Monday, July 31, 2006

Newsflash Beakerambo Freed

Beakerambo is freed in Trashcanistan. We would interview him but the me me me sounds like giberish. The Beamish army infiltrated the jihadi safehouse. Kamal Jacqi appears to be dead but the questions remain.

How did John Bwown get to Rio? Who told the Liberterian army where the hash stash was? Did John Bwown sell out the clowns of jihad. Mumia has escaped and is rumored to be impersonating Danny Glover. Maybe this explains who got Mel Gibson drunk. Where are the rest of the clowns of jihad?

My take on the film Obsession

The film needed one hour more to show the collusion of communists like Chomsky with the Jihadis. Communists have bent over backwards to ignore the nazi and KKK implications of Hezbollah. Typical of our lunacy is 167 who is outraged by Israeli children writing on artilery shells. The deranged 167 says zero about Hamas and Hezbollahs indoctrination of children and use of them as human shields. John Brown talks about Nazism and the KKK. We have example after example of Hezbollah stating outright they want to eliminate Jews. They also run around in cheap knock off KKK masks but Muslims immitating the KKK is okay as long as Joooooos are killed. Then we have Duncy who tried to spin the deliberate massacre in Beslan all upset about the Israeli airstrike. Lets see the Israelis have warned people to get out. The blame for the deaths lay with Hezbollah for starting the mess and hiding amongst civilians.
If you don't want to get blown up do not allow terrorists to opperate on your soil.

Most of us have read Trifkovic, Bat Yeor, Spencer and Schmidt so much of this is not new territory. I would love to see this film maker show Chomsky's backflips of logic to support a Nazi organization. The truth is Communists like 167, John Brown and Ducky are not far removed from Nazis themselves. They may use Nazi as an epithet but they are appologists for an equally abhorent system Communism. Much like in the film
where Muslims project a blood libel and then perpetrate actual beheadings Communist clowns also project.

1 Projection one the disloyal Joooooooo. No group has had a longer record of treason and sedition in the US and abroad then the Communists.
2 Fake Cabals AIPAC is quite open in its goals and aims. Code Pink, ANSWER, UPJ are
but some classic Communist front groups who use deception to hide their Communism. Communists also have a history of subvertingother movements such as the illegal allien protests were Commie led though few illegal aliens knew.
3 Ethnic Cleansing Communists have lengthy history in this area. They rail against Israel for alleged ethnic cleansing. How a population that is ethnically cleansed grows exponentially remains a mystery to anyone outside of a Marxist stupor.
4 Aparthied A quick check of the demographics of any Muslim state makes this a joke. One can also check India and its locale as well.
5 Nazism . Communists like to play the Zionist as Nazi game. They forget that Communist were alled with Nazis. They also forget that Hezbollah is a Nazi group dedicated to the destruction of Jews. Communism is just another brand of Nazism itself with a less coherent economic policy. Lets kill whole classes and planned starvations are just as odious as Nazi eugenics idiocy.

I could go on but one gets the point.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to star with Ben Afleck in a new AFLAC ad, 167 still playing dress up concentration camp "Bad Jooooooo" and John Brown still unemployed with zero readers.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Anyone can be a bigot

One of the more amusing things about those on the far left is that they think they are above bigotry. The self righteous apologists for a failed philosopher whose accolytes excell only in bringing human misery and treason need a good look in the mirror. They will work themselves into a frenzy at every utterance of Falwell, Robertson and rationalize every Islamic and Commie thug on the planet.

The great myth on the left is that protected classes can not be bigots. Most of us have read enough Uptown Steve to know he is a Commie anti semite who happens to be black. Many of you think that Uptown is your standard black anti semite. Remember he jumps through hoops to defend Commie finks Paul Robeson and Michael Lerner. His basic lines are garbled Marcuse based victim theories. For all his talk about fighting racism he is a phony. When a genuine KKK clown named Alan showed up at FPM Uptown said zero even when the clown compared blacks to Apes. Many FPMs nailed this clown including Tricky Blaine, Mike and Fiona but Uptown was silent. He also says zero when John Brown and Ducky use anti black rhetoric on conservatives. The reason is Uptown is a Red who happens to be black.

I have just read 167's personal blog and he is just low class personified. The truth is that gay men like 167 and his hero Simon " Crank Dot Net " Jones are certainly bigots. The fact that they are gay does not make the vile anti semitism that both spew any less evil. I do note that most gay men are well adjusted people with different tastes. The whole issue boils down to class and dignity. Most of us run G rated blogs. When Jeff Bargholz or Mr Beanish break into profanity on rare blue moons we go to PG 13. Talking about bodily functions and equipment are just low class. Does the audience really need to know 167 proclivities and tastes in men. Most gay people are not cartoon charachers like 167 and Simon Jones. There are gay people who watch pro sports including football and Nascar.

Bigotry comes in all colors and even in alternative lifestyles. I do want to point out this Jew has never experienced any antisemism from Christians. The vast preponderance of anti semitic incedents in my life involve far left types. The majority of Muslims were nowhere near the incoherent foaming at the mouth bigotry of John Brown or 167.The average Muslim in this country wants to earn a living but we still must be vigilant. The notion of a decent Communist is fiction and we should heap as much abuse on them as KKK clowns.

Beamish in 08

Friday, July 28, 2006


I am predicting our Communist Waterfowl will mention Baruch Goldstein when rationalizing the Seattle shooting. The Duck is sooooo worried that outraged Randoids like Jason Papas might offend mooooslims. However, repeated crimes in America by moooslims are rationalized by our incoherent anti semitic waterfowl.

John Brown will create a new alias with the shooters name and find a way to praise the revolutionary zeal fed by the quest for social justice.

Legends of Northern VT The Essex Werechuck.

Rumors abound of a horrible creature roaming Essex VT. On nights with a full moon it is rumored that a horrible creature roams the woods. The werechuck was said to roam the woods in Essex. It looks like a Woodchuck on steroids but alas nobody has captured one on film.

I set out last night at 4AM because I could not sleep. I sat near the parking lot when I heard a large scrapping metal sound. I looked into the moonlit night and saw a quick gilmpse of a cat sized creature with glowing fur. The creature lumbered across the the parking lot in circled bumping into objects making a distinct metal sound.

I ran to get my camera hoping to provide all of you with a glimpse of the rare creature. I moved closer and to my surprise the creature seemed oblivious to my presence. Alas I moved to within five feet of the vile creature created of evil and prepared to get my photo and noticed a ringed tail.I looked closer and it appeared that our werechuck was just a racoon that had caught its head in a tin can.

I showed my friend on the security camera and she laughed and told me it was a canned
coon. She bravely walked up to the racoon and pulled the can off with some dificulty. The exausted racoon just laid down in a daze for about five minutes. She told the racoon in a calm voice it is time to go and it lumpered at a slow pace into the fields.

The poor animal had probably lumbered around for dayss in blazing heat with its head caught in a tin can. Obviously, this is the work of far left types like Ducky trying to create a class of welfare forrest creatures. Any animal stupid enough to get its head caught in a Jolly Green Giant can may deserve its fate.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


This is another post where I put up the most wanted interview list.

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mustang of Social Sense
3 Mark Alexander
4 Farmer John
5 Greg of Hear O Israel
6 Eyes
7 Woman Honor Thyself
8 Pims Ghost
9 The Editrix
10 Batya of Shiloh

I took a look the other day at technoratti and apparently non commentors seem to really enjoy my rare ventures into religious themes. The interviews with TMW and Rav Roov were linked in a few odd places.

I am thinking about doing a religion in art and film post. There is no reason that people like Ducky should think the left owns art.

Reality DHS and you

The perception that DHS employees can snoop into everything unchecked is a myth. People are fired for snooping into computer systems they have no business looking at.
In fact the point of respecting privacy is one of the first points that is mentioned in orientation.

There have been a couple of times where I was asked about a search. On the one or two times it involved changing the order of Muslim names and removing titles. For example a person in the military would not use Colonel as a first name. Thus Haji is a religious title given after one makes a pilgrimage to Meccca. It should not be entered as a first name.

This is not an adverserial situation and there are times a mispelling does create a problem. Most people spell Gomez but there are people who spell the names Gomes. Management does an excellent job and is understanding of these types of problems.

The bottom line is that if the security search is related to a case it is okay. If one makes an honest keypunch error that is fine. Snooping is a zero tolerance offense and should be grounds for termination.

