaign that attempted to inflence a foreign election.
No doubt the folks in the UK would be besides themselves if a Murdoch paper acted similarly.

3) I am actually amazed at the level of obsession in the UK and Europe with media they do not watch or listen to. I actually did watch episodes of Glenn Beck after reading the hysteria at mostly foreign sites like HP. After watching the shows in question in its entirety it was painfuly obvious the Gene of HP is the planets laziest blogger and had not even bothered to watch the shows he commented on.

4) Talk radio is a source of entertainment for many and the contents are protected under our First Amendment. If you don't like the genre don't listen. However, gthere are those on the left that want to silence any voice to the right of Hugo Chavez.

The folks in the UK should wonder what is it about their society that has newspapers with topless centerfolds and lacks the freedoms to have decent talk radio. Canada actually had a few decent talk shows that were rightof center and even in leftist Vermont local talk radio leans right.

For the record I haven't listened to talk shows in a while. Lately political bs annoys me.

1Job one get people working
2 Job two return to job one.

As for the comments of Glenn Beck the timing was not appropriate but a political camp has an obvious stench. This does not excuse an act of butchery, but what type of losers send kids to a political camp. Communists, Nazis and religious theocrats seem to have a monopoly on this boorish abuse of children in the USA. A camp where kids wore penny loafers read Buckley, Sowell, Rand and listen to Glenn Beck would be a great comedy skit. The statements are correct but now is not the time and place for them.

I want to stress that only losers and nuts think of themselves as Knights. Killing kids and bonmbing civilians are crimes usually committed by leftists and religious lunatics.

I read the words at Ren. He is a sick warped loon. Commies seldom spellm out their evil as blatantly as the Capo. Remind the Capo when he screamed when I pointed out Bill Ayers, Jim Jones and Pol Pot share a philosophy. He cried about guilt by association and changes the tune when expedient.

Sorry, but Tea Party rallies are peaceful and anti war demonstrations are not. If you don't believe me as a Cop.

Monday, July 25, 2011

And Unicorns too

The left is up and arms because the latest terrorist targeted leftists and cited immigration as a social problem. This does not compute as the left sees nothing wrong with violence when its goals are furthered. The similar shrill voices see nothing wrong with a circus clown terrorist teaching in higher ed and being good friends with Obama.

The left likes to play games with the truth. The killer is described as a Christian. I do not hear serious Christians waxing about Knighthood ala some overgrown D&D player. The left usually describes Jim Jones as a Christian except like Ducky he was a Communist and remained one until his death.

Now that the left as a new unicorn to trot out when the rest of us point out that modern terror is almost entirely a communist- Jihadist thing, perhaps they can give it a rest. Oklahoma City was well over a decade ago and we have seen scores of terrorist acts from the usual suspects,

The problem has been that the left has defined deviancy down. Patting the most unhinged violent types with a welfare check and choruses of "Bad Jooooo" has not made Europe safe. In fact alliances with these far left loons who are loathed by decent folks everywhere has probably
hurt Muslims more than they ever guessed. So far only Stephen Schwartz of the CIP has questioned the alliance with the seediest parts of the far left, but it will come to pass.

Here is a clue comwads. Farouk wants a job just like John Beercan. He really could give two craps about your social justice bs and you are little more than an embarrassment or window dressings at his political events. Sooner or later he will deduce that you are uuseless and deal with more mainstream types.

Watch out for unicorns and adjust the tin foil hats looking for another anomaly.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Going to Be taking some time off

I will be trying to spend some time with my daughter and beloved Maltese. The Maltese is like living with a comedian. I took a few fans and made a small cool spot with a fluffy pillow. No sooner than I placed everything together the Maltese went into the spot. He has been known to chase me while I am eating Lamb and rice from the Halal truck.

The daughter and I will look for the Lemon Ice King of Corona. I prefer Ralph's of Staten Island but as my daughter lives in Queens we will take what is local. Ralphs makes the planets most amazing Key Lime Ices. The Cherry is also very good but my daughter loves Pina Colada.

The weather is somewhat better but 85% humidity is no laughing matter.

Just who supports bigotry

I am amused by our resident bird brained Marxist linking me to Gert Wilders or the EDL whom I have not written a single post on.

The closest they come is the guilt by association bit with Dr Yeagley. Obviously, these lefties do not read well as illiteracy is considered a sign of authenticity by commies, ask Rigoberta. Had these dullards bothered to look they would have noticed scores of posts disagreeing with the racial hygiene idiocy. Such nostrums offend my American ethos as much as bird brained Marxism.

