Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dating a Single Mom

Over the years I have listened to many a single mom complain about men refusing to date them. I have dated single mothers before Sunbeam, but had not been in a serious relationship with one. I seriously doubt that if this were anyone else our relationship would have gotten off the ground.

A major turnoff for women is the workaholic man whose attention is always divided. Dating a single mother is the female equivalent of this situation. If you need to be the center of a woman's attention or life or have a big ego this is not for you. It is very frustrating having to deal with constantly altered plans, disrupted dates and moving from one distraction to another. I am hesitant to plan anything because every plan is subject to one emergency or another.

To her credit Sunbeam understands my frustration and at times exasperation with broken dates, dates that end early and constant texts. I also am understanding that there are children involved and some of this is normal and understandable.

The situation is tolerable because she knows I am frustrated with the situation and not her. I enjoy what time we have together always knowing the next text could end the date in minutes. Sunbeam would not be the woman I love if she were not a devoted mother. The key is to enjoy our time while we can but....

I will not criticize the next man for avoiding this situation. It is not an easy situation to be in and few women are worth the hassle of this scenario. Sunbeam is one of the rare ones who is worth this effort.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wrong News Corp

The apology of Rupert Murdoch over the NY Post cartoons is dead wrong. The cartoon in question is part of a long tradition of portraying American presidents as apes going back to Ape Lincoln. The cartoon presented an recent news story and linked it to a policy. The link between Obama and a chimp was not even direct. One can look at plenty of far left commie type stuff making direct links between Bush and chimps.

Apologize for what??? Shall we become like the Muslims with the Mohammad cartoons.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The best three months of my life

I love Sunbeam with all my heart and it will be three months. She is everything I ever dreamed of and more giving, loving, brilliant, witty and at time fiery. I consider myself to be lucky such a beautiful and wonderful person shares my life.

Dating a single mother in year one of a divorce is not easy. I used to think I arrived too early and that my presence complicated things. I deal with the difficulties as they arise. Children and a bad divorce are never easy, but each and every day I do my best. Sometimes being there with an ear or a shoulder is enough. Other times I have to
fight my male inclination to try and fix things. Sometimes I step on toes by accident and it is rough on Sunbeam. She has the patience of a saint, but sometimes is a bit competitive with me.

I have my own madness and experiences. They are different from hers, but in the end I always do the right thing. She does have a point that there are lots of vegetarians, so the behavior of some maladjusted types shouldn't freak me out. I also tried to explain dating is also personal choice. There have been some angry with me because I chose Sunbeam over a younger woman from another race. There are some who will not date people of other religions or smokers. Thus the horror and anger I got for stating I would never start a relationship with a vegetarian took me by surprise. I bond through food and a person who could not share those experiences
would be missing out on a lot.

I do realize that vegetarians are a wide group. I have dated religious vegetarians
and it was no big deal as it was a given. When we move away from religious convictions I get nervous. Sunbeam assures me there are those who just dislike meat
and the notion of eating something that was alive. I understand that may the case in some instances, but in others I see high maintenance, control and people who idealize animals. FYI Fido and Fluffy are carnivores so feeding them anything other than meat is a form of cruelty to animals.

I have explored the themes of why some people do not like to be around vegetarians
and most of it is social skills. Nor should this be taken to say every person who doesn't eat meat is a boor. However, if you have observed people who behave like this let me know.

1 Some vegetarians are self righteous. You have your convictions please respect mine. I really do not want to hear about your morality and do not even try and impose it on me.

2 Please do not impose your will on the majority every time we socialize. One vegetarian should not set the social calendar of six meat eaters. This actually did happen and an occasional accommodation is different from catering.

3 Some vegetarians are manipulative. On more than one occasion I was promised sexual favors for not eating meat. Sorry, the human body is meat itself and I will never give in to that type of coercion.

4 Please do not ask for an ingredient list or piss off the wait staff. Just ask what vegetarian options exist.

This is a partial list and Sunbeam was right it is wrong to stereotype a wide range of people as maladjusted because of many bad experiences. Still I am a bit leery with non religious vegetarians. Simply put nobody really cares if you don't like meat
just do not inconvence others greatly and spare me the morality lectures.

