Monday, September 30, 2013

Okay bird brain

The thing about talking to Communists like Duncy about any subject is a waste of time. Duncy might know about video techniques for porno films in Van Nuys but this is the sum of his knowledge.

The over representation of Marxists and Anarchists in higher ed leaves a large section of what passes for so called intellectual thought to be comedic fodder.

Noam Chomsky is not a trained historian and his reputation as a linguist is based upon his timing. His techniques and mendacity are noted by actual historians last we checked Arthur Schlesinger remains an actual liberal. His fixations with Ellie Wiesel are shared with Holocaust deniers with whom he  corresponds.

The list of Chomsky whoppers can be found on line.

Prof Said: Also not a trained historian. His field was Literature and anyone interested in seeing his work demolished in seconds need look no further then Ibn Warraq. Bernard Lewis should not have cheapened himself by responding to a untrained knave.

According to Duncy Arabs, who have a lengthy history of colonialism, and 22 ethnically cleansed States and oppress actual indigenous people need a 23 ethnically cleansed state. They need 100% of the available land in the Middle East.

Okay Comwad answer a few questions

1) Did Arabs, Anatolians and Persians  practice Colonialism?
2) What makes the case for Palestine more pressing then Kurdistan, a state for Berbers, Assyrians, Copts and groups with actual historical identities, languages and culture. Like Brooklyn so called Palestine has a dialect? Unlike Brooklyn we can point to many famous people who made the world a better place. Whitman, pick an entertainer not named Streisand. Lets see Arafat born in Cairo, Said educated in Cairo with an exagerated bio. Where is Brooklynistan or St Louistan?
3) Are the natives of Brooklyn related to Carnarsie Indians in the same manner Palestinians are related to Philistines or Phyllis Diller
4) Jesus was called King of the what????
5) For most of recorded history did Muslim oppress Jew or visa versa?
6) Moving ahead why did the Jews leave every country other then Morocco in great numbers? Would you care to enlighten Jews from Yemen, Syria and Iraq about their historical treatment. Funny, but Jews from those countries and the former Soviet Union are the most intransigent opponents of additional  Arab Judenfrei real estate.
7) Where is Jerusalem in the Koran? What building stood on the site of the Dome of the Rock?
8) Did Jews live in Medina before Islam?
9) If you insist on comparing Arabs to Indians you are mistaken. Israel is akin to a reservation and the Arab
demands for yet even more land from a people they abused and mistreated in their own lands is as preposterous as claiming Native Americans should get off their reservations. Sorry, but Indians obsessed with Palestine are almost always Marxist like yourself and unfamiliar with actual history that conflicts with Mickey Marxist cartoon versions of history.
10) How many ethnically cleansed Arab States is enough?
11) Why is okay for Arabs, Anatolians and Persians to rule over Kurds?
12) Where are the mentions of Palestinians as an existing people in Josephus. I see plenty about Jews but nothing about Palestinians? Where were they when Jews revolted against Greece?

Hint unlike Chomsky, Prof Said and others Gingrich was a trained historian. As he didn't follow the Marxist cult of idiocy he was denied tenure.

Blame Pam Geller for the Nairobi Mall Massacre

Lefties like to blame convenient targets to literally stand on top of the dead  to score political points. A mass shooting by a disturbed nut always produces an Obama effort to swipe guns from legitimate owners. Any discussion about failures of our mental health community, the impact of super violent first person shooter games and sometimes religious and political motivations gets condemned as racist.

When two Muslims hacked a soldier to death in public they were not quoting Pam Geller. When Muslims receiving welfare blew up the Boston Marathon they were not quoting Pam Geller. When Muslims slaughtered masses in Nairobi they did not quote Pam Geller.

We will likely find out that Americans were among the terrorists in Kenya. We are likely to find that Americans have engaged in war crimes in Syria.

I spoke to a coworker who is outraged about the Pam Gellers and Michelle Malkins calling Muslims accountable for their actions. The Geller ads were a response to the CAIR ads. Anyone in a major city has seen the stupid ads My jihad means whatever CAIR wants it to say.

While, I do not support blaming all Muslims, this cult of victimhood is a bit much. Claiming Arabs as victims of colonialism is as absurd as claiming Black Slaves oppressed White slave owners. Arabs already posses  22 ethnically cleansed Judenfrei states. Moreover, the actual number of Jews forced out by Arabs exceeds the number of Arab refugees. The Arab refugees do not have any claim to nation status. Newt Gingrich was 100% correct and lefties elitists had fits. They described Newt's terms as hateful and stupid, but did not come close to refuting it.

It is time to stop ranting about Geller and Spencer who may indeed at times be over the top. There is a decided difference between strident objections to political rhetoric and butchering civilians based on religious
goonery. All political speech of any type is prone to excess. Yet once the speech has turned to exhortation now we move to criminality.