The law is so restrictive that in certain situations I may not ask certain questions.
If a step mother is petitioning for the children there is a whole list of questions I can not ask.

The next time a far left type cries about privacy at DHS let them know it is just hot air.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Demented 167 is lost in space

167 has a new blog dedicated largely to his low class anti semitic musings. He seems to have a Richard Poe fixation. Richard Poe is a world class writer and intelectual who hardly needs me to defend himself from a communist labotomy. The site of 167's blog of stupidity is called

167 call Poe a Zionist in a new post. He has also called Richard Poe a potty mouth and has claimed I use profanity. I have had read Poe's books, posts and several personal emails and never seen anything that can remotely be described as profanity. In fact we do have friends who post profanity like Jeff Bargholz but one can search my blog and it just is not true. Many of my favorite readers are religious people and I respect them. I also do not use profanity in my personal life so placing it in my posts would be out of charachter.

Richard Poe seldom writes on the subject of Israel. How a demened Communist refers to Poe as a " hellbound zionista " remains a mystery. Wait it must be because he works for FPM. This could be a new form of McCartyism except that zionism does not have a history of 100,000,000 dead, sedition and treason. Poe does support the State of Isreal but his writings on the subject are scant.

The bottom line is 167 is playing a 1% Jewish blood law makes one a zionist except if one is a communist like his favorite joooooos Chomsky, Finklestein and Joel " illucid" Koevell. Lets go down the list Richard Poe is not nor has ever been Jewish.
His father was Jewish but his mother is a hispanic Roman Catholic. Poe is a religious Christian but in the mind of 167 he is a jooooo. Stephen Schwartz also supports the existence of the state of Israel. His father was a Joooo his mother Christian and he never practiced either as they were Marxists. Schwartz is a moooooslim but in the mind of 167 he must be a zionist. Schwartz also is 100% against terrorism and does not play word games about shooting children in the back. He blames terrorism on the Wahabist and somewhat Ismaili peversions of his faith. Schwartz is also guilty of being a patriot but 1% makes one a jooooo. Jaimie Glazov is also the product of a mixed marriage and a Christian. In the 167 book of insanity he must also be a jooooooo unless he embraces Marx and then he becomes a Jew.

The amazing part of the 167 act of stupidity is how he deduces Poe's views are a mystery. He does not bother to read Poe like a normal person. 167 also has some amusing quirks. Lets see if one disagrees with his commie crapola such as Judea Facist Neocon war on terror frauds or zionist media bit the ad hominem comes out. His usual terms are Beakernazi. 167 has an unusual fixation on my genetalia and sexual proclivities much like John Brown. However, I seldom post on my personal life and still have conventional tastes petite brunette females to be exact.

167 is even guilty of stealing lines of his more talented commie peer Ducky. Ducky is fond of calling me a Kahanist and 167 has stolen that line and should pay Ducky royalties. How one deduces that I support Kahane is a mystery as there are no posts on the subject here. This is contrasted to 167 Communism which he denies but was flushed out by Justin, Jason Pappas, The good John Brown of Citzcom, Rob Bayn and myself. Why would a non communist like 167 need to devote space to the Black Book of Communism? Seaking of guilt by association John Brown and Robert Lidsay loooooser open Communists are linked to his site. He also is quite fond of Simon Jones whose work is featured on a crank dot net site Jewish Tribal review. 167 linked and praised a Jones post which claimed Jooos are responsible for degradation of the environment. How less then 1% of the population does that is a mystery?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Great News a New Richard Poe book

Long term readers know that I am a huge fan of Richard Poe. Poe has co authored a new book with some unknow writer named David Horowitz called the Shadow party. The book details how 60's radical ( commie vermin) have taken control of the Democratic Party.

Poe is an excellent entertaining and informative writer. Get thee to the book store unless you live in OZ or Israel. I have no idea where the pre release publicity from David Horowitz is? Hey where the publicity and interviews? Where is the offer of a $100.00 dollar donation for an autographed copy? Are the folks at Front Page Magazine asleep at the wheel?

Brain impaired leftist get it wrong again

The far left advocates of Marx ( Ducky) have once again failed to notice the obvious. The Israeli conflict with Hezbollah is part of the war on terror. Hezbollah is a classical terrorist front group funded by Iran and Syria. Moreover, Iranian intelligence officers serve in its ranks.

Hezbollah has provided fighters and IED to our enemies in Iraq. This group is also directly responsible for the death of our Marines in Lebanon.

The entire notion that this group has any legitamacy is a myth. Hezbollah is a terrorist proxy on foreign soil. The Lebanese have made zero attempts to remove the interlopers. In fact the population has aided and sheltered these terrorists. The far left loves to rail about civilian deaths. However ultimately it is Hezbollah and Hamas that cause these deaths.

The solution is simple if one wants terrorism to stop hit hard and do not worry about the civilians.If life is made miserable by sheltering the terrorists then the civilians have two choices leave or fight the terrorists.

The Israeli situation would probably have played itself out years ago if not for idiotic aid by the EU. If the aid were stopped Pseudostinians would be forced to have a functioning economy, starve or fight. However European paternalism has created the perpetual Pseudostinian welfare recipient. More amazingly due to a corrupt lifestyle little aid goes to people who need it. The aid goes to cronies and hacks of whomever is in charge.

The logic is simple if you aid terrorists it can be hazardous to your health.

Speaking of welfare recipients what does the US taxpayer get for subsidizing Marxist
couch potato revolutiuonaries in social science departments. Ducky seems to think that useless research is a birth right. Six figure salaries for single digit work weeks is welfare fraud. The exponential over representation of marxists in Universities is clearly due to deficient hiring practices. The logic of the duck is that only racial diversity is important. Thus a black commie rat talking to a white commie poultry is the ducks view of diversity.

The Duck is against welfare only when his own oxen are not gored. What does America get from NPR? What do Americans get from the NEA? What do Americans get from PBS?

The Beakerkin solution

1 No money for NPR, NEA and PBS
2 Zero money for social science research
3 Universities must rework their liberal arts base to replace social science electives with business classes.
4 No student loans for classes in social science above the introductory level.

Monday, July 24, 2006

In the Hot Seat with the Purple Avenger

This blog is known for several unique feature. The most popular evn with our critics is the interview segment in the Hot Seat. We have interviewed some memorable people and had great fun. Most like Possum, Kidst lived up to the hype and prouced excellent interviews. The interviews often have interesting and comedic points that create excellent starting points.

Israel and the Middle East

1 Is the Israeli - Hezbollah conflict a classic war on terror conflict?
2 The left likes to ramble on about proportionality in response to terror. What is your response this argument. Has the left gone onto a neoversion of eye for an eye.
3 One of the points made by many here is that terorists cause civilian casualties on purpose. The military value of pizzerias, office complexes and public transportation
is nearly zero. Does the civilian population bear some responsability for allowing terrorists to opperate freely?


4 A guest worker program exists in the form of the H1B. Should the H1B program be extended to unskilled workers.Workers can stay for three years up to six in 99% of cases and must return to their home contry for three months before being allowed to return.
5 Many illegal aliens work in the construction trade. Should permits for home improvement only be granted to regulated contractors?
6 Should the era of family based immigration be over? Should all future immigration be vocational based

Future of America

7 Is China a friend or foe?
8 Should our governmental policies favor India over Pakistan?
9 What countries do see as vital to the economic future of the USA?
10 What should the USA do about Hugo Chavez?


11 Do you watch professional sports? Do you have a favourite team or player?
12 A few of our readers are comic book fans. A Freudian slip in one of these interviews turned into lengthy conversation. Did you read comic books as a teen?
Is there some reason Spiderman seems to resonate well with younger audiences?
13 What are your views on hunting and roadkill? Would you eat venison if you knew it was roadkill?


14 Are tobacco and beer taxes a slap in the face of working people?
15 What are your thoughts on changing the income tax to a national sales or flat tax?


16 Are you in favor of building new nuclear power plants?
17 Should we drill in ANWAR? Should building new power plants, refineries and domestic drilling be a governmental priority?
18 Has the environmental movement gone to far in halting economic development.


19 Should Universities that ban military recruiters be eligible for student loans and research grants?
20 Should non citizens serving in the armed forces get accelerated immigration benefits?
21 Are the self styled "elites" disconnected from the military? I remember the last fleet week the sailors were treated well in working class areas but snubbed in the wealthier areas. Is part of the anti military hostility a new version of class arrogance by those who lecture us about working people.