Beamish in 12, Renegade Eye to North Korea and Ducky to Bible Camp.

Ducky the communist manifesto is not part of the bible.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Anti Semitic accademic clown gets fired

When you hear a communist praise a Jew the names you most often hear are Norman Finkelstein or Kovel. Bard College fired the clown who held the Alger Hiss chair and made the school a laughing stock. Kovel's work should be considered comedy with those of an IQ above freezing. His lunatic musings had been mocked by writers such as Eric Briendel and Ann Coulter.

No doubt he is crying victim of a Joooooish conspiracy.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The NY Post Cartoon

I read the cartoon in question and see zero reason for complaints. Politicians are regularly portrayed as Apes including Ape Lincoln and GW Bush. There is some really horrible racist history of comparing Blacks to apes. However, this cartoon made zero mention of Obama and was a comment on a government policy. One really needs to link the policy exclusively to Obama personally to make that link and even then it is tenuous at best.

Friday, February 20, 2009

how do you bond with your significant other

I was thinking about my time with Sunbeam who remains the love of my life. We are able to bond in many ways shopping, preparing a meal, sharing a meal, driving, movies, museums. One can argue if the bond fosters great lovemaking or the other way around.

My mother waits for my father no matter how late. They travel, go to museums and especially Broadway together.

This may sound cruel but food is an important part of the way I bond. I love to shop together, prepare a meal together, share a meal together and life with a vegetarian would be a lesser life for me. This is why when I hear a woman is a vegetarian I do not
consider her to be compatible with me. At one point Sunbeam was vegetarian and if she reverts I would never stop loving her but it would impact my ability to bond.

In reality this may sound funny but a persons vegetarianism is more intrusive than religion, orientation or any other factor. Someone who is Kosher or raised as a Hindu understands that others are different. They never preach or try and subject others to their ways. Even missionaries who try to convert me are respectful and kind. Vegetarians are obnoxious and self righteous and I do not want to hear it. I have never heard a gay person try to convert me and ask for anything other than tolerance. I have even had women promise me anything to give up meat and the choice is simple a nights pleasure no holds barred or a bucket of KFC. I chose the KFC much to the astonishment of a vegetarian who over rated her importance. Who wants to be with such manipulative idiot. The offers happened more than once and recently in VT.

Even a coworker who is vegetarian often dictates where the rest of us can go. I wish they would learn from those who keep Kosher and Hindus and learn to understand others
live differently. Drink a soda and try and be a good sport. Nobody wants to force you to eat meat but controlling others, subjecting them to guilt trips or political lectures is just wrong. As a person who does not drink or take coffee I go along with the group as a good sport.

I am tolerant up to the point where another tries to lecture me or force their will upon me. I am not bothered by religious, orientation and most political opinions. The sole exception are commies, anarchists and racial power freaks who witthout exception are the embodiment of evil and do try to subject their sick lifestyle on the rest of us.

Beamish in 12. Renegade Spleen to be denaturalized and sent to North Korea and Ducky
to be sent to Bible study with Christian Native Americans who abhor liberation theology BS.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Beakerkin Follies

I want to start this post off by wishing my friend Jams condolences on the loss of his beloved cat Mimi. Mimi was photogenic and made all who viewed her misadventures smile.
I will miss the ever confused cats misadventures.

I want to talk about the changes in my life since I met Sunbeam. Voluntarily I have given up many of the things I enjoy in an effort to get closer to the one I love. M-F
I east almost all fish and vegies unless I luck into a kosher joint. I am able to find a little poultry on weekends and meat even rarer.

I was never big into pork except for an odd sausage or two rarely. I do not miss the shell fish much. I did enjoy a burger every now and then no biggie. So help me I miss the fried chicken. You can look at the blog and see many fried chicken references.

Sadly, I have been living near vegetarian for three months and it is not easy. I love Sunbeam and it is a small price to pay.

In general I view food differently than most. At work it is get it done and go. At home it is a shared family experience. I love to cook and share a meal with loved ones. If I could not share this experience, my life would be as happy. It is part of a family bonding process that I enjoy.