You can and do see Muslims who care about America. These are not the lunatics in Washington chanting we are all Hamas. Unfortunately, other then the Center of Islamic Pluralism and a few others you do not hear
Muslims objecting to political violence.

Maybe George Soros can set up a fake foundation call M Street. He can find a whole group of anarchists and communists who are Muslims....wait those Muslims are just as violent as the religious types at times.
Soros does not spend a nickel on Americans who love their country and respect Constitution.

I understand and appreciate those Muslim coworkers who serve in various agencies. While I understand you are upset about the rhetoric of Geller, understand our frustrations with your community. Geller has never advocated violence. She does report what we see. It is time for the religion of Peace bs to stop and for the community to reject violence and work with law enforcement.

In time we will have our own Mall massacres similar to Nairobi. It is time for communities to identify who has trained overseas with terrorists and who is recruiting these criminals. If Muslims are stigmatized 9-11, Beslan
and Nairobi are the culprits not Geller.

New saying WWMBD. What would Mr, Beamish do

Coming this fall from Beakerkin Family Pictures How the Communist Duck Stole Christmas and Zionisit Obscenities Chanukah, Passover and rewrote Easter.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Shut it Down

The fight to defund and end Obamacare is too important to the economic future of America. Shut the government down including my own agency. Force Obama to negotiate to negotiate an end to this monstrosity.

The fight becomes about the President's vanity.

Israel should negotiate with terrorists, but Obama won't talk to Republicans.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

And the beat goes on

The media continues to spin the economic doom and chaos of the Obama policies. The media has stabbed the little man in the back while feigning that things are peachy. The way to grow the economy is quite obvious repeal Obama care now.

The union leadership who sold out their members should be held accountable, The union members were sold out for a few coins for the great leader.

This administration has done more to ruin the lives of Americans then any foe in history. You can't find a full time job because of Obama care. College and medical costs are through the roof. Crime is up and Obama stands on dead children at every massacre to politicize the dead. He spends a few seconds talking about mental health care which is at the heart of the issue.

It is a matter of time until we get a Nairobi style attack at a mall in the USA. Obama feigns ignorance about so called Americans receiving terrorist training and fighting in foreign wars. Expect long empty jargon about
true Islam. Other then Stephen Schwartz and the CIP you don't hear much plain talk from Muslims about rejecting pointless violence. What did the mall attacker achieve other then make Muslims look like criminals.

It is time to unveil a law dedicated to Lori Berenson. US citizens including those born here forfeit their right to citizenship when they join a terrorist group. Violators of the law should be given a choice denaturalization and deportation or twenty years with no parole or pardon in a federal penitentiary among hardened criminals.
They are also denied contact with anyone other then immediate family and three letters a month. Those that accept denaturalization are banished for life and subject to the death penalty if found in the USA.

The law is very simple. You involve yourself with terrorist groups in any way you lose citizenship or head to the slammer.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bird Brained Bigotry

The Duck feels as a dedicated Communist he can use racial, ethnic and homophobic epithets with impunity.
The latest example is calling without rationale David Yeagley Gay.

The truth is that for the most part most of us give little thought to who is and isn't gay. This is a personal quirk that is not a big deal to most of us. One of the best bosses at work is gay. I have no issues as a straight guy working for a gay boss. In many ways we laugh about the aspects of the job and life together. For example someone joked man does not live on bread alone. No he needs beer and fried chicken as well. We joke about common experiences or how in NYC the reaction to a gay coworker or neighbor is so what.

Dr. Yeagley is a friend with some pretty misguided ideas about race and Christ. In his heart he loves his country, faith and is a man of arts and letters. Of course if Yeagley bought into the Communist stereotype and hated his country and Christians he would probably be employed at a University teaching English Lit.
In my travels the Indians I met are actually more devout Christians then the general population, but Duncy clings to the myths of Indians, Blacks and Latinos as Protorevolutionaries against the Capitalistic Order.
Oddly, a Black Person like Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell or Clarence Thomas who rejects Marxist group rights cult of victimhood gets similar abuse from Duncy.

I do not post on Bad Eagle because I have a different vision of patriotism. It is open to all who share a common set of beliefs in  our founding documents and  traditions.In the case of Yeagley this is tragic because he loves America with all his heart while not grasping its essence.

 In the case of the Duck he has a new failed model of Communism. He wants to transform the US into the EU so we can all live like Greeks, Spainards and the French and think jobs are like bigfoot. The Duck hates the United States sides with every enemy of this country and has pathological obsessions with Jews and Israel. We seldom post about that topic but the Duck has a need to discuss it at every opportunity. One need not look further then the mess of my beloved Guyana to see the mess caused by corrupt Marxist on
a wonderful place.