Educational Mess

22 Should our education system be more competative?
23 Is this old liberal arts base outdated? Should there be more emphasis on business classes?

Random fun

24 Should ESPN televise rascal racing? I did see tractor racing but it wasn't exciting.
25 Who is the funniest member of the Seinfeld cast?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

New overdue links

Drummaster has added three new links. Mad Zionist should be fasmiliar to most of you and a daily stop. The Amboy Times is a high quality blog hosted by a frind Kevin. Last but not least is a link to Mustang of Social Sense. Semper Fi.

I did go to the book store and found nothing I liked so I purchased a Silver Surfer novel. The Silver Surfer should not be confused with our friend the Solid Surfer who writes an excellent blog.

The new idiocy of the far left accounting of death.

The latest idiocy of the far left is the numbers accounting of death. This doesn't start with the Lebanon situation and it is a staple of Communists such as 167 and John Brown. The far left notion is that Israel is more brutal because more Pseudostinians die in reprisals then the original acts of mayhem.

Fact homicide bombers select their tagets that are all civilians. Terrorist are sheltered by a population that colaberates and then plays the look at what Israel has done. If you don't want reprisals move away from terrorists or don't let them hide behind you. If you allow them to hide in your community then you can expect tragic results.

Bombs away !!!!!!

Lets see the amount of words written by 167 when the Russians leveled Grozny 0. The hypocrisy is so blatant that it is surreal.

Mr Beamish in 08.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Word games and the far left

I have taken some heat for calling Ducky, John Brown, 167 and Uptown Steve communist anti semites. I stand by those claims and each and every day these dunces add more fuel to the fire. Uptown was somewhat upset by the Commie label but he vigorously defends Commies such as Paul Robeson and Michael Lerner. Ducky is somewhat incoherent with his denial that Communist front groups such as COde Pink, ANSWER and UPJ are myths.

I want to state for the record I have never called the Disgruntled Chemist a communist. The Disgruntled Chemist is not a Communist but he certainly is an anti semite. The Disgruntled Chemist does try to play the classic anti Zionism is not anti Semitism routine. This is most often the game of Marxist clowns like 167. The Chemist has called Israel a terrorist state and recently labeled Israel " Batshit insane" for its response to armed provocations by Hezbollah. The Chemist was upset about Republican hate towards Muslims but remained silent about a far left clown screaming incoherently that a Jewish writer is a Mossad agent. The Chemist is a good guy who apparently spends way too much time with the incoherent far left lunatics on UCI and has absorbed some idiotic notions.

Unscheduled trip home

My parents are going of on a Agean cruise for two weeks. They always seem to find these wacky travel deals. However, they are not complainers and enjoy the experience.

The other part of this story is that US students also face subsidized competition. Education in China, India and many other countries is heavily subsidized. Students do not end up with mountains of debt like their US counter parts. This is called investment in human capital.

We should consider revamping the state Colleges along the Indian model. Lets the white bread old money go to the Ivy schools and NYU. Lets create state colleges just like those in India. Hard tests to get into and zero credit for being a band member or working in a homeless shelter. There would be no social science courses above the intro level. Those few courses would be hired by the President of the college. There would be zero acceptance of political activism in the classroom, not on our dime. Marxist should also be disqualified for these positions as being not in tune with the goal of creating dedicated hard workers.

The English department should have classes geared towards writing business memos and reports. Students need to learn how to draft memos, reports and make presentations. Students do not need to read Ibsen or I Rigoberta in the real world.

Business students need extra accounting and computer classes and engineers need extra math and lab work. Even the art department should focus on CAD and graphic art
and computer aided publishing. The journalism students would be required to take 32 credits in business. The marxist/ political activist ban could produce genuine Journalists instead of hacks.

We must meet the challenge of India if we are to remain relevant. Do not blame India and Indians who are fine wonderful people. The blame rest solely on the far left peversion of our education system. The real world is competitive and brutal and students need to be prepared. Self esteem and social Justice do not pay bills and are not relevant in the work force. We should be creating skilled workers but the far left seems intent on creating revolutionaries. If the far left wants to create revolutionaries it should do so on its own dime. There should be no student loans granted for these out of control worthless social science departments.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The challenge of India and the irrelevancy of the left

I want to point out that I have nothing but admiration for India and the Indian people.However the flood of H1b workers underscores a basic challenge. India produces top flight graduates who are solid citizens. We produce lazy students spoon fed self esteem and useless victims studies classes.

David Horowitz is fighting the wrong battle. The question should be has the far left
turned Ameican dipolomas into toilet paper? I have spent days looking at foreign degrees and it is beyond India. Even degrees from Costa Rica and Poland are superior to American degrees.

The solution is simple lets compette or become irrelevant.

1 Universities are not jobs programs for commies. Who would hire Norm Finklestein or Ward Churchill in the private sector.

2 Students must spend more time in their major

3 No more money for social science or liberal arts degrees. No money for research and no loans for social science classes.

4 If colleges will not meet the challenge in the USA lets outsource the students. Lets send our best and brightest to India and it will probably be more cost effective.

We either meet the challenge or get relegated to the dustbin of history. Do not blame India for aspiring to excellence. Do blame Marxist hacks for hijacking our universities.

Too much military secrecy and far left goons

There is an open secret that the IEDs in Iraq that kill US soldiers are designed and supplied by Hezbollah. There are also plenty of stories about Hezbollah training and sending fighters to Iraq via Syria. If this is true then someone has dropped the ball long ago. I have always advocated placing the foriegn fighters in Iraq on TV. Let the American people see the hand of Hezbollah, Iran and Syria in Iraq. This secrecy does not serve American people and is counter productive. Do not wait for the NYT to do its job and break this story.

Moreover the presence of Hezbollah cells in the USA has been reported in the media for years. A properly functioning government should not wait to arrest and deport these thugs. In light of the threats to the USA coming from the leadership of Hezbollah these arrests should begin yesterday. If there isn't enough evidence to go to Trial DEPORT and ask questions later. The war on terror is not a game for Commies and the ACLU clowns there are real lives at stake.

Hezbollah should have been a US target long ago. However, rather then play into far left fantasies and anti semitic mania the USA avoided its responsability. The Bush administration should show the American people evidence of Hezbollah aid to the goons in Iraq. Moreover it should act on that evidence and bomb the sponsors of Hezbollah Iran and Syria. Let both countries know that providing arms, training of the terrorists in Iraq comes with a steep price. The current policy of obscuring the truth to appease far left critics does not work.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to be deported to Peking, 167 still readerless and John Brown and Renegade to share the Trotsky Honeymoon Suite in Gitmo.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Readers lets help Greg a bit

Unlike the Soviet Union US and Western Communists have a rather lengthy history of secrecy. The overwhelming majority of US Communists will call themselves something else. The exception to this is John Brown who is incoherent and certified insane and Renegade Eye another Commie loooooser boy. The names actual commies call themselves are progressive, green, anarchists, labor socialist, some call themselves liberterians,socialist, labor socialist but one sees the rhetoric.

In the USA and abroad there is the Marcuse based corolary of Communism. Marcuse understood that the workers would never rise up so he created a new Marxism. This new Marxism is victim based Marxism where the workers are replaced by a series of group victims. At the top of the victims pyramid are Muslims. Muslims get to create fake indigenous people, practice terrorism, oppress women and homosexuals and it is all rationalized.

Lets go over a typical Communist who dennied being a Communist 167 of Gash. Gash starts with the premise that Nationalism is evil and claims to speak for the world. Communists tend to think they are internationalist but people flee their little pest hole countries. In reality Communists do not speak for the world except in their demented fantasies.

Communists also have a Zionist obsession and quite often play word games with Jooooo and Zionist. Thus 167 rails against Israel for the death of Rachel Corrie but says squat about homicide bombers or claims not to have written about them. 167 wrote the following passage ....but as for the Judea- American facist neocon war on terror fraud..... He also writes that the Joooooos stole the Holocaust to create Israel. He also thinks that an alleged 25,000 homosexuals is numerically as significant as 2/3 of European Jewery. 25,000 (where he got that number is a mystery) homosexuals might represent 2/3 of the gay population of Berlin. 167 uses Neocon as a slang for evil Joooish Republican. He also regularly compares Israel to Nazis something Ducky also does with frequency.

