Friday, November 24, 2006

Small Details that one might miss in the Darwash Book

One of the grat things about this book is that we see minor details that we bandy about. The Duck relies on outsiders and tends to dismiss anything not produced by Vomwads like Fanon, Chimpanzee or other Marxist stooges.

I have prevciously spoke of my connection to the Coptic community of NJ. My friends speak of the injustices they endure in Egypt. I ask them why they do not speak out and always get the same resonse " You do not understand ". There is some truth to the learned helplessness in the book depicted by Darwash and some fear for the community in Egypt.

I will state that in NYC I have been mistaken for a Copt when I have brought up the subject of Muslim oppression of Christians. I have most often been accused of being an Assyrian by Muslims and leftists. How or why a person would want to assume a Jewish alias while being an Assyrian or a Copt remains unknown. The fact that I have alabaster skin, green eyes and bear zero resemblence to either is also a mystery. I do not take offense at deing mistaken for a Copt or Assyrian. My reaction is one of astonishment and amazement. Yet leftist and jihadist are prone to conspiracy theories and deception so we shouldn't be surprised. I am waiting for Ducky to claim
the Rosenberg's had a different definition of patriotism, one that includes treason.

An important story that one will probably miss is Darwash's account of harassment by a former coworker who was a US embassy employee in Egypt. We have heard some stories
about this around six months ago. This coworker demanded to see the conversion certificate of Darwash's Coptic husband and asked is he a good Muslim. This employee
has violated US law and has no right to ask these questions. This is yet another account of the harassment of Copts in the US embassy in Egypt. The problem should have been solved by know but the State Deartment hires leftistas who are fed a diet of Chomsky, Fanon and Marx and are expected to behave like adults. Hopefully, the next administration Rudy or Mayor Mike, will take an axe to the State Department. Cut out all the leftistas and start hiring business grads. The USA is ill served by sending graduates of Stalinist University Gulags who are spoonfed Marcuse, Marx and Marijuana.

Beamish in 08, 12 and MT Rushmore in 16.


Always On Watch said...

This coworker demanded to see the conversion certificate of Darwash's Coptic husband and asked is he a good Muslim. This employee
has violated US law and has no right to ask these questions.

Unconscionable! And from a U.S. embassy employee!

**bangs head on keyboard**

Brooke said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Beak!

Low Flying Angel said...

Beaker I think you are OBSESSED by the Duck :)

U don't need to dedicate a post to me this time ;)

beakerkin said...

Janice the Duck and Weazie followed me from FPM. I haven't posted there in ages. The Duck is the official troll of this blog and to be frank you just don't have what it takes in comparison.

The Duck posts comments on every post but unlike you he is welcomed as a visitor. He is an adult brings up mostly adult points with the exception of his propensity to bring up obscure films.

On the other hand you are a retard who has nothing to offer of any value. For TMW's sake I laid off the retard line, but it is too obvious that you are a retard.

You seem to think you can invade MZ's site behave like a retard and we are supposed to put up with it.
This blog community was largely founded by myself and Warren. You are not a member and nobody wants to deal with retards. Ducky is an actual member of this community for better or worse. You have your own blog toil in obscurity with other retards like John Brown.

Adios Janice, 1000 special Ed teachers are not wrong you are a retard.

Brooke Happy Thanksgiving. Why must we watch the Detroit Lions Why not the Lions

AOW: This worker at the embassy should have been fired. Obviously there is a supervision problem. The religious affiliations of US Citizens are not even the business of the Emassy personel.

The Merry Widow said...

Beaker- That is supposed to be true! Unfortunately, I think that Foggy Bottom has either reverted enmasse or have accepted dhimmi status without checking with Congress, on second thought maybe they did, under jimmah cahtah.
A very large double-headed axe and mops are called for to clear the halls!
I'm now a JW magnet! I'm irritating a cult, whoohoo! Now to get a copy of "Kingdom of the Cults", anyone who knows anything about JW's is invited to speak to Maureen.
Hope everyone has recovered from yesterday's feasting!


beakerkin said...

Good Lord you are the last blog I expected trolls on.

Anonymous said...

"in learned helplessness" resonated with me......don't conservatives feel like that when we read posts from people like Ducky, or julius and dubya at FPM, etc., or just watch CNN and MSNBC, or listen to Bill Maher? We have to sit and watch political correctness win the day and maybe lose our world because of it...sitting in learned helplessness, hoping that, as time passes, they wake up to the fact that we already seem to grasp better than they; that we're facing terrorism that does deserve less of the UN (as witnessed again in this post by Beak) and more of American righteousness; fighting terror as hard as they promise to fight us?

Learned helplessness......not a good place to be.

beakerkin said...


US Embassy personel are prohibited from asking any questions about religious views of US citizens. There has been some controvery in that same embassy with Muslim staff harassing Christians. This is a direct violation of US Law.

Moreover unlike you I know what doccuments are required for inspection. A US Marriage License is all that is required. A conversion document is not relevant to the case and asking for that doccument is considered harassment.

beakerkin said...


It is going well in VT. Would you or one of the other FPM posters explain to Janice who follows whom.
She seems to think I follow Ducky and Weazie around. How one follows a person on their own blog is a mystery.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

I think Ducky has the hots for you, Beakerkin.

beakerkin said...

Ducky has no idea what documents are relevant in immigration cases. That doccument is never ever relevant and people have been fired for far less.

Warren said...

Ducky, is totally incapable of seeing anything wrong with a leftist or one of their pet pigs or policies.

Watching his thought processes is akin to watching a train wreck.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

You've seen Ducky think before, Warren?

And you didn't capture evidence for posterity?

Anonymous said...

Next Week on Jerry Springer:


It's a all out brawl when Ducky and Weazie fight it out in drag queen fashion for the attention of one known as "Beak", be prepared for flying make up and no intelliegence, in perfect Jerry Springer fashion!

Check your Local Listings!

elmers brother said...

Beakerkin: dig it...dig it hard duhkky.

(b*tch slaps duhkky)

Duhkkky: (stinging from slap) Daddy?

The Merry Widow said...



Always On Watch said...

Mr. Beamish,
I think Ducky has the hots for you, Beakerkin.

Lord, have mercy!

Warren said...

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...
"You've seen Ducky think before, Warren?"

Just the aborted processes, no actual thinking was done. Its like someone who thinks they can write because they sign their paycheck with an X.

beakerkin said...

Wait Ducky will explain all the ills of life in the Grapes of Wrath

Anonymous said...

Is "Ducky" an old fashioned term of endearment in US, as it is in UK?
We may sometimes hear an old lady say, "thanks Ducky" to someone who offers help, say in offering them a seat on a bus.
Is Ducky an infirm elderly lady, perhaps with a walking aid?
Perhaps you should be kinder to the old deary. Offer some Seasonal advice about how to keep warm and avoid hypothermia.
Perhaps send her a nice crocheted blanket, or a new hot-water-bottle.
Remember, Christmas is the time for giving.
Poor old Ducky, there, there, the nasty man didn't mean to upset you so.

beakerkin said...

Ben Dover

This would seem to be the low class writings of Sockosleaze or Gertrude Myers. My guess is that it is Gertrude who is predisposed to gay references. Ducky is a Marxist man whose preferences are none of my concern.

I will check my site meter but it appears Sockosleaze is at it again

Warren said...

Well "Ben", as they say in the UK; Ducky isn't exactly the crispest biscuit in the tin!

nanc said...

just me ROFLMAO!!!