FYI. When we have diversity fests I list my country of origin as Guyana. It is a running joke at work and the Greek Diner. Where a man years to rest in a hammock with a beer and breeze between the rainstorms is Guyana. It is my adopted home and I shall retire there and live out my golden years adventuring in the interior.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Cowabunga Box set has arrived

I now have the Holy Grail of Surf music. Guests will no longer remind me I lack the ultimate box set. I still have other items to find like Lost Legends of Surf Guitar  I am missing four volumes of that set. Maybe Ace records will release another album with the Chevelles two other instrumentals on it. At some point I will buy an Eliminators album.

Bill Diblassio Communist Clown or general moron

There are those on the left who feign ignorance and pretend Communism is benign. We have a President with a Card Carrying Communist mentor who socialized with Communist terrorists. The media thinks this is quaint, but it is a moral and charioteer defect. Communists and Obama share a belief in the imperial state lording over the unwashed  masses. They also believe in amoral abuses of power to perpetuate their rule. The IRS scandals is indicative of this mindset.

For too long Democrats have been allowed to play a double game. Diblassio has been ranting about two NYC's right out of the Trotsky playbook. He aided and abetted the Sandanista government during the Cold War and has made multiple trips to Cuba.

There are those on the left who ponder how a social liberal ends up in the GOP. I might not agree with everything said by Mr. Beamish, but he is a patriot. Those who aided and abetted Communist regimes during the Cold War were pretty close to treason. I will not be a member of any political party that allows Pro Communist Circus Clown like DiBlassio in the party.

I want to point out the hypocrisy of the Duck. It is true that my friend David Yeagley has said many foul things about race over the years. I want to point out that my disagreements with him were quite open and based upon his failures to grasp that he fails to understand the core values of America and Christ are open to all who share those values. Yeagley, does not understand the true essence of the things he holds closest to his heart.

On the other hand we see Ducky who never fails to side with every enemy of the United States band racist and antisemitic obsessions. Lets see among the classics is Slappy for Clarence Thomas and Aunt Jemimah for Condi Rice. The Duck has an obsession with Jews and Israel that borders on pathological. Israel is a reliable ally. What do we get for the money sent to Egypt and Pakistan? What do Americans get for huge investments in NATO. The only time the Duck preaches fiscal conservatism is when aid to Israel or welfare for Hasidic Jews is discussed. In my case I am also a harsh critic of the latter, but from a different angle.

The candidacy of Global  Marxist Revolutionary Juvenile Delinquent is something the entire Nation should be embarrassed over. However, the media is more obsessed with Little Anthony Weiners stupid phone calls then the moral rot and pathologically warped values of a NYC Mayor who fancies himself a cross between
Robin Hood and Trotsky.

Criminal and Civil charges against Lois Lerner

Lois Lerner has retired, but should not be allowed to enjoy retirement. She should be held accountable for her actions that exceeded her official capacities.

Let her rot in a Federal Prison next to drug dealers.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Return of the Frummies

The Planets most annoying relatives are back. It is a minor holiday and these lazy morons are back. Quite predictably they arrive at 2AM on Monday Morning. The goal is to annoy and piss off those of us who work real jobs. They could arrive at a normal hour, but when you are frum you have God to rationalize your boorishness. Of course when the obnoxious daughter can't wake up it is Epstein Barr, not asshole parents.

They asked why I did not get another car. As they have made off with my car due to their being broke, I refuse to get another so they can't repeat this again. I am also stuck paying 1000 dollars insurance on a car I no longer have because this moron did not follow instructions and procrastinated. This is of course after the unemployable dimwit of a wife screwed up easy instructions. She then wonders why I hate her. She has not worked in two decades.

I also have to hear about how hard and mean this agency is. I am at my desk at 5AM trying to complete impossible assignments. This relative does not even get up until 10 and then I have to hear how hard he has it.

I will not come directly home. I will spend every last second at the Greek Diner where I can get peace. The useless son still has not returned to school in Israel for year three of studying Torah. They live in a fantasy world where he is actuary material. This moron can barely read English and was born here. He will end up teaching in a Yeshiva and marry a stupid wife and be a blight on society. The daughter will get a fancy college education and never work a day and be a similar loafer knocking out lazy stupid kids in this sick lifestyle. I have already told them when my parents are gone they will be over and out.

Religion is just a way to get out of real work and to be stupid. I would rather have criminal relatives who at least wouldn't be so useless and stupid. It is this sense of entitlement and lack of consideration of others that 
annoys me to no end. Have no car, take a relatives. Fail to follow simple instructions that a chimp could follow and cost the relative $1000. 

I really wish I took the gig in Iraq. 

Why they even insisted on visiting for my birthday this year is unknown. My wish was for them to emigrate and never be seen again.