167 defended Communism on the Disgruntled Chemist to an amazed Jason Papas and the good John Brown of Citzcom. "True Communism has never been tried...." the exasperated far left readers of the Chemist left him on his own.

167 also tried this America and Israel is the ultimate evil bit on Rob Bayn and Justins site. Rob is an anti war patriotic liberal and Justin is more Conservative but both are valued friends. My main problem with Rob is watching American Idol and if the Detroit Lions still qualify as a football team. In fairness Rob points out the NY Knicks are in worse shape then the Lions. 167 tried the America is evil bit because Tookie Williams was executed by a racist system. He then went on to praise the killing of Gays ( he is gay himself) in Iran and Saudi Arabia because they are pedophiles. Most coherent people know that Iran and Saudi Arabia use genuine torture to coerce confessions. Justin and Rob demolished the idiocy of 167. Has patriotic liberal Rob Bayn ever been called a Communist? Of course not but Rob may disagree but he wants the best for America and denounces abuses against gays wherever they occur in Iran or in America.

167 vehemently cries about being labeled a communist but it is obvious. If you look at his links you will find John Brown and Renegade Eye linked. By your standards the claim of non communism is enough but one has to judge the rhetoric. I have zero doubt Gert is an actual Communist. A huge clue is that when one rails about anti Communism one is most likely a communist. Rob Bayn made a similar argument to the one you are making. However, he did learn that 167 is " far out there". Justin called him on the Communist BS and he has been in a temper tantrum ever since.

Communists should not be allowed to hide behind other labels. They should be humiliated along with Jihadis and Racial power nuts. I find it amazing that Communist like John Brown, Ducky and 167 should rail about Zionism. How many fake Jenin massacres does it take to get to 100,000,000? Even comparing the evils of Aparthied to Communist mayhem is unfair to Aparthied. Comparing Facism ( a variant of Italian Socialism) to Communism is unfair to facist whose human rights abuses never came close to that of Communism. Communist attrocities can be compared with those of Nazism and the new Islamonazism. Historic Islamo Civ was evil in its own right but one needs to read genuine history.

Remember real Communists with half a brain go to great lengths to deny what they are.
The qualification of having half a brain does eliminate John Brown.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Update on Beakerambo

Beakerambo is still being held in Trashcanistan. The Beamish Army is sweeping the province. The People's Liberterian Army led Jason Papas has captured the Hash stash and artificial left of the enemy. What neferious misdeeds liberterians and artifical legs are capable of is unknown.

The clowns of jihad have been joined by the an American traitor Mummia Schlemiel Jabbar. He seems farmiliar to me. Could Uptown have joined the clowns of jihad? Is Uptown imitating Mummia Schlemiel Jabbar. Uptown does seem to botch Mummia's like You are an invertebrate LIAR.

The familiar avatars are massing. Justin Morris is our Chaplain and DJ and has just reached for Barry Manilow's greatest hits and an Abba album.

Nanc still has the sword in Arkansas. John Bwown is searching for the sword but stopped by the Bill Clinton Library and Brothel.

Those of you wanting the best news from the front

Most of you probably are aware of Debka which is the best source for Israeli military news. It is linked to anti protestor so go over take a look at the latest,

For those of you too lazy to read. You can listen to the 10 pm John Batchelor show on line. His nightly guest is intelligence expert John Loftus. He also get reporters from India and Iraq and does many book segments. You can listen on line via WABC radio in NYC. Those of you in the USA can also hear the best talk show Mark Levin. He is acerbic and has a law degree and kicks %&%&^%&.

Big mistake Beakerkin almost in the doghouse

The isects in VT are huge and I almost made a serious mistake. I left my car on Saturday upon leaving the car I thought I saw another Atlas Moth. I took a swipe with the newspaper and barely missed. I took a glance and it turns out the moth was a humming bird. This near accident has made me unpopular with the nature lovers. However any hummingbird stupid enough to be in newspaper range deserves its fate.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Islamonomics and the cycle of failure

Lost in the war on terror is the failure of Islamic countries to develop modern economies. Islam is not the basis for a modern economy. A modern economy with 50% of its labor force under utilized can not compette. A modern ecomy also requires political stability with minimal corruption . The cycle of violence and strongman violence is a RX for failure.

VS Naipul points this cycle of failure is self pertpetuating. The fault is always pointed at those who ruled. The notion that Islam itself is not the basis for a modern economy is never considered. THe notion that the tribal rationalizations of criminal nomadic lifestyle is the basis for a modern economy is comedic at best. Do note the dhimmis always did the lions share of production while a brutal warlike uneducatedband of thugs practiced extortion and colonialism.

This is stikingly similar to Communism where party members steal resources and produce nothing. The alliance of Communists and jihadist against Capitalism is a reality. Utopians need to destroy the existing order to usher in their version of hell on you.


This blog has recorded its 25,000 visitor. I want to thank each and every one of my readers for helping me reach this milestone. The 25,000 visitor was a hit from Ireland looking for information on the Black Book. We do not bandy words with Communists here. We burry them and humiliate them because they are incoherent blathering idiots who are apologists for a genocidal failed philosophy.

Beamish in 08

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Wasted Lives

Much of our problems can be directly traced to the useless generation. While our best went off and served and many did not return. There was a narcicistic vile element that seemed to think it spoke for America. I am refering to the loathsome anti war protesters of the Vietnam war.

These far left goons seem to think that betraying ones own countrty and ensuring Communist hegemony and bloodshed in Southeast Asia was a good thing. In fact these vermin define their entire lives by their acts of stupidity.

However as time moved by the Vietnam Veteran was restored to his rightful place as hero. Even in a comedy like Forrest Gump the protesters are shown as self centered drug abusing jerks. Gomer Kerry did not run as an anti war protester. However he did not appologize for his vile comments before congress. Most people forget how the Swift Boat Veterans started. Gomer Kerry has an account of his Vietnam service writen by Brinkley and he attempted to make himself a hero while denigrating his fellow officers. Had Kerry not insisted in the falsehoods in the Brinkley book there would have never been a swift boat ad.

The media had a range of questions that it did not ask Gomer Kerry. In fact his entire record as a Communist dupe should have been front and center. VVAW was a communist front group co founded by a fake Vietnam Vet and genuine Communist Al Hubbard. John Kerry when did you know Al Hubbard was a communist and a fake. Did you commit treason by meeting with the enemy while a member of the US Naval reserve? Have you released your military records yet.

The problem is that many members of the media are also part of the worst generation.
This is why we continue to see so many dysfunctional Vietnam Veteran stories that are unchecked. Unlike today with the internet there were no checks on an out of control media populated by the products of far left journalism mills.

Yet a mere ten years after the Vietnam war the public notably my generation restored the Vietnam veterans to their place as heroes. Unfortunately, there was a flood of impostors seeking the limelight. BG Burket shows example after example of people who were never in Vietnam telling off the wall stories and the media does not check. The basic reason is that many members of the media wasted their lives in a crusade against their own countryand need to justify their wasted lives . They also continually seek to justify the abuse of people who were their betters and the direct result of their handiwork thirty years of repression and human rights abuses in Vietman.

Many of todays antiwar protesters are the same exact people trying to recreate their fictional "glory" years. However as in the Vietnam Era the protests are led by Communists and Commie front groups. People like the Duck try to play word games but Code Pink, ANSWER and UPJ are communist front groups. The next time you see an older protester thank them for thirty years of Communist Human rights abuses, boat people and Killing Fields. Ask them how long they have been Communist dupes? If you think that this is harsh remember what our heroes were subjected to when they returned home. I have yet to hear any member of the worst generation defend the treatment of returning heroes. Remind them that they basically have defined themselves as Communist, drug impaired, irresponsable dolts who have wasted their lives.

Beamish in 08.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

From the mouth of a moron

There is an amusing comedic aspect to the brain adled John Brown comparing Israel to Soth Africa. The apartheid regime may have been odious but its record on human rights was superior to the regimes Brown praises. The aparthied regime did not plan starvations, or need to build walls to keep people in. There were no Killing Fields, Gulags or Boat People under aparthied. Any comparison of the former South African regime to Communist China, Cuba, Cambodia, the former USSR is unfair to a repugnant aparthied regime. As bad and repugnant as South Africa was people still migrated there for jobs. However the quickest way to get people to leave an area is for people like Brown to install their version of Utopia.