Meanwhile Ren and Troutsky permit a blogger whose posts are linked by Stormfront to comment without criticism. We have seen plenty of Jews control America and the media bit from this same crew as well as non responses to Jews blew up the WTC. The fact is that whien a genuine Jew sees a commie, he looks at them similarly to the way a Black Man views the KKK.

One does not see Pam, AOW or myself saying this is anything other than a crime. Killing civilians is wrong and there are no rationalizations. We do not mince words when Muslims or Commies commit these crimes, nor do we mince words when others commit them.

Sorry, but the same crew that feigned ignorance of the crimes of Lori Berenson, Carlos the Jackal
and Bill Ayers need to give it a rest.

Here we go again

The far left has an obsession with certain bloggers. As a deranged nut may have read Pam Geller's site they want to foist the blame on a blog they don't like. As 90% of terrorism is inspired by Manifestos and Korans following the logic of the Duck we should ban those books.

Lefties have no problem with political violence so long as Jews, Americans and folks who resist Marxism die. Syria and Libya just did not start butchering their people now, but the left feigned ignorance and obsessed about dem Jooooos.

Sooner or later Muslims will figure out that the far left has used them. Folks on the left have patted Muslims on the head like dogs and parroted bad Joooo to remain in power. The economic mess in Europe stems from mindless Socialist malfeasance.

This man is no doubt a criminal and a nut job. However, where are these same lefties who insist when Jews or Americans are targeted who state we must understand grievances. Now that their own get butchered they cry about the very eliminationalism they rationalize when the target is expedient.

Sorry, but Marx and the Koran are far more likely to inspire violence than the writings of Pam Geller

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Making something out of nothing

When I heard about the bombing in Norway my first thought were anarchists were behind that one. The suspect in the shootings appears more disturbed than political. This is a random shooting spree with less sense than Columbine where the shooters attended school.

When dealing with random shootings we are dealing with deeply disturbed individuals.
This particular crime bears more than a passing resemblance to your basic school shooter loon. We had one of these shootings in Upstate NY and the media jumped to the conclusion that it was some sort of anti immigrant racist, until it was later uncovered that the killer was an immigrant himself.

The killer is alive and there will be plenty of time to question him. Unfortunately, for the far left it is highly unlikely the killer watched Fox News, listened to Glenn Beck or have heard of Pat Robertson.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Clown Killer drugged kid before killing him

It is not disputed that Levi Aaron is mentally disturbed. He was treated and medicated long before his crime.

The sole question should be was he conscious of what he was doing. The actual crime shows a clear pattern of premeditation. As of the moment it does not appear Aaron sexually molested his victim. Given the massive search have he may not had the time or he was motivated by something else.

Unfortunately for the public the crime was committed in an area with a Cuomo flunky DA Charles Hynes who will not under any circumstances consider Capital Punishment. This undercuts a valuable starting point in any plea deal.

No way

Jane Fonda is besides herself claiming "I never did anything to hurt my country". Somehow she likely believes her own garbage but the rest of us remember her calling POW's who survived real torture liars. Her activities were treasonous but she was hardly alone in this activity. Plenty of academics created similar treason and used this to promote their careers via the old Bolshevik network.

Of course her current support for Code Pinko flies under the radar.

Sorry, but this one is a bit much even by low communist standards.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

To the Democrats out there

It is readily apparent that Barak Obama is unsuited for the Presidency. He can not lead and seems to have disdain for real Americans. Obama is and will always be the mediocre student who repeats his Professors BS without critical thought and has been socially promoted way over his limited ability.

Many of you are company men and the notion of turning on your own is abhorrent. You can register concerns with Obama by writing in votes for Anthony Weiner in the primaries.

We are aware that Wiener does not want the nomination and is unlikely to get much support. A vote for Wiener is a message that Obama needs to start respecting those of us who do not work for big education and big media. Bill Clinton understood working people and grasped the importance of the economy. The economy is tanking and Obama shows no inclination to create jobs.

Lil Anthony Wiener for all his foibles and behavioral lapses that are more sophomoric than criminal has a better grasp of the average Americans life than Obama. Wiener had the humility to place his constituents first and resign rather than continue the farce. He could have pulled a Charlie Rangel or a Ted Kennedy and remained in DC for life.