The local folks at the Jewish charities called. I told them I no longer will pay a nickel until they stop supporting these clowns.  I would sooner donate money to charities in the Guyanese Community. I will be looking for a burial plot in Guyana so I can be away from these religious freaks forever.

There is nothing Jewish about this frum lifestyle. My relatives worked back breaking jobs and never had a hand out. They worked hard in school and on the job. Religious studies came after everything else was finished. This view that European ghetto culture is toxic. The music is dreadful and is actually a cross between Eastern European and Gypsy music that is painful to the ear. At least, I should be thankful the moron crew has not reverted to Yiddish.

I still consider myself Jewish only I refuse to be involved in any more rituals. In fact I will no longer waste any more time or money at a house of worship again. I would sooner go to the Greek Diner get a meal and relax there. They can tell when these relatives are here by my body language and order. When I walk in tonight,  the waiter will say frummies again. The bus driver and clerks at work can even tell when these morons visit.
Obviously, these visits are quite upsetting but when every action is God ordained what is upsetting a secular relative.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Face Of Obamunism Lois Lerner

Over the past few years we have had discussions about the role of government in the lives of Americans, Now with health care being taken over and controlled by the government, these concerns are front and center.

The pitch of Obamunists is an all knowing benign nanny state will control your health care choices. The IRS scandals show the true face of Obamunism, Lois Lerner. In the case of Lerner we get an incompetent political hack who apparently has abused her authority well before her arrival at the IRS and was rewarded for her abuses of power.

One can look at the column of well respected author George Will to grasp that Lerner is no novice at abusing power for partisan reasons. Her previous stint at the FEC  included harassing Conservatives affiliated with the Christian Coalition. The accusations were shown to be without merit, but somehow she gets promoted upwards.

Lerner, violated the basic ethics that govern public service. Public Service is a privilege that comes with responsibility.  Employees take an oath to uphold the Constitution. The Obamunist cadres in Federal government don't seek to enforce the laws and provide services. They seek to harass all political opponents
of the Obama administration. In the case of Lerner given her antics against the Christian coalition we are talking about pathologically abusing her position for partisan purposes,

The scary part is that this pathological behavior was rewarded multiple times. Lost in the testimony of attorney Hull was the direct involvement of an Obama appointee in the Chief Consuls office. Lost in the testimony of Hull was unique and novel procedures and multilayered review process.

The media bears responsibility for the demonization of the TEA party. Unlike, Communist organized and led so called Peace protests or the Obama approved and terrorist linked Occupy Wall Street, TEA Party events are lawful exercises of free speech in practice. I specifically went looking for racists at multiple events and about the most unusual thing I found were birthers. At any Peace protest or OWS gathering one can find Jew haters and people advocating illegal acts of violence.

Meanwhile, in the Obama economy full time jobs are going extinct due to the Obamacare provisions. Employees with health care are being dumped on exchanges. Crime and violence are rising in many inner cities including those with the most restrictive gun control policies. Obama wastes no time exploiting the dead
for his gun control mania. He also doesn't mind giving guns to Muslims who hate America abroad.

Obamunism is a toxic brew of self righteous arrogance, corruption. and gross stupidity. The administration is very aware that it can create jobs in moments by repealing Obamacare. Obama would rather Americans suffer in poverty then scale back this monstrosity. The face of Obamacare is Lois Lerner. Do you want this corrupt political hack who has no idea what ethics and professionalism are to determine if you get an X ray.

Sorry, but the antics of Lerner call for a special prosecutor. Federal employees are protected when they act within the scope of their jobs. The outrageous conduct of Lerner calls for jail time and revoking her pension.
The Obamunists will raise money for her defense and she can broadcast right before Mumia on NPR which should also be on the chopping block.  

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Our idiotic security clearance system

We have a few stories in the news about security clearances. These annoying unnecessary and useless procedures get highlighted when an employee goes haywire.

 Much of the information is useless and stupid. The interviews are carried out typically by recent college grads with zero life experience and James Bond fantasies. Asking close family friends if one would betray their country is not likely to get a response if real.

There is a great fascination with blackmail and contact by foreign governments. In reality questions in this area are rather amusing. If person A has a romantic relationship with a green card holder they are less likely
to be blackmailed then a person carrying on an adulterous affair. In general applicants who have liaisons with coworkers and contractors are more apt to be problems then a foreign born romantic interest. Thus your married boss with multiple affairs in the office flies under the radar for serious ethical lapses and a person with an exotic romantic interest gets undue attention.

The government could get better results by simply drug and alcohol testing and running finger prints. Talking to coworkers a decade ago makes little sense. Spending more time in the current job makes sense.

There is a fascination with mental health care that is deranged. Is it better to have untreated mental health conditions. Given the prevalence of work place bullying this treatment is in many times a reaction to an unhealthy work atmosphere. There is a great difference between general depression and cognitive types of mental illness.

