Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Uniqueness of Anti Semitism

I am always amazed at the obsessive mania of anti semites. We have political cartoons who bend and contort themselves into human cartoons justifying their obsession.

What makes this unique is that far lefties like to play word games to disguise their obsession. Thus when you hear a lefty say Neocon they mean evil Joooish Wepublican. The neocon cabal bits are lifted literally from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

A familiar term from the Duck is Likudnick. This is commie speak for Jooo who has loyalty issues.A commie pointing fingers at anyone about loyalty given their history is rather comedic.

Kahanist is another humorous term by the Duck and his buddy Capo Ren. How an avowed secularist with Hindu family is an advocate for a Torah state is more comedy. Kahanists like Mad Zionist are very open about who they are. They are very soft on communism and consider pro Isreal secularists like myself a greater enemy than Trotskyites who advocate the destruction of Israel and rationalize terrorism. The Duck's pal Capo Ren was quite chummy with the Mad Zionist.

Moving onto more comedic examples of this obsession Openly Gay Dane 167 promotes and champions the cause of a people who persecutes gays. Sorry, but to the best of my knowledge
the folks at the 700 Club never had police beat gays but the PA does. Sorry, but championing Muslim rednecks while ranting about Robertson is too comedic.

We have the certified nut Motoy turning Bad Eagle into Stormfront Redux with anti semitic material that is unwelcome by Dr Yeagley. How a person who was a proud member of well known Communist Front group AIM for two decades rants about Jewish communists is comedic.
When called on this farce he whines. Sorry, but my anti communist credentials are greater than the cartoon Motoy who has decades of communist alliances.

Even Art Bell noted the over the top Jew hatred of 9-11 critics.

Fixing the educational bubble

Unlike those who talk about the educational bubble Beakerkin has a proposed solution to it

In order to qualify for government backed student loans the educational institution must cosign and be responsible for the default percentage. School A produces a 90% loan failure rate for its culinary grads and should be held liable for 90% of the loans. The accounting dept produces 20% and should be liable for a lower percentage. College loans are capped at 10% of a grads income . Colleges will have incentives to reduce loans and place their grads quickly.

Ending all non science, math research funding. Most of the research is worthless and produces little other than articles read by a politically inbred group of loons. Professors must work regular work weeks with zero allowances for nebulous research like Prof X's deconstruction of whatever.

Closure of all victims studies departments. There is no room in limited budgets for Angela Davis's social activism on my dime. Nor are political indoctrination courses needed for MSW students.

Revamping of the liberal arts base to include far more business courses. An English lit major should have accounting and finance classes as opposed to Sociology or victims studies. Non business majors can opt for educational classes so they are prepared to teach in local schools.
Those universities that balk at the new liberal arts base get zero loans.

Elimination of tenure and making the University Presidents responsible for hires. Let the Presidents of the University hold his staff accountable for the actions of his staff. Similarly, these
Presidents can fire Professors who tarnish the image of the school with vulgar political activism.

Quite Amusing

I want to point to an interesting tendency of the Duck who as a commie seems to think that I am under some obligation to disavow a series of people from Dr Yeagley to Pam Geller.

Is this some type of left wing McCarthyism?

I consider Dr Yeagley to be a friend of mine. I have not posted at his site for a while and have no intention of returning. The Doctor has never mistreated me in any way and I have no animosity towards him. My views of race, patriotism and America are markedly different then his. Any claim that I support his racial hangups are actually comedic. As I comment on the demented blog of the simpleton anti semitic communist Troutsky one can not infer my politics by where I comment. Ultimately, one is only responsible for their own comments. My differences with Yeagley were noted at his site and he was so disturbed by my criticism that he asked me to leave. It is one thing for a communist like the Duck to banter with Yeagley. However, when a patriotic American who serves his country with honor disagrees on the essence of Amricanism he
can not win. The best Yeagley could do with myself or Pagan for that matter was bandy the word Maudlin while not going near the substance. Big Table inclusive Americanism is the polar opposite of racial hygenie, not your kooky death cult class genocide neoslavery idiocy.

More curiously is the new attempts to link me to Pam Geller. I have met Pam once or twice in passing and I seriously doubt she knows the name Beakerkin. She runs her own blog and hardly needs me or anyone else to defend her.

As for my own views on Islam, I am starting to wonder how much of the animus is really based upon lefties trying to stoke populist Joooo hatred and religious dogmatism. This is a topic that serious writers like Stephen Schwartz of the CIP could shed serious light upon. The truth is that
it takes zero effort to find decent Muslims. They work a few cubes down and are valued members of the community. The problem is that the groups that the media hoist as the official spokesmen are not inclusive. A friend of mine asked me about Muslims in Guyana and there is a strange difference. Islam there is a given and the notion of Muslims not sharing in rituals that unite the country seems crazy.