Beamish in 08

Educational reform is too late

The sad part in the entire talk about fixing our colleges is that it is too late. Our colleges are stuck in an outdated model that has produced worthless degrees. Rather then having our graduates compette our educational system has served to protect worthless high paying jobs for unemployable Marxist hacks.

The basic problem is the 64 credit liberal arts base needs to go. Our business students need extra accounting, finance and management classes. Moreover Social Science majors should all be required to take 32 credits in business credits minimum.

What is the value of Noam Chomsky and Rigoberta Menchu in IT applications or to a Wall Street Wiz 0. It is time to refocus our energy into producing competitive students. The useless expensive scholarship produced in the social sciences departments escalates costs for no reason. The mass layoff of far left types in victims studies departments will be an added bonus.

Do not hold your breath for Jesse Jackson to lead the protest.

He Ho Marxist hacks go to go
It and business equals money


No dollars for useless scholarship

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Do not blame India and China for the H1B visa fiasco

The far left has killed the Golden goose the American economy. I have spent a day looking at H1B visas and at first I was outraged at the greed of US companies. After looking at these tech jobs and the intense training Indian and Chinese students have on the undergrad and grad level I wouldn't even look at a degree from an American Univerity.

American companies are sadled with diversity quotas that interfere with the selection of the best and brightest. Indian companies have no such limitations and get the job done. American students are pampered and take fluff courses like Sociology. Lets see the value of reading Noam Chimpanzee in an IT job is zero. American students are undisciplined and the result of far left indoctrination is evident in the disasters that populate my office. Getting the job done and kicking ass is secondary to sensativity. Yes we must turn the entire planet upside down because some far left turds from might be offended if men talk about baseball or car parts. This is another reason not to hire far left types in the first place.

In the long run either America decides to stop producing worthless college degrees or we become irrelevant. Do not blame the hard working and deserving Indian and Chinese profesional. The blame belongs entirely on the far left whose quest to create a Marxist Utopia has now created near worthless degrees.

Beamish in 08

Uptown Steve All Race 24/7

Uptown Steve doubts my account of Julius Lester being harassed and shunned by his fellow Black Studies Department members for being to Israel. This behavior is recounted in the book Lovesong. Had Uptown bothered to read books he might not sound so moronic. Uptown demands proof but never bothers to pick up any books. Now that Uptown has been told where to look will he bother reading. This is about the third book reference in recent days has he bothered to check.

The story of Lester's being harassed and shunned by the other members of his department is Marcuse run amok. Marcuse based Marxism is the idiocy that dominates Black studies departments. Thus the world is divided into a series of victims and victimizers. How a people with a 1400 year record of slavery, colonialism, Jim Crowe, Ethnocide and often Genocide are made the world's official victims is beyond comedy. Moreover, Lester's views on Israel have zero impact on the field he teaches. The defenders of another Commie Mental Ward Churchill claim that Churchill is being punished for words said outside of class. Welcome to the world of the accademic Gulag. Lets see a fake Native American Indian with zero credentials and shoddy scholarship is protected because he is a good Marxist. An obvious black man who defends Israel is made a pariah and harassed into leaving the Black studies department. Today Prof Lester teaches in the Jewish studies section of the same college. His book Lovesong is one of the best books I have ever read.

Lesters point about finding a place in the Jewish community is important. When he goes to an Orthodox Temple he is asked Cohen, Levi or Yisroel. The reason he is asked this it is part of the way people are called to the torah in the service. Thus those who are serious about the faith readily accept him as an equal. This is the exact same question that I would be asked if I entered the same house of worship.

When Uptown goes on his 24/7 racial rants about topics I do not post on such as the Duke rape case he is going into Marcuse Communist based victimology. Apparently, now in California a group of football players have been charged with a gang rape of an eleven year old. An Eleven year old girl does not have the capacity to consent. Moreover this new victim was not employed as a stripper. We do not know the race of this girl nor should it matter. However, the pictures of the perpetrators are black.

The Duke Case was placed all over the media. However there is little National attention on a far more odious crime with a clearer picture. Then again it isn't about rape with Uptown it is all race 24/7. This is victimology 101 fresh from the Marcuse school of communist dementia.

Will Uptown regale us with more stories about Commie dupe Paul Robeson who he calls "activist". Lets see an apologist for a homicidal regime that engages in imperialism and genocide is an activist. I guess Uptown must also consider "KKK members" activists as well. The KKK is an odious organization but has yet to produce anywhere near the bloodshed of the very people Robeson agitated for. Moreover Robeson was well aware of the carnage caused by that philosophy.

Mr Beamish in 08

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The purpose of a religion

The untold story of the Catholic Church pedophelia scandals is that sometimes great organizations forget why they exist. This may seem odd but religons and houses of worship exist to meet the spiritual needs of the congregants. A clergyman is a public service whose job it is to help the customers ( you) meet you your needs. The clergyman serves as coach, leader, role model , shrink and other roles. However without congregants clergymen and churches have no reason to exist.

The real story about the abuse scandal is that temporarily the Catholic Church forgot its mission. The law breaking priests were shuffled around when they should have been fired. The Church has mended its ways and has gone back to its primary job.

In any large population there will be a certain ammount of law breaking. This is just a reality of life and numbers. I am certain there are Journalists who break the law. There are plenty of Marxist professors that have Clintonian relations with students in direct violation of the rules of the institutions. Genuine sexual harassment and malfeasence takes place in corporations. However the far left journalists only get into a feeding frenzy when malfeasence involves a non muslim clergyman or law enforcement officers. The reason for this is that the far left has a warped anarcho/marxist agenda and such stories feed their biases.

Lost in the story is the excellent work in the Community the Catholic Church does each and every day. Catholic Schools educate and turn out fine men and women every year. The Church runs hospitals, homeless shelters and is an asset in the community it serves daily. The overwhelming majority of the priests do serve their congregants each and every day in a variety of capacities.

The insane class action lawsuits are forcing the church to sell off assets and reduce services. Is the overall public made better by these obsessive awards for in many cases dubious claims? When little Johny or Sally need a to get a superior education will they go to the country clubs of these class action attorneys. When Dave or Hiram become homeless will they go to these liars er lawyers to put their life in order. When Mary and Juanita need a hospital will these law firms provide a nickel of medical service.

As for the victims cash awards do not right wrongs. I know a variety of Holocaust survivors and none of the ones I knew and loved got a nickel. Most went on to lead exemplary lives but some did not. Yet this is to be expected in a large population.
Would my Uncle have been more functional if he had not been through the Holocaust? The answer is we just don't know. I am fairly certain that oodles of money would not have made him happier and he had plenty when he passed away. Yet my Uncle never blamed anyone for his life and he continued on albeit miserable and making those who loved him miserable but it became loveable. If a person wants to rationalize a failed life there will always be reasons and cash awards do not change that.

Moving ahead in Islam and Communism the people exist to serve the Utopian quest. Having people blow themselves up and never ending colonial land theft/ global conquest are not what a religion is about. Are Farouks spiritual needs met when he blows himself to smithereens? Is Fatima served by living in a Country rife with corruption, abusive authorities and economies that can not grow due to the never ending violence the koran preaches?

John Brown, Ducky and Uptown are Marxists looking for handouts. Since the all mighty state owns everything the party members are shareholders. They get to live the easy life on your back. They get to create ideaological gulags in accademia where mediocities like terrorists Dorn and Ayers get six figures for single digit work weeks. They get to control the minions who go into the journalism profession so we can get news stories like Abu Gharib for months and a blip about Beslan and train bombings in India. There will be more religion of peace stories then stories about the crimes itself. Lost in the story of the Iraq Soldier rape case is the USA tries its war criminals. Was anyone tried for mines that look like toys and war crimes against the Afghan People when Marxocolonialists invaded? Anyone put on trial for the creation of neoslavery gulags? How come the flow of refuges always seems to follow Marxist Utopias? Marx is a failed religion and all its adherents are cult like loooooosers. Brown take that last sentence to your friends at the Enema Goldman Finishing School. Lets see anarcho Bombmaking 101, The lives of revolutionary couch potatoes second period, how to feign outrage while stealing from the masses for their own good, planned starvation.

Beamish in 08

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Uptown's Larry Elder Rant

One of Uptown's favorite subjects to rant about is Librerian talk show host Larry Elder. Larry is a sucsessful man who does not cry victim every two minutes. Elder stresses hard work, staying in school and no excuses for failure.