This type of investigation is a waste of time and money.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The IRS and lack of professionalism

The emails and the evidence does indicate the IRS targeted the TEA Party. The bombastic rhetoric of the Obama administration, media proxies and Civil rights groups fostered the atmosphere where this abuse of power took place.

Employees of the government swear an oath to uphold the laws of the United States and the Constitution, not Obama. The violation of the rights of the Tea Party is inexcusable and those responsible should be fired and up on criminal charges.

One is protected for actions within the scope of the job from civil liability. These abuses were not in line with the scope of the actual job. Lois Lerner should be held liable for her actions and sued personally.

It is not up to Lois Lerner and a mob of crazed workers to determine what views are acceptable. Americans
have a right to peacefully protest any administration and the job of the IRS is not to silence critics of the Obama administration. The violation of ethics and professionalism is inexcusable and those responsible need to be held accountable.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Marc Goldberg Loser

Those of us who live in the messes created by lefties like Goldberg have no patience for his whining and crying about his job. The economy stinks because lefties decided to push a health plan that is described by Democrats as a "train wreck".

Unlike the useless Goldberg, I put in a hard days work each and every day. The public deserves my best every day. The next person does not want excuses or lame philosophy, they want results. There are days, I can barely walk or allergies render it difficult to see, but I will be there. If I am alive and in any condition, I will be there to help out and do more than my share.

My door is open to younger officers, lawyers who want to discuss legal theories and the support staff. My mind is thinking of ways to make the job easier. We win or loose as a team, but I will try my best to meet our goals.

Compare this to a lefty whining about meetings and work.

Give me coworkers who are self motivated and grasp there is no excuse for giving less then your best in anything. I remind top management, I can teach technique and workflow, but without heart or passion it is pointless. In order to be good at anything one must have drive. Ultimately, talent without drive is doomed to failure.

Those of you I talk with off line know of my drive and the hardships I overcame. Without grit and determination I would not have overcome adversity.

Marc Goldberg has shown us why lefties are failures in life. They expect life to reward feeble efforts and sloth. Were he on my team at work, he would be reassigned. There is no room for slackers, whiners or whiners. We may not win every battle or meet every goal, but we try our best each and every day.

Return of the Frummies

Once again the most annoying relatives on the planet return. They come too late to be useful and still have my car. Of course if the stupid wife would get a job they wouldn't need it. Of course this stupid wife milks the piety as part of a plan to avoid work. If she were not religious and on a cell phone all day and had no concept of time and was functionally useless she would be placed into vocational rehab. Of course when you are religious it is just not considered that you are a mental health defective.

In today's frum follies how not to put up a sukkah

How many frummies does it take to put up a sukkah
In this case four screwed it up and the job didnt get done

Arrive late without a plan
Take out obscure rule books that make the job impossible
We can;t put it in the traditional place because a tree has overgrown it
Okay simply place it somewhere else
No try to spend hundreds of dollars to cut back a tree
Wait we don't have that money because we are always broke
Give us the money to cut a tree ...
Go to house of worship
Ruin football night
Make no decision
Leave the f$^%^ tree alone and get out of my wallet
Stay too late to go home

Continue Annoying non religious relatives.
Original plan send idiot kid to Yeshiva a week ago
New plan delay this and send him after next holiday
Anyone care to bet these idiots never get it done.

Of course these imbeciles turn the A/C to 73 and leave the doors wide open in the 60's
They have no regard for money as they rack up large energy bills stupidly
The hand held phone was in the freezer
Why this idiot needs the house phone and is on her phone all day is unknown

I swear once my parents are gone I am converting
Will you go to the family functions?
No I hate this deranged and idiotic lifestyle
If this relative were Gay instead of religious I would be happier
Gay people do not create this amount of havoc or annoyance
Nor are they as socially inept and clueless as frummies
Even having jailbird relatives is better then this
I envy Vito across the street because his brother is in jail and not here
His kids may be criminal, but at least they are not lazy
It takes hard work to steal cars and post bail
It takes no effort to read irrelevant religious text and be on the dole

I am tired of these jerks

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Indict Lois Lerner

The evidence is abundantly clear Lois Lerner violated multiple laws and abused her authority. When one is employed by the Federal government there are clear sets of rules and responsibilities. Lois Lerner has violated these rules and flagrantly abused her power. She has already waived her protections under the Fifth Amendment. However, the records in her emails and statements are sufficient to form a prosecution.

Jail time should only be avoided if resigns immediately and fully co-operates will prosecutors.

Easy Yom Kippur

I had a very easy fast thanks to the local Greek Diner. I had a very simple meal pasta and chicken soup. I slept the whole day and just woke up. One of the easier fasts of my life.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Beakerkin creates his own "monkey style burger"

With a touch of creativity you can make your own Monkey Style burger at your local Greek Diner.