In reality my coworkers grasp and join us in holidays like July 4. Stephen Schwartz could right a column or two about what our familiar holidays and popular culture mean to him from his perspective. Yet the familiar media circus Muslim leaders lack the respect for our traditions and would not be able to present themselves in a similar inclusive manner.

The truth is that once you are on the far left you eliminate yourself from being cool. It is very hard to be cool when one sees their country and history as the sum of all evils while dedicated to a failed philosopher and rationalizing the crimes of Marxists. Thus I can enjoy and celebrate common traditions with almost the entire country except for those who exclude themselves by fealty to ideas inimical to my American traditions. It does not matter what ethnicity, race or proclivities one has as long as we share a respect for Americanism.

The Duck had linked me to authors I do not read like Debbie Schlessel which I find rather amusing. The obvious is that this author and I have a common trait and it is not pigmentation.
We just happen to belong to the same tribe. The mania of the Duck often approaches the about cartoon Klansmen ranting about Blacks when the subject is Jews.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago my city was attacked by crazed religiously inspired loons. This was not the first or last time my nation was attacked by religious zealots. In fact I had survived the previous blast at the WTC.
This does not mean nor infer that every Muslim is a terrorist. However, other than the CIP and Stephen Schwartz we see next to no Islamic leaders saying Houston we have a problem. Instead we get spin and equivocations from the usual media darlings. The notion that repeated acts of pointless mindless violence hurts the cause and practitioners of Muslims everywere has failed to register outside the CIP.
The reality of 9-11 till does not get appreciated by most Muslims and their far left Marxist henchmen. Building a foreign funded mega mosque blocks from the greatest war crime perpetuated in the name of Islam is entirely legal, but stupid and disrespectful to the American people.
America was stabbed in the back after 9-11, but this is what the far left always does. When a rabid
dog or a snake acts true to form we shouldn't be surprised. Thus the plethora of mostly far left
conspiracy cranks mostly blaming er dem Jooooooos is what good lefies do. Those who pretend
that Marxists are Jews need look no further than the actions of Rabbi Snagglepuss and Prof Zinn
signing conspiracy petitions fully aware of the anti semitic mania in the ranks of the 9-11 conspiracy crew.
On that day, I changed my life and dedicated it to public service. My observations have sometimes put me at odds with those to my right whom I respect. It is about serving the public in the most noble of tradition, nothing more. The parasitic bird brained Duck who teaches doodling would be surprised at who celebrates and honors my work.
The truth is while those on the far left feign relevance in pot smoke filled faculty lounges, big media cocktail parties and in boehemian enclaves of depravity. The truth is it is the Beakerkins, Beamishes, Warrens, AOW, Z and so forth who do each and every day without notice that make this nation great.
Beamish in 12

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beakerkin in a small earthquake

I was routine business when a small tremor struck. I honestly thought it was yesterdays chicken parm gone wrong. While my peers were confused I called the command center and gave the word to stay put. Five minutes later we got the order to evacuate and I performed my duties and was the last person off the floor.

In such contingencies Federal Workers are to go to a predetermined spot. I wanted to grab a Knish at the cart along the way but got an earful from a peer. I performed my duties as per the training and a supervisor made sure the floor was clear. In the event of an injury I would have to stand by until rescue personnel arrived.

It is amazing how despite many drills we always seem to fail when the real thing happens. The top boss asked for the number to the command center and we went back to work. Funny but I had the foresight to make contingency plans for my interviewees.

I guess being blown up at the WTC twice, assorted Ferry mishaps, blackouts and industrial accidents have given me a cool response. We knew the quake was felt in Washington because people were on the phone with our counterparts when the quake struck.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Obama got this one right

Many of us hate Obama so much that we are looking for anything to bash him on. I certainly have lampooned the Marxist clown that droned on about hope and change with a knock off Pepsi logo.
Obama has delivered change by making everything worse while pandering to the Marxists in big education and big media.

The review of deportation cases was something that should have happened long ago. Some of the cases had the spouses of active duty military facing deportation. We should not need Obama or the media to tell us that is a lousy idea.

Deportation should focus first and foremost on criminal, public safety and national security issues.
We should focus on drug dealers, drunken drivers, serial shop lifters and criminal recidivists.

Obama got this one right. That is amazing

Monday, August 15, 2011

Twighlight of the Current

There are times when history is at a turning point. I think twenty years from now we will view the age of Obama as the end of the great liberal/ socialist matrix. Endless benefits and the quid pro quo deals with government workers has drained the States.

The money no longer exists to fund everything. Indeed the money was never there and we never did get results for our dollars anyway.

The Old Bolshevik Club in media and academia will try to scare you to save their man Obama. Are you better off than you were four years ago. Do you see a bright future for the kids? Do you see our traditional allies being sold out for empty promises? Don't believe the words of the Bolshevik MSM look at your lives and the world we inherited from the pretender. Obama has brought change into our lives by making everything worse. The only hope for America is if he gets a new day job.