Obama needs to grasp that his arrogance and disdain for the average American is blatant and needs to change.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Emperor has no Clothes Obama can't lead

The media university clowns conspired to tilt media coverage during the election so that a spineless social science faculty lounge lizard could be anointed President. Yes it is despicable to criticize the President in racial terms. It is also just as despicable to try and silence criticism of this failed President by playing the race card. Obama need not do this himself as his proxies Jimmy Carter and media mendicants will push this theme.

Obama was elected with little more than mindlessly repeating hope and change and a Pepsi ripoff logo. Nothing in his bio has ever shown leadership and his record was exaggerated. He has never run anything prior to being President and once in the Whit
House he has shown he can not lead.

America is crying out for jobs and the response of Obama was a job killing big government program unpopular with the public. While the economy burned Obama spent his time catering to his faculty buddies and talking about fictional green jobs. Of course, it is unrealistic to assume Obama capable of real leadership. Who has he ever led prior to being anointed. He never held a real job in his life.

The Obama tactic of holding up the most extreme positions of his critics and feigning that he is a visionary moderate is not working. He has not improved the economy and other than the death of Osama has done nothing of note other than select an even larger non entity as Vice President.

Monday, July 18, 2011

A post political world

Our familiar leftist clowns live in a fantasy world where any revolution is considered their bastard child. The clowns of the left live in their own delusions of ignorance
in what is behind Arab Spring. Syria, Libya and Tunisia are hard left Arab regimes. Contrary to popular delusion the Nasserite economy of Egypt is not to be confused with a
South Korea or Taiwan.

The Arab massses want Jobs, housing and consumer good and are fed up with the status quo. The left is prisoner of its Jooooish obsessions and deliberately glossed over a series of evil regimes that have become too blatant to ignore. Syria did not just become a thug regime. They are a BAATH (Arab SOCIALIST party with clear origins in France) party monstrosity that has a dreadful human rights record. Lefties like the Duck also get abnesia when their own man Assad is on record telling fake Psuedostinian Arafat that they have more claim to represent the Psuedostinians than
the PLO. The truth is Arabs viewed the area of Israel as Southern Syria and all this Palestine garbage is merely a fig leaf for cloaking leftist Anti-semitism. Judenfrei
Real Estate has an obvious odious history.

In the effort to join hands with every anti American populist faction ( no matter how
odious) they have done little more than turn a blind eye to brutal corrupt regimes, hand out welfare checks and feed Muslims little more than a diet of populist anti semitism. Contrary to the left and many on the right modern Muslim Jew hared is a Western import from France. Pan Arabism is a leftist delusion where everyone in the middle east is Arab except dem Jooos. Its Turkish corollary led by the leftist Young Turks butchered Armenians and other Christians. One can make an argument that modern eliminationalist antisemitism has roots in Marx, French Anarchism as well as the Koran.

We will see both Chavez and Castro fall soon

Of course there will be convenient excuses and a new messiah of the left. Lefties by nature are incapable of learning actual history and are ignorant beyond a series of pseudo religious tracts that are worthless.

Enough of the News Corp Bashing

The errors of a unit of News Corp were indeed grave, but unlike other transgressors Newscorp immediately fired the perpetrators. There is a mania on the far left about anything having do with the one news outlet that is not far left.

Did we see this type of uproar when the news media in France was shown to have created a murder of a Palestinian Child? The matter had to go before a judge and nobody was fired.

Did we see a march of people demanding mass terminations at CBS for the fake Bush National Guard Story. The producer and Dan Rather lost their jobs without congressional hearings and demands for cleaning house.

Were any of the journalists or academics who conspired via email to get Obama elected terminated? Not a single conspirator was terminated and the economic mess created by Obama lies literally at the feet of those who were completely incapable
of professionalism.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Post Left World

We are in a new era, The era of unholy alliances between those receiving government benefits, labor unions, big education and big media is over. The old ways depended upon
a natural growth rate and factory jobs. The old ways worked, but in a world with global trade and lower birth rates the old remedies made the problems worse.

The left conspired with every hostile foreign regime and sabotaged energy development outside nasty thug Arab regimes. Energy production jobs are jobs that support middle class families that provide revenue for social programs. However, the far left was more concerned with the opinions of freak and loser hippies than with working families.

The environmental and labor left killed jobs that went to China and South Korea. The left added more programs and more dependency and never made any real effort to contain health and education costs that crippled working families.