The key ingredient is the "animal style" French fries.

order a sloppy joe
top it with cheese mozzarella is the best
add fried onions
eight french fries if they are steak fries less but it tastes better
place a burger patty on top
add barbecue sauce and pickle relish or pickle chips
The cook will scratch his head

Anything a burger chain can do, your local Greek Diner does better. Just let your imagination lead you and tip well.

I had the crew make me a bungalow bar Ice cream soda.
I mixed the ingredients to create the distinct three layered look
Unfortunately, two other people ordered one and I had to mix theirs

Oddly, I still remember some of the soda fountain classics
I probably could still make a banana boat variant of the banana split
It adds a bed of crushed pineapple to the three scoop classic.

Monday, September 09, 2013

The Obama Haters

There is a cabal of Obamunists who feel the need to betray all principles to defend the savior, They pawn off all criticism of the savior to angry racists upset that a Black man is in charge.

 Obama has no respect for privacy laws, ethics and is the ultimate product of nepotism. What is the delay with seeing the President's transcripts. How does a student do poorly at one University and transfer to an Ivy. It appears that both affirmative action and nepotism are part of the Obama tale. Meanwhile the NSA snoops into all of your emails and federal employees have invasive security checks and frequent polygraph tests.

Actually Obama has had unprecedented privacy that is not awarded to any Federal Employee. Investigators
looked at my transcript spoke to every employer, neighbor, relative in my case. If an ordinary government employee is subject to so much scrutiny, then the President should be an open book. Obama would not pass an ordinary security clearance. Lets see heavy drug use, hangs out with terrorists, hangs out with assorted Marxists, has foreign relatives that warrant additional scrutiny. Who knows how Obama would do on the basic polygraph many Federal Employees are subjected to.

We still do not have the full story of how Obama was hired as a visiting lecturer at a law school. Contrary to fawning news media accounts Obama was never a law professor or an adjunct. He published zero peer reviewed articles and appeared relegated to political courses such as law and race. It appears once again he is the beneficiary of nepotism.

Obama's lengthy history of drug abuse was never discussed in the campaign. A lengthy history of drug abuse lasting years is far more important then contrived stories about a classmate Romney might have bullied because he was gay that turned out to be false.

The media also plays fast with the facts of Obama and the law review. The law review Presidency was a political position that entailed zero work. It was not the case of students recognizing an outstanding scholar,
were that true Obama would show you the grades.

At the time Obama was in school there were numerous studies indicating that professors would give Black Students higher grades for identical work. In this light the missing grades should tell you we are likely dealing
with the Count of Gentleman C and a first class fraud.

The policies that Obama benefited from were used in a cartoon manner. They were intended to help people who experienced actual discrimination and were the descendants of slaves. Instead the Old Bolsheviks club
picked a ringer who never lived in a Black area, was not raised in a Black family, attended more prep schools then Al Gore and experienced zero discrimination in Hawaii except by those who had issues with stoners. This fake applicant had a card carrying Communist mentor and family members who were bug eyed Marxist morons. Despite some fantasies of media apologists Obama's relationship to slavery in America was
his mothers family owned them. The recent bunk claiming Obama is distantly connected to the first slave is
not credible.  Thomas Sowell stated he doesn't need a lecture on how to be Black from a half white woman from Martha's vineyard. The rest of us including you Obamunists need to grasp Obama is a media and University cartoon that has nothing to do with the historic Black Experience in the USA. He was not raised in a Black family, he never lived in a historically Black area. He has benefited disproportionately from his race and family connections.

Obama promised to be a post racial President. He needlessly involved himself in the Trayvon Martin case.
Obama claimed if he had a son it could look like Trayvon or he could have been Trayvon. The only think Obama and Trayvon Martin had in common was drug abuse. Obama's white grandparents who he trashes made sure the ungrateful spoiled brat attended elite schools and he never wanted for anything other then the latest issue of High Times and the next dime bag. Trayvon is a more traditional story of a child of modest means with serious family issues and untreated mental health issues. Obama previously made a federal case about a minor tiff between a cop and a law professor. In essence he has at times functioned like Diet Jessie Jackson instead of uniting us we are more divided then ever.

When something goes wrong Obama is King of the excuses. Sorry, but the line phony scandals is moronic and many of these offenses are more serious than Watergate. Blaming Bush and feigning all these scandals are underlings gets old real fast.

The Obama policies are boneheaded and you see terms like muddled, incoherent and amateur to describe
various policies. However, the greatest disaster is Obama care. This policy has ruined the employment outlook and has hurt the average American. The Health savings and keeping your Old Plan seem to be the product of a Choom Gang flashback.