The question from now on needs to be is this the job of government. How can we do this more cost effectively?

The current era is over even though commies fail to see the handwriting on the wall. Their time has passed and their corrosive impacts on traditional Capitalism need to end.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Friend Dr Yeagley

I want to point out that the Communist Duck is very fond of discussing my friend Dr Yeagley. The Dr has some really dreadful ideas that are vile on a personal level. The racial obsessions are creepy and disturbing.

That being said the Doctor has never wronged me or anyone else to the best of my knowledge. On a personal level the Dr. was a good friend who was frequently was placed in hard spots due to constant flame wars at his site mostly caused by the rabid mongrel and a cartoon like anti semite.

There is something amazing when a communist given their history feels superior to anyone. Racial kooks are odious and rarely criminal these days. Communists are every bit as bigoted as the racial power nerds they merely focus their ire on Jews. If there is an event commies look for a Zionist angle. No doubt Yeagley looks absurd with posts Negroes rising, but Commies who talk of Israeli leaders ( Troutsky) licking blood of the boots seem to think their own bigotry is immune from similar scrutiny.

To the best of my knowledge Yeagley has never called for any violence to be directed at any fellow citizen on the basis of his obsessions. He has never advocated criminal actions or has served as a mouth piece to any foreign power that seeks the violent over throw of the US government.

Yeagley may be odious but he is preferable on his worst day to Commies like the Duck or Capo Ren.

What the #%$^^

I am perplexed at the size of potato chips keeps shrinking. This has become a running joke as every
week the bags get smaller and the price remains the same.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Good Lord

The real reason I left Bad Eagle was the constant use of race in the most toxic and obnoxious manners. The good Dr has an obnoxious post about Negros rising. This is typical of his racial obsessions that take every event on the planet and place a racial spin on it.

Race exists with many other variables in a big mix of jumbled numbers. Moreover, the riots started in the West Indian and not African Community. Crime in the West Indies is much higher
than elsewhere. Many people think their Club Med trips are indicative of life in the Islands. In fact away from the highly policed tourist areas it is very dangerous. Nationals of these areas are afraid to return home because of the crime and everyone sticking their hands out.

Way back in the 80's I had the misfortune of sitting in a forum where Michael Manley spoke. The man was unfocused and incoherent. He was asked a series of marijuana questions and the standard bs about colonialism. I asked a simple question and was chastised for it. "How do you plan to develop the economy beyond tourism". This is a very real question that every politician
should be able to answer. Manley could not answer and my guess was he had no plans other than the status quo.

There are many factors behind riots and race is one of many. Right now we are in an era of desperation. Reagan isn't here with the "we can do it spirit". We elected an empty suit with no leadership ability on little more than droning on about hope and change and a Pepsi knock off logo. To many Obama was a symbol of a post racial America. Yet we are more polarized than ever. Part of the reason is that we did discuss the evils of race based criticism. However, we never got around to mindless race based support of a person clearly unqualified for the job. There was preposterous talk of Obama by many of his supporters in messianic terms. Whereas Reagan inspired confidence Obama is viewed as even more clueless and aloof than Jimmy Carter. You wait for Obama to lead and wait and wait .... There isn't a sense that the good times are on the way. The spirit is that things are going to get much worse.

Riots also are crimes of opportunity and many studies show that unemployment, education and
family structure are also involved. There is the sense of entitlement and that the group can get away with it. People will do things in groups that individuals would never do. There is also a real belief that they will not be held accountable. To a very large extent those on the left who talk of uprisings and impede prosecution of rioters are responsible for exacerbating existing problems.
The example we used yesterday was a leftist turd McIntyre urging people to burn London and our Communist Duck rationalizes this as concern about Police brutality. Burning property and theft are not social activism and the dementia of the Duck is evident. Nor is any concern about a
specific case a rationale for anything other than peaceful protest and pressuring government.
However, when communists like Ren talk of revolution they imagine themselves whiping a mob into a frenzy. The truth is that if a Commie like Capo Ren ever went into one of these areas and started talking about Trotsky in the middle of a riot he would be quickly robbed. If anyone listened they might be bored to sleep.

Race is merely one variable in a greater mix. One can walk into the homes of many Haitian professionals in Brooklyn. The question is why can they build a success here and not at home. The unpleasant response is the preponderance of corruption as a way of life, mindless lawlessness and government by the most corrupt and inept. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Haitians, Guyanese and Jamaicans as a people. The problem starts with a mindless anti colonial mindset that objected to one form of colonialism and instilled a different type of colonialism by a series of Marxist buffoons. The odd part is that Obama himself according to D'Sousa ascribes to this same mindless anti colonial 60's relic Marxism. Instead of building a future the warped Obama is more interested in social engineering and big government.