I miss a good chicken or even a bad one with a biscuit. I miss General Tso and the middle eastern kebabs. There isn't a kosher place within walking distance so I do my best. I find my weight dropping, my health getting better, but I am less jovial.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The French Approach vs NYC

The question of what to do with immigrants who violate our laws is best illustrated in the difference between the French approach and the NYC approach. France does not have the libertarian traditions of the US. For an American freedoms of religion, speech and the right to privacy in our homes are sacrosanct. The government under normal circumstances avoids families with the exception of domestic abuse. Where these traditions are violated is generally the work of some Marxist goon creating unamerican speech codes in the work or in a University gulag that go beyond common sense. In France there is a notion that all must be equal and that inequality violates the culture.

The reality of some of the cultures is at odds with these standards. Yet the question is do we as a society have the right to enforce certain norms. Do we want to denaturalize polygamists? Do we want to use coercive government tactics to enforce monogamy. Do we want to provide social services to women and children in confidence. Should our goal be to keep family unity at all costs?

In France the government uses coercive tactics to break up polygamous households without much success. Contrary to popular belief polygamy is not a free for all in the bedroom. In Africa the norm is that there are separate housing and space. This situation does not exist in even the largest apartment or home. The women interviewed describe the trauma of an extra wife. France offers large subsidized apartments as an incentive for women to leave the household and apparently there is an effort made to encourage divorce.

In Africa the tradition is to have as many wives as one can support. By providing financial incentives we are encouraging more polygamy. There is a difference between helping a family down on their luck who needs a hand and a person who seems to think he has divine sanction to flout the laws of the USA. I am perfectly willing to lend a hand to family A with three kids who just cant make it. I am not willing to help family B with two wives and six kids. Family B has knowingly violated US law deliberately and maliciously. Every applicant is asked directly do you intend to practice polygamy in the United States. Unlike a criminal act taking an extra wife is a planned activity.

The question is what do we as a society want to do. By use of the French model we risk not having the confidence of the women and children when they need social services. We also run the risk of Black robed Marxist freaks determining what is a viable family norm. Today it may be the Bhurka and tomorrow it could be Hasidic women in the PC cross hairs.

Sunbeam is in favor of family unity in the country of origin. I am more reluctant but note the arrogance of families who think that they are entitled to financial support as a divine right. There is a difference between a single mother with two
children and a polygamist with ten. I am also dead set against giving four bedroom houses to people who violate our laws. If they make enough to support themselves this becomes privacy.

Are we prepared to adopt the French model. Is denaturalization and deportation of people who lie to the government something we want to do.

There are no right answers on this one.

America is not Africa or Arabia. If you come here respect our laws and above all do not ask me to subsidize your violation of laws you promised you would respect. We do want to treat women and children who need help. However there has to be an understanding of the basic social contract.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Interesting Conversation between Lawman and MSW

When Sunbeam and I discuss a social ethical problem we view it from different perspectives. I am a law enforcement officer, but I want the law to be applied with as much common sense and deference as possible. Sunbeam expects certain norms to be respected as a condition for residence.

We had a interesting conversation about West African immigrants. West African countries have similar problems, but differ in degree. For example people from Ghana are less apt to have linguistic problems or practice polygamy than those from Mali. HIV in Mali probably is not as great a problem as it is in Nigeria.

In general I am a social libertarian. I really don't want the government in anyone's bedroom. I want people to respect the laws or at least have the common sense not to
flaunt its violation.

The question is what should the government do if anything about naturalized citizens who practice polygamy. I favor the NYC style of treating the families need without passing judgment. Sunbeam favors a more interventionist do not admit them in the first place. She is also in favor of family unity in whatever country of origin they
wish to practice polygamy. She does favor treating the children and women to needed social services. The French approach is more coercive where women are offered subsidized apartments provided they leave their husbands and are encouraged to divorce their husbands. She understands this approach and is far more sympathetic to it than I am.