A particular thing that drives Uptown " Red " Steve up a wall is that Elder has pointed out the rampant anti semitism among blacks. He points to a survey where blacks are four times as likely to be anti semitic as whites. We certainly know that Uptown who likes to call non Jews JEWS is a perfect example of this.

Elder points out the absurdity of Blacks blaming Jews for slavery while ignoring the overwhelming role played by Arabs and Muslims. The entire notion of naming your child Abdul or Khadijah to renounce Western slavery is a joke. Arabic Slave traders took more African slaves then the West did. However Uptown wants to get gainful empoyment as a Harem guard it even comes with ahem severance pay.

Uptown usually responds to Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Sharptons anti semitism with inane reparte. Well what about Michael Savage and the authors of the Bell Curve. Michael Savages point about reparations is on target. Why should I pay a nickel when my ancestors weren't even in the country? Blacks have benefited even when there ancestors were not enslaved here ( West Indians ) or just emigrated from Africa. Where are the reperations for those who were turned away with better scores due to race for jobs and colleges? As for the Bell Curve the authors do not present themselves as Jewish leaders.

Thus because Elder rejects Uptowns Marcuse victimology and desire for a handout he claims Elder is a hustler. Lets see hard work, stop blaming others for your failures and taking an honest look at Arab history sounds like a good idea to me. Elder writes books and Uptown merely colors in them with his red marker between temper tantrums.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Know it All Marxists Know nothings

The arrogance of Marxist types never fails to amaze me. Take our own Communist Labotomy John Brown. Brown has never worked a day in his life but this trustfundista from the Emma Goldman Finnishing School thinks he is an expert in the lives of working people. It would be nice if this Revolutionary couch potato would get up off his lard butt and find a real job and note what the rest of us put up with.

Communists also feel a need to lecture Native Americans how to feel about America. Thus we have a plethora of Marxist types KPS, Uptown Steve and other idiots lecturing Dr Yeagley how Native Americans should feel about their country. The fact that Dr Yeagley and many of his readers do not agree with the musings of a failed philosopher or his genocidal followers makes them in authentic. Who died and left idiotic cult like morons the arbiter of whom is an authentic Native American?

We have Uptown " his real color is red" Steve and John Brown railing about crimes of America against black people. Larger crimes by Islamic Civ and third world countries
are just a minor detail. Thus the fools of Marx have decided that Paul Robeson, WEB Dubois and Jesse Jackson are authentic voices of the Black community. Scholars like Thomas Sowell, Walter E Williams and Codi Rice are not genuine because they achieve while the latter cries. Media figures like Larry Elder and La Shawn Barber are traitors because they don't toe the company line. Isn't it "mental slavery" and racist to demand all Blacks think alike. I do not read Thomas Sowell because he is Black. I read him because he is a brilliant author. Who decided the sons of Marx and Marcuse are the arbiters of what is Black?

Even more bizzare is the grumblings of 167 who is obsessed with who is a Joooooo and the politically correct way for Gays and Americans to think. Norman Finklestein, Noam Chomsky and Joel "illucid" Koevell are far left former Marxists and two out of the three bums call themselves Greens. 167 is obsessed with deciding who is a Joooo.
Yet none of the above practice the religion. A Jew can not follow two Gods or attempt to create Utopia in this world. Yet 167 is obsessed with presenting Commies, Greens and Anarchists as the authentic voice of dem Joooos. The fact that these nuts are a vocal but tiny minority mainly in accademia does not make them relevant.

167 also likes to lecture Americans on how Gays should feel about America. Yes American gays should loath their country because some nutjob named Phelps has a idiotic church God Hates Fags. However 167 also thinks gays should love the Governments in Iran, Saudi Arabia and the PA who kill Gays as official law. Oh 167 also claimed that Iranian and Saudi death sentences are Okay because all the executed Gays were convicted in a Sharia non racist court. The probability that genuine torture was used is just irrelevant. The only torture that matters is panties on the head and naked twister in Abu Gharib. 167 is probably mad that the folks at Abu Gharib didn't invite him for naked twister. " Being Gay in the PA is a sure way to end up DOA". This idiocy does not sit well with Justin Morris who has served and loves his country. Even anti war but patriotic liberal Rob Bayn couldn't handle this mass insanity.

The truth about Marxists is that they are modern Rednecks. They lecture a range of groups on the correct way to think. They attempt to steal their history and impose their Marxist filth into every situation in America. The Marxist vermin organized the illeagal labor and " Peace" marches. They attempt to use these marches to boost their own power. Yet in truth few of the protesters even know and many were horrified to find out that Communists were the organizers of these events.

However when one turns the attention to Communist history or the history of Islam they scream racist. They invent new races along the way for expediency. Islam, Arabs
and Pseudostinians are non racial groups. Moreover an actual Marxist crying about the evils of Zionism given the huge stacks of bodies they have produced is comedic .
How many fake Jenin massacres do the nimrods of Marx need to get to 100,000,000? Ducky is worried about Randoids and anti Mooooooslim hatred in the USA. How many planes have Randoids smacked into office buildings any Randoid beheadings? How come the figure of hate crimes against Moooooslims is so low compared to Jews, Gays and Blacks?

The truth is that Communists are and have always been a criminal cult rather then a coherent point of view. The comedic spectre of a KPS or Uptown Steve lecturing a Comanche PHD about Native Americans is all we need to know. Any group that feels everyone should think alike is racist and ignorant. Marxists have zero legitimacy to talk about any injustice given their system has produced more death then any other.

Beamish in 08

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Schwartz From East To West The Red Years

Schwartz is a talented writer and knows how to keep his reader interested. He does not pull any punches and does an excellent job. Schwartz was a litterary critic and his expertise in this area is noted.

The sections on Steinbeck will draw the most interest. Schwartz sees the young Steinbeck as infatuated with Communism early in his career. He wrote a dreadful account of Communist revolutionaries in Dubious Battle which Schartz trashed. Writers including Schwartz himself, improve their craftand Steinbeck is no exception.
Steinbeck is portrayed more as a dreamer who certainly did have a youthful infatuaion with Communism. However he like many others saw that Communism was a dead end.

The discussion of Grapres of Wrath is a genuine portrayal of an abusive situation. The predatory financial practices, dustbowl and deceptive fliers were all genuine. What is not conveyed is that the Oakies competed with and displace foriegn workers who worked under these conditions. The rarely seen film is shown on Fox Classics on Cable and stars Hery Fonda and John Carradine. It was directed by John Ford who is known for his work with John Wayne but was a visionary in his own right. The Grapes of Wrath conveys a story with excellent well developed charachters.

More to the point if I were to write a similar tome about the Garment Center based upon my experiences I would probably be accused of being an Anarchist. Owners snorting away a business and leaving unpaid workers happened more then once. Owners who paid themselves mid six figure salaries while expensing masuses, limos for a six block walk and a series of trips monthly with no relationship to work complained of greedy union labor.When the company did go bankrupt I did point out all the union labor in my department did not cost as much as her expense account. Bribery of buyers
and supply chain people did occur. The most honest man in the picture was the mafia trucking company. Illegal and child labor were genuine facts of domestic production and who can even fathom what goes on overseas. Yet I know the answer to these ills is not Marxism as this results in Animal Farm permutations. The union reps were also on the take. The answer to those problems was enforcement of exsisting laws but it will never happen.

Upton Sinclair did have Communist leanings and is an entirely different matter. His hack work is not in the same class with Steinbeck . He 100% knew that Sacco and Venzetti were guilty but the cause was more important then actual facts. Schwartz notes that Siclairs clownish personal dealings undermined his run for govenor. Hollywood coworkers he had burned in business trashed him in snippets designed to make his supporters look foriegn and inarticulate. This may not have been an exageration in this case. Sinclair was opposed by Communists who labeled his Epic program as Facist. Yet there was a tiny glimmer that is interesting Sinclair did believe that cash payouts were dehumanizing and this is something that is the basis of workfare. Sinclair claimed that the Soviets stole his ideas. Yet placing unemployed on massive communal farms and the state taking over the film industry or creating its own is Communistic. Sinclairs problem with the Communists wasn't due to
philosophy. His problem was that Sinclair was his own man and did not accept the control of Comintern mediocrites telling him what to think.