Race does not exist in a vacuum in America or elsewhere. It is part of a larger picture that mindless racists seek to abuse for their own ends.

We do need a leader to unite us all in the Big Table American spirit and say we can create jobs
and build a future. This is a task that appears beyond the abilities of Obama, but I would like to be proven wrong as many good people are out of work and hurting.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The worst supporters on the Planet

The words of Pseudostinian activist Jody McIntyre, encouraging Londoners to torch their city are reflective of the genuine mentality of those obsessed with Psuedostine in the West. The hard core activist are really at war with Capitalism. These "activists" are deranged sorts that if we had depoliticized mental health clinics would be better served by long term treatment than by being given a microphone.

Psuedostinians have the worst supporters on the planet and would be well advised to rid themselves of such dubious loser types like McIntyre. The truth is that the Pseudostine Obsession really has nothing to do with Arab refugees. It is an attack on Capitalism aided and abetted by populist Joooo hatred. Commies, Nazis, Jihadis, Green and Anarchists united in a frothing toxic brew of Jooooo hatred.

The Duck will make a feeble attempt to connect this to Pam Geller. Sorry, but Geller has always advocated peaceful protest and respects the law. Commies on the other hand do time after time portray criminal rioters as "uprisings" and talk of violent revolutions.

Torching the place where you live is not protest, it is a crime. Stealing a six pack and a pack of smokes from a looted store is also a crime. Despite the imaginings of cartoon lefties this is little more than an opportunistic crime spree aided and abetted by social media.

At a certain point, we need to remind people that criminal incitement is not protected free speech.Thus if the people who are instigating these riots are caught they should be given lengthy prison sentences and placed with the most hard core criminals. The problem is that in the West we do not have the stomach to charge even the lowest instigators like Al Sharpton whose Diamond Merchant speech led to an ensuing riot. It is time that examples were made and the London Police make a high profile case against the ring leaders.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Just one moment

I am not excusing or rationalizing the crimes of Brevik. However, the far left and their media henchmen have spun a series of lies about what caused the carnage at the indoctrination camp that clearly does warrant a response.

There has been much focus on the writings of Jihad Watch, Pam Geller, Daniel Pipes and Bat Yeor has ever rationalized violence in any of their writings. Unlike the far left critics I have read the authors multiple times and need not resort to selective quotes. All of the writers listed above object to the violence frequently rationalized by the far left and their MSM henchmen.

The notion of terrorism as a branding publicity stunt is a far left invention from the Soviets, to the Red Army, PLO and Bill Ayers. This tactic was later adopted by Al Queda and Islamic loons at Beslan. In essence Brevik was imitating the actions and strategies of the far left he despised. The far left has pretended that Muslim terror is a rational excercize and the response from the far left after 9-11 was "Why do they hate us" and then many spun a series of mostly anti Semitic
9-11 conspiracy theories.

The real truth about who rationalizes terror in Norway comes from the photos of the political indoctrination camp. The camp does resemble a classic Stalinist Camp with plenty of populist Jew hatred stoked to a fever pitch. The folks at the camp have zero problem with terrorism so long as Jews or whomever else the far left thinks deserves to die for the cause is the victim.

Bat Yeor talks of the Palestinianization of history and Palestianisn as a religion. There is much truth to the near religious mind consuming obsession with Israel and Arab refugees as sainted martyrs. There is near comedic claims that the folks in Gaza are living in a concentration camp near starvation. A concentration camp does not have four star hotels and a water park and store shelves loaded with food. If conditions are less than stellar it is the fault of the theological Nazis
who have no intention of providing goods and services and building a viable economy. In fact the refusal of the far left imbeciles to hold the Arab refugees to any level of normal behavior has only led to more violence and has hurt the very people they claim to care about. The folks in the camp
don't really care about peace. They seek the destruction of the State of Israel and seek to enable
the folks at Hamas in their desire for more Judenrhein real estate. There were zero signs telling Arabs to stop butchering civilians like the Fogel family. In fact the Arab states celebrate the most reprehensible child killers instead of prosecuting them.

Moving along to Brevik who ascribes to many kook ideas. Brevik planned the actions long before
many of the above named sources blogged. Brevik wrote of being marginalized in what amounts to a one party state. While officially a democracy the Labor party of Norway has been in uninterrupted power almost as long as the Soviet Union. This dominance also extends to the media and educational system. Brevik thought that by creating a classic branding type of crime,
his message would reach beyond the stifling dissent.