Now we have President Obama trying to start a pointless war to save his own ego. Sorry, but it is lame luck season and this policy is DOA.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

The deceptive Obamunist Cabal at Harry's Place

Gene Zitver is a world class hypocrite and fraud. Harry's Place plays a deceptive game with protests. When OWS was spreading anti Jewish hate and was linked to terrorism Gene remained silent. Many of us pointed to the abundance of Communists and Anarchists and the pervasive criminality of OWS. Gene yawned and said the vast majority of these people mean well so it shouldn't detract from the message. Now that this bunch has turned on Obama and is protesting this hare brained Obama ego trip he calls them Communist Assad supporters. Did Gene forget that Obama was endorsed by the Communist Party and had a Communist mentor.

Gene complains that there is a group of Obama haters who just want to sabotage everything he does. Funny, but the rest of the world has figured out Obama is inept, incompetent and corrupt. Leading from behind works when you have no credibility. However, Obama can't lead and all of his policies are disasters. The only thing saving him from impeachment is Biden is dumber and less competent.

Harry's Place plays guilt bu association when expedient. Gene wrote smear after smear about Americans legally protesting the Obama economic carnage. Of course the presence of a single person who might say something silly only is an issue when they disagree with Obama. Harry's Place ran countless smear jobs about the Tea Party and not one single sentence about multiple instances of Jew hatred from the left in Universities and OWS.

It is safe to assume that I have no sympathy for Assad or Communists. I do not favor any policies enacted by Obama the self absorbed incompetent. His lame duck status starts now and the scandals are rising to impeachable levels. No war for bloated egos and defunding Obamacare is next.  

Note to David Wilson

Okay you screwed up big time and cost the team a big game. There isn't much you can do about it but learn from Tiki Barber. Don't blame anyone else work twice as hard in practice and man up. Barber is despised because of the phony tears and finger pointing

Tiki is still despised in NY and you can learn from his errors,

To his credit Wilson owned up to his mistakes and made no excuses.  He is correct there is no place to go but up from here. Hard work and discipline can solve this. While Tiki Barber was making excuses Curtis
"All Class" Martin managed to get the job done without fumbles and annoying the city with his antics. Learn from the epitome of professionalism Curtis Martin. If you pick up the phone he would be very likely to help anyone who asked. The other great role model Walter Payton died but would also lend wisdom to a young player.

Work ethic and class are a winning combination.

Poison Ivy

I got a very mild case of exposure to Poison Ivy when clearing the yard.  I recognized it right away and washed the area with soap and cold water immediately. It is not so bad and I can hack it. It is more embarrassing then annoying.

Yet Another 9-11

Long term readers of this blog know I had a front row seat on 9-11. On this day years ago lunatic followers of Islam attacked my city. This does not mean that I blame all Muslims. I do not blame patriotic Muslims like Stephen Schwartz or the man at the next desk. That being said there can be no tolerance of those who advocate violence for a warped vision of Eden.

There are those on the left incoherently blaming Bush and the Joooos er Zionists for this attack. Bush had been in office for months. The truth was the first people to exploit 9-11 were Communists who stabbed America in the back right after the attack. While the smell of burning evil clung to the ground Communists held a Nuremburg style antisemitic hate rally. They blamed the Jooos for this attack and started the conspiracy movement and asked "WHY DO THEY HATE US?".

When you see a Truther, you are seeing a mentally defective traitor? Of course the vast majority of them are Marxists. They are subhuman pariahs and  it took the amateur in DC to appoint one of these freaks into the cabinet. Of course lefties want to rail against Glenn Beck for pointing out the truther past of Van Jones.

Now we have come full circle and the empty shirt wants to drag us into pointless military action to save his bloated ego. Do you see the airheaded Hollywood lefties? Of course not, because the Savior is a fellow lefty
and no matter how corrupt and stupid he gets a hall pass.

If you see a truther ask them how long have they been mentally disturbed? We are only asking questions about the state of your mental health, low IQ and tendencies towards treason? Remember to laugh at them and pile on the ridicule.

Friday, September 06, 2013

No war for stupidity

There are those that claim all of the opposition to Obama's policies are personal. It is because of the deranged cult of personality that views Obama as the Savior. In essence he was given a hall pass by the MSM because of his race. The election of Obama, nor any other official, could redeem America from its racist past. The real tragedy is the two groups that voted in large  numbers for Obama were screwed over the most by his idiotic policies. Full time jobs are not available  because Obama pushed a stupid health care program without a single Republican vote. He keeps pushing back the implementation so that Democrats don't get crushed for his folly.

There is no vital US interest in Syria. The Obama administration has zero credibility due to its mounting lies on Obama care and feigning ignorance on a series of genuine scandals that make Watergate look trivial. We are supposed to believe that Obama has a plan to get Assad out of Syria, but he can't get Lois Lerner off the payroll or Charlie Rangel out of DC.