Schwartz does punch huge holes into any romantic myths about the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. They were led and abused by incompetants and often used as cannon fodder. They did excecute percieved an actual people who were not ideaolically pure or imagined as such. They were lied to and had thei passports stolen upon arrival.

Harry Bridges was an actual Communist. This is one of the lies presented by the left adnauseum and this is proved by the Venona Project. Communists did engage in violence and there were murders. Yet this part of labor history is swept under the rug. There were Communist agitators who did try and create havoc with the migrant field workers. They worker under aliases and generally looked to exploit a bad situation for their own ends. Schwartz points out that like our revolutionary couch potato John Brown most could not last long in the actual job of back breaking agricultural work.

Communist then and now opperate on a corporate structure and Schwartz compares it to having a job. Communism was maketed the same way Pepsi was as the wave of the future. Mediocrity and fealty to whatever idiocy came from above was the rule of life. No dissent was permitted and people often suffered for imaginary crimes. The Communists had to defend increasingly absurd policies such as pacts with Nazis, invading Finland, Killing Finnish Americans but on the West Coast few took the opportunity to step away from the increasingly odious stench of Communist thugery. This was largely an East Coast phenomena according to Schwartz.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to toss hois copy of the Jungle, 167 building a Lego concentration camp for zionists er neocons er jooooos and John Brown is the UN man unemployed, unread, uncivilized and unintelligent if I left any out feel free to add your own.


Saturday, July 08, 2006


On deck tommorow is a discussion of Schwartz from West to East. We will discuss Upton Sinclair, Communist myths and realities of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. There was a snippet about Steinbeck. The realities of the haiographic Union era will also be discussed.

There is no news on the Beakerambo front. The Liberterians tried to dupe the clowns of Jihad into a Beakerambo for khat deal. It seems that many of the jihadis have no problem with Hashish, Heroin and Khat but want you to step away from that Budwieser.

In the hot seat with Russet Shadows

Russet is a familiar name to those of us from Moonbat Central days. Like myself he is more to the left then comonly assumed. His blog is interesting with a unique style
and often untitled posts.

1 You have summed up some of our more incoherent left types. I have known many radicals but most are not all there. Is there more mental illness then politics behind someone like John Brown? There seems to be a deranged idiocy behind talk of Muslim Goblins and idiocies like calling Native Americans Sambos.

2 Is there such a variant as patriotic liberalism? There seems to be a deranged obsession with Iraq and Israel as a reference point for the far left. Thus much of the hysteria about Lieberman is over a single issue. Has the left invested to much of its energy in Iraq? Has the far left Commie types at Code Pink redefined where the left is?

3 Is there something inherently wrong about marching in protests organized by Communists. I wouldn't be anywhere near a protest organized by the KKK.

4 I have been to several Peace Protests and concluded that these protests are anything but peaceful. What does Mumia Jamal have to do with a Peace protest? There were Palestinian flags all over the place. Commie Rabbi Lerner was banned from speaking at one event because he was too pro Israel. Obviously the organizers are among the multitudes of people who do not read Tikkun. Why is it so hard for anti war protesters to stay on message? Or is this exactly what happens when Commie Front groups such as UPJ, Answer and Code Pink run the show.

Immigration Madness

5 There is a guest worker program currently being run as H class visas. The vast preponderance of these visas go to Indian and Chinese IT Professionals. Beneficiaries are limited to two three year increments and their spouses may not work. Children must return home on their twenty first birthday. Interestingly if one has a child here it becomes a " anchor baby" and sets off another mess. Should we model a new guest worker progam on the H1B?
6 Should the enire basis of immigration be vocational? Is family reinification consistent with a modern economy?
7 Should we deny services to illegal aliens other then life saving emergency care?
8 Are you prepared to throw the book at companies who cotinue to violate our labor laws.

The future of the US economy

9 Should the USA pursue a more pro India foreign policy? India is far more relevant to our economic future and a more reliable ally then France.
10 Is China friend or foe?
11 Should we be concerned about Chavez? The assumption is that gas prices always go up. However comodity prices do go down and Chavez is tied to the price of oil.
12 Should we pursue more domestic oil production in places like ANWAR?
13 Do Unions have a place in the modern economy?

Moonbat memories

14 What are your favorite Moonbat Central memories? I miss the wit and wisdom of Richard Poe. Rocco has done an excellent job with Antiprotestor but Poe's shoes are pretty big.
15 Who was your favorite Moonbat Central columnist?

Personal section

16 Do you watch professional sports? Do you have a favorite team or athlette?
17 Has the quality of film and TV improved over the last thirty years. Would classic TV shows like All in the Family and Sanford and Son survive in todays market?


18 Has the Tobacco and Alcohol Tax craze gone too far? I do not like nanny state and regressive taxation.
19 Are increases in user fees hidden taxes?
20 What are your thoughts on replacing the income tax with a flat tax rate or National sales tax?

Health Care and Insurance

21 Should the laws governing the sale of Insurance be nationalized. This would simplify the maze of state regulations and loopholes.
22 What are your views on National health care? I see plenty of Canadians at local doctors where I live.
23 Why do health care costs always seem to outpace inflation?


24 Are bikers hip or retro?
25 Who is the most annoying celebrity?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Sad News about Beakerambo

The Pussies of Jihad have captured the beloved symbol of this blog Beakrambo. Beakerambo is beloved by children and many adults. The evil act was carried out by John Bwown the useless idiot of Jihad.

The picture and story of this sad affair is on thavagejuthice.blogspot. Beakerambo was captured in brutal hand to hand combat. He sent many a Marxist to the gulag in the sky and sent plenty of jihadis to meet 72 virgins. His use of the visine jet gun
got the reds out of entrecned positions.

There is some clod imitating John Bwown taking credit. This idiot has a blog with one reader. He had absolutely nothing to do with the capture of Beakerambo. He is a wannabe JIhadi and too stupid to be able to perform the job of useful idiot.

The talking Ann Coulter figure has been kicking Jihadi A%$#$% but has not turned up any clues.

Will Beakerambo be rescued? Will the Iraqis survive a visit from the talking Ann Coulter Doll. Will John Brown stop taking credit for John Bwown's ideas? Will we need to send Leonard Nimoy in search of John Brown's readers. Why does a blog with no readers need to shut its comments?

These questions and more will be answered in the days ahead.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Immigration madness

Rush Limbaugh is 100% right about the immigation insanity. There are no restrictions or caps on family based immigration. Thus we get people based merely on biology and that concept is outmoded.The Anchor baby jail is a genuine problem and immigration should be based on vocation alone with some humanitarian cases.

Yet we limit the best and the brightest to 58,000 in a guest worker type scam.Many of these programer jobs can be done by Americans. However Americans cost too much and a H1b worker can come in at a lower wage that is can be kept constant. If the workers performance is subpar goodbye. The worker must find another employer to sponsor him or goodbye Charlie. The answer is not more government regulation as instead of H1b visas the job would be moved offshore.

The reality is that while factory jobs were being exported many techies were flying high. Union tradesmen are replaced by cheaper illegal labor. The commies who fancy themselves the fan of the working man and inner city readily sold these groups out to coopt the illegal workers marches.

The truth is nobody is looking out for the regular man. The manufacturing jobs are gone and many of the white collar jobs have been outsourced. The notion of free trade lifing all boats has failed. We were told the jobs in Mexico would stop the immigration Northwards. Except those jobs went to China and Mexico is no closer to being a functional state then it was in the 90's.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Schwartz Savages Commies Red Years Part One

Schwartz is a world class writer and has a razor sharp mind. Unlike Ducky he recounts the Red Glory era of the 1930 with a candid look at the charachters. Those of us who read about the Era from Steinbeck or in history haiographies miss the subtlties of the era.

Schwartz explains the corporate structure of Communist life. Schartz is well equiped to descibe this life as a former commie himself. Communism was a job for its adherents. There is no independence and all policies come straight from management with zero tolerance for dissent. As in a corporation talentless hacks who are connected often rise through the ranks.

Communism was marketed much like Pepsi as the wave of the future. Deranged sorts like Brown still have not learned from the obvious failures. However Communist themselves were failures in life who needed a cause to make their worthless lives whole. The fact that the cause turned out to be neo slavery was a minor detail.

The era of labor radicalism did contain many abuses by ownership that were real. However Commies looked to exploit those grievences to promote themselves. This is the real reason they organize Peace and illegal alien protests. In many cases the workers suffered due to the trouble caused by agitators.