In essence one party dominance is an RX for disaster. A typical example is your far left faculty in the USA or the UK which is divorced from reality. Most of us agree that having terrorists set educational policies is a bad idea. However, the far left cabals have granted jobs and platforms to criminals who frequently were not even qualified for the very jobs they were hired for. The result is that we get far left bomb throwers competing against each other to be the most shrill and divorced from reality. A sterling example of this is the academic in the UK that forwarded material published by David KKK Duke thought her actions were above reproach. In the case of
Norway you have a similar dominance by a smug self righteous group of zealots who do not grasp
how demented they look to outside observers.

A healthy society requires balance and the free speech is my birth right. There are those in Europe who are outraged by Talk Radio shows they never listen to but are experts in. I would rather live in a society where Rush Limbaugh and those who disagree can present their views. I do not recall Conservatives having a mania about the NYT or Huffington similar to the hyperbolic mania about Faux er Fox News. If you don't like Fox switch the channel. In Norway those opposed to the labor party have fewer options.

The left may not like any other views, but they are needed to keep politicians in check, keep corruption down and make sure we do not look as deranged as the Labor Party of Norway.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Mysteries Solved

I have been perplexed at the migration of Caribs from London to NYC. Every week or so I see people leaving and I discounted this to family reunification. Apparently, there was much truth in the tales of high crimes and perceived subtle racism from employers. The areas which these immigrants move to are not exactly the most pristine areas of NYC.

I am frequently amused by the ignorance and sometimes idiocy expressed at Harry's Place with all things American. Their token American contributor, Gene, is the planets laziest blogger who does zero investigative work and cut and pastes mindless material from Huffington. HP could get a more mainstream American, but that would not suit their agenda.

There are things that America simply does better than the UK. As immigration is central to our narrative we do a much better job with assimilating foreigners than they do in the UK. I have heard the point made by Indian Professionals claiming that despite the fact they were born and educated in the UK they were not viewed as English, but in the USA they are more or less the person next door.

There are racially tinged riots in the UK and some idiots took a page from the LA Riots and described the lawlessness as a "Uprising". Torching the area where you live and stealing from merchants is crime. None of this crime has anything to do with real or imagined violence by police.

Contrary to the rush to identify the Norway nut as a Christian the UK media is very silent about who is rioting. There is a racial component to this story and not reporting it because it doesn't fit the myth of the UK as an enlightened Socialist society doesn't change facts. I would love for someone to look at the Guardian and see if their editorials showed a similar bias when reporting who the rioters were in New Orleans.

The folks in the UK seem to think they are experts in all things American based on a few visits to NYC and reading Huffington. Many times it is obvious that there rants are little more than cut and paste BS from Huffington writers who did not even bother to listen to the show or read the blog in question. The familiar targets are Rush, Beck, Fox News, Pam Geller and any politician to the right of Col Bernie Sanders. I was amused at commenters from the UK swearing that Sanders is articulate and brilliant. The usual adjectives to describe Bernie are incoherent and off topic. I have sat through enough of his ramblings to know that in any comparison with an average politician like Little Anthony Wiener he is clearly an imbecile.

I am glad my country has Talk Radio and its citizens can express themselves in a free and open exchange of ideas that are protected under the First Amendment. The fact that your country does not have its own Rush Limbaugh speaks vollumes about the lack of freedom and cultural monopoly of a far left elite that only wants to hear its own opinions. Thus when one gets down to
checking the posts it is readily apparent that the writers do not listen to shows or read the blogs they feign expertise on.

A comedic classic is a smear campaign against Glenn Beck for alleged antisemitism in accurately
reporting the activities and quotes of George Soros. Soros is considered such a pariah in the Jewish Community that his support for J Street caused a major scandal and discredited the group. One can point out repeated lies about the support of Soros did more damage than the actual support of Soros. Beck is a consistent defender of Israel and the Jewish people and Soros support groups that do stoke populist antisemitism. Also repeating the material of groups funded
by Soros, raises all types of ethical concerns that would not be tolerated with someone like Ruppert Murdoch.

The recent Beck debacle has Beck being slammed for saying the youth camp resembles something out of Nazi Germany. Beck in no way supported the crime, but was guilty only of speaking a tad too soon. The camp does indeed resemble something out of the Soviet Union and the images from the camp are something that would embarrass a normal government. The labor party of Norway is so out of touch it feels no need to even rationalize images of the camp that did disturb plenty of people abroad.

In the rush to blame Bat Yeor, Pam Geller, Robert Spenser the media made several leaps of logic
that are beyond belief. Brevik cited multiple times that his problem was the refusal of the political process to allow for his view points to be heard. He then borrowed a page from the far left and their Muslim Allies and did a classic terrorism as brand awareness crime. Nowhere do any of the anti jihad writers ever advocate violence and their writings are explicitly anti terrorist. In the case of Bat Yeor her view of Palestinism as a religon are backed by the mindless
images from the camp.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Stealing Veggies in NYC

Yes it is true there are those among us who are stealing veggies in NYC. Actually when it is pear or mulberry harvest time the bounty is so great that the food thieves would do me a favor. The pears last year tasted like water, but the mulberries were fine.