I am reluctant to have the government decide whose practices are correct. I can envision a future where Chasidic women are viewed as persecuted due to the culture of arranged marriages and dress. This is also why I am very respectful when religious attire becomes obtrusive. The current policy is to have a female officer check the identity of women under religious garb that makes identification impossible. When this problem presented itself I also asked the subject if he would feel more comfortable with a female officer and was told no you are respectful. Switching officers is a lightning rod topic and is frowned upon. We have had cases where people ask for officers of another race, gender and ethnicity. These requests
are turned down as the applicant is reminded about respecting our traditions and the process.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Best Night of My Life

Sunbeam is a domestic goddess and prepared the most special evening for me. She caught me by surprise as I have always been the romantic one. If we think back of our
own lives there are always one or two people who loved us from afar. I have alway loved her and never forgot about how special she was. Most people can not compette
with dreams, but Sunbeam exceeds them in every way.

I am a very lucky man and I count my blessings each and every day. I work amongst the
fake, the lost, the clueless, the useless and somethimes I see the hopeful. Every week I see at least four childhood sweethearts or stories of a romance between family
friends or a siblings friend. I guess my situation is not quite as unique as I thought.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Common Place Jooo Hatred

Some of you have seen the story about a UK official who went postal in a gym. In general people should try to control themselves in public. However, this imbecile went on a tirade about killing Jews and Israelis. The reason Laxton felt so comfortable is that he probably went to a far left college, works in an agency staffed almost entirely
with the same far left types and probably socializes with all far left types.

I would like to say it is different in the USA. However, it depends on who the alleged
perpetrator is. If the statements are about Jews forget it. If the statements are about gays forget it. The system as designed now seems to be more of a tool by management trying to punish certain workers or workers using a political agenda than a coherent policy.

The entire matter should be handled with sanity, seriousness and skill. However, the comments of Laxton are a product of life in a monoculture.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Beakerambo Update

Inquiring minds want to know what has happened to the much abused mascot of this blog Beakerambo. When we last left off Beakerambo had been accepted as the new student at Hogwarts. He was known for his proficiency in Professor Beamish's applied demolition course and his overall clumsiness.

Beakerambo is now at work on yet another new film. He plays mutant 3 in the new Wolverine film other wise known as Wolverbeaker.

Here is a clip.

Storm: There is something unusual about that cook.
Wolverine: He smells familiar... Oh wait that was the gas. It is hard to use my heightened senses in the Carnegie Deli.
Storm: Waiter is that cook new.
Waiter: He is new and very strange but he cuts pastrami better than anyone.
Professor X: I sense an idiocy me mee meep mi. It must be some sort of mind trap for telepaths.
Wolverine: I am going in.. So it is mutant 3 what are you doing here.
Beakerambo: Me meeep me %^&^* job you %&^*& meep me miii.
Wolverine: I wasn't meant to punch a clock like you.
Beakerambo: Me meep mi spandex %^^&^* bum *)*)*&)_(
Professor X: Make him stop this gibberish is causing me pain.
Storm:You will cease this attack or face storm.
Beakerambo:Me meep me miiii wind bag me mmeeeep.
Wolverine: Prepare to die. My healing factor is being neutralized by the cholesterol. Storm can't get off the ground after eating derma.
Professor X: Ohhh the indignity of being beaten by a half wit.

As the Apologists Lie

The truth about anti semitism and persecution of professionals in Hugo's madhouse becomes more blatant each day. His apologists would have you believe that the scores of people fleeing tyranny have nothing better to do than make up lies. These were highly successful people who should be the back bone of the economy. Instead they are harassed because the political abomination requires an other to rationalize its failures. The true believers will get some spoils but the loss of merchants and professionals ultimately does as much damage as oil price falls.

The apologists for Chavez were predicting he could defy the laws of economics and have a cyclical commodity rise linearly. As we have seen this is not the case. Anyone with basic competence in economics would have known this. Commies by nature of their low IQ failed to get this yet again. Have no fear the apologists will name another savior to replace Chavez and another and another.

It is time for the rest of us to get in the face of the traitorous apologists for a hostile regime. It just happens that everywhere communists set up shop the Jews suffer from their bigoted delusions. The problems repeated in several countries can not be laid at the feet of one source.

Scratch a commie smell the treason and bigotry.