The Big Media clowns supported the march to the left as our economy burned. The media with the exception of Fox News cheer leaded the agenda of the far left assault
on our economy. We are used to investigative journalist aiming at corporate malfeasance, but labor corruption and the actual finances of far left groups remain a taboo subject.

In the new era we must do more with less. The new era should start off with what is the job of government. What are our priorities? What can we afford? We need to end the era of unaccountable government. The new mantra is results. What is the most cost effective way to get the desired result should be the order of government.

We need to be more business friendly and stimulate growth as job number one. Job number two is to remember job number one.

If you are out of work and money is tight thank a far leftist for the mess they have created. Its the entitlements stupid.

Rethinking mental illness and crime

I have zero doubt that Levi Aaron does indeed suffer from severe mental illness. This condition was diagnosed well before his crime and he was medicated for it. We live in a society where it is rare that mentally ill people would be in supervised care for serious conditions. Prior to this he had committed no major crime that would have provided society with a basis for mandatory confinement.

The sole question should be did Aaron know what he was doing and the consequences of his actions. Aaron was certainly cognizant of the massive search and attempted to dispose of the body. This should infer that he was reality based enough to pay for his crimes with the death penalty. This should be waived to life in prison with no chance of parole, only if he pleads guilty and spares the family a trial.

The death penalty should be applied to all acts of premeditated murder. Aaron did plan this act and made plans for disposing the body. The victim was a special needs child making this crime even more heinous.

I have zero idea why a lawyer would want to touch this case. However, if one wanted publicity and to make a name, this case is an eye opener. The attorney is not well known but is a former NYPD police officer. My guess is that he is clever enough to negotiate before this comes to trial. The attorney is lucky in that his client is clearly slow of mind and will likely be advised to stay off the witness stand.

The normal yardsticks of legal wins and losses do not apply here. In one part we should be glad Aaron did not select Ron Kuby of the famed "Black Rage" defense and Lynne Stewart can not practice law. The idiotic Stewart is unlikely to have accepted
a generic mentally ill slacker with no political themes. I suppose if Kuby were handling this we would have been subjected to a long diatribe about society failing mentally disturbed types like Aaron.

The mental health defense is a smart legal tactic( but reprehensible) as a negotiating point for a plea deal. Unfortunately, I am familiar enough with the legal system to grasp that were I tasked with defending this wretch I would be doing
the same exact steps as the attorney.

I do respect a skilled attorney who uses the system. Their job is to represent their
clients and at least we are spared Ron Kuby's drama and diatribes.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Death Penalty For Levi Aaron

I do not care about Levi Aron's messed up childhoocd or mental problems. His crime is so heinous he deserves to die. If he spares the family a trial and pleads guilty life in prison with no parole is acceptable. Prison justice will probably be far worse than a lethal injection.

As far as molestation the evidence of molestation is inconclusive.

Perhaps the large scale searches are a bad idea. More erffort should be made to let jerks like this know they will be found and if they return the kid now they may get out in ten years if the kid is unharmed.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Watch yourself in the heat folks

Do not push yourself too hard in this weather. I had a close call yesterday but am fine. I couldn't remember my passwords and was not thinking clearly. I went home and collapsed on the floor. The sticky weather made it impossible to sleep and in VT I would have headed to the mountains.

I am getting annoyed with Obama talking about everything but his cronies in big education. The cost of education is out of control and it is entirely the fault of far left featherbeding and union intransigence. Sorry, but when your property taxes skyrocket and students are carrying debt loads that could cripple their future the system needs a review.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


I am amazed at how much I enjoy watching classic sitcoms from when I was a kid. The ones I seem to enjoy the most are Happy Days and Family Ties. Perhaps one day I will get around to satirizing that with the Beakerkin Mighty Arts Players. Mr Beamish plays the Fonzie role as the Beamer. My self as Richie and the Duck as Ralph Malph. The Duck
could be called Shmucky Duck a failed comic nerd who becomes a commie because he has nothing better to do and is inept at anything else. Pottsie is played by Beakerambo
who can sing very well.

The funny thing is that one can still recall even minor characters like Arnold, Melvin Belvin and Officer Kirk years later. Of course the new version will have Kirk ranting about Commies and the Duck hiding under the table. Everyone knew Fonzie types were not commies as they lived real lives and held real jobs. The show did get that wrong but we will make the correction as Commies are nerds who can't get real jobs without the Old Bolshevik network.