One of these days I will get the nerve up to eat the cactus fruit in the front yard. Even the racoons steer clear of that one.

London Burns

There will be plenty of discussion about the riots in the UK. I remember vividly being harangued
by UK lefties about race in America in the early 80's. If the mindless moonbat Gay Dane from London were here he would make a point about the football team in the area calls itself the Yid Army and make a twisted claim about this being a reaction to Zionism. In the wake of the 7-7 bombings the police in the UK were on edge and made an error. 167 blamed the error on zionist policing. No doubt he will be talking about the UK's version of stop and frisk borrowed from NYC.

Long term unemployment does create fertile grounds for riots. We have learned from previous experience that very few of the LA or Crown Heights rioters were employed. The discussions about race missed the point and in reality the specifics are just an excuse for riots.

Police need to act quickly and firmly when riots occur. Riots do not burn themselves out as David Dinkins of NYC learned the hard way. Ultimately, some of the blame did rest with community leaders like Al Sharpton who incited the crowds with talk of Diamond Merchants. The only responsible message from community leaders is do not trash and burn your home. You do not fight injustice with looting and arson.

Given the long term unemployment issue and the perception that Obama is aloof I am surprised we do not see this in the USA. No doubt when one does happen here there will be much discussion about the specifics and local politics but it all misses the point.

Plenty of good people are out of work and unlike the past we do not have Reagan saying it is morning in America. We have a clueless clown with a knock off Pepsi logo droning on incoherently about hope and change. Obama claims to have heard the American people screaming jobs but has no concrete plans to do anything. I never thought that any President could be worse than Jimmy Carter, but Obama has done the unthinkable.

In reading the accounts there is a gem about the rioters stopping off in McDonalds and making their own food. No doubt in these hard times someone in advertising is likely thinking of a way to cash in. Obviously these rioters were not making Happy Meals. One wonders if the vandals who trashed McDonalds were influenced by the idiocy of Jose Bove,

The media is somewhat hesitant to note the racial complexion of the rioters. This is unusual considering we were immediately told that Brevik was a fundamentalist Christian in seconds. The rioters appear to be mostly African and Caribbean. There does appear to be a racial component of this disturbance but those of you who were looking for a Islam angle will be disappointed.

I have pointed out earlier the oddity of Caribeans leaving London and emigrating to Brooklyn. I had assumed the talk of crime and difficulty getting a job were exaggerations. The areas they are moving into are not exactly white picket fence and Beaver Cleaver areas. Yet the perception is that crime is out of control and there is more racism in employment in the UK than in the USA.
No doubt the folks at the Europhile sites like Harry's Place would seem to think that there is more bigotry in the USA because we have talk radio, no labor party and Marxists need to hide their views.

There is an erroneous perception that gangster culture is American. The worst criminal gangs were frequently immigrants from your classic La Cosa Nostra, Irish and the very real Jewish gangs to the more modern Jamaican and Russian mobs. How much of the crime is old world stuff brought here or raised to new levels is a debate we will skip. West Indian Drug gangs are well known since the 80's when a loser executed officer Byrne not far from where I hang my hat. On a recent trip to Guyana the locals would not let me go anywhere because the crime was so bad.
If the elite lefties venture too far from the tourist areas in the Caribbean they might become a crime statistic.

Of course the rioting problem was solved by community policing in the Giuliani years. The concept is go into areas and let cops do their jobs. Local activists like Al Sharpton, C Vernon Mason and so forth fought this idea. However, when crime was reduced it made the city liveable for everyone. When I walked the streets of Downtown LA at night what I saw reminded me of the failed Dinkins administration.

Will Londoners support a more hands on type of policing? Not likely, as it has to get much worse before the folks in the UK will resort to the tried and proven.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

What is the Duck's fascination with Dr Yeagley

I do not grasp why the Duck is so fascinated with Dr Yeagley. The man had his day and lost it in a toxic mishmash of mental illness and creepy bigotry. Nobody of note reads the poor man's musings and my own role at the site was limited to posts in the Jewish forum and a few flame wars with a mixed bag of folks some of whom became friends and one beyond contempt.

Personally, I do not care one way or another if Yeagley is or is not gay. This aspect of his life has nothing to do with his musings. In fact if a conservative were to make similar repeated musings about Prof Norman Finklestein the Duck would rightly be singing a different tune.

The Duck feels as a leftist he is free to gay bash, toss racial slurs and engage in the most base forms of mindless Joooooo hatred. No doubt if any of this behavior was done by me he would be screaming.

Now the Duck has a fascination with my imagined readings of Debbie Schlessel and chance meetings with Pam Geller. I have met her in passing and she posted one here a long time ago. Every now and then I read her site, but I certainly have read the creepy sites of Capo Ren, Troutsky and many other sites.

