Saturday, August 28, 2010


My trip to Guyana has been moved back by the Tranquil Sea's employer. They are still very busy and late January is more likely.

I will be taking off Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur. I will make posts on both.

Oliver Wiswell by Kenneth Roberts is getting very interesting. If you can deal with the first 100 -150 pages it gets much better. Roberts is unique in that his supporting cast is much better than his main characters. In previous books Benedict Arnold steals the show when present. When he is away from the action Cap Huff the heroes best friend in the first book and a vital supporting role in the second makes reading a pleasure. In the second book Doc Means also provides much levity as well. The lead is really not interesting as his loyal friend the forever scheming jack of all trades Tom Buell. Any book that starts off with a tar and feathering can't be too bad. The author did serve in the American occupation of Siberia and was an arch foe of communism.

The Surf Rock bit is still going strong as I am enjoying the latest CD with the Super Stocks, Vulcanes and Eddie and the Showmen.

On the upcoming Labor Day Holiday please remember to spend some time with those looking for a job. Being unemployed in the summer is OK as you can go places. It gets much harder in the fall and winter is brutal. I plan on treating a few people who I know who are down on their luck to lunch.

Also remember the Mr Beamish food pyramid. Do not waste time with the veggies. Merely eat the animals who eat the veggies with barbecue sauce and a domestic brew.

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SecondComingOfBast said...

If you go to Guyana make sure the Kool-Aid is kosher.