Obama embraced every far left criticism of GW Bush. However, GW Bush went to the UN had a broad coalition and congressional support. Thus far we might have some limited support from France. The claims that Israel supports this are entirely contrived by the Obamunists. Allegedly, Obama's best buddy, the Jew hating tyrant in Turkey supports this idiotic action. However, I don't see any troops or planes from Turkey in support of this. This action might even cause a coup in Turkey.

This is a stupid policy and the House should deliver a spanking. Obama is not shrewd enough to do some horse trading to get the votes needed in the House. Short of making huge changes in Obamacare and dropping immigration reform he has nothing to offer Republicans for his folly.

Monday, September 02, 2013

The insane rantings of an Obama Cultist

Gene Zitver who has transformed the once great blog into Obama Cult Central.

Paraphrased from a comment. "It is all about hating Obama and whatever he proposes"

What part of corrupt unethical and incoherent do the Obama Cultists miss. Supposedly, big labor Zitver missed the Union dissent to Obamacare. Even labor Unions are dissenting and citing the effect of Obama care on the rise of part time employment. The Unions must now be considered part of the anti Obama conspiracy. Or is this another case of an Obama cultist abandoning every value to follow an increasingly bizarre cult.

The planet is laughing at the Obamarhoids

 It is painfully apparent that the incompetent clown in DC has two goals in life. Goal number one is to make his supporters look as stupid as possible. Goal number two is to wreck the American economy and the Democratic Party to preserve Obama Care.

He has annoyed every historic ally and emboldened our enemies. Maybe he gets his inane military strike through congress with some pork.

The Longshoremen left the AFL-CIO and more unions will follow.

Should Obamarhoids preface all their statements with a laugh track.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Harry's Place Fraud

I want to point out that Harry's Place used to be a wonderful resource. It was the home of the many wonderful posts of Michael Ezra that should be required reading for all. It was a good site that fought the noble fight.

There is a cancer at HP and it is the American Correspondent Gene Zitver. Gene is the most intellectually lazy and craven blogger on the web. He is a dual national with loyalty to neither America or Israel. His loyalty is to a corrupt and unethical lame duck moron. Harry's Place was not created to be the Obama Cult HQ. Zitver could have placed the Obama worship elsewhere.

The cult of personality bit is completely over the top. We are supposed to hate the man that saved Israel, because he uttered a few inexcusable lines in private. Yes Nixon did say dumb things, but he was a greater
friend to Israel than Barry O. Nixon did not sit in a racist antisemitic church for two decades and feign ignorance. 

HP feigns that it is pro-Israel and that it fights antisemitism. This is a blatant lie and the site has spent more time criticizing Pam Geller and Robert Spencer then discussing antisemitism in the USA.

1) The site did countless false stories on the TEA Party that has not been accused of antisemitism or linked to terrorism. It did not do a single post on the most vapid forms of Jew Hatred at OWS. When pressed to comment the airhead Zitver stated that a few antisemites does not infer the whole grouping had a problem. 

Funny because Gene went postal for alleged racial slurs aimed by a few Tea Party protesters at a Black Congressman. There were hundreds of cameras that somehow missed this. In fact anyone familiar with Tea Party events grasps this is unlikely as they tend to be law abiding and will toss racists quickly.About the worst thing I ever heard at a Tea Party event was Aacorn sucks. I specifically went looking for bigots and violent types and couldn't find them. I found Jew haters at OWS in minutes.

2) Gene is fond of imagined claims of antisemitism when it comes to Glenn Beck. A group that is paid for by Soros accuses Beck of being antisemitic for quoting Soros. Glenn Beck supports the State of Israel and Soros is considered such a pariah he has to hide his donations from J Street.  

3) Gene also ignored the gaffe where the Savior proclaimed he knows more about whats in Israel's interests 
then its elected leaders. This is classic Obama arrogance and megalomania. The State of Israel has a Democratically elected leader he despised. Gene supports the notion of an imperial Obama imposing peace on Israel over the democratically elected leader.

4) You can look for stories of lefties abusing college students at American universities at Harry's Place but they aren't there. On the rare occasion you see a story of an American Professor acting grossly negligent it is posted by a UK contributor.

The site really has very little to do with Israel and pretty much functions as the Obama Cult HQ. As it becomes apparent that Obama has abused his powers, caused long term damage to the economy and is about to use the military for an ego trip Gene continues pouring the Kool Aide.

Historically, leftist clowns claim that those on the right are brainwashed by Faux News and all march to the
beat of Limbaugh, Beck and whatever, You can find plenty of disagreement on a range of issues on the right.
The Obamarhoids literally repeat whatever idiocy Obama says at the moment.