Don't Hold Your Breath

Now that we are in a recession it is time to take on big education. The costs of higher ed are going through the roof. It is time to demand Universities do their jobs and eliminate all loans for degrees that do not lead directly to a job. If you want a degree in gender or peace studies do it on your own dime. The core curriculum of all Colleges accepting student loans should have a business base. Lets see is anthropology more useful than accounting to a job applicant.

We should also eliminate social science research. Let Marxist hacks publish worthless scholarship on their own dime.

The costs of higher ed is going to make on line education a viable alternative. Maybe Universities as we know it will be finished in ten years. The poster boys for what is wrong with American Universities are Ayers, Churchill and Chomsky.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Not Wrong

People who read this blog often get the wrong impression. While it is true that I am against Communism in all forms I am for sound regulation of business.

The recent scandals in business point to the dire need for governmental review of business. Left unregulated some businessmen will act criminally. Their is something wrong with a system that treats a buffoon like Madoff differently than a bank robber.
Let white collar vermin sit right in with drug dealers in a harsh lock up. No more country club prisons for these parasites.

I also am too familiar with employees of public corporations using corporate cards for hookers, drugs and lavish lifestyles. This behavior should be criminal even in private companies with bank loans.

Those of you familiar with this blog know that I spent years in the fashion industry where I witnessed all types of malfeasance. These corporations were private companies
but were heavily leveraged by banks making this type of activity criminal. I actually went on a job interview where the owner of the company asked me if I would
object to picking up his cocaine. The entire chain of delivery from suppliers to distribution is rife with graft.

My ire was reserved for the owners who complain about labor costs and expense lavish lifestyles on the company. One former owner complained about greedy union labor seeking $1.50 an hour raises. This same corporate skank expensed hundred dollar massages, limos to go eight blocks, monthly trips unrelated to business and bottle after bottle of booze on the company. Predictably when the company failed it was the fault of the union labor. Predictably, the same banks lent the same dolt money to fail a second or third time.

Obama is correct about limiting compensation to companies that get Federal bailouts.
However, the time has come to place teeth into agencies regulating business. The days of benign neglect and pretending business can regulate itself need to end.

Valentine's day the bane of every clueless guy

There is a day most of us guys dread it is the most uncomfortable pressure filled event of the year. The truth is that chances are you will disappoint that special person. For women who are unattached it is a reminder of their loneliness.

Option One

Flowers. Flowers normally cost an arm and a leg. I have seen $130 dollars for a dozen roses. Sunbeam is way too practical and told me no way. For that amount of money we could buy groceries for a week. I have bought one rose at a time, but we need a better

Flowers also die and leave you nothing.

Option two chocolates

This often results in hey dude are you trying to make me fat.

Actually, I did buy Sunbeam a Hersey Kisses set that comes in a wonderful tin that doubles as a candy dish. I thought she would enjoy the decorative tin more than the chocolates. I was surprised that Godiva apparently is kosher and bought a very small amount for her.

Option three Lingerie

Not a good idea at all. If you get the wrong size you may get beaned. If the outfit is too ahem slutty you get beaned. You might get beaned for sending the wrong message that all I you think about is sex.

Ladies you can actually learn a lot by walking with your guy into the lingerie section of a department store.

Option four Jewelry

This is a personal item and I am somewhat leery. I did pick out a very nice item that Sunbeam likes. A locket is usually safer than other items.

Option five

Fancy Resturant

Are usually very crowded on Valentine's day and most gouge the customers.


Probably safe if you know what she likes but don't be cheap.

Lastly the part I personally dread picking out the card. You must send the right message at all times.

Good Luck

I would love there to be a regular heterosexual man day. It would be much easier than Valentines day on women. It would probably involve domestic beer, chips, something fried and football. That sounds like a good Superbowl party.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What is this crap First Americans ?????

The latest odd fashionable term for American Indians is First Americans. These odd terms are used by Bolshevik academic parasites whose sole encounter with American Indians was probably limited to a casino trip or watching Mazola commercials.

American Indians are one of the few groups NYC residents do not encounter. Thus my frame of reference was defined by idiotic anthropology professors. I was socialized to consider Indian a slur equivalent to the dreaded N word. Imagine my surprise when I visited Bad Eagle's site and learned the preferred term is Indian.