Sunday, February 20, 2022

It isnt about the facts

There is an arrogant obnoxious toxic elite. Despite being a liberal, I was pushed away by the inability of the left to step away from communists. Communists are quick to talk of race but are at their core antisemitic. We watched Democrats and their media clown squad describe a series of violent anti police riots organized by communists as mostly peaceful. Stores looted and police assaulted were just inconvenient facts. Exactly what does Palestine have to do with policing in the USA. Where did the money go? If you loot Macys and assault a cop you get less time than if you stunk up Nancy Pelosis toilet. We have a two tiered justice system. Rules are not enfoced against the elites. Oddly Trump despite his wealth and education is not elite. Ones actual actions like running high tech plantations are irrelevant as long as you publically praise BLM and serve the elites with the Washington Post. The hysterical elites screaming about demanding Israel negotiate with terrorists wont meet with peaceful truckers. The media described the BLM riots as mostly peaceful while lying about Nazi Truckers. Funny as this is going on BLM bailed out a kook who tried to kill a Jewish political candidate. Lets not even mention his associations with kooks who think the real Jews are Black. No we arent discussing Ethiopians or Lembas. We are talking about obnoxious types in tacky clothes that look like a mashup between Sinbad the Sailor and Star Trek. We live in a fantasy world where DHS is worried about far right terrorism. It talks of insurections while ignoring mobs that loot cities and buy real estate through tax fraud. Lets talk about George Floyd and all of these so called victims. None of thess so called victims was Stephen Urkel. They had long rap sheets and were in the encounters for valid reasons. The question is if too much force was used is quite different from if there was valid reasons for the interactions with police. In the case of Garner how does the superisor who was present avoid charges. Thats right she was a Black female. Did Garner who was eligible for free diabetic medication get help no. Garner was very familiar with the justice system and had a temper tantrum. His personal choices and negligence were factors in his death. I want to contast the delusional statements of Mark Miley with actual arsonists vs peaceful truckers. Peaceful truckers are Nazis but violent pfotestees who are led by Marxists are peachy. The undertone is obnoxious elitist arrogance. We are the elite and laws dont apply to us.This is no surprise considering how peaceful taxpayer TEA Party people were treated by the Obamunist goons in the media and by the IRS. Covid fatigue is genuine. Exasperation with toxic elites is genuine. When you see inflation running rampant blame Zuckerberg and Bezos. Didnt we get lectures about media not using hacked materials but it will publish donor lists to causes they dont like. Lastly to the lunatic hacker braging about your deeds. The political winds are shifting. Your authoritarian cohorts will not be able to save you. I only hope when you are cuffed for your crimes some trucker puts clown makeup on you. You can keep laughing when medicated and halicinating about real men named Earl and Dave wearing Catepillar hats and coveralls.

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