The chapter also describes Commie finks organizing and aiding revolutions abroad in direct conflict with US law. Commies are quick to denounce the US governments interference but say little about their own busy body tendencies. Moreover nobody elected them to represent us.

The chapter also deals with foreign Commie agents wreaking havoc in the USA before WW2. Communists were a group controlled by a hostile government and sought the violent overthrow of the US government. They were criminals from their inception and despite extensive PR attempts were never idealist as much as cultists and appologists for a genocidal system.

Change of Schedule

For the next three days I will be in training. The training will be interesting but love of work makes the mundane interesting. I will do my daily posts at night when I get home. I am with the grade A students and my class includes many of the best. It was a great honor to be selected for this training. In general I loathe training because I prefer to do. However team players move with the needs of the job.

I will see if I can get Russetshadows to sit for an interview.

Dr Yeagley has caught the small animal as table food bug at Bad Eagle. I had thought the eating of small cute creatures and roadkill was taboo. Interestingly genuine Native Americans were more concerned with table food then if the animals were cute and cuddly. One can see a post about barbequed racoon in the culinary section at Bad Eagle. Apparently eating racoon was not rare and President Coolidge was given one for Thanksgiving dinner. Coolidge bonded with the racoon called it Rebecca and it became one of the odder stories in the White House. No Presidents were known to be fond of Ducks.

Schwartz Runaway Society Wisdom of an Earlier Era

I am about to start the next chapter in Schwatz West to East. It is apparent that the government was much more rational in those days. Anarchist and Commie finks were bombing American targets. The government did a wonderful job and jailed and deported treasonous people with philosophies that advocate the violent overthrow of the United States government.

The reality is that we allow people with these philosophies a near stranglehold in or system of higher education. The Marxist vermin are quite fond of saying that statistical disparities in the admission of blacks imply discrimination. They pull a Linda Blair and then claim that exponential over representation of Marxist in College faculties does not imply discrimination.

The reality is that our country needs to take a realistic look at the far left. Marxists and Anarchists have a 100 year history of terrorism, treason and sedition in the United States. The mere fact that someone is a Marxist is probable cause for law enforcement scrutiny. Jihadists are responsable for a series of crimes in the USA and should also face similar scrutiny.

However scrutiny is not enough people who violate our laws should face punishment. In the case of Code Pink who gave financial aid to our enemies in Falujah these criminals should be facing treason charges. I am pointing to all the leaders who were responsible for that move. Members of CPT and ISM who have decided to enact their own foriegn policy should be stripped of citizenship and deported.

Freedom of speech does not include treason and sedition. More to the point of whining how many leftists were actually innocent of the treason they were accused of?
The Rosenbergs and Hiss are perfect examples of lies the far left knowingly spread for decades. The American Communist Party was funded by Moscow and did engage in spying on US Soil. The members of the far left always knew these facts bt their pattern of deception was ended with the Venona project and the opening of the KGB archives.

Mr Beamish in 08

Monday, July 03, 2006

Schwartz Runaway Society Continued

An interesting side bar that one gets from reading from West to East is that little has changed in 100 years amongst the far left. Anarchists were guilty of several bombings including most likely the unsolved bombing of Wall Street around the turn of the century. The history of bombings colaberation with a hostile foreign powers is what the far left has done in its entire history. The mere fact that someone is an anarchist or a Marxist is probable cause for scrutiny law enforcement.

The constant themes of class warfare and trying to undermine the war effort in WW1 are there. The antiwar speeches are strikingly similar except for some anti semitic references that are not in the WW1 speeches. The truth is that the peace movement is not about peace and never was. It has been used and coopted by Marxist and Anarchist thugs whose true aim is the destruction of capitalism. Interestingly left wing movements have historically been racist and anti illegal labor. Now the far left pull a Linda Blair and organizes the illegal worker rallies on May 1.

The left also does not discuss the medling of American leftist in Mexican, Chinese and other revolutions. Nobody elected these people to anything and unlike th US government they are violating the law. Do note that mercenaries seems only to be the name given to those who opposed Marxism. When Commie vermin pick up arms like the infamous Abraham Lincoln brigade they are fighting Nazism. I hate to break the news but fighting to impose Communism is just another brand of evil.

Our country should learn from the past and start enforcing the laws on treason and sedition. Marxist, Anarchists and Jihadis should be constantly watched by law enforcement. Routine violators of the law should be stripped of citizenship and deported. Those who commit serious acts should face the death penalty.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bad Eagle Bigots

I have recently returned to Bad Eagle. I remain fond of Dr Yeagley who is a friend and mentor. Many Bad Egle posters are class acts such as Warren, She Designs and TMW.
The vast majority of Bad Eagle poster are great people.

However, I am disheartened by the amount of anti semitism from some of the posters. Everytime Dr Yeagley has a post involving the Jews the bigot brigade comes out. The charge is that because Dr Yeagley has interest and respect for Jewish culture he is not similarly concerned about his own people. I never heard the term Jewish Supremacist until I saw it at Bad Eagle applied to David Horowitz of all people.

I want to stress that Dr Yeagley also loves Italian and Persian culture and these interests do not spark similar complaints. He also has sections on religion, culinary
arts, lit, conspiracy and nature. However, the only complaints come about the Jewish sections or posts.

The sad truth is that all people can be bigoted. Sadly, there are some Native American bigots and Dr Yeagley is in a tough spot. The one notorious crybaby started again with the anti semitic bs and when I respond I get banned and she gets off "Scott Free" pun intended.

I do not envy Dr Yeagley who has a tough job.

Other News

Stephen Plaut had to change his site due to a spammer. Does anyone care to guess who the culprit is? I have also found the picture that Anum Muhktar claimed was her under Google images of Indian women. For the record Baluch women do not dress in those outfits. I am starting to wonder if Anum Muhktar was a John Brown production.

Schwartz vs Waterfowl

People tend to forget that Stephen Schwartz was a Communist. His first hand experiences with the Sandanista thugs turned him against Communism. When one reads Schwartz he does not sanitize leftist radicals.He points out that some sainted early labor figures were racist and corrupt.

Ducky on the other hand is an empty skull. He glosses over the crimes of marxists and attemps to remove such details as gulags, killing fields ect. He also wants you to be concerned about those Randoids. I am still looking for Randian Killing Fields and Gulags. Ducky also denies that Communist front groups exist.

The difference between Stephen Schwartz and the Duck is that Schwartz may be misguided but is an honest man. Ducky is Marxism with a smile so he will wish you good luck before he sends you to the gulag.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Schwartz's East to West End of chapter 2 runaway society

I want to point out that while I disagree with author Stephen Schwartz on many subjects he is praise worthy for many reasons. As an author he is highly entertaining and he clearly understands how to balance education with entertainment. One will not find a boring Stephen Schwartz paragraph. He is a craftsman and understands the finer points of being a writer.

The second point is that he is a muslim American patriot. Schwartz is a tireless foe of Wahabism and CAIR. He sees Wahabism as a perversion of his faith. If the entire Muslim community were made up with rational people like Schwartz we would have a safer planet.

Schwartz does not mince words about the Nation of Islam. He calls Farakhan's movement a cult. He expressly denounces terrorism with no equivocation and word games. He does not excuse shooting school kids in the back or smacking planes into office buildings.

Schwartz and I have disagreed on many points but that is okay and even normal. He is somewhat of a grouch but I am told by others he can be witty and engaging in person.
Even when we disagree with him he is still a person to be respected as he does have a sense of honor. Nobody on the planet humiliates Dennis Raimondo in such a comedic
and skillful fashion. Raimondo has tire tracks on his back but comes back stupidly for more abuse.

Schwartz paints an unvarnished picture of the early labor movement in California. In those days sailors were being outsourced by cheaper Chinese sailors. Schwartz paints a more realistic image of the early labor movement then we often see in our sanitized history books. Many of the early Union activists were overt racists. The stench of Marxism did pervade the unions. Schwartz does not fall victim to the curent need to make saints out of the early labor leaders. He points out that many legitamate grievances with the railroads and industry leaders. His description of the era is evenhanded and above all entertaining.

The part about the Marxist colony cutting down Redwoods should be viewed in another prism. Marxist have a dreadful record on the environment and only recently have begun to hyperventilate on this issue. The colony failed because it was not run properly and did not bother to leagally aquire the land upon which it opperated.