Pam has an open comment board and is certainly not shy about airing her views and defending herself. The Duck could easily comment there and be ignored.

The Duck incorrectly assumes that I have a problem with Muslims. My problem has always been with Marxists who are trying to undermine the USA and have been stoking populist Joooo
hatred since their earliest days.

As an outspoken big table American Nationalist, I respect others who wish to live in peace and obey the law. Our founding fathers created a system of rights that protect the far left. Thus I am not bothered by their rhetoric so long as it remains within the law. Should they ever try to violently have a revolution in my country I would take up arms and dispense a form of social justice they would not appreciate.

Most Muslims in my country wish to live peacefully. Few have the courage to speak out, but this is an all too human reality. Sadly, from personal experience I know how many follow the herd even as the herd does the wrong thing. Few of us have the strength of character to fight for their beliefs when popular sentiment goes the other way. Humans are pack animals and most of us are followers not leaders.

Thus I applaud Stephen Schwartz who left the far left and today fights against those who would make a mockery of his faith. Schwartz has questioned the ling term impact of Muslims aligning themselves with hate America leftists. It is hard to say but the most pernicious manifestation
of Islam are being advanced and pushed by their far left allies. Dershowitz calls this phenomenon being more Palestinian than Palestinian's themselves. The truth is there would have been peace generations had the far left not deemed populist Joooo hatred so essential to their future plans to overthrow Capitalism.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Lost and found

The communist 167 who pretended to be a cliche leftist is still alive and well after going through three blogs and various forums. Of course regular leftists did not notice a problem with a comedic loser who is Jooo obsessed 24/7.

There are some who have legitimate concerns about Arab refugees. However, any claim that the folks in Gaza are victims is silly.

Normal critics of Israel avoid the Holocaust or extraneous posts that show off their naked Jooish
obsessions. However, when the person writes posts about Jewish run concentration camps in the USSR we see the actual venom of Jooo mania. A communist lackey of Stalin runs a camp and in the demented world of 167 this makes it a Jewish camp.

167 is openly gay and supports a people whose official police persecute gays. This makes him the equivalent of an Indian fan of Custer. We were lectured about the wonderful hospitality the Psuedostinians and Iranians showed this dimwit. Much like the Theriesenstadt tours Nazis promoted Pseudostinians are adept at painting Neverland Ranch fantasies for true believers. One would have to believe the multiple gay Arabs running for their lives all tell identical lies just to make 167 look absurd.

The truth is Muslims really need to look around them and take a hard look at the freaks and losers that champion their causes.

I want to point to the wisdom of Stephen Schwartz of the CIP who questioned Muslims forming alliances with hard left hate America loons. How one presents themselves as mainstream while holding hands with Marxists and well known cranks like Kovell, Finklestein and Chomsky is beyond logic.

The more I look into the matter, the more firmly convinced that the problem is a lack of jobs not Islam. Certain people think all Muslims need is a welfare check a pat on the head followed by choruses of bad joo. Farouk, needs a job and is best served by being gainfully employed not by being cannon fodder for some populist leftist anti jooish army. Time after time political criminals
from Bill Ayers to Norway Nut have been long term unemployed. You want peace and safety get people working.

You can see the cartoonish ramblings of 167 on the British Democracy Forum.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

My family and yours

People who read this blog long term know that I am an advocate of the big tent.

If you are a citizen this is your country and you should have pride. As Americans my rights are a given and I respect the rights of others. My Hindu daughter does not eat beef or pork. I refrain from doing so in her presence so we can share a meal. I asked my parents to order poultry but the Tranquil Sea chided me for imposing on them. My parents did order poultry anyway as it was a small matter.

In a nutshell it was a simple action most of us Americans do every day. We try to accommodate those who are different in good faith as we are tolerant.

There are those who seek to tear our house down so we can live in a Marxist lite EU utopia of their imagination. They seek to divide our house and eliminate our traditions and history. They rush to foster dissent and turn eBlack very incident real or imagined as an indictment against our house. An Muslim American patriot has to be a fake Muslim if he doesn't agree with the left. A Black who disagrees with the left is called an Oreo, Aunt Jemimah and can be slurred by the left with no fanfare, ask the Duck. Gays who aren't far left are told they aren't real gays.

In America you are as you wish to be, we define ourselves for better or worse.

The members of the far left aren't American and they do not view themselves as such in any meaningful manner. We would be best served if they would emigrate and they should be encouraged to do so. If not treat them as quaint imbeciles who belong at the kids table.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Thank You Pam Geller

I want to thank Pam Geller for showing the deranged activities in the Norwegian Youth Camp.
The labor party of Norway is a sick and deranged anti Semitic joke of a party. The youth activities do indeed resemble that of classic Communist camps in the USA. eck

Glenn Beck commented in passing the camp resembled a Hitler youth camp. The comments were unfortunate as they were way too soon after the tragedy. Obsessive mania and rationalizing the actions of an eliminationalist type of movement that seeks Judenfrei real estate seems familiar. Beck nor did any conservative I know justify a slaughter. This contrasts to the activities at the camp that rationalized the actions of a movement that does slaughter Jews and seeks yet more ethnically cleansed real estate.

The over the top anti semitic mania in the camp is reminiscent of cartoon rednecks in the old South carrying of about those Blacks. The far left is every bit as bigoted as the folks at Stormfront who they cry about.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Unfortunately there will be more Norway style killings

From time to time there are those who are mentally ill who snap. This is a fact of life and it does happen that one can not force people into therapy. Unsurprisingly the Norway killer was long term unemployed and had plenty of free time to sit in a rage and plot his actions.

There are those bird brained lefties who think that handing out welfare checks in perpetuity is a good thing and for political reasons they turn a whole segment of society into domestic animals. We have a multitude of examples of rioters being long term unemployed in the USA. Of course this administration has been negligent in its handling of the economy and Obama is perceived as aloof and out of touch.

In Europe the obnoxious left has basically shut off all dissent on the subject of immigration and the role of immigrants in society. It has actively sought to co-opt the rage of the under employed by attempting to gain power by stoking populist anti semitism. The indoctrination center activities are an example of the left trying to be more Palestinian than Palestinians themselves.

The refusal of the center and left to even address immigration and never ending demands on society by Muslim extremists has created a vacuum that shady operators fill. Interestingly the same lefties will talk about moderates in the Muslim Brotherhood and not grant the same slight of hand to the EDL which I do not support.

I think of Islam in society and ponder what is a legitimate concern and what is excessive. If Stephen Schwartz were to visit the proper respect would be to provide a halal meal. Schwartz as a modern man would not dream of asking people who think differently to drop the pork. It is common courtesy to offer a halal meal. It is an imposition if everyone is told to eat halal. Normal business is to grasp their customers needs. Thus in a place where Muslims and Hindus frequently travel such as a Guyana the airline fare is dreadful egg salad sandwiches. Maybe Christians should order a kosher meal in advance to avoid the dreadful food.

If I am in a mosque it is respectful to ask me to be respectful. It is also okay for a merchant to carry whatever he wishes to sell. It becomes an imposition if merchants are told not to sell alcohol and pork.

As for the absurd rationalizations from some of those on the far left that Western dress inspires Muslims to rape this is beyond contempt. This type of thinking was debunked in the70's and claims that Muslims can not exhibit the same sexual restraint as the rest of humanity is racist.

Playing the disgruntled minority as a rationalization for crime is a relic of backwards thinking from an ignorant age.

The notion that immigrants should find a job, respect others, obey the laws and not burden their neighbors with excessive demands is considered by the left beyond the norms of acceptability.
There are no shortages of under employed mentally ill people so we will have more political violence.

Enough allready

Long term readers know I supported Civil Unions for gays on the basis of equity. The legal fight is basically a temper tantrum by gay activists who have zero respect for the concerns of religious people who see marriage as a religious term. Still part of me wanted to see the measure pass so the gay activists can shut up. The reality is that this inequality does turn ordinary law abiding citizens into law breakers in immigration matters. I would rather see an honest and committed gay couple than the comedic Will and Grace farces known to anyone in my profession in LA or NYC.

After victory the media has been in overdrive on the issue that is pointless. The first gay marriage stories were appropriate, but weeks of this every day is enough. Even the local billboards for moving companies and a vodka company chimed in needlessly. The gay market is an important consumer demographic and it is important for companies to advertise in their mediums. However,placing billboards with in your face messages rubbing the faces of those who opposed this in the dirt is in extremely bad taste.

The truth is that gay people are subjected to more abuse in the workplace than any other group.
My contribution to this malady was refusing to press charges when an ignoramus in Vermont called me gay on multiple times. I was told by an outraged human resources type to press charges. I told her that as an enlightened NYC resident I do not consider the term an insult. In my particular case the matter is comedic as it shows the person has obviously never been to a big city. However, the very same people who would end a career over the N word see nothing wrong with anti gay slurs, stereotypes and claims that certain people have gaydar. The anti gay comments by Black coworkers are shocking in that they feel immune to being called out for bigotry.

On a certain level there is far more pervasive and entrenched bigotry against gays than any other group. No group should be subjected to slurs other than commies. This is indeed a far more serious and relevant issue than gay marriage. Even in far left bastions like Vermont and NYC the level of scorn and often well meaning ignorance is amazing. My message is that it is a private matter that is no business of mine and other than commies everyone should be treated with decency and respect. However, the droning news stories and gratuitous bill boards don't respect the views of religious people who for the most part are far more respectful than their sanctimonious far left opponents.