Book Review Ann Coulter's Demonic

This book is poignant and in places hysterical. The appropriate people get skewered
from Bill Ayers to the imbeciles who lump the French Revolution with the American Revolution together.

There are some slight errors with the book. There are some quotes that Thomas Jefferson was not exactly supportive of the mess in France. It is true that Edmund Burke knew the difference, but Charles Fox did not. Then again when one reads the full bio of both Burke was a deeper thinker.

The book provides little that I did not know. However, it is presented with an acerbic witty tone. It is okay to laugh at Weathermen blowing themselves up with their own bombs and proclaiming themselves heroes. It is correct to be outrages at a system that hires domestic terrorists in higher ed. Coulter correctly notes more people died at Waco under Reno than Kent State.

If you are a history wonk you won't learn much but you will have a great chuckle in many places. Any book that ridicules Bill Ayers is worth reading.

Monday, July 04, 2011

The Right of Privacy and Asylum

There seems to be some confusion about Asylum and the DSK mess

1) The accuser does appear to be a warped criminal. This is information that was gleaned through legitimate investigation into a criminal case.

What annoys me is the attitude of this person that was granted a privaledge based upon fraud. Apparently, she feels it is also OK to lie on her taxes and get housing benefits she has not qualified for.

Just what group of losers, have been championing Immigration as a right? The far left rips up the social contract and twists asylum law into a joke and the rest of us deal with the consequences.

2) It is never OK to release information in Asylum testimony to the especially considering this person was a crime victim. Law enforcement has zero reason to look into what essentially is sacred private testimony.

If criminal actions warrant a second look it should be done quietly and discreetly
by a trained asylum officer and or immigration judge. The applicant should be represented by competent counsel who is familiar with the laws of asylum.

3) It is unlikely that even were the benefits stripped that this person would be returned to their country of origin. Good luck finding another country that will accept a pathologically seedy person.

The contents of asylum cases are deeply personal testimony. Revealing that testimony
under almost all circumstances is a bad idea. When legitimate applicants see the violation of trust the will not step forward as leaking this testimony may endanger family members. Seedy types will always make up false claims.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Being a Socialist means you get to trample the rights of others and talk of ignorance

This is a rant about the Socialist Worm DSK and the asylum sysytem

1 Asylum cases are decided before an aslyum officer or an Immigration Judge. The case is long decided before it comes to the local office where the officers at that level determine if the person is eligible to formally adjust. Unless the person has major criminal convictions it is a mere formality. The key word is CONVICTIONS not charges.

2 The contens of n asylum claims are sacred. Officers may not discuss them with each other save where a legal point is in question. We never ever discuss the specifics of an actual case. Releasing the information on a crime victim is a severe violation of the privacy act. Anyone familiar with asylum claims will tell you similar fraud is very common. The applicants are 90% economic refugees with a BS tale of lies spun into a poor mix of cheap theatre.

No doubt if the laws werte applied correctly 95% of asylum seekers wouidn't make the grade.

3) The person has lied about many things and likely has engaged in rampant criminality. This does not infer that she lied about being raped and even if she was a hooker this changes almost nothing. This does reduce the credibility of witness before the legal assasins. A similar look at the life of DSK reveals he has problems that make Clinton look like Pat Boone.

4) The statements of lefties like the Duck with the far less credible Duke Rape Case should be examined. Abusing and exploiting minority women from the lower class seem to be OK as long aa a socialist Baboon is the perpetrator.

Any concerns about working class people are mere trivialities.

5) Perhaps the only good that might come from this is an intense look at the asylum and refugee program that needs to get back to helping worthy people flee persecution
and not economic charlatans with BS stories.

Do note another disturbing bit of news is the commnts about someone claimuing to be Muslim getting drunk would have been crucified by HR. We are not a theocracy and Muslims and other religious people do fail to uphold their faith. The possible money laundering, tax fraud, benefits fraud, prostitution could have been gleaned without going anywhere near asylum testimony that should have remained private.

A crime victim does not deserve to have their privacy violated to protect a distubed serial predator who espouses leftist cliches while abusing and exploiting the workingh class people who they lecture the planet about.

On a personal note the usual rants of the Duck are basically good for cheap theatre.
The closest he gets toactual minorities is a three minute conversation with a cleaning lady or boring